Players: 1
Online Trophies: 0
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

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[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Make sure you power-ups are fully upgraded. They will help a lot with the challenges.
  • Take your time with the challenges. Make sure you keep the goal in mind.
  • Remember techniques you used during the main game.


Step 1:
Complete the two new missions from the DLC pack. Right at the beginning you will need to go to your menu by pressing and click the third icon from the bottom. On the right side is the DLC missions. Click the first one and set your Navi to it. Go to the location and start the mission. The first mission takes place in front of a Mansion in which the Navi is already set to it. When you have completed the first mission hit and you will see a blue dot with a lightning bolt inside. This is the second mission, so set your Navi to it and go complete it.

Step 2:
Complete the two new challenges. Hit to see the two new green dots on the map. These are the two missions. They are a bit challenging but nothing to serious. They are a bit more challenging then most of the challenges in the main game though. Complete these two challenges to get the trophies that are with them.


Obtained the Spy costume.

This is the first trophy you will get in the DLC. Right at the beginning you will need to go to your menu by pressing and click the third icon from the bottom. On the right side is the DLC missions. Click the first one and set your Navi to it. Go to the location and start the mission. You will start a conversation with Syd in which he gives you your Spy outfit.

A Time to Play
Completed A Time to Play.

This is the first mission you will need to complete in the DLC. It's pretty simple. You have to first chase the guy in the red shirt through the town. Don't lose site of him or you will need to start over. Once you catch him, you will meet the rest of the gang known as the SnakeRabbit gang. They will challenge you to two races.
  • Race 1:
This is simple. You will need to go through each check point and reach the final one before the gang does. DO NOT go off course or you will lose.
  • Race 2:
This as well is simple. It's a straight path you need to go through but the little kick is that there are other ships waiting to knock you out. Luckily you can see them a bit ahead of time so as long as you fly high enough you will miss them. Make it to the Ferris wheel before the gang to win.

When back on the ground the gang will let you into the gang when shortly you will be attacked by several waves of Nevi. Destroy all the Nevi without going to far out as it will bring you back to the ground. Once the Nevi are gone, you will start talking with the gang again.

After the cutscene and you have talked with Syd, the trophy will pop.

The Dreamlife of Ghosts
Completed The Dreamlife of Ghosts.

This is your second mission in the DLC. It is a bit longer then the first one. This one has you flying around town to locate the bombs.
  • First you will find the first bomb by one of your gang members from the previous mission. Take the bomb by pressing over to Chaz to disarm it.
  • The second one requires you to follow the white doves to an ally where there is graffiti on the wall. This bomb can not be picked up, so you will need to bring Chaz to the bomb.
  • The last one is found in the park. You only have two minutes to find the bomb, bring it back and solve the riddle with the correct words.
    • Shower
    • Dusty
    • pipe

Once all bombs are disarmed, you now have to fly to Endestria to find Alias. Once found, Nevi will appear and you will need to defeat them all. There are 4-5 waves of them. When they are killed, go over to where Alias is hiding to find out who it is. Bring *him* back to Syd and Chaz.

After the talk with Syd and Chaz, the mission is over.

Second String Pitcher
Earned a silver medal or better in the Pleajeune Pitching Challenge.

See All Star Pitcher for more details.

All Star Pitcher
Earned a gold medal in the Pleajeune Pitching Challenge.

This is just like the other challenge in the Main Game. The object is to pick up items with and throw them at the Nevi with again. This time though, you are supplied with ammo right in front of where the Nevi spawn from.

  • Shoot fast and accurately. This helps extend time and get points fast.
  • When all Nevi have been destroyed, before leaving the area, pick up some more ammo. This way when you get to the next area you can start shooting right away.
  • Be sure to not miss. This will waste time and you are then vulnerable to the Nevi attacks.

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Magma Racer
Earned a silver medal or better in the Rift Plane Vitality Race.

See Fireproof Racer for more details.

Fireproof Racer
Earned a gold medal in the Rift Plane Vitality Race.

This one is a bit of a challenge. You need to go through all 32 checkpoints and be within the time limit. The catch, well you don't have much health to start with. There are health crystals lying around, but you do have to be careful. This course is nothing but twist, turns and enemies. Oh yea, you also can barely land anywhere due to all the lava surrounding you that will decrease your health if touched.

  • Stay away from the lava. It will decrease your health and you will die if you do not get off of it fast enough.
  • Stay in *line*. Don't try to be risky and go off course if you don't need too.
  • Only go after the Nevi who post a danger too. Avoid them if you can.
  • Use the fast fly (hold when flying to get to the checkpoint faster.

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Cleared every mission and challenge mission in the Spy Pack.

For this, you do not need to earn a medal in the challenges, you just have to complete the two of them. You will also need to complete the two missions which are not that hard.

A Time to Play
The Dreamlife of Ghosts
Second String Pitcher
Magma Racer
All Star Pitcher
Fireproof Racer

For details on how to complete the missions and challenges.

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