Players: 1 offline, 4 - 8 online
Online Trophies: Incite
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: NoneEstimated Time to Platinum: 4 - 6 hours
Estimated Difficulty: 3/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, cleanup possible
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None


It's August 1951, even with Nathan Hale's valiant effort he could not stop the Chimera. Europe has fallen, hope is fading. The Chimera are now beginning their United States invasion, starting with the East Coast. Firefighter Tom Riley, a typical New York City citizen is caught in the middle of the invasion. Play as Riley as he helps hold of the Chimeran invasion while trying to find his family. With the reminiscence of Resistance: Fall of Man take the fight to the Chimera. New enemies and new guns should be a welcome sight to one of Sony's most beloved franchises. The first ever portable FPS game using two analog sticks. Welcome to the world of Burning Skies.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Touch Screen - The touch screen is used for many things in Burning Skies. Make sure to learn hat to use it for and how, it will make things a lot easier.

Health - Fans may be happy to hear health regeneration is back. No more wasting time looking for med packs or health drops.

Weapon Wheel - The weapon wheel is back for another go around. Featuring eight weapons pick your arsenal as you go up against the Chimera.

Cover - Burning Skies does utilize a pretty good cover system. make sure to use it.

Checkpoints - Many people say the checkpoint/save system is a little odd. I haven't really noticed anything. This is just a precautionary heads up.

Pick Ups - You will find many pick ups in the game, mainly weapon upgrades and intel. Just tap it to pick it up.

Interact - Burning skies includes a fair share of interaction in the game. Most of it is just tapping the screen though.

Grenades - There are only two grenades in the game, the standard grenade and the Hedgehog. There is a grenade counter on the screen but the thing is, I do not know if there is a max amount you can have. I haven't reached a limit as far as I know so you may be able to carry a lot at a time.

Trophy Progress - In the Pause Menu or Main Screen there is a Trophy section. Tapping on it will reveal the trophy list, and depending on the trophy, a percentage so you know how close you are to obtaining the trophy. This is good because now you will know how close you are to a trophy and which to focus on.


  1. Casual Playthrough: Play through on Casual, learning the basis and controls of the game. Along the way you will get all story based trophies and most of the other ones.
  2. Clean Up: You may or may not need this, but odds are you will. Replay Chapter 6 for any killing trophies you need. Other than that, just get any leftover trophies.
  3. Multiplayer: Get online and try to get into a match and play it until the end.


Earn all Trophies.

Staten Island
Successfully complete level 1.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

This is the first chapter of the game. The main focus of this mission is to find your family and try to get out safely.. This mainly serves as an introductory level, teaching you the basics of the game and encountering most of the enemy types. You will get this trophy after Ellie blows the entrance to the tunnel.

Military Ocean Terminal
Successfully complete level 2.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

This is the second chapter of the game. For the most part, it takes place at a military base. This level is another easy one and it also features the first boss fight of the game, the Abomination. You will get this trophy after it is defeated.

George Washington Bridge
Successfully complete level 3.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

The whole chapter takes place on the well known George Washington Bridge. You'll be fighting through a lot of Chimera while trying to shield yourself from airstrikes. There will be a lot of holes in the bridge so be careful when going near them. Towards the end of the level you will kill an Impaler and enter some vents with Ellie. After that you will get the trophy.

Ellis Island
Successfully complete level 4.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You will be heading to the world famous Ellis Island for this mission. You'll basically be working your way through the island trying to find Gorrell. Also, there will be scientists who attack you and can take a lot of damage. Focus on them first, and don't bother meleeing them because they will dodge it. You will get this trophy after a big fight with scientists and Grimms.

Protection Camp
Successfully complete level 5.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

During this mission you will be searching the refugee camp for your family. As usual, you will be fighting Chimera along the way and of course, like any game you won't end up rescuing your family just yet. At the end of the mission you will be taken by a Chimeran blob with tentacles. Shortly after, you will get the trophy.

