Players: 1, 1-30 online, 2-8 local
Online Trophies: 1 (Daily Participant)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Some in game cheats nullify the round
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40-50 hours, dependent on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (open ended career)
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: YES

[top]Tips & Strategies

Buying things in the Shop
You CAN buy things in the shop, earn the trophy, and then quit the game. While I don't approve of this, and I'm not sure if it can corrupt save data if done at the wrong time, I can confirm that it has worked as of Ver 1.03 of the game. I tested it out on the buy a lvl 3 Ball or Club. I earned the trophy, pressed the PS Button, and swiped away the tab to close the game. This may make it easier to get some trophies since you can effectively reuse points.


Step 1 - Complete the Challenge Mode

First, you should jump off and just start going through challenge mode. Every time you get a character to max loyalty, make sure to start using a new one so you can start getting every character to max for I Love Everybody!. While doing this you should also start purchasing new gear as you need it, since eventually you will need to purchase all level 3 clubs and balls for Gear Master. If you need to practice on a course you are having trouble with (or you want a new/less annoying caddy) you can buy a new course too, since, once again, you're going to need all of them for Courses Complete!. While going through Challenge mode, you may be lucky enough to pick up one of the "lucky" trophies, such as getting a rising or homing shot, or a hole in one. You will also unlock a trophy every time you win a vs. match at the end of a Rank. Completing all ranks will net you Journey's End... ?, which pops at the end of the credits. If you have been finishing every course before moving on to the vs. match, you will now unlock a final battle against Izzak. Take him down to get The Real Ending. I recommend not rage quitting matches if you can help it, as you will need a LOT of points to buy all of the things you need to buy. Try to finish every match to maximize the points you get.

Step 2 - Complete Challenge Mode... Again

Now that you beat the final boss (if you can call it that), prepare to do everything all over again! Except this time it's harder. Instead of just getting "Stars" on each event, you must get all of the crowns in the game. The requirements will be shown to you after you beat Pandora on Gold Rank. By doing these, you will most likely finish a lot of other trophies, since you will be playing so much and making so much money. Also, several of the "miracle" trophies are requirements for Crowns (such as getting a rising shot). This will by far be the most brutal part of the game. Once you get all the crowns you will have King of Kings. Again, try not to rage quit while going for crowns, because the points you get by finishing matches will add up.

Step 3 - Cleanup

Even after pulling your hair out getting all those crowns, you will most likely still have to level up quite a few characters, and earn a whole bunch of points to buy things in the store. You can do this on either Challenge mode OR Stroke play, but if you are going for any of the trophies that specifically state "in an official round" note that some Challenge Mode levels are Unofficial, such as the ones with "Mega Cup" active. Same goes for Stroke play; if you set certain rules, you will negate the round's validity.

Step Whenever - Online

There is only one online trophy, Daily Participant. This can be done at anytime by going to the online section and competing in an online tournament. You do not have to win, just participate and finish.


All Our Thanks to Hot Shots Golfers!
Get every trophy

This is going to be a lot of work. It's going to require finishing a LOT of hard challenges, accumulating a LOT of play time, and pulling off several RIDICULOUS feats. Just remember to have fun, and you should be in good shape. This platinum may take you several months, playing a round or two a day, so you better be in it for the long haul.

I'm assuming that if you're reading this, you haven't actually gotten this trophy yet. If that is the case, get ready to get angry. There will be many instances where you will want to throw your Vita at a wall. Don't give in to the temptation. Just keep practicing and take it a little bit at a time. This platinum IS obtainable, and in my opinion will be VERY valuable. Good Luck!

Overwhelming Power
Hit a drive over 350 yards in an official round

For this trophy, I used Max with max loyalty, level 3 Big Air Clubs, and level 2 Big Air Ball. I went to the first hole of Legacy of golf links, aimed a little right, used a power shot and slammed it 374 yards. I'm sure there are other ways to get this, but if you want a surefire way to do this, the set up I just mentioned should be very helpful. It may take you a few tries, but it's not too hard since it's the first hole and you can just quit the round and start again.

It is also important to note that for the drive to count, you must land in the fairway.

Putting Pro
Sink a putt over 45 ft long in an official round

This is actually a lot easier said than done. Go to Challenge level 1-1, and choose any character you like. Get on the fairway on your first shot, and then on your second shot, try to put the ball on the green, but as FAR AWAY from the pin as possible. When it lands it will tell you how far from the pin it is. If it's over 45 feet go for the putt, and if not just putt backwards a little bit to be at least 45 feet away. The green on this hole is virtually flat, so it will only take a few tries to get it, if not your first. I got this on my second try, so it's really not too difficult.

