Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to platinum: 15 -20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: 2
Eagle Vision
Missable Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Tips and Hints
  • Press :ls: , :rs: , or to switch between characters you have unlocked.
  • Press on the sword at the bottom, where the characters are, to switch characters within the same tribe.
  • Find character tokens throughout each level to unlock them in the store for you to buy.
  • Don't try to look for stuff your first playthrough. The only thing you may want to look for is *Leonidas' Sword*. This is found in the first level you play and can be returned in the Lion Temple for the 4x Stud Multiplier.
  • There are a total of 10 story levels that you will play in order.
  • Collectibles are found all over the place in the levels. When going back to a level, if you press , you will see at the bottom of the screen two symbols. One is for character tokens found in the level and one is for treasures. You will know you have all the treasures when it says 2/2 on the bottom.
  • When you have picked up a collectible, you can quit out of the level. The game will save automatically after each one you pick up, so you won't need to replay a whole level.
  • When you have a character from each tribe unlocked, go back through the levels to find hidden things you couldn't before.


Step One: Regular Run
During your first playthrough, you will want to just play through the story. This is because you will need certain characters to unlock certain things. Don't bother to try and do the Treasures yet. The only treasure I would recommend you go for, it the Leonidas' Sword. This is found right in the first level, Spiral Mountain, and does not call for any special character.

Trophies you will get during this Step:
  • Leaps and Bounds
  • Eagle Vision
  • Crocodile Tears
  • Copy Cat
  • Secret of the Triple CHI
  • Spiral Mountain
  • Eagle Town
  • Eagle Library
  • Sanctuary Forest
  • Gorilla Village
  • Rhino Canyon
  • Rhino Caves
  • Croc Swamp
  • Croc Fort
  • Wolf Camp
Step Two: Clean Up
Once you have completed the whole game, you can revisit any area. Now, you should have all main characters unlocked. You should have at least one of each tribe. The tribes are as followed
  • Lion
  • Eagle
  • Gorilla
  • Wolf
  • Rhino
  • Bear
  • Raven
  • Nomad
Now, go back to each level and use the correct characters to do the task within the level. You will find treasures or character tokens.

You do NOT need to 100% this game like other LEGO games. The only thing you NEED to collect are the Red Bricks and Nomad Characters.

Trophies you will get during this Step:
  • Trap Cracker
  • Swoon Song
  • Unleash the Power
  • CHI Club
  • CHI Clash
  • Ferocious Fox
  • Pack Leader
  • Rhino Charger
  • Sharp Shooter
  • Smart as a Fox
  • Rock and Roll
  • Stunner
  • Nomad's Land
  • CHI-ter
  • Hide and Seek
  • Busy Beaver
  • Nap Time


Triple CHI legend
Collect all Trophies

CHI Club
CHI up a character from each tribe

There are a few ways you can do this trophy. You don't really need to go out of your way to unlock a character from each tribe as at least one will unlock automatically throughout your game play. The only three you will need to do extra work for are
  • Bear
  • Raven
  • Nomad
Each one of these must be discovered, collected and bought in order for you to use them.
  1. You can select a character, run around and collect the blue orbs and then press the blue circle in the right hand bottom corner. This however will take time to do a member from each tribe.
  2. You can find a chi-up station and keep stepping on it with a different member from each tribe. This is a bit faster then the previous method.
  3. After you beat the game you will get an EXTRA automatically. This makes it so that you will always have Chi to Chi-up. Select your character and press the blue circle in the right hand bottom corner. You will need to wait till the chi is gone before pressing to switch characters and press the blue circle again.
  • Lion - Default character
  • Eagle - Eris will be added to your party automatically when you reach the end of Eagle Town.
  • Gorilla - Gorzan will be added to your party automatically when you reach the end of Sanctuary Forest.
  • Wolf - Worriz will be added to your party automatically during the story line after you completed Gorilla Village.
  • Rhino - Rogon will be added to your party automatically when you reach the end of Rhino Canyon.
  • Crocodile - Cragger will be added to your party automatically when you reach the end of Croc Swamp.
  • Bear - Bungey can be found at the end of Sanctuary Forest, right before you exit the level. You will see a bear hanging upside down when you jump on the roof, you really can't miss him. When you release him, head into town and buy him. He costs 200,000 to purchase in the CHI day market.
  • Raven - Razcal is found in Sanctuary forest. His Character Token is found when you cross the log with the swinging traps. You cannot miss it. His token costs 200,000 to purchase in the CHI day market.
  • Nomad - For any of these three, you will either need Dom and either Furtivo or Skinnet.

