Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 60+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 ( 2 highly recommended )
Collectible Trophies: Namcoin Classic Collection
Missable Trophies: Namcoin Classic Collection


Welcome to the Tales of Hearts R trophy guide. For this guide I'll be detailing the way on how to get the platinum for this game. This is the first Tales Vita to make it over to the NA/EU and is a remake of the original Tales of Hearts game on the Nintendo DS, hence the R in the game title. This particular Tales title is closer to the older style of Tales games with tons of puzzles, random battles, and an explorable world map.

For this guide I'm mapping this guide to two playthroughs even though the minimum playthrough for this game is actually one. Reason for this is because it is significantly faster to complete the platinum with two playthroughs than one mostly due to the level 200 trophy, but a few other trophies benefit from this as well. There really isn't much to keep track of but the one missable trophy in the game, everything else is obtainable at any time.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Battle Tips
There are many things going on in battles that you might not be aware of or may not fully understand. This section is to expand on the most important things that you should have and set up for your game.
  • Battle Layout: There are actually two battle layouts for this game. If you don't like using the d-pad you can switch to the other layout and will switch artes to be used from the L-stick.
  • Guard Counters: This is the first real battle mechanic that gets introduced to you and it definitely is an important mechanic. After you attack an enemy for awhile, eventually it becomes angry and turn red, make a noise, and then you time the noise to when you guard. Guard Counters are very important for boss fights as this basically gets you a chance to unleash a combo before the enemy recovers.
  • Enemy Weaknesses: Most enemies in the game have weaknesses that you can exploit. You can find weaknesses by attacking an enemy with something they are weak to or by using a Magic Lens then pressing/holding the R button in battle.
  • Spiria Drive: This is another battle mechanic that is introduced to you in game. You may not make much use of it early on in the game, but once you reach level 3 and 4 you can initiate Mystic Artes which are special attacks which do a large amount of damage to the enemy. Also another good tactic to know is that if you use a level 1 drive during a fight in which an enemy has locked you into a combo, you can use this to break out of the combo to recover.
  • Cross Links: Cross Links are when you attack an enemy and you get this blue marker indicating you can enter Chase Link. Chase Link can be entered by attacking an enemy a few times or by initiating a break attack by holding L+X. When you enter Chase Link mode, a gauge will appear over the character portrait of the character you are using. You'll have as long as the gauge is active to bat around the enemy. This also brings up another battle mechanic; Cross Chase.
  • Cross Chase: Cross Chase is a battle mechanic during Cross Link where a party member wants to do a special attack with you. This is indicated by a flashing portrait at the bottom of the screen. When that appears, physically touch the character portrait to activate it. If it activated you'll see a noticeable special attack being done. Cross Chases can be made more common with certain skills which are shared by Gall if he has a high enough bond with the character you are using.
  • Skills: Don't forget to equip skills! Many of these are very helpful and make battles much easier depending on the kind of skills you use. TP Saver, HP/TP/TC Gain, Speed Cast, and Combo Cure/Tonic/Voltage skills are very useful for any battle. Skills can also increase how long you maintain Chase Links, and how often Cross Chase attacks appear.
  • Break Attacks: Break attacks are very important in battle. You can do break attacks by turning on the Break Binder Skill which sets certain artes to have a Break Attack effect. This is indicated by a sword icon in the arte menu under that respective attack arte. Break attacks make Chase Links easier to appear, make Chase Links last longer, to break enemy guard, and to break enemy spellcasters casting.
  • Formations: In this game you can set up the proximity to the boss you want your active party members to fight. You can set melee fighters to the closest to the enemy icon, and the dedicated healers to the furthest spot. However, keep note for the furthest spot that they will really only honor this if you set them to fight at a distance in strategy priorities.
  • Strategy Menu: In this menu you can change the basic actions of your party members. You can set them to Defensive, Heal, Reduce TP usage, what kind of artes they use, and etc. You also have a few strategy types that you can switch to so you can set one to be more offensive, and another to be more defensive. In battle you can make use of swapping strategies by opening the battle menu and using the R button to shuffle through them.
  • Strategy Priorities: It can be really easy to miss this feature in the strategy menu. However this is where you can delve deep into actions of your party members. This section is enhanced by buying particular books from the book store. In this section you can specifically tell a character to fight at a distance, to heal when allies are under a certain percentage, do nothing at all, fight the same/different enemy and etc. This section is pretty exhaustive and it should cater to the people that want more control over the party AI.

Boss Battle Strategy
Now that you know all of all the battle tips from the above section, now it's about putting it all together versus the bosses of the game. After the halfway point of the game you'll need to have more of a strategy in approach to these fights as you could very easily lose if you are unprepared. These are the things you need to have for boss battles, or in fact, any battle.
  • Stock up on items
  • Equip the best possible weapons and armor possible at the time
  • Equip HP/TP/TC Gain, TP Saver, Speed Cast, Break Binder, and Cross Link/Chase skills.
  • Have at least one dedicated healer: Hisui is overall the best healer in the game followed by Kohaku and Chalcedony. For some boss fights you may even want two dedicated healers.
  • Set up multiple Strategy formations beforehand: Having at least two strategy formations will make dealing with bosses and their Overlimits much more bearable. An offensive and Defensive strategy are the least you should have.

When a battle starts, the first thing you can do but is optional is to use a Magic Lens to know exactly what you are fighting and what weaknesses there are if there are any. Most bosses are not weak to anything so you don't have to bother setting artes to hit for weaknesses. If you are melee, begin your usual string of combos of regular attacks and ending with attacks that can break. You can spam that break attack a few times if you want to possibly stun or even have a Chase Marker appear to go into Chase Link Mode. Always Chase Link when you get the chance and keep that going as long as possible. When that ends, you repeat the same thing again and making sure the healers are keeping up, if they aren't you can use items to ease their job. If you are locked into a combo from the boss, you can use a level 1 Spiria Drive to break out of the combo and get yourself to safety.

Eventually the enemy will go into overlimit when they reach the last quarter of their health, which can be quite deadly as many have a Mystic Arte attack that can kill in one attack. To prevent this, switch to a strategy that is set to Defensive, and to Fight at a Distance in the priorities. This should hopefully control the AI to continually run away from the boss should it get close to them. Once overlimit is over, you can switch back to your regular strategy and continue the battle the same again. Chances are the bosses are going to be hitting harder now that their HP is low, so if you need to, you can now use your level 3/4 Spiria gauge to almost/completely shrug off damage and then initiate a Mystic Arte when the gauge is about to run out. Just keep repeating the same methods til the boss is down.

