Players: 1 Offline, 4 - 8 Online

Online Trophies: Yes
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 45+ hours Depending on Skill
Estimated Difficulty: 5/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 4 Singleplayer and 100 Matches
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Difficulty Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies: None


Starting right after the original Killzone, you are thrown into the shoes of mercenary Arran Danner. Money motivates him, whether the paycheck comes from the Helghast or the ISA, the only thing that matters is "How much?". After a simple evacuation goes wrong, Danner wonders if what he does is worth the money. The course of the war is in the hands of a young Vetkan boy and it's up to Danner to make the call.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Blackjack Armouries - Used to buy and resupply. You can also use it as a make shift checkpoint.

Cover -
Just like in every Killzone game it will keep you sage, although it is so easy you won't need it.

Ammo - Every enemy drops it and it is worth 10 Vetkans and also resupplies a bit of your ammo. Always pick it up, it saves money and it will rack up.

Van Guards - Sort of like a special ability. there is a small selection of useful ones to help you make quick work of the game.

Most enemies will die with a shot or two to the head. It will net you more Vetkans and save ammo.


  1. Step 1: Veteran - Start it off the bat and get it over with, it's pretty easy. You will get a fair amount of mission specific trophies during this step.
  2. Step 2: Clean-Up/Contracts - Get any random trophies you have left and finish off all of the contracts. Contracts don't unlock until after beating the story for the first time. Also, you will get any other random story trophies you happened to miss.
  3. Step 3: Online - Now just grind out the 100 matches.


Collect all trophies

Justice Served
Complete mission contract 'Justice For All'

This mission is pretty easy. On Veteran, parts that can be considered hard are after you use the squirrel suit and you get to the control room. If you went loud then reinforcements will come while Ivanov does his magic. My recommendation is to use the mounted gun on the left hand side of the area. You'll get a good view of the area and it will be quick kills. Also, the end of the mission when the APC comes can be hard. Basically, sit on the left mounted gun until the tank comes. Once it comes take out the foot soldiers that come with it first and hopefully quickly. Then, focus on the tank with some explosives.


Finish the mission in 20 minutes - Easy, just don't mess around. You kind of have to rush through but if you go normal pace and possibly stealth you will be fine.

Headshot the tank gunner - There is a Blackjack Armory in the area. Just get a gun with a sight, preferably a sniper rifle and light up the gunner.

Headshot 25 enemies with LS57 SMG - This can be a pain to get headshots with so just get up real close to make it easier.

Rescue the ISA hostages - After the squirrel suit fly, there will be a glass panel to the right you can break and rescue the ISA soldier. Then, in the back of the same area near the armory is another soldier that can be easily killed if not gotten quick enough. After you rappel and go left, sneak through the room across from the security camera and crouch along the ledge and kill the Helghast Commander. Back in the area when you rappel, there is an armory to the left at the top of a staircase. There is a button to open a door across the way. Press the button, go to the door and free the two soldiers from the cell.


Destroy all security camera - There is one right after the squirrel suit flight and two on the right hand side on the way to the armory. There is one behind the mounted gunner and one right across from the control room. After you rappel there is one right across the way. There is also one on the way to both hostage area I explained in the Precision Contract.

Kill 50 enemies with STA-7 SMG - Just get kills.

Smoke out the security center captain with a gas grenade - First off, make sure you have them equipped. After the flight sequence in the area behind the mounted gunner is an area you can crouch through then climb a pole. Turn the valve all the way and get back to ground level. Above the control room entrance is a now opened vent that you can chuck the gas grenade in.

Stealth from the rappel until the Admiral is rescued - This is more trial and error/learning on your part. Just make sure you have the Ghost Van-Guard and a silenced weapon and after a few tries you'll get it.


Destroy 3 munitions supply crates - The first is after you squirrel suit in, back behind the hostage. The next is right after you rappel down, in that area. The final one is in the room to the left of where the Helghast Commander has the ISA hostage.

Brutal Melee 20 enemies - Just run up and do the deed.

Achieve a Triple Kill - Should come naturally.

Destroy the tank with the Sky Fury - At the end, use Sky Fury to destroy the tank, pretty easy.

Complete mission contract 'Code Of Engagement'

The two hard parts for this would be defending the terminal while you hack into it and getting rid of the shield for Ivanov. Both are more of a learn as you go and luck based. It recommend the Porcupine, standard grenade and a high capacity gun. It really all depends on how quick you can kill enemies as they spawn since you are in more of a confined space that you can get cornered in easily.


Achieve an explosive barrel kill from a zipline - There is one zipline you go down and at the bottom is a Helghast and an explosive barrel. On your way down take aim and watch it go boom.

Finish the mission in 15 minutes - I finished with three minutes to spare without rushing, so it should be pretty easy.

Kill 10 enemies with Mantys Engine - Have it equipped first of all. It may be kind of difficult because odds are you will only get a kill or two before it is destroyed. This is best used in an area where the enemy is unaware of your presence.

Headshot 30 enemies with M82 rifle - Equip it and aim for the head.


Stealth through the wing - Just get a silenced gun and use Ghost. This area is right after the zipline, in the area with the glowing blue canisters and the Commander. Ghost makes this section a lot easier then you would think. Just line up headshots and you'll be fine.

Headshot 5 snipers with M33 sniper rifle - There are enough snipers for you to just do this so equip this gun and you won't have a problem.

Backstab 10 enemies - Walk right up behind then and melee the enemy. Remember, this won't work on Commanders.

Stealth to the zipline - Not overly hard, just use Ghost and a silenced gun. Take out people from a distance and make sure no one sees you kill an enemy or they will be alerted. When you advance, use Ghost if there are enemies.


Destroy all the generators - Generators are gray with orange screens on them. The first is on the second floor when you first come across enemies. The next is across the courtyard, where the other sniper is (not the first one). The third is on the ground in front of a pile of rubble, you pass it continuing to the next area. The final one is in the area with the Commander, to the far right near the foot soldier. Use explosives to take them out.

Avoid scientist deaths - They are marked by a white arrow on the mini-map. When one is coming your way just avoid shooting for that brief moment.

Achieve 40 explosive kills - Use any explosive type weapon you want and go to town.

Destroy all 8 Petrusite canisters in the server room - Petrusite Canisters are cylinders with blue streaks on them. In the server room, when facing the server, there is one on the left and on the right,in the little square areas. Above each of those are two. The last two are on the top of the server, on the left and right.

Strike Out
Complete mission contract 'Lightning Strike'

The only hard part of this mission you could say is guarding the transformer. Use the Porcupine and when it runs out, use the Van-Guard Capsule to take that Porcupine to make easy work of this area.


Headshot 25 enemies with STA-18 pistol - Equip and use, easy as one, two, three.

Finish the mission in 20 minutes - No challenge here.

Achieve a kil with a D-charge explosion - In the first area with the snipers, you can plant a charge on the Petrusite crate. Do so and wait for the nearby enemy to come in close proximity then light him up.

Kill a mounted gunner with a frag grenade - Towards the middle of the mission after taking an elevator up to a new area you will have objectives to your left and right. There will also be a mounted gun that is pretty obvious on their second floors. Make sure you have a grenade, cook it for a second and throw.


Kill 20 enemies with STA-18SE pistol - Equip and use.

Backstab 10 enemies - Go behind and unsuspecting Helghast soldier and initiate the melee. The Ghost Van-Guard works perfectly for this.

