Players: 1 in the Campaign and 2 in Co-operative mode
Online Trophies: Yes, Dirty Half-Dozen
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheat codes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10-15 hours, dependent on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 Campaign, 1 Chapter Select and 1 Co-operative playthrough
Collectible Trophies: Yes, Disgruntled Worker, Rebellious Laborer and Revolutionary Fighter
Missable Trophies: Yes,Flight Instuctor, Own Medicine, Disgruntled Worker, Door Sentry, Brainbug Fever, High Treason, Turncoat, Bazooking, Putzski Monologues, For What Reason, Method Acting, Laser assist, Excessive Stacking, Hindenburger, Dirigibully, Rebellious Laborer, Own Pharmacy, Hydrogen Run, Too Many Too Soon, One Shot One Kill, Big Blimpin', Revolutionary Fighter, Bird Brained, Riding the Thunderbolt
Glitched Trophies:None so far


Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken is a fast paced platformer which involves running around as a chicken with a range of guns trying to stop the evil Putzski. Gameplay basically involves platforming and the odd puzzle, and shooting enemies and taking cover behind objects. The AI isn't too advanced so there should be no trouble there. It is a fun game and has a lot of value for its low price.


Step 1:Play through Singleplayer-Just play through the campaign and have fun. Aim for miscellaneous trophies, but if you miss any, don't worry.
Step 2- Finish co-op campaign- Again just play through for fun, collecting some miscellaneous trophies if you can.
Step 3-Clean up-Collect any remaining trophies, and collect all signs.
Step 4--Enjoy your new platinum!


Platinum Trophy
Collect all trophies

The same as all platinum trophies, obtain all others to unlock this one, then enjoy your new

Mission Complete
Overthrow Putzki and liberate Albatropolis

Just finish the game to unlock this trophy. The campaign isn't too difficult, some puzzles can be tricky but keep at it and you will figure it out.

Dirty Half-Dozen
Invite a friend and Complete the Cooperative game mode

The same as the trophy above, but you must complete the co-op campaign. This is slightly harder than the PS3 version as you need a PSN friend to do it. If none of your friends own this, try the boosting thread here.

Please note: If you are invited to a lobby and you complete the co-op campaign, you WILL NOT earn the trophy. You must invite a friend and complete it, so be sure to help your partner out too

Hardboiled Seal
Kill 100 penguins or clones (Single Player)

This should come through natural play, probably during the SP campaign. Just kill every enemy you find and don't just roll past them. This will be earned while going for Hardboiled Orca

Hardboiled Orca
Kill 300 penguins or clones (Single Player)

You have to get this on a single save file, or else it won't unlock. You must rack up 300 kills on a save, and YOU CANNOT delete your save, or it will reset. Be sure to kill every single enemy you see, and you will get this no problem.

Disgruntled Worker
Find 3 Signs

If you follow the guide, you should get this in Chapter 1. See Revolutionary Fighter for more details.

Rebellious Labourer
Find 20 Signs

If you follow the guide, you should get this mid-way through Chapter 7. See Revolutionary Fighter for more details.

Revolutionary Fighter
Find all 45 Signs

The signs are in the exact same place as the PS3 ones, apart from Chapter 1,2 +13, which have signs in different places. There are 45 in total, and 3 in each chapter. Here is the PS3 guide: Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken Trophy Guide

Sign 1 - You will come across a metal bar which you have to jump across to from a + shaped black area. The sign is just underneath, sticking out horizontally.
Sign 2 - Where you are first told to crouch to get under an object, it is back a bit and in the air.
Sign 3 - When you are in underground pipes with a TV, guard and a security camera to your upper left, and a OBEY sign in the upper right of the screen, the sign will be ahead, above a black platform.

Sign 1 - After the massive OBEY rockets, there is a secret passageway to get into some pipes. There is however no way to climb it, so you must go round it. Climb back in and the sign is in front of you.
Sign 2 - Right back at the start, where the big rock shard is, push the crate across, then jump off it to grab the sign.
Sign 3 - In the area with the garage doors with 4 on them, and where the blue card is, a sign is above the light.