Grade Farming
Grade is the currency in which you use to buy upgrades in New Game+ to help in your second playthrough and onward. At the bottom of this guide there is a list of all the upgrades you can purchase from the game. Some of these items can be extremely expensive and grade doesn't exactly come in easily like Tales of Xillia. All Grade is earned in battles which means you'll need to grind battles to get more of it. There is one super easy method to farm grade in this game and you'll need the following things prepared.
  • Hisui
  • Play on the hardest difficulty you can handle
  • Set Storm of Thrushes attack to
  • Set all other characters to attack a different enemy
  • Equip a weapon with the most TC
  • Equip HP/TP/TC Gain skills
  • Equip Exceed skills
  • Equip Combo Tonic/Voltage Skills
  • Equip TP Saver

Head to Minera and fight the enemies between the teleporter and Cind'rella. All of these enemies are weak to wind so Storm of Thrushes will hit their weakness which is the key to farming. Main idea to this is to focus on an enemy and continually attack it with Storm of Thrushes and having all of those skills will continually replenish your TP/TC to effectively have one continuous long chain of Storm of Thrushes to make an absurd amount of combo hits. Since hitting weaknesses gives you extra grade every time it's hit you can potentially make 999 grade from one battle. The higher the difficulty, the less time it'll take to reach a high amount of Grade for each battle.

If you are high leveled and are having trouble keeping the enemies alive long enough, you can equip the One Hit Wonder skill to reduce your damage to 1 for every attack. I suggest saving whenever possible because sometimes things happen and battles can go bad. Since you are close to Cind'rella, stop there and save and use the Inn to replenish HP/TP if needed.


This is the general roadmap that you'll follow for the game. In each area I'll explain what you'll be aiming to get and also what things you may want to save for later.

For this playthrough, you'll ultimately mostly want to just go through the story and not focus on much else. However, for those like me who have to do everything that they can on the first playthrough, you can pretty much do almost everything up to the Triverse Gate on playthrough one. You'll want to save the Triverse Gate for when you are on NG+ with 5X Experience to get through it much faster. If you are planning to do Namcoins on the first playthrough, make sure you go down to the Namcoin Classic Collection trophy to see the missable side quest. If you miss that quest you'll have to do it on a second playthrough.

At the end of the second playthrough you're going to probably need to Grade farm for upgrades to bring into New Game+. I suggest Grade Farming at the end when you are ready to move onto NG+ and have nothing else you want to do. Follow the Grade Farming method in the Tips & Strategy section of the guide. You'll want the following upgrades going into NG+;
  • 5X Experience: 2000 Grade
  • Keep Parameters or Reset Soma Build: 400/200 Grade
  • 60/99-Item Carry Limit: 300/1000 Grade
  • Keep Somatic Bonds: 20 Grade
  • Keep Cooking Level: 100 Grade

This means at minimum you are looking at 2422 - 3520 Grade depending on which upgrades you want to do. However for the next thing you need to do you'll need at least 2500 Grade. Once you have that, head to the statue in Seaville to start a New Game+ playthrough.

Note: You'll want to make a double of your Clear Save data. If you save over it with your NG+ file, you'll never be able to back track to that file.

Before Moving To Your Second Playthrough
Once you are ready for New Game+, let's side track a bit for two trophies. Start up a New Game+ and take either/both the Fill Monster Lexicon or Fill Collector's Codex upgrades and start the game. Once you have the Monster Hoarder and Item Hoarder trophies, just exit the game. If you can only get one at a time; get one, exit the game, do another NG+ and get another, then exit the game again.

For the second playthrough you'll now want to do everything you missed in the first playthrough. For those that did everything but the Triverse Gate in their first playthrough, you'll probably find yourself left with a few overarching trophies; level 200, cooking level 99, unbreakable bond, final boss difficulty trophies, and the Triverse Gate trophy. You may have a few more than things to clean up depending on how much you did on the first playthrough. General things to do for this playthrough is to run through the story and skip every cutscene possible to save time. Switch your party members around so those who need the unbreakable bond trophies are teamed up together and reach bond level 7.

For those that didn't do anything on your first playthrough other than completing the game, now is the time to focus on the Namcoin Classic Collection trophy. If you miss that early side quest now then you'll have to do yet another playthrough and basically wasted time rushing through the first playthrough. Doing that should net you some of the other trophies you are missing like Marker Marker and Globetrotter . Eventually you'll come to the same place as the people who did everything on their first playthrough, so you can now follow the above paragraph.

Defeat the final boss and then either do some clean up or go straight into the Triverse Gate. I have an entire section dedicated to the Triverse Gate at the bottom of this guide to get you through the dungeon. Assuming you did the Triverse Gate first, you'll now do your grind to level 200. Follow the instructions under the Max. Level Allstars trophy which will help push up your cooking level at the same time. Once you are level 200 you now have the choice to either clean up the rest of your trophies, or do the difficulty trophies for the final boss. Either way, you'll eventually come to the end of the trophy hunting, and receive your shiny new platinum.


Master of Hearts
Proof of a perfect completion of Tales of Hearts R. Thanks for playing! Your love and dedication are hugely appreciated!

Obtain all other trophies for the platinum trophy.

Bash, bang, pow! Your timing couldn't be more perfect! You don't fear enraged attacks—you welcome them with open arms!

For this trophy you'll need to counter attack 200 times in battle. To counter you have to continually attack an enemy til it turns red and makes a noise which is the indicator to guard with . The timing is different for all enemies so you'll have to adjust to each enemy.

Challenge Champ
No matter what it takes, you'll rise to the challenge! It's high time you were rewarded for your go-getting attitude!

For this trophy you'll need to complete 10 challenges at the highest rank. Challenges are random but you should definitely not have any trouble with it in the long run. Some of the challenges won't be possible initially until you become higher leveled and have more skills unlocked. If you manage to finish the game without getting this, you'll probably be doing a second playthrough which you'll get these easy.

200-Hit Combo
Hit after hit after hit after hit after hit! You lay it on so thick and fast, the enemy doesn't stand a chance!

For this trophy you need to get a 200+ hit combo. The easiest way to get this trophy is actually the same way you'll be grade farming in this game. I'll go more in-depth on the Grade portion of this farming method in the Tips & Strategy section of this guide. The below is strictly just to get the 200+ hits.

What you need;
  • Hisui
  • Set Storm of Thrushes attack to
  • Set all other characters to attack a different enemy
  • Equip a weapon with the most TC
  • Equip HP/TP/TC Gain skills
  • Equip Exceed skills
  • Equip Combo Tonic/Voltage Skills
  • Equip TP Saver

Once you have all of that set, head to Minera and fight the enemies outside of Cind'rella. All of these enemies are weak to wind attacks which is why we use Hisui since can exploit that. When you get into battle immediately check to see if the AI characters are attacking other enemies instead of the one you'll be focused on. Once you know they're off on their own, spam Storm of Thrushes and give it some time and you'll get 200 hits. it may take a couple tries to get used or you may need to tick the difficulty up one level if you kill the enemies before you get the hits in.

Spiria Superior
The strength of the bonds between us is the source of our greatest strength. Let the Spiria shine on!

For this trophy you need to use the Spiria Drive 50 times in battle. To use Spiria Drive you have to press a certain combination for which level you want to use. There are 4 levels of the Spiria Drive and each level corresponds to a particular arrow on the d-pad as well as holding L/L1 button at the same time. Example: Level 1 is L+right. Level does not matter for this trophy so you could potentially just use level 1 drive for this trophy. However, you'll more than likely get this naturally over your playthrough as long as you've been making use of it.

