Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10 - 12 hours
Estimated Difficulty:
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 story runthrough, cleanup for each level, an a few Justice League Mode playthroughs
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies: Yes and no, they may glitch but will unlock after a few tries


The first Batman game has arrived on the VITA ... and it's a LEGO game! Take control of various DC Superheroes in the quest to stop Lex Luther and the Joker. Visit familiar territories and fight with your comrades as you tackle bosses and try to stop Lex and Joker's scheme. Ready or not, here they Come!

[top]Tips & Strategies

Silver Studs - These are the standard studs in the game and they are also worth the least amount of points.

Gold Studs - There are still a lot of them in the game and are worth a lot more then the Silver Studs.

Blue Studs - These aren't found as much, but they are worth the most out of the three types of studs.

Objects - Almost every object in the game is destructible so make sure to take advantage, you'll gain many extra studs and points by taking it slow and destroying everything.

Silver LEGOs - These can only be destroyed by an explosion or a charged blast. Use Batman's Power Suit, Aquaman or Green Lantern for these.

Gold LEGOs - These are destroyed by heat blasts. Use Superman, Suberboy, Supergirl or Azrael for these LEGOs.

Green LEGOs - The LEGOs are green and can only be manipulated with Green Lantern.

Black LEGOs - These LEGOs can only be manipulated by Lex Luther.

Treadmill - Treadmills are red and yellow and need to be charged by running on them with the Flash.

Blue Holes - These are holes on the wall that can only be accessed by certain people. For example, Robin and Poison Ivy can be used for these holes.

LEGO Ivy - LEGO Ivy can only be removed by Poison Ivy.

Water - In order to sink in water you need a character who is good in water. Use Aquaman and Killer Croc for these situations.

Superman - Superman is practically invincible and is best used whenever you can use him. The only time he can take damage is when Kryptonite is around.


  1. Standard Playthrough: Just do a standard playthrough. Don't worry about getting collectibles or trophies. Just play through and get what you can.
  2. Clean Up: This is when you will go back and collect the collectibles and get any trophies you missed.
  3. Justice League Mode: Play through each arena and learn the waves. Also, you will unlock the respective characters for beating each arena.
  4. Justice League Mode Clean Up: This is when you will go back and get Gold on every arena.


Complete Hero
Collect all trophies.

Open Mic Knight
Complete Gotham Theater.

Part 1: For this part you will have to defeat fifteen enemies in order to advance. There will be ten enemies that come on the floor below the stage. When they are all dead, destroy the piano on the right side and build it to make steps to the stage. Then defeat the next five enemies. Harley Quinn will now come in as the first boss in the game. The can only be harmed when she is spinning with her mallet. When she is, through a Batarang at her. You will have to do this on the left side of the floor, then the right side and finally once on the stage. After all of that she will do some acrobatics and land. A bullseye will become available. Throw your Batarang at it and she will get shocked. She will then go to another landing spot, do it again and she will be defeated. You can now jump down the hole on the stage.

Part 2: Hit the three bullseyes with a Batarang. Look at the notes, and see what order they are in color wise. That is the order you will play the instruments. The order is different with every person, there is no set in stone order. Once you complete the task, a blue hole will become available to use. Jump in and destroy the crate. One of them will have pieces for a ladder. Built it to get Batman down, then pull the levers. Go back up the ladder and through the now open doorway. Get to the main area and defeat a handful of enemies. The very last one will drop a key. Put it in the hole near the gate to the left. Turn the key until the gate is completely down then use a grappling hook to bring down the crate. Build the lever and use it. The curtain next to you will open. Use Robin to hop up the walls and at the top, destroy the crate and build the grappling hook. Batman will come up. Next, you'll have to use Robin to use the poles to get across the gap and pull the lever. Jump of the ledge and put on Batman's Stealth Suit. Use to sneak past the camera in the room below and enter the control room to disable it. Don't forget to kick Riddler Henchman butt! Jump up and pull down the bars. Go up the stairs and prepare for a fight with Riddler. Go up to the boxes and look inside them to see if the Riddler is in a specific one. If he is, some of his goons will hop out for a fight. His order changes every time so take your best guess. Riddler will then come down with two goons. After he is defeated he drops a key card. Pick it up, put it in the slot and use the elevator.

Part 3: In this new area, defeat all the enemies first, then go over to the big statue and pull it down. You need to destroy the hat and build the lever. It will open a shaft which you can go up. Use a Batarang on the bullseye and pull down on the ropes. A door below will open. Go up the steps and get ready for the Penguin fight. You can use your Batarangs to throw at the time bomb penguins, and then place them near the silver pillars and let them explode to destroy the pillars. Another option is to lure the penguins to the pillars. Whatever way you choose, it's an easy fight. Build the grappling hook, use it and go up the spiral staircase.

Part 4: Now the Joker fight ... but not just yet. First, you must beat up some Joker minions and destroy the vending machine to the far right and then rebuild the pieces. Use Batman to look through the garage type door and have Robin turn each wheel once. The Joker will now come for a fight. He will be in a movie projector that shoots rockets. Run around until he take a break for a second. Then use a Batarang to harm him. After you drain his health he will bust through a wall. Jump in the whole he created and watch the cutscene. Congrats, you beat the first level!

The Joke's on you!
Complete The Joker Getaway.

Part 1: From the start, pull down the picture on the right and build the LEGO. Put on Batman's Power Suit. Use Batman's sticky grenades to destroy the silver gate on the magnet walk, the silver telescope, the silver gate on the lift and to destroy the silver picture on the wall behind the lift. Build the suit changer so Robin can put his Magnet Suit on and walk up the wall. After the first walk, pull down the LEGO and build it to complete the second walk. After completing the second walk, go to the right and use a Batarang on the bullseye across the way. The little grabber lever will lower, jump up and pull it down. Now you can go back and grapple across the gap. Destroy the first gargoyle you see and build in into a wheel. Turn the wheel so the magnet walk goes upright. Walk up it and cross the next gap, destroy the gargoyle on the corner. Use its pieces to finish the red box. Switch to Batman, put him in the lift and go up. Destroy the silver gargoyle and gate on the walkway and also pull of the orange pull bars on the ladder. Destroy the silver pipes and grad the little Robin kit, Jump down and switch to Robin and grab the other kit. Both go in the lift, one drop a kit, pull the lever and pick up the kit again. Put them on their respective spaces, defeat the enemies that come and build the pieces. Now go back up the lift with Robin and use the U shaped walkway. The last Robin Kit will be there. Once you get it you can either go back the way you came or drop down ledge by ledge. Place the last Kit on the remaining green spot and build the pieces.

Part 2: This is now the Joker fight. First, destroy both elevated red boxes near the Joker and build the pieces. Hope in with Batman and Robin to get the Magnet Suit and Power Suit. Now, using Batman, destroy both silver cars. There is one on the left and right. Then build them and you will be able to used them against the Joker. After you use the second one, a magnet walk becomes available. Walk up it and turn the wheel at the top. It will drop a ball on the Joker and complete the battle.

A-maze-ing Chase
Complete Arkham Estate.

Part 1: From the start, destroy and build the pieces right in front of you. Then go south/towards the screen until you come to a silver container. Use the wheel and the object you made will release gas and remove the ivy. Go through the path and when it comes to a point where you could go left or towards the screen, go towards the screen and then jump in the blue hole with Robin and put on his suit. Go back out and go the way you didn't go, walk through the goo puddles and destroy (and build) the gray and purple canister. Go back to the silver container you past and turn the wheel. You can now take the opened path. Go down the maze until you get to the very bottom and find the silver canister. Use the wheel and another set of ivy will be removed. Go in the opening and go left, then up. Have Batman put on his Power Suit and go to the top most part of the maze and to the silver gate. Blow it open with Batman and advance to the next area.

