Players: 1 to 2
Online Trophies: Yes
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No online pass
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheat codes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 25 - 30 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 World tour, 1 Arcade doubles, 2 Arcade singles and 1 practice mode.
Collectible Trophies: None
Difficulty Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips and Strategies

There are not really any tips or strategies, as the game is easy to complete. This is the list of controls:
  • - Topspin
  • - Lob
  • - Slice
  • - Super shot ( Charged in the gauge on the top left of the screen)


1: Go on Practice Mode, and pop 30 balloons
2: Complete Arcade Mode Singles
3: Complete Arcade Mode Doubles
4: Arcade clean up
5: World tour completion
6: World Tour clean up
7: Finish the minigames
8:Enjoy your hard earned


Tennis God
Collect every trophy

Same as all platinum trophies, collect all others to unlock the shiny new

Arcade Beginner
Clear a stage in Arcade Mode

Simple one this. Go to arcade mode Singles Set the difficulty to easy. This will be earned on the way to Grand Slammer.

Doubles Beginner
Clear a stage in Arcade Mode Doubles

Go to Arcade Mode Doubles Choose your difficulty. Play a match and win to get this trophy.

Grand Slammer
Clear Singles Mode

Simple trophy, repeat the steps for Arcade Beginner then finish every match to get this trophy.

Doubles Grand Slammer
Clear Doubles Mode

Follow the steps for Doubles Beginner, then complete all matches in the mode to unlock this trophy.

Great King
Defeat the King in Arcade Mode Singles

This is one of the hardest trophies in the game, however it can be completed on Easy, so it isn't too difficult. To unlock this, you must beat all 4 tournaments in Arcade Mode Singles, but you cannot lose a single game. You also can not let it go to deuce. It alternates as to whether you get the King, or the Duke. The Duke is far easier to beat, but he won't get you this trophy. He is a good character to use against the King though.

When you finally face the King, it is a tough match. Try to go on the agressive, and get close to the net and smash it. When you beat him, this trophy will unlock.

Balloon Popper
Pop 30 balloons in Practice Mode

This is one of the easiest trophies in the game. Just go to Practice Mode from the Main Menu, then don't choose a lesson. Choose the top option, then ballons will pop up. Hit them and the trophy will unlock.

Play 10 Exhibition Matches

Another easy trophy. From the main menu, go to Exhibition Mode. Play ten matches to unlock this trophy. To mix it up, go for Endless Rally at the same time.

In Your Face Tennis!
Win 5 VR matches

From the Main Menu go to VT Apps VR Match. Simply win 5 Matches to gain this trophy. VR Matches are basically first-person tennis matches. Tilt to move your character and use the buttons to hit the ball.

Screen Sharer
Play a Touch VS game

From the Main Menu, go to VT Apps Touch VS Game. What this is is basically two-player split screen tennis using the touchscreen. To make this go faster, just keep making one person win.

Classic Photographer
Take a classic photo with VT CAM

From the Main Menu, go to VT Apps VT CAM then set it to classic photo mode. Take a photo to unlock this trophy.

Great Sniper
Achieve a 5x Combo in Clay Shooting

From the Main Menu, go to Minigames Clay Shooting. Hit 5 in a row to get this trophy. You need to get to about level 3 to get 5 in a row but to make it easier just press and no direction. This can also be earned in World Tour Mode.

Mother Hen
Deliver at least 10 chicks simultaneously to their mother in Egg Collector

This can be obtained in the Minigames section or when you are in the World Tour. Run through the eggs then deliver them to the hen. Get 10 and the trophy is yours.

Hat Tricker
Score 3 goals in a row in Ace Striker

This can be obtained in the World Tour or in the Minigames section. It is easier on level 1 as the goalie moves slowly and there are no defenders. Score 3 times in a row to get this trophy.

Poker Face
Get 10 royal straight flushes in Royal Poker

This can be obtained in the World Tour Mode or in the Minigames section. You need to be on level 4 for the right cards to appear. A royal straight flush is a 10, Jack, Queen, King + Ace, in that order, of the same suit.

Bomb Fiend
Detonate 20 bombs in the opponent's court in Bomb Match

This can be obtained in the Minigames section or in the World Tour. Select Bomb Match, then hit 20 bombs into the opponents half when the timer is low. it will explode and they will be knocked over.

Collect 1000 coins in Coin Match

This can be obtained in the World Tour or in the Minigames section. This doesn't have to be done in one go.
Please note-
This isn't coin value, it is the amount of coins you collect.

Wind Master
Pop 3 balloons in one Wind Match

This can be done in the World Tour or in the Minigames section. You must hit balloons which will change the wind direction. Do this 3 times in ONE MATCH to unlock this.