Destroy 10 security cameras - In the starting area with the snipers, there is one to the left, one to the right and one straight ahead. If you go up to the dropship platform and continue straight you'll be on the second level and one will be on the left and another on the right. Go back down to the lower level and continue on and you will be on the floor below where you were before. One is straight ahead, another to the left and the final for the area on the right. Finally, in the area with the left and right objectives, there will be a camera covering the area.

Stealth to the Generator Room - first, you need to have Ghost. Second, kill the guy in the building you start in. Then head to the open area and kill the two ground soldiers when the snipers aren't looking. Now the snipers are the trickiest part. You will have to kill one when the other isn't facing the one you are trying to kill's direction. It may take a few minutes to set up but the moment will come. Once one is dead, go ahead and kill the final sniper. Watch out for the cameras as well.


Destroy 3 Petrusite crates - The first one is in the middle of the starting area with the snipers. Then, if you take the lower path you will come across the second. The Final one is behind the transformer you need to defend.

Use a Van-Guard to destroy 8 enemy drones - Have your Porcupine active after you defend the transformer. All of the drones come after that portion when you are trying to escape.

Achieve a Multi Kill - Have the Porcupine active. When you first start defending the transformer a dropship will come. Use the Porcupine and unload on it.

Destroy a dropship - Follow the strategy for the Multi Kill contract. You will also have to set a Proximity Mine at each spawn point of the enemy. If you destroy the dropship as soon as it halts then start unloading on it, odds are by the time you destroy it an enemy will have tripped the mine netting you the multi kill.

Foreign Policy
Complete mission contract 'Diplomatic Incident'

The hardest part is definitely escorting Justus and Boris due to the sheer amount of enemies and RPGs. Take a gun you're comfortable with, either the grenade launcher or RPG on backup, the Porcupine and the standard grenade. You will die a time or two doing this, so the best thing to do is sit back and let Boris take point while you focus on RPG enemies and anyone that happens to sneak by.


Finish the mission in 15 minutes - This can actually be a bit tough. The ending with Boris and Justus basically has a set time so you need to complete the areas prior very quickly. I recommend using Ghost for the beginning section and just going past everyone. When it starts to run low, head to an Armory and refill it and continue on. You will loose a lot of Vetkans by not killing all of the enemies, but it's the only way to complete this in time.

Get to the elevator with Boris - All you have to do is protect him from the RPG troops. Let him handle all of the other ground forces and keep an eye out for the bastards with RPGs.

Kill one additional enemy by exploding a flamethrower tank - Wait for an area with a flamethrower trooper to line up near a normal trooper. When he does, start unloading on the propane tank one his back. The blast has a decent radius so you don't have to worry as much.

Destroy the dropship with the M80 - Heading towards the elevator, you will come to a courtyard with a glass roof. A dropship will come and let off a few Helghast. Have an M80 equipped and unload on it.


Achieve 15 Ghost Generator kills - Just have Ghost activated and get fifteen kills while is active. It doesn't matter if you are cloaked or if the cloak temporarily disables.

Kill 30 enemies with the STA-7 - Equip and get some kills.

Stealth to the Ambassador's office - The main part is not killing all enemies in the starting area, you need to leave one or two for when a Helghast later on calls to check in. Keep refilling your Ghost at an Armory as you proceed.

Get to the lobby avoiding the main entrance - Basically, on the left side of the entrance is a ladder, climb it to enter that way.


Kill 10 enemies with gas grenades - This might be tough. It will take around two grenades to kill an enemy, one if you are really lucky. There are a lot of enemies so just keep refilling your ammo.

Kill 30 enemies with VC39 Accelerator Rifle - Equip and use, baby.

Achieve 5 Mercy kills - Equip the M2 Tranquilizer and when they are down, walk up to them and initiate the brutal melee.

Injure 10 enemies - This involved incapacitating the enemy. The easy way to do this is just aim at their legs. You will know you have down so because they will fall to the ground and a red "X" will appear at their position.

Complete mission contract 'The Package'

The hardest portion of this level is at the end, right after leaving the bar. I'd recommend a Porcupine, shotgun and strong gun. Basically, after leaving the bar just bolt the whole time, ignoring almost everyone. When you initiate the grate knock off you will be invincible so you will not need to worry about those enemies. After you zipline down, start using your Porcupine and when it runs out keep shooting until it recharges, rinse and repeat.


Avoid civilian deaths - Civilians are the white arrows on the map. Just don't shoot any. Once the shit hits the fan they will run so you won't have to worry about them.

Headshot 25 enemies with STA-11 - Equip and use. You will basically have to go right up to the enemy to make it easy since this gun is weak and has poor accuracy.

Extract within 3 minutes of leaving the bar - After killing the heavy, leave the bar and just run and initiate the grate opening sequence. Only kill when it's absolutely necessary. Then, when all the enemies start flooding out just mow them down. It's not hard at all so long as you rush to the grate section.

Achieve a kill while on a zipline - Have an active Porcupine for this. After the start area you will go through a little tunnel and then there will be a building across the way with a mounted gun on it. Go right and follow the path to the zipline. On the right, on the other side will be a sniper. Use then zipline then tap him on the screen to shoot a Porcupine at him.


Stealth through the Market - follow the outpost and Backstab portions first, after that. Refill your Ghost. Head up the elevator and activate it at the top. Once you are hidden walk throw the market and get to the other side. Wait for Justus to open the door.

Backstab 5 soldiers near the elevator entrance - After Justus lowers the mini-bridge for you, you will come to an area with five guys. Kill the two closest to you. Then, wait for the guy on the far right to go on the other side of the machine the one Helghast is working on. Kill that Helghast then the one to the left. The one on the far right is easy to kill as he won't move at all.

Kill 20 enemies with Vultur active - After Justus opens the door for you, get Vultur back. Use it in the bar fight at at the end when all the enemies flood in.

Stealth into the Outpost - Have Ghost and a silenced gun. Use the gun for the very first area but when you get to the next area is when it can get tricky. Activate Ghost and kill the guy on the mounted gun then the sniper to the right. You should be able to go down to let Justus through and kill the other two easily.


Kill 4 enemies with VC11 - Equip and use.

Achieve 5 Mercy kills - The easiest way is to use the M2 Tranquilizer and then kill the enemy. If you don't want to do that, then shoot the enemy in their legs until he drops and becomes a red "X", then Mercy Kill him.

Destroy an enemy Stinger with a frag grenade - When you are heading to the elevator and alert the enemies, Stingers will come. Make sure you have grenades for this area. One will come and drop troops off and it will be an easy target. Cook and throw a grenade, then another. It should only take two to destroy the Stinger. Don't worry, it is no where near as hard as you may think.

Destroy all 6 propaganda speakers - The first is on the top right of the front entrance of the Outpost. The second is to the left of the elevator you must ride up. The next three are in the Market. The first is in the front of the market, on a steel beam to the right. The next is to the left of the little catwalk Justus climbs the ladder to get to. The final one is to the left of a blue sign that is across from the exit of the area. The final one is after the bar fight, after going down the first set of steps look to your right and up.

Switched Off
Complete mission contract 'Lights Out'

The only hard portion is towards the end when you have to destroy the three things (forget their name). Enemies will continuously spawn as well as drones. Place Proximity Mines to your sides so you won't get flanked. Use a strong gun and have a shotgun on backup. By far the best Van-Guard to use is the Porcupine. Also, keep using the Armory to refill and as a save point.