Part 2: Now you will fight Poison Ivy. Use Robin and jump into the fountain on the left to fill his little tank and then dissolve the puddle in front of the gate on the right. A plant/flower will pop up. Use a Batarang to destroy the plant when it opens. It will drop some LEGO pieces, build them. It will turn into orange pull bars, which you need to use Batman to pull. Once you pull it off, build the pieces into a lawnmower, which will remove ivy from a wheel. Then, go over and destroy the other plant/flower and build those pieces. Now, you can turn the wheel which will release a purple puff cloud and will defeat Poison Ivy. Put on Batman's Stealth Suit and Catwoman will come for a fight. Use Batman's cloaking ability to hide from Catwoman. When you get close to her, yellow waves will come from Batman's head. When she appears, fight her until she reappears. Repeat this process two more times. When she is defeated, she will drop a key. Put it into the keyhole to the right of the gate and turn the key.

Part 3: In this area, go to the right and destroy the crate, build its pieces and putt on the Power Suit. Then destroy and build the little Joker box and turn it into a handle. Rotate it until it is horizontal (going left to right). Finally, throw a grenade of the silver blockade on the LEGO wall. Have Robin go up and put on his standard suit. Now go over to the fallen over pillar with the explosives on it, and destroy the Joker box and build it into orange pull bars. Have Batman push the bars on the pillar to the back. Now Robin can jump up the pillars and use his grappling hook to get on the balcony. Have Robin jump on the balcony railing near the silver rungs. An enemy will drop a Joker box over the side. Drop down, build the pieces and have Batman use it. And explosion will happen and a big concrete ball will bust open the gate for you.

Part 4: From the start of this area, have Batman pull the bars and build the pieces that fall so he can put on his normal suit. Glide across the gap, use the wheel and climb the ladder. Move up a bit and watch Two Face launch a RPG shot. Use Robin to go up the checkerboard design and beat up the enemies. Then, build the pieces to block the leakage. Go back down and defeat enemies until one drops an explosive. Put it near the silver pillar and watch it explode, do this to the other pillar as well. Two Face will be defeated and the level will end.

Dishonourably Discharged!
Complete Arkham Asylum.

Part 1: From the start, turn around and use a Batarang on the bullseye. Wait for the suit changer to drop down, hop in with Robin, fill up in the puddle and put the fire out to the right. Go hope in the pool of water along the path. Once you get to the bottom, build the pieces to the left and pull the lever. It will raise Batman's Electrical Suit for him. Walk across the electrified pipes and absorb the charge. Robin can continue walking on the bottom of the pool and build the two sets of LEGOs along the way. Then, destroy the three wines and pull the lever. Switch back to Batman to he can catch up. Jump across the floating platforms and then jump up onto the railing to grab on. Hop over and absorb the charge from the electrical outlet. Now Robin can go into Killer Croc's lair. Destroy is little archway and build it into a lever. Pull it to drain the water and now Batman can join Robin. Use the wheels to open the door.

Part 2: Absorb the electrical charge and build Robin's suit changer. Have Robin jump up the checkerboard pattern and build the pieces to the left. Then, Batman can pull the lever on the bottom. Climb the now frozen waterfall and place your charge into the outlet near the ladder. Now you will fight Mr. Freeze. Absorb the charge to the left then put it into the charger near the wheel. Both wheels will get dethawed. Use each one and freeze will get knocked down. Once you defeat him pick up his key card and put it into the slot near Robin's suit changer. Robin now has access to the Ice Suit. Freeze the waterfall and go up. Pull the lever and freeze the water spouts. Use them to jump across. Once on the other side pull the lever and go up the elevator.

Part 3: Now you fight the Mad Hatter, You have to fight his goons until both hats explode. After the first hat explodes, build the pieces and put on Batman's Stealth Suit. After the next hat explodes, build the pieces into a wheel. Look into the door with Batman and turn the wheel with Robin. This will defeat the Mad Hatter. Now, use Batman's stealth to sneak past the camera and electrical panels. Hack the red PC to disable the camera and pull the levers. Go into the door and into the next area.

Part 4: Sneak past the camera and go into the room to the right. Pull down the wall and build Robin's suit changer. Put on the Magnet Suit and walk up the wall to pull the lever. Now sneak past the next set of cameras and use a Batarang on the two bullseyes. Go in and grab the Batman Kit. Put it on its spot and build the pieces. Pull the lever and open a door. Have Robin use the crate to sneak past the cameras. Have Robin walk up the wall and pull the lever. Hack the PC and defeat the three enemies. Walk back to the door the hacking opened and get ready to fight Mr. Zsasz. Defeat his three goons quick and then beta him up. When he goes stealth, you go stealth and only pop out when he does. Repeat this until you have him defeated. Pick up his key card and put it in the slot.

Part 5: Now you must fight Scarecrow. Kill the skeletons until he appears and these needle things chase you. Hit them until they back off. Now a claw will come after you. Use this to your advantage. Get it to where when it comes down, it kills some enemies too. When it comes down, hit it a few times. Scarecrow will show himself, hit him a few times until he disappears. Now the process repeats. Defeat the two needler things and them the claw. Once he shows himself again, quickly beat him up and he will be defeated. Now the level is over.

A Winning Formula
Complete ACE Chemicals.

Part 1: From the start, destroy and build the object to the top left of the goo puddle. Hack the PC with Robin and put on the suit. Then go to the top of the steps and use the grappling hook to pull out the column. Hop in the pool of water and pull the lever. Come back up and rotate the wheel. Now fight the goons until one drops a key card. Pick it up and put it in the slot and enter the doorway. Defeat the two goons you meet right away. Cross the walkway and go on the next platform. When the elevator crashes down, put out the fire with Robin. Go over and pull both levers and have Batman put on his suit. Go up the ladder and absorb the charge. Then, walk around the big canister and place the charge into the outlet. Empty the goo and fight the two enemies. Pick up the key card and put it in the slot. Hop in the hole with Robin and drain the water. Go into the next room, build the suit changer and put it on. Walk up the wall and destroy the yellow and black box. Build it so Batman can come up, then pull both levers. Take the airway up and empty the goo. Defeat the two goons and go into the door.

Part 2: In this area, absorb the one charge and put it into the other outlet. Then put on Robin's suit. Now empty the goo and fill the colored holes with the respective goo colors. Once they are filled you can cross the goo/water pool. Jump up with Batman, hit the bullseye and absorb the charge. Pull out the blue object with one character while the other jumps up and empties the goo. Defeat the goons then go into the doorway. Put Batman's charge into the outlet and put out the fire with Robin and put on the new suit. Use Robin and go across the poles. Build both chunks of LEGO pieces and then use the PC terminal. Have Batman cross the bridge and then both use the wheel. Build the pieces and put on Batman's Power Suit. Use a grenade on the door and pull the orange bars. Walk a little bit forward and pull the orange bars. Have Robin hop up the walls and destroy the box at the top. Build it so Batman can come up. Kill the two goons. Use Batman's grenade to destroy the base of the tower. Cross over it. Go up to the next spot with the four objects, destroy all four and build the pieces. Use the lever and put on Robin's suit. Put out the fire and climb the ladder. Walk through the green smoke, build and use the button. Pull the levers and jump on the concrete block.