Watery Wonder
Skip the ball across water three or more times in a row in an official round

While the description doesn't explicitly state this, you have to land the ball on land. The best place I found to do this was off the tee on the 18th hole of Harvest Hills. Aim for the center of the lake and put super top spin on the ball (down then up w/ perfect impact). I actually ended up with a 4x bounce, so you should be ok. It may take a couple of tries. Also, I used Stuart with Level 3 Top spin clubs, and a level 1 beginners ball. I tried really hard to do it several times as Pandora, but I couldn't get it to work. I've also heard that Pancho works well for this.

My First Chip-In
Perform a chip-in in an official round

This will most likely be one of your first trophies, along with "My First Birdie". A 'Chip-In' is when you get the ball in the hole from off the green. Chipping the ball into the hole from the fairway, rough, or even a bunker all count as a chip-in.

You must also make sure to do this in an official round. An official round is any round played without any "HSG Rules", such as "Mega Cup."

The easiest place to obtain this trophy is on Maple Leaf Golf Club. Challenge mode events 1-1, 1-2, and 1-5 all provide plenty of opportunities to get this trophy. You can also get this in a stroke play round, as long as you don't use any HSG rules.

My First Birdie
Score a birdie in an official round

This will most likely be the first trophy you earn. A "Birdie" is when you finish a hole in one less stroke than expected, which is a Par. For example, the very first hole in Maple Leaf Golf Club (most likely the first course you will play on) is a Par 4, meaning the target score is to get the ball in the hole in 4 strokes. If you get the ball in the hole in 3 strokes, you will unlock this trophy.

Rockin' Score
Score an eagle in an official round

Similar to the trophy above, an "Eagle" is when you get the ball in the hole 2 strokes under Par. An eagle is easiest to obtain on a Par 5 hole, where the goal is to get the ball on the green in 2 stokes, and then put the ball in on the 3rd stroke.

To do this, you will need to obtain a character with a high power stat, or buy the "Big Air" clubs. This will enable you to hit the ball farther distances so you can get to the green in less strokes.

Maple Leaf Golf is the easiest course to get an eagle on. Just use someone with a high power stat and the Big Air clubs, and you should be able to get onto the green quite easily. Then it just comes down to your putting skills. This trophy may require some practice.

It's a Miracle!
Score a double eagle in an official round

This will be a luck based trophy. You can get this by getting a hole-in-one on a Par 4, or by getting the ball in the hole on your second swing on a Par 5. The only Par 4 where a hole in one is even reasonably possible is the first hole in Maple Leaf Golf Club. Otherwise, you need to be aiming for the green on a Par 5 on your second shot. Once again, this is 10% skill and 90% luck.

It is also important to note that this must be done in an official round. This means that rounds using the rules mega cup, no wind, gentle breeze, or unlimited power shot will void the round. Match play rounds also do not count.

Go for the Ace!
Score a hole-in-one in an official round

This will be a luck based trophy. There is no surefire way to get this. My brother got this on his 10th round of golf on a complete accident, and I got it on around my 80th round of golf. The only advice I can give you is to just practice the game a lot, make sure to accommodate for the wind and the character's natural curve, and just always aim for a hole in one on Par 3's. Eventually, you should get this. I've gotten two Hole-in-ones as of this writing, both of them at completely unexpected times. It really is just luck.

It is also important to note that this must be done in an official round. This means that rounds using the rules mega cup, no wind, gentle breeze, or unlimited power shot will void the round. Match play rounds also do not count.

Greased Lightning
Perform a rising shot in an official round

A rising shot is accomplished by hitting the pin when you put super top-spin on the ball (down-up-perfect impact). To unlock the ability to do this, you must first get a character to level 3 loyalty. It is important to note you must do this for every character you use. I believe you must also be over a certain distance from the hole, because I have hit the pin with super top-spin when chipping from the fringe, and nothing has happened.

It is also important to note that this must be done in an official round. This means that rounds using the rules mega cup, no wind, gentle breeze, or unlimited power shot will void the round. Match play rounds also do not count.

Perfect Spiral
Perform a spiral shot in an official round

A spiral shot is when you put super side spin (left-right-perfect impact or right-left-perfect impact) on a ball, and then hit the pin. You must first get your character to level 3 loyalty to unlock this ability. Just like rising shot above, I believe you must be a certain distance from the hole to get this to happen.

It is also important to note that this must be done in an official round. This means that rounds using the rules mega cup, no wind, gentle breeze, or unlimited power shot will void the round. Match play rounds also do not count.