Cross Chase Ace
A band of companions working in perfect harmony, and connected by unbreakable bonds—bonds that go beyond mere individuals and out into the fabric of the universe itself.

For this trophy you'll need to activate a Cross Chase 150 times. Cross Chase is when you are in a Chase Link and the character icons on the bottom of your screen flash yellow. When that happens you have to physically touch the screen on that character to activate it. You'll know it's activated when the two character do a special attack. There is one skill that you can use to increase the chance of these attacks which is Gall's "Cross Plus" skill, which is shareable at bond level 5. However it's still pretty dependent on whether the other characters are in the middle of an attack, so if they aren't busy they'll be more likely to signal it.

Chase Link Ace
Come on! Just one more second! And another! And another! Your unflappable perserverance has finally paid off!

For this trophy you'll need to maintain a Cross Link for 20 seconds or more. This isn't really possible until you have skills that can increase the length of the Chase Link and arte attacks that can do multiple hits in one attack. The best characters to complete this with are Hisui and Kunzite. Hisui's Storm of Thrushes attack has multiple attacks in one and it'll keep drive the Chase Link gauge up really easily. Kunzite's regular attacks hit more than any other characters and that can maintain the gauge easily as well. However there will be a little bit of luck involved here as you'll need Cross Chases to appear as well to keep the gauge up. I personally got this with Hisui using Storm of Thrushes as I was grade farming before I moved onto NG+.

Here are some skills you'll likely need to achieve this;
  • Break Binder: Adds Break Attack capability to certain Somatic Artes.
  • Autodash: Automatically executes a Chase Dash after executing a Break Attack.
  • Strike Extender (Kor: shareable at bond level 5): Increases the amount by which successful hits can lengthen a Chase Link
  • Dash Extender (Hisui: shareable at bond level 7): Increases the amount by which Chase Dash moves can lengthen a Chase Link.
  • Cross Plus (Gall: shareable at bond level 5): Makes Cross Chase more likely to occur.
  • Cut to the Chase 1/2 (Gall: shareable at bond level 4/6): Makes the Chase Marker more likely to appear.
  • Cross Extender (Chalcedony: shareable at bond level 6): Increases the amount by which Cross Chase moves can lengthen a Chase Link.
  • Big Finish: Allows only Finishing blows to KO enemies during Chase Link.

This award commemorates your uncanny ability to be taken unawares. You don't let the surprise grind your Spiria down, though—you thrive on it!

For this trophy you need to find and win 50 surprise encounter battles. Surprise encounters are when you get into a battle and the typically shattered glass intro for battle is red instead of the regular blue, and the enemy will start in a formation surrounding you.

Unfortunately surprise encounters are entirely random and there really isn't a way to grind this. The game records section doesn't keep track of this either so you really won't know how close you are to getting this unless you've been keeping track of it outside of the game. However, on a good note the count does transfer to NG+ so you don't have to worry about finishing this on your first playthrough. I personally got this trophy at 885 total encounters and 3369 enemies defeated.

Day after day, from the dawn's early light to the setting of the sun, you slayed every single beast that crossed your path. Looking back, it's hard to tell now if your epic journey of slaughter took forever or the twinkling of an eye.

For this trophy you'll need to defeat 2,000 enemies. This should come naturally as you play the game. I was a little too efficient and didn't get this trophy before finishing my first playthrough and that wasn't even fleeing from battles so I continued it into my second playthrough. If you tend to backtrack a lot for side quests, you'll be more likely to finish this in one playthrough.

Max. Level Allstars
Awarded for training every character up to achieve their maximum potential. From here on out, it's just about learning how best to put that potential into practice!

For this trophy you'll need to get every character to level 200. Best way to grind levels for this trophy is by grinding in the Triverse Gate with the Miso Soup recipe which is bought in Dronning. This is best done on NG+ with 5X Experience and it'll make this grind significantly shorter. On NG+ I finished the final boss and Triverse Gate at level 158, I was just short of level 70 on my first playthrough without Triverse Gate. it took me around an hour to finish out the rest of the levels on NG+ in the Triverse Gate and I was getting over 300k experience for each fight. Also don't forget to equip the "Supersub" skill to all inactive party members so they can get more experience outside of battle as well.

I highly urge you consider doing a NG+ for this trophy alone. It takes less than 10 hours to go through the story again while skipping cutscenes, and not sidetracking for most things. I would definitely say it would be significantly longer if you choose to stay on your first playthrough and more than likely you'll take much longer than the estimated 60+ hours for the platinum.

Monster Collector
You have sought out creatures of all shapes and sizes and diligently recorded their every detail. It's high time your monstrous menagerie was appreciated in all its gory glory!

For this trophy you need to fill the Monster Lexicon book in game. The easiest way to get this trophy is to start a NG+ and have 2500 grade then choose "Fill Monster Lexicon" in the Grade shop. You can immediately cancel the NG+ when you are done so you don't waste any Grade. Doing it this way will either unlock the trophy immediately or you have to open the Monster Lexicon in game to get it to trigger. Of course you can get this naturally in game by fighting every enemy on your way to the end of the game, all arena matches, and the Triverse Gate.

Item Hoarder
Your fine eye for a fine item has led to your being awarded this momentous accolade. You've experienced every effect the various objects of the world have to offer, and bathed in their beauty to your heart's content!

For this trophy you need to fill the Collector's Codex in game. The easiest way to get this trophy is to start a NG+ and have 2500 grade then choose "Fill Collector's Codex" in the Grade shop. You can immediately cancel the NG+ when you are done so you don't waste any Grade. Doing it this way will either unlock the trophy immediately or you have to open the Collector's Codex in game to get it to trigger. Of course you can get this naturally in game by buying items/armor/accessories, unlocking weapons from upgrading your Soma, opening treasure chests, completing side quests, and etc.

Marker Marker
You've tracked down every item marker out there, no matter how well-hidden. Is there nothing in this world you can't find?

For this trophy you'll need to find all 41 yellow markers all over the world map. This can't be completed until you have the airship and can travel to areas only accessible by air. You must accept the items even if you have to throw them away for them to count. I've made a map showing where all of these markers are using the in game world map. They may be a little off from their location, but they should be in the general area of where I placed the yellow mark.

Toggle Spoiler

You've seen every inch of the whole wide world with your own two eyes, and this award proves it. It's a big old place out there, but as you now know, there's nothing to fear.

For this trophy you have to uncover every landmass on the world map for this trophy. This can't be completed until you have the airship and can travel to areas only accessible by air. Below is a fully uncovered world map from my game.

Toggle Spoiler

You've spent more time in the kitchen than the Wonder Chef himself! He must be over the moon to have such a dedicated pupil as you! Maybe you'll be as buff as him one day, too!