Part 3: Destroy the silver gate, pull the lever and fly up with Superman. Pull the orange bars then freeze the water. Go on, and look into the door with Superman. Have Batman use each wheel once. Jump down and rotate the set of wheels. Kill the goons and enter the door. Destroy the silver crate then fly up with Superman. Use his lasers on the red door and then punch the grayish block. Freeze the water so Batman can get up then use him to destroy the silver crate on the right. Grab the key card and put it into the slot. Go over the bridge, kill the enemies and pull the levers. Freeze the waterfall and go up. Walk around, kill the two enemies and then use a grenade on the silver gate. Step on both red buttons and head on up.

Part 4: Build the lever, use it and destroy the crate. Also, destroy the object to the back left of the elevator. Build the pieces and put on the suit. Cross the electrified metal and build the charge on the other side. Absorb its charge. Destroy the other crate, build the LEGO and each stand on a red dot. Destroy and build the object that comes up. Put on the suit and use Batman's grenade to destroy the silver crane. The lever is now over.

Road to Ruin
Complete Juggernaut Chase.

Part 1: This is a very easy part, it's just chasing the vehicle before you get on. Use a combination of Batman's Batmobile and Robin's motorcycle. This should only take a few minutes and cause no problems.

Part 2: Now that you are on the vehicle, you will have to fight a few enemies. After the first spawn explodes, it will reveal pieces to build a suit changer. Build it and put on Robin's Magnet Suit. Once you finish the magnet walk, turn the wheel at the top to help Batman up. Then go in the room to the right and defeat the lone enemy. Use the PC in there and hack it. Turn around, build the pieces and put on Batman's Stealth Suit. Go cloaked and pull the lever right under the camera. You can now go up the ladder. At the top you will have to fight a few enemies. Then use the magnet walk to get to the other side of the vents and electricity. Build the little LEGO pieces and step on the button. Then, with Batman in stealth, use the grappling hook on the little object. Then, cross over and hit the three rotating bullseyes. When you get to the big gap, jump down and hit the bullseye. Some pieces will fall out, build them into two red buttons. Step on both and the lever will be ready for you to pull. After you pull it, get back up, cross the bridge and get to the door. Hit the bullseyes. Then have Batman look into the door and Robin rotate the wheel. Enter the now open door.

Part 3: Destroy the object, build the lever and use it. Now you will get to a room with the Joker and Lex Luther. You will have to destroy three objects that have a glowing light blue ball. The first on is on the ground in the back right, the other you have to use the grappling hook to get up there, and the third you have to wait until the enemy spawn on the left explodes and reveals a red button. Step on the button, and then go over to pull the lever. Walk up the magnet wall and destroy the final object.

Deconstructive Criticism
Complete The Batcave.

Part 1: From the start, fight the few enemies then destroy the Bat Crate to the top left and build it into a lever (use it too). Have Robin traverse across the poles to get to the other platform. Destroy all the objects, build and use the lever, and build the suit changer. Batman should come up and put on his Electricity Suit. Go back to the area you started off in then go right, towards the electric field. Absorb the charge and destroy the little red box. Build its pieces into a PC and hack it. Cross the bridge and build the lever (don't forget to use it). Continue down to the right and destroy the gray and red crate. Build it and have Robin dawn his Ice Suit. Go back and put out all the fire and build the LEGO pieces. Batman will put on his Power Suit, use the sticky grenades on the silver blockade.

Part 2: Destroy the silver blockade (a new one) and switch to Superman to have him use his lasers to go through the red door. Go up until you reach the top. Destroy and build the crate so Robin can put his normal suit back on. Go back to the other side, put out the fire, destroy the silver bars and go in the blue hole with Robin. Traverse the poles and once that's done, build the grappling hook and switch to Superman to melt the gold chunk. Climb up the wall and go all the way around. Put on the fire and go up, walk a little further and melt the little gold on the wall. It is a grappling hook, use it. After you get across, destroy the crate and go up again. Continue around and go up the poles with Robin. Once you get to the end of this walkway, destroy the crate, build the object and switch to Superman. Pull the orange bars. Freeze the waterfall and go up. Defeat the few enemies and destroy the silver pipes. Build both wheels and use them.

Flying Lessons
Complete Assault the VTOL.

Part 1: Defeat the two enemies. Then, pull of the little yellow hooks to the left and right. It will reveal gold plates, melt them with Superman. Now that you can get past the barrier, defeat the next to enemies and use a Batarang on the bullseyes. Then, have Superman cut through the red door.
Now in this room, melt the gold wheel and destroy the green crates until you get LEGO pieces. Build them into a suit changer and put on Batman's Electricity Suit. Go back to the gold you melted and enter that room. Absorb that charge and put it into the outlet next to the lift. At the top, destroy both crates, build both wheels and use both. Enter the doorway and head to the next room. Since there is Kryptonite here, use Batman in this area. Defeat all the enemies until the little room next to you opens. Absorb the charge, then cut the wires in the back right with Superman. Go near the other outlet and put your charge into it. The door will open, head up the ladder.

Part 2: In this big circular area, destroy the green crate to the left and build the pieces. Put on Batman's Power Suit and destroy both silver crates. Build the pieces and use them. A rocket will come up, melt the gold plate on the back with Superman. Defeat the two enemies and put out the fire with Superman. Then, at the same time both you and the other character need to pull the orange bars. Go up the ramp. In this new area, defeat all the enemies until one drops a key car. Put it in the slot. Walk up to each diamond thing and use Superman's laser beam on it to melt the gold plate above. Then, use the grappling hook that is now available. Go up, destroy the silver air vents and drop down the hole, thus ending the level.

Behind Enemy Lines
Complete Attack on LexCorp.

Part 1: For this first part, you have to defeat all the enemies until the Receptionist shows up. When she does, she first rockets out of the arms. Just run and dodge the shots. Then, when she is cooling down use Batman's Batarang on the target that appears. Then use Superman on the orange pull bars to destroy the first arm. Repeat this for the next arm. Then, the Receptionist will turn around and expose a hook, grab it with Batman to reveal a gold plate. Melt it with Superman and she will be defeated. Change into Batman's Power Suit and build the LEGO pieces. Use both wheels until the pipes line up correctly, then pull the lever. Go up the stairs on the right and defeat the two enemies. Use Batman's grenades on both silver objects. Cut the wires with Superman's lasers, then melt the gold plate. Pull both orange bars and enter the tube to go to the next area.

Part 2: Use Superman to melt the big gold piece and build it so Batman can put on his Electricity Suit. Walk through the area and absorb the charge. Keep going and hop of the first fire jet with Superman and melt the gold wires. Jump over the next jet and pull the bars. Put Batman's charge into the outlet and use Superman's lasers on the white circle and his cold breath on the blue circle. Build the grappling hook and reabsorb the charge. Go up into the lab-ish area and defeat the two goons. Then, place the charge in the outlet. Go back to the middle of the room and pull the lever next to the drill thing and use it. Go into the doorway it makes.

Part 3: Absorb the charge, defeat the goons and melt the gold. Place the charge in the now revealed outlet to open up a room containing the Stealth Suit. Put it on. Defeat the rest of the goons and then use Batman to look through the door on the right. Use Superman on the orange bars. Use Superman to look through the door on the left and Batman to hack the PC. The door at the top of the steps will open now.

Part 4: In this area you just have to defeat all the enemies. Use the Batarangs on the enemies with jetpacks. When they are all dead, enter the door that opens to complete the level.

