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Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 6-8 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 plus cleanup
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Your weapon load-out is crucial. During the first half of the game, feel free to mix and match new weapons as you unlock them, but focus your attention on fully upgrading 7 specific weapons: Machine gun (front), Shocker and Rockets (side), Flamethrower and Mines (rear), and Swarm Missiles and 50 Cal Cannon (roof). The Mines are a lot more powerful than the Flamethrower, and I'd recommend sticking with them after you unlock Fire starter. The Rockets are great to have early on, but once you fully upgrade the Swarm Missiles I recommend swapping them out for the Shocker to protect the sides of your car from enemy vehicles like the Switchblade.
  • At the end of every mission you're presented with a mission summary. Near the bottom is a category called "Skill-shots". These range from Double and Triple Eliminations, to Accuracy and Quick-Swap Combos. You can find the complete list in the Campaign menu. Completing these will add more RP to your total, helping toward the Dolla dolla bills y'all trophy.
  • Every level has one or more alternate paths you can take. Some are just that, while others are shortcuts that can shave valuable time off your level completion time. If you're having trouble getting the Time accomplishment for a level, replay it and experiment with different routes. Also make a mental note of what the goal time is, so you know how close you are to it as you near the end of the level.
  • Some of the longer levels in the game feature checkpoints, so if you die you can choose "Continue" and restart from the specific checkpoint. One huge bonus to these checkpoints, however, is that they save everything that happened beforehand - kills, time, Black Boxes, Enemy Comms, etc. Use this to your advantage when trying for Spy Hunter Status; if you messed something up afterward, let yourself get killed and choose to continue from the checkpoint.
  • When dealing with the enemy Weapons Vehicle, listen for its loud, menacing horn! That's its cue that it's going to boost and try to ram you. Do not use your boost right away though, otherwise you'll run out of juice before it does and it will end up ramming you, causing significant damage. Instead, wait until it's almost on your bumper and then use your boost. You will successfully evade its boost attack and have time for your boost to recharge for when it attacks again.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

None that I'm aware of.


Campaign - With no multiplayer trophies to worry about, this is the obvious meat of the game. There are no difficulty options to choose from, so jump in and get going. Don't worry about the miscellaneous trophies that aren't directly tied to the story (see below); you can mop them up with ease afterward. The Training mission will get you accustomed to pretty much everything you're going to be doing throughout the game, so the learning curve isn't steep at all. Remember that to unlock Not so clever now! you need to complete every mission, so don't ignore the few that branch off. While playing, don't forget to scan enemy vehicles to get Got your number out of the way.

Clean-up - The only trophies you should have remaining after beating the campaign (although you may have already unlocked some) are Conscientious objector, Share the wealth, Fire starter, Unmanned Aerial Venom, Shocking, Where is this guy?!, Looking sharp, Cold blooded, What countdown?, Dolla dolla bills y'all, and Consummate professional. With the exception of Consummate professional, none of the above trophies are overly hard or time consuming. Refer to the trophy descriptions in the guide for full details on how to unlock them.


Exemplary service
Acquire all Trophies.

Earn all other trophies to add this shiny to your collection.

Conscientious objector
Complete a mission without firing any weapons.

I got this on the second level, but you can achieve it on any level you're comfortable with and one that obviously doesn't require you to use weapons. If you're having problems, wait until later in the game when you've unlocked the Cloak ability. Using Cloak essentially renders the AI stupid, as they'll stop shooting and following you.

Lock and load
Fully upgrade a weapon.

You'll generally want to spread out your RP among various weapons, but I highly recommend fully upgrading your Machine Guns first. They're essentially your go-to weapon, and can inflict a lot of damage when maxed out.

Who is this guy?!
Destroy fifteen enemies in one mission.

You'll earn this trophy without even trying, really, as long as you're making a point of shooting everyone that gets in you way. Some missions have more than double this amount, so don't fret.

Share the wealth
During one mission, destroy four enemies, each with a different weapon.

Regardless of what weapon load-out you choose, you need to kill one enemy with each of the 4 weapons. With the rear weapons, wait until you see the red indicator arrow appear at the bottom of the screen. Try and line your car up directly in front of it and then let rip with either the Flamethrower or Mines. As soon as you've dispatched 4 enemies with 4 different weapons the trophy will unlock.