Coversion Tower
Successfully complete level 6.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Here it is, the last mission of the game. This chapter has the most enemies in it and the most that come at once. Just take it slow, it isn't hard at al but if you rush it you'll make careless mistakes. Towards the end you will fight and kill the Leviathan, then stumble across Gorrell and kill him. After that you will escape the conversion tower and a cutscene will trigger. You will get this trophy some time during the cutscene or after.

Kill Gorrell.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Killing Gorrell isn't a boss fight as you may think. It is really just the end of the game. After killing the Leviathan you will run through the vents. Gorrell will knock you the f#%k out with a metal beam as you run. When you fall to the ground Gorrell will stand over you and pull out his gun. A tap icon will appear on him. Tap him and Riley will grab his axe and whack it into the side of Gorrells neck, killing him.

Upgrade a weapon in the Single Player Campaign.

You will first come upon this in Chapter 1. You will reach two survivors and a military truck. One survivor will pull out a blue cube and throw it at you. Press and hold to open the weapon wheel. Next select the weapon you want to upgrade. There will be six sides to the cube, three red sides representing the upgrades to the left of the weapon, and three blue sides representing the upgrades to the right of the weapon. Pick whatever gun you want to upgrade and the upgrade that you choose. Once you head back into the game the upgrade will be activated.

See Customise for more details.

Upgrade both slots of a weapon in the Single Player Campaign.

This can be done as early as Chapter 1. You will get your second upgrade cube when running from the swarm. Once you pick it up press and hold and select the same weapon you upgraded before. This time pick an upgrade of the color you didn't upgrade before. So if you got a red upgrade on the Bullseye, get a blue upgrade this time.

See Customise for more details.

Upgrade all weapons in the Single Player Campaign.

Luckily for you, there are only eight weapons in the game and this trophy only requires you to upgrade each one once. So for this trophy you will only need eight gray tech upgrade cubes. For the other trophy, you will need one extra, so nine in total. Don't worry, their is an abundance of the upgrade cubes in the game, plus when you replay the story or sections or even chapters, all the cubes will still be there to recollect. I'm going to break down each weapon and it's upgrades real quick. Also, the upgrades for each weapon will be in groups of three, since there are two upgrade slots, with three choices for each.

M1 Carbine

Fast Reload - Reload time reduced
Grenade Capacity - Increased grenade capacity
Scope - Adds scoped view

Range - Greater effective range
Reload Charge - Fresh clip does more damage
Larger Explosion - Larger explosions on grenades

Recommended: Scope and Larger Explosion


Extended Clip - Clip capacity increased
Range - Greater effective range
Tag Capacity - Additional tag ammo capacity

Tag Turbo - Faster fire with active tag
Explosive Tag - Expiring tags explode
Stabilizer - Reduced recoil

Recommended: Tag Capacity an Stabilizer


Long Shot - Greater effective range
Lightwieght - Reduce encumbrance
Precision - Reduce primary fire spread

Overcharge - Increased rate of fire
Supercharged - Larger heat blast
Heat - Faster heat generation

Recommended: Precision and Heat


Lock-On Speed - Faster lock on time
Ammo Capacity - Increased ammo capacity
Rocket Speed - Faster projectile speed

Direct Hit Bonus - Direct hits increase damage
Lightweight - Reduced encumbrance
Directed Explosives - Rockets don't damage shooter

Recommended: Lock-On Speed and Directed Explosives


Scope Speed - In/out of scope time shorter
Fast Reload - Faster reload
Larger Explosions - Trap explosion radius increased

Penetrating Shots - Shots pass through objects
Extended Clips - Clip capacity increased
Headshot Explosion -Projectiles explode on headshots

Recommended: Larger Explosions and Penetrating Shots


Improved Drone -Drone attacks more frequently
Stabilizer - Less recoil
Scope Speed - In/out of scope time shorter

Burst Count - More bullets per burst
Extended Clip - Clip capacity increased
Drone Life - Drones last longer

Recommended: Improved Drone and Drone Life


Ammo Capacity - Ammo capacity increased
Vision Range - Vision range increased
Improved Shield - Shield health/time increased

