Players: 1-2.
Online Trophies: None.
Online Pass Required: No.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A.
Estimated Time to 100%: 6-10 hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 plus replaying tournaments for Demigod.
Collectible Trophies: None.
Missable Trophies: None, all tournaments can be replayed.
Glitched Trophies: None reported.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Many of the strategies in actual boxing apply to this game: mixing up jabs, hooks and uppercuts to both head and body, defending well, etc.
Find a good balance between offense and defense to manage stamina and give a good amount of damage to your opponent.
Dodge and counter early and often! This will not only help you avoid powerful shots to the head but all counterpunches have triple the power of a regular punch; in addition to this, your stamina will partially refill after a successful dodge and you will likely get in an extra hit or two after a successful counterpunch.
Use the buttons and d-pad (d-pad for left hand, buttons for right hand) instead of the right stick for easier control.
Tapping the d-pad or buttons will result in a quick punch; holding the button will result in a more powerful punch. Use quick punches for counters and power punches to follow up those counters.
Train between fights (you get one training session with a heavy bag, jump rope and speed bag each before a fight) to unlock perks that can reduce stamina for certain types of punches, allow you to win certain minigames (such as clinch or knockdown) easier, give you extra punching power when health is low or give a health regeneration boost. Healing and regeneration, which boost health between rounds and during a round respectively, are the best perks but can only be unlocked after winning the Night of the Champions Tournament.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

None reported at this time.


1. Create your boxer, then play through the tutorial to get the related trophy and learn the controls and mechanics.
2. Play through the 3 tournaments and win them to get the related trophies. Be sure to raise your attributes as well to work towards Feel the power.
3. Replay any tournaments that you were knocked down in and win each match without suffering a knockdown to earn All belts, no knockdowns.
4. Replay through the Roosters' Tournament as many times as needed to earn Untouchable.
5. Clean up the remaining trophies (likely Demigod or C-c-c-counter).


Master the basics
Complete the tutorial.

When you start Real Boxing for the first time, you will be taken to the tutorial. Here, you will take a few minutes to learn how to punch, block, dodge and counter. Simply complete the tutorial to earn this trophy.

First blood
Win your first fight.

This will be earned after winning your first fight in Career Mode. Just follow the Tips and Strategies section of the guide and this should be easy.

Rising star
Win the Roosters' Tournament.


The Roosters' Tournament is the first of the 3 tournaments that make up the Career Mode of this game. Each tournament consists of 7 bouts, after which the tournament ends with a 4-man single-elimination finals to determine the champion. Therefore, it is possible to win the tournament even with 1 or 2 losses, so long as you make the semifinals.
The first tournament is easy, with the Strength, Stamina and Speed attributes of each opponent in the 60s. Follow the Tips & Strategies section and you should have no problem getting this trophy.

Silver bullet
Win the Night of the Champions.


The Night of the Champions is the second of the 3 tournaments in the Career Mode.
The bouts get significantly tougher, with opponent's attributes in the 80s; furthermore, your opponents can dodge counterpunches, increasing your likelihood of receiving extra damage. Depending on how well you did in the Roosters' Tournament, you may or may not have your attributes at that level. I recommend fighting in the bouts anyway as the cash rewards for upgrading your boxer increase at this level. If you do not win the tournament, simply replay it until you win.

On the top of the world
Win the Boxing Legends.


The Boxing Legends is the last of the 3 tournaments in the Career Mode.
The bouts are even tougher now, with opponent's attributes in the 90s, with some opponents possessing attributes at 98 or 99. As with Night of the Champions, keep replaying this tournament until you win it.

Feel the power
Fully train your character.

This trophy is earned by increasing your boxer's stats to 100 for Strength, Stamina and Speed. All attributes begin at 60 when you create your boxer.
First, here is a brief explanation of each attribute:
Strength determines how powerful your punches are.
Stamina determines how many punches you can throw before you get tired and how quickly your stamina recovers.
Speed determines how fast you punch.

After each bout, you will get cash to spend to increase your boxer's attributes. In addition, you will get 2 attribute points to spend the first time you beat an opponent in one of the 3 tournaments.
There are opportunities for a bonus attribute point in every bout. Some are worth pursuing (Win by KO, Win by KO in Round 1/2/3, KO by hook/uppercut, Win without being in the clinch state), some are not (Win by decision, Start a clinch 1/2/3 times and win, Get up from 1/2/3 knockdowns and win). Naturally, the higher an attribute score, the more cash is needed to upgrade it; therefore, it is advisable to spend cash on attributes that are lower and attribute points on those that are higher.

Stepping into the game
Win your first fight by KO.

This will be earned after scoring your first knockout in Career Mode. With the default settings at 6 rounds and 2 minutes per round, this should not be a problem if you are following the Tips and Strategies section.

Win a fight and don't get hit.

This trophy will not be easy, and is best saved until after you have all your attributes at 100. You will want to play the opening bout of the Roosters' Tournament to try for this trophy, as your opponent will only have a score of 61 in each attribute.
The general strategy will be to wait for your opponent to punch, then dodge and counterpunch. Now that your attributes are all at 100, you should be able to get away with hooks and uppercuts for your counterpunches. Don't forget to follow up your counterpunches with an extra punch or two to maximize your damage. With luck, you will only need one or two knockdowns to win the bout and this trophy.

Win 50 fights.

You will need to win 50 fights to earn this, but keep in mind these 2 things:
1. Only wins in Career Mode count towards this, wins in Exhibition or Multiplayer WILL NOT COUNT.
2. You will need to replay tournaments to earn this, as each of the 3 tournaments has only 9 bouts (provided you win each tournament on the first try and win all of the bouts in each tournament).
For these reasons, after earning the 3 tournament-related trophies and All belts, no knockdown, you should replay the Roosters' Tournament until you hit 50 wins and earn this trophy. Since you should have your Strength, Stamina and Speed at 100 by now, this should not be a problem, although this will be the most time-consuming portion of the hunt for the 100%.

Perform 100 counterattacks.

Counterpunches are performed by throwing a punch after a successful dodge by tapping the right shoulder button, at which time the action will slow down and stamina will partially refill to help you land a successful counter. As a counterpunch inflicts triple the punch's normal damage and stuns the opponent for a follow-up attack, you should be doing this as often as you can. This should come naturally during normal play on your way towards Demigod.

All belts, no knockdown
Earn all belts and don't get a single knockdown in process.

This is a tough trophy that will likely require you to replay tournaments to earn, since your attribute scores will likely not match your opponents in the Night of the Champions and the Boxing Legends tournaments on your first playthrough. Simply continue to play the tournaments where you were knocked down until you earn this trophy. This will get easier after all your attributes are at 100.

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