Frequent Flyer
Complete Robot Sky Battle.

Part 1: A few easy enemies will come out of the first spawn. Make quick work of them. Then, a helicopter will come and it has a gold plate over the cockpit, melt it with Superman's laser beam. I will crash into the electrical barrier in front of you and disable it. You then have to go to the little middle platform and melt the gold circle on the wall. Build the pieces and step in with Batman to get his Power Suit. Jump up to the area on the right and defeat the two spiders. Use Batman's grenade to destroy the silver lego and disable the electrical field. Next, another helicopter will come but this time with a silver shield covering the cockpit. Aim at it with Batman's sticky grenade, throw it and watch it explode. When it crashes, a crate underneath the floor will be shown. each character should stand on the red dot to bring up the crate. Smash it and build the LEGO. Go in it with batman to get his Electrical Suit. Now you can go into the electrical field towards the back and absorb the charge. Defeat the single enemy that comes out of the spawn. Melt the gold doors with Superman and go inside to pull the levers. A cutscene will start signaling the end of the level.

Hero in Train-ing
Complete Gotham Metro.

Part 1: Destroy the crate in between the two benches and build it. Look through the door with Superman, and turn both wheels with Batman. Then, use the grappling hook with Batman and the orange pull bars with Superman. Enter the metro. Make your way down the tunnel until a big foot smashes down. Defeat all enemies that come out. Eventually, a gold section of a pipe will be shown, melt it with Superman. When the little crate falls down with the next foot smash, destroy and build it. Use the orange pull bars and pull the lever. Make your way to the train to get to the next area.

Part 2: Destroy the clumped up objects to the right when you first enter this area. Then, use the grappling hook to pull down the pipe and freeze it with Batman. Use your grappling hook to get across and to pull the railway sign off the wall. Use Superman to build the pieces and then climb the ladder. Melt the gold plate, pull the bars and build the pieces. Put on Batman's Power Suit. Use grenades to blow open the silver train door. Enter and go to the next area.

Part 3: Destroy the silver bars with Batman's grenade then cut through the red door with Superman. Now you will have to fight a giant hand. It will shoot out three electric shocks and then cool off for a few seconds. When it does, melt the gold plating on the fingers. After you do that to the next two fingers, the next time it cools off hit all three targets with a Batarang. The hand will start smashing the ground. When it does this, go to the left or right platforms. Fight after it smashes, it aim at the big bullseye and throw a Batarang at it. The hand will now be defeated and the level is over.

Complete Brawl at City Hall.

Part 1: From the start, go up the stairs and melt the gold bar. Put on Batman's Power Suit. Go back down the stairs and use Superman to get through the red door, than use Batman's grenades to bust the pipes and Superman once more to freeze the water. Climb up and build the button. Step on both to bring up a crate. Destroy it and grab the Batman Mini Kit and place it on its respective area. Pull the lever and melt the two gold clamps with Superman. The object will fall and shatter to pieces. Build it and put on Batman's Electricity Suit. Go back up the frozen waterfall and climb the electrified wall. Then, absorb the charge. Next, melt the gold hand and build it into an orange pull bar. Use it to lower the ladder. Climb up the ladder, build the outlet and put Batman's charge into it. Enter the doorway to the next area. Destroy the object and build the pieces into a suit changer. Equip Batman with the Power Suit. Pull the set of orange pull bars and destroy the silver door. Enter the door to the next area .... a boss fight!

Part 2: As soon as you enter the area, pull the orange bars and then go all the way to the right. Cut through the red door and pull out the little column. Then, use Batman's grenades on the two silver crates and build the pieces. They will turn into antennas. Now, drop down and put the crate will the orange bars into the hole to reveal two spotlights. Use the lever next to each one to turn them towards the machine. After you do so, the machine will be blinded. Use the grappling hook to pull off the cover. Then hit the bullseye with a Batarang and melt the gold circle that flips over. A cutscene will start, thus ending the level.

Hostile Takeover
Complete Wayne Industries.

Part 1: At the start, melt the two gold beams with Cyborg. After you pass over the fire, a foot will smash though the wall and release a few enemies. Defeat them and move towards the black fencing. Pull down the object with a grappling hook and build it into a PC and hack it. Walk the wall with Cyborg and once you get off, build the pieces so Robin can get up. Defeat the enemies and melt the god chunks. Scale the checkerboard pattern with Robin and at the top; pull the lever so Cyborg can climb up. Traverse the poles with Robin then jump on the yellow lift with Cyborg to get over. Pull the orange bars and use the poles again with Robin. Defeat the enemies then walk the wall with Cyborg. Melt the gold gate and step on the buttons.

Part 2: Have Robin build the few pieces and pull the fuse box off the wall. Use the orange pull bars with Cyborg to smash through. Build and use the wheel to cover the first gas leak. Next, melt the gold circle on the wall with Cyborg then hit the bullseye with a Batarang. After that, hack the PC with Robin. Defeat both enemies and build both wheels. Use them to open up a magnet walk path. Be care full and time your movements well so you don't get gassed or electrocuted. At the top, pull the lever so Robin can come up via the blue hole, then melt the gold part of the pipe. With Robin, rappel up to the next floor and build the ladder on the left. Have Cyborg melt the gold cover then hop in the hole with Robin. Pull the lever and left Cyborg walk up. Defeat the enemies and enter the doorway.

Part 3: Rappel up and let the enemy shoot out the door. Jump down and defeat the enemy. Then, pull the object out of the water and destroy it to reveal a key card. Put it in the slot to reveal Batman's Electricity Suit. Equip him with it and defeat the next two enemies. Cross over the water and absorb the charge coming from the outlet. Charge a shot with the Green Lantern to topple over a pillar. Cross it and a foot will bust through the wall. Defeat the spiders than put Batman's charge into the outlet. Manipulate the green box with the Green Lantern and tickle the foot. The ceiling will collapse, run up it and defeat the enemies. After they are dead, pull both levers. Manipulate the green antennas with the Green Lantern. Pull the lever to shoot the cannon. Manipulate the green wall (it literally does nothing other than progress the story). Pull down the big LEGO and build it into a fan. Defeat the enemies and destroy the silver statue with Green Lantern. Manipulate it to remove the giant hand and again to save the worker. Defeat the two enemies and enter the door.

Part 4: When the machine shoots the lasers hide behind the pillars. When it stops its eyes will turn to bullseyes. Hit them with a Batarang. After the first time, it will sneeze a green LEGO. Turn it into a pepper shaker to make it sneeze. Defeat the two enemies and then manipulate the green pole it holds. It will electrocute the hand. Next, defeat some more enemies. After you dodge the lasers and hit the eyes again, turn the pieces into a boxing glove and hit it in the face. Shoot the pole it grabs on to. The level will now end.

Justice League, Assemble!
Complete The Final Battle.

Part 1: You will have an arsenal of Superheroes at your disposal for this level, but you don't need them all. Stick with Superman and Green Lantern for the most part. Lex will start off with a gold shield, melt it with Superman. Then, go to the right and use his lasers to free the green LEGO. Have Green Lantern manipulate it. Then go all the way to the left and switch to Batman while the friendly AI switches to Robin. Use your grappling hooks to pull down the wall. Use Cyborg to walk up the magnets. Pull the lever to reveal another green LEGO. Use Green Lantern again to turn it into an anvil. Next step is to destroy the Joker machine's eyes and mouth. Once that is done you will see another green LEGO. Green Lantern will attach it to the first LEGO he used to make a hammer. Now to get back to the fight. Melt Lex's gold shield then destroy his silver shield when it pops up. A black shield will take its place and he will retreat a little bit. Use this opportunity to use Green Lantern on the anvil and hammer. He will hit Lex with the hammer then drop the anvil on him. Lex's gun will then start to shoot on it's own so watch out. Quickly build the LEGO pieces and us hat it makes to deconstruct Lex's black shield. Use Robin or Batman to pull him out and the game is completed.

