Players: 1
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10 - 15 hours depending on coin collecting and kill rate
Estimated Difficulty: 3/10
Minimum Playthroughs: Multiple
Difficulty Trophies: No
Collectible Trophies: Not Neccessarily
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No


In the world of Total Recoil it's just you against the world. Upgrade your soldier, buy weapons and killstreaks to defeat seemingly endless waves of enemies. Pick up those coins, it will only benefit you in the long run. Now gear up soldier, it's your time to shine!

[top]Tips and Strategies

Coins - Your means of currency for the game. Kill and destroy to earn them. Make sure to poke the screen to get any stragglers. Use to buy and upgrade items, weapons and killstreaks.

Weapons - There are a small, but badass variety of weapons to use, but you'll have to buy them

Killstreaks - Bought as well but when available, they will be activated by kills. Use them wisely as they come in very handy at certain points.

Drops - Health Packs, Shields, Invincibility, Tanks and Smart Bombs can all be dropped via soldiers or crates that have been destroyed.

Upgrades - Using coins, purchase to enhance the effect of killstreaks and items or to increase the efficiency of your weapons.

Challenges - Little side things that help you rank up in the can. You can earn or buy their star. Some are hard while others are simple.

Barrels and Crates - Both drop coins and possibly items. Barrels can also be used to kill the enemy.

Bosses - Each mission in each dossier has a little end boss. As you go further into the game, the more are found and the harder they become. Save your killstreaks for them!


  1. Step 1: Tutorial - Just the simple intro to the game. A few trophies can be gotten by the end.
  2. Step 2: Prestige - Play through the game and earn stars. You should get most of the trophies by the time you prestige.
  3. Step 3: Prestige Again - You shouldnt have but a trophy or two left, so just do it all over again and you'll have a ncie new 100%.


General of the Army
Reach the rank of General of the Army.

