Players: 1-2 (2 online/Ad Hoc)
Online Trophies: Don't Jump!, Outstanding!, Throws Are For Champs
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 400 hour minimum
Minimum Playthroughs: 32 Arcade Runs, a Story run, 450 challenges
Collectible Trophies: None!
Missable Trophies: Nope
Glitched Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Level-Headed: Don't get too frustrated with this game. If you feel angry at it, take a break, cool off, and try again. Being angry is just going to kloud your judgement for the game.
  • Big money, no Whammies!: The higher a kombo, the more koins are awarded.
  • Konservationist: Save X-Rays for the right moment. Letting the lightning out of the bottle when your opponent has only 2% health left and more rounds to go, be sure to use them at just the right time.
  • Practice: Sounds lame, but oh so true. The only ay to get better tis to practice.
  • Saving My Quarters: Try to avoid skipping challenges. You need to komplete them all anyway, so it's not like avoiding them is going to help.
  • Block: Another tip that sounds lame, but pays off ten-fold. Blocking can keep you safe from a lustrous 12-hit kombo, and most X-Rays, making it a crucial tool to survive.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

For hidden kombatants, if you happen to mess up the requirements, komplete the match, but at the "Finish Him/Her!" screen, just punch the kharacter. At the "______ Wins" screen, pause and go to Player Select. No losses will be recorded, allowing safe retrial.


  1. Practice/Tutorial Modes: Before you do anything else, go through the Tutorial mode and Fatality trainer to get your feet wet.
  2. Story Mode: Now beat all 17 chapters of the story. If you get into a tough spot, you can always lower the story difficulty in the options menu. You can probably get There Will Be Blood! sometime during the story too.
  3. Arcade Runs/-Alities: Now that you've gotten a taste for the kharacters, go running through each kharacter in Arcade mode. Go for a Fatality/Babality with each during this step too.
  4. Challenge Tower: There is a total of 450 challenges () to komplete, 300 in the regular tower, 150 in the bonus. It doesn't matter in which order you choose to do them, just make sure every challenge gets kompleted.
  5. Online: If you haven't yet, now would be a good time to go for the online trophies. Yes they can be tough, but hey, you've gotten this far.
  6. Buy all the things!!!: If you haven't been cashing in your koins at the Krypt yet, you probably will have enough to purchase it all now. Regardless, take this step to collect all of the Krypt.
  7. Mastering Kharacters: The big one. No matter what, this should be your final step, as it is the biggest step. Grind out those last few hundred hours for this koveted


Platinum Trophy
You've unlocked all Trophies!

Halfway There!
Complete Story Mode 50%

This trophy is tory-related, therefore it cannot be missed
By playing the story, you'll get this after the first fight of Chapter 9: Kitana

Back In Time...
Complete Story Mode 100%

This trophy is tory-related, therefore it cannot be missed
Beat the general story mode. This'll come after Chapter 17: Raiden is complete

A For Effort
Complete Tutorial Mode

Simple enough. Just head to the Training section of the Main Menu, and select Tutorial. There is a grand total of 15 challenges to beat.

Perform a Fatality!

Finish him! The trademark of the MK franchise, now conveniently palm-sized! Check the '-Alities' section of the guide for fatality inputs.
Using the touchscreen to perform a fatality will also net you Touch and Go

Block This!
Perform a 10-hit combo with any fighter

Fortunately, like the console version, you can just use Sonya's X-Ray in Practice.

You can also head into Practice mode as Baraka. In practice, set the Super Meter to 'Full'. Punch your opponent once or twice, then attack with enhanced Chop-Chop Blades (back, back, +[R]). Done correctly, it will yield in a 10 or 11 hit combo and the trophy.

You can also get this in the Bonus Tower in the Juggle challenges. You either need 10 or 30 hits to win, so you can get this in due time.

The Grappler
Perform every fighter's forward and backwards throws

To perform a throw, press the [L] button in touching vicinity of you opponent. To do a backwards throw, hold Back as you throw. Just do both types of throws for all 32 characters and you get a trophy.