For this trophy you must level your cooking to level 99. The best recipe to do this with is the recipe you get from the Kohaku's Room side quest in which you get a Namcoin from; Miso Rice Balls, and it is a level 70 recipe. Set this recipe into your cooking shortcuts and stock on up all the ingredients in Dronning. I suggest picking up Dark/Umbra Bottles for this to speed up the process as well. After you have all the supplies, leave Dronning and use a Dark/Umbra Bottle and run around in circles. Make sure to cook the recipe after every battle and eventually you'll max out your cooking level.

Namcoin Classic Collection
You've collected every single Namcoin out there. Citrine is so happy she could die! Just don't go losing them before you hand them over to her, you hear?

For this trophy you need to find all 76 Namcoins in the game which can be found in Treasure Chests, Side Quests, NPCs, World Map Markers, and in the Arena. There is only one missable Namcoin and it's really early on in the game so make sure you look ahead to see where this begins.

There are 13 total Namcoins to be earned in the Arena which is located in Lion Park. To enter the Arena, talk to the receptionist on the right side of the Arena entrance in the back. There are 8 coins for fully completing the solo arena on every character and 5 coins for the extra battles.

There are a total of 6 coins to be found from NPCs in the game.

Seaville: Dog
Layve Village: Dog
Blanche Villa: Sheep
Dronning: Old Man at the entrance
Maximus Castle in Straga: Given by a soldier on the first floor
Guz Spa: Sassol

Side Quests
There are a total of 10 coins to be found from side quests. Other than the duck boat side quest, all other sidequests that give coins are not missable and can be completed at any time.

Duck Boat: (MISSABLE!)
After clearing the Lagos Caves and return to Cynos talk to Euclase in the house with the telescope. After talking to Euclase will activate the part that you need for the coin. Leave the house and head across from there to the man with a ? over his head. You'll be prompted to Spiria Link with him after talking. Once that is done you'll receive the Duck Boat Pass which allows you to ride the Duck Boat. Ride the Duck Boat to the left side of the town and you'll come to a little dock that will have a sparkly, and two chests; one which will contain a Namcoin.

This becomes missable after you defeat the boss in Prinseur Sanctorum Cathedral in Prinseur.

Aifreed's Treasure:
In the Desert Oasis (the exit of the Schehera Desert), there will an npc collapsed on the ground. Perform a Spiria Link and then head to Pendeloque Southport and speak to Aqua. After the coming events you'll receive your Namcoin.

Cave Labyrinth:
After obtaining your aircraft, head to the largest island on the upper right side of the world map. Land on the beach area and there will be a ???? indicating an area that's able to be entered. Once you enter you'll be greeted with a beach cutscene, but afterward head back down to the beach and to the right to a cave. Enter it and input the following directions; Go straight, take a right, go straight, and take another right. This will get you a Namcoin.

Fetch Quest #1:
In Obus Eastport, there is an npc looking for 10 Monster Claws. You can find these by fighting the lizard/dinosaur enemies on Mount Grimm. Hand over the Monster Claws and he'll give you a Namcoin.

Fetch Quest #2:
At the church in Straga in a room, there is a soldier looking for 10 Ebony Moon Fragments. You can get these from any enemy in the final dungeon before fighting the final boss. Hand over the Ebony Moon Fragments and you'll get a Namcoin.

Forbidden Book:
  • Head to Shoalhaven, and take the first boat into the town. Head to the bottom left of the area and on the desk of the bookstore, read every story in both books and afterward the npc will have a ? over her head, so speak to her and she'll want you to find this specific Forbidden Book but no real idea where to find it.
  • After completing Maximus Castle, head to the third floor where the library is. The book will be on the right side of the library. Once you have the book, return to the bookstore and the npc will give you the Namcoin.

Hide & Seek:
  • In Pendeloque Southport, there will be a man talking about how he was hearing strange noises from the warehouse and wants you to check it out for him. When inside the warehouse, check the box on the right side and you'll find a girl inside who was unfortunately forever alone never found by her friends while playing hide & seek.
  • In Lion Park at the Inn, there will be a Maid next to the elevator who speaks about strange noises heard from the upstairs room and wants you to check it out. Take the elevator up to the room and head to the bathroom and you'll find the bathtub covered by this wooden plank, examine it and you'll find the same poor girl again, and yet again she was never found by her friends who probably never wanted to find her in the first place, lol.
  • After you have access to the aircraft, head to the Inn in Straga. Talk to the man near the entrance to the sewers and he'll send you to investigate the sewers. After a cutscene you'll be automatically taken to scene where that same girl is being attacked by a monster and which you'll fight off. After some cutscenes you'll receive the Namcoin.

Kohaku's Room/Ultra Marine:
  • After reaching Gardenia, head to Dronning and head to Kohaku's home and try to enter her bedroom. This quest sort of needs a little fiddling around to get it to work and may need to leave town and come back to get it to trigger. After that event, head downstairs and speak to Sapphire and that will trigger you to perform a Spira Link with her. Once that is done, try going to Kohaku's bedroom again you may need to switch the visible character to get the scene you need to trigger. If that triggers, Kohaku will guard her door, and then back downstairs Kaya with have ? over their head and which again, talk to them to trigger a Spiria Link and continue the side quest with Kaya til you can enter Kohaku's room. Once inside, press near the white bunny plush to get the DX Doll item.
  • After you have the DX Doll, head to Pendeloque Southport and speak to Aqua and Spiria Link with her. After that, head to Henselar and go to the Guildmaster's Hall and speak to Ultra Marine then Spiria Link with him. After that you'll get the Namcoin.

Letter to Grandma:
In Prinseur at the south entrance, head up the staircase and you'll find a girl with a ? over her head. Talk to her and she'll want you to give a letter to her grandma who is pretty much directly behind her. Hand the letter off to her and perform a Spiria Link. Once that's over you'll get a Namcoin.

Secret Base:
  • Obtain 10 Monster Feathers from the bird enemies from Mount Grimm.
  • Between Prinseur and Marquise Westport there will be a forest that will have a ???? indicating that it's an area you can enter. Enter it... and then get kicked out. It's best to wait to do this til you have access to your aircraft, that way you can get this entire quest chain done in one go.
  • Immediately re-enter the Secret Base and hand over the Monster Feathers.
  • Return to the Secret Base again and you'll get your Namcoin.

Treasure Chests
There are a total of 29 coins to be found from treasure chests.

Dungeons: Listed in order of story progression.
  • Lagos Caves
  • Twilight Forest
  • Anders Mine
  • Odette Watergate
  • High Tower
  • Schehera Desert x2
  • Prinseur Sanctorum Cathedral
  • Mount Bremen

Ports: Listed in alphabetical order.
  • Marquise Northport
  • Marquise Westport
  • Obus Eastport
  • Obus Southport
  • Obus Westport
  • Pendeloque Southport
  • Port Trilliant

Rest Areas: Listed in order of story progression.
  • Before the Schehera Desert
  • Near Mount Bremen

Towns: Listed in order of story progression.
  • Henselar
  • Guz Spa
  • Straga
  • Shoalhaven
  • Lion Park
  • Prinseur
  • Layve Village
  • Blanche Villa
  • Dronning
  • Cind'rella
  • Gardenia

World Map Markers
There are a total of 18 coins to be found from the yellow markers on the world map. This will be found in combination with the Marker Marker trophy.