Finish the mission in 25 minutes - You won't even need half of the time.

Avoid civilian deaths - Don't shoot when white arrows come your way.

Destroy the AA guns on the roof within five minutes of each other - After destroying the first one, clear out the enemies that come as fast as you can. After you have done so just rush and plant the second one and make it go boom.

Shoot out and explode 2 flamethrower tanks - There are multiple flamethrower enemies in the level. Just aim at the tank on their back until it explodes.


Plant a charge on one of the coolant pipes without triggering an alarm - Use Ghost and activate it as soon as you drop in the area. Walk right over to to the coolant pipe and plant it.

Achieve 5 proximity mine kills - Just set them up and hope a Helghast soldier crosses it's path. You will need to refill your ammo during this.

Kill 40 enemies with STA-52SE rifle - Equip and use.

Destroy the jammer - The jammer is in the area with the second AA gun. When you get to the area, it's to the left, basically at the same spot the flamethrower guy is on but on the opposite side.


Destroy the 3 fuel regulators within 3 minutes of the first - You will just have to be quick about this. Once you activate the first, shoot all the pipes as quick as you can. Once the pipes are destroyed, raise the next and do the same for the final one. Try to ignore the enemies once the pipes become visible.

Destroy 2 drones with the VC9 - During the portion where you destroy the pipes, drones will come and attack on the second and third pipes. Have your VC9 and wait for them to go stationary.

Destroy all 7 Stingers in the insertion - This isn't hard at all, just aim for the red tank near where the two troops are.

Destroy all 7 propaganda speakers - The first is near the Armory on the left hand side. The second is near the cooling tank on the right. The third is up the ladder near the cooling tank on the right, near an enemy spawn. Next, there is one in the room with the two civilians. In the first AA area, it's on the top left corner on the door you come out of when exiting the elevator to the AA area. The next is in the room joining the two AA guns. The final speaker is behind the flamethrower in the second AA area.

Bridged Sides
Complete mission contract 'Hostile Takeover'

The hardest part of the mission is at the end. Basically, kill as many as you can then begin to lower the bridge. Then, get on the mounted gun and take out the ISA soldiers. If one throws a grenade, get off and run away. When the Exos arrive, don't trust the mounted gun to take them out. Use a missile launcher or the Porcupine. Also, if you need to, use the Armory as a save station. Once the bridge is down, rush to it.


Kill 1 enemy by detonating an enemy proximity mine - There are so many mines and so many enemies, just wait until an ISA troop goes by one then shoot the mine.

Headshot both of Savic's guards - When you get to Savic, just aim for their heads.

Finish off an Exo with an explosive barrel - Towards the end of the mission and Exo will break through the gate and attack. Fight it until it starts to smoke/catch fire. then, lead it past the red barrels and when it comes close shoot at the barrel.

Make 3 Long Range kills with the M42 sniper rifle - When you get to the area with all the Ghost Snipers, take your M42 and shoot them from as far as you can.


Kill 40 enemies with M66 SMG - Equip and use.

Rescue the Helghast hostages - The first is underneath the helipad that you land on. After you get past the Ghost snipers, drop down and one is on the balcony. The next two are on the way to Savic, once getting on the upper level, go backwards and destroy the mines to get to them. Finally, the last two are on the upper level right before leaving to go back outside and do the Exo fight/bridge defense.

Stealth the lower roof - This is the area with the Ghost snipers. Just have Ghost and activate after you kill the one you drop down behind. Walk through the area and refill at the Armory towards the end and continue on.

Get through the interior courtyard without triggering a proximity mine - Not bad, just listen for the beeping. The closer you get to it, the louder the beep. Remember not to shoot any mines either.


Kill 25 enemies with STA-12 Inferno shotgun - Equip and use.

Kill 15 enemies with Sky Fury - There are a lot of outdoor sequences so just have it for then.

End jamming in 4 minutes after it starts - Eventually, you will come to a big indoor courtyard and your mini map will go fuzzy. At the end of the area, the ISA will blow open a hole in the wall. All the way to the right is a jammer, destroy it.

Destroy 25 enemy proximity mines - Whenever you come to an area with the mines, scour the area and shoot all of them until the area you are in is clear. Look for red flashes and a loud beep.

Target Acquired
Complete mission contract 'Blood Money'

In the beginning, enemies will continuously spawn so just try going as fast as you can. In Lab 01, try to stealth it if you can because enemies will just keep coming. The end with Admiral Grey can be a pain. Your best would be to plant the charges then just bolt out of the area and close the door.


Clear the landing pad and have a buddy survive - This isn't that hard. Use the Porcupine, grenades and a strong gun. Just rush the ISA and take out anyone on the mounted gun and any rocket troopers. If you take your time you will get screwed because they will keep coming.

Enter the Vault in 20 minutes - Not hard at all, don't worry about it.

Interrogate the Admiral - Have the M2 Tranquilizer equipped. Kill all of her bodyguards and shoot her with the tranq. Then, head over and interrogate her.

Headshot 15 enemies with M4 revolver - Wait to do this until after the starting area, then make sure it's equipped and use it.


Save the scientist in Lab 01 - When you enter Lab 01 an ISA soldier will be escorting a prisoner to the incinerator. Shoot his escort in the head and make sure not to his the escort. Then, the prisoner will run away and you are golden.

Escape the Vault without being detected - Plant the right charge first then the left. Crouch and walk up the stairs, go left and walk around using the cover. Then, when it is all clear make for the door.

Stealth through Lab 02 - Just activate your Ghost and walk right through the area, it won't be a problem.

Achieve 15 Ghost Generator kills - Activate and use. Even if you aren't currently cloaked and it is activated, it will count as a Ghost kill.


Burn an enemy in the incinerator in Lab 01 - This isn't hard at all. Either activate Ghost and lure an enemy into the incinerator then press the activation button on the outside. Alternately, kill all the enemies until only a shotgun trooper is left. He will follow you right through the incinerator. When he is in, use the M2 Tranquilizer to stun him then activate it or shoot him in the leg until he drops from injury then press the button and you're good to go.

Kill a rocket trooper with a Brutal Melee - Find a rocket trooper in the beginning, run up and initiate it.

Destroy 3 Intruders - The first two are in the beginning then one comes in Lab 02 to drop off troops. Easy as pie.

Kill 8 enemies with STA-G2 Pyro grenades - Activate and use, all you need to do.

Complete all mission contracts

Beat the nine story missions on any difficulty. You can start out on any, so you may want to start on Veteran just to get it out of the way. The game is by no means hard and it is very short. It shouldn't take you more than three hours. For tips on possibly hard sections on Veteran, see the mission's specific trophy.

Exit Wounds

For the two heavies, just throw a grenade or shoot an RPG behind their backs to kill them instantly. For the fight against Benoit, use a gun best suited for you but have the M2 Tranquilizer to shoot him and be able to get some free shots off. Use the Porcupine to take down his intruder and to use on him when he's on the ground. Constantly use the Blackjack Armory as a save spot if you need to.


Kill 20 enemies with STA-14 rifle - Equip and use.

Kill Benoit in 10 minutes - This countdown starts once he faces you off on his intruder. Use the Porcupine to take it out and whatever rifle shots you need. On the ground, use the M2 Tranquilizer to stun him and melee him. It takes a lot less melees to kill him them bullets and explosions. Also use the Petrusite Canisters that pop up to stun him then go around to his backside and melee him.