Chaser of the Flame
Perform a homing shot in an official round

A homing shot occurs when you put super back spin (up-down-perfect impact) on a ball and then hit the pin. You must get your character up to level 3 loyalty before you can use a homing shot. Just like a rising shot and spiral shot, I believe you must be a certain distance from the pin for this to count.

It is also important to note that this must be done in an official round. This means that rounds using the rules mega cup, no wind, gentle breeze, or unlimited power shot will void the round. Match play rounds also do not count.

Daily Participant
Enter a Daily Int’l Tournament and complete the round

From the game's LiveArea Screen, tap the button immediately below the game start button labelled Daily Int'l Tourney. Once you get passed a few screens, press the "Tournament Entry" button. Then select any tournament you wish to enter. Select "Enter", choose a character and clubs, and off you go! Upon completing the round, the trophy will pop.

Fancy Dresser
Purchase a costume

You can purchase costumes for your characters in the shop, under the "Character Outfit" tab. Please note that a "Color Set" is NOT a costume. For example, you can buy "Yuna Color Set (Normal)" which does NOT count, and you can buy "Yuna Costume" which DOES. Costumes are not initially available for all characters, and will be unlocked by beating the VS2 matches. Costumes cost around 20,000 points.

Absolute Class
Purchase a Lv3 club or ball

You should unlock a set of Level 3 clubs by the end of the game. It is important to note that you won't see gear knock if you haven't bought the current version of the gear. For example, I had not bought any type of Infinity Clubs (due to the high price) that once I bought the level 1 clubs, the level 2 (and then level 3) clubs were already available for purchase. This means you can't just wait until a high version of clubs is unlocked and then save money on not buying the lower item–the previous level item is required to unlock the next one.

Gear Master
Purchase all Lv3 versions of clubs and balls

This trophy is easy enough to understand, but pretty hard to actually do. There are many types of balls and clubs, and you must purchase them all. There really isn't much to say, other than that you need to buy things. The hard part is that you will need a huge amount of points to do this, so it's best to just buy a set of clubs once in a while as you go along. Once you buy your final set of level 3 clubs/balls, the trophy will pop.

Club Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Beginner's 4,000 8,000 12,000
Big Air 8,000 16,000 24,000
Pin Hole 8,000 16,000 24,000
Turbo Spin 8,000 16,000 24,000
Infinity Club 15,000 30,000 45,000
Sand Viper 6,000 12,000 18,000
Grass Cutter 6,000 12,000 18,000
Total for all clubs = 330,000
Ball Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Beginner's 2,000 4,000 6,000
Big Air 4,000 8,000 12,000
Pin Hole 4,000 8,000 12,000
Turbo Spin 4,000 8,000 12,000
Infinity 10,000 20,000 30,000
Straight 6,000 12,000 18,000
Soccer 10,000 - -
Globe 10,000 - -
Disco 10,000 - -
Smiley 10,000 - -

Total for all balls = 220,000

Overall total = 550,000 points

True Dedication
Raise one character’s loyalty to max

See I Love Everybody!

I Love Everybody
Raise all characters’ loyalty to max

To raise a character's loyalty to Max, you must use them about 15 times. Every time you finish a match, you will see their loyalty increase. This depends on how long the match was, and how well you did. There are 4 levels of loyalty, and each level up adds a new ability, such as /power adjustments, and Rising/Homing shots, in addition to extra power shots. There are 13 characters in the game, so you will need to play at least 200 matches to get them all to max loyalty, assuming you stop using a character as soon as you max them out. This will probably be one of the last trophies you get in the game, due to the time requirements of playing 200 matches.

Courses Complete!
Gain membership to every course

For this trophy you must buy all 5 courses. They are:

Kagurayama Country Club: 10,000 points
Harvest Hills Golf Course: 15,000 points
La Provence Resort: 20,000 points
Al Arabiän Golf Club: 25,000 points
Legacy of Golf Links: 30,000 points

This is a total of 100,000 points. The courses can be bought in any order at any time.

Purchase every Music track

There are 25 audio tracks in the game. You will unlock them through natural progression of the game. The six golf course tracks are only obtainable by beating the corresponding course in challenge mode, which are always the X-5, 18 hole tournament. Each track is 1,000 points for a total of 25,000 points.

Gear Collector
Purchase every type of ball and club

For this trophy you must buy at least the Level 1 version of each type of ball and club. This includes all of the silly balls, such as the Soccer Ball, Globe Ball, Disco Ball, and Smiley Ball.