Victory over the Grim Keeper
This hateful being likes nothing more than to watch his faithful scythe swing about the place causing mayhem. If Gall hadn't showed up just in the nick of time, he may have stopped Kor and co. at the very first hurdle.

For this battle you'll be fighting the first boss; Grim Keeper. Since it's early on in the game there really isn't much to prepare beforehand. You can directly attack the boss rather than the scythe to end the battle. However if the scythe is causing trouble, it's best to just get rid of it first. Just remember to set Hisui to heal and he should be able to cover the battle for heals rather than using items.

Victory over Chalcedony
This nasty bundle of bowl-haircutted bad attitude has a Soma that lets him fly around in the air. He'd better give that piece of Kohaku's Spiria Core back, or he'll be sorry!

For this trophy you'll need to fight Chalcedony. Just follow standard battle tactics in the Tips & Strategy section. It should be easy since it's just one enemy to fight.

Victory over Amethyst
This supposedly world-famous hero would have you believe that you defeated him more through luck than anything else, but you know the real story.

For this trophy you'll need to fight Amethyst. Just follow standard battle tactics in the Tips & Strategy section. It should be easy since it's just one enemy to fight.

Victory over the Sandworm
This self-satisfied slitherer was probably so full of beans as he wriggled his way beneath the sands because he'd swallowed a shard of unadulterated joy.

For this trophy you'll need to fight the Sandworm. Best approach to this battle is to take out the small worms out first and then slam the boss with everything you've got and guard counter and chase link whenever possible.

Victory over Chalcedony's Crew
A pitched battle filled with fierce Soma-on-Soma action has finally drawn to a close and we won!

For this trophy you'll need to defeat Chalcedony, Peridot, and Pyrox. This battle can be really difficult since you have to manage so many strong enemies at one time. It's best to focus on Peridot and take her out first, and maybe have a second melee character focused on another enemy. After Peridot is down, it doesn't really matter who you go after next. Pyrox has ranged attacked while Chalcedony is melee so whichever one you're having more trouble with, take them down. It'll be a difficult battle keeping party members alive but make sure to watch HP and use items when needed.

Victory over Silver
You took Soma in hand and fought with all your might to try and make one who spoke of an "ideal" world see sense. And it seems you succeeded.

For this trophy you'll need to fight Silver. He's not too difficult but he's the first real boss that throws really hard hits. Keep the healers out of the way and the melee character focused on breaking Silver til Chase Link appears. It's best to switch Strategies when Silver goes into overlimit and stay on the defensive and to maintain fight distance. Keep repeating that pattern and you'll beat this fight in no time.

Victory over Chlorseraph
This ultimate mechanoid warrior was armed with an enormous green sword. Your defeat of him is proof that if you work together, you can overcome even the most insanely powerful opponents.

For this trophy you'll need to fight Chlorseraph. He's pretty tough and hits pretty hard so expect to see a lot of downed characters if you don't guard and fully take a combo from him. Follow standard tactics, keep healer back, break attack, chase link, and repeat.

Victory over Xeromized Striegov
This unseemly character claimed to be a person of refinement, but proved that he would go to any lengths to satisfy his ugly appetites.

For this trophy you'll need to defeat Striegov. He's not really all that tough but his attacks can be really annoying, especially with his rage attack that's difficult to time correctly to guard counter. Follow the usual procedure for fights and switch strategies when he's in overlimit.

Victory over the Seraphim
Chlorseraph of the green blade, and Clinoseraph of the blue shield—seraphic siblings whose awe-inspiring twin attacks had to be seen to be believed.

For this battle you'll be fighting against two enemies; Chlorseraph and Clinoseraph. For this battle you'll want to have one of your melee characters attack Clinoseraph by themself, while everyone focused on Chlorseraph. They are much easier to manage while separated. Chlorseraph is the attack focused of the two and it's best to get him downed first before Clinoseraph. However, if your other melee character finished Clinoseraph first on their own it's no big deal.

Victory over Incarose Alt
Though she combined the arms and speed of Chlorseraph with the armor and power of Clinoseraph, she was ultimately alone, and unable to call on a power higher than her own.

For this battle you'll have to fight Incarose Alt which is a combination of Incarose, Chlorseraph, and Clinoseraph. She moves pretty fast and hits hard so make sure to set your healers to fight at a distance and aim to break Incarose til you can trigger Chase Link and repeat. When she goes into Overlimit switch to a secondary strategy of defense and fighting at a distance and run. She has a Mystic Arte which is pretty much guaranteed to kill someone if she manages to hit someone with it.

Victory over Creed
He fought a bitter battle over two long millennia to save the one he loved and the world of Minera from whence he came. But when the moment of his end finally arrived, it was thanks to him that Kor was able to connect with the very first Spiria of all.

See Unknown Clearance for more details about this battle.

Victory over Faldealmeus
Though you suffered greatly at the hands of this gargantuan gatekeeper with his massive firepower and wide-ranging attacks, it only served to make the battle all the more of an exciting challenge, didn't it?

For this trophy you need to defeat the final boss of the post game dungeon; Triverse Gate. By time I fought this boss I was on NG+ with 5x experience and finished at level 158. As I've stated before it's best to wait to complete the dungeon until NG+ so it'll be easier to deal with by having a significantly higher level.

I didn't really have trouble with this boss since I was definitely overleveled for the dungeon but there are still a few things you want to know for this battle. There is one skill you should have on everyone possible and that's Status Guard which will block your character from getting any status effect whatsoever in the fight. Bring the usual chase link, tp saver, speed cast skills for this battle. Keep the healers set back and out of the way and do whichever you choose for the melee characters. Fight this battle like any other, attack and aim to break to trigger a chase link and repeat. When the boss goes into overlimit, switch to a different strategy formation based on defense and fighting at a distance in effort to mitigate damage.

Manic Clearance
Congratulations! Not many people manage a clearance at the Manic difficulty level! The only thing left for you now is to take a plunge into the Unknown.

For this trophy you'll need to beat the final boss; Creed on Manic difficulty. Manic difficulty unlocks after you beat the final boss at least once. You don't have to play the entire game on Manic difficulty and only have to switch the difficulty when you are ready to fight the boss again.

See Unknown Clearance for more information.

Unknown Clearance
Congratulations! You cleared the game at Unknown—the most hardcore difficulty level of all! There's not an enemy out there you can't take to pieces with ease!

For this trophy you'll need to beat the final boss; Creed on Unknown difficulty. Unknown difficulty unlocks after you beat the final boss at least once. You don't have to play the entire game on Unknown difficulty and only have to switch the difficulty when you are ready to fight the boss again.

  • Level 200
  • On NG+ file with either 60 or 99 items able to be carried
  • Dark Capes (Bought from Gardenia)
  • 2 dedicated healers
  • Fully stocked on Life Bottles, Lemon Gels, and Pineapple Gels
  • Equip the best Armor and Weapons you have or buy better ones
  • Bring Chalcedony for his Light attribute attacks
  • Set Healers formation to the furthest away from the enemy
  • Equip Skills that can prevent Guard Breaks, Nullify Elements, Status Guard, and bring a plethora of Chase Link skills.
  • Equip Skills that will revive a party member or prevent party members from getting KO'ed and dropped to 1HP instead.
  • Have a secondary Strategy set that puts all characters on Defense and to fight at a distance.

