Players: 1
Online Trophies: Yes Tales High FiveBlack Hole FiveRipley's High Five and Theater High Five
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No online pass
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheat codes
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-10 hours, depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 3, 1 for each stage
Collectible Trophies:None
Difficulty Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies:None found yet

[top]Tips and Strategies

Vertical play- Turning your vita vertically could help you as some find it easier to control. Thanks to dajmer79 for this tip.
Powerups-Aim for powerups as they massively increase your score and are responsible for some of the goals. Try to aim for them.
Read the tutorial-This may sound obvious but reading the tutorials can be a great way to start.
You must complete wizard goals after standard goals- If you try and do the wizard goals right away they won't unlock as you must complete the standard ones first.

Paddles - + or touchscreen


Tales High 5
Achieve a top 5 local high score on Tales of the Arabian Nights

See Theatre High 5

Tales Master
Complete the Standard Goals on Tales of the Arabian Nights

Complete the following actions to earn this trophy:
  • Complete a Super Skill Shot- First of fire a shot at the snake basket on the right. If the skill shot is successful then the ramp on the left at the back of the table will light up. Shoot it quickly to get your super skill shot.
  • Colllect the jackpot during Genie Multi-ball-Shoot the genie five times until it says genie underneath. Spelling genie will light the lock for the left loop, the right loop and the centre lock lane (next to the magic lamp). Lock two balls then shoot the genie to start the mode. During three ball Multi-ball mode the Genie is lit for a jackpot that begins at 400,000 points. Shoot the genie to collect his jackpot, finish this lengthy goal. This is a tricky one and may take a couple of tries.
  • Score a fireball award-Fireball can be lit up by shooting the ramp or the saucer. Shoot the ramp again to start the mode then quickly shoot the genie to get your award.
  • Capture a ball with a shooting star-Shoot any of the three spot targets at the front of the table on the left. This will light a shooting star near the left inlane. This will last for about 10 seconds but if the ball goes into the lanes on the outside it will be stopped by the shooting star, completing this goal.
  • Activate Harem Multi-ball-Shoot the left of the table about halfway down when the word harem is lit, (A white flashing light) to get a letter of the word Harem. Then send the ball over to the back right of the table where the jet bumper is. Each hit on the jet bumper adds 10,000 to the Harem jackpot. Once you spell HAREM, anything you hit will give you your HAREM jackpot. This will also complete your goal.

Tales Wizard
Complete the Wizard Goals on Tales of the Arabian Nights

Goals to complete:
  • Win the great Camel race- To win the great camel race you must start it. Wait until the fifth light from the left to come on, in the set of lights in front of the flippers. Shoot the statue to start. You advance in the race by shooting one of the four yellow targets. The locations are; under the left loop, next to the genie and both loops. The easiest one to hit is the one on the left under the loop. Keep hitting it to win.
  • Collect 60 Lamp spins-Hit the lamp 60 times so it spins round. Hit it 15 times to make it go in lightning lamp mode. Hits don't count in lightning lamp mode.
  • Light the Ruby jewel-To light the ruby jewel you need to shoot the left and right shooting stars. They are located next to the genie and under the the left loop. When they are both active the ruby will light up.

  • Earn an extra ball- To do this you need to get 4 jewels. You will get this while saving the princess.
  • Rescue the princess-The hardest goal to do, first you must get 7 jewels. The easiest way to get jewels is shooting the lamp 15 times to make it go into lightning lamp mode. Shoot the bazaar target and you get a jewel. Repeat 7 times to get the jewels. Once you have the jewels shoot the genie to start rescue mode. Three of the five yellow targets will light up. Hit a target to get rid of a skeleton. Once there is one left, the loops light up. Shoot it through to start stage 2.

Stage 2 is easier. The princess bottle is constantly being pulled towards the genie. To make it come to you shoot the yellow targets. When it gets to you you receive 20 million points and this goal is finished.

Please note that you must complete the standard goals before you unlock the wizard ones.

Ripley's High 5
Achieve a top 5 local high score on Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Theatre High 5

Ripley's Master
Complete the Standard Goals on Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Complete a skill shot- This is a great way to earn points straight away. Adjust the power of the plunger so it falls into the side scoop. This is located in the area just under the red flashing circle closest to the plunger. Shoot it to complete this goal.
Complete a Combo shot- The quickest way to get this is to shoot the left pathway then the left loop without hitting any other switches to earn your combo shot.
Start multi-ball- To obtain this shoot the shrunken head two times to light the lock on the right ramp. Shoot two balls into the right ramp to lock them. Then on the third ball shoot the shrunken head to start multiball.
Earn an extra ball-The easiest way to do this is to get the special to light up in one of the outlanes then shoot into it. On your next ball shoot the Vari-target in the centre. Shoot it to retrieve an extra ball and special.
Light Penguin jackpot- The best strategy for this is to shoot the right loop continuously until you light the penguin jackpot underneath the lower left loop. This will complete your goal.

Complete the above to earn this trophy.

