Players: 1
Online Trophies: Nope-but be signed in to PSN to upload your scores
Estimated Time to 100%: 18 hours (almost all of that is for Grinder Man)
Minimum Playthroughs: Keep playing until you unlock Grinder Man
Collectible Trophies: no
Missable Trophies: no
Glitched Trophies: no

[top]Tips & Strategies

See FuturLab Certified for tips on getting good scores


There really isn't a road map to completing this game as the levels are random. As you go for 12 million points or 100,000 blocks exploded look for levels to complete the other trophies. Once you see a level set-up the way I describe then aim for earning that particular trophy.

The most important part of this game, though, is SAVE after every run. To do this go to Options and back out back to the main menu. This will save all the blocks exploded in that run and help towards Grinder Man


Create a chain of 15 blocks! Will not unlock in puzzle mode.

This will be unlocked with Clear Winner

Tammett called...
Create a chain of 20 blocks! Will not unlock in puzzle mode.

This will be unlocked with Clear Winner

Clean Slate
Clear all blocks! Will not unlock in puzzle mode.

Just remove all 48 blocks from any level and this will unlock.

Get 5,000,000 points! Will not unlock in puzzle mode.

See FuturLab Certified for details.

FuturLab Certified
Get 12,000,000 points! Will not unlock in puzzle mode.

This is really the only hard trophy in the game and will require a lot of playthroughs, a lot of luck and some skill. The good news is you need a lot of playthroughs to work towards Grinder Man.

Getting to 12 million might seem daunting at first but by learning some tricks it becomes a lot easier. That being said it still requires a lot of luck as if you don't get a good set up, then you can't get a lot of points.

1. In the beginning make your colour chains long so you get more points. The more blocks you string together the larger the point value. Now after 8 million points you don't want to be doing this anymore as the pressure limit is much shorter so you don't have the time to go for the big combos.

2. Try to end the level with the Star Blocks. These blocks are worth more points and they give you a better bonus at the end. If you finish the level with 2 normal blocks you get 500 points but if you do 2 Star Blocks you get 1000. Now if you can string more Star Blocks together at the end the bonus keeps going up. So try to save all the Star Blocks and Multipliers until the very last move.

3. Rainbow Block Rooms. Do the strategy found in Clear Winner for a large amount of points. If you can finish the level with most of rows 1, 3, 4 and 6 intact and have a couple of multipliers as well you can easily get 2 million an up. My best round was for over 5 million, but I have seen some people get 12 million in one level. So you can see how important it is to not screw up in this room. If your first Rainbow Room is bad then just hit retry because there is no point in even continuing if you can't get at least 2 million right off the bat.

4. Once you get to 8 million it is all about how fast you can complete a level. The pressure gauge will fill up very quickly so you are going to want to clear at least 1 row as fast as possible to open up a vent. Don't worry about saving multipliers or going for long chains, just get rows empty so that you can open vents. All you are doing at this point is beating levels so you can get another Rainbow Room so you can earn some real points.

And that is about it, you will most likely pick up some strategies of your own as you play but these 4 points will get you started and give you a fighting chance at getting 12 million

Grinder Man
Explode 100,000 blocks! Will not unlock in puzzle mode.

One of the rarest trophies around and yet so easy to get. This trophy makes up the majority of the time needed for 100% and it is nothing but mindless grinding.

To explode a block you just need to connect it to another block of the same colour or a specialty block...you need to do this 100, 000 times. If you do the math that means you have to complete at minimum 2084 different levels to unlock this. At about 30 seconds a level that equals about 17 hours of gameplay needed to unlock.

There are a couple other problem with the trophy. If you aren't signed into PSN then your high scores are not being updated and thus not saving (meaning you lost all the blocks you exploded during that run). Now if you are signed into PSN but don't beat your high score then once again your blocks don't save.

The trick to getting around this is after you die, back out to the main menu and go to the Options menu. Then back out of that and it will save. If you do not do this and simply hit Retry...everything you had earned in the last run will be erased. SO REMEMBER TO SAVE AFTER EVERY TURN.

Paint the Town
Use the chain linker block to link two chains of 3 (or more) blocks! Will not unlock in puzzle mode.

The Chain Linker Block is the block that looks like it has a figure 8 on it. What you need to do is connect 3 blocks of a certain colour and then select the chain linker and then select another 3 blocks of a different colour.

You may not always have 6 blocks free to do this so make sure you clear out the surrounding blocks around the colours you need and then attempt to go for this.

Under Pressure
Open 1,000 vents! Will not unlock in puzzle mode.

To open a vent you need to clear out all the blocks in a row and then touch both the right and left side of the vent. This needs to be done to eliminate pressure so you don't fail the level. There are 6 vents on every level and vents can be opened multiple times during the level (they will shut off after a couple of seconds).

This will no doubt come to you while going for Grinder Man

Explode 10 blocks at the same time, using a bomb! Will not unlock in puzzle mode.

You will need a level with a Bomb Block to unlock this trophy. When you get one figure out which colour has the most blocks and then focus on making that the one you will explode. Create a path to the bomb using the other colour blocks. Once the bomb is free utilize the colour that has at least 10 other blocks in the level to explode the bomb.

If done correctly all the blocks of that colour will explode and the trophy will unlock.

Math McGrath
Use multiplier and combiner blocks to get a chain of x10 or more! Will not unlock in puzzle mode.

Combiner Blocks are the multiplier blocks with a ? instead of a number. What you want to do is wait until you get a level with a lot of multipliers (a couple of 3 and 2s along with some ? blocks). Then make sure you unlock all the multipliers by eliminating the surrounding colour blocks. Finally pick a colour and make a path through all the multipliers. You should notice the multiplier number will keep going up as you go through them so wait until it hits 10 and then finish the path.

C-C-Combo Maker!
Use Combiner blocks to create a x9 multiplier! Will not unlock in puzzle mode.

This is slightly different from Math McGrath as it involves NO colour blocks.

Wait until you get a level with a lot of multipliers and make sure there is at least one ? block. Then unlock all the multipliers by eliminating the surrounding colour blocks. Finally create a path by only going through the multipliers (DO NOT TOUCH ANY COLOUR BLOCKS). Keep checking your number and once it hits 9 let go of the touch screen and it should have created 1 multiplier for x9.

If you touch any colour blocks during the path the multiplier will instead explode and you will get a lot of points but no trophy

Clear Winner
Score over 1,000,000 points in a single level clearence! Will not unlock in puzzle mode.

This isn't as hard as it sounds and you will definitely get this while going for 12 million.

To unlock this trophy you have to end the level with a million point move and the only way to get that is on a Rainbow block level. What you want to do is clear out either row 2 or row 5 and then leave 1 block remaining in either 2 or 5. Then take that last block and connect it with the Rainbow block. What this will do is turn every other block into the same colour and you won't have anything obstructed. This means you can just highlight the entire screen and finish the level in one move.

Now you are going to want to have at least a couple of multiplier blocks to help build the score up even more so if you don't get this on your first Rainbow level don't worry as eventually you will get a round with enough multipliers.

This will also unlock Masterful! and Tammett called...

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