Where's The Arcade?
Complete Arcade Ladder with Any Fighter

See Arcade Champion

Arcade Champion
Complete Arcade Ladder with All Fighters

There are 32 kharacters to beat Arcade Ladder with, but you can opt for only doing it 16 times using Tag Ladder. If you're at the point in which you just want to get this over with, just change the match settings to one round, 30 seconds, on the easiest setting. Not much else to say, really.

Finish What You Start!
Perform a Fatality with all playable fighters

About as simple as it sounds. Just go into a match like a Versus or an easiest Arcade Ladder, and after winning, use a Fatality with every kharacter. Check out the -Alities Section for kodes.

Stage fatalities count towards this.

Touch and Go
Perform 1 "-ality" using the Playstation VITA touchscreen

When inputting fatalities, you don't need to use the buttons. you can just swipe the screen in the designated directions, no buttons! Just pick an -ality from the -Alities section and use the screen to swipe in the directions instead of the keys, and boom, trophy.

Ladder Master
Complete Arcade Ladder on max difficulty without using a continue

There's a cheap way and a legit way for this.
Practice, practice, practice. Find a kharacter that suit how you play well, then train using them to the best of your abilities.
Go in Tag Ladder, select Sheeva and Scorpion, set round time to 30 seconds with one round. Until Goro/Kintaro, spam Sheeva's Down-Up slam move over and over. When you reach the next boss, mix Scorpion's spear with his teleport. Try spearing them, heading into a kombo, teleport to throw them off, them spear right away. It's not a pass to win, but it's a start.

Don't Jump!
Win A Ranked Online Match without jumping

This will either be easy or hard, depending if you're one of those "jump over everything!" people or a ground-hog. Either way, there isn't much to say, just don't press the whole game.

What Does This Button Do?
Complete Arcade Ladder without blocking (allowed to continue)

Not as hard as you may think. Just go on 'Beginner', and stick to hard-hitting attacks. The AI isn't too punchy on 'Beginner', so this should come rather easily.
Also, if you do accidentally press [R], as long as it doesn't actually block an attack, you should be fine.

Tough Guy!
Win a Versus Match

Simple really, you shouldn't need help on this. If you have two Vitas, then this should be really easy.

Robots Rule!
Win Arcade Tag Ladder with a robot Sektor and Cyrax

Not really much I can say here. Just pick a Tag Team of Cyrax and Sektor and go show the world what you're made of.

Win 10 Ranked Online Matches in a row

10 sounds like it's not that many matches, but the truth is it's quite a lot, more so because it can't be boosted. Keep training with a kharacter that suits your style of play, and hope you win.

Cyber Challenger
Complete 100 Versus Matches

Just complete 100 Versus matches, win or lose.

Win 100 total Versus Matches

Now this is going to take time. Just try your hardest and hope for the best.
If you have two Vitas, then you can easily just Ad Hoc play this out.

Get a Flawless Victory in a Versus Match

You may or may not have trouble with this depending on skill. If you have two Vitas, then this should be a snap. If not, just use a lot of evasive moves and dodging to cinch this.

Tower Recruit
Complete 50 bonus tower missions

See Tower God

Unlock 50% of the Krypt

See The Krypt Keeper

The Krypt Keeper
Unlock 100% of the Krypt

First, know that koins are rewarded throughout the game for high kombos, victories, flawless victories, -alities, kompleting challenges, and overall just plain playing. Next, you can always enter the Krypt through the 'Extras' portion of the main menu.

There are 4 areas to the Krypt:
Deadlands (121 tombs) = 119,910 koins
Bloodmarsh (83 tombs) = 81,240 koins
Meadow of Despair (55 tombs) = 56,260 koins
Hollow of Infestation (40 tombs) = 39,480 koins

Overall, you need a bit less than 300,000 kurrency to buy all the things. You should get over 300,000 throughout your escapade, but don't go skipping any challenges and wasting precious koins.

There Will Be Blood!
Spill 10000 pints of blood

Blood is the lifeblood of the MK games, and the reason this game is where it is now pretty much. When you punch someone, there will be blood. This will come naturally while going for the plat. You need 10,000 pints spilled per kharacter to master them anyway, so...

License to Kill
Complete Fatality Trainer

Simple enough. Head into Practice mode, and select Fatality Trainer. Choose any kharacter and perform their fatality for the trophy. The timer doesn't affect the trophy.

