Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 15-20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 (1 "Legend" run, 1 "Fury" run) + clean up
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Gonbe's weapons and abilities are very different from previous Muramasa characters. If you try to play Gonbe like another character it's likely you will have a hard time in fights. Practice a bit and you'll soon realize that Gonbe is a very powerful character if played correctly.
  • His hoe's charge is VERY powerful. , , (hold) will destroy any smaller enemy in just a few hits.
  • His bamboo spear hits fast and hard. As you level it up you will be able to dash and pierce through groups of enemies.
  • His sickle is a ranged weapon that depletes its Spirit Gauge with every throw. You can purposely break your sickle to get a free quickdraw.
  • Quickdraw whenever it is up! Your friend will join the battle and mirror your attacks. You can have up to two helpers at a time.
  • Gonbe's dodge, dash attack, and jump/glide are different from Momohime/Kisuke's so get a feel for their differences. These differences could either help you or hurt you depending on the encounter.


Just enjoy the game and get used to playing as the new character. This story is about 1/3 the size of the stories in the main game so expect to spend around 3 hours playing through all of the acts. Before the final boss, remember to switch your game from "Legend" to "Chaos" so you can unlock Fury Mode. *Note* If you have already unlocked Fury Mode by playing the first DLC then you will not have to do this last step.

...Lest You Be Judged

This step is where you will spend most of your time. Head to each of Momohime's and Kisuke's bosses and defeat them. Also head to each Cave of Evil and clear it. Find a cooking recipe and make a dish. Try not to spend a lot of money at restaurants and vendors until you reach 10,000 Mon. The last thing to do is to replay Gonbe's final boss in order to view ending #2.

Dig In, Y'all!
Super Spelunker!
It Was Only a Dream, Right?

Start a new save file and set the playstyle to "Fury." If you already have a Fury save file from the first DLC, then you can use it for this step. You just have to play through Gonbe's story to unlock your last trophy.

Revolution, Come and Gone


...Lest You Be Judged
Complete the grand finale of A Cause to Daikon For.

Gonbe's story contains three acts and each act has a boss. Simply complete the story and you will unlock this trophy.

Boss #1
The boss of Act 1 is Attack of the Crows. Like the title suggests, you will be fighting several dozen crows in this battle. At this point Gonbe does not have dash attacks, special attacks, and he cannot glide. But this fight is very easy and you should be able to win with no problems. Use your quickdraw every time it is up to get help from one of your farmer friends. Keep swinging your weapons around and you will block most of their attacks. The one attack to look out for is when a crow tries to divebomb into you. You may be able to block one or two of these, but towards the end of the fight many crows will divebomb you all at once and this will break your weapon. Dodge or jump out of the way when this happens. Once you have killed all of the crows the fight will be over.

Boss #2
The second fight of this DLC is against the sumo wrestler Akugoro Fugaku. He is very large and powerful and for most part executes typical sumo wrestler moves. He will raise his feet and stomp the ground, producing shockwaves that you need to dodge or jump over. He will also try to either grab you or slap you so you should stay behind him. I used the spear for this fight because it is quicker than the hoe. When he enrages his speed will increase and his attacks will become stronger so start using your special attacks on him to take him down ASAP.

Boss #3
Your final encounter with be against Mamedayu Hatono. He is a coward and will try to run away from you. Follow him and attack him from behind in order to avoid his attacks. He uses pistols and they will chew your weapons up if you aren't careful. In addition to running away, he will have an entire ninja task force helping him take you down. For the most part they can be ignored and their attacks can be reflected back into Mamedayu. Several ninja will stack up on each other and then collapse into a ball that will bounce around the room. Use your hoe's special attack to destroy the ball or use a well timed attack to send the ball into Mamedayu which will knock him off his feet. The ninja will also attach wires to Mamedayu and begin to hoist him into the air. When this happens, target the ninja holding him up and he will fall to the ground, stunned. Overall this is a pretty easy fight as long as you stay behind the boss. Bringing magatamas to the battle will help if your weapon is about to break.

Dig In, Y'all!
Whomp up a mess o' vitals and eat the heck out of 'em!