During the game you can complete challenges which earn you Stars. These stars rank you up in the game. Ranks can take anywhere from three to four to even five stars. The challenges can be very simple to things that can be a bit burdening. Luckily, the game gives you a break and allows you to use your earned coins to buy a challenge that way you skip it but it still counts towards ranking up. This will take a few hours but is no where as hard as you may think but here is a table for your benefit: desriptions for challenges, the costs to buy and tips/recommendations on how to complete it:
Kill 10 Enemy Soldiers 5,000 Will come naturally in the first mission of Alpha Dossier.
Call in an Artillery Strike 5,000 Can be obtained in the first mission of Alpha Dossier.
Destroy 1 Heavy Ground Turret 5,000 This is the boss for the first mission of the Alpha Dossier.
Destroy 20 Crates 5,000 There are so many crates you won't have to try.
Take Out 3 Sentry Guns 5,000 There are three in the first round of mission two of Alpha Dossier.
Kill 20 Soldiers with the Assault Rifle 5,000 You have to land the killing blow with the gun on soldiers only. Shouldn't be hard.
Destroy 50 Barrels 5,000 There are so many barrels in this game ......
Get 5 Double Kills 5,000 A Double Kill is getting two kills in rapid succession. Luckily, the game throws so many enemies at you that is will come frequently.
Pick Up 2,500 Bucks 5,000 Just play the game.
Destroy 2 Dual Missile Helicopters 5,000 These helicopters are first found in the second mission of Alpha Dossier.
Kill 5 Soldiers with Your Sentry Chaingun 5,000 This is a killstreak that's already activated for you to use. When you get it, place it and let it do work.
Finish Off a Wave with an Artillery Strike 5,000 Artillery is automatically set as a killstreak. Wait until you lock it and the next wave, let one enemy live and light'em up.
Clear Out 5 Floating Mines 5,000 You'll find these every now and then. When you get too close they come towards you. Keep a distance and destroy them.
Kill 5 Soldiers with Barrel Explosions 5,000 Just lure soldiers past red barrels and shoot them to kill the soldiers.
Blow Up 3 Oil Rig Turrets 5,000 These are first found in the first mission of the Bravo Dossier. They are very simple to kill.
Finish Off a Wave with the Sentry Chaingun 5,000 Since it is already unlocked, wait until you earn it in a mission. Save one unfortunate enemy and call it in.
Clear 3 Waves with Only the Assault Rifle 10,000 This is best done on the first mission of Alpha Dossier. Make sure you don't pick up any items or use barrels for kills.
Destroy 2 Sentry Guns with Artillery Strikes 10,000 This killstreak is already unlocked from the start. When you drop an airstrike on a turret make sure you shoot it a time or two to weaken it. Then when you call it in, don't call it near any barrels or they will explode and destroy the turret.
Set Alight to 10 Flamer Ammo Crates 10,000 These crates have yellow cartridges in them. They are very easy to distinguish as you move along levels.
Finish Off a Wave with a Strafing Run 10,000 This killstreak is unlocked from the start, simple earn it and wait until you have one enemy left in the next wave.
Kill 35 Soldiers with the Assault Rifle 10,000 Simple, just kill.
Destroy 5 Parked Planes on the Ground 10,000 Mission three of Alpha Dossier has exactly five parked planes.
Get 10 Kills Without Getting Hit 10,000 Just play the very first level. It's simple and the enemy won't shoot much, if at all.
Buy the Flamer in the Shop 25,000 Buy it in the shop for either 20,000 or 15,000 if it's discounted or not.
Destroy 5 Missile Ammo Crates with a Strafing Run 10,000 It doesn't have to be one run. This will come naturally as you call in the runs.
Shoot 3 Planes Out of the Sky Using an Artillery Strike 10,000 This can be difficult. Since it is cheap, I recommend just purchasing it.
Get 7 "Rampage" Kills on the Oil Rig with the Flamer 25,000 It will be hard to do without an upgraded Flamer. Instead of spending all that coin upgrading, just buy the challenge.
Destroy 3 Big Track Tanks 25,000 First found in the final mission of Alpha Dossier. Watch out do it doesn't run into you and dodge the shells.
Pick Up 10,000 Bucks 25,000 Collect those coins!!!
Buy the Chaingun in the Shop 25,000 Buy the Chaingun, it costs the same amount to purchase the challenge.
Toast 50 Soldiers with the Flamethrower 25,000 You'll already have the Flamer unlocked. This may take a bit but you'll get it.
Kill 15 Sentry Guns with the Flamethrower 25,000 This will be easier since they never move and it will be a better chance at aiming for you. Once the second mission of the game comes along these will be in every level, so don't worry about shortages.
Get 20 Triple Kills with the Chaingun in the Jungle 25,000 I recommend buying this challenge. You would need to buy at least an upgrade to make this easy.
Give 20 Flamer Soldiers a Taste of Their Own Medicine 25,000 Again, just one of those that is easier to buy.
Clear 5 Waves with Only the Chaingun 25,000 Just play the first mission of the game over a few times until you get it.
Buy the Cannon in the Shop 25,000 Unless you really want to buy the Cannon, I'd recommend buying the challenge. It will save you 5,000 coins.
Perforate 75 Soldiers with the Chaingun 25,000 Use this gun fr a bit and stay away from barrels!!!
Blow Up 25 Floating Mine Ammo Crates 25,000 Sometimes you will come across large crates that have two of the floating mines just sitting in it. I recommend to just keep destroying the same crate since it respawns.
Get 25 Kills without Getting Hit 25,000 Replaying the very first mission is easiest.
Destroy 3 Hovercraft 25,000 Play the fourth mission of Alpha Dossier.
Destroy 10 Barricades in the Might Jungle 25,000 If you play the same mission as you do for the Hovercraft challenge, you can get this in a few run-throughs.
Blow Up 25 Bomb Ammo Crates 25,000 These crates have one big bomb in it. Once you find one, keep destroying it.
Pick Up 25,000 Bucks 25,000 Keep on collecting.
Get 20 "Awesome" Kills in the Mighty Junlge with the Grenade Launcher 50,000 Instead of wasting time, just buy this.
Take Down 3 dual Rotor Helicopters 50,000 Play the third mission of Brave Dossier.
Shoot 10 Planes Out of the Sky Using the Grenade Launcher 50,000 It would be easier to buy this than spend all the time getting it.
Buy the Hammerhead in the Shop 50,000 It costs less to buy it.
Blow Up 20 Oil Towers with Missiles 50,000 These are the tall, dark red towers with ladders. Steer the rocket to it and ka-boom.
Kill 125 soldiers with the Grenade Launcher 50,000 Get to killing.
Takes Comms Off Line by Destroying 25 Radar Dishes with Missiles 50,000 These are the big dishes you see on some missions. Use your Hammerhead to destroy them.
Blow Up 3 Kraken Homing Missile Turrets 50,000
Pick Up 50,000 Bucks 50,000 Just Keep playing.
Give 30 Rocket Soldiers a Taste of Their Own Medicine 50,000 Kill 30 Rocket Soldiers with the Hammerhead, easier to just buy.
Crater 150 Soldiers with Missiles 50,000 Get to killing .... I'd recommend buying.
Destroy 3 Big Track Quatro Pounder Tanks 50,000 These are found in the fourth main path portion of Delta Dossier. It has four, for the most part, constantly shooting cannons. Save killstreaks for these guys and use the Cannon or Hammerhead to surpass the blockade.

