Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: Really depends on skill and dedication, I'd say around 5-7 hours, maybe longer if you get caught up on some of the levels.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, but you will most likely have to go back for five stars and cash collecting.
Collectible Trophies: Streets paved with gold
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies:

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Don't go out of your way to flip, they are useless except for the Twist again trophy
  • Getting big air on jumps in time trials isn't a good thing
  • Backflipping > frontflipping
  • Don't just gun it in time trials, use fast and slow speeds when applicable
  • For score attacks it's generally a good idea to have good handling on your bike
  • For time trials, speed is a great thing to focus on in the bike enhancement section
  • When going up a steep incline, lean forward to keep your front wheel on the ground


Step 1: Finish the game

Just play the game normally, finishing all the levels. You'll earn a good chunk of the cash bags just through normal play too. Once your finished this step you should have the main bunch of trophies out of the way, such as the story trophies and Piece of cake, Rough n' tough and Mayhem. You should also be a little close to the 500 flips needed for Twist again.

Step 2: Go back to five star and collect all cash bags in the levels

This is the biggest step here, targeting the two hardest trophies. The game keeps track of how much cash you've collected in each level though, so at least you know how many bags you're looking for. Some will also be on branching paths, requiring a few run throughs of the level. For five starring, you'll need a good time in Time Trials and a good amount of points in Score Attack. Familiarize yourself with each level and upgrade your bike to have an easier time with this step.

Step 3: Challenges and clean up

This step is where you want to knock out the challenges, unlocked for completing each level in each area. You'll also want to farm flips for Twist again if you haven't already. This step can be switched with step 2, it's all up to you.


It's a lifestyle
Set a 5 star rank in every level

There are two different types of levels, explained below. Stars are used for unlocking more levels, which is how you progress. Five starring levels mainly requires trial and error, you won't always get five stars on your first try. Some levels may need different bike specs to be easier, and you'll have to experiment with which upgrades you like best and which fit your style.
  • Orange: Score attack
Score attacks have you doing tricks and stunts in order to earn points. These include things like long jumps, high jumps, speed, precision, etc. The longer the jump is/higher/slower or faster speed will give you more points, it all depends on which stunt it is. These points add up to a total, and you'll have to surpass a certain total of points in order to earn five stars.
  • Blue: Time trial
Time trials have you racing against the clock, trying to finish the level in the shortest time possible. This one is a little more self-explanatory and these require a lot of trial and error, as well as prior knowledge to the level. You don't always have to gun the acceleration either, slow speeds are required to maneuver around obstacles and various things in the level. Also balancing is a big deal, try to keep yourself level with the thing you're landing on so as you don't crash.

Rough n' tough
Finish any track using only acceleration and brake

Like Piece of cake, doing this in Stunt Training in Outskirts Area is extremely easy. For this trophy, you just can't touch the stick. So, just gun it in the first part, over the ramp and you should be able to take the long jump with ease, and then gun it over the last ramp to earn this easy silver.

Twist again
Make 500 flips total

You can do either a front flip or a back flip to add to your total number, it really doesn't matter. I prefer backflipping, but maybe that's just me. If you're going for all the trophies then this will come naturally, as long as you're conscious of your flips and where to do them. I was able to get this trophy before five starring the third area.

If you really want this trophy fast, there are a few places to grind it out. Most notably is Oil Nightmare in the Underground Area (fourth area). Right at the start is a Highest Jump stunt, and if you take the ramp slow enough you can do flips basically forever as long as you start at the start of the ramp and just hold the stick back. You'll also want some good handling on your bike to flip easier.

Flips will carry-over between checkpoint restarts so don't worry about losing any flip progress as it does get saved.

Rise to the Challenge
Complete all Challenges

Challenges unlock when you finish all levels within the five areas. This means there are only five challenges. The thing is, you don't really even need to do anything in the challenges, well, you don't have to get a good score. All you need to do is get a score, and it counts as completing. So, this trophy is fairly easy. The challenges are:
  • Chilling Jump
    • Jump as far as you can.

  • Green Trip
    • Optimize fuel usage to get as far as you can.

  • Platform Madness
    • Combine the multipliers to maximize your score.

  • Ride'N'Roll
    • Keep riding the barrel to get as far as you can.

  • Defying Gravity
    • (VITA)Tilt the system to change the effects of gravity.

They can all be ended shortly, except Platform Madness and Defying Gravity. But for those you can just wait for the timer to run out (Defying Gravity is hard as balls on the Vita). Any way you wanna do it, you just have to see the finished screen.