You must cook a meal in order to unlock this trophy. You can find recipes all over the world. Once you have learned a recipe, gather the ingredients and press and go to cooking. Cook the meal and the trophy will unlock. Cooking a consumable item such as a rice ball will not award you the trophy. It must be an item that is immediately consumed and that grants you a buff like cabbage stew, miso soup, or sweet potato stew.

Save the up the equivalent of one tael of gold.

You will earn this trophy once your character is carrying over 10,000 Mon. Normally this wouldn't be much of a problem, but it seems that it is harder to earn money in this DLC than the main game. Don't buy any items from vendors or restaurants because spending money will hinder your trophy progress. You should reach 10,000 Mon by the time you have defeated most bosses and Caves of Evil.

It Was Only a Dream, Right?
Experience all of the endings for A Cause to Daikon For.

This DLC has two endings. You must view both endings in order to unlock this trophy.

Ending #1

This ending will unlock the first time you complete the story.

Ending #2

In order to view this ending, you will need to replay the final boss fight with the Transformation Guide equipped in your equipment slot. The Transformation Guide is acquired by defeating every boss from Momohime's and Kisuke's stories. There are 16 bosses in total that you must defeat. You won't have to worry about the white barriers being in your way because they will all disappear after beating the story once.

Kisuke's Bosses Momohime's Bosses
Kurozaru Blue Monk
Giant Centipedes Wanyuudo
Torahime Yukinojo
Sayo Ippondatara
Tsuchigumo Chimera
Chigurui Bishamon Boss Demon
Dragon God Raijin
Inugami Tsunayoshi Tokugawa Fudo-Myoou
The fights are exactly the same in this DLC so you shouldn't have any trouble taking any of these bosses down. If you have forgotten where bosses are located, worry not. The map has been enhanced for this DLC and displays where bosses are located and even tells you whether you have defeated them or not. Press and go to map and move your cursor over the different regions to see what you have left to do.

Once all 16 bosses are defeated, you will acquire the Transformation Guide. Equip it and face the final boss again. He will be more difficult this time so prepare yourself!

Revolution, Come and Gone
Clear the finale of A Cause to Daikon For in Fury mode.

"'A Relentless test of one's ability to cheat death.' Like in life, one hit will kill. Only for the truly brave."
You will unlock Fury mode once you complete the final chapter on Chaos mode. You do not have to play the whole story on Chaos - you just need to change the difficulty from "Legend" to "Chaos" before you confront the final boss. The game will tell you that you have unlocked Fury Mode after the credits. *Note* if you unlocked Fury Mode in the first DLC then you do not have to do it again. It will already be unlocked for this DLC.

In terms of difficulty, Fury is exactly the same as Legend. The difference is that you only have 1 HP. One hit from anything will kill you so take it slow and learn your enemy's moves. When you die, you will respawn at the beginning of the zone (or outside of the portal if fighting a boss) so you will lose practically no progress.

You just need to complete the story in Fury Mode to earn this trophy. That means you don't have to do any Caves of Evil or any of the other bosses throughout the world. Defeat Attack of the Crows, Akugoro Fugaku, and Mamedayu Hatono and watch the credits to unlock this trophy.

Super Spelunker!
Conquer all Caves of Evil with Gonbe.

You have to play and clear all 16 Caves of Evil in order to unlock this trophy. These are exactly the same as the ones from the main game. What is different is your character - Gonbe's play style is very different from Kisuke/Momohime's so you are going to have to slightly adapt your approach. Press and go into the map menu. You can keep track of which Caves of Evil you have completed and which you still need to conquer by looking at the bottom of this menu.

Incarnation of a Hundred Shadows
Location: Yamashiro
Recommended Level: 9+
Ninjas. Lots of ninjas. They will break through your guard in the blink of an eye if you aren't careful. Use your hoe's charge attacks to deal massive damage to groups on ninjas. Quickdraw to summon your friends and keep an eye on your weapon's spirit gauges.

Trial of a Hundred Monks
Location: Musashi
Recommended Level: 9+
Much like the first cave, but with monks instead. Basically use the same tactics from the previous cave.