Kill 3 mercenaries while they are in flight - A bit hard but can easily be killed with the STA-14. The only advice I can give is to just visit the Armory after every kill so it saves. You may get luck and get headshots but odds are you will kill the guy just as he is about to land.

Do not resupply from the shop - Just pick up and and all ammo you can. Use grenades, Van-Guards and backup weapons sparingly.


Interrogate Benoit - Basically, use the M2 Tranquilizer and when he is dazed, melee him from behind. Eventually, he will be incapacitated and able to be interrogated. Make sure all other mercenaries are dead before you do this.

Finish the mission in 25 minutes - Easy, don't worry about it.

Tranquilize and kill 15 enemies - Use the M2 Tranquilizer on enemies and when they are down, brutal melee/mercy kill them. You will need to resupply at the Armory a few times.

Flash and kill 5 enemies - Equip the Flash Grenade going into the mission and get it done right off the bat.


Kill 10 enemies with the Porcupine - Equip and use it, that easy.

Kill 30 enemies with STA-3 LMG - Again, just equip and use it.

Brutal Melee 4 troops in succession - Basically, just kill four enemies via brutal melee in a row. This is Killzone for crying out loud, if you can do this .... well, you get the jist.

Kill the heavies in 2 minutes - Equip the VC9 and just shoot right behind their backs for an instant kill.

Above and Beyond
Complete all mission contracts on Veteran difficulty

This is simple, just beat the nine standard missions on Veteran. It is available from the start and honestly not hard at all. The only thing different is that you don't have cross hairs when you are shooting. Even though it is pretty easy, here are some general tips in case you run into some trouble:

Van Guards - Use what best suits you. You can't go wrong with the Ghost or Mantys Engine but then there are personal preferences. For me, I love the Porcupine. Just go with what you want and are best with.

Missile Launchers - These can be very useful for large groups and the Heavies and also for drones and drop ships. This may seem like a bad idea but trust me, it makes any possibly hard parts so much easier.

Silenced Weapons - These are pretty good to use. If you can stealth an area properly, it won't cause any reinforcements to come your way. You may lose out on the opportunity to get extra cash but it saves you all the trouble of going through extra enemies.

Cover - Just like every other Killzone, utilize the great cover feature. Pop in and out to stay safe but kill your enemies.

Headshots - These are your friends. Instead of wasting time and bullets to kill your foes, just give them a shot or two to their head.

Blackjack Armoury - Your resupply and weapons depot but that's not even the best part. You can use it as a mini save station in potentially difficult areas.

Gone Dark
Complete all Covert contracts

The main point of this contract type revolves around stealth. I wont be breaking down the contracts here, rather see each missions' specific trophy for a breakdown.

Clean House
Complete all Demolition contracts

The main point of this contract type revolves around blowing shit to hell. I wont be breaking down the contracts here, rather see each missions' specific trophy for a breakdown.

Perfect Execution
Complete all Precision contracts

The main point of this contract type revolves around specifics, like a doing a certain number of things or completing the mission in a specified time period. I wont be breaking down the contracts here, rather see each missions' specific trophy for a breakdown.

Dedicated to the Cause
Complete all Covert, Demolition and Precision contracts

First off, you have to beat the game in order to unlock the three contract types. Each mission has the three types and four requirements to go along with it. All requirements must be met in on run, meaning you must complete all four. If you only complete say two or three you will fail the mission. It's kind of hard to say what differentiates each contract type from another but a general overview is for Precision you must beat the mission in a certain amount of time, for Covert you must stealth an area and for Demolition you will be blowing something up. You will find say a headshot requirement but you may not find it to be specifically in just one contract type. For each missions' contracts break down view the missions' respective trophies.

Fully Briefed
Collect all intel items

For each Contract there is a total 6 Intel. This means for all 9 missions you need to collect 54 Intel items. You can find and view each Intel item you collected, and see the ones you have not collected by going into the Contract select.Collecting them is rather simple but requires you to do certain things. 3 Intel in each mission requires you to find and hack a terminal by matching the shapes up. The other 3 require you to interrogate an officer by Sneaking up behind him, or using the M2 tranquilizer to knock him. Push :triangle: to start an interrogation and follow the on screen swipes by touching the screen. For best results and to make it much easier for yourself, buy and equip the M2 secondary weapon to knock enemies out, and the VAN-Guard Ghost to make sneaking up on enemies that much easier.Here is the Intel and how you can collect each one in each Contract mission:

Justice For All

1. Intel #6-Signal From the Fleet
This will be the first Intel in the game you can get. Shortly after paragliding into the building you will be tasked to interrogate an Officer. Interrogate the officer by sneaking up behind him and follow the on-screen touch swipe gestures. Once you do so you will receive your first Intel.
2. Intel #2- Briefing #5739678
Right after you get your first Intel you will need to enter the next room straight ahead of you then the room to the left to get on the ledge to enter the locked room through the broken window. There will be a terminal inside the room, hack it and you will earn this Intel.
3. Intel #1- Why We Fight
This Intel is very much involved and will require a few tricks to get it. First, clear the area of enemies then find a Blackjacks armory to buy a gas grenade and an M2 tranquilizer secondary weapon. After the 3rd Intel, follow the hallway to your right all the way around to the side of the building with the most destruction and rubble. There will be a path open to you, you just need to crouch and then climb up a pipe up to get to a valve needed to be turned. Turn the valve (enemies may attack to finish them off then finish turning the valve) then go down and throw the gas grenade in the little hole where the objective is pin-pointed. The officer will come out, just tranquilize with the M2 and then interrogate the officer to receive this Intel.
4. Intel #5- Report #KL38T
Once you enter the courtroom, head to your left there will be a couple doors you need to manually open. Then go into the first room on the left and through the broken glass to get to the room where your alley is being interrogated. Sneak up on the officer and interrogate him and you will receive this Intel.
5. Intel #3- Orders to Col. Kratek
Back in the Courtroom, there are stairs on the left that will lead to Blackjacks armory as well as a terminal you need to activate. Push it and across the room a door will open where you will find the terminal need to hack in order to get this Intel.
6. Intel #4- Private Correspondence
Just in the area of the turret gunners, there is a conference room to your right that can only be entered by shooting the window. Go inside and to your left you will see a terminal needed to be hacked. This is where you get the last Intel of the mission.

Code Of Engagement

1. Intel #1- The Autarch's Command
In the big area where you first encounter enemies of this level there is a little help-desk in the middle where you will find this terminal. Hack it and it's yours.
2. Intel #3- Cruiser Status Report
In the open court yard there are some Enemies patrolling the area. One is the Officer you need to interrogate. Either sneak up on him or use the M2 to tranquilize him in order to interrogate him and get this Intel.
3. Intel #5- Brief #PU449N
Once you get to the cruiser there is a latter that you can use to get inside of it. Once inside there is an officer patrolling. Best use your M2 to take him out then interrogate him to get the Intel needed.
4. Intel #2- Report #VR76M
After the cruiser area you will find one of Blackjacks armories. Just over to the left there is a little path open where you will find the next terminal to hack for the next Intel.
5. Intel #6- From High Ground
Just after Intel #4 proceed to your left through the door and there will be another Officer needed to be interrogated. Use your M2 to take him down and interrogate him to get your Intel.
6. Intel #4- AC-15 Cargo Inventory
After you meet up with your partner you will find a Blackjack armory just before the door needed to proceed on your right. On the left side there is the terminal you need to hack.

