Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required for Platinum: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Difficulty Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None, use mission select
Glitched Trophies: Yes, Ready to Rock

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Skeletons and portals drop money when they die. Make sure you tap on the piles that they leave behind for extra cash.
  • You can deflect purple portal projectiles with a swipe of the finger, and even destroy the portals by hitting them with the projectiles.
  • Using Near can net you some easy and free coins.

[top]Nun Squad

This is more for earlier in the game as by the time you finish Nun Attack you'll have four nun slots unlocked anyway. For map one, I liked to keep Olga and Rosy in my squad, mainly because Olga could tank the damage while Rosy dished out some. Just use Olga's special ability often to increase her damage and she'll be unkillable. In map two, you'll have three slots. Now I'd recommend taking Eva along with Olga and Rosy for more damage, but Mandy is good if you need extra health because your nuns are dying a lot. Of course, this is just my preference.


Complete the game

This step alone will net you every trophy in Nun Attack. All you have to do is do all the sub-battles in each area and for only 20 levels, destroy all portals. This will give you more than enough gold for Midas Touch, let alone upgrades and miracle spending. Nun Attack can easily be completed in one playthrough, if not less as you can skip a few levels in the last map to get straight to Mortanna (she's unlocked even if you have uncompleted levels). Nothing to worry about with this one.


War Decorations
Defeat Sergeant Baz.

Story Related Trophy

Sergeant Baz is the first boss in the game, after finishing the first 9 missions in Nun Attack. The actual battle is pretty simple, just stand and shoot the Sergeant. You will want to move your nuns around just to avoid some of the stuff that he shoots but all in all, rather easy fight. I recommend having Olga and Rosy as your squad mates, and you won't even have to move Olga around. Just use her special ability and stand in one spot.

The Curse is Lifted
Defeat Ripfang the Savage,

Story Related Trophy

Ripfang the Savage is the second boss of Nun Attack, and is a werewolf with a metal jaw. The battle is nothing too difficult, you're gonna want to stock up on Restoration or Resurrection miracles beforehand, as well as use Eva's decoy and Olga's defensive ability to both distract Ripfang and protect Olga a little while you have, preferably, Rosy and Eva dealing damage. Rather simple fight, just keep wailing on Ripfang until he dies.

Lord of the Night
Defeat Count Viktor.

Story Related Trophy

The Count is the third boss of the game. He honestly doesn't do much, he just sort of stands there and accepts your fire. He often makes your nuns confused and then you'll just have to make them attack the Count again, but there's really not much strategy involved her. Just make sure you use Mandy's healing ability and Olga's special and you're set.

Banished from Heaven
Defeat Mortanna, Sister of Flames.

Story Related Trophy

Mortanna is the last boss of the game. Before getting to her you'll have to kill every single boss again, Mega Man style, as you get closer to the end portal and eventually, Mortanna. You're definitely going to want Resurrection and Restoration with you, because Mortanna will use an ability exactly like Rain of Divine Flames which will insta-kill your nuns. When this happens, make sure you move the nuns out of the fire as having to redo every battle after having your nuns die sucks. A lot. The overall battle isn't too hard though, by this time you'll have every gun for each nun, and more than enough money to upgrade their last guns completely and all nuns should be level 15. Mortanna's health goes down surprisingly quick as well. Once she has been slain, you have beaten the game and this trophy is yours.

Midas Touch
Gather 1,000,000 Coins.

This trophy is cumulative and does not require a million gold on hand! So don't be afraid to upgrade weapons just so you can get this trophy. You get gold from getting kills, opening chests, using Near and finishing levels with certain ranks. Getting golds on each level as you work your way towards World Peace can net you quite a bit of gold.

The majority of your gold though will come from getting kills and tapping the gold piles they leave behind. Make sure you do this as, later on in Nun Attack, the piles can be worth more than 2,000 gold. As the game progresses you'll get more gold as well, not only from kills but from chests and the amount of enemies is increased.If you haven't gotten this trophy after you finish the game you can just grind out the last few levels in map four for around 60k+ gold each time level.

Seasoned Sister
Reach level 15 with a Nun.

To reach level 15 with a nun you have to play almost the whole game with them, unless you power level a nun using the last few levels. As the levels progress, nuns get more experience to level up. So bringing a level one nun into the final level will cause the nun to level up a few times. If you start the game from the beginning using at least one nun for every single level, you should be able to reach level 15 by around the 25th level. I used Rosy for most of the game, so she was my first fully-leveled nun. This trophy is pretty much impossible to miss.

Ready to Rock
Gather your full squad.

