Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 100 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: Technically about 6,000 rounds
Collectible Trophies: Nope
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None reported as of now

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Vacation: If you don't play the game for a few days, the game will "get you back on track" by giving you crystals that equal the time gone (1 day is 1000) and doubling your XP for as many games as you were gone (2 days gone is 2 games of double XP)
  • Microtransactions: If you feel like you don't want to wait for anything, like crystals or upgrades, then you can always buy them from the Playstation Store. They do cost PSN cash, so spend responsibly.


  1. Play: Just start playing to earn crystals, try not to use bonuses or anything until everything is at least unlocked once and you can upgrade.
  2. Play to Win: Once you garner some upgrades, tackle some of the previously harder trophies.
  3. Play to Get 'Er Done: After everything else, simply play out the remaining matches to complete the game. Good luck, it takes a long time.
  4. Congrats!


Score 1000000 point during one round.

Chances are a million points won't come soon into the game. You'll probably have to wait until you level up and unlock more bonuses, totems, etc. When you do, it shouldn't be too hard if you get a good game.

Good Start
Earn enough experience to level up.

This will probably be among your first trophies. Leveling up will occur whilst playing, and this will come easy.

Note, this will pop when you level up. Say you were a level 7 before the trophy patch. The trophy will only pop when you become a level 8.

Precious Rain
Get 25 Crystals from one combo.

25 crystals doesn't seem like too many, but in one combo? Yeah, it's many. The goal here is to release 25 crystals in one combo, aka not stopping.

Since the layout is always random, there is no set way for this. Your best bet is to use Bonuses that use destruction, like Dynamite, Lightning, and Added Crystals allows more gems on the board. Perhaps use Totems like Red Totem, although keep the Green Totem in mind, as it releases all gems on the board, which understandably helps.

Most importantly, a fast eye and finger are both required. Make sure you head for existing possible trios, as waiting for one to fall for another set can cease the combo. Best of luck.

Destroy 100000 tokens.

Tokens are all that you destroy in this game. Make a three-token match? That's 3 of 100000. Yes this will take a while, but it should come while going for Denizen.

Remember, Dynamite and Lightning bonuses destroy many tokens, so if you need to somehow farm this out, they can help. As do the Red and Blue Totems, because they destroy lots of tokens too. Just keep playing the game and this should follow suit.

Expert Matchmaker
Make a match worth 10000 points.

I recommend using the Profit Crystals bonus, as it boosts the value of gems. The Bonus Token can also help in a pinch. It also seems you can get this with a conjunction of destructive bonuses like Dynamite and Color Burst. This may actually come as you play if you use those.

Use Score Frenzy 100 times.

Score Frenzy activates when the bar on the left of the board is filled. It fills by earning points quickly.

100 is not that big of an amount, and once you start getting bonuses and upgrades, this should come in no time.

Artful Master
Reach 10x points multiplier.

To get a multiplier, you need to release Gems in a game. It won't come naturally, so it's time to suit up.

First, the Added Crystals bonus adds gems to the board, an understandable boost. And the Green Totem releases all Gems. See what I'm getting at? Dynamite and Lightning may also help due to their destructive nature. In conjunction with Added Crystals, they can take out many gems in their carnage.

Bad Luck
Earn no Crystals during the round.

The way to get this trophy? Don't do anything for the whole round. Then the trophy will pop. Simple, yes?

Fortunate Son
Win 250000 Crystals in a daily bonus minigame.

This is entirely random and luck. The Scratch-Off Minigame is basically a scratchcard for earning crystals in the game that comes every 24 hours automatically, though you can always by another shot from the Playstation Store. The goal here is to accumulate a grand total of 250000 Crystals across all scratch-offs. Just be patient and hope for the three gold emblems!

Spend 100 hours playing.

100 hours is a LOT of playing. Rounds are typically a minute if no time extensions of tweaks are used, so that's 60 to make an hour, (counts on fingers), so without any time tweaking, that's about 6,000 matches right there..
Luckily for you, there are multiple ways to earn back some time in the game, making it less than 6,000 rounds:
  • Orange Totem gives extra time to a level.
  • Time Tokens are unlocked through leveling. At rank 23, they give a substantial amount of time back.
  • Dark Mode gives you some more time, as it starts when the round ends.
This will probably be your last trophy. Play 100 hours and the trophy is yours.

