Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 35+ hrs.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • The higher the platform the more bubbles, goodies and enemies you'll run into.
  • When you get stuck in the pink goo, swipe immediately to increase speed to prevent edibility.
  • Wolf and Aviator tokens can only be collected in Mega Lucky Chests.
  • Spending real cash will achieve this 100% quicker.
  • Use your shield as often as possible to protect you from hazards.
  • Your Shield-o-Meter fills up by your bubble streak, the longer the streak the quicker the juice.


First things first, complete the tutorial and get a feel for the game. Your main focus should be destroying enemies, running as far as you can, and collecting bubbles. Don't forget to collect any stickers you come across during your run, it will reward you with goodies such as hearts, bubbles, costumes for use in LBP3 and a trophy!

Doing this step you should have unlocked:
  • L Plates gone
  • 60 minute mile
  • Bubble hoarder
  • All mine!
  • Stickers mean prizes!
  • Run Sackboy! Run
  • Sackboy the Destroyer

It's time to pop bubbles! Now you have to concentrate on collecting bubbles to level-up, upgrade power-ups, and purchase costumes. If you purchase bubbles with real money this step will be a breeze for you.

During this step you should have unlocked:
  • Employee of the month
  • What to wear
  • Maximum power!

Now it's time to clean up the rest of the trophies, if any, that you have not unlocked.

During this step you should have unlock, if not already unlocked:
  • Shields up!
  • Extra life
  • Escape artist


L Plates gone
Reach level 2.

Refer to Employee of the Month .

Employee of the month
Reach level 20.

The maximum level you can reach in the game is 40 but for this trophy you are required to reach level 20 to unlock. To increase your level you have to earn 5 yellow Sackboy heads but in order to do so you have to complete missions during a run, you can view the missions in the menu at the beginning of a run. At the start the missions are easy but as you progress it only gets tougher. You only able to have 3 active missions so if you get stuck or frustrated with a mission don't be afraid to skip it, but keep in mind that it requires bubbles. I'd recommend to use the skip option whenever you are really stuck because the bubbles needed to skip will increase the more you use it. Once you reach level 20 this trophy will unlock.

60 minute mile
Play Run Sackboy! Run! for an hour.

This trophy does not have to earned in one attempt, it's accumulative. Browsing the menus of the game won't accumulate time, the trophy requires you to play the game for an hour meaning actually running as Sackboy. Once you have played the game for an hour this trophy will unlock.

Bubble hoarder
Collect 10,000 bubbles in total.

Refer to All mine! . This trophy is accumulative, it doesn't need to be earned in one attempt.

All mine!
Collect 50,000 bubbles in total.

Collecting 50,000 bubbles will come along just by going after the rest of the other trophies. This is an accumulative trophy meaning it doesn't have to be earned in one run. Purchasing bubbles or receiving them from rewards won't count towards this trophy, only bubbles earned through your run will count.

What to wear?
Own 10 costumes.

The most time consuming trophy of all, requires you to collect 10 costumes, but it's a bit of challenge. There are two costumes that require you to collect tokens from the Lucky Chests, the Wolf and Aviator costumes. As you collect bubbles save up to buy Mega Lucky Chests to earn either Wolf or Aviator tokens. There is also the Renior The Owl costume which requires you to score at least 100,000 points in a single run. Each costume purchase also increases your multiplier

Below are the costumes and the cost for each:

Costume Cost
Kangaroo 1,000 bubbles
Yeti 2,500 bubbles
Princess 7,500 bubbles
Footballer 15,000 bubbles
Horse Rider 50,000 bubbles
Renior The Owl 100,000 points in a single run
Croc 150,000 bubbles
Mayan Warrior 200,000 bubbles
Sackicorn 350,000 bubbles
Wolf 50 Wolf Tokens (Can only be collected in Mega Lucky Chests)
Aviator 500 Aviator Tokens (Can only be collected in Mega Lucky Chests)

Stickers mean prizes!
Collect the reward for completing a sticker theme.

In order to unlock this trophy you have to complete a sticker theme from the sticker collection. Your stickers are can be viewed in the Stickers option in the main menu. A single stick theme includes 4 stickers in total and are scattered around in different areas of the game. Once you have completed a single sticker theme this trophy will unlock.

Run Sackboy! Run!
Run a total of 100,000 metres.

It's all about running for this one. You have to run a total of 100,000 metres for this trophy. The first area you start off is approximately 500 metres so doing this 200 times in that area will unlock this trophy. This trophy will come across naturally when going after the rest.

Sackboy the Destroyer!
Destroy 1000 enemies.

Enemies can be found in different areas while your running. This is an accumulative trophy so it doesn't have to be earned in one run. In order to destroy an enemy you have to hit their weak spot which is there squash-able brain by jumping on top of it. Once you have destroyed a total of 1000 enemies throughout all your runs, this trophy will unlock.

Shields up!
Deflect a missile with a shield.

Missiles are enemies located in the Canyon area which is the third area in the game. Your shield is a casing that protects you from any hazards during your run. In order to activate your shield your Shield-o-Meter must be full; it fills up when you have a bubble streak, the longer your streak the faster it fills up. Once your Shield-o-Meter is full, you can activate the shield by pressing the Sackboy icon, located in bottom left corner of the screen.

To achieve this trophy you need to activate your shield when a missile is about to be launched and let it hit you causing it to deflect or you dash towards it. If you were to take down without your shield, you must jump on top of it's squashable brain.

Maximum power!
Fully upgrade one power-up.

There are three different power-ups available to upgrade, The Magnet, The Jetpack, and The Glider, each one of them has six upgrades. Upgrading a power-up will increase the time you can use it for during a run. This trophy only requires you to fully upgrade one power-up.

You can purchase upgrades by going into "Shop" in the main menu then going into the "Upgrades" section. Each of the upgrades require a certain amount of bubbles and will increase the level of the power-up once you upgrade. You need a total of 119,000 bubbles to fully upgrade a power-up.

Upgrade costs:
  • Upgrade 1 / Level 1: Free
  • Upgrade 2 / Level 2: 1,000 Bubbles
  • Upgrade 3 / Level 3: 3,000 Bubbles
  • Upgrade 4 / Level 4: 10,000 Bubbles
  • Upgrade 5 / Level 5: 30,000 Bubbles
  • Upgrade 6 / Level 6: 75,000 Bubbles

The upgrade cost the same for each power-up.

Extra life
Use 10 Save-Me Hearts.

You can get Save-Me-Hearts by randomly finding them throughout the game, from Lucky Chests, earn them through completing Sticker themes, or by purchasing them from the PlayStation Store. When you die during a run a screen will pop up asking you if you'd like to use a "Save-Me-Heart" which in other words is an extra life like the trophy name entitles. In order to unlock this trophy you have to use a Save-Me-Heart ten times. All you have to do is continue a run with a Save-Me-Heart when you die, continue your run ten times and this trophy is yours. Keep in mind that this is not required to be earned in a single run, it's an accumulative trophy.

Escape artist
Near miss the Negativitron 25 times.

Negativitron is the enemy that your running away from, it is trying to eat you alive. You can achieve this trophy naturally by just playing this game or you can grind it. In order to miss Negativitron you need to get stuck in the pink goo that is scattered around the entire game, wait until it catches up and opens its mouth, when it does that swipe the screen to dash away from being eaten or have a shield open which will cause it to disappear. Once you have near missed Negativitron 25 times this trophy will unlock.

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