Reach 10000 kills in total.

At first this my seem like it will take a while ..... I mean 10,000 kills c'mon!!! Actually, this is pretty quick in the work of Total Recoil mainly because of the loads of kills you can get, especially as you advance in the game. Luckily, you won't have to worry about this (okay maybe I'm like 90% sure you need not worry). You will have to Prestige twice in the game, so you will get it most likely by then. If not, simply play a little longer. If you want to get around one hundred kills a mission, play the Charlie Dossier or Delta Dossier.

Achieve an "Outstanding" kill combo 100 times.

In order to get an Outstanding killstreak you must kill 6+ enemies in rapid succession. This will be hard to do in the beginning of the game, but as you progress and upgrade weapons and get further into the game more enemies will be ent to kill you. This will become and average occurence later in the game, and after learning the timing you can get these without trying. If you find this hard to do, you can play the first mission in the Alpha Dossier Once you reach Wave 2 just round up all of the enemies so they are close together and quickly kill them all. A nice little thing to know: any kill you get after you get the Outstanding notification that keeps triggering the announcer to say Outstanding counts.

Reach the rank of General of the Army for a second time.

After becoming General of the Army you will be given the option to Prestige. Do so and just complete the requirements for General of the Army again!

Blow up 5000 wooden crates.

There are literally dozens upon dozens of crates in every mission. They even respawn after they are destroyed! This is one you don't even have to try for. Shots will miss and destroy them plus the exploding reed barrels will take out a few. Heck, even your killstreaks may lay waste to some!

Booby Trap
Blow up 1500 red barrels.

There are many red barrels in each mission plus after they are destroyed, after a short wait they reappear. This will come natrually over time since you will eaither use them to kill enemies, shots will miss and hit them and because you will be playing for a good amount of time. Don't fret, just kill!

To the Max!
Upgrade any weapon, killstreak or item to the max.

This is easiest done and cheapest with the Assault Rifle. After earing enough coins, go to the Shop, then to Weapons and find this gun. With each upgrade you buy the Damage, Range, Clip Size and Reload Speed will increase. The first upgrade runs 5,000 coins, the second 10,000 coins, the third 10,000 coins. the fourth 15,000 coins, the fifth is 25,000 coins and the final upgrade costs 40,000 coins.