For this battle I took Kor, Kohaku, Hisui, and Chalcedony. I played as Kor since I'm the most used to playing as him, Kohaku and Hisui as dedicated healers, and Chalcedony for his Light attacks and as a third backup healer. Since I was lazy on NG+ I never had any set strategy priorities for attacking particular enemies so the AI pretty much had free range during this fight and they did much better than I expected to for this fight.

For phase one of the fight you'll want to just focus on the boss itself and try not to worry about the spawned enemies. However note that as long as those enemies are up, the boss will do an attack that will encompass the entire middle ground of the field which will more than likely kill or almost kill a party member that gets stuck in it. When I played, the AI surprised me as for the most part they did move out of the way when that attack was about to launch so usually only one character got hit by the attack. If you are using Kor or Chalcedony, make sure you use artes that have a Light Attribute to them so you do extra damage. This phase is the hardest part of the battle and it comes down to how well you manage the party and how well the AI keeps up with heals and resurrects. Usually the healers can keep up with downed characters but if there are two down, especially if it's one of the healers, you should use a life bottle. If it's not that dire but one of the fighters has low health, toss a Lemon Gel at them. Also keep track of TP on the healers and throw a Pineapple Gel at them when it's calm. Don't make the Healers use Items because they will stop what they're doing to use the Item. Only let them use Items if they are the last ones standing, but otherwise always let the melee characters throw Items first.

Second Phase is much easier than the first phase because that one attack that hits the entire middle field is gone from this phase. Continue the same strategy but with one more added thing to this battle. Make sure you have a second strategy set to make all characters go on the defensive and to fight from a distance. This Strategy will be employed when the boss goes into Overlimit and will attempt to prevent him from using his Mystic Arte. Creed's Mystic arte can hit all characters if they happened to be next to each other and you want to prevent this. Most of the time he will get this to trigger but if it does, it's best to only have one character to get hit by this as it's much easier to come back from one downed character than almost all of them. As Creed's health gets lower he'll begin to get faster and hit harder, if you have trouble keeping up with this, use a Level 4 Spiria Drive which will make you immune to damage and take some of the heat off the healers so they can catch up, just make sure to use a Dual Mystic Arte before the gauge runs out for more added damage.

Eventually this long battle will come to an end and you'll be wondering when that trophy will pop. The trophy does not pop until after the credits when it prompts you to make a Clear Save so don't freak out that the trophy didn't come up when the battle ended.

You've popped more balloons than there are stars in the sky! You're a stone-cold, certifiable balloonatic!

For this trophy you'll have to get a combined score of 12,000 points across all of your characters in the balloon popping game in the arena. This can somewhat of a struggle if you don't have the right skills or attacks to get through and a lot of it is luck on whether you get the right balloons to increase time which are completely random on every playthrough. Some characters are easier to work with than others but you'll just have to get as large of a score as you can on your best characters and slowly improve the points on characters you are weaker with. Before you start the match the npc will tell you of a record score to beat. If you beat this score for every character you'll have much more than this trophy calls for.

The easiest characters to work with are Kunzite and Chalcedony. I stuggled with Kohaku the most since I couldn't really find a good pattern of how to approach her in this as most other characters have a ranged attack or melee lunge while hers are mostly aerial and direct melee and difficult to aim correctly at times. You'll need the TP/TC Gain, TP Saver, Exceed skills. Athlete is helpful, but not needed if no one has a super high bond with Chalcedony to get the skill activated.

Suggested artes:
  • Flying Colors
  • Shock-a-Doodle

For Beryl, you'll need to actually run to balloons with her compared to some other characters. You'll be using Flying Colors for balloons far away at ground level, and Shock-a-Doodle for anything in the air.

Suggested artes:
  • Aerial Exorcism
  • Soaring Radiance

For Chalcedony, it'll be super easy to get a high score with him cause he has perfect artes for this mini game. Spam Aerial Exorcism to reach the balloons and use Soaring Radiance on the balloons higher up.

Suggested artes:
  • Jaguar Slash or Sidewinder
  • Burrowing Mole

Gall is another character I struggled with since I just couldn't find an arte that would actually attack in the air. Just try to get what you can and move on to another character to make up points if you are unable to get the record score.

Suggested artes:
  • Throng of Birds

Hisui is pretty easy to get to his record score. Throng of Birds will really do the job for the entire thing, it's long range and has multiple hits that go vertically that hit both aerial, middle, and ground balloons.

Suggested artes:
  • Blade de Bulles
  • Knee da la Sirene

Ines is decent in her arte attacks for this mini game. Blade de Bulles will be your regular attack while Knee da la Sirene will be for the aerial balloons.

Suggested artes:
  • Rising Phoenix or Pummel Kick
  • Crimson Twister

Kohaku was my worst character to work with. She doesn't really have any decent arte attacks to make this easy. You'll pretty much need to run to the balloons since Rising Phoenix can be a little clunky at times and will just miss balloons but it's her only real somewhat lunge attack and it's somewhat aerial as well. Pummel Kick can be somewhat lunge like too but it's not really effective either. Crimson Twister will be strictly for the aerial balloons.

Suggested artes:
  • Streaking Comet
  • Lightning T.Blade

Kor is very similar to Kunzite and Chalcedony in a way but not as effective mostly because of aerial. Use Streaking Comet to lunge into the balloons and Lightning T.Blade for the aerial balloons.

Suggested artes:
  • Fleeting Shadow
  • Tempest Strike

Kunzite is hands down the easiest one for this mini game. Spam Fleeting Shadow into the balloons and use Tempest Strike for the aerial balloons. Sometimes you can even get Fleeting Shadow to go in the air after using Tempest Strike just a bit off the ground and it'll grab all 3 levels of balloons.

Arena Cleaner
Congratulations! You've sliced and diced your way through the arena, both alone and with a party by your side! This glorious achievement will surely stand unchallenged for millenia! Oh, uh. Don't look now, but that guy's staring at you kind of angrily.

For this trophy you just need to fully complete Party rank, and fully complete one character's Solo rank matches in the Arena. Suggested level for this is level 65+ and you'll probably want to stay on Easy at least for the Solo matches. There really isn't anything super hard about these matches except maybe the Hubert and Pascal match, but even that's doable on Normal at this level. At the end of the Party rank you'll fight Hubert and Pascal which if you defeat them you get the Victory over Hubert and Pascal trophy.

For Solo matches for all characters you'll want to equip them with the best armor and weapons as possible. Swap armor off your regular party members if you can't afford to buy new stuff. The best accessory I've found to have for this is the Holy Symbol since it recovers HP over time, which can be helpful on a character you are having trouble with and you could just run around for a bit to heal up health. You'll definitely want to bring TP saving skills for this as you'll probably be burning through TP very fast and the Arena limits the amount of items you can use in a battle. You'll definitely also want to have break attacks with you for the enemies that are casting spells so definitely have the Break Binder skill equipped if you haven't done so up to this point. You can see which attacks are break attacks by the sword icon indicator on the attack info in your Artes menu.