Trap Cracker
Destroy all the traps in Wolf Camp with the rock on mechanics

The Wolf Camp is the very last story level you will play. There are a total of 12 traps you will need to destroy.
  • 7 Spinning traps
  • 3 Spike Traps
  • 2 Swinging Blades
You will need a Rhino character to use the Rock on move. Right in front or on top of the trap, press followed by to make a giant rock. This will break the trap when it is hit.

All the traps are pretty much out there and can not be missed except one. There is one in the beginning of the second section. You will see some spikes along the side of a platform. The spikes also come out of the front of it, so you will want to use the Rock On trick right in front of the platform.

Leaps and Bounds
Perform five CHI jumps in a row as Laval

Easiest gold trophy. You can do this right outside the Lion Temple. Go to one of the CHI pools and stand in it. Hold down . You don't need to keep pressing it, just hold it down and the character will jump. After they have jumped 5 times, you may stop. The trophy will pop.

Eagle Vision
Pick up 20,000 studs as Eris

This will come pretty naturally. You will unlock Eris at the end of Eagle Town. When you begin Eagle Library, you will need to use her anyhow. So just collect all the studs you see using her. Don't forget to break things to get more studs. You can also turn on your 4X multiplier extra if you have it. As long as you collect all the studs you see and break things, you should get this by the time you finish Eagle Library. If not, you can always get it when you get back to the Lion Temple as long as you have Eris equipped.

Swoon Song
Cause 3 Wolves to swoon as Dom De La Woosh

This character is part of the Nomad tribe. You will need to first find and unlock his character token and then go purchase it from the Extras store found in the Lion Temple.

Now, head to the Wolf Camp and wait for three Wolves to approach you at the same time. When there are three, press to activate Dom De La Woosh's Swooning move. When all three have been Swooned, the trophy will pop.

Hint - you can also go for Stunner by killing one of the wolves when they are swooned.

Unleash the Power
CHI Up twice in one level without using a CHI Pool

After you learn about the Chi, you will notice little blue orbs around the levels. If you pay attention to the bottom right hand corner, you will see a blue circle. When this circle is completely filled, tap it with your finger to CHI up. By holding rls: and :ls:, you can draw in all the blue orbs towards you. You will need to completely fill up the blue circle twice and tap it twice. Do Not use the CHI pools, it will not count.

Crocodile Tears
Use the CHI absorb during the Cragger boss fight at the end of Spiral Mountain

At the end of Spiral Mountain, you will have to fight Cragger. First he will have a couple crocodile minions come out to attack you. Defeat them and watch for Cragger to hit the ground. Soon, blue orbs will appear on the screen. Instead of running around, trying to collect them, stand still and press rls: and :ls: to suck them all to you.

CHI Clash
CHI Up and win a sword clash against a CHI-ed up enemy

Every so often, as you are fighting enemies, at least one of them will CHI up. This makes them become stronger and you will see some sort of red around them. When you see this, CHI up as well and attack. When prompt to, hit to enter a mini-game fight. You will need to press a lot to fill up the meter. Once the meter is filled, you will defeat the enemy.

Ferocious Fox
Defeat 5 enemies as Furtivo the Fox

Furtivo the fox is also part of the Nomad tribe. You will need to find his character token and purchase him from the Extras store in the Lion Temple. Have him out and go into any level. As you progress through the level, you will fight enemies. Just defeat 5 enemies with Furtivo and the trophy will pop.

