Motorstorm RC was released on the 22nd February 2012 in the EU and is slated for a March 6th release in the United States. MotorStorm RC is a smaller remote controlled spin off of the popular series. It is available to download from the PlayStation Network on PS3 and PS Vita and was developed by Evolution Studios and Published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Motorstorm RC features the 4 areas from the previous motorstorm games as well as 16 tracks unique to Motorstorm RC.


Players: 1
Online Trophies: 2
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-30 Hours varies on users skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 with event clean up for medals
Collectible Trophies: Round the Clock, Seasoned Race, Playground Bully, Eye of the Storm, Supercharged, Silver Standard, Rare Reward,
Re-Scaling New heights.
Missable Trophies:
Ghost Busted, Wall Brawl, Swish, Rare Reward.
Glitched Trophies: No trophies are glitched
Special Equipment Required:
Online Pass Required: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

They're aren't many tips that i can give for this game but there are a few you need to live by when trying to shave your times. The First of these is slow in fast out as if you hit a corner too fast in MotorStorm RC you tend to spin out and you will lose a lot of ground. The second tip I can give is when trying to overtake make sure you have plenty of room as if you hit into the back of another car you normally get stuck there and you have to drop your speed. The third and final tip I can give in general racing is practice makes perfect, as the more you practice a race the more familiar you get with the track the opponent patterns as well as other things. I would suggest when drifting you go into the drift as fast as possible and the turn into the drift once it has been initiated and when you want to change direction turn the opposite way and you will generally keep drifting.

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Step 1 - Online Trophies

I would suggest getting the two online trophies out of the way as quickly as possible as the further you get in the game the harder it will be for you to get these trophies due to the new and faster vehicles you will have in the game. If you are having trouble beating the times you could also post below average times and send a challenge to a friend but let them know to only beat it by a fraction so you can get the trophy like that as this will also make it easier for you to obtain the two online trophies and will also mean that you friend will obtain the two trophies at the same time as you do.

Step 2 - Festival Mode

Once you have got the online trophies for this game go straight onto Festival Mode and start working on getting 3 medals in all events for the
Re-Scaling New Heights.You will need to keep switching areas as You will run out of events in each area quickly as you require medals to unlock the events in the game so if you have no events available in one area move on to the next area and repeat this until you have unlocked the last 16 hot lap events along with the Supercharged trophy. Once you have unlocked the last 16 events you will be able to go to the playground and unlock the Playful trophy. You can either go to the playground and get the playground trophies or you can continue trying to get 3 medals in all of the events for Silver Standard and Re-Scaling New Heights trophies.

Step 3 - Shaving Times

After you have earned the Silver Standard and Re-Scaling New Heights Trophies it is now time to start racing against the clock for the time related trophies in the game. There are 5 time related trophies in Motorstorm RC there are 4 area exclusive time related trophies and 1 overall time trophy. Once you have unlocked the 4 area specific trophies you must shave another 2 minutes of the clock for the final trophy RC Champion so after you have obtained the 4 area trophies you should go back to your slowest times and start working on them to get the final trophy.

Step 4 - Playground

After you have unlocked all of the festival mode related trophies it is now time to get your . To do this you must get the last few remaining trophies these will more than likely be the playground trophies if you have followed this road map. so after you have obtained the RC Champion you will have 3 trophies left these trophies will be Swish, Playful and the Rare Reward these trophies will take you around 3 minutes to obtain then you will have your .


Lunatics Unite
Obtain every other trophy in the game.

Just like any other game acquire all the trophies and the shall be yours to brag about.

The Triple
Win all 3 medals on any Festival event.

This trophy is quite simple, the easiest way you can obtain this trophy is by simply coming in 1st in the mandatory race after you have completed the playground tutorial as this race isn't really hard at all and you should be able to achieve 1st place the first time you play this race with little effort. Although this trophy can be obtained anytime throughout the game when you earn 3 Medals on one event.

Storm Chaser
Complete a Festival event in each of the 4 MotorStorm locations.