Art Fancier
Purchase every piece of concept art

Odds are you don't really care to get all of the concept art, so you will probably be picking this up in your final spree for SOLD OUT. One thing you should know is that each time you buy a character, you unlock their concept art, so if you have bought all the art and the trophy hasn't popped, make sure you have purchased every character and beaten the challenge mode.

Purchase every item in the shop

This is a gold trophy if I ever saw one. From some very rough calculations, I'm guestimating that it will require ~1,000,000 points to buy everything in the shop. I'm also not sure if the Lobby Character Parts count towards this, but if they do, that will increase the amount of money even further. Really, this trophy doesn't need a description except that you're going to need to play a LOT of this game to get enough points to buy everything. From some even rougher calculations. I'm guessing that it will be around 200 rounds of golf to get there. These numbers are just to give you a good idea on how long this will take. You can tackle the items in any order you want, but I recommend going for a decent amount of high level clubs first, then going for balls. Buy characters and courses only when you need them. But it really is up to you how you go about this.

Category Price
Character Unlock 210,000 (incomplete/I,C,L,P,G,S,A,X,M,P)
Character Outfit 325,000
Clubs 330,000
Balls 220,000
Courses 100,000
Others 80,000
Total Credits = 1,265,000

Starry Night
Collect every star in Challenge Mode

The requirement here is pretty straightforward. Just get all 44 stars. The problem with this, though, is that you must also acquire all of the VS2 stars, which require crowns to unlock. So in order to get this trophy, you must also unlock the Platinum Rank VS2, which requires 43 crowns. So in reality, you will be getting this at around the same time as King of Kings. See that trophy's description for a more in depth walk through of each crown (and in turn, each star).

King of Kings
Collect every crown in Challenge Mode

Alright, so this guide will evolve over time, and will be constantly updated. If you don't see the level you're doing with it's own guide yet, check back later and I might have added it.

Beginner Rank
1-1: Win with Over 2000 pts!

Toggle Spoiler

1-2: Win with at least one Rising Shot!
1-3: Hit GIR in 1 stroke on a Par 4 and Win!
1-4: Keep Hitting GIR and Win!
1-5: Win with at least 3 Bogies!

Toggle Spoiler

1-VS: Win with at least one Eagle!

Toggle Spoiler

1-VS2: Win with at least one Eagle!

Toggle Spoiler

Amateur Rank
2-1: Keep a Perfect Impact Rate over 50% and Win!

Toggle Spoiler

2-2: Keep a Fairway Rate of 100% and Win!

Toggle Spoiler

2-3: Put Spin on Every Ball and Win!

Toggle Spoiler

2-4: Win with Over 2000 pts!

Toggle Spoiler

2-5: Win without Using Spin Shots!

Toggle Spoiler

2-VS: Complete Victory in the first 3 Holes!

Toggle Spoiler

2-VS2: Complete Victory in the first 3 Holes!

Toggle Spoiler

Pro Rank
3-1: Win with at least one Putt over 30ft (Par or better)!

Toggle Spoiler

3-2: Win with at least one Pin Shot!

Toggle Spoiler

3-3: Win with at least 3 Birdies in a Row!

Toggle Spoiler

3-4: Stay Off the Rough and Win!

Toggle Spoiler

3-5: Win with at least 3 Birdies in a Row!

Toggle Spoiler

3-VS: Sink All Holes with 1 Putt and Win!

Toggle Spoiler

3-VS2: Sink All Holes with 1 Putt and Win!

Toggle Spoiler

Bronze Rank
4-1: Win with a Total Score of -3 or Better!

Toggle Spoiler

4-2: Keep a Fairway Rate over 80% and Win!

Toggle Spoiler

4-3: Keep Hitting GIR and Win!
4-4: Win with a Total Score of -4 or Better!

Toggle Spoiler

4-5: Win without Getting Out of Bounds/Water Hazards!

Toggle Spoiler

4-VS: Win with consecutive birdies!

Toggle Spoiler


Silver Rank
5-1: Land Within 3 ft of the Pin (GIR or better) and Win!
5-2: Win without Using Spin Shots!
5-3: Keep Hitting GIR and Win!
5-4: Win with Over 1500 pts!
5-5: Win with a Chip-in (Birdie or better)!

Toggle Spoiler

5-VS: Win without Getting a Bogie!

Toggle Spoiler

5-VS2: Win without Getting a Bogie!

Gold Rank
6-1: Land Within 6 ft of the Pin (GIR or better) and Win!
6-2: Win without Getting Out of Bounds/Water Hazards!