Use 20 Invincibility power ups on yourself.

Invincibility completely protects you from any and all types of damage for a specified time. You can purchase it during a mission by pressing on the D-pad for 20,000 coins. Enemies can drop these, although it isn't frequent. You will be playing this game a lot, so this will come in no time. Both the bought and dropped versions count towards the trophy.

Use 30 Shields to protect yourself.

Shields are a blue bubble that has a specified amount of damage it can take before it disappears. When in game, pressing on the D-pad will let you buy it for 10,000 coins and use it. Sometimes, an enemy will drop it after being killed. It is not dropped frequently, but enough to where you won't have to worry. Both buying and the dropped versions count towards the overall total.

Use 50 Medipacks to heal yourself.

Health Packs cost a mere 2,000 coins. It will give you a decent chunk of your health back. When in a mission, press on the D-pad to purchase and use it. They are usually dropped by the last enemy in the wave if you kill them before time expires. Both the dropped and bought versions count towards the trophy. You will be healing yourself a lot so this is basically a natural trophy.

Clay Pigeon Shoot
Shoot down 20 flying planes.

Some missions in the game include planes that ply and attack you. They are mostly found on the Oil Rig missions but can be found here and their at other locations. The very first mission they can be found is mission three in the Alpha Dossier. Only one is found there but it also happens to be a very quick map with a decent amount of coins for its length. If you want to get this trophy done and over with play this map over until the trophy unlocks. Also, planes can only be shot at when they are coming in for a strafing run, not when bombing.

Quatro Pounder
Destroy 5 of the big track quatro pounder tanks

These tanks can be a royal pain! Your first encounter with this brute is in the Delta Dossier. After beating the third mission on the main path, you can branch off and do this one. The Quatro Pounder Tank has four cannons that fire almost constantly, with a few second break between each burst. It also has a lot of health and is protected by a barrier. The best weapons to use are the Cannon and Hammerhead since you can shoot over the barrier/guide a missle around it. Also, save your killstreaks during the waves. You will need ones such as the Artillery Strike (only useful is upgraded), Strafing Run and Tank to get over the barrier and damage. Overall, the boss is not hard, it's merely beating the waves to get to it that can be troublesome. You may die on your first few attempts getting to it, but eventually you will learn the mission. Make sure you always have a Health Pack on stand-by in case you get caught up in tank shells.

Swiss Army Soldier
Buy all of the weapons.

While Total Recoil only offers seven weapons, they are sort of bad ass. Luckily for this trophy, you merely have to buy them ..... imagine if you had to upgrade them all!!! Here is a quick breakdown of each weapon and their cost:

Asault Rifle: This is your default weapon for the game and is free. Just a normal automatic gun.

Flamer: For a mere 50,000 coins you can own this beauty to burn away the enemy.

Chaingun: An 87,500 coin deposit makes this mother of guns yours. Fill your enemy with holes as fast as you can.

Cannon: Imagine an old Civil War cannon, but handheld and you'll have this beast. For 120,000 coins lob shells over obstacles to take out enemies safely.

Tesla Gun: At the cost of 225,000 coins, you can electricute enemies and even do a few little extras with this shocker.

Grenade Launcher: The staple bow shit up weapon. Definately good for small, clumped groups of enemies. This will run you 175,000 coins.

Hammerhead: A pretty badass name for an RPG, right? Use your finger on the rear touchpad to gudie the missle to its target. This final weapon costs 220,000 coins.

Gun Aficionado
Upgrade any weapon for the first time.

The first gun avail to upgrade is the Assault Rifle and it will cost 5,000 coins. You collect more than enough in the tutorial and this is offered right away upon completing it. Buy it then and get it over with.

Earn Your Stripes
Complete the Boot Camp tutorial mission.

What's better than a simple trophy! You will learn the basics of the game. It is a very quick tutorial as well so you'll get this in no time.

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