Yet another simple trophy simply complete a race in each of the 4 areas in the game and you shall obtain this trophy I'm sure a lot of people who have played the MotorStorm games will realize the names of the 4 different areas are actually the previous MotorStorm titles. You can earn this trophy at any time throughout the festival you can either complete the first race in each event immediately or you can work your way through the events one at a time until you need to move onto one of the other areas.

These are the four areas required for the trophy:
  • Monument Valley
  • Pacific Rift
  • Arctic Edge
  • Apocalypse

Round the Clock
Earn 24 medals within the Festival.

To earn this trophy you must earn 24 out of a possible 192 medals in the games festival mode. you can earn this trophy with any combination of medals and will earn it on the way to getting Re-Scaling New Heights. You can earn this trophy by getting 3 medals on 8 events or an assortment of different amount of medals in any number of events.

Seasoned Racer
Earn 48 medals within the Festival.

To earn this trophy you must earn 48 out of a possible 192 in the festival mode you will get this through natural play and should definitely get it on the way to earning
Re-Scaling New Heights as with Round the Clock you can mix and match any number of events with any number of medals to obtain this trophy. But if you are going for all three medals in each event you should earn this trophy after your 16th event.

Playground Bully
Unlock all 4 areas of the Playground.

The playground is made up of 4 different areas these areas are the dirt track, skate park, Football Field (Soccer) and a basketball court to unlock all four areas you must earn a total of 60 medals across all of the festival events. You will earn this trophy on the way to Re-Scaling New Heights this can be obtained with any number of events with an assortment of medals so if you were going for all 3 medals on each event it would take you a total of 20 events.

Ghost Busted
Beat a friend's ghost in a Race or Hot Lap event who currently sits above you in the leaderboards.

It is best to get this trophy early in the game as the further in the game you get the harder it will be for a friend to beat your times. So if possible you should try to get this trophy after the first mandatory race you should also try to launch the challenge through the Pitwall as this will leave 9 more challenges to beat on the Pitwall for the
Wall Brawl trophy.


Custom Collection
Customise each of the 8 vehicle classes within your Collection.

This trophy can be earned by changing the livery for one of each class of car you own. To earn this you to have earned at least one medal on each event of the 48 events that are available to you once you have earned at least one medal in each of the first 48 events this will allow you to earn the Super car which will unlock the
Supercharged and this will be the last car that you will need to change the livery on for the custom collection trophy. To change the you can go into the car collection on the main menu and go through each class changing the livery of the first car in each class by pressing and then confirming the new livery with , you must do this in all 8 vehicle classes and then you will earn the trophy once you have changed the livery of each car class.

Successfully leapt through the two red basketball hoops within the playground in one session.

This trophy can only be obtained after all areas of the playground have been unlocked. To obtain this trophy you must travel through both of the hoops in one session in the playground the two hoops can be located in the skate park and basketball court. The first one in the skate park is the easier of the two to travel through as you can go up the quarter pipe underneath the hoop and travel through it and came back down through it for that one to count as a hoop. The second hoop will take a little longer to do as you have to jump a ramp and land and go through the hoop you should use the middle line on the ramp as your reference for this hoop, you should also be using the muscle car for the second hoop as this car has enough power to make the jump easily and without much of a run up.

Swish Trophy Guide

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As Good as New
Finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a Festival Race event without colliding into a competitor or barrier.

This trophy is a lot easier than it sounds and can be done in any race in the festival you just need to be extremely careful. The two events i recommend trying to obtain this trophy on are "Mixing Bowl" or "Lane Changer" as both of these events are extremely easy and once you get ahead of your opponents you only need to worry about hitting barriers. You can also try this once you get one of the faster cars and speed past your opponents and then slow down so you do not lap your opponents and catch one of them while overtaking.

As Good as New Trophy Guide

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Wall Brawl
Beat 10 times after launching through the Pitwall.