Drill - Pass through multiple enemies
Spread Shot - Triple-shot
Auger Speed - Shots are faster through obstacles

Recommended: Vision Range and Spread Shot


Improved Reload - Fast reload
Larger Explosion - Larger radius explosion damage
Thunder Bolt - Faster bolt with longer range

Bolt Damage - Bolt damage increased
All In - Fire both shots at once
Improved Bolt Reload - Fast bolt reload

Recommended: Improved Reload and Improved Bolt Reload

As for the upgrade cubes, there are MANY more in the game then you will actually need. On top of that, when you replay a section, level or do NG+ you keep your upgrade cubes but they will also reappear at the original spots. This means that you could get hundreds, even thousands of cubes if you which. Here is a nice little guide:

Chapter 1
  1. This is story related. You will be given this towards the end of the chapter.
  2. When you are running from the swarm you will eventually come to a highway. Near the median, there is a dead soldier. The cube is right next to him.
Chapter 2
  1. After the cutscene in the beginning of the game, go back into the military guy's room and it is on the desk.
  2. When you get to the part where you have to use the crane, it will be on the left of the crashed ship.
  3. After you start the search for Ellie you will enter a hole in the wall. Go left and at the bottom of the steps there will be a cube.
  4. After the ship crashed and you have to search for Ellie, you will find her. She will say she saw a piece of gray tech. Go behind the crashed ship to find it.
  5. Once you get through the big open area you will fight a few Chimera. Then you will go down a ramp and a truck will be at the bottom. Behind the truck, this upgrade with be.
  6. After the elevator you are in crashes, go down the ramp then at the bottom, go up the one to the right. Follow allow away around to find this cube.
Chapter 3
  1. Right at the beginning of the level, it is behind the jeep to the right.
  2. After the first fight with the Chimera, go to the left side of the 18 wheeler to find it.
  3. After you fight the big group of Long Legs, head over the pipe and instead of going right, make a left and jump over the iron pipes. You will find it in this spot.
  4. Once you reach the VTOL crash site, you will find it behind the VTOL.
  5. After you exit the vents with the Grimms and you get swarmed by them, it will be to the right in between two burning cars.
Chapter 4
  1. After you enter a room with two tanks, to the left of the forklift there will be a little area containing a cube.
  2. In the labs, along the right side.
  3. After fighting through labs go to the bottom of the stairs. Then go straight and up another set of stairs to find this cube.
  4. After fighting the second Executioner, go down the ramp but do not go up the ramp directly across. Instead go down the steps to the left and once at the bottom turn around to see the cube.
  5. After the injured man open the door for you, look to the left to see red crates. This cube will be behind them.
Chapter 5
  1. After the first Chimera fight go through the shed and get attacked by the Leapers. On the left is the cube.
  2. When you reach the mine opening, kill all the Chimera. Before progressing go through the crouch space to the right of the mine tracks. Climb the ladder and grab the gray tech off the desk.
  3. After you get to the train station and fight Chimera, you will go into the tunnels and fight the first batch of Chimera there. After the fight, go to the tunnel where they were coming from and follow it until the end to nab this upgrade cube.
  4. When you get to the soldier in the hotel, go down the stairs instead and enter the second room on the left.
  5. After you see your family get taken you will enter a parking garage, This cube is underneath the stairs you go down.
  6. After going up a spiral staircase, turn right and go to the end of the room. It will be around the corner.
Chapter 6
  1. After you split up with Ellie you will go to a big room. It is in the back of the room, down the stairs to the right.
  2. When you get to the room with the red tubes and red goo, enter the doorway on the right, go down the stairs and follow to the end.
  3. When you get too the big open room, with the bridge that leads too the big open entrance (Chimera will pour out of the door), before you cross the bridge look behind one of the little pillars on the right.
  4. You will get to an area where the will be a big fight and a red tube will be in the middle. There is a room to the left. In the room there will be an upgrade cube.
  5. When you reach the room with three red tubes, go to the back of the room to find it.