The Big Brick Theory
Create your first character in the Character Customizer.

This trophy is only available when you are in the Batcave (not the mission). When you enter the Batcave you will be standing on the main platform (it has the Batman symbol in the middle). Head up the stairs to the left and towards the three tubes. Stand in the blue circle and press to initiate Character Customizer. Choose Slot 1 and begins picking the parts you want to use. You only need to pick one for the trophy, though. When you have your character the way you want, find the save option and exit out. You will then get the trophy.

Bane of my Life
Take down Batman with Bane. (Single Player Only)

Contrary to what you may think, this doesn't come along in the story. Batman is already unlocked, but you will have to find and purchase the character Bane for the trophy. You can find an image of Bane in the spoiler below.

Toggle Spoiler

Once you have Bane unlocked, go into Freeplay mode on a level of your choosing. Have one character set as Batman and set the other character to Bane. Then, control Bane and go up to Batman. Use either or on him until he breaks into pieces and you should get the trophy.

NOTE: Some people say that they did not receive the trophy after taking down Batman for the first time. Just keep doing it, it will unlock after a few tries.

All Change!
Swap characters using Super Freeplay.

Freeplay for a level is unlocked as soon as you beat a level. Although, I would wait until you beat the game because you will need at least nine characters unlocked for this trophy. After you beat the game, pick a level of your choosing and select Freeplay. Once in Freeplay you will notice you will have eight characters to select and can use the left and right triggers to switch characters. There will be a little blue circle with an "S" in the middle of the circle all the way to the right of the characters. Tap that with your finger and you will go into character select. Pick a character and when you exit the selection menu you will get the trophy.

Sound Advice
Collect all Sound Bite tokens.

Sound Bite tokens are little music symbols scattered across the levels. There is only one per level and there are fourteen levels making a grand total of fourteen you have to collect. Also, you don't have to buy them, you will get the trophy as soon as you collect your final one. When you do buy an unlocked Sound Bite, you hear a little recording from one of the characters. Here is a written walkthrough to help make life a little easier for you:

Gotham Theater

In the very first room, destroy the hap on the left side, in front of the stage.

The Joker Getaway

During the fight with the Joker, destroy the gold billboards on the left and right side of the area.

Arkham Estate

When you are in the maze section in the very beginning, towards the bottom of the maze there is a treadmill. Charge it with the Flash to reveal it. It will be moving pretty fast, so keep up the speed you used to charge up to catch it.

Arkham Asylum

After you defeat the Mad Hatter you will come to an area with electrical panels on the floor and security cameras. Across the panels there will be a green pipe. Use the Green Lantern on it and a door will open. Enter the room and you will see a picture on the wall. Arrange the pieces to look like a "?".

ACE Chemicals

During the second area, you will have to drop down a water tube. Then you will have to turn a wheel. In that same little spot, there will be a gold plate on the ground. Melt it to reveal the Sound Bit.

Juggernaut Chase

When you first get on top of the vehicles, you will see a red rotating dish. Use its pieces to build a treadmill. Use the Flash to charge it up. An area will open up in front of the treadmill. Drop down and destroy the objects to reveal it.


Go to the main platform to the right. Drop down into the water and sink to the bottom. The Sound Bite will be right in from of the platform and in the water.

Assault the VTOL

In the first room you enter in the VTOL, it is behind the silver door on the right.

Attack on LexCorp

Towards the end of the level, it will be to the left of a red door and have three bullseyes. Hit them to reveal the Sound Bite.

Robot Sky Battle

In the beginnign of the level you will see a gold circle. Melt it and the Sound Bite will be right behind it.

Gotham Metro

When you first enter the metro you will come across a gate with a silver lock. Destroy the lock and go into the room. Destroy the objects until you find it.

Brawl at city Hall

Once you get to the clock at the top, before or after you destroy it make sure you stand right in front of it (or where it used to be depending on what you do). Drop down and you will be on a lower ledge. The Sound Bite is on the ledge, but odds are you will have fallen right on it.

Wayne Industries

At one point you will be in a little room and a short cutscene will show an enemy fall of a ledge. Then another enemy will shoot open the door to the little room you were in. Once it's open, leave the room and you will see a gold crate. Melt it to reveal the Sound Bite.

The Final Battle

It is behind the purple gate to the left of the Joker machine.

Call Shotgun
Stun an enemy using Commissioner Gordon's trusty weapon and finish them. (Single Player Only)

Commissioner Gordon, like Bane and Catwoman, must be found and purchased in order to obtain this trophy. Once you have Gordon found and purchased, go into Freeplay mode on a level of your choosing. Then, switch only one of the characters to Gordon. Wait for some enemies to spawn. Then, press to pull out his shotgun and then again to shoot. Do this when an enemy isn't too close to you or Gordon will initiate a melee. Once you shoot an enemy, he will be stunned and sway for a few seconds. Run up to him and press or to finish him off.

NOTE: If you do not get this trophy the first time you attempt it, keep trying it will unlock.

Taking the Plunge
Help an enemy off the ledge in Wayne Industries.

This trophy is rather fun. When you play the level Wayne Industries, for the most part either the wall closest to the screen or he wall furthest back or both will be demolished. All you have to do it, when fighting a group of enemies lure them to the edge of the building. Then, grab one using and then press again. The throwing animation will commence and the enemy will be thrown off the ledge of Wayne Industries. Make sure you try this when there aren't too many enemies around or your character may throw the enemy at another enemy.

Siamese Bat
As Catwoman, use the Stealth Takedown ability to attack Batman. (Single Player Only)

This trophy is exactly like the trophy for Bane. Batman will already be unlocked, but you will have to find and purchase Catwoman. You can find a picture of Catwoman in the spoiler below.

Toggle Spoiler

Once you have done that, go into Freeplay mode on a level of your choosing. Set one character to Batman, the other to Catwoman, take control of Catwoman and press to go cloaked. Then, go right up behind Batman and press . After a few seconds the trophy will pop.

NOTE: People have said they have done the requirements for the trophy but it did not unlock. If it didn't, just keep taking down Batman until it does (it will after a few tries).

Batter Up!
Using the Batman glide ability, spend 5 seconds or more in the air.

This trophy is another very easy silver. First off, in order to glide with Batman you must press to jump and then while he is in the air to glide. There are two places you can get this that will net you it early on. My first recommendation is when you play Gotham Theater. After defeating the Riddler, you will go up an elevator. You will notice a balcony in the new area you enter. Once you are up there and hit the bullseye, jump off then press to glide around. Rotate the right stick in circles just to make sure you don't hit anything. Another easy place is while you are in the Batcave, go to the platform for Story Mode or for Justice League Mode. Jump off and glide above the pool of water.Either way will get you the trophy quickly and easily. There are many other places to get this trophy but these two are also the earliest opportunities.

True Hero
Achieve a True Hero stud total.