This trophy can be obtained by beating 10 challenges posted on your Pitwall. I would suggest doing this trophy as soon as possible as once you start to get better cars the harder it becomes for friends to beat you and vice versa. you can also obtain this trophy by launching a race from the Pitwall where it says something along the lines of "RandomUser Scorched you on Mud Plugged" and when you beat the challenge your total will be updated. Also if you want to view your total Pitwall challenges beaten you can go to the Wreckreation option in the menus and press and scroll down to the bottom to see your amount of completed challenges. An easier way to obtain this trophy would be to hold back on your times then issue your friend a challenge by posting your results to PSN and then beat their time after they beat your previous best. Also if you beat a challenge displayed on your Pitwall where it says "RandomUser posted a time of 20s on Sky High" it will count towards the total for this trophy.

Let it Slide
Bank more than 2000 points in a single drift.

This is another trophy that is a lot simpler than it sounds as in most of the drift events it is required that you string your drift together in order to earn all 3 medals. although i have found that some of the easier events to get this trophy on are:
  • Rockslide
  • Snow Drift
  • Sky High

I would suggest trying to do this trophy on "Sky High" as this is a very simple track where you can string the whole course together due to its layout. The track has a curve at the top and drifting through the corners can be very simple and then there is another large curve at the end of the track approaching the Finish/Start Line. If you are still struggling with this trophy then I would suggest that you give Rockslide a try as this course is one large figure of eight and the drifts can be chained together easily.

Let It Slide Trophy Guide

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Eye of the Storm
Earn 96 medals within the Festival.

Just like the other 2 trophies obtained from medals. You must earn 96 out of a possible 192 medals in the Festival Mode. This can be any variation of medals this could be 32 events with all 3 medals or any variation of 1, 2 or 3 medals on any amount of events as long as you have 96 medals in Festival Mode you will obtain this trophy. This Trophy will also be obtained on your way to Re-Scaling New Heights.

Played with all 8 vehicles within the playground in one visit.

For this trophy you must drive all of the vehicles in the playground in one visit but you must first unlock all areas of the playground and then you must unlock the Super Car. After you have unlocked all the areas of the playground and the Super Car go to the playground and enter each vehicle and drive to the next vehicle.

The 8 vehicles are:
  • Racing Truck - This is the vehicle you spawn in.
  • Supermini - The Supermini is located to the right of where you spawn in the pool.
  • Buggy - This vehicle is located at the entrance of the skate park
  • Monster Truck - The Monster Truck is located in the skate park next to the half pipe with the Basketball Hoop.
  • Big Rig - The Big Rig is located on the Football field (soccer) in the half with an empty goal
  • Rally Car - The Rally car is next to the bench with the boombox on the left half of the Football Field (soccer).
  • Muscle Car - The muscle car is located in the Basketball Court turn left when you enter and the muscle car is in mid court.
  • Super Car - The Super Car is located in between two benches next to the hoop opposite the ramp.

Playful Trophy Guide

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Unlock the Super Car.

This trophy is unlocked once you have obtained the Super Car, to obtain the Super Car you must earn one medal in each of the 48 available events. Once you have earned at least one medal in each of the 48 events you will unlock 4 new hot lap events in each area and you must use a super car for these events. You will more than likely get this on your way to Re-Scaling New Heights and this trophy is very easily obtainable.

Silver Standard
Earn a minimum of 2 medals across all of the 64 Festival events.

This trophy is obtained by earning two out of three medals on each festival event. This trophy is quite simple and most users should not have trouble with this trophy with a large amount of the events it is easier when you go back to them with a faster car. You will also obtain this trophy on your way to Re-Scaling New Heights if not at the same time for some users.

Rare Reward
Unlocked 2 of the secret vehicles.

There are a total of 8 secret vehicles that can be unlocked in MotorStorm RC most of these are simple to acquire. Although you only need to unlock two of the 8 secret vehicles that are available. 6 out of the 8 vehicles can be unlocked in Playground and the other two by beating Pitwall challenges.

Secret Vehicles & How to Unlock

Quote Originally Posted by TRAXXAS58
  • Supermini - Dunk - Drive yourself through the basketball hoop 10 times

  • Monster Truck - Voodoo Thunder Lizard - Play 1 hour in playground

  • Racing Truck - Headcase - Score 10 goals

  • Buggy - Lunar-Tec Martian - Win 10 Pitwall challenges

  • Rally Car - Patriot Touchdown - Drive yourself through the basketball hoop 20 times

  • Big Rig - Nord Gnitro - Score 20 goals

  • Super Car - Italia Striker - Win 20 Pitwall Challenges

  • Muscle Car - Beezlebuggy Boom - Play 2 hours in Playground

Rare Reward Trophy Guide

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Wiped Out
Beat a time of 17 seconds on the event "Wipe Out".