Easy rider
Travel 150km

Story-related and cannot be missed.

This trophy will unlock very early on in the game. You'll be surprised how fast 150km comes and goes.

Take your best shot
Use the shield to avoid significant damage.

This trophy can be a bit misleading. "Significant damage" is classified as anything that can really wallop your health bar, not just basic gunfire from enemy cars. Here are some examples - rockets launched from helicopters, explosions, mines, spike strips, laser-guided missiles, etc. If you find yourself about to be hit by any of the above attacks, quickly tap the Shield icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Fire starter
Destroy ten enemies with the flame thrower during a single mission.

While not as powerful as the Mines, the Flamethrower can dish out some serious punishment, mainly because the enemy car(s) still take damage while they're burning. Another bonus is that hitting one enemy with the flamethrower can cause them to swerve and hit another enemy, setting them on fire as well and also earning you bonus RP. There are several missions where the majority of the enemies will be tailing you, so as long as you have the Flamethrower equipped you should have no problems getting this trophy. Remember you can also boost ahead of enemies and set them on fire too. Once you've unlocked this trophy, however, I recommend switching it out for the Mines.

Got your number
Get Intel on all enemy vehicles.

By tapping the "eye" icon in the bottom-right of the screen you can gather intel on enemy vehicles. This intel can be found from the campaign menu and will give you a brief synopsis of each vehicle and their weak points. There are a total of 14 enemies you need to scan, all listed below with tips on how to best take them down:
  1. Barrel Dumper - SUV that drops mines. Any weapon can take it out, just watch for the mines while you're lining up your shot.
  2. Comms Tech Van - Small trucks sporting a satellite dish on their roof. They are very nimble with weak armor, but don't stay around long. Take them out as soon as you see them for extra RP and a notch toward your Spy Hunter status.
  3. Cruise - Boat that launches heat-seeking missiles. Swarm Missiles will take them out quickly.
  4. Depth Charge - Boat that drops mines. Use the same tactics as you would on the Barrel Dumpers.
  5. Enforcer - Black stretch cars resembling limos. They employ side-mounted shotguns and will always try to remain right beside you. Missiles work great against them.
  6. Jockey - The most common enemy vehicle in the game. Grey with a red stripe down the middle, they employ no weapons and rely solely on ramming tactics, especially in groups. Any weapon works against them, as their armor is very weak.
  7. Lockdown - Sleek looking black car that uses heat-seeking missiles. You can swerve to avoid its targeting reticule or use the Cloak device. They possess very low armor, so hit them with whatever you have available.
  8. Lock-on - Helicopter that uses air-to-ground rockets which are easily avoided. Use Swarm Missiles to take them down.
  9. Mad Bomber - Helicopter that is similar to the Lock-on, only possessing more powerful weaponry. Again, Swarm Missiles are your friend.
  10. Road Lord - Armor plated SUV's that fire machine guns at long range and use brute force at close range. Don't waste bullets - use explosive rounds.
  11. Scorcher - Identical to the Road Lord, except the Scorcher uses a rear-mounted flamethrower. Use the same tactics as the Road Lord to destroy it.
  12. Screamer - These ATV's are death on 4 wheels. They possess no armor and will pursue you to no end. Once close enough they will detonate, dealing massive damage to your car. Use your Machine Gun to take them out.
  13. Strafer - Helicopter equipped with high caliber machine guns. You can use Swarm Missiles to take them out fast, or your Machine Gun once they strafe low enough to the ground.
  14. Switchblade - Identical in appearance to the Jockeys, except they come equipped with spiked tires and will do everything in their power to pull up beside you and dish out damage. If they're ahead of you, use your Machine Gun. If they manage to get beside you, the Shocker will send them flying.

Suited and booted
Equip four fully upgraded weapons in one load-out.

Pretty self-explanatory. I recommend focusing on the weapons I mentioned in the "Tips & Strategies" section at the top of the guide. Once they're all equipped in your load-out, the trophy will unlock.

Unmanned Aerial Venom
Destroy fifty enemies using the UAV in a single play-through of the mission "Eye in the Sky".