God of Pestilence
Location: Owari
Recommended Level: 16+
Quickdraw to get your friends out and then hit him with your hoe and spear. Switch to your sickle and use it to damage him while he spews out his poison cloud.

Toads of Yoro Falls
Location: Mino
Recommended Level: 29+
This cave is full of toads. Stay behind them so you don't get sprayed with poison. Also be aware of where they are jumping. Quickdraw and use your hoe or spear to get through this cave.

Storm of the Kagura Tengu
Location: Totomi
Recommended Level: 23+
Gonbe doesn't have good aerial attacks so this may prove to be a tough cave. Move all the way to the right of the room and wait for the tengu to naturally group up after spawning. Then hit them with your hoe's charge attack. Also use your quickdraw whenever it's available.

Seven Samurai
Location: Mikawa
Recommended Level: 36+
As the title suggests, you are going to have to fight seven samurai in this cave. You can see their health bars at the bottom of your screen. Use whatever you can to break their swords and then hit them with charge attacks.

Procession of the Snow Demons
Location: Hida
Recommended Level: 42+
Super easy cave. The enemy's attacks are easily reflected and they do not have much health. The Ice Maidens will also group up on their own so use your spear or hoe when you see them in once place. Keep beating them up until you complete all five waves.

Valor in the Witching Hour
Location: Sagami
Recommended Level: 47+
First, you are going to face three Blue Monks. They are super easy as long as you stay behind them. Next you will fight the purple monster from an earlier cave. Take care of him and you will be done with this cave.

Assault of the Elite Ozaru Ninjas
Location: Iga
Recommended Level: 49+
These enemies are the same as Kisuke's first boss. You will be against four of them at once. Fighting a lone enemy was easy, but having four makes it a bit more complicated. You need to watch out for all of the ninja's shurikens and be aware of their body slams. You should try to focus on them one at a time if you can. Use your spear to hit and dash through the group.

Frolicking Animals
Location: Kai
Recommended Level: 50+
You have to get through a few waves of boars and pheasants in this cave. Kill the boars before they start to charge and evade the pheasants until you can land a solid hit on them. Use your quickdraw or avatar form to kill them fast.

Treachery of the Yagyuu Clan
Location: Yamato
Recommended Level: 57+
You will face waves of elite ninja in this cave. Quickdraw + special attack your way to the last wave, which will include Yukinojo, Momohime's Chapter 3 samurai boss. Finish off the elite ninjas and then work on Yukinojo.

Giant Centipedes of Suzuka Ridge
Location: Ise
Recommended Level: 64+
You will fight the Giant Centipedes in this cave. Use the same techniques you used for Kisuke's second boss. Cut off their tails and heads and then cut off their body segments one by one.

Dragons of Heaven and Earth
Location: Suruga
Recommended Level: 71+
You have to fight two dragon bosses in this cave. Stock up on magatamas and spam your special attacks to make quick work of them while being invulnerable to their attacks.

Hundreds of Death of the Demon Army
Location: Omi
Recommended Level: 78+
The first wave is full of imps. Slash them up and prepare for wave two. You will have to face two demons. Use a heavy attack to knock them off their feet, then keep hitting them with charge attacks to keep them off of their feet. The third wave will consist of two minotaurs. They are a little tougher, but use the same tactic as on the demons and you will kill them easily. The last wave has two demons AND two minotaurs. Spam magatamas and special attacks to weaken the enemies, then finish them off one by one using the tactics in the previous waves.

Battlefield of the Damned
Location: Shinano
Recommended Level: 85+
The first five waves will be full of undead samurai, samurai shooters, and flying ninjas. Use special attacks and quickdraws whenever you can. The last wave of the cave will have three Undead Generals in it. Another boss from Kisuke's story, use magatamas and special attack spamming to do as much damage as you can.

Night of Absolute Chaos
Location: Izu
Recommended Level: 92+
The hardest and longest cave in the game. This cave has a mixture of all of the enemies you have fought throughout your adventures in this game. Stock up on magatamas and use all of the knowledge you have acquired while playing this game to beat this cave.

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