Also at the end of the first completed Solo match Pascal will jump in to fight you and you'll have to fight her alone. The first character I used was Kor so the fight mostly consisted of me doing regular and break attacks, breaking her when she's casting, and running away when she's in Overlimit. Then repeating it until she's down.

Victory over Hubert and Pascal
This curious duo took to the field in their cute costumes and showed that they were more than just a pair of comedians.

For this trophy you'll need to first unlock and complete all ranks of Party arena. At the end of the last rank you'll immediately be thrown into a battle versus Hubert and Pascal. This fight wasn't particularly hard for me and I was at level 70 on Normal difficulty. You can get away with being on higher difficulties in Party matches since you'll have a full party unlike the solo matches you'll have to do as well.

Basics for this fight;
  • Have at least one dedicated healer
  • Set all characters but one with a Strategy priority of attacking the Same enemy
  • Set one character to a different enemy

Focus on Pascal first and then one other character will keep Hubert busy so you don't get double teamed by both of them at the same time. Make sure you have attacks that can break enemies out of spells and for easier Chase Links; you'll need the "Break Binder" skill for this. This will be indicated on the attack arte with a sword icon. If you see Pascal casting a spell, make sure to slam her with these break attacks to prevent her from casting it. Otherwise, just keep attacking and Chase Link whenever possible. This fight is really quite easy compared to past Tales games for Cameo fights.

Unbreakable Bond: Kor and Kohaku
This award stands as proof that you have forged an unbreakable bond between Kor and Kohaku, adding unassailable courage to the already formidable arsenal of spiritual weapons at our fair heroine's disposal.

For all the unbreakable bond trophies, you'll need to get both characters to level 7 in bond level. There are a couple ways to see bond levels and that is either under Status in the menu and on the second page and in the Skills menu and pressing . Unfortunately the only way to level these bonds are during story, skits, certain side quests, and having the two together in battles. Instead of grinding endless battles for these levels, it's easier to take your current levels and bring them into NG+ and continue from there.

After you have that requirement, the next requirement is that you have arrived at Gardenia and possibly have all the story events there done. If you are in Gardenia currently, go back to the entrance and you'll be able to choose where you want to go; Choose Minera. Head north to Cind'rella, and upon entering you'll get a brief cutscene to indicate that this side quest is now available. Remember that bright green door when you were here earlier? Take a left from there and continue going left til you make it to a tree. Floura will speak to you in a short cutscene, but afterward talk to the tree and if you have anyone at level 7 bond they'll have a cutscene activated and when it's over they'll get their Dual Mystic Arte and the respective trophy.

Unbreakable Bond: Kor and Beryl
This award stands as proof that you have forged an unbreakable bond between Kor and Beryl. The sight of somebody single-mindedly chasing their dream is enough to spur anybody on. May her dreams of artistic greatness come true!

See Unbreakable Bond: Kor and Kohaku for more information.

Unbreakable Bond: Kor and Chalcedony
This award stands as proof that you have forged an unbreakable bond between Kor and Chalcedony. Over the course of their many battles, both against one another and by each other's sides, they have learned an enormous amount. May the friendship between these brothers in arms last a thousand years!

See Unbreakable Bond: Kor and Kohaku for more information.

Unbreakable Bond: Kohaku and Hisui
This award stands as proof that you have forged an unbreakable bond between the Hearts siblings. He may be a loudmouth, but it's all born of love, and why can't a big brother love his little sister more than anybody else?

See Unbreakable Bond: Kor and Kohaku for more information.

Unbreakable Bond: Kohaku and Beryl
This award stands as proof that you have forged an unbreakable bond between Kohaku and Beryl. Want to see how powerful the ties of friendship can really be? Better hold on to your hats—this is going to be explosive!

See Unbreakable Bond: Kor and Kohaku for more information.

Unbreakable Bond: Ines and Gall
This award stands as proof that you have forged an unbreakable bond between Ines and Gall. The power of parental love pumps through both these fierce fighters' veins like an unstoppable force!

See Unbreakable Bond: Kor and Kohaku for more information.

Unbreakable Bond: Kunzite and Gall
This award stands as proof that you have forged an unbreakable bond between Kunzite and Gall. Just because he's a machine doesn't mean he can't have a Spiria, as anyone who has felt this mechanical warrior's warmth can attest.

See Unbreakable Bond: Kor and Kohaku for more information.

[top]Triverse Gate

Triverse Gate is the post dungeon of this game, and unlocks after you defeat the final boss. There are a few things you have to do first for this dungeon before you can make it all the way to the final boss of this dungeon and pretty well scattered around the map. You'll first need to find all the Shadow Gems, then travel to two locations to complete puzzles and fight shadow bosses, and then travel through 4 floors of the main section of this dungeon. I'll be detailing each section to get you through this dungeon. I highly suggest waiting to do this for NG+ as this may be a little hard for someone going in around level 70 on a first playthrough.

Shadow Gems

There are 8 total Shadow Gems to be found in various locations of the game that you've already been to before. You may have noticed these before in your travels that they are an object on a slab with large red gem but you couldn't do anything with it. Gather all these Shadow Gems before you venture into the Anders Mine and Schehera Desert Triverse Gate locations. You'll need them to activate the statues to fight the shadow bosses.

Shadow Gem Locations:
Twilight Forest: Near where you fought the Grim Keeper and around the platform to the right.
Straga Sewers: Enter the sewers from the Inn, head to the north tunnel and go straight til you come to the first left and keep going til you see the gem.
Douze Mois Way: Head straight from the entrance, it's on the highest point of the hill.
Schehera Desert: In the Oasis, which is a small rest area at the exit of the desert.
Prinseur: Remember where you saved the two orphan kids near the water? It's the same area but all the way to the right from the beach area.
Layve Village: Take the right path in the village and it'll be ahead.
Blanche Villa: Near Beryl's home.
Dronning: North of Kohaku/Hisui's home.

Secondary Triverse Gate Locations

There are two locations you have to visit first before you can enter the actual Triverse Gate Location. These locations are the Anders Mine and the Schehera Desert. Under each section I'll detail how to get through each section along with solutions to the puzzles found in each one.

Anders Mine
First up is the Anders Mine location. To get to the area we need to, you'll need to travel through the mine to the area with the paintings you passed by in your first run through of the area. You'll need to use the sorcerer's ring to lower the gates again as they always close back up once you leave the area. Once you are in the new area you'll need to use the teleporter to get to the next section which leads you to the first puzzle of dungeon.

Toggle Spoiler

After you do the puzzle and move further into the dungeon you'll now be faced with fighting two shadow bosses. Insert the gems into the statues and you'll have a choice to do either Ines or Hisui first. You'll have to fight these bosses solo so make sure you are prepared accordingly.

