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Players: 1-4 Wi-Fi
Online Trophies: Scoreboard 50%, Scoreboard 25%, The Tourist, First Among Equals, Social Animal, Complete 75 Cooperative Levels, 25 Online Versus Wins, Queued Up, Aspiring Director, Share and Share Alike, 50 Unique Players, Mindful Vandalism, Balancing Act, Quick Badge Job, 40 Yays!, Everyone's A Critic, Happy Snapper
Online Pass Required for Platinum: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40-45 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 story, 24 hours of create, 75 community levels
Collectible Trophies: Prize Collector, Obsessive Collecting
Difficulty Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None, level select
Glitched Trophies: None reported as of now

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Behind Door #1: There are a lot of 2D walls or open planes behind things that house bubbles, be adventurous.
  • JumpMan: Judge what jumps are necessary. Hold for a flat-out bound, or simply tap for a meager hop.
  • Laser Focus: When acing levels, don't go for unnecessary bubbles or score, focus on getting out alive.
  • Aerodynamic Wonder: Moving in midair isn't just possible, it's a necessity.
  • The Band of Troubles: When acing levels, do it alone. If you do it with any friends, any death will go against acing.
  • Momentous Occasion: You need to be moving or jumping to throe things with Grabinators.
  • Indirect Shopping: Throwing things with Grabinators will also pop bubbles.
  • Aim High!: You need to aim the Grappling Hook with the left stick.


  1. Story: Take this first run through the story, collect all you can.
  2. Side Levels: Now go through the various missions you've unlocked, try for as many three-stars as possible, some bubbles require it.
  3. Bubbles: Now form a team and go for all the bubbles you have left.
  4. Acing: Now that you are familiar with the levels, form a safe route for acing every one.
  5. Community: Play through all the levels you need for trophies, "Yay"ing, reviewing, etc.
  6. Creation: Now spend your time whittling away at 24 hours of Create, do the Tutorials.
  7. Publish: Now publish a level, add a custom badge, make it a cutscene level, the works. You can advertise on the boosting thread for your masterpiece to reach 50 plays.
  8. Arcade: The hardest trophy, now focus all your abilities on getting all arcade achievements.


Platinum Club
Earn all “LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita” trophies.

Complete La Marionetta
Complete the main path of La Marionetta

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
For this trophy, you must complete the main path of the La Marionetta world. These levels include:
  • First Lessons in Loco-Motion
  • Swing-Bop Acrobatics
  • Flounder's Jump & Jive
  • Palace of The Peculiar
  • Piano of Peril
Piano of Peril is the boss level for La Marionetta. The key is to attract the boss by tapping the piano keys when they are blue. He will slam down on the keys. Use the shockwave to fly up and hit his weak spot.
After getting hit, the boss will slam against the sides of the arena, causing fire to erupt from the side he hits. Jump over it. One that's done, repeat the piano keys and hit the brains. Repeat again after this.

Finally, the boss will lose his hat. Jump over the fires he causes, then when he slams on the ground, pop his brain. He will be defeated and the trophy won.

Complete Land of Odd
Complete the main path of Land of Odd

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
For this trophy, you must complete the main path of the Land of Odd. These levels include:
  • A Wander Into Wonder
  • Cogwheel Creek
  • The Odd Rocket
  • Mine O' Threat
  • Driller Thriller
Driller Thriller is the boss fight for Land of Odd. The first two hits will be similar: move out of the drill's path by jumping over it or going under it when it raises. When it opens, guide a rocket into the purple core.
The second stage will be more or less the same, but the drill will go between sets of two bounce platforms. When it does, jump away to avoid it. Then guide a rocket to the weak spot, only on one side this time. Repeat and then shoot the left side.
Lastly, the drill will divide. This stage is all about jumping vertically to avoid the horizontal swipes. When all is collected, shoot both cores for the win. Bounce to finish gate.