In each level there is a set amount of stud points until you achieve a True Hero total. Every now and then you will notice the stud bar on the top of the screen pop up. When it fills, the True Hero total is achieved. The amount is different for every level, but odds are you will get it in the first level, Gotham Theater. It takes about 40,000 stud points to get the True Hero total in the level. Collect ever stud you see and destroy and LEGO objects you can. If you almost every one, you will have this by a little after the Riddler right, if not there will still be enough time to get them in the level. If for some reason you do not get this over natural play, you will get this once you get the Red Brick Multiplyers.

Starter Pack
Unlock all the Ability packs for the Character Customizer.

Ability packs are unlocked for the Character Customizer to give one of your characters an extra power. Now you actually don't have to purchase these. They will unlock when you purchase a specific character that has that ability. The Ability packs will unlock as you purchase Heroes and Villains so it is not something you will have to go out of your way for. It's something that just comes along with the characters. Here is a quick list of the Abilities that will be unlocked:
  • Import Character Pack
  • Hazard Pack
  • Demolition Pack
  • Speedster Pack
  • Ninja Pack
  • Archery Pack
  • Justice Pack
  • Brawler Pack

Brick by Brick
Collect all the Red Bricks.

There are fourteen Red Bricks found the the story, that means one for every level. Red Bricks are little in game bonuses that can help you in various ways. They do come at a price though. Some cost 5,000,000+. The trophy will unlock after you find the last brick. Here is a written walkthrough to help you in your quest:

Gotham Theater

Destroy the tables in the start of the level. After you destroy them the cockpit to the vehicle will open, revealing the Red Brick.

The Joker Getaway

There are nine gargoyles scattered along the ledges on the building you scale in the beginning. You will come across all of them as you make your way to the top. The final gargoyle is at the top right of the building, right near where the lift will come up.

Arkham Estate

In the maze you will come across a gold gate. Melt it and make your way across the electrical panels. Once you are at the end, jumpy in the blue hole and cross another set of panels.

Arkham Asylum

During the Mad Hatter fight there will be a blue hole on the left side of the area. Go into it and get the red brick.

ACE Chemicals

When you get to the second area with Superman, it will be behind the cage. You actually don't have to go out of your way for this one, you will have to go into the cage as part of the story progression.

Juggernaut Chase

When you enter the room with Joker and Lex Luther, melt the gold plate in the room. Then go into the blue hole and stand on both tiles.


During the level, you will come across a green brick on the wall. Use the Green Lantern to build it into a jackhammer to tear down a wall. Then destroy the coffin in the wall.

Assault the VTOL

You will come across a room with a red, hackable PC on the left. Hack it and go into the room. Find the gold plates and use Azrael to melt them.

Attack on LexCorp

You will come to a circle-type room with a a checkerboard area on the left. Jump up it and pull the level. Go into the doorway that is now open and sneak past the lasers.

Robot Sky Battle

In the beginnign of the level, there will be a gold plate on the wall. Melt it and the Red Brick will be in the hole.

Gotham Metro

When you first are in the metro you will pass a ladder in a little cubby, but it's blocked with ivy. Use Poison Ivy to undo the ivy. Then go up the ladder, pull both levers and go in the blue hole.

Brawl at City Hall

Go to the grassy area on the right side in the beginning. Deconstruct the black crate and use your grappling hook to pull the other object off the wall. Build a lever and use Robin to traverse up the pulls and eventually you will wind up at the Red Brick.

Wayne Industries

Destroy the silver statue at the start, right past the fire.

The Final Battle

Deconstruct the black door on the left side of the area. Then go in the hole and charge up the treadmill and you will receive this brick.

Super Friends
Collect all the Hero characters.

This wouldn't be a superhero games without the superheroes, would it? LEGO Batman 2 boats a decent cast of DC Superheroes. Some are heroes ... while others aren't so to speak. Some are civilians, which count as the heroes. Also, any heroes or suits that are unlocked naturally in the story WILL NOT be included. You must find all heroes in order to obtain this trophy. Here is a list of the characters and where to find them:

Gotham Theater

Bruce Wayne - After defeating the Riddler you will go up an elevator. Deconstruct the lock in the new area you enter and go in the blue hole.

Joker Getaway

Classic Robin - When you traverse the ledges to get to the top of the building in the beginning, at the top you will have to walk along a U-shaped magnet wall. There is a silver gargoyle you need to destroy in order to reveal him.

Tim Drake - When you get to the fight with the Joker, there will be five sets of balloons. Let them all loose.

Arkham Estate

No heroes in this level.

Arkham Asylum

No heroes in this level.

ACE Chemicals

Clark Kent - At the beginning of the level, jump down to the platform below and melt the gold plate. Take the airstream up to the next area and undo the poison ivy.

Vicki Vale - You will come across a green pipe, you can't miss it. Use it to make a lever. Pull the lever and go up the air stream.

Juggernaut Chase

Katana - At the top of the vehicles, use a heroes laser beam to cut through the door. Drop down in the hold and get the key card to put into the slot. Then, melt the gold plates.

Black Canary
- Once you enter the area with Lex and Joker, after the second enemy spawn is destroyed build and stand on the two red buttons. Then pull the lever to reveal this character.


Alfred Pennyworth - At the beginning, drop down the ladder to the front of the screen and destroy all four blue lights in the water.

Classic Batman - There will be a gold brick in the beginning, melt it and build the electrical charge. Go to the main platform and absorb that charge. Go back to the one you built and transfer the charge into it.

Batgirl - Right when Robin gets his Ice Suit, use it to put out the crate on fire then destroy the crate.

Nightwing - You will come across three silver LEGO clumps along the Batcave wall. Destroy all three and you will get this hero.

Assault the VTOL

Shazam - In the first room you enter, use the green pipe.

Vixen - When you get to a circular room with two Kryptonite's, enter the blue hole in the room.

Commissioner Gordon - You'll enter a room with a bunch of tubes in the back of the room. Shoot water in the blue hole to the back left until it is filled. Then it will come out the middle tube in the back right of the room.

Attack on LexCorp

Huntress - After defeating the Receptionist, go in the blue hole at the top of the right staircase.

Lois Lane - If you go up the stairs on the left, there will be a red PC you can hack.

Superboy - There will be a point when you come across a mini-city. Destroy the six buildings to reveal him.

Robot Sky Battle

Lady Shiva - She will be revealed after the first enemy spawn explodes.

Hawkgirl and Supergirl - They are behind the gold doors you have to melt.

Gotham Metro

Azrael - During the fight with the big hand, destroy and build the object to the left. Hop on the airlift and it will elevate you right into the character.

Brawl at City Hall

Hawkman - Use the green flower pot to the left at the beginning. Pull the lever then destroy that crates.

Red Robin - Once you climb up the waterfall you have to freeze, jump over to the platform to the left. Charge the treadmill and the blue box will lower enough for you to hop into.

Lucius Fox - During the Joker machine fight, charge the treadmill on the walkway to the left. Smash the crate that appears.

Wayne Industries

Green Arrow - Destroy the desk at the start and pull the lever. Three bullseyes will appear. Use a Batarang and time your throw so you hit all three bullseyes while the flaps are open.

Diana Prince - Deconstruct the black LEGO box right after the first magnet walk.

Cyborg - After disassembling the four green electric poles, manipulate the green wall. Then you need to step on the four red dots in this order: back left, front right, back right, front left.

The Final Battle

Wonder Woman - Destroy the silver box on the left.

Aquaman - Use a grappling hook to tear down the gate on the right.

Flash - Destroy the Joker machine's mouth and eyes.

Martian Manhunter
- Remove the ivy on the crate to the right, then destroy it.