Pack Leader
Defeat 10 Wolves in Eagle Town using Worriz

You will not have Worriz unlocked until you have already finished Eagle Town. Once he is unlocked, you can reenter Eagle town at any point. Have him out and go through the level killing the enemy wolves until the trophy pops. This won't take that long and you should get it about half way through the level.

Rhino Charger
Knock down 3 enemies in a row with a Rhino Charge

First, select any Rhino character you have. You will want to find 3 enemies attacking you and try to get them together or in a line. The best way to do this is to run away when you find three. They will chase you, making the three of them go into a line. Turn around and press to activate the Charge. Hit all three enemies with one charge for the trophy to pop.

Sharp Shooter
Complete six waves in the Eagle Grasslands or Gorilla Region shooting gallery

You can access these games when you have opened up side level. There are a total of 6 waves you will need to complete in which you need to score anywhere for 20 to 30 points per wave. Each balloon has it's own points.
  • Orange - 1 point
  • Red - Lose 2 points
  • Green - Gain time
Eagle Turret
  • Head into the Grasslands and go to the back area with the waterfall.
  • Climb up, until you have reached the top and then use Eris to glide to the right onto a new platform. There should be a fan on this ledge, so jump into the fan to fly up to the next level.
  • Using the hand jumps on the wall, make your way up. Soon you will come across a character with a Red Brick Quest, and right around him you will see a lever.
  • Look to the right of the lever and lift to see a breakable wall. Use a Rhino character to break the wall and reveal the rope.
  • Use the Rope to climb up to a higher point in the area where you will see the Turret sitting near the edge of the platform.
Gorilla Turret
  • When you go into Gorilla Village, head to the center to see a tree trunk, a large one.
  • Go around the trunk until you see the wall jumps. You will need to work your way up the tree trunk to reach higher sections.
  • At the top you will see a door for Skinnet/Furtivo. Use one of those characters to go through the door and you will come to a higher section.
  • At the top you will see a character with a Red Brick Quest and the turret to the left of him.

Smart as a Fox
Compete the laser puzzle in Eagle Library as Furtivo

You will need to come back to Eagle Library once you have unlocked and purchased Furtivo. When you reach the puzzle room (shown below) make sure you are using Furtivo when solving it. You will need to rotate each statue to move the lights to the other statues. When all the Triangles on the wall are green, the puzzle is solved and the trophy will pop.

Picture of solved puzzle

Toggle Spoiler

Rock and Roll
Use Rogon's rock on ability to destroy the spinning blades in Gorilla Village

Go into Gorilla Village and have Rogon (Rhino) out. As you progress through the level you will see three spinning red blades. Jump either on top of them or in front of them and press then to make a rock. This will break each blade. When you have destroyed the final blade, the trophy will pop.

Use Dom de la Woosh's poses to stun enemies and then defeat them

See Swoon Song.

When you have an enemy in a daze from being swooned, attack them. You may have to swoon them a few times by pressing . Just make sure, when you have defeated them, that you did it while they were in a daze.

Nomad's land
Unlock all the Nomad characters

There are only 3 Nomad Characters in the game that you need to find.

Location - Spiral Mountain
  • You will not be able to find this token until you have completed just about the whole game. The reason for this is because you are going to need a crocodile character to reach it.
  • As you approach the big gates, and have a crocodile available, go into the water to the right of the gate.
  • Swim to the bottom of the lake and look for the underwater cave.
  • When you are inside the cave, solve the small light puzzle for the token.
Location - Croc Swamp
  • As you are going through the level, you will come across three crocodile head traps the continuously slam down.
  • Use Rogan (Rhino) and his Rock on attack ( then ) to destroy the traps by standing under them.
  • When all three are broken, the token will appear.
Dom de la Woosh
Location - Spiral Mountain
  • You will not be able to get this token until you have already gotten Furtivo.
  • As you play through the level, you will come to a part where there are crocodiles playing some board game on a ledge.
  • Defeat the enemies that come at you. Go to the other side of the ledge and look for a tree.
  • Destroy the tree and it will show a small crawl space.
  • Use Furtivo to get through the crawl space. You will end up on a upper ledge where you will need a Wolf to sniff out the trail.
  • When you get to the end of the sniff trail, dig up the token.

