Players: 1, 1-4 online
Online Trophies: 3 (2 Prize Bubbles are locked behind a multiplayer section)
Estimated Time to 100%: 5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2. You'll need to replay each area after saving Green Lantern to unlock new prize bubbles.
Collectible Trophies: The Power of Green , Super Collector
Missable Trophies: None, level select allows you to replay previous levels.
Glitched Trophies: Possibly The Power of Green . Some players report that they've used all 36 Green Lantern switches and not earned the trophy.

[top]Tips & Strategies

As a continuation of LittleBigPlanet Vita, the DLC contains the same gameplay mechanics with a few new additions.
  • Always be careful with jumps. LBP games are known for "floaty" controls that can lead to death on an ill-timed jump.
  • Be aware of the level hazards. Electrified objects kill on contact, and fire hazards can burn you at first, but give you a second chance most of the time.
  • Ignore Prize bubbles when attempting the Ace. They just serve as a distraction and unnecessary risk.
  • Missing some bubbles in the first level? You'll need a second player to earn the two bubbles in a side area.
  • All of the DLC's trophies have a corresponding pin that unlocks before the trophy. Use these to gauge your progress.


The DC Comics Premium Level Pack is a rather short DLC consisting of 5 main levels. With the help of a friend in the first level, you should have no trouble earning all of the new prize bubbles, aside from some frustrating jumps that cause you to restart the level. By just playing through, you'll earn Drop the Bald and The Greatest Cape .

After the initial playthrough, feel free to return to the beginning and replay the levels, earning the prize bubbles and Acing each area. With this done, you should only need to publish a level with the cape to round out this short and fun 100%.


Just-Ace League
Ace every story level in the DC Comics™ Premium Level Pack.

This will be your greatest challenge in the pack, as the levels tend to be fairly long, with multiple sections each. To Ace a level, you'll need to get from the entrance portal to the scoreboard at the end without dying. Doing so will earn you a gold spade pin on the level badge as well as some new goodies for use in Create mode. The standard cautionary approach is needed here, as seemingly easy hazards will trip you up if you don't pay close attention. The boss level may cause the most trouble, but not from the boss itself. There is a descending section filled with traps and electrified floors that can easily kill you if you take one false step. You'll need to Ace the Watchtower hub and all 4 main levels for this trophy.

The Greatest Cape
Stay airborne with the Hero Cape for 5 seconds.

Much easier than in the console edition of the DLC, you can earn this in a few of the default levels, rather than needing to create your own cliff level in Create Mode. Just hold when equipped with the cape and keep the glide going for at least 5 seconds for the pin and trophy to pop.

Drop The Bald
Defeat Lex Luthor.

You will earn this during the events of the level Mecha-Lex Madness. The first stage of the battle consists of wall jumping right before a rocket hits you to partially damage the wall. Do this twice on each side to continue. Stage two sees you dropping down a wall with multiple obstacles to avoid. There are 3 sections of this with increasing speed and difficulty. The final stage is simple enough. He will launch electric rollers that you must wall jump away from to activate a moving platform from the wall. Make your way up on top of the two moving walls to reach a jump pad. Use it and glide through the ring in the center to damage Lex. Repeat this process one more time to bring him down for good.

League of Friends
Play any level in the DC Comics™ Premium Level Pack with one or more friends.

Unlike with the PS3 version of this DLC, you will need to play with somebody online to earn this trophy. Unless of course, you have a second Vita and another copy of the game. Either let another player join your game or look for a boosting partner here.

Super Collector
Collect 100% of the Prize Bubbles in the DC Comics™ Premium Level Pack.

As with all LittleBigPlanet games, Prize Bubbles containing new bits and pieces for your Create mode are scattered across the levels in this pack. While most of them are out in the open and easy to grab, 2 are locked behind a 2x player section in No Pause on Paradise Island after the jump through the rotated wall-jump wheel. You will need to enlist the help of a fellow sack-person online for these bubbles. If you don't have any friends with the game, you can try the boosting thread here.

Level Bubbles 2x Zone? Green Lantern Switches?
The Watchtower 56 No 5
No Pause on Paradise Island 44 Yes 11
Toxic Terror! 70 No 7
A Frosty Reception 46 No None
Mecha-Lex Madness 50 No 13
Raiding the Kitchen
8 No None

Great Caper
Publish a level containing the Hero Cape.

After first receiving the Hero Cape in a level, you can use the power-up in Create Mode. Simply add it to a short level and save it. Now you'll need to back out to your Moon and hold the level badge to edit it. Select Publish and choose a spot on your Earth. Once it has been successfully published (PSN connection required, obviously), this simple trophy is yours.

The Power of Green
Trigger all Green Lantern material in the DC Comics™ Premium Level Pack.

As you faff about in the first few levels, you will notice transparent green lantern logos floating around in out of reach areas. You will not be able to use these until you've rescued Green Lantern in A Frosty Reception. Once you have done so, you can re-visit the previously unreachable areas and tap the logo to activate a green wall/floor to jump on. These often lead to new prize bubbles. There are 36 total switches to activate.

Level Switches
No Pause on Paradise Island 11
Toxic Terror! 7
The Watchtower 5 (these aren't in the hub itself, but the path from the hub to Mecha-Lex Madness)
Mecha-Lex Madness 13
Keep in mind that some players are reporting that the trophy did not unlock after activating the 36th and final switch. There is a way to prevent this, however. Simply activate all 36 switches without closing the game or putting the Vita system into sleep mode.



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