Bad Influence
Collect all the Villain characters.

It wouldn't be a Superhero game if they didn't have any enemies in it. LEGO Batman 2 has a big cast of /villains from the DC Universe. You will find them throughout the levels and you will get this trophy after you collect the last one. Here is a written walkthrough to help you in your journey:

Gotham Theater

Penguin - When you get to the room with the musical instruments, turn the green drums into a guitar to blow out the speakers. Undo the poison ivy and pull the lever to lift a picture.

Riddler - You will come across a caged off space with the orange pull bars. Pull them off and destroy the objects in the far right of the cage.

Harley Quinn - Right after you collect the Riddler character, you will come across a red door. Use lasers to break though the door.

Riddler Goon - After defeating the Riddler you will take an elevator to the next area. Freeze the waterfall, climb up, go all the way to the right and destroy the potted plant.

Joker Getaway

Killer Moth - At the start of the lever there are gold doors on the front of the building. Melt them and pull the lever inside to reveal this character.

Bane - When you get to the top of the building and have to walk that U-shaped arc, right in the middle of the U jump off and you will land on a ledge below. Melt the golden gargoyle.

Joker Goon - At the Joker fight, when you walk up the magnet walls and get to the wheel you have to turn, drop down to the left instead and melt the gold gate and drop down the hole.

Arkham Estate

Catwoman - Destroy the motorcycle in the maze.

Poison Ivy - After you destroy all three tanks a wall will lower letting you get to her.

Asylum Inmate - In the maze, deconstruct the black wall.

Two Face Goon - When you have to jump up the pillars, go right instead of left.

Killer Frost - When you get to the part with the three waterfalls, freeze them and climb up.

Arkham Asylum

Mad Hatter - In the first underwater portion, it's behind the area blocked by the orange pull bars.

Asylum Patient - Go in the blue hole in the first area, it's right next to the electric pipes.

Scarecrow In the second pool of water, slice the colored chords and go across. Destroy the silver door and go in.

Mr. Zsasz - After beating Mr. Freeze, go up the stairs to the left, pull the orange bars and fly up the red arrows.

Mr. Freeze - After defeating the Mad Hatter, after passing the electrical panels on the floor melt the gold doors. Then, sneak past the cameras and go into the room.

ACE Chemicals

Freeze Goon - When you have to pull out the blue barrels, don't pull them out. Have Robin walk through the goo to get this character.

Black Mask - When you come to an area with four green goo puddles on the ground, dissolve them with water and this character will appear.

Captain Cold - After you go up the elevator, build the lever and use it. Destroy the blocks but DON'T build the electrical charger.

Juggernaut Chase

Heavy Joker Goon - He will drop from the vehicle during the chase from the right side.

Lex Bot - When you get to the back of the vehicle, drop down all the railings.

Two Face - After one of the magnet walks you will come across a gold crate, melt it.


Poison Ivy Goon - When you get to the big door with the Batman symbol, look right and you will see a crate covered in ivy. Remove the ivy.

Assault the VTOL

Capatain Boomerang - When you get to the area with the blue circle and red hacking PC, there will be cameras in a doorway on the right. Sneak past them and you will come to an area covered in goo. Dissolve the goo, then use a Batarang to hit the three bullseyes.

Talia al Ghul - In the same room, dissolve puddles until you get to two canister, when you get ot them destroy them.

Attack on LexCorp

Lex Luther - When you get to the second are, around mid-room there will be a blue hole. Go in it and use the red hacking PC.

LexCorp Security - In the same area as Lex, deconstruct the three black LEGO Lex Luther structures.

Robot Sky Battle

LexCorp Heavy - It comes after you destroy the helicopter and build the suit changing pad.

Ra'as al Ghul - He will be available after Batman puts on the Electric Suit and the enemy spawn explodes.

Gotham Metro

Man Bat - At the beginning, to the right dissolve the goo, walk up the magnet path and pull the lever.

Killer Croc - This will pop up right where the foot was after you defeat the enemies coming from it.

Clayface - After entering the train after the foot fight, turn the green pipe into a fist and follow the path it makes. Then, dissolve the brown puddles.

Scarecrow - After you are picked up by the hand, on the other side of the room there is a black wall to deconstruct.

Brawl at City Hall

Red Hood - In the silver crate to the right, in the grass.

Dead Shot - When you get to the Joker machine fight, destroy the four blue boxes with black edges.

Wayne Industries

Tropical Joker - After the gas pipes burst and you pass through them, you will come to a gate with a silver lock. Blow up the lock, build the treadmill and use it.

Classic Two Face - After walking up the magnet patch with the gas and electricity, go tot he ledge of the building. Jump to the ledge on the left. Destroy the silver LEGO structure and deconstruct the black one. Then flip the coin a few times.

The Final Battle

Joker - Deconstruct the black car to the right.

Justice League Mode

Hush - Complete Gotham Theater.

Deathstroke - Complete Gotham Metro.

General Zod - Complete LexCorp War Room.

Sinestro - Complete Arkham Nightmare

Brainiac - Complete LexCorp Lobby.

Happy Daze
Stun 100 enemies.

This is practically a story based trophy. You would have to completely avoid it in order to miss it. When you stun an enemy, you will either see stars around their head or they will sway in a circle. The easiest ways to get them stunned is by normal combat or by using Batarangs. Their are other things that can cause a stun, but since you will control Robin and Batman for most of the game, the Batarangs and combat will be the most efficient and quickest way to the 100 enemies.

Finish a level without losing all your hearts.

This is a lot easier than it sounds and you possibly will get it over natural play. Basically, you cannot be shattered/killed during the whole level. You can go down to one heart as many times as you want and you will get this trophy so long as you don't die. Also, this is only for the character you play as. Say you play as Robin for the whole level (or even alternate between, say Robin and Batman), as long as when you are playing as one of the characters and you don't die you will be fine. The character you aren't controlling can die as many times as they want. They key for this though is too keep your distance. It's best to just sit back and use Batman's or Robins Batarangs or Superman's Heat Vision, for example. You won't want to go right into the heat of the fight. It is also best to save this for a non boss level, or a level with an easy boss. I would try to do this on Robot Sky Battle. It is a pretty quick level and isn't too hard. Practice it a few times so you know when and where every enemy comes from and you will have the trophy in no time.

NOTE: As of right now, I don't know if the Red Bricks that enable Regenerating Hearts and Invincibility disable this trophy. To be on the safe side, either don't purchase them or disable them via the pause menu.

Complete every arena in Justice League Mode.

Justice League Mode is unlocked after you beat the story. Justice League Mode is based around surviving up to seven or eight waves of enemies. As you get to a higher wave (like say, six) the enemies will get harder, maybe not so much more hits to kill, but maybe they will have a gun or there will be a boss. After you complete a wave, you will switch characters for the next wave. The way you are graded on how well you do is based solely on the amount of times you die. There is a little gray circle at the top right of the screen that keeps track of your deaths. If the circle is less than half full you will get Gold on the level, if it's half filled but less than fully filled, you will get Silver and if you fill it completely you will get Bronze. There is no way you can fail the level either, you play until you beat it. For this trophy, you simply have to complete each level. Here is a list of the levels:
  • Gotham Theater
  • Gotham Metro
  • LexCorp War Room
  • Arkham Nightmare
  • LexCorp Lobby

See Justice is Served for a complete level walkthrough to obtain Gold.

Justice is Served
Win gold in every arena in Justice League Mode.