Kill an enemy with every weapon in the Single Player Campaign.

There are a total of eight guns in the game, some will be given to you as part of the story, others you will have to pick up from a fallen enemy. In order to pick it up though, you just have to walk over the weapon. There is a very slim chance you will actually miss a weapon, but you will find each weapon at various points in the game. If a guns' secondary/alternate fire can actually kill an enemy, it will count as a kill with the weapon. Here is a list of weapons and what they are:
  • M1 Carine - This is the automatic rifle for the humans. It does a decent amount of damage and has a devastating grenade launcher to back it up.
  • Bullseye - This is the automatic rifle for the Chimera. It has good accuracy and does good damage.
  • Mauler - Ahh a Resistance game wouldn't be complete without a big badass machine gun would it? This monster holds 300 rounds and will make quick work of any Chimera who are unfortunate enough to cross its path. It also has a nice fireball as a backup.
  • Sw.A.R.M. Launcher - We need a RPG don't we? This beast hold four shots and can take out multiple Chimera at once. It's alternate/secondary fire allows you to target enemies with a tap of the screen.
  • SixEye - Probably one of the deadliest weapons in the game. This Chimeran sniper rifle is a single shot gun with a alternate/secondary fire that shoots out an remote controlled explosive. Chimera better watch out!
  • Hunter - Another Chimeran weapon comes into play here. This is a three round burst sniper that can pop heads like they are nothing. It can also shoot a godly blue ball that shocks any Chimera it passes.
  • Auger - The final Chimeran gun. This heavy duty weapon can shoot through objects and hit Chimera. Take cover, take aim and be safe as you mow'em down.
  • Axe - Riley's axe is a pretty bad ass and powerful weapon. It kills leapers and standard Chimera like they are no problem but be careful when you get the the big Chimera's wielding the Auger.
  • Grenade - The standard human grenade .... it does make a nice bang.
  • Hedgehog - The Chimeran grenade for the game. When thrown and when an enemy comes close to it an explosion of spikes pours out. Can you say Swiss Cheese?

Use the secondary fire of each weapon in the Single Player Campaign.

Just like in the other Resistance games, weapons have alternate/secondary fire in Burning Skies. Unlike the other games, it is not activated by the push of a button, rather by the VITA's touch screen. There are eight weapons in the game, all with a form of alternate/secondary fire.
  • M1 Carbine - By tapping on the screen, the M1 Carbine will shoot a devastating shot from its grenade launcher.
  • Bullseye - Tap an enemy on the screen to shoot a tag at it. All of the Bullseye's ammo you shoot will follow the tag path and hit the enemy.
  • Mauler - Drag your finger from the top to the bottom of the screen. Near the ammo count a meter will begin to fill with an orange/red color. When it is full, shoot and it will let out a nice ol' fireball.
  • Sw.A.R.M. Launcher - Drag your finger across enemies to mark them. Then shoot the gun and watch the rockets seek out the marked targets.
  • SixEye - Scope in and find an enemy. Tap the enemy or the area around it and an explosive will go to where you tapped. Tap on the explosive symbol right next to the ammo count and watch your enemy get blown to pieces.
  • Hunter - Tap a spot on the screen and watch a blue ball fly away and zap nearby enemies.
  • Auger - Take to fingers and put them right next to each other on the screen. Drag them apart and the Auger will shoot out a protective barrier.
  • Mule - Swipe diagonally, from top to bottom going from the left down and Riley will load up a Napalm Arrow. Shoot it and watch the fireball ensue.

Kill 250 Chimera in the Single Player Campaign.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

250 kills is nothing in the world of Burning Skies. Make sure to kill each and every enemy you come across, maybe in a variety of ways to spice things up a bit. You will have this by some point in Chapter 3.

Kill 500 Chimera in the Single Player Campaign.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You should receive this trophy towards the end of Chapter 4. There aren't any tips or tricks to it, just kill every enemy in sight, leave no Chimera alive.