You will earn this trophy when trying to get Re-Scaling New Heights as to earn all of the medals on the "Wipe Out" Hot lap Event. A few good tips for this event are to try not to cut of the corners as there are obstacles on many of them that you can get caught on when going round the corner. I would also suggest adopting the slow in fast out method as this can help you cut your time. The last thing i can suggest is using the Patriot Super Car as it is one of the fastest cars in the game and other than that I would suggest you keep practicing.

Re-Scaling New Heights
Earn all 3 medals on each of the Festival's 64 events.

For this trophy you must earn all 3 medals in each of the 64 events this trophy will require a large amount of time as you may not get 3 medals on every event the first time. This means that you will have to go back and replay some of your events which will also help towards the time based trophies. It isn't really too hard to get all of the medals in each event it just takes patience and also it takes a lot of practice. Refer to the tips & strategies section for some useful hints and tips to help you in your pursuit to platinum.

Monument Valley Champion
Set a time of 10:00 or less across all Monument Valley events.

For this trophy you must bring your total time for Monument Valley down to 10 minutes. After I had earned all 3 medals in each event in Monument Valley my total time was around 10:07 so I Had to shave a total of 7 seconds off for the Monument Valley Champion. To get the most out of shaving times I would suggest you stick to Races and Pursuit events as these can take quite a while when you first attempted them in one of the slower cars. Other than that I would suggest to try to chip away at some hot lap events that you don't have the greatest of times on and think you can do better.

Pacific Rift Champion
Set a time of 10:00 or less across all Pacific Rift events.

This trophy is similar to Monumnet Valley Champion you have to get a total time of 10 minutes across all of the Pacific Rift Events this is a lot simpler than it sounds and is not too hard the events I suggest cutting your times down on are generally races and Pursuits as these events take the longest in the game and seconds can be shaved off them once you have the faster vehicles in the game. Just keep practicing the tracks and you will get this trophy with very little issue.

Arctic Edge Champion
Set a time of 12:00 or less across all Arctic Edge events.

As with the other time based trophies this one is not too difficult and just requires you to be patient with the game and practice the track so you get used to them and know the best routes to take. This trophy is different though as it requires you to set a time of 12 minutes or less across all of the Arctic Edge events. It is 12 minutes for arctic edge events as some of the tracks are longer than tracks in the other areas of the game. Yet again this trophy is quite simple and just require practice and patience and shouldn't give players any trouble.

Apocalypse Champion
Set a time of 10:00 or less across all Apocalypse events.

This is the final area time based trophy this is quite simple as with the others. Yet again I would suggest you try to improve your times on Races or pursuits with them being some of the longest events in the game some taking up to 1:30 for an event. As I have said for the previous trophies practice makes perfect and patience is a virtue. You will get this trophy on the Way to getting RC Champion I would also suggest that you use the fastest car that is available to you in each event so you have a better chance of shaving your time down to 10 minutes overall in the Apocalypse Events.

RC Champion
Set a time of 40:00 or less across the whole MotorStorm RC Festival.

This trophy will more than likely be the last you unlock in the whole game and will be the last trophy before :platinum. This trophy is like the other time based trophies but you have to shave another 2 minutes of your overall time. As with the other trophies obtained you will have an overall time of 42:00 across all of the MotorStorm RC events. I would suggest checking your events to see which can be improved on as it may not be easy for you to shave 30 seconds off your time from each area it may be better for you to shave 40 second off one area and 20 off another. Although I do give a general guideline of trying to shave 30 seconds off in each area depending on your times on your events. As with the other trophies focus on working your Race and Pursuit times down as mentioned earlier as they are some of the longest event in the game and you can shave up to 10 seconds off some of them. If you are still struggling with this trophy I would suggest that you keep practicing and you will get the trophy eventually. It just a matter of patience and practice and you will get it eventually.

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