Hisui: Hisui is super easy in this fight as Storm of Thrushes barely even gives Shadow Hisui a chance to fight back. Make sure to have TP Saver and Combo Tonic/Voltage skills equipped to recoup TP during the fight.

Ines: I've found her fight to be the most difficult of all of the shadow bosses but it's probably because I'm not very good with her at all. Pretty much for this fight you'll need to definitely have break attacks at your disposal as that will be you primary damage to this boss. Shadow Ines is resistant to water so don't bother using anything that is a water attribute attack. She'll also guard break you rather quickly so you need to make use of dodge or use hit and run tactics. If she locks you into a combo and you're afraid you'll die, use a level 1 Spiria Drive to break out of it and then heal up with items.

After you complete those battles you'll now have the boss at the top of the area to fight next. Not much to say about this battle other than it is weak to fire. Other than that, just use the same old tactics you're used to fighting with.

Schehera Desert
In the last section of the desert there are ruins that open up and you'll be able to enter and you'll do the same exact thing that you did in Anders Mine.

Toggle Spoiler

Beryl: Beryl surprisingly is really easy as well. Equip her with the Antimagic Field skill to completely ignore any arte attacks done to her. Equip Hold that Thought so she can resume her artes if they happened to be canceled. Then make sure to have the best Speed Cast that you have. For this fight all you want to use is the spell Meteor Storm. Shadow Beryl will also be casting like 90% of the time so you'll be able to cast this in safety. Run around if you have to, but otherwise just spam Meteor Storm.

Kunzite: Kunzite is pretty straight forward in this fight. Equip his Dark resistance skills and go to town with any break attacks.

After those battles are done, you'll have to fight another boss like in the Anders Mine. This boss has a weakness to Earth, but nothing else really notable and shouldn't be much trouble like the other boss. Once you are done you'll now be ready to enter the actual Triverse Gate dungeon.

Triverse Gate

To get to the Triverse Gate dungeon you'll need to use your airship and travel to the northwest of your map to an island. You'll notice the island has a lake with a few bridges on it. Enter from there and you'll be in the entrance way to the dungeon. First things first, you'll need to use the two gems you got from defeated the bosses at the secondary locations. Place them in their holders and the doors will open to allow you into the dungeon.

The basics of this dungeon is that there are four floors and a boss on each one with the exception of the third floor; which has 4 more shadow bosses along with the final boss.

First Floor
The first floor of this dungeon contains enemies weak to Light so characters with Light based arte attacks will excel here like Chalcedony and Kor. The boss of this floor is similar to the Grim Keeper you fought way back in the Twilight Forest. You do not need to destroy the scythe to defeat the boss, just attack the boss directly and the battle will end when it goes down.

Second Floor

The second floor of this dungeon contains enemies weak to Darkness and Lightning so you can bring characters according to that but you don't need to. The boss of this area is yet again another Sandworm and by now you should know how to approach this battle since you've fought at least 2-3 different ones by this point.

Third Floor
The third floor of this dungeons doesn't have any enemies weak to elements so just go about your business normally. The boss for this area is weak to Water so you can make use of that but it really shouldn't be much of a problem like the other floor bosses.

Fourth Floor
The fourth floor of this dungeon is where things start switching up, when you get to the bottom you'll be greeted by 4 statues which means it's shadow boss time again.

Chalcedony: For this fight you'll want to equip the Antimagic Field if you have it, and the best Light shield skill you have. Just use whichever attacks you can easily break attack with and move out of the way so you don't get locked into a combo.

Gall: Not much to say for Gall here other than to make use of break attacks and follow tactics of other melee fighters you've used before for shadow bosses.

Kohaku: For this fight you'll need to make sure Kohaku uses her fire resistance skills to reduce damage. Since Shadow Kohaku is resistant to fire, you'll have to make due with your regular attack artes and follow the same strategy as the other melee fighters.

Kor: For this fight you won't really be able to use Light attacks on Shadow Kor since he is resistant to them. But it's the same story for Kor like the other melee characters. Break attack, combo, run away, and repeat.

After this fight, make sure to save and then you'll be ready to fight the final boss of this dungeon. See the Victory over Faldealmeus trophy for more information.

[top]Grade Shop

In Tales tradition, the Grade Shop makes its return. The Grade Shop is where you can get upgrades to take with you into New Game+. Unlike Tales of Xillia, Tales of Hearts is based on older tales grade shops where the only way you can receive grade is from battles. To get more grade in battles depends on how long the battles are, combos, how many times a weakness was hit, if you end in Cross Link/Chase or Mystic Arte and etc.

List of Available Upgrades
  • Keep Items: 200 - Carries over most items (including Shadow Somas and Somas earned from events).
  • Keep Shadow Growth: 500 - Carries over Shadow Soma parameters.
  • Keep Gald: 400 - Carries over current gald.
  • Keep Grade: 20 - Carries over all Grade earned.
  • Keep Parameters: 400 - Carries over all Soma evolutions, builds, skills, artes, parameters, and levels.
  • Reset Soma Build: 200 - Carries over levels and resets Soma point allocation, but keeps Soma build points.
  • Keep Artes Use Stats: 60 - Carries over details of the number of times each arte has been used.
  • Keep Titles: 100 - Carries over any titles earned.
  • Keep Somatic Bonds: 20 - Carries over all Somatic Bonds
  • Keep Strategies: 20 - Carries over all strategy conditionals collected.
  • Keep Recipes: 100 - Carries over all recipes collected.
  • Keep Cooking Level: 100 - Carries over cooking level.
  • Keep Character Battle Totals: 20 - Carries over the number of times each character has been used in battle
  • 30-Item Carry Limit: 100 - Sets the maximum number of items that can be carried to 30.
  • 60-Item Carry Limit: 300 - Sets the maximum number of items that can be carried to 60.
  • 99-Item Carry Limit: 1000 - Sets the maximum number of items that can be carried to 99.
  • Half Experience: 200 - Earn half as much experience as in a regular playthrough.
  • Double Experience: 400 - Earn twice as much experience as in a regular playthrough.
  • 5X Experience: 2000 - Earn five times as much experience as in a regular playthrough.
  • Double Gald: 400 - Earn twice as much gald as in a regular playthrough.
  • Double Grade: 200 - Earn twice as much grade as in a regular playthrough.
  • Spiria Gauge Fills Quicker: 800 - Increases the rate at which the Spira gauge fills up.
  • Increase Item Drop Rate: 300 - Increases the number of items dropped by defeated enemies.
  • Increase Rare Item Drop Rate: 500 - Increases the number of rare items dropped by defeated enemies.
  • Keep Monster Lexicon: 20 - Carries over the contents of the Monster Lexicon
  • Fill Monster Lexicon: 2500 - Unlocks the entire Monster Lexicon
  • Keep Collector's Codex: 20 - Carries over the contents of the Collector's Codex
  • Fill Collector's Codex: 2500 - Unlocks the entire Collector's Codex.
  • Unlock All Skits: 3000 - Unlocks all skits for the Skit Player that can now be found in Seaville.

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