Story Related Trophy
Glitched Trophy

You should get this level after finishing the third level, where you'll have all four Nuns unlocked. If this isn't the case, the trophy has glitched for you. You can either start a new save file and see if, after beating the first three levels again, the trophy unlocks. But if not you'll have to delete the game and redownload it, then try the first three levels again. This trophy may also unlock after level four if it did not unlock after three.

World Peace
Obtain a 3-bullet rating in 20 missions.

Getting a Three Bullet Rating on a mission is actually quite simple. To achieve a three bullet rating, you must:
  1. Complete the level
  2. Defeated all enemies
  3. Destroyed all portals
How to destroy portals:
  • Purple Portals shoot projectiles that can be deflected by swiping them. Swipe them into the portal to damage it.
  • Orange Portals shoot projectiles that can only be destroyed by tapping on them, cannot be deflected. To destroy the portal, tap it's projectiles as they leave the portal to damage it.
  • Green Portals are like the orange ones, but have a different pattern. I recommend just deflecting the purple portal's projectiles into these green ones for an easier time.
  • Blue Portals shoot projectiles that can be deflected by swiping them. These also freeze on impact. You should use the purple portals' projectiles to destroy these but you can use it's own projectiles too.
  • White Portals shoots projectiles that disappear. Use blue or purple portal projectiles to destroy these.
  • Red Portals shoot projectiles that explode, and if you tap on them to make them explode while they are near the nuns, the nuns will take damage. Use blue or purple portals to destroy these.
This means you'll need to kill all skeletons in a level as well as the portals that pop up as you're running to the main portal. You should be able to get this on the first 20 levels but there's a total of 40 levels and each of them can be replayed so don't fret.

Lock 'n' Load
Upgrade a Nun's weapon to its full potential.

Each of the Nun's weapons has three upgrades, each increasing the stats of the desired gun (obviously). To upgrade a weapon, go to the Nuns button at the top of the level select screen, tap Guns and in there, tap the green ^, The cheapest gun to fully upgrade is Eva's Moralizers, the first upgrade costs 1,500, second is around 20k and the third around 45k, costing a total of around 70,000 gold. You can choose to do this method or just wait until you get the last weapons to upgrade fully, it's up to you.

Open a special chest.

The first chest is obtainable in level four of the first map. As you traverse the in-level map, you'll see a golden chest and the Nuns will tell you that it holds special gifts. To open it, move the Nuns on top of it and it will trigger a mini-cutscene where they open it. This will give you The Exectioners as well as this trophy.

Back from Beyond
Bring a Nun back to life.

Once you get the resurrection miracle, you'll be able to resurrect a dead nun. Make sure you have the right miracle selected, then choose a level and get into a fight. Now just let one of your nuns die and hit the miracles button, and draw a U shape on screen to revive the nun.

Deflect 100 projectiles.

Projectiles are shot out from Blue Portals and Green Portals only. To deflect them, swipe them on the screen as they show up. Projectiles are just skulls being launched. You'll get this trophy while going for World Peace easily, so don't give this trophy any thought.

Godly Powers
Obtain all miracles.

Miracles are obtained by defeating bosses or collecting chests in certain levels. It's rather tough to miss this trophy, you'd only miss it if you weren't going for World Peace and were skipping parts of each level to go right to the end portal.
  1. Restoration - Found in a chest during level five of the first map. This miracle restores health.
  2. Resurrection - Found in a chest during level eight of the first map. This miracle revives a fallen nun.
  3. Cold Embrace - Acquired after beating the first boss in the game. This miracle freezes all enemies on screen.
  4. Rain of Divine Flames - Found in a chest in level 16, map two. This miracle sets everyone on-screen on fire and deals massive damage.
  5. Purity - Found in a chest in level 25, map three. This miracle removes all negative effects on the nuns.
  6. Confusion - Acquired after beating the third boss of the game. This miracle causes all enemies on screen to be disoriented.

Use 50 miracles.

Miracles are unlocked by either opening chests or defeating bosses (see Godly Powers for more info). To use a miracle, you must first, before selecting a level, select miracles in the top menu. Then, tap the book button on the bottom left of the screen while in a battle and follow the arrows for the miracles you've brought with you. Just follow the directions and put the sign in the box to use it.

You get 18 miracles for free, three for each miracle is available after collecting them. You'll have to buy the other 32. For progressing through the game I recommend using Resurrection and Rain of Divine Flames. If you want to grind this trophy out, make sure you have a lot of gold and stock up on Purity, the cheapest miracle to buy (only costs 1250 gold). Keep using it over and over until you get the trophy.

Wooden Cross
Defeat 100 skeletons.

Skeletons are the main enemies that you fight in the first map of Nun Attack. They start off as simple skeletons but eventually they start to have abilities, armor or different weapons that can be used. All you need to do is kill 100 of them. This should honestly be unlocked before finishing the first map, before the first boss if you're going for three bullet ratings.

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