Complete Jackpot City
Complete the main path of Jackpot City

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
For this trophy, you must complete the main path of Jackpot City. These levels include:
  • Hooks and Beats
  • The Discard Factory
  • High Tech Tunneling
  • The Mainframe Heist
  • A Capacitor For Evil
A Capacitor For Evil is the boss fight for Jackpot City. There are three sections. The first is basically you climbing up through an obstacle course after the boss. When you reach the top, run right of the checkpoint to dodge the first arc, then head to the exact opposite location to dodge the second. Use the bounce pad to fly up and grab the leg off the bad guy.
The second section is another obstacle course. At the top of this one, stand on the deactivated bounce pad to dodge the first set of projectiles, then stand at the checkpoint to dodge the second. Now use the bounce pads to jump up and pull off the right leg.
Another final stretch is to be made in an obstacle course. At the peak, stand at the edge of the left platform to dodge, then the edge of the right. The balls will fly onto the bounce pads, so stay away from them. Use one of the bounce pads to pull another leg off, then repeat, basically hanging out on the edge of the platform opposite where the gun points. The battle will have been won and the trophy yours.

Complete Coaster Valley
Complete the main path of Coaster Valley

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
For this trophy, you must complete the main path of Coaster Valley. These levels include:
  • Spare Part Pursuit
  • Three Wheel Tracks
  • Makeshift Transportation
  • An Appetite For Metal
An Appetite For Metal is the boss fight for Coaster Valley. It's basically one big chase through the junkyard. Stick to the higher ground and don't stop moving. Time your jumps and judge their size accordingly. Take the high road or the low road, the high yields prizes but the low safety. Just run to the end to win!

Complete Spooky Mansion
Complete the main path of Spooky Mansion

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
For this trophy, you must complete the main path of Spooky Mansion. These levels include:
  • Sunshine & Shadows
  • A Recipe For Unpleasantness
  • High Pressure Cellar
  • Re-Animation Station
  • In The Clutches Of Evil
In The Clutches Of Evil is the boss fight for Spooky Mansion. It has two phases, a conveyor belt and a giant puppetmaster.
The fight begins on the conveyor belt. He has a few attacks. His first is launching out a bevy of electrical balls. Run under the arc they make. After the first defeat this will be a two-sequenced attack. The enemy will also go all the way to the left or right and make a deadly beam that'll literally end in a bang. If it comes from the left you don't have to worry unless you are very close, but if it comes from the right you will need to jump the crater. The foe will also toss out bombs a distance in front of you, creating gaps for you to bound over. After every wave of attack, you will grapple up and swing into the brain on the side of the enemy. Do this twice more to do away with this opponent, each stage longer than the previous. Head through level link for stage 2 of the battle.

The second stage commences! The first attacks the machine will launch is rockets from either side of its head. Run away from them so they hit the ground or bounce over them. Then the machine opens it's maw to unleash a beam of energy. Run to the side of the arena it goes for to avoid it. Then use Touch to launch it up a few meters.

Now you have Grabinators. Toss the rockets he launches at the pink blocks on the sides of the arena. Destroy all six, then avoid the energy beam attacks again. Then use the same touch thing to deal another blow.

This is essentially the same tactic as stage two of this, just the platform is tilting back and forth and there are gaps between the walls. Rockets will come out of their sockets in a pattern, twice right, twice left. Use them to destroy the blocks again. Now run away from the beams again, your platform getting ever so smaller. Deal the crippling blow to the mechanic monstrosity to win the fight.

Complete Story Mode
Complete the main path of the Story

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
This is earned after beating the level In The Clutches Of Evil. See Complete Spooky Mansion for boss help.

Aced Story Mode
Ace the main path of the story

To ace a level in LittleBigPlanet is to complete it without being killed in the level at all. Now I personally thought this was an easy task, give or take two or so levels, but then again I am an LBP aficionado, so I probably didn't have issues others did. Nonetheless, you have to get through all 25 story levels without dying. Check the Tips and Strategies section above for helpful hints.

Chases the Aces
Complete 10 Story levels in a row without being killed

Acing 10 levels in a row is a daunting task. That's 10 levels in a row without a single death! Here is the list I went through, though if you do it a totally different way then fine, here's the list I went through:
  1. In The Clutches Of Evil: I started acing 10 in row right after acing this level, so your first choice may be very different. Nevertheless, I also chose this as first level because, quite frankly, why not go for a hard level first so as to save other slots for easy levels? Eh, maybe I'm just unique...
  2. First Lessons In Loco-Motion: The first level, as long you place the sticker, you really can't die.
  3. Piano of Peril: An easy fight, just jump the fire and avoid getting squashed and you're good.
  4. Swing-Bop Acrobatics: Another easy level, just some spikes to worry about.
  5. Flounder's Jump & Jive: A quick footrace level that isn't hard.
  6. A Wander Into Wonder: There isn't as much pink death as in later levels, so as long as you jump right this is easy.
  7. Driller Thriller: Another easy boss, just stay on the inside and jump around.
  8. Hooks and Beats: There is a lot of deadly stuff here, but it's all easy to avoid.
  9. High-Tech Tunneling: Only three pits can actually kill you. Child's play.
  10. Introduction: You can't die, the best insurance to hit 10.
This was my roadmap, but yours may be completely different. Whatever you do choose, if you happen to die along the way, immediately quit the game through the LiveArea. When you return to the pod from restarting, the death will not count against you and you can continue as planned.