The requirement to get gold is to have that little gray circle on the top right NOT get filled halfway blue. So long as it stays under the halfway mark you will receive gold. Getting gold is solely based off the amount of deaths you get. You are only allowed to die a maximum of four times in order to receive a gold rating. This isn't too hard, there may be some tricky parts though. The best thing to do is play the level a few times and learn the waves, that way you can set up a good strategy when you go for your gold run. Also, the character switches up every round. One round it may be Batman, another Superman or even Green Lantern. Some characters also have regenerating hearts which can work to your advantage. There are five maps in total and each map consists of eight waves (really, the eighth wave you just stand in a fire and press ). Each waves, the enemies will get more difficult. Some may have guns, others may take more damage or it may be a boss fight. Just be patient and take your time. There are also some helpful tricks that make some waves easier that I will detail in the walkthrough. Also, pressing to jump and then while in the air will make the character smash, thus stunning the enemies and making them a one hit kill.

Gotham Theatre

Wave 1: Batman - This round is easy. Just you to kill the enemies quickly.

Wave 2: Hawkman - His hearts regenerate so this round will be a cakewalk. Take out the armed enemies first, then the normal ones with . The mime-ish ones you will actually have to melee.

Wave 3: Wonderwoman - You will have to throw her tiara to knock the enemies down to ground level. Then you will be able to fight them. Try throwing the enemies at the ones that are still floating with baloons. Wonderwoman's hearts also regenerate.

Wave 4: Superman - He is invincible, so just use his laser beam on all of the enemies for quick kills.

Wave 5: Power Suit Batman - Exploding penguins will riddle this wave. Try to avoid them, but use them to your advantage. Use them on enemies to take them out quickly. If you get caught in the middle of the explosion you will die, though.

Wave 6: Flash - Just run around and avoid the penguins. Lure them into the enemies. Only stop to puch an enemy a few times.

Wave 7: Green Arrow - This part can be hard but there is a trick. Do not destroy the silver pillars. On the right side, hid behind it and slowly move back. You will come to a spot where you can shoot the left Joker, but niether of them can shoot you. If you stay there, it will make this part a hll of a lot easier. If you have a lot of spare lives, you could try going to the right of the right Joker and stand literally right next to him and shoot him, and then do the same thing to the left Joker, on his left side.

Wave 8 - Stand in the fire and press

Gotham Metro

Wave 1: Green Arrow - For this part, stand behind the dumpster on the left. Do the smash attack to stun the enemies and shoot the bullseyes so the train can kill the enemies with the guns. When the are dead kill the normal enemies. If the dumpsters arent destroyed after that, stand on them while you shoot the spiders.

Wave 2: Wonderwoman - Her hearts regenerate, but will instantly die if she steps in the goo. Just pick up and throw the enemies and sue the bullseye to have the train come.

Wave 3: Aquaman - Try to stun the enemies and dissolve the goo so you don't accidentally step in it. Just pick up and throw the enemies to pass the wave quicker.

Wave 4: Black Canary - This part can be a bitch. Either use the smash move to stun the enemies or use her screech. When they are stunned, one hit kill them. Just be careful and watch out for the big plants.

Wave 5: Green Lantern - His hearts regenerate so if you need to, fly around to let them come back. The enemies with the drills on their heads aren't a problem but the ones with guns are. Kill them first then focus on the drillheads.

Wave 6: Superman - Some of these enemies have kryptonite in them so Superman will be weakened and can lose hearts. They will have the black vests on, make sure to take them out first. Once all of them are gone, Superman becomes invincible again. Kill the rest of the enemies.

Wave 7: Flash - This part can be tricky. Your best bet would be to run around and continuously kill the enemy on the right side as soon as he rappels down. When you fight him, he may block the shots from the other two enemies. Once they have all stopped spawning you can kill the remaining two.

Wave 8: Stealth Suit Batman - Use your stealth to take out the enemies until Mr. Zsasz comes. Two inmates will come with him. They continuosly respawn so don't worry about them. For Zsasz, go in stealth and go right behind him. Hit him twice then go back into stealth. Keep repeating this process until he is defeated. Step into the fire and complete the level.

LexCorp War Room

Wave 1: Electricity Suit Batman - Just grab and throw them all. If you get the enemies close enough to a pole they will get shocked.

Wave 2: Hawkman - His hearts regenerate so this part is really easy. Stay on the outside border though, so you don't get electricuted.

Wave 3: Flash - This part is a little tricky. Just run around the outside border of the panels and avoid the shocks that chases you.

Wave 4: Wonderwoman - This part can get hard. Just try to avoid the shots and knock down any jetpackers when you have the chance.

Wave 5: Superman - Take out the guys with the RPGs first and ALWAYS stay away from the kryptonite. As long as you do that this wave is a breeze.

Wave 6: Martian Manhunter - You have to avoid the laser that comesby. Jump over it whenever it doesn. Also, don't do the ground smash, just do straight melee so you lesson the chance of going into a kill animation and getting killed by the lasers.

Wave 7: Electricity Suit Batman - Now you fight Mr. Freeze. Your best bet is just to run in circle around him while he shoots his gun, this will also cause the enemies' shots to possibly hit him. Overall, this isn't a hard fight but might take some practice.

Wave 8 - Stand in the fire.

Arkham Nightmare

Wave 1: Hawkman - Just wprry about the enemies with a gun first, the other guys are cake walks.

Wave 2: Wonderwoman - This round is easy, just do the smash attack a few times to kill the spiders and then to kill the skeletons just melee them.

Wave 3: Black Canary - Either smash the ground to stun then or use her screech and one hit kill them all.

Wave 4: Martian Manhunter - All you have to do is take out the gunners first and stay away from the fire spots.

Wave 5: Some Guy Whose Name I Don't Know - He's invincible so just defeat enemies in whatever way you want.

Wave 6: Superman - Stay in the back right of the room to avoid the kryptonite. Smash attack is best use on the skeletons.

Wave 7: Batman - Defeat the Jokers and when the claw comes down, hit it. Eventually you will defeat the claw and the Jokers.

Wave 8: Green Lantern - Either shoot the spiders or use the smash attack. Then when the stingers come, use them to kill the skeletons and when they are stuck in the ground attack them. When all is said and done, step into the fire.

LexCorp Lobby

Wave 1: Martian Manhunter - Standard enemies, they shouldn't be a problem.

Wave 2: Wonderwoman - Kock down the jetpack enemies one by one and then melee them. This part can be tricky, but just have pateince, you'll master it.

Wave 3: Hawkman - The main think to avoid is the laser. When it comes out, just fly around for a bit and then attack the enemies.

Wave 4: Cyborg - As soon as the helicopters fly in, use your laser beam to melt the gold plates and destroy them.

Wave 5: Green Lantern - You only have to worry about the bottom laser. When it comes near you jump over it. Also, the easiest and safest way to kill the enemies is by shooting them.

Wave 6: Flash - This part can be hard. Just run around and let them hit each other with the rockets. If you have an opening, quickly run up to an enemy and melee him.

Wave 7: Power Suit Batman - Try to avoid the shots as best you can. When you are able, hit the bullseye with a Batarang and pull on the bars to remove an arm. After both are removed, use the grappling hook on the yellow piece and throw a grenade at the silver portion.

Wave 8: Superman - Use his laser beams on all the normal enemies for quick kills. Then, use the Batman/Superman combo to defeat Brainiac. Use Superman for gold plates and Batman for the silver plates. After he leaves step in the circle to end the level.

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