Note: This won't earn you Fatality

Tower Champion
Complete 100 bonus tower missions

See Tower God

Three's Company
Unlock Kenshi, Skarlet, and Rain Alternate Costumes

You unlock all of this crowd's alternates by beating challenge 150 on the bonus tower, which isn't as hard as you'd think.

Throws Are For Champs
Perform 8 throws in an Online Ranked Match

Simple enough. I suggest using a kharacter like Cyrax or Kabal, maybe Sub-Zero, so you can stop the opponent, leaving them open for a grab. As long as you perform a total of 8 throws throughout the match, the trophy is yours. You don't need all 8 in one round though, so mix up the mayhem.

Balancing Act
Complete all Test Your Balance mini-game challenges

Here are the challenges in the Bonus Challenge Tower that are Test Your Balance challenges unlocked.
  • Challenge 14
  • Challenge 28
  • Challenge 42
  • Challenge 56
  • Challenge 70
  • Challenge 85
  • Challenge 99
  • Challenge 113
  • Challenge 127
  • Challenge 141

Slice of Life
Swipe your way through a set of all-new mini-game challenges

Translation: Komplete all 15 Test Your Slice challenges. You have one to start out, and the rest are unlocked through the Bonus Challenge Tower. Here are the challenges that are Test Your Slice/unlock them.
  • Challenge 7
  • Challenge 21
  • Challenge 35
  • Challenge 49
  • Challenge 63
  • Challenge 78
  • Challenge 92
  • Challenge 106
  • Challenge 120
  • Challenge 134
Challenges 11-15 are unlocked by kompleting challenge 134.

Luck Be A Lady
Get all MK Dragons in Test Your Luck

This is actually all luck-based. Basically, in Test Your Luck, if all three wheels end up as an MK Dragon, boom trophy. It's all luck based though, so all you can do is keep trying until ka-ching.

Successfully land every playable fighter's X-Ray

To perform an X-Ray move, fill your super meter, then you either press [L]+[R], or tap the 'X' icon to perform it. Now each kharacter's X-ray has certain requirements, such as being a counter or in the air, but most are standard attacks. Just successfully perform all 32 to win.

Tower God
Complete all 150 bonus tower missions

150 challenges, half that of the regular. Simple right? Wrong. Some of these challenges can get really hard. Also, while they might get very difficult, try your best not to skip, as you'll have to COMPLETE all the challenges to pop the trophy. To make this simple I'll include a walkthrough for I few I know you'll need help on, but other than that if you need help with any challenge I'll add a walkthrough to the guide.
#39: Figure It Out
Tap Sektor's head repeatedly, then wipe off the flames.
#130: Hit This!
Probably the hardest challenge, just usethe spin move (Down-Forward-) to knock him up in the air, then use some hits while he's airborne. Just keep at it.
#146: You Have To Be Kidding Me
Before I go into details, know Shao Kahn's helmet is cracked, meaning you can tap him on the head and stun him. Stun him, then use Gunfire (Back-Forward-), then rinse and repeat for all 5.
#149: This is Hell
The easiest tactic is to jump back, use the (Back-Forward-) move in mid-air, and spam it throughout. It's not an instant-win move, but hey, I used it and after an admirable number of attempts I made it, and if I made it, you can too probably.
#150: Endgame II
Not too hard, you fight Skarlet, then Kenshi, then Rain, finally Shao Kahn.
For Skarlet, tap the projectiles she throws to knock them aside, then beat her down.
For Kenshi, Kenshi must be tapped 100 times to break his armor, then can you beat him down. Block and jump while touching him repeatedly to break the armor, then show him your bite.
Rain is easy. He can only be damaged after an earthquake. To cause an earthquake, shake the Vita when prompted, then go in for the kill. Note, Rain will rearmor once he's back to consciousness, so use lustrous flowy kombos to deal damage to him.
Shao Kahn is tough again, but hey, when has he not been? The goal here is to damage him enough, then quickly cut him up using the touchscreen. Repeat until he's down, then slice him to bits.