Lightning Strike

1. Intel #1- Arc Battery Schematics
At the start of the mission there will be stairs. Climb the stairs and before you reach your objective there is a locked room with a window you can shoot just to your left. Break the window and climb through to hack the terminal.
2. Intel #2- Arc Network Report
Continue into the generator room and to your right there is a pathway with a camera guarding a terminal. Shoot the camera and hack the terminal and this Intel is yours.
3. Intel #6- Defense Status Update
Right after the generator room you will find some barracks with an Officer in them. Use the M2 to knock him out an interrogate him.
4. Intel #5- Report #VR89K
After using the elevator proceed forward till you see a door just left of the generator area below. Inside there is an Officer you will want to tranquilize. Do not shoot the other Officer in the room.
5. Intel #4 - Arc Technology
In the same room as #4 there is another Officer. Use the M2 as he may be shooting at you and interrogate him as well to get your Intel.
6. Intel #3- Orders to Arc Batteries
On the first floor of the control room, just to the right of Blackjacks armory there is a little room with a terminal you need to hack.

Diplomatic Incident

1. Intel #3- Report #KL53U
At the start of the mission there is a little courtyard with an Officer you need to interrogate. Use the M2 on him or sneak up on him to get the Intel.
2. Intel #5- Embassy Schematics
After the first Intel go all the way to your left of the building to find a ladder. Climb up and you will see another Officer patrolling you need to interrogate.
3. Intel #1- Asylum Request
Go inside the building after Intel #2 to find a door to your left you need to hack in order to enter. Hack it and go into the room where at the end is a desk with the terminal you need to hack to get the next Intel.
4. Intel #6- Orders to Task Force
Continue into the area till you find your way up with a ladder on the left. There may be some Enemies so take them out before proceeding. Continue and there will be another officer patrolling around the library area. You need to use the M2 in order to interrogate so you can get your Intel.
5. Intel #2- Scientific Research
In the room below the Officer for Intel #4 you will find a terminal near the corner. Hack it, and the Intel is yours.
6. Intel #4-Intercepted Intelligence
After you get Boris and Justus, downstairs there is a desk to your left with a terminal on it you need to hack in order to get the Intel.

The Package

1. Intel #1- District Police Orders
Past the civilian in the beginning of the mission there is an Officer you will need to interrogate just over a little cliff.
2. Intel #2- Directive #D867H
There will be an area with a turret gunner, who is actually the Officer you need to interrogate, so don't kill him. Instead use ghost or sneak around quickly to the right under the turret, around to building on a broken walkway where you will find a pipe you can climb to get up and interrogate the Officer.
3. Intel #4- A Living Resource
After you get attacked by enemies at the bridge there will be a generator just up from there in the center of a large area that has a terminal. Hack it and the Intel is yours.
4. Intel #5- Arrest Order #XV32U
The next area there will be 3 Helghast soldiers who are interrogating a civilian. the soldier pointing the gun at him is the Officer you need to use the M2 on. Shoot him and the others will run away. Interrogate him after.
5. Intel #6- Report #VR95W
After the interrogation for Intel #4, to your right there is a little shop that has a counter behind a fence that you will find the next terminal you need to hack
6. Intel #3- Stinger Field Assessment
Proceed down after the heavy Helghast fight, and there will be a room to the right that you will find this terminal you need to hack.

Lights Out

1. Intel #3- Orders to Security
At the start of the mission, proceed down the stairs where you will find the Officer you will need to interrogate.
2. Intel #1- Refinery Schematics
On the left side of the same area as Intel #1, you will find a terminal you will need to hack. Be careful of the enemies still there.
3. Intel #2- Pyrrhus Refinery
Just above this area with Intel #1 and 2, there is a terminal. Find the ladder in the room and continue on this level till you see it to your left.
4. Intel #5- Report #JL28X
After you take the elevator up, there will be an enemy you need to kill then an Officer you need to Tranquilize or sneak up on to interrogate for this Intel.
5. Intel #4- Meltdown Projection
After you are in a room with many enemies you kill, there is a door you need to proceed to continue, but do not go through just yet. On the opposite side there is the terminal you need to hack for this Intel.
6. Intel #6- Seized Correspondence
Just underneath where the AA gun is at, there is an officer patrolling. Use the M2 in order to get interrogate him and get the Intel.

Hostile Takeover

1. Intel #1- EXO Field Assessment
In the middle of the area beginning area there is an open room where you will find this terminal to hack.
2. Intel #4- Interrogation Protocols
After the hostage scene you will see a soldier walk down the stairs you need to use the M2 to Interrogate and get the Intel.
3. Intel #5- Report #56780
In the exact same area just up the stairs you will find another soldier you need to interrogate for this Intel.
4. Intel #2- Eyes only CMD. Benoit
In the room of the hostage being interrogated there is a terminal on the right you need to hack.
5. Intel #6- Interrogation Transcript
Once you proceed back to the courtyard there will be an enemy attack. A soldier in the back will be needed to interrogate so save him for last. After you clear them all out use the M2 on him and interrogate him for Intel.
6. Intel #3- Orders to Desist
After you Interrogate the guy for Intel #5, to the left of the room on a desk is a terminal you need to hack.

Blood Money

1. Intel #6- Facility X01 Schematic
After you deactivate the AA guns there will be enemies coming out a room in the back. Tack them out and go into the room. On the right there is a way outside. Go outside and continue on the pathway till you see the terminal you need to hack.
2. Intel #2- The New Sun
After you take the elevator down, continue to your left where you will see a soldier you need to use the M2 on to interrogate for the Intel.
3. Intel #5- Eschaton Final Testing
In the same room as Intel #2 there are ladders you need to climb, then a pipe to climb, then a hatch you need to open. Inside you will find a terminal you must hack.
4. Intel #3- Eschaton Plasmid Trigger
In the back corner of the control room there is a little lab you can enter with another sliding glass door. Go inside and you will find a terminal you need to hack.
5. Intel #4- Demolition Orders
Once you get to the destroyed lab, go to the right to climb a ladder and sneak up on the soldier to the left patrolling. Interrogate him by using the M2.
6. Intel #6- Admiral Grey's Statement
After you plant the charges and killed all the attacking soldiers, leave Grey alone and use the M2 on her and interrogate her for this Intel.

Exit Wounds

1. Intel #1- Report #KL78B
After you go down the elevator there will be an Officer you need to use the M2 on and interrogate just ahead.
2. Intel #2 Eschaton Impact
In the same area there is a ladder you need to climb. When you get up, to your right there is the terminal you need to hack.
3. Intel #5- Blackjack Communications
When Justus drops a rope for you to climb, don't take it just yet. To the left you will find a terminal you need to hack.
4. Intel #3- Project Red Dust
Now climb the rope, once you get up climb the ladder to your right. Turn right and you will find another terminal for you to hack.
5. Intel #4- Assault Force Orders
The Officer of the room you want to save for last, and also use the M2 on. Interrogate him for the Intel.
6. Intel #6- Retirement Plan
The last Intel is tricky to get because it requires you to not kill the last boss. Instead wait a bit to stun him after doing some damage to him, then run up and interrogate him for the last Intel.

