Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 12-15 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 (1 "Legend" run, 1 "Fury" run) + clean up
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Eating food in combat is a staple that you should be very familiar with in Muramasa Rebirth. After learning a couple skills in Training, Rajyaki takes this mechanic a step further. Filling Rajyaki up with food will also increase her damage output! Keep her full of food if you want to keep the buff.

This attack type is unique to Rajyaki. All 3 of her forms have several attacks that can be spammed. Land enough blows in quick succession and she will enrage (much like bosses do). Shortly after gaining the flaming aura, Rajyaki will unleash a "Crushing Blow." This attack is extremely powerful and can be augmented further through training. Incorporate these devastating attacks into every enemy encounter.

If you have experience with DLC 1's character then you should be familiar with how Demon form works. Rajyaki is invincible while in Demon form and her attacks are incredibly powerful. But she can't stay in this form very long and it takes a while to recharge. Use it to get out of a dire situation or to burn down an enraged boss.


Enjoy the game and get used to playing as the new character. This story is a little shorter than the other three DLC stories so expect to spend a couple of hours playing through all of the acts. Before the final boss, remember to switch your game from "Legend" to "Chaos" so you can unlock Fury Mode. *Note* If you have already unlocked Fury Mode by playing any of the other DLCs then you can ignore the previous sentence.

Honey, I can see Hell from here!

This step is where you will spend most of your time. Head to each of Momohime's and Kisuke's bosses and defeat them. Also head to each Cave of Evil and clear it. Eat food in battle 20 times. The last thing to do is to defeat Rajyaki's final boss with the Transformation Guide equipped in order to view ending #2. And make sure to land the killing blow in Demon Form.

Gluttony, Second of Seven!
Crouching Child, Raging Demon
Not Unlike Icarus...
Rajyaki, Don't Cave In!

Start a new save file and set the playstyle to "Fury." All you have to do is defeat the 3 story bosses.

I am Demoness, Hear me ROAR!


Honey, I can see Hell from here!
Complete the grand finale of Hell's Where The Heart Is

Rajyaki is a very strong character and, in my opinion, this DLC's bosses are pretty easy. It should only take you a couple of hours to complete her story.

Boss #1
The first boss you will encounter is Moon Bear. His moves are initially very predictable so move away or get behind him when he looks like he is preparing an attack. Once he enrages his speed will increase and he will also begin evading your attacks. His jump attack will also begin to produce shockwaves when he hits the ground. His claw attack will shoot out an arc of energy that you should jump over. I suggest using Child form for the majority of this fight because of her speed.

Boss #2
Mountain Witch is the next boss encounter. She wields two knives which you can avoid if you stay behind her. Jump on her head and attack her from there when she begins to spew poison all over the area. Usually she follows up with her hair drill attack. Immediately hop down to the ground and stay very close to her. If you are right on top of her she won't be able to hit you with her hair. Sometimes she will throw knives into the air so be prepared to dodge or block the falling blades.

Boss #3
Jorogumo is this DLC's final boss. She will be accompanied by two guards. Don't pay too much attention to them - if killed new guards will join the fight and take their place. Jorogumo is a spider so you can expect a few attacks involving webs. She will try to web you if she is above you so use the webbed platforms around the room to shield yourself from her web shots. If hit, she will pull you in and attempt to attack you. Mash and you may break free before she or her guards have a chance to attack you.
After taking away her first health bar, Jorogumo will ascend and move to the other side of the webs where you can't hit her. She will then periodically poke through and try to attack you with web balls, web shots, and melee attacks. You can reflect to web balls back at her so try to do that as much as you can. Avoid her web shots and mash if you get webbed. Don't let her guards get too close to you because they will try to grab you during this phase. Keep damaging her until she returns and phase 1 will begin again. You'll have to do this a few more times before Jorogumo is defeated.

Gluttony, Second of Seven!
Become full 20 times in a battle.

In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to get the Fullness meter to appear above your head while you are in battle. Press while you have food (rice balls, fruits, sake, etc.) selected to consume the item. This will replenish some of your health and also fill you up. You will have to wait until the Fullness meter disappears before you can consume another item.