Prize Collector
Find and collect 50% of the Prize Bubbles in Story levels

See Obsessive Collecting

House Proud
Place 10 stickers or decorations in your pod

After the first real level, First Lessons in Loco-Motion, you unlock stickers and decorations. After the level, retreat to the Pod and slap on some of them. Note, it seems that you need 5 stickers and 5 decorations, as I had 12 stickers and it didn't pop, but it did after adding some decorations.

Multiplier x5
Score a X5 multiplier in a Story level

See Multiplier x15

Multiplier x10
Score a x10 multiplier in a Story level

See Multiplier x15

Scoreboard 50%
Place in the top 50% of a Story level containing more than 50 scores

See Scoreboard 25%

Scoreboard 25%
Place in Top 25% of a Story Level scoreboard containing more than 50 scores

This sounds difficult, but it really isn't. Any story level will do, just collect as many bubbles/points as possible.
If you ace a boss fight that doesn't have score bubbles, then you automatically are tied for 1st on the leaderboard, which makes the trophy pretty much unmissable with the rest of the platinum, though it really is simple as long as you actually try.

The Tourist
Complete a community level

Community Levels are the reason LBP is as big as it is. Just play any user-made level for the trophy, whether a long epic or a short P4P.

Don't forget to queue the level to get Queued Up as well.

Tired of Life
Accumulate 20 deaths in one Story level

The easiest way to do this (while it is straightforward) is in the La Marionetta level Swing-Bop Acrobatics. After the level link will be a spike pit. Cross to the other side, check the checkpoint, then hold left on the left stick. Sackboy will repeatedly fall into the bed of spikes, in no time fetching you a trophy.

First Among Equals
Win a 4-player game

Now the hard part is just getting 4 comrades together. I'd check out the Versus levels, there are often groups that just loiter around them. If you are having trouble though, here's a thread to help assembles a team:

Social Animal
Complete a level with more than one player

Simple really, just join any game with at least another person in it and get to the level's end. It doesn't seem to matter if it's a full level or just popping in.

Complete 75 Cooperative Levels
Complete 75 unique Cooperative community levels

This can be a long trophy, but a worthwhile attempt at seeing what the community has dreamt up for you. Just complete 75 cooperative user-made levels for the trophy, i.e. Versus and Cutscene level don't count.

There are a lot of short P4P stages, so if you want to get this out of the way, just search "P4P" and blast through.

Pianist Pioneer
Play ‘Do Re Mi’ on the piano in La Marionetta

In the La Marionetta level Swing-Bop Acrobatics, you will come across a piano. Three keys on the piano will say "Do Re Mi". Hit them in order to pop the trophy. You musician you...

Insert Coin
Complete all achievements in one game from The Arcade

See Arcade Champion

25 Online Versus Wins
Win 25 Versus community levels against at least one other online player

For this trophy, you have to win 25 versus matches, against another player. These versus levels must be community ones. Now there will be times you will come across opponents online and can work at this, or you could grab a friend(s) with this thread:

Hi Score
Collection 1,000,000 points over all story levels you have played

This will come over time while playing the story levels if you actually go for bubbles. A regular bubble is worth 10 points, a prize bubble 50, and collecting five bubbles quickly adds a multiplier each time. Just generate a total of *pinky to lower lip* 1,000,000 points. There shouldn't be a need for grinding this out, but score challenges can help reap in lots of points.

Time Well Spent
Play “LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita” on every day of the week

There are two ways to do this:

The first way is to simply play this game for a week. It's a great game, so it shouldn't be a burden.

The second way is to open your Settings from the LiveArea home screen while in the game and manually change the date. Change it, walk around a level for a bit, then click out and change the date, and repeat for all days of the week.