Firewall Down
Complete a VAN-Guard hack, making no mistakes

This trophy is something that should come naturally over the course of the game. Throughout the game, in singleplayer and multiplayer, you will have the ability to hack certain objects in the environment. Hacking may seem weird or difficult at first, but it's actually fairly straight forward and easy. Basically, you will get hexagonal shapes in the middle that have a chunk of it already filled. What you need to do use use the pieces on the left and right side of the screen to fill up the empty spots. To do this, you tap the piece you wish to use then tap the hexagon you want to put it in. Once you complete the hack, no matter how many steps, and get it 100% correct you will get the trophy.

Come In
Visit Blackjack's Armoury during a mission

Contract: Justice for All

During the very first mission, you will fight some Helghast in the beginning. You will then climb a short pipe and at the top is a Blackjack Armory. Walking over to it and access it.

Blackjack's many armories are scattered across every mission of the game. They are blue in color and appear as a yellow smiley face on the map. You may not visit an armory at all the first mission, but the location I listed is the earliest possible time you could achieve this trophy.

Perform a Brutal Melee counter gesture in Multiplayer

To perform a counter gesture, an enemy must attempt a brutal melee kill on you. What will happen is when he melees you a swipe gesture on the touch screen will appear and game play will go into slow-motion. Swipe in with the direction of the arrow in fast enough time before your enemy performs his gesture and you will counter the attack and brutal melee kill him instead. Be ready to touch the screen at all times while playing mp and you should have fast enough reaction time to counter. If you wish to earn this trophy right away, run up face-to-face with an enemy in hopes he will melee you, more than likely he will. The trophy should pop up right away. If it does not, there is a chance a teammate shot and killed your attacker before you got the final blow on him (this has happened to me a couple of times). Just repeat the process.

NOTE: It is impossible to counter a brutal melee kill when an enemy attacks you from behind. All counters must be done when an enemy attacks within your frontal region.

Supply Chain
Collect the contents from 10 VAN-Guard capsules in Multiplayer

Very simple trophy to achieve and it is accumulative with all your played sessions of the multiplayer(sp does not count for this trophy). VAN-Guard Capsules appear on the map after falling from the sky in the middle of battle. They will appear as a yellow dot on your mini-map, if you can't seem to find one looking around, look there. You need to run up next to a capsule and press . A quick little load bar will fill-up and the content will then unlock giving you a VAN-Guard. Just be sure to be out of any enemies sight before unlocking it. Also, know that the contents you receive from these capsules must be used in that life. If you die, it is lost.

Shoot down 10 enemy VAN-Guard drones in Multiplayer

Van-Guards will appear as red-dots on your mini-map. Shoot down 10 of them and the trophy is yours. If you see one on your mini-map but can't seem to find it, look high up or on another level and you will find it. Also, be careful getting close to them, as they can cause your death easily.The VAN-Guard drones in the game are:

MANTYS ENGINE - This one comes around and stabs you in the head.

SKY FURY - This is the one that shows down the vaporizing beam.

ARC MISSILE - Pretty obvious it's a missile

VULTUR - This guy shows player locations on the map.

Complete a Multiplayer game round

The simplest of the mp trophies. You just need to complete 1 round out of any of the 3 game modes. You do not have to win, just be sure to complete the match. If you wish to earn this trophy quick, play Mercenary Warfare or Guerrilla Warfare, as they have short matches. The game modes for the game are:

Mercenary Warfare - A Free-for-All/Deathmatch type mode.

Guerrilla Warfare - Standard Team Deathmatch.

Warzone - The Killzone staple, basically just a bunch of game modes thrown into a single mode.

Complete 100 Multiplayer game rounds

This trophy can be long and tedious to get. I suggest to go for this trophy while you're going for 10,000 kills as getting kills in mp is much more difficult than it is in sp. Go for this after your third play through of the game and before your fourth, to bring down time needed to play the game. The game mode that is quickest to play is Guerrilla Warfare. With it being a Team Deathmatch type mode, working with people to get to 40 kills is quick. You do not need to win all 100 games, just finish 100 of them. You might as well go for all other online trophies while going for this trophy as well.

Recover after being tranquilised by an enemy in Multiplayer

A little tricky of a trophy to complete. It will mostly rely on luck if you do not wish to boost. To get this trophy, an enemy has to have his secondary weapon be an M2 Pistol Tranquilizer Gun. After being shot you will have to also hope the guy that shot you or anyone else doesn't kill you while you take the time to recover. Instead of relying on luck and random people, you can get a boosting buddy to join you in a game of Mercenary Warfare and have him shoot you with the M2 and let you recover. The M2 costs $9500 and is a secondary weapon, make sure he buys and uses only the M2, as it is the only weapon that can be used.

Win at least one round of all Multiplayer modes

For this trophy you need to win 1 round in all 3 of the multiplayer game modes. See the trophy Noob for the game modes. Just play Guerrilla Warfare and Warzone to the best of your ability with your team till you win a match of each. You do not need to place top earner in these 2 modes for the trophy to count, just be on the winning team once. The hard part will be playing Mercenary Warfare, the Deathmatch game type. In this mode you will need to be top earner and win the match by yourself, that is if you do not boost. Get comfortable with the game and mp and use the weapon you feel is best fitted for you. Use VAN-Guards, the Mantys Engine is an easy tool to use to get many kills. Buy and equip mines or grenades, which ever you prefer, for easy kills. This one can take time and skill to accomplish, but you will get it with just a little practice. Now there is a boosting method you can use to earn this trophy. That would be to get a friend to join you in Merc Warfare and meet each other at the same spot on the map and you constantly kill him. This is a simple method and shouldn't be very difficult. Try to kill others as well and use your VAN-Guard when you are able to so you can be sure to get even more kills.

Heads Up
Get crushed by an incoming VAN-Guard capsule

Contract: Lightning Strike

During this mission you will have to defend a transformer from incoming Helghast. Benoit will come over the comms and say he is sending in a Van-Guard Capsule to help you out. If looking at the transformer head on, there will be a square block just to the left along a railing. Stand right in the corner and it will hit you when it lands.

Alternately, you could achieve this in multiplayer, all be it a bit harder. Maps will constantly have Van-Guards drop in. It will just be a matter of picking a specific map then learning the drop locations. Then, you will have to listen very well to find out when a capsule is coming and hopefully go to the correct spot without getting killed.

Rescue an injured teammate in Multiplayer

A simple enough trophy that you may even come across by accident. What you need to do is keep watch of your ally's. When an enemy causes an ally to go down run up to him(make sure no enemy is near) and push then do the screen swipe motion. This will revive your teammate and earn you the trophy. Take notice you can not do this to an ally that is dead, only ones that have been brought down and are hanging on to life by a thread. You only have a certain amount of time till he dies so you must hurry and revive him before he does so.

Get Your Filthy Hands Off
Kill an enemy while they are interrogating a teammate in Multiplayer

Another trophy that may come by accident, but also requires you to keep watch of your teammates.When an enemy is interrogating your ally you will see him above your ally punching him and have his knife out. They will be holding still so this is your moment to kill the interrogator. Do not waist time to make sure he is interrogating him as you may miss your opportunity. Just shoot the enemy and if your ally is still alive you will earn this trophy.

Is It Safe?
Interrogate an enemy

Contract: Justice for All

About halfway into the mission you will use a squirrel suit and glide over to another building and land. Ivanov will then say that the scanners are activated. Right through the door will be a Helghast Commander. Crouch and walk up behind him. Either press or tap the screen and follow the screen swiping motions. Danner will do a series of movements, ending with you getting the info you need and killing the Commander, thus netting you the trophy.