This trophy can be a bit of a pain, because you need to destroy nearly every enemy in the mission. My advice is to play the mission as you normally would any other level, paying attention to where the enemies spawn from. Once you've got a good grasp of the level and where the enemies are, replay it. Two key things to keep in mind:
  1. When firing from the UAV, always fire slightly ahead of the enemy you're aiming at. If you aim directly at it, you'll undershoot it and miss entirely.
  2. When Comms tells you about enemies/roadblocks ahead or behind you, immediately venture in that direction and take them out. Once they're dispatched return to maintaining a central position over your Weapons Truck.

If you're using this method, you should have destroyed 50 enemies before the mission ends.

Not so clever now!
Foil the plan of the secretive ghost voice (complete all missions).

To unlock this trophy you need to complete all 23 missions, so don't neglect the ones that branch off. After completing the final mission, the trophy will unlock during the credits sequence.

The only missions I found to be troublesome were the ones involving the enemy Weapons Truck. If you follow my advice in the "Tips & Strategies" section at the top, however, you should have no problems with these parts.

Make it through a mission only using the shocker weapon.

Wait until your Shocker weapon is fully upgraded and then replay any mission you're comfortable with. The Shocker is a one hit kill on most of the weaker enemies, and on the tougher enemies it will knock them around enough that you can make a quick getaway. An easy trophy, just remember not to use anything other than the Shocker.

Float like a really heavy butterfly
Travel 5 kilometres in the air.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

There are so many jumps and ramps throughout the game that you should unlock this trophy well before the end of the game. Also note that anything that causes your car to leave the ground counts as air time. This includes car transformations due to terrain, getting hit by enemy vehicles, even dropping off the Weapons Truck at the start of each mission.

Where is this guy?!
Spend two minutes invisible during a single mission using the cloaking device.

For this trophy you need to choose a long level; one that would normally take you 4-5 minutes to complete. There are a lot of lengthy levels, so the choice is up to you. Once you've chosen the level, make sure you have the Cloak device equipped and drive as slow as possible throughout the mission, activating the Cloak each time it replenishes itself. The reason you need to take things slow is because the Cloak only lasts for 5-6 seconds, and you need to spend a total of 2 minutes being invisible. Try not to hit anything while you're cloaked either, otherwise the Cloak will deactivate and you'll have to wait for it to recharge again. As soon as you accumulate 2 minutes the trophy will unlock, so you can either quit the mission or finish it afterward.

Sting like a metal bee
Destroy five enemies by luring them into stinger road surface traps.

There are several missions where the enemies use spike strips against you. The good thing is the camera pans ahead showing you where they are, and they're also stationary so they're easy to avoid. You can unlock this trophy the very first time you're introduced to spike strips, so long as you don't use any rear-firing weapons against enemies tailing you. As long as you line yourself up with a spike strip ahead, any enemies behind will be right on your bumper. Swerve at the last second and watch the carnage unfold. The total is cumulative, so if you don't get it right away you'll get it in one of the later levels.

Hard love
Complete any mission using only the 50 cal cannon.

Not to be confused with the Machine Gun. The 50 Cal is its own beast, and doesn't become available until later in the game. You can unlock this trophy as soon as the weapon becomes available, however, as the mission is basically geared toward using it. Even without any upgrades the 50 Cal will tear anything apart, just try using it in spurts so it doesn't overheat. As with Shocking, make sure not to use any other weapon.

Didn't expect that to happen...
Complete the Training mission.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

For those of you who don't like reading the digital Vita manuals and can't figure out how to accelerate and brake in a racing game, this trophy's for you.

The Training Mission is the first mission in the game, obviously. Here you'll be instructed on pretty much everything your car can do and will prepare you for the rest of the game. Simply complete the mission and the trophy's yours.

King of the world
Destroy twenty enemy boats.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

There are several missions where you'll be spending most of your time in the water, and you'll be swarmed by enemy boats. Also, anytime you choose an alternate path that takes you across a lengthy stretch of water, you guessed it - more boats. Manually targeting them with your Machine Gun can be a bit challenging, thanks to the waves, so feel free to unleash some missiles on them to save time.

I'm on a boat
Travel 20 kilometres on water.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

This trophy kind of goes hand-in-hand with the above King of the world trophy, and you'll probably unlock one right after the other.

Looking sharp
Select a new paint job for your interceptor.

This can be done at any time. From the Campaign menu, scroll down and select "Paintwork". You have 18 color schemes to choose from, ranging in price from 1,000 RP up to 7,500 RP, depending on how fancy you want your car to look. Press to purchase and confirm the paint job, and then again to apply it to your car. Voila!