In addition to health, Rajyaki also acquires buffs whenever she is full. So eating food is even more important when playing as Rajyaki. Buy cookbooks and ingredients and get cooking! Make rice balls and consume them while in battle. The trophy will unlock once you become full 20 times in battle.

Crouching Child, Raging Demon
Take out the final boss while in Demon form

You need to use Demon form to get the killing blow on the final boss to earn this trophy. Demon form has a limited duration so you will need to save it until Jorogumo has only 1/3 of her final life bar left. Initiate Demon form and start punching her! If she moves away, press and hold to quickly close in on her and finish her off before you exit Demon form.

Not Unlike Icarus...
Experience all the endings for Hell's Where The Heart Is

This DLC has two endings. You must view both endings in order to unlock this trophy.

Ending #1

This ending will unlock the first time you complete the story.

Ending #2

In order to view this ending, you will need to replay the final boss fight with the Transformation Guide equipped in your equipment slot. The Transformation Guide is acquired by defeating every boss from Momohime's and Kisuke's stories. There are 16 bosses in total that you must defeat. You won't have to worry about the white barriers being in your way because they will all disappear after beating the story once.

Kisuke's Bosses Momohime's Bosses
Kurozaru Blue Monk
Giant Centipedes Wanyuudo
Torahime Yukinojo
Sayo Ippondatara
Tsuchigumo Chimera
Chigurui Bishamon Boss Demon
Dragon God Raijin
Inugami Tsunayoshi Tokugawa Fudo-Myoou
The fights are exactly the same in this DLC so you shouldn't have any trouble taking any of these bosses down. If you have forgotten where bosses are located, worry not. The map has been enhanced for this DLC and displays where bosses are located and even tells you whether you have defeated them or not. Press and go to map and move your cursor over the different regions to see what you have left to do.

Once all 16 bosses are defeated, you will acquire the Transformation Guide. Equip it and face the final boss again. She will be more difficult this time so prepare yourself!

I am Demoness, Hear me ROAR!
Complete the grand finale of Hell's Where The Heart Is in Fury Mode

"'A Relentless test of one's ability to cheat death.' Like in life, one hit will kill. Only for the truly brave."
You will unlock Fury mode once you complete the final chapter on Chaos mode. You do not have to play the whole story on Chaos - you just need to change the difficulty from "Legend" to "Chaos" before you confront the final boss. The game will tell you that you have unlocked Fury Mode after the credits. *Note* if you unlocked Fury Mode in the first or second DLCs then you do not have to do it again. It will already be unlocked for this DLC.

In terms of difficulty, Fury is exactly the same as Legend. The difference is that you only have 1 HP. One hit from anything will kill you so take it slow and learn your enemy's moves. When you die, you will respawn at the beginning of the zone (or outside of the portal if fighting a boss) so you will lose practically no progress.

You just need to complete the story in Fury Mode to earn this trophy. That means you don't have to do any Caves of Evil or any of the other bosses throughout the world. Defeat Moon Bear, Mountain Witch, and Jorogumo to unlock this trophy. It will pop after the credits.

Rajyaki, Don't Cave In!
Conquer all Caves of Evil with Rajyaki

You have to play and clear all 16 Caves of Evil in order to unlock this trophy. These are exactly the same as the ones from the main game. What is different is your character - Rajyaki's play style is different from Kisuke/Momohime's so you are going to have to slightly adapt your approach. Press and go into the map menu. You can keep track of which Caves of Evil you have completed and which you still need to conquer by looking at the bottom of this menu.

Incarnation of a Hundred Shadows
Location: Yamashiro
Recommended Level: 9+
Ninjas. Lots of ninjas. They will break through your guard in the blink of an eye if you aren't careful. Wait until they are all on the ground and then unleash Adult form's Secret Art. It will hit all of the ninjas and push them to one side of the room. Then unleash her spinning attack and hit them all at once.

Trial of a Hundred Monks
Location: Musashi
Recommended Level: 9+
Much like the first cave, but with monks instead. Basically use the same tactics from the previous cave.