Sign 1 - There are some rust-coloured rectangular shapes which look like they have DNA helyxs in them. Across from them is the sign.
Sign 2 - In the room with all the gold bars, there is a door that says VAULT 15, and a lift in the middle. Go up to above the vault door and a dead guard should be holding a sign.
Sign 3 - When the guy is saying "We will nuke this stupid country from orbit!" From his left go down to where the three flags are before the metal structure. The sign is on the far left.

Please note: You must get the signs in order or else they won't be there.

Flight Instructor
Juggle an enemy for 10 seconds (Single Player)

You can do this at any point. There are two ways to do it:
Method 1: This is the fastest way to do this trophy, but it is slightly harder. You run up to an enemy and press . This will hopefully kick them into the air. Then if they fall down press again to kick them back up. Repeat until you have your trophy.
Method 2: This method is far easier. Get your machine gun out, then when you see an enemy, hold to continually shoot the enemy. They will go airborne then continue shooting until the trophy pops.

Own Medicine
Kill a helicopter penguin with his own missile

This trophy has to be done in the jetpack sections. You will see the red planes that fly towards you, and occasionally you will see helicopter-like enemies. They will fire rockets at you. The rockets are heat-seeking, and follow you around. Steer them into any enemy to earn this trophy. The helicopter ones will take two rockets to destroy, and this is fairly tricky and may take a few tries. This trophy will be earned on the way to Own Pharmacy.

Own Pharmacy
Kill 6 helicopter penguins with their own missiles

See Own Medicine for details.

Hydrogen Run
Escape the large zeppelin with 40 seconds or more on the timer

This is earned on Chapter 8, A Pair In The Sky. When you board the second zeppelin, you will fight some enemies until you have to brainbug one then kill the pilot, then kill yourself as the soldier. Jump down then steal the pilots access card. When you have this you can start the timer by holding down on the green card slot. You have 1:45 to escape the ship, but you must do it in 1:00 to earn the trophy. This will almost certainly take a few tries but you will get it eventually. A good strategy is to jump and roll under enemy fire and not to stop and shoot them. This will cut down the time and make the trophy easier.

Door Sentry
Kill 30 Penguins as they step out of a door (Single Player)

The best place to earn this is the chapter where you first get grenades, Chapter 7, Hideout. There will be an enemy spawn that continually pops out of a door. Throw your grenade through the little gap, and kill them as they appear. Repeat 30 times to get your trophy.

Brainbug Fever
Brainbug 30 enemies

This trophy isn't hard to get, if you go for it. You need to hold and when a green arrow appears guide it with the rear touchpad. If you miss this in the story, you can always just replay a level several times until you get this trophy.

High Treason
Brainbug the penguin above the star in Chapter 6 (Single Player)

When you come across the two towers next to each other in Chapter 6, you will notice a star shape on the closest one. Throw the brainbug up here to get your trophy.

Kill 20 enemies while brainbugging

This trophy is fairly easy. You must brainbug an enemy then shoot 20 other enemies to earn this. This MUST be done with one penguin or else it won't unlock. The blimp levels are good for this as they have a lot of enemies for you to brainbug and kill others with.

Bird Brained
Brainbug at least one penguin from each of the 7 penguin ranks, including Putzki in a single playthrough

This trophy is missable, as you have to do it in one playthrough. The penguins you must brainbug are:
  • Soldier - The most common enemy in the game. Found in every single chapter, these are easy to brainbug.
  • Red Soldier - These are only found in the first blimp or in Chapter 8. Same as the normal soldiers, but dressed in red
  • Bazooka Penguin - The penguin with a bazooka dressed in white, this one iis unmissable as you brainbug one as part of the story.
  • General - These penguins have a armband on their left arm and wear a hat. They are mostly found in blimps, but a few crop up in the last chapters of the game.
  • Riot Shield Soldier - These are kind of missable, but they are easy to get. As soon as you find one, spam brainbugs at them. They are armed with a shield and baton, so keep your distance.
  • Elite Riot Shield Soldier - There is only ONE of these in the entire game. When you call a lift down, at the end of Chapter 12, him and the general will spawn, kill the general then spam brainbugs until one hits.
  • Putzki - The leader of penguins, you brainbug him at the end of Chapter 15 as part of the story.