There will be many, many opportunities to do this in the game, but this section listed it is required so you will get it even if you don't want to. Also, the only enemies that can be interrogated are Helghast or ISA Commanders. They can be easily picked apart from normal soldiers as they will have a beret on.

Boom Headshot!
Achieve 1000 headshots

You know the drill, aim for the head. This is cumulative across offline and online. During your story runs, try to aim for headshots as much as you can. In multiplayer it won't be that easy, but you will get some with practice and skill.

Cutting Edge
Brutal Melee 12 enemies consecutively

Contract: Justice for All

This is the earliest and easiest time to get this in my opinion. At the start of the mission, go crazy and brutal melee everyone you come across. To initiate it, go right up to the enemy and tap the on screen icon or press . Then, follow the swipe arrows to complete the animation. Playing on Recruit will make this a lot easier. Don't worry if you day either, so long as you don't kill an enemy by any other means you will be fine.

This trophy is a lot easier than it may seem and, so long as it is done on Recruit, can realistically be done on any mission you want. The alternate, harder method can be done online, which I don't recommend.

Kill an enemy at long range

Contract: Lightning Strike

Towards the end the mission, after defending the transformer, you will have to get to the extraction point. In doing so, you will climb a large tower all the way to the top so you can zipline across. If you pay close attention, at the other end of the zipline a Helghast soldier will be shooting at you. You can really use any primary weapon to kill the soldier, granted any non-sniper rifle will take around a full magazine. A sniper will make this a lot easier and most likely a one hit kill.

As far as I now, this has been the only area I have heard where this can be done. I'm sure there are other locations. If you find any, please let me know

Aces High
Attain an ace Valour card ranking

This trophy is based on your Valor Card Ranking. Your ranking will change based on how well you played your previous 24 hours spent in the multiplayer. What you need to do is get an Ace card, regardless of the suite. In order to get an Ace you will have to just play the mp portion a lot and collect as much money as you can. This trophy should come naturally if you're going for the other mp trophies. Just remember to play enough everyday and you should have no trouble obtaining this trophy.

Full Deck
Collect a full deck of Valour cards

There are a total of 52 cards within a a full deck of cards and this no different for Valor cards in KZ:M. There are a few ways of collecting Valor Cards and obtaining a full deck:
  • Getting Intel through the Main Contract missions
  • Completing the Contracts
  • Obtaining a Card hovering over a dead body in Multiplayer (dead body you killed or someone else has killed)
The Cards you obtain will always be random, this is no trouble at all though. With the amount of times you will go through the Contracts and the amount of mp you will have to play you will earn a full deck of cards without trying. I suggest to just play the game and enjoy it for all it has and collect all other trophies. You will more than likely get a full deck before you know it.

Earn 1,000,000 Vektan dollars

No trick for this. Just keep on playing both offline and online. With the amount of stuff you need to do, it will come naturally over time.

Killing Machine
Achieve a 10 kill streak in Multiplayer

Perhaps the most difficult trophy to achieve in the game if you are doing this on your own.You will have to get 10 kills in a single life. There are some ways to make going for this trophy much more simpler for yourself:
  • Use VAN-Guards. The Mantys Engine worked great for me and it is like getting free kills.
  • Use the M133 Prox mines. Leave these mines in an area that gets ran through frequently for another easy kill.
  • Do not go for VAN-Guards. This may seem like a good idea and can help, but you are more than likely going to die from coming out in the open.
  • Don't hold still. Keep moving and always look behind you.
  • Be ready to counter melee attacks. It would be a shame just to die from an enemy who got a kill on you that you were able to avoid.
  • Play Warzone or Guerrilla Warfare. These are Team matches, and this will make it easier to stay alive. Warzone is the longest matches, so they may be your best bet.
If you just give it time and some practice, and do not "YOLO" it, you will get this trophy eventually.
You can also boost with a couple friends playing Merc Warfare if you'd like by meeting each other on the map and have 1 person kill. This is up to you on how you'd like to do it though.

Brutal melee an enemy from behind whilst using the Ghost VAN-Guard

First off, you will need to buy the Ghost Van-Guard. This will cost you 12,500 Vetkans. When used, you will become cloaked and won't be seen by any enemies or security cameras so long as you are crouched and move slow. My recommendation is to buy this when you can. Then, take it into any mission you choose. When you come to a point where the enemies are unaware of your presence, activate it and slowly walk over behind them. Press or tap the screen to initiate the brutal melee animation and swipe in the correct direction. You must do this against a standard soldier, not a Commander. Also, you must be directly behind the enemy. It won't work if you are on their left or right side, and obviously not if you are right in front of them.

Blood Bank
Kill 10,000 enemies

This, well all you can do is grind it out. You will have to do a minimum of four runthroughs of each mission plus one hundred online games. If all goes well, you should get this towards the end of of whichever you choose to do last. If this happens to be the last trophy you need, either play some more online games or missions of your choosing, which ever you prefer.

I Want That One
Make a purchase in Blackjack's armoury

This will most likely be a frequent stop you make during the course of your play time. There are quite a few of these in every mission. The are blue in color and appear as a yellow smiley face on the mini-map. To access it, go up to it and tape the on screen icon or press . You will them be able to view everything Blackjack has to offer: guns, grenades, armor and Van-Guards.

Preferred Customer
Buy everything in Blackjack's armoury

Though out the game, Blackjack will have armories scattered around. You can use these to resupply or buy weapons that suit you or the mission. At some points, a specific item may be offered at a 20% discount, Here is a breakdown of all item categories and their prices:

Primary Weapons

M82 - Default
STA-52SE - $9,000
STA-14 - $5,200
STA-3 - $8,500
M33 - $10,000
VC32 - $6,100
M42 - $5,200
VC39 - $15,000
M66 - $5,100
LS57 - $3,900
STA-11 - $6,000
STA-7 - $4,600

Secondary Weapons

STA-18SE - Default
STA-18 - $4,000
M4 - $4,900
M2 - $9,500
LS13 - $4,500
VC8 - $5,900
LS18 - $6,800
STA-12 - $9,100
M80 - $9,400
M327 - $4,300
VC9 - $5,100
VC11 - $8,250

Van-Guard Systems

Mantys Engine - $10,500
Porcupine - $15,000
Sky Fury - $16,000
Arc Missile - $8,000
Ghost - $12,500
Vultur - $7,500
X3-JMR - $7,500
Carapace - $9,000


M194 Frag - $3,000
M133 Prox - $8,600
M98 Flash - $3,200
VC-G11 Gas - $6,600
STA-G2 Pyro - $3,500


Combat - Default
Mercenary - $6,000
Blast - $6,000
Ballistic - $6,000
Infiltrator - $6,000
Supply - $6,000

Master at Arms
Use every weapon, grenade, armour and VAN-Guard available in Blackjack's armoury

Now that you bought everything, you have to use it right? My recommendation is just go through everything one at a time. Also, get a kill with every possible thing you can get a kill with. In the case of Armor and Van-Guards, there are things you can get a kill with. Simply wear/activate it and get a kill while using it. Us the Blackjack Armories as checkpoints since it saves after every use. This isn't hard at all, it just takes some time.