Unlock all red bricks

For a bronze, this is the trophy that will take the longest. In order to get the bricks, you have to find treasures. When you find these treasures, you have to find the character who is asking for them. None of the characters are in levels, they are in the main levels, such as Lion Temple, Eagle Grasslands, Croc Territory, Gorilla Territory and such.

Most of the levels contain 2 treasures each, and by going to a level and pressing you can see if you are missing any.
In order to get most of the treasures though, you will need at least one character from each tribe, and either Skinnet or Furtivo.
You DO NOT NEED to buy the bricks, just have them unlocked.

Treasures are not really hidden. They just require certain characters. When you are done playing the game and have all main characters unlocked and either Skinnet or Furtivo, go back through each level and use the characters need for certain things.

Name: X2 Stud Multiplier
Description: Doubles the value of studs
Quest Giver: Razar in the Lion Temple.
Treasure: Golden Eagle Totem

Name:: X4 Stud Multiplier
Description: X4 the value of studs
Quest Giver: Leonidas in the Lion Temple
Treasure: Leonida's Sword

Name: X6 Stud Multiplier
Description: X6 the value of studs
Quest Giver: Ripnik in the Gorilla Region
Treasure: Fine Fruit and Rare Vegetable

Name: X8 Stud Multiplier
Description: X8 the value of the studs
Quest Giver: Longtooth in the Lion Temple
Treasure: Croc Bark and Croc Mud

Name: X10 Stud Multiplier
Description: X10 the value of the studs
Quest Giver: Skinnet in the Croc Territory
Treasure: Pure Glacial Water, Scentful Flower and Stink Bug

Name: Character Token Detector
Description: Finds character tokens when close
Quest Giver: Gloona in the Gorilla Region
Treasure: Cuddly Toy

Name: Treasure Detector
Description: Finds treasures when close
Quest Giver: Runk in the Rhino Quarry
Treasure: Ordinary Rock

Name: Invincibility
Description: Take no damage
Quest Giver: Bladvic in the Bear Cave
Treasure: Bear Net, Catapult Counter Weight, Shiny Rock

Name: Stud Magnet
Description: Pulls studs to you when close
Quest Giver: Eglor in the Eagle Grasslands
Treasure: Eglors Chalk and Sturdy Wood

Name: Fast Build
Description: Build Quickly
Quest Giver: Wilhurt in the Eagle Grasslands
Treasure: Rhino Grinding Stone

Name: Triple CHI power
Description: Effect of CHI last 3x longer
Quest Giver: Ewald in the Eagle Grasslands
Treasure: Croc Tablet and Rhino Tablet

Name: Helium Voices
Description: Voices in cutscenes have helium effect
Quest Giver: Ruckus in the Rhino Quarry
Treasure: Dumbbells

Name: CHI Play
Not really a brick, automatically refills CHI.
Unlocks automatically at the end of the game.

Copy Cat
Make a Lion Tribe custom character

This is pretty simple and can be done at any time. Head into the Lion Temple and head to the Character Customization stand. Choose any Lion character and just change something on him. Just one thing will work, but make sure you have at least one other lion character unlocked. As soon as you are done, the trophy will pop.

Hide and Seek
Complete the hide and seek game in Forever Rock

In order to access Forever Rock, you will need a Rhino character. The access way to Forever Rock is located in Eagle Grassland. Go to the far right of the Grasslands from where you entered.

When you get to Forever Rock, walk over to the rock with the pictures of the Lion and Crocodile.