Armed to Teeth
Get all bonuses, totems and slots upgraded to maximum level.

There are three ways to be going about this:
  1. Play until everything is unlocked, which takes until level 70, and overall could take a long time to do, but it may fit into Denizen.
  2. Buy everything in advance. You always have the option to purchase packs of crystals from the Playstation Store, and if you aren't patient enough to wait until you hit max rank, remember you can always buy packs of crystals.
  3. Stockpile your crystals. You can save up the amount of crystals needed to buy the bonuses, though this is sort of along the lines of 1.
Regardless, once all bonuses, totems, and slots are unlocked and upgraded to the max, the trophy is yours.

Dark Lord
Activate Dark Mode 10 times.

To get Dark Mode, you need to have gotten a Score Frenzy and a Kickout Mode at least once each in a match.

Kickout Mode is hard to initiate, since matching six tokens together isn't exactly simple. However, Score Frenzy should come rather easily once you gotten some upgrades and get a hang of the game. View the Bonuses, Totems, Modes, etc. Section to see how to get the modes active and how to use them.
Once Dark Mode has been activated 10 times you get the easiest .

Nuclear Blast
Destroy every token present on game board.

Destroying every token means clear the entire board. Entirely!

First things first, you should probably go for this with a maxed out Dynamite and Purple Totem, maybe Lightning too. Keep matching to cause lots of Dynamite to appear, match purple tokens so the Purple Totem will activate, hopefully giving you more Dynamite. Try to avoid the Dynamite explosions until every inch of the board is covered, or the match completes, detonating all the explosives at once, clearing the board.

[top]Bonuses, Totems, Modes, etc. Section

[top]Bonuses and Special Tokens

  • Time Token: Adds time to a level. Levels up through playing. Leveling increases time given.
Appearance: The token will glow and have clock arms spinning on it.
  • Bonus Token: Multiplies the token's value by however many coins float around it. Levels through playing. Leveling increases multiplier and points received.
Appearance: The token will have multiple coins floating around it.
  • Chained Token: Will not be able to switch spots with another token. Matching with it breaks the chain, allowing movement of the token. Levels through playing.
Appearance: The token will have chained wrapped around it.
  • Hint Token: Displays available moves for a period of time. Levels through playing, leveling it increases the hint period.
Appearance: The token will have a magnifying glass one it.
  • Dynamite: Explodes, destroying all adjacent tokens. Leveling it up will increase explosion radius.
Appearance: Dynamite will be strapped to the token.
  • Lightning: Sends lighting in various direction, destroying token it hits. Level 1 lightning is to the left and right. Level 2 is up and down. Leveling past that is both.
Appearance: The token will be electrified.
  • Color Burst: Destroys 2/3 of the tokens with the matching color.
Appearance: The token will glow with changing color.
  • Added Crystals: Allows extra gems to be on the board at once, more gems as it levels up.
Appearance: Automatic, not on board.
  • Profit Crystals: Adds to the value of one gem. Leveling it up increases the value.
Appearance: Seems to be automatic.
  • Longer Frenzy: Prolongs Score Frenzy. Leveling it increases time of Score Frenzy.
Appearance: Automatic, not on board.


Totems are special power-ups. To activate them, you have to match tokens of the corresponding color twice in a row.
  • Red Totem: Throws fireballs at the board, destroying tokens it hits.
  • Blue Totem: Sends out balls of electricity, destroying tokens that they connect with.
  • Green Totem: Releases all the gems on the board.
  • Orange Totem: Adds time to a level.
  • Purple Totem: Adds bonuses to the board.
  • Yellow Totem: Adds points to your score. Leveling it up increases the points given.
  • White Totem: Repaints several tokens one color.


  • Score Frenzy: See that bar left of the board that fills as you play? It fills by destroying tokens quickly. Once it does fill, score frenzy activates, making each token more valuable.
  • Kickout Mode: If you can manage to match six tokens of a color together, Kickout Mode engages. When it's active, you can destroy tokens with the rear touch pad.
  • Dark Mode: When both Score Frenzy and Kickout Mode have been activated in a single match, when the round finishes, Dark Mode starts. Illuminate the board using the rear touch pad to see and continue matching.
  • Scratch-Off Minigame: Every 24 hours, you get the chance to do an in-game scratch-off card for earning crystals.

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