Riding the Thunderbolt
Kill Mega-Brno in Hardboiled mode

You DO NOT have to complete the game on Hardboiled difficulty, just the final level, level 15. Hardboiled difficulty is no harder than Normal difficulty you just have less weapons at your disposal. You only have a Desert Eagle, Uzi, Knife and grenades for your use, so you are restricted weapon-wise.

The fight is pretty tricky, but should only take a few tries. You have to wait until he kneels down and fires a rocket, then loop around him, then he will kneel further. Throw a grenade at him to deal damage. The more damage you deal, the faster he gets. Eventually he will use his shield, so you must throw grenades quickly at the back of his head. You have 2 health packs to use though, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Two Birds One Stone
Kill 2 enemies with one grenade

This trophy is pretty easy. Just wait until two enemies are clustered together then throw a grenade. You should get this easily as it isn't too difficult.

Too Many Too Soon
Kill 3 enemies with one grenade

Same as Two Birds One Stone, you must wait until three enemies are clustered together, then press then press to switch to grenades, then throw it at the group to gain your trophy.

Kill 6 enemies with the bazooka

In Chapter 8, the first blimp you enter you have to brainbug an enemy with a bazooka. Simply shoot 6 guys with the bazooka to get your trophy.

Putzki Monologues
Find all four episodes of Putzki on TV in a single playthrough

This trophy is not as hard as it may seem.The Monologues are just TV broadcasts of Putski, and they are all located in Chapter 10 + Chapter 11. Here are the locations:

Location 1:

Toggle Spoiler

Location 2:

Toggle Spoiler

Location 3:

Toggle Spoiler

Location 4:

Toggle Spoiler

You have to watch the episodes all the way through or else it won't unlock.

For What Reason?
Launch the silo missile

In Chapter 2, you will eventually come across massive missiles with OBEY emblazoned on them, and a chain link fence in front of them. There will be a button in front of you, press it and the missile will launch, and you will get your trophy.

Method Acting
Kill yourself as an Elite Penguin on Palace TV in Chapter 13

During Chapter 13, you will see TV Broadcasts of the Elite Penguin. When you reach the Recording Theatre, you will see an Elite Penguin standing next to it. Simply brainbug him then walk him into the recording theatre. He will say a short speech then commit suicide. You will then earn your trophy.

One Shot One Kill
Kill 10 enemies, each with one gunshot (Single Player)

This trophy is ridiculously easy, no idea why it is a silver. You will gain the shotgun in Chapter 2, which is the weapon you use to kill the enemies in one shot. This doesn't have to be done in one go, it is cumulative. Kill ten enemies in one shot to gain your trophy. You must get close for the shotgun to be insta-kill.

Laser Assist
Kill an enemy by knocking him into a laser door (Single Player)

There is only one place where you can earn this trophy, which is on Chapter 6. You will fall into an area where there will be a guard complaining about guarding a sewer. Throw a brainbug at him, then walk him straight into the laser door. His body will frazzle and control will switch back to Hardboiled. The trophy will pop soon after.

Excessive Stacking
Stack all 3 crates near the end of Chapter 11 (Single Player)

Near the end of Chapter 11, you must stack up crates on the elevator in order to get up to the high ledge. During this you can stack crates up by pushing the crate halfway through the ledge on the second floor.Go down and push another crate on the elevator. Press the button to raise the elevator up, and now it is stacked on top of another. Repeat one more time then make the elevator go up. This will earn you the trophy.

Kill all penguins stationed on the zeppelin in Chapter 3 (Single Player)

A very simple trophy, just kill every ship outside then land on the blimp. Be sure to kill any enemy you encounter, then your trophy should pop.

Kill all penguins stationed on the small zeppelin in Chapter 8 (Single Player)

The small zeppelin is the first one on Chapter 8. This isn't too complicated, just make sure to kill every enemy you see.

Big Blimpin'
Kill all penguins stationed on the big zeppelin in Chapter 8 (Single Player)

No idea why this trophy is silver, it is very simple. The big zeppelin is the second one on Chapter 8, just be slow and cautious and kill every single enemy, then the trophy will pop.

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