Toggle Spoiler

6-3: Win without Landing in a Bunker!
6-4: Land Within 9ft of the Pin (GIR or better) and Win!

Toggle Spoiler

6-5: Get a Birdie on the Last Hole and Win!
6-VS: Win without Using Power Shot!

Toggle Spoiler


Platinum Rank
7-VS: Win with Only the Set Club Number!

Toggle Spoiler


Lobby Character Part Collector
Collect over 50% of the normal parts

The lobby character parts are available for purchase under the "Lobby Character" tab in the Shop. You will start out with just the standard parts, which cost 300 points each and count as .7 percent each. You will need a minimum of 72 parts to get 50% of the parts, so that equates to 21,600 points, assuming you don't get any doubles. Just buy a couple every time you go into the shop, or save up a bunch and buy them all at once.

Lobby Character Part Lover
Collect over 50% of the special parts

After you acquire more than 25% of the Normal parts, you will unlock the Special Parts Dispenser. These parts account for .6% each, and cost 500 points a piece. This means you will spend at least 42,000 points to get to 50%, assuming you don't get any doubles.

Lobby Character Part Maniac
Collect over 50% of the deluxe parts

The 'Deluxe' Lobby Character Parts Dispenser will be unlocked once you acquire 25% of the 'Special' parts. These cost 1,000 points each, and account for .5 percent. That means that you will need to buy 100 parts to get to 50%, making a total of 100,000 points.

Shot Type Selector
Use every shot type in an official round.

Shot types will be limited when you first start the game. However, over time you will unlock new ones in the shop, which I believe retail for 5,000 points. Once you have all 5, you just have to use all 5 in "Official Matches", meaning using 'Mega Cup' or 'No Wind' will not count as official rounds.

Fear the Receptionist!
Gain access to Amy as a playable character.

Amy will be available for purchase at some point half way through the game. For me, it was during the "Bronze rank" challenge missions. Once she becomes available, you must purchase her from the shop for 20,000 points, and the trophy will pop.

The Challenge Begins
Win VS Isabelle on Beginner Rank.

Isabelle is the first VS. match in the game. She's really not too hard to beat, and shouldn't give you much trouble. Beat her and unlock Isabelle as a playable character in the store.

So Long, Amateur League
Win VS Pancho on Amateur Rank.

Pancho is the second VS. match in the game. He has decent power, but is still not too hard to beat. Try to overtake him early and capitalize on his mistakes. Beat him and unlock Pancho as a playable character in the store.

A True Hot Shots Golfer
Win VS Grace on Pro Rank.

Grace is the third VS. match in the game. Collect enough stars throughout the challenge mode to unlock the match. Grace may be a bit more of a challenge than Pancho and Isabelle, but shouldn't take you more than a try or two to take down. Beat her and unlock Grace as a playable character in the store.

Chewing up Challenges
Win VS Stuart on Bronze Rank.

Stuart will be the fourth opponent you face, and the last challenge of Bronze Rank. Stuart may be the first to pose a real challenge for you. Make sure to use a character you are comfortable with using, preferably of a high loyalty level, and try to take advantage of when he screws up. Beating him will unlock Stuart as a playable character in the store, as well as unlocking the Silver Rank.

The Climax!
Win VS Max on Silver Rank.

Max is a relatively easy win. I went for the Crown at the same time as the star, which just involved NOT getting over a par. The best way to do this is to try to beat him three in a row on the first three holes with birdies. Try it on easy mode if you have any problems. I used a fully maxed out Stuart with Lvl 2 Pinhole ball and Lvl 2 Pinhole Clubs.

Journey's End...?
Win VS Pandora on Gold Rank.

Pandora is a little hard, especially since you must face her on Legacy of Golf Links. Use a character you are very comfortable with and make sure to play aggressively, but not stupidly. Try to take her down early, and capitalize on her mistakes. Easy mode will make this a bit easier if you are having trouble. This trophy will pop after the credits roll.

The Real Ending!
Win VS Izzak on Platinum Rank.

This is the final battle! To unlock this challenge, you must first get 36 stars–every star in the game besides the VS2 levels. You must outsmart Izzak, who is Golf Level 17. He is aggressive and skilled, so you must also be careful and aggressive. You will be facing Izzak on the front nine of Legacy of Golf Links. If you had the same troubles as I had with LoGL, you will have played this course many times now, and should be fairly familiar with it. If not, you will probably get familiar with it through all the times you have to rematch Izzak. They key to this match is knowing the course well, and being able to place the ball where you want it. The only advice I have for you is to keep practicing.

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