Theatre High 5
Achieve a top 5 local high score on Theatre of Magic

You just need a decent score to get this. First time I played the game I got this. Just hit powerups and be careful with your paddles and you will get this in no time.

Theatre Master
Complete the Standard Goals on Theatre of Magic

Goals to complete:
Enter the haunted basement - The haunted base is located under the trap door and has rewards.
Magic multi-ball -To start multiball, you need to light the locks at the Lightning Loops. To do this you either need to spell out magic or get two balls locked. To spell out magic you need to aim for the right stairs, you get a letter every time. To lock your balls in, aim for the centre stairs.
Make the ball vanish-Shoot the trapped lightning ball three times (in the middle left.). This will light vanish at the Left Outer Loop. Fire your ball at the left outer loop. This will make your ball vanish. You will also get 40, 000,000 points.
Spell theatre-To spell theatre you must collect all letters for it. If you shoot the left outer loop, you collect a letter. Once you spell it the magic trunk spins round.
Earn an extra ball-It can be lit at the left outer loop. If you advance the theatre clock to 6:00 for the first time you will also complete it. To advance the clock shoot the right outer Loop.

Complete all of these to earn your trophy.

Theatre Wizard
Complete the Wizard Goals on Theatre of Magic

Complete the following to earn your trophy:
  • Advance the clock to midnight-The clock starts at noon, it advances by one hour every time you hit the right orbit.
  • Score the 100 million jackpot in Magic Multi-ball- Once you start multiball you have 6 seconds to hit the hole in the trunk. You cannot hit anything apart from the trunk because it resets the multiplier.
  • Play all eight illusions-The easiest way to do this is to earn a skillshot and choose start illusions. Hit the trunk and you get an illusion.
  • Win a game of digital pinball-Digital pinball is awarded randomly from the haunted basement. It is totally normal playing a pinball simulation in a pinball simulation......
  • Complete the grand finale- The hardest goal. You need to spell theatre, start magic multiball, get to midnight on the clock and do all eight illusions. Shoot the centre loop to start Grand Finale. When you start it you have one ball and 90 seconds to complete it. You need to spell magic theatre and you get letters by shooting the major targets which are:
  • Left Orbit
  • Right Orbit
  • Centre loop
  • The trunk
  • Either staircase
  • Spell it to complete the goal.

Black Hole 5
Achieve a top 5 local high score on Black Hole

See Theatre High Five

Black Hole Master
Complete the Standard Goals on Black Hole

  • Survive re-entry from the lower level- When the balls drain from the lower level, they return to the upper level via the re-entry tube. If the gate is shut you will lose your ball. Wait until it is open and they go into the upper level and you regain your ball.
  • Lock a ball in the upper level- To do this you must light the set of spot targets over to the right, which will light the captive hole on the left. Shoot the captive hole to complete the goal.
  • Advance the G-Force Accelerator to 1G- To do this you need to light either the black or hole bonuses which are located towards the back of the table on the left and right respectively. To light them shoot the correct letters in the correct order. This is indicated by the lights underneath.
  • Collect the special from the Upper Level- To collect the special you need to advance the value of the Rollunder by shooting the drop targets on the lower level. Shoot them twice to advance to special. Shoot the Rollunder located on the back of the table, on the middle right to activate.
  • Score at least 25K from the lower level bonus- I would recommend having black and/or hole bonuses to multiply the score.To increase the lower level bonus shoot the gravity tunnel in the middle-right of the table. This will take you to the lower level. Shoot things down there to increase your lower level bonus.

Complete the above to earn your trophy.

Black Hole Wizard
Complete the Wizard Goals on Black Hole

Goals you need to complete:
  • Start three-ball multiball- Multiball is vital for earning points. You must lock two of your balls in the two captive holes; the one on the lower level, which is always lit; the middle left of the upper level which you have to light by hitting the drop targets on the right side. Shoot the ball to the lower level to activate two ball multiball. Shoot it back through the re-entry tube when the gate is open. This will take you back to the top level, releasing the third ball for three-ball multiball. This will complete the goal.
  • Advance Bonus multiplier to 5X- There are two ways to advance the bonus multiplier; one is collecting jackpots from the upper level, located at the back, the other way is by shooting the Rollunder on the lower level to increase it. I would recommend the Rollunder way as it is easier ( Please note that if the ball drains the bonus multiplier is reset.)
  • Earn an extra ball from the captive hole- This is fairly tricky to do. You must shoot the first set of drop targets on the upper levels that would let you lock the ball. Then instead of shooting the hole shoot the gravity tunnel to go to the lower level. Shoot the set of drop targets on the right hand side. This will light extra ball on the captive hole. Go back to the upper level by letting the ball go into the upper level when the gate is open, then shoot the captive hole. This will give you an extra ball and complete your goal.
  • Collect the special from the lower level- To get this complete both the B-L-A-C-K and the H-O-L-E bonuses to light a set of drop targets on the lower level. Shoot these to complete the goal and collect your special. Note that only one special can be earned on this table.
  • Score at least 500K from the lower level-For this one I recommend having both the hole and the black bonuses, they multiply your score, making this goal easier.

Complete the above to earn your trophy.

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