Consummate professional
Get Spy Hunter pro status on every mission.

Spy Hunter pro status is broken down into 4 categories: Damage, Time, Black Box, and Enemy Comms. Completing all objectives will earn you Spy Hunter pro status for that particular level. One great thing with this game is that it saves any of the above objectives you may have completed during a mission, meaning you only have to go for the ones you're missing when replaying levels.

To check which objectives you need, go to the mission select screen and tap the "i" (information) icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. This will give you a breakdown of which objectives you've completed (marked with a black circle) and which ones you haven't. Here are some tips toward helping you earn Spy Hunter pro status:
  • Damage - You'll obviously want fully upgraded weapons to help dispatch enemies faster (especially Swarm Missiles), but the Cloak and Shield devices help a great deal as well. If the level involves mostly common enemies, use the Cloak device so that you can zip right by them undetected. For levels where you have to deal with environmental disasters, mines, nuclear strikes, or the dreaded enemy Weapons Truck, equip the Shield. When used at the right time, you can escape many of these situations virtually unscathed or with minimal damage.
  • Time - Most missions cut you some slack here, allowing you to mess up once or twice and still hit the target time. Other levels, however, require you to be virtually perfect in your run. Here you'll want to use almost the same tactics I mentioned for Damage, as well as boosting at every available opportunity. Shortcuts are not required, but will greatly help in cutting back on your overall time. Lastly, use the tip I mentioned in the "Tips & Strategies" section at the top regarding checkpoints.
  • Black Box - Surrounded by a bright, green outline, black boxes are hard to miss. They can be hard to nab depending how fast you're going though, so make sure to repeatedly press the "eye" icon once you see it. One important thing to note is that their appearance is completely random, meaning they won't always be recovered from the same enemy. Also, enemies you destroy behind you can also be carrying the black box, so make sure to press down on the left stick after you destroy someone to check if it's there.
  • Enemy Comms - These are the small satellite vans I mentioned in the Got your number description. As I stated in their description, they don't hang around long, so make them a priority when you see them.

If you didn't get either the Damage or Time category at the end of a mission, make note of what the requirement is to get it and then replay the mission using a different approach. Try using alternate paths you didn't take the first time, or switch out the Cloak for the Shield (or vice versa) if it's easier for you.

Cold blooded
Destroy the entire convoy in the mission "Rogue" in under sixty seconds.

There's no way to do this on your first attempt, as your weapons won't be powerful enough to take out all the enemies in time. Once you've maxed out your 4 primary weapons, replay the mission and lay waste to every that gets in your way! I was able to get this using only Swarm Missiles and Mines, and destroyed the entire convoy in about 40 seconds.

Not a scratch
Complete a whole mission without suffering the loss of a single reactor core.

To clarify, reactor cores are your health bars. You have six of them located in the bottom-left area on the screen.

To unlock this trophy you essentially have to finish a mission completely unscathed. It might sound hard, but it's actually quite easy so long as you use the trusted "shoot first, ask questions later" approach. As soon as you see enemies ahead of you, start firing. You can usually get away with destroying most vehicles from a distance with your Machine Gun. If they're still alive as you get closer, fire some rockets up their ass to finish them off. The same goes for enemies coming at you from behind. As soon as you see the red triangle indicator, let loose with the Flamethrower or Mines before they get too close. As long as you make the most of both the environment and your weapons, this trophy shouldn't give you much trouble and you'll probably unlock it in one of the first few levels.

What countdown?
In the mission "Nuclear Fallout" defuse all bombs in under forty seconds.

This trophy's a bit confusing because the timer at the top of the screen isn't accurate toward the trophy itself. For example, when I unlocked it the timer read 45 seconds afterward, so I'm not quite sure when the timer for this trophy actually starts. Regardless, make sure you're boosting at all times toward each of the three bombs, and try not to overshoot the target by braking too late. Also, don't listen to the stupid ghost voice when it tells you to go right. If you do you'll have to make a u-turn at the end of the road and drive back to the second bomb. Turn left instead.

Dolla dolla bills y'all
Earn over 150,000 Research Points.

This trophy ties in with Consummate professional, as you need the extra RP given for earning Spy Hunter status to reach 150,000 total RP. Remember to get in some skill shots when replaying levels to add some extra RP too.

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