Streets paved with gold
Find all the cash lying on the tracks

In all the levels, you will find bags of cash lying around. Hitting them will grant you $500 (some even grant you $1000 and $2000!) to put towards bike upgrades. A lot of these bags are in the open and can be earned just by playing normally, without trying. Some of them you'll see and have to reverse into. I'm only going to list the ones that are fairly difficult to get even when you see them. Also note, not every EVENT has cash bags, but each level itself. There are both score attacks and time trials in the events, and collecting each of them carries over so there won't be bags in both if you collect them all in one. Also, once you collect a bag of cash, it's yours. If you restart the checkpoint, the bag is gone and you keep the money. The level select screen also shows how much money is in each stage, so watch out for that. Onto the levels then;

Outskirts Area
  • Cheap Extremes
    • First seen in a time trial, this level has one tricky bag of cash. You'll see it hovering in a ring, with another ring spinning around. The trick to this one is to drive to the end of the ramp, hold the brake and push forward so that your back tire is lifted in the air, and when the ring spins around, you'll be lifted up. Once on the ring, drive backwards and into the bag of cash.

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  • Butchering Suspension
    • You have $3000 out of $5000 in this level, right? Wondering where the last $2000 is? It's hidden in a cheeky little spot. There will be a part where you fall down to a pile of rubble on the street, near a checkpoint and before the part with the boulder. Once here, go backwards to hit a $2000 bag.

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  • Speed Frontier
    • Right at the beginning of the level, before your flip over the pipe, there's actually a wooden plank that drops after you drive over it. Once it drops, reverse down it to find this hidden $1000
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    • Later on in the level, you'll drive over barrels with planks on them and see a grate at the end. There's a bag here, but that's not the one I'm after (that one's easy to get anyway, just make the grate vertical and drive up it). Where the grate is, is also an area to drop down. It'll take a few tries, and you might want to try and clear the wooden planks out of the way before dropping. Once you do though, reverse down the beam and hit the bag.

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Downtown Area
  • Urban Terror
    • Another level where you might be stuck with $3000. After a bit where you use a high way as a ramp to go up, and then you drop down on a blue and orange crate, instead of going forward go backwards. There's a half-pipe with a bag of $2000 in it.

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  • Concrete Kiss
    • Right at the beginning of the level, go off the first ramp then go backwards and drop to a little catwalk thing. Then drive forward and you'll find some cash.
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    • Next, you'll come to a Precise Aim part with a wooden beam making a sea-saw like thing. Drive over the beam and land on the next building, then drive backwards down the ramps to find another easily missed bag with $1000.
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    • Lastly for this level, you'll get to a Highest Jump stunt. Land on the round part of the ramp and reverse into this bag.

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  • Lost Avenue
    • Just one $2000 bag in this level that's easily missed. When you ride up the blue container, reverse and you'll see more blue containers, one lower with a bounce pad, and one higher with a plank on it. Aim for the higher one, then reverse off the plank and you'll find this.

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Industrial Area
  • Losing Control
    • Just after the Precise Aim part, drive up the beam A LITTLE BIT, too much and a grate will hit you in the head. Drive to the end of the beam, then go down the beam and you'll drop onto a ramp. If you did this right, you'll get launched backwards up the ramp and over the ledge. If this happens, reverse down the ledge and you'll find some cash.

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Piece of cake
Complete a track without crashing

This will probably be the first trophy you unlock. In the second training level, Stunt Training, you'll be performing a long jump. After the long jump the level ends. This level is really short and as long as you don't crash during the jump, you'll get this trophy.

Free Spirit
Complete all tracks in Downtown Area

Story related trophy

This is the second area of the game, and it requires 63 stars to unlock each level. Each have a score attack level and time trial level. The levels are:
  1. Urban Terror
  2. Concrete Kiss
  3. Lost Avenue
  4. Storm Rider

Ripping up the Suburbs
Complete all tracks in Outskirts Area

Story related trophy

This is the first area of the game, and it requires 33 stars to unlock each level. Each have a score attack level and time trial level (sans the training ones). The levels are:
  1. Ride Training
  2. Stunt Training
  3. Merry-Go-Ride
  4. Cheap Extremes
  5. Butchering Suspension
  6. Speed Frontier

Conquering the depths
Complete all tracks in Underground Area

Story related trophy

This is the fourth area of the game, and it requires ~125 stars to unlock each level. Each have a score attack level and time trial level. The levels are:
  1. Industrial Hell
  2. Oil Nightmare
  3. Toxic Memories
  4. Freedom Denied

Warehouse Wasteland
Complete all tracks in Industrial Area

Story related trophy

This is the third area of the game, and it requires 98 stars to unlock each level. Each have a score attack level and time trial level. The levels are:
  1. Mad Mole
  2. Losing Control
  3. Deep Crisis
  4. Under Pressure

The Great Getaway
Complete all tracks in Train Depot Area

Story related trophy

This is the last area of the game, and it requires ~150 stars to unlock each level. Each have a score attack level and time trial level. The levels are:
  1. Hard Transfer
  2. Rail Sinner
  3. Throttle Maniac
  4. The Getaway

Crash 100 times

This trophy is really hard to miss unless you're a god at this game. Crash will come naturally, and you should have this trophy before you finish all the tracks. A crash is when the on-screen prompt to press to restart the checkpoint comes up, it's when the biker himself gets hit and falls off the bike. Don't worry about this one, definitely don't go out of your way to get it.

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