Queued Up
Play a level that has been added to your Queue

Whenever you play a community level, you have to option to "queue" it, or put it aside for later. With a level selected, hit the bell icon in the lower left corner to queue it. Now you can either play it immediately to get the trophy, or let it sit and pick it up later in the "My Queue" section of the community moon. Either way, play a queued level for the trophy.

Finger Cramp
Bash 1000 bonces in ‘Bonce Tappin’

Bonce Tappin' is a side level unlocked from the La Marionetta level Swing-Bop Acrobatics. It's basically Sackboy Whack-a-Mole. Simply whack 1000 sackpersons in the game accumulated to get the trophy. Just keep playing and sooner or later you will hit 1000.

Double 11
Play “LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita” at 11 minutes past 11

Simple enough, just play the game in any mode at 11:11, be it AM or PM. If you are otherwise occupied at either time, you could always manually switch the time from the Settings section of the LiveArea screen.

Aspiring Director
Publish a cut scene level

Self-explanatory really, just publish a level that's set to 'Cutscene' and bada-bing. Whether you delete it immediately or not is your choice.

Change your costume

The specifics of this trophy are:
  • A base material
  • A head piece
  • A body piece
Once you have the ability to customize, simply equip all of the above and boom, easy trophy. Any of the default outfits will also have these, so...

Creative Spark
Spend 10 active minutes in Create mode

See Get a Life

Get a Life
Spend 1440 active minutes in Create mode

It's baaaaaack! 1440=24 Hours. That's right, 24 hours of creativity. Now there are two methods to this madness:
  1. Just let your imagination shine! If you have enough dreams to materialize, this will come in no time and will most likely be a delight!
  2. Spam it out. You actually don't need to do much for this, simply moving the sticks seem to work enough. At least the right stick. So rubberbanding seems to work. You can also select a material and use the Touchscreen to continually paint it whilst you do whatever else. Apparently, rubberbanding the power cord over the Pop-It icon works for those days you just can't be bothered to stick around (JDizzle0420)

Share and Share Alike
Publish a level

Publishing levels is a key part of the LBP universe, giving you the ability to show off your wonderful imagination to the world. Simply publish whatever you desire for this trophy. If you aren't the creative type, you can always put a single block in a blank level and publish it, then delete it immediately after.

Make it a cutscene level to also knock out Aspiring Director and make sure the icon is a custom image for Quick Badge Job.

50 Unique Players
A level you published was played by 50 unique players

I bet you were excited for this one! I'll keep it frank, if you seem to have trouble reaching 50 plays, use this boosting thread:

Don't go using the thread without helping others, not cool.

Mindful Vandalism
Place a sticker or decoration on another player’s sackperson

While playing with another person, just place a sticker or decoration on them, simple as that.

Balancing Act
Balance another sackperson on an object while lifting it with touch

Whenever you play with a friend, just lift up or down a touch platform they stand on for the trophy. It has to be directly on Touch, meaning they have to be right on the touch material itself.

Quick Badge Job
Publish a level with a custom badge created from a Camera photo or an in-game photo

When publishing a level, you can always add an icon to really catch peoples' eyes. But why settle for standard images when you can bring out your own? Just make the badge for your level a picture taken from either the game's camera or the Vita's camera. Remember to publish the level for the trophy.

God Complex
Spin any of the planets 720 degrees with a single flick

A simple trophy to earn. To spin a planet of any kind, just flick it with your finger. Grab an edge of a planet, be it the Community World, My Moon, or the Story Worlds, and flick it in any direction and watch it spin. The trophy should pop soon thereafter.

Mr. Know-It-All
Watch all the tutorials

There is a lot to learn in LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, 67 tutorials to be precise! Instead of fiddling with each one, just go to the 'Tutorials' section of the 'My Moon' and keep hitting the "Next Tutorial" button until all 67 are complete.

40 Yays!
Give positive feedback on 40 community levels

At any time during a community level, be it after completing or even during the action, you can hit the happy Sackboy icon to "Yay" the level. Simply do this for 40 to earn the trophy. This is easier than the 75 Community Levels trophy because you don't have to stick around until the level completes. Just remember to hit the "Yay" icon at 40 levels of your choice and voila, trophy.