Low Profile
Access the Security Centre without triggering the alarm in 'Justice For All'

Contract: Justice for All

After the beginning of the level, you will jump out of a building in a squirrel suit and fly to another building. The trophy begins now. First off, I recommend the STA-52S, M2, VC-G11 Gas and Ghost for this section, mainly because it is a silenced assault rifle, tranquilizer, a gas grenade and a cloaking device. After you land, shoot the Helghast Commander in the head and take out the camera that is in front of him. Go into the doorway ahead of you and keep left. On the right you will see a camera on the corner. Shoot it out and go down that hallway, taking out the other camera at the end. There will be two Helghast soldiers near a Blackjack Armory. In tandem with Ivanov, kill them. You will also be able to see the Helghast on the mounted gun and a camera, take them both out. Finally, there will be two Helghast and a camera across from the control room. Take out the camera. Then, wait until you can get a good lined up shot and take them both out. Now you will need to go back to the area back behind the mounted gun. On the left hand side there will be a little spot where you can crouch and go under, then climb a poll. Do so. At the top of the poll is a valve you can turn. Turn it twice, then Ivanov will signal that a few Helghast are coming. Kill all three them go back and finish turning the valve. Finally, go out in front of the control center and throw the grenade through the now open vent. The doors will open and kill the Helghast Commander that comes out. As soon as you enter the room the trophy will pop.

NOTE: It is okay is a Helghast soldier's arrow turn red but is then quickly killed. The trophy only negates if the camera spots you or another Helghast does and reinforcements come. If this happened, you can just get yourself killed and retry, the trophy will still unlock even if you mess up but get killed/kill yourself.

Cross Examination
Interrogate the Captain in the Judge's chamber and save his hostage in 'Justice For All'

Contract: Justice for All

Towards the end of the mission you will rappel down a building and come to a Helghast infested area. There is a door to the left, under some steps, that you need to take. Depending how you go about this you will either kill all enemies in this area or stealth through it. Once you enter the door it will be a new area with a security camera and a Helghast directly in front of you. There is also a room with a Blackjack Armoury. If you go in that room you will notice a blown out window. If you crouch and take the ledge and go right you will see a Helghast Commander with an ISA hostage. Sneak up behind him and initiate the interrogation, thus netting you the trophy.

Man vs. Machine
Destroy the Helghast Tank without using a D-Charge in 'Justice For All'

Contract: Justice for All

At the end of the mission, Ivanov will stay behind with Admiral Grey while you take out the waves of incoming Helghast. For these first few waves, use the mounted gun on the left hand side of the area. In the middle is one of Blackjack's Armoury's. For this trophy, I highly recommend getting one of the RPGs, Porcupine or Sky Fury. All are quick and easy choices to take out the tank. When it does come, worry about taking out all of the Helghast soldiers that are running in to the area. Once the majority of the foot soldiers are dead, take whatever your choice to destroy the tank with is and unleash hell on it.

Insertion Denied
Kill all troops before they rappel out of a dropship

Contract: Justice for All

The first and best place to get this is the very beginning of the first mission. Within the first few minutes in you will climb a pole and a Helghast drop ship will come in to let out a few troops. Now you won't be able to do this right when you start the game for the first time, but once you obtain 15,000 Vetkans you will be able to buy the Van-Guard Porcupine. Once you activate it, red circles will appear near targeted enemies. When the drop ship comes it will automatically be targeted, repeatedly tap the drop ship until it explodes. Hopefully, you will have done it fast enough and destroyed it before the troops rappelled out.

Collateral Considered
Complete 'The Package' without any civilian casualties

Contract: The Package

In this mission, there are civilians that are clearly marked with a white arrow. They really aren't a big concern to you except for in three areas. The first is the beginning of the mission. A civilian will be confronted by a Helghast soldier, make sure you kill him before he can kill the civilian. The next area, there will be two civilians near a Helghast Commander. They are easily avoided but make sure a stray bullet doesn't go their way. The final part isn't bad but you just need to watch out. When you get to the bar there are only a few civilians, but on my first go I saw someone and my initial reaction was to shoot. Make sure you don't and you are golden.

Destroy all barnacles in 'The Package'

Contract: The Package

In the beginning of the mission, fourteen barnacles can be found. They aren't hard to fine, mostly being and your level, possibly a bit high. The best way to destroy it is to shoot it with the VC39 or the VC9. There is also a Blackjack Armoury located in the location so don't worry about running low on ammo. Also, kill all the enemies in the area first, it will make it a whole lot easier. Here is a quick run through of their locations:

#1 - Right behind you off the boat.

#2 thru #6 - In the little passage there are two on the right and three on the left.

#7 - Go up the ramp on the left after coming out of the little passage.

#8 and #9 - Instead of going left, go on the path on the right. They will be on the wall to the left.

#10 and #11 - On the little stone pillars in the large open area where the Helghast Commander was roaming.

#12 thru #14 - In the exit of the area, around the pile of crates.

No Way Home
Destroy the Helghast extraction dropship in 'Lights Out'

Contract: Lights Out

For this trophy, you will need some sort of Rocket Launcher or the Van-Guard Porcupine.Toward the end of the mission, Grey and Benoit will betray you and Benoit will leave you behind. Kratek comes in over the radio and offers a way out, suggesting you should take it. At the end of a pathway one of his drop ships will come to pick you up. Instead of getting in, blow it up. Simple as pie.

Ensure Dr Savic. dies in 'Hostile Takeover'

Contract: Hostile Takeover

During the mission, you will end up saving Dr. Savic from a few Helghast. After you free him he will do a bit of talking and sit down against the wall. After he does this, simply shoot him in the head.

Ensure Dr Savic. lives in 'Hostile Takeover'

Contract: Hostile Takeover

During the mission, you will end up saving Dr. Savic from a few Helghast. After you free him he will do a bit of talking and sit down against the wall. After he does this, simply ignore him and continue on with the mission.

Freshly Baked
Burn an enemy in the Lab 01 incinerator in 'Blood Money'

Contract: Blood Money

During the start of this mission you will enter an area and see an ISA soldier put someone in the incinerator. Around the outside of it will be buttons you can push to use it. To make this a lot easier, have the M2 Tranquilizer with you. Go into the area and kill everyone but an enemy or two. Then, hang around the incinerator and try to lure the ISA soldiers into it. When one goes in, shoot him with the tranquilizer. The enemy will be down long enough for you to go hit the button and watch him burn.

Just to be Sure
Lock the Admiral in the Vault and detonate the demolition charges in 'Blood Money'

Contract: Blood Money

At the end of the mission you obtain the vile you have been searching for. Then, Blackjack will inform you that Admiral Grey is on her way with backup. Plant the two D-Charges that you are told to then haul ass out of there and to the exit, only killing enemies if you really need to. Once you are out of the area, press the button you used to enter to lock her in. Then, detonate the bomb and watch the fireworks.

Up Close and Personal
In 'Exit Wounds', successfully melee Benoit from behind.

Contract: Exit Wounds

This is actually a lot easier than you may think. At the end of the level you will have to fight off waves of Benoit's Mercenaries and destroy his Intruder. Once you have done both, Benoit will come down and join the fight on the ground. For this you will need one of two things: either the M2 Tranquilizer or Ghost Van-Guard. If using the M2, simply shoot him once his shield is down. this should daze him and make him stagger a bit. Don't get too close, but do a tight wrap around to his backside and initiate the melee. If using Ghost, activate it behind cover and wait until it takes effect. Then walk around to his backside and initiate the melee. Don't run or else the effect will negate when you do so. Also, it will turn off if you get to close to him from the front or his sides. This gives you the edge because you are hidden, but you have to be more precise while with the gun you can just shoot him and run behind and melee him.

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