God of Pestilence
Location: Owari
Recommended Level: 16+
Jump up and use Adult's spinning attack to do a lot of damage. Switch to Child and use her Secret Art when it tries to attack you.

Toads of Yoro Falls
Location: Mino
Recommended Level: 29+
This cave is full of toads. Stay behind them so you don't get sprayed with poison. Also be aware of where they are jumping. Child's Secret Art is very effective against toads so use it as much as you can. Then switch to Adult and use her Secret art and spinning attack to take them out.

Storm of the Kagura Tengu
Location: Totomi
Recommended Level: 23+
This cave could give you problems because the enemies constantly stay in the air. Stand in the middle of the room with Adult form. Just after they spawn, jump into the air and begin using your spinning attack once you reach them. The spinning attack will stun them, making them unable to retaliate. You should be able to get through this cave easily if you keep spinning.

Seven Samurai
Location: Mikawa
Recommended Level: 36+
As the title suggests, you are going to have to fight seven samurai in this cave. You can see their health bars at the bottom of your screen. Break their swords with Child or Adult's Secret Art and then knock their health down with crushing hits. Alternatively, wait until the samurai and close together and unleash Demon form. Pound them into submission.

Procession of the Snow Demons
Location: Hida
Recommended Level: 42+
Super easy cave. The enemy's attacks are easily reflected and they do not have much health. Meet them in the air and use Adult's spinning attack to take them out.

Valor in the Witching Hour
Location: Sagami
Recommended Level: 47+
First, you are going to face three Blue Monks. They are super easy as long as you stay behind them. Next you will fight the purple monster from an earlier cave. Take care of him and you will be done with this cave.

Assault of the Elite Ozaru Ninjas
Location: Iga
Recommended Level: 49+
These enemies are the same as Kisuke's first boss. You will be against four of them at once. Fighting a lone enemy was easy, but having four makes it a bit more complicated. Start off with Demon form and try to do as much damage as possible. Then use Child to take them out one-by-one. Use her agility to avoid their attacks. Her Secret Art is also very effective against them.

Frolicking Animals
Location: Kai
Recommended Level: 50+
You have to get through a few waves of boars and pheasants in this cave. Child form is great against the boars. Adult form is great against the pheasants.

Treachery of the Yagyuu Clan
Location: Yamato
Recommended Level: 57+
You will face waves of elite ninja in this cave. Use normal tactics to take care of them. When Yukinojo arrives at the last wave, use Demon form to take care of the ninja and break Yukinojo's blade. Now use Child's Secret Art to chip away at Yukinojo's health until he is defeated.

Giant Centipedes of Suzuka Ridge
Location: Ise
Recommended Level: 64+
You will fight the Giant Centipedes in this cave. Child's Secret Art does amazing damage to the centipedes.

Dragons of Heaven and Earth
Location: Suruga
Recommended Level: 71+
You have to fight two dragon bosses in this cave. Enter Demon form to do initial damage to the dragons and then switch between Adult's spinning attack and Child's Secret Art to finish them off.

Hundreds of Death of the Demon Army
Location: Omi
Recommended Level: 78+
The first wave is full of imps. Slash them up and prepare for wave two. You will have to face two demons. Use Child form to launch them into the air and keep them there with her dash attacks. Use her Secret Art when you can damage both at the same time. The third wave will consist of two minotaurs. They are a little tougher, but use the same tactic as on the demons and you will kill them easily. The last wave has two demons AND two minotaurs. Spam magatamas and use Secret Arts to deal serious damage to them. Save Demon form for this phase.

Battlefield of the Damned
Location: Shinano
Recommended Level: 85+
The first five waves will be full of undead samurai, samurai shooters, and flying ninjas. Child form moves quicker than Adult so use her to make it past these waves. The last wave of the cave will have three Undead Generals in it. Another boss from Kisuke's story, use magatamas + Secret Arts and Demon form to take care of them.

Night of Absolute Chaos
Location: Izu
Recommended Level: 92+
The hardest and longest cave in the game. This cave has a mixture of all of the enemies you have fought throughout your adventures in this game. Stock up on magatamas and use all of the knowledge you have acquired while playing this game to beat this cave.

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