Netherrealm Studios was charitable enough to post a video on Bonus Challenge Tower (thanks to dr_mayus for the tip)

You've Got Style!
Unlock all Alternate Costumes

There are two ways to get Alternate costumes here: beat Arcade Ladder as a kharacter, or find and purchase their wares from the Krypt. Here are the locations of costumes of in the Krypt:
DL7 - Reptile's Alternate Costume
DL15 - Johnny Cage's Alternate Costume
DL28 - Sheeva's Alternate Costume
DL40 - Baraka's Alternate Costume
DL47 - Sektor's Alternate Costume
DL56 - Stryker's Alternate Costume
DL63 - Quan Chi's Alternate Costume
DL69 - Kitana's Alternate Costume
DL88 - Kabal's Alternate Costume
DL101 - Shang Tsung's Alternate Costume
DL110 - Nightwolf's Alternate Costume
DL119 - Scorpion's Alternate Costume
BM5 - Noob Saibot's Alternate Costume
BM19 - Sindel's Alternate Costume
BM38 - Kung Lao's Alternate Costume
BM50 - Jade's Alternate Costume
BM68 - Ermac's Alternate Costume
BM82 - Smoke's Alternate Costume
Meadow of Despair
MD6 - Cyrax's Alternate Costume
MD14 - Raiden's Alternate Costume
MD25 - Kano's Alternate Costume
MD36 - Jax's Alternate Costume
MD54 - Sub-Zero's Alternate Costume
Hollow of Infestation
HI8 - Liu Kang's Alternate Costume
HI22 - Sonya Blade's Alternate Costume
HI33 - Mileena's Alternate Costume

Note: Since Kratos is an exclusive kharacter, you must komplete the Arcade Ladder with him to unlock his alternate, as it isn't in the Krypt.
You get Skarlet, Kenshi, and Rain's alternates by kompleting Bonus Challenge Tower challenge 150. Freddy Krueger has no alternate. Sadface.

Unlock Mileena's 3rd Alternate Costume

You unlock Mileena's third alternate by kompleting Challenge 300 on the Challenge Tower. You can skip and still get the kostume, but since you'll need to beat all 300 challenges, just kill two birds with one stone.

My Kung Fu Is Strong
Gain Mastery of 1 Fighter

See My Kung Fu is Stronger

My Kung Fu Is Stronger
Gain Mastery of All Fighters

This is what we in the business call a plat-killer. At least for most. There are a few things needed to 'master' a kharacter
  • 100 Victories
  • 150 X-Rays
  • 100 -Alities
  • 10,000 Pints of Blood Spilled
  • 24 Hours of Play
With the 24 hour thing, the minimum for singke-player is 768 hours, 384 if you use Tag Practice. Yup, grab a chair, this is gonna be a while. Here's a bit of a roadmap to get you started.
  1. 100 Victories, 100 -Alities: Start out by going into Arcade Ladder and winning it all again and again, using -Alities on those whom you konquer. You may also get 150 X-Rays culminated throughout.
  2. 150 X-Rays, 10,000 Pints of Blood: Now wrap up the remaining X-Rays for the kharacter, and finish up on that blood.
  3. 24 Hours: The biggest step, go into Practice/Tag Practice, and rubber-band the [R] button so you are forever blocking. Do this while your Vita is hooked up to charge, and just let it go.
If you have TWO Vitas handy, then your victories, X-Rays, and -Alities just got a lot easier. Here's a guide for you:
  1. 150 X-Rays: On your two Vitas, input 4 times, 6, and 6 on each during the loading screen. This will give you unlimited super meter, so set the rounds fairly high, and let loose.
  2. 100 Victories, 100 -Alities: Input 2 times and 2 on the second Vita. This will give Player 2 25% health. Beat them down, -ality, rinse and repeat.
  3. 24 Hours: Second verse same as the first. Just rubber-band block in Practice/Tag Practice

I "Might" Be The Strongest
Complete all Test Your Might mini-game challenges

Here are all the "Test Your Might" challenges in what challenge number they are unlocked on the tower:
  • Challenge 36
  • Challenge 66
  • Challenge 96
  • Challenge 126
  • Challenge 156
  • Challenge 186
  • Challenge 198
  • Challenge 216
  • Challenge 228
  • Challenge 240
  • Challenge 252
  • Challenge 264
  • Challenge 276
  • Challenge 288
  • Challenge 294
For Test Your Might challenges, simply arrange your fingers over all four face buttons, mash quickly, and push the shoulder button when you're over.