Arcade Champion
Complete all achievements in all games from The Arcade

Every time you complete a set of levels in the story, you unlock a level in the Arcade. Each game has certain features that are "achievements", be it through quick pace or collecting. There are five games in all, and to unlock all the achievements in each is a hard task.
Super Conductor
Unlocked after completion of La Marionetta

Toggle Spoiler

Unlocked after completion of Land of Odd

Toggle Spoiler

Retro Vector
Unlocked after completion of Jackpot City

Toggle Spoiler

Unlocked after completion of Coaster Valley

Toggle Spoiler

Unlocked after completion of Spooky Mansion

Toggle Spoiler

Everyone's a Critic
Submit a review for a level

After beating a community level, you have the choice to review it. Pick some Tags, type some words, then submit for the trophy.

Happy Snapper
Upload a photo

This is simple. Just use the camera tool to snap a picture. Then select it from the 'My Photos" section and choose 'Upload'. The trophy shall pop soon thereafter.

Just a Scratch
Spin the LP disc in Jackpot City

In the Jackpot City level Hooks and Beats, after the level there will be a large record on a turntable. Use Touch to scratch it and get the trophy.

Multiplier x15
Score a x15 multiplier in a Story level

To get a multiplier, grab groups of 5 bubbles quickly. Now the thing here is this must be in a story level, not one of those community levels. The best level to earn this on is Flounder's Jump & Jive. The race will include lots of rings, each gives you a multiplier and more time to grab more bubbles than a regular multiplier. Try to rush through rings and collect bubbles. There are a few areas with lots of rings linked with bounce pads. As long as you make haste this shouldn't be too hard.

Rising Star
Collect 50% of Skill Rewards in Story Mode

Skill Rewards are earned through side levels. Earn an easy score for one star, a medium score to earn a second star, and a higher score to earn the coveted third star. For this trophy, you only need to earn half of the total stars.
Bonce Tappin'
Key Location: Shown to you by Flounder.

Toggle Spoiler

Tower Builder
Key Location: At the end of three rings along the path.

Toggle Spoiler

Wall Or Nothing
Key Location: In the air in a segment where the wall pushes out. Bounce on a bounce pad below the checkpoint to get to it.

Toggle Spoiler

Flower Pop
Key Location: Swing from the wheel along the way.

Toggle Spoiler

Bounce Bop Hop
Key Location: After the Z curve, launch over the gap. Jump up by the checkpoint.

Toggle Spoiler

Collision Course
Key Location: Drop down into the optional touch maze area under the ground.

Toggle Spoiler

Chopper Throw
Key Location: In the middle of the hanging sponges right after getting the first grappling hook.

Toggle Spoiler

Zombie Springtime
Key Location: In the rising platform after the window with the dancing Hollow silhouette, on the left of the second layer.

Toggle Spoiler

Eyeball Maze
Key Location: Left of the topmost lowering buzzsaw Hollow. There's an X behind it.

Toggle Spoiler

Sorting Panic
Key Location: Above the "Hollow+x squared=ice cream" equation, drop onto the blue bounce pad below and bounce up back to it.

Toggle Spoiler

Obsessive Collecting
Find and collection 100% of the Prize Bubbles in Story Levels

Ah prize bubbles. The cornerstone of LittleBigPlanet. Inside each bubble is a reward of sorts. To get these rewards means scoping about all the hidden nooks and crannies of Carnivalia. If you want a travel guide, look at the handy section below to have some help locating these hidden treasures.

[top]Prize Bubble Guide

[top]La Marionetta

First Lessons in Loco-Motion (45 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

Swing-Bop Acrobatics (43 Items)

Toggle Spoiler

Flounder's Jump & Jive (33 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

Palace of the Peculiar (54 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Land of Odd

A Wander Into Wonder (35 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

Cogwheel Creek (32 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

The Odd Rocket (30 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

Mine O' Threat (24 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Jackpot City

Hooks & Beats (40 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

The Discard Factory (45 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

High Tech Tunneling (42 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

The Mainframe Heist (41 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Coaster Valley

Spare Part Pursuit (37 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

Three Wheel Tracks (49 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

Makeshift Transportation (44 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

An Appetite For Metal (29 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Spooky Mansion

Sunshine and Shadows (35 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

A Recipe For Unpleasantness (36 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

High Pressure Cellar (28 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

Re-Animation Station (36 Bubbles)

Toggle Spoiler

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