You start out and Laval and you will need to find the 8 others in order. Each character has a special ability that will help you find the others.
  • Laval - Rogon
    Walk straight and right next to a rock is where Rogon is.
  • Rogon - Eris
    You will need to break a brown rock to find some hand jumps. Use the hand jumps to go up to a ledge to find Eris.
  • Eris - Gorzan
    Head to where you started in the area and look for the tree trunk. Use the wind in the middle to ride up.
  • Gorzan - Bladvic
    Go down and use Punch ( ) to the tree in front of you.
  • Bladvic - Cragger
    Head over to the edge of the lake and fish for Cragger.
  • Cragger - Skinnet
    Head over to the rock where you started and jump into the water to the right. Swim over to the rock tower where you see studs. Do a rolling jump to jump out to Skinnet.
  • Skinnet - Worriz
    Get out of the water and head over to where you found Eris. With Skinnet, double jump to a small ledge and use to perform a stink bomb to get Worriz off the cliff.
Once all 8 characters are unlocked, the trophy will pop.

Busy Beaver
Complete the Beaver Village puzzle

The Beaver Village can be found in Croc Territory. Where you enter Croc Territory, go straight and over some logs.

What you need to do in this puzzle is move three wooden water spouts to make the flowing water complete.
  • Go to the upper left from where you have entered.
  • Use Gorzan to punch the button. This will drop the lever.
  • Open the treasure chest and build the crank.
  • Section 1 will be lowered.
  • Go to the breakable wall, and use Lion roar on it.
  • Wall jump when the wall has fallen.
  • Push the box off to raise the chest.
  • Open the chest and build.
  • Use the CHI pull door and turn the crank.
  • Section 2 will be placed.
  • Now head over to the far right where the rope it.
  • Walk on the rope to the spot where you need a Wolf to dig.
  • Dig up the parts and build the crank.
  • Raise the platform with the crank.
  • Go across the platform and over the step jump on the left.
  • Pick up the handle and go back to the rope.
  • Put the handle on the crank and turn it.

The water flow is now working again and the trophy is yours.

Nap Time
Don't touch any controls for 45 seconds while in the Bear cave

This is pretty simple.
Bear Cave can be found in Gorilla Village. Once you enter into Bear Cave, just put the VITA down and wait. The trophy will pop after the time has passed.

Secret of the Triple CHI
Discover the legend of the triple CHI in the Rhino pretty picture cave

This is like one big puzzle. Follow these steps to unlock the puzzle.

Step One:
  • Use Worriz to sniff out the trail and to dig up the light box.
  • Switch to Eris to return the light.

Step Two:
  • When the first tablet (eagle) is in place, just use Gorzan to punch the red button. This will make the Gorilla tablet rise.

Step Three:
  • Use Rogon (rhino) to break the rock.
  • Switch to Worriz to dig up the parts needed.
  • Switch to Laval to jump to the ledge above for the box.
  • Place the box in the correct spot for the Lion Tablet.

Spiral Mountain
Complete Spiral Mountain

This is the first level you will be in. It's pretty straight forward. Trophy will pop when you have completed it.

Eagle Town
Complete Eagle Town

Eagle Town is found in the Eagle Grassland. It's pretty straight forward. Trophy will pop when you have completed it.

Eagle Library
Complete Eagle Library

Eagle Library is found in the upper half of the Eagle Grasslands. It's pretty straight forward. Trophy will pop when you have completed it.

Sanctuary Forest
Complete Sanctuary Forest

Found in the Gorilla Territory. It's pretty straight forward. Trophy will pop when you have completed it.

Gorilla Village
Complete Gorilla Village

Found in the Gorilla Territory. It's pretty straight forward. Trophy will pop when you have completed it.

Rhino Canyon
Complete Rhino Canyon

Found int he Rhino Quarry. It's pretty straight forward. Trophy will pop when you have completed it.

Rhino Caves
Complete Rhino Caves

Found in the Rhino Quarry. It's pretty straight forward. Trophy will pop when you have completed it.

Croc Swamp
Complete Croc Swamp

This is found int he Croc Territory. It's pretty straight forward. Trophy will pop when you have completed it.

Croc Fort
Complete Croc Fort

This is found in the Croc Territory. It's pretty straight forward. Trophy will pop when you have completed it.

Wolf Camp
Complete Wolf Camp

This is the last level of the game. It's pretty straight forward. Trophy will pop when you have completed it.

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