Dim Mak!
Complete all Test Your Strike mini-game challenges

Here are the challenges in the Challenge Tower that unlock Test Your Strike challenges:
  • Challenge 48
  • Challenge 78
  • Challenge 108
  • Challenge 138
  • Challenge 168

These Aren't My Glasses!
Complete all Test Your Sight mini-game challenges

Here are the challenges on the Challenge Tower that unlock Test Your Sight challenges:
  • Challenge 42
  • Challenge 72
  • Challenge 102
  • Challenge 132
  • Challenge 162
  • Challenge 192
  • Challenge 222
  • Challenge 246
  • Challenge 270

Tower Apprentice
Complete 25 Tower missions

See Tower Master

Tower Master
Complete all Tower missions

300 challenges. Yep, this game isn't leaving your pocket any time soon. I can't possibly fit a guide for all 300, so I'm going to trust you to keep practicing any hard challenges. If you need any help, let me know, and I'll add a guide to the guide.

Tag, You're It!
Perform and land a Tag Combo

Simple really. Just go to the Moves List of a kharacter while in Tag Ladder and perform one of the Tag Combos to pop this.

Note: This can't be earned in the Tutorial like the console one

Perform 1 of each type of "-ality"

For this you'll need to perform a Fatality, a Stage fatality, and a Babality, all at least once. View the -Alities section for all the kodes. Here are the stages you can perform a Stage fatality at:
  • Chamber of the Flame [Note, there are 3 possible ways to off your opponent here]
  • Hell
  • Subway
  • The Dead Pool
  • The Street
  • The Pit (Night)
  • The Pit (Day)
  • The Living Forest
It's been brought to my attention that this can be earned by going through the challenge tower, as some challenges require you perform a certain -Ality.

Finish Him?
Perform any fighter's hidden finishing move

Perform a babality. Check the -Alities section for Babality kodes.

Ultimate Humiliation
Perform every fighter's hidden finishing move

Translation: Perform everyone's Babality. Check out the -Alities section for kodes

The Fall Guy!
Discover all the deathtraps in Test Your Balance

There is a total of 5 deathtraps to find in Test Your Balance. You "discover" them by simply failing the challenge and falling off the platform.
  1. Sawed in two: A large saw blade with slice your kharacter in half as they plummet.
  2. Piranha Pool: You'll fall into a pool full of bloodthirsty piranhas. Noms!
  3. Incinerator: You'll get burned to a crisp as you fall.
  4. The Blender: You'll get finely diced by a bevy of fans going.
  5. Up against the ground: You fall onto a ground to your doom.

You Found Me!
Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 1 in Arcade Ladder

It's Jade! To tangle with her, you're gonna have to reach Shang Tsung on the Arcade Ladder, pull off a Double Flawless Victory, and finish off Shang Tsung with a Fatality. Use the above exploit/tactic to get some retries in.

Note: Make sure it's actually Shang Tsung the Fatality is performed on, the game may not recognize it and call off the hidden fight.

Hide and Seek
Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 2 in Arcade Ladder

This opponent is Smoke. To brawl with him, you need to be on the Living Forest Stage in Arcade Ladder. Now keep a watchful eye. If you happen to see Smoke pop his head out from behind a tree, press [Select] and [Down] at the same time to unlock this fight.

Pit Master
Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 3 in Arcade Ladder

Here we are with Reptile. What's to be done here is you must reach the Pit level in Arcade Ladder, obtain a double flawless victory and perform a stage fatality. Do this on Beginner, and use a kharacter with effective kombos. Use the strategy above if you have some trouble.

Brotherhood of Shadow
Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 4 in Arcade Ladder

This fighter is none other than Noob Saibot. To fight him, you need to fight at the Temple in Arcade Ladder. Normally, there would be a wizard hacking away at some creature on the altar. However, there my also be Noob Saibot standing attentively, observing the fight. If you can win both rounds without blocking or losing, you unlock this hidden fight.