Kill 1000 Chimera in the Single Player Campaign.

Unless you died a lot, there is no way you will get this in one playthrough. Odds are you will be around 900 kills by the end. Just replay a chapter or two of your choosing. Tryi spicing things up a bit so you don't get bored. Use different weapons or strategies while going for the final stretch of kills. This will be obtained while going for Giant.

Kill 50 Chimera with Riley's Axe in the Single Player Campaign.

Since Tom Riley is a firefighter, his signature weapon is a firefighter's Axe. This is probably the best, or one of the best, weapons in the game. It is a one hit kill on leapers and normal Chimera. Your attacks will be blocked once you hit the Chimeras with the Auger and any enemy above that (Impaler, Executioner etc.). This will be a very underused weapon so you will have to focus on it. There aren't many points where you are forced or feel forced to use it. When you do want to use it, aim at the enemy you wish to kill and tap the Axe icon on the right side of the screen. Focus on the leapers, Grims and standard Chimeras. They are they most abundant in the game and the easiest to kill. If you use it from the start you will have your 50 kills by Chapter 3.

Kill 50 Chimera by detonating their heatstacks in the Single Player Campaign.

Heatstacks are the yellow pipe type things found on the Chimera's back. All standard Chimera as well as the Long Legs have them on their backs. If you shoot it enough it will catch fire and the Chimera will begin to grab at it then explode. This can be a little tricky to do because you have to aim directly at the heatstacks. If you actually hit the Chimera it may die before it catches fire. That reminds me, the heatstack explosion must kill the Chimera. So say if you get one to catch fire but the Chimera dies before the heatstack explodes it will not count. The best guns to use for this are the Hunter and SixEye, mainly because they are sniper rifles and it will be easier to line up shots and take less ammo. For example, the SixEye only takes one shot to destroy a heatstack. While it may not catch fire, the heatstack will still explode and kill the Chimera and you will get credit for it.

Kill 100 Chimera with headshots in the Single Player Campaign.

Another easy trophy in the game. The way you can tell if you got a headshot is if you hear a squish, pop or see a Chimeran head rolling on the ground. The best guns for this are the SixEye and Hunter, mainly because they are snipers, have good sights and take little ammo to kill. From my experience, the Chimera don't move around too much. When they are shooting at you pretty much stand still. Also, if you use the Bullseye and its tag, most if not all shots will go directly towards the Chimera's head.

Kill an Impaler.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

The first Impaler comes in Chapter 3. Basically, it is a big brute that will continuously charge at you. He has three yellow rods on his back which act as the weak spots. Once you shoot him enough he will fall to one knee and sit there for a second. Easy ways to get him down on one knee is a grenade directly hitting him, a grenade from the M1 Carbine's grenade launcher or an explosion from the SixEye. When he gets down on one knee go behind him and use the M1 Carbine's grenade launcher, a grenade, a SixEye explosion or the Mule's primary or alternate fire to take out the yellow rods quickly. Once all are taken out it will explode, burning the Impaler to death.

Kill an Executioner.

This is story related an cannot be missed.

You will first come across the Executioner in Chapter 1. After you fall down once the bridge collapses it will hop over a pile of rubble. He may seem like a hard enemy to defeat, but in reality he is pretty easy to kill. His weakness is the cannon he has for an arm. I recommend using a Bullseye to kill him. Tag his rocket arm and unload on him. It will most likely take two tags before he is dead.

Kill any combination of 18 Impalers or Executioners.