[top]-Alities Section

Kharacters appear in order of their location on the Character Select screen
Fatality Zones
  • Touching: Get all up close to you opponent so that your kombatant is touching them.
  • Sweep: Not quite touching, but close enough that you could sweep them hypothetically.
  • Jump: Take one jump back from your opponent's location.
  • Full-Screen: Get on the side of the screen opposite your opponent's.
  • Any: Perform at any distance.
Note that all Babalities are performed Jump distance away
Stage Fatalities vary, but are commonly close range


  • Split Decision: Forward, Down, Forward, [Touching]
  • Nether Gates: Back, Forward, Back, [Touching]
  • Babality: Down, Back, Forward, Down,
  • Stage Fatality: Forward, Up, Up,
  • Klassic Fatality (Toasty!): Down, Up, Up, [Jump]

[top]Liu Kang

  • Fist of Flame: Forward, Back, Down, Down, [Sweep]
  • The Beast Within: Down, Down, Forward, Down, [Jump]
  • Babality: Down, Down, Down,
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Forward, Back,

[top]Kung Lao

  • Hat Trick: Back, Forward, Forward, Back, [Sweep]
  • Razor's Edge: Down, Down, Forward, Back, [Sweep]
  • Babality: Down, Forward, Down,
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Forward, Down,


  • Have An Ice Day: Back, Forward, Down, Forward, [Sweep]
  • Spinal Smash: Down, Back, Down, Forward, [Sweep]
  • Babality: Down, Back, Down,
  • Stage Fatality: Forward, Down, Back,
  • Klassic Fatality (Spine Rip): Forward, Down, Forward, [Touching]


  • Migraine: Back, Forward, Down, Forward, [Sweep]
  • Mouthful: Back, Forward, Up, [Sweep]
  • Babality: Down, Down, Down, Up
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Down, Down,


  • Mind Over Splatter: Down, Up, Down, Down, [R] [Jump]
  • Pest Control: Forward, Back, Forward, Down, [Jump]
  • Babality: Down, Down, Back, Down,
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Up, Down, Down,


  • Acid Yak: Forward, Forward, Down, Up, [Sweep]
  • Weight Loss: Down, Down, Forward, Back, [Sweep]
  • Babality: Back, Forward, Back, Down,
  • Stage Fatality: Forward, Down, Down, [R]
  • Klassic Fatality(Yummy!): Back, Back, Forward, Down, [R]


  • Fan Opener: Down, Down, Back, Forward, [Touching]
  • Splitting Headache: Forward, Down, Forward, Back, [Sweep]
  • Babality: Forward, Down, Forward,
  • Stage Fatality: Forward, Down, Down,

[top]Johnny Cage

  • Heads Up!: Forward, Forward, Back, Down, [Touching]
  • And The Winner Is!...: Down, Forward, Down, Forward, [Sweep]
  • Babality: Forward, Back, Forward,
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Back, Forward, [R]


  • Head-A-Rang: Up, Up, Down, Forward, [Full Screen]
  • Half-Mast: Back, Down, Back, Down, [Sweep]
  • Babality: Down, Down, Forward, Down,
  • Stage Fatality: Back, Forward, Down, [R]


  • Be Mine: Back, Forward, Back, Forward, [Jump]
  • Rip Off: Back, Forward, Back, Down, [Jump]
  • Babality: Down, Down, Forward, Back,
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Down, Down,


  • Little Off The Top: Down, Forward, Down, Back, [Jump]
  • Ascension: Down, Down, Forward, Back, [Sweep]
  • Babality: Forward, Back, Forward, Back,
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Down, Down, [R]


  • Buzz Kill: Forward, Down, Forward, Back, [Touching]
  • Nothing But Net: Back, Down, Back, Forward, [Jump]
  • Babality: Down, Forward, Back,
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Up, [R]

[top]Noob Saibot

  • Make A Wish: Back, Forward, Back, Down, [Sweep]
  • As One: Down, Down, Back, Down, [R] [Sweep]
  • Babality: Forward, Up, Forward,
  • Stage Fatality: Forward, Down, Forward, [R]


  • Smoked Out: Back, Forward, Back, Forward, [Sweep]
  • Tremor: Back, Back, Down, Forward, [Sweep]
  • Babality: Down, Back, Down, Forward, Down
  • Stage Fatality: Forward, Up, Up,


  • Robo-Sek: Forward, Down, Back, Forward, [Full Screen]
  • The Scarecrow: Down, Down, Forward, Back, [Full Screen]
  • Babality: Back, Down, Down, Down,
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Forward, Down, [R]

[top]Sonya Blade

  • Scissor Split: Down, Down, Back, Forward, [Jump]
  • Kut-Throat: Down, Back, Forward, Back, [Sweep]
  • Babality: Down, Down, Forward,
  • Stage Fatality: Back, Forward, Down,


  • Smash and Grab: Back, Forward, Forward, Back, [Touching]
  • Three Points!: Forward, Forward, Back, Down, [Sweep]
  • Babality: Down, Down, Down,
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Forward, Down,


  • Heartbreak: Back, Down, Forward, Back, [Sweep]
  • Eat Your Heart Out: Down, Down, Forward, Back, [Sweep]
  • Babality: Forward, Down, Down,
  • Stage Fatality: Up, Up, Back,


  • Time Served: Forward, Down, Forward, [Sweep]
  • Have A Blast: Down, Forward, Down, Forward, [R] [Sweep]
  • Babality: Down, Forward, Down, Back,
  • Stage Fatality: Forward, Up, Up,

[top]Shang Tsung

  • Bang Bang!: Back, Down, Forward, [Jump]
  • Identity Theft: Down, Down, Back, Down, [Jump]
  • Babality: Down, Back, Down,
  • Stage Fatality: Up, Up, Back,


  • Up The Middle: Back, Forward, Down, Forward, [Sweep]
  • Take a Spin: Forward, Forward, Down, Down, [Sweep]
  • Babality: Forward, Back, Forward,
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Down, Down, Down,


  • Hook Up: Back, Forward, Back, Forward, [Sweep]
  • It Takes Guts: Down, Down, Back, Forward, [R] [Sweep]
  • Babality: Forward, Down, Back,
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Down,


  • Just A Scratch: Down, Forward, Down, Forward, [Sweep]
  • Transplant: Back, Forward, Forward, Down, [Sweep]
  • Babality: Down, Back, Down,
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Down, Down,


  • Blade of Olympus: Down, Down, Back, Forward, [Touching]
  • Medusa's Gaze: Down, Back, Down, Forward, [Jump]
  • Babality: Down, Forward, Back,
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Down, Down,


  • Stripped Down: Forward, Down, Down, Forward [Sweep]
  • Lend A Hand: Forward, Back, Forward, Back, [Sweep]
  • Babality: Down, Down, Down, Back,
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Down, Down, Down,

[top]Quan Chi

  • Beat Down: Forward, Forward, Down, Down, [Sweep]
  • On Your Knees: Down, Forward, Down, Forward, [Sweep]
  • Babality: Forward, Down, Back,
  • Stage Fatality: Back, Forward, Down,

[top]Cyber Sub-Zero

  • Kold Fusion: Down, Back, Down, Forward, [Jump]
  • Brain Freeze: Down, Down, Back, Down, [Jump]
  • Babality: Down, Back, Forward, [R]
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Down, Up, [R]


  • Blood Bath: Down, Back, Down, Down, [R] [Touching]
  • Make It Rain: Forward, Back, Down, Down, [Jump]
  • Babality: Down, Back, Down, Forward,
  • Stage Fatality: Forward, Back, Forward,


  • Scatterbrained: Up, Down, Up, Down, [R] [Sweep]
  • Split Ends: Back, Forward, Down, Forward, [Jump]
  • Babality: Down, Back, Down,
  • Stage Fatality: Down, Forward, Down,


  • Bubble Burst: Back, Forward, Down, Back, [R] [Jump]
  • Does It Sting: Up, Down, Back, Forward, [Jump]
  • Babality: Back, Down, Forward,
  • Stage Fatality: Forward, Down, Forward,

[top]Freddy Krueger

  • Tell 'Em Freddy Sent Ya: Back, Forward, Down, Down, [Any]
  • Welcome To My Nightmare: Down, Up, Forward, Back, [R] [Sweep]
  • Babality: Back, Forward, Down,
  • Stage Fatality: Forward, Down, Down,

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