Impalers and Executioners are the two mini-boss types for the game. They aren't very hard at all, but can be a pain if they are paired with others, Grimms or standard Chimera. Also, it's not eighteen on one type, just eighteen total for the two combined. Unless you die a lot around those fights, you will not get the full amount by the end of the game, odds are you will be sitting around twelve. By doing Chapter Select it will take you to a list of sections in the chapter. Pick the one(s) that have contain the enemy type(s). Here is the list of chapters and sections in which they can be found:
  • Chapter 1 - Traffic Jam - Executioner
  • Chapter 2 - Elevator Shaft - Executioner
  • Chapter 3 - Blockade - Impaler
  • Chapter 4 - Courtyard - Executioner, Project Abraham Lab - Executioner, Room 429 - Impaler
  • Chapter 5 - Radio Station - Executioner
  • Chapter 6 - Impalers - Impaler, Executioners - Impaler, Impaler, Executioner, Executioner
The best place to get this is Chapter 6 at the Executioners section. You will enter a door and an Impaler will bust through a wall. Shoot the red glowing light on the ground to kill it quickly. Then enter through the hole and shoot out the other red light on the ground as the next Impaler walks towards it. Finally, the two Executioners are right in front of four red lights. Once one starts to glow, shoot it out. After you have killed the four enemies just restart the checkpoint or quit out and reload it.

Kill the Abomination.

This is story related an cannot be missed.

This is the first boss of the game and is found in Chapter 2. He is basically a big, weird and odd looking creature, His only attack consists of spitting out gas leapers and tentacles that spit fire. There is an abundance of M1 Carbine ammo around so I suggest you just stick to that, it will be easy enough anyway. First off, do not worry about the gas leapers, they won't do much, if any damage to you. Focus on shooting the yellow ball where the tentacles spit the fire from. Once you have a wave of them killed focus your fire on the Abomination. Shoot either its eyes or moth and eventually, after a few waves and some unloading onto it, it will open its mouth and scream. There will be two yellow sacks in there. Shoot one utnil it explodes. Next, it will spit out a few more waves of gas leapers and tentacles. Finally, after the killing the waves and shooting its face enough it will open its mouth once more. Shoot the remaining yellow sack and when that explodes, the entire Abomination's head will explode.

Video Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Kill the Leviathan.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

This is the final boss fight of the game. Gorrell unleashes the Leviathan to try to stop you and eventually it will corner you. There will be six glowing red things on it. There are two parts of the fight, with each part consisting of destroying three of the red glowing things. Its main attacks are its scream, a punching motion and using both hands to smash. If you take too long he will destroy the platform you are on and you will fall to your death. The best gun to use for the first part of the fight is the SixEye and for the second part, the Mauler. Here is a quick walkthrough of how to go about the fight:
  • Red Light #1 - Right when you start the light on the right side on its chest will light up. Use your SixEye to take it out with one shot.
  • Red Light #2 - Now a light on its lower stomach lights up. The only way you can destroy this one is when it goes back to punch. When it does, quickly take aim and destroy it.
  • Red Light #3 - This once can be hard since it is on its shoulder and only lights up when it goes back to punch. Move all the way to the right side of the platform for the best view. Line up your sights and when he brings his arm back shoot him. He will then pick you up and that arm will now fall off.
  • Red Light #4 - Now take out the Mauler and use it from here on out. This light is on the left side of its chest. Keep constant aim on it at all times. When the sights on screen turn red unload on it.
  • Red Light #5: Part 1 - This light is located on its head. Whenever you see an open shot just unload on it and the light will explode.
  • Red Light #5: Part 2 - You will have to shoot out this light a second time. Like before, just unload on it whenever you have a chance. Once this light is destroyed the Leviathan will die and you will receive the trophy.

Complete one round of multiplayer.

This is the easiest trophy in the game. All you have to do is complete a match ... so long as you can find one. For the time being, it is hard and may take time to get into a match. but once you get into once you will get this at the end. The Small variants include only four people, while Large variants allow six to eight people. The list of game modes are:
  • Team Deathmatch - The standard mode, kill the enemy team as much as you can. This mode has Small and Large variants.
  • Deathmatch - Here is your Free-For-All mode. All players a fighting against each other for the top spot. This mode has Large and Small variants.
  • Survivor - This is a neat little game mode that is new to the Resistance series. One person starts as a Chimera while the rest start as humans. When a Chimera kills a human, the human turns to the Chimera side, not vice versa. Once the entire group is on the Chimeran team, the game is over.

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