Wall Whiz
Hit a wall 5 times with the ball in one Wall Match

This can be obtained in the World tour or the Minigames section. You must hit the wall with the ball 5 times. Run over all the colured buttons then hit the walls continously until it unlocks.

Turkey Bowler
Get a turkey in Pin Crusher

This can be obtained in the World Tour or the minigames section. A turkey is getting three strikes in a row. Get three strikes to unlock this.

Emergency Stop
Stop the ships 10 times in Rock the Boat

Rock the boat is another VT App. You must shoot targets on the boats to destroy them. I recommend using the lob to reach the higher targets. Repeat ten times to unlock this trophy.

World Tour Cleared!
Clear the game

Finsh World Tour Mode to Unlock this.

Become: Famous

To get this get 340 stars in the World Tour. Stars are earned by visiting fans, completing tournaments and exhibition matches and from online visitors. Hire agents to increase the stars you get, and visit fans and play every tournament.

Become: Accomplished

Earn 550 stars to unlock this. See Famous for more details.

Ticket to the SPT Finals
Make it to the playoffs

You need 980 stars to reach the playoffs. Refer to Famous for more details on how to earn stars.

Future Champion
Win the final tournament of the Tour Break

After season 2, you will be taken to a tour, where the final destination is England futuristic. You must win the tournament to get this trophy. Don't worry if the trophy doesn't pop, it will when the awards are given at the end of the tournament.

Look Alike
Create a player by taking a picture

When you first create your character, it will ask you if you want to take a photo of yourself to be your character. Select yes then take a photo. The trophy will then pop.

Regular Customer
Stop at the Management Office 30 times

This is obtained in World Tour mode. The management office is indicated by an icon that looks like a shop. It sells useful items and agents. This trophy should come naturally while completing World Tour for the first time.

Top Condition
Reach a Condition level of 20

To increase your condition level, play minigames to level up stats until you reach level 20. Another useful tip is in the management office, buying workout tickets. These will increase your Condition level by one each time, so they are very useful.

International Traveler
Play an online visitor 10 times

This trophy is missable. To get online visitors, you must select that you want to go online in your tour. When you do that, other players will appear as a yellow pawn symbol. Move to it to play them, then repeat ten times to get this trophy.

Earn 1,000,000 in total prize money

You earn money for completing tournaments, minigames and playing well against others online. It doesn't need to be carried at one time, so spend freely.

Jack of All Trades
Take lessons for all play styles

To be able to take lessons in every play style, you need to reach level 40 in each stat. Go to My Club, then play styles, then purchase all styles to get this. There is quite a big price difference between them and overall they will cost a lot of money. You may want to attempt this in another World Tour playthrough, seperate to the one where you grind stars.

Purchase 50 types of items in the Kit Catalogue

As easy as it seems, go to the store and purchase 50 items. Doing so will unlock this trophy.

Online Debut
Play online with a customised character

Simple, go online, then choose your custom character. Play the match to unlock this trophy.

First Online Victory
Win a match online

Simple, go online and win a match. Boostable, try the thread here.

Online Streak
Win three consecutive matches online

Go online and win three matches in a row. Boostable, try the thread here.

Online Master
Reach Rank A

You will need to grind this trophy. You should definitely get a boosting partner, found here, then play out the games. You don't have to do anything, as the players automatically serve, and just let the game play itself. After enough boosting, you will get this tough trophy.

Loving It!
Win 10 Love games

Love Games are basically games where you beat your opponent 40-0 then win the game. If you are struggling with this,start an exhibition match, then set the difficulty to Easy. Go for this while you are doing Exhibitionist.

Big Hitter
Hit 250 MAX Serves

MAX Serves are when you serve, let the meter go to max, then release to perform it. This will probably take you a few tries, but you should get it while going for the other trophies

Power Smash!
Hit 250 smashes

This trophy is difficult. You must wait for the ball to be hit up in the air, then you will get a smash when you try and hit it. It will be a fast shot, and is a great way to beat enemies. However 250 times is a LOT so this may need to be grinded.

Endless Rally!
Sustain a rally for 30 shots

This trophy may be earned through natural play against some of the easier enemies in the World Tour or in the Arcade Mode, but there is an easy way if you are struggling. Start an Exhibition Match against the AI, setting the difficulty to Easy, then when the game starts with no direction until you get a rally of 30. The trophy won't pop at the end of the rally, but at the end of the match instead.

Super Player
Hit 100 super shots

Super shots are done by pressing when the meter in the top left is full. Perform 100 to get the trophy. These are good to perform as they are easy ways to win a match.

Marathon Runner
Run 42km (26mi)

This should be earned through natural play. Just go for the other trophies in the game, then you should be fine.

Swing Machine
Swing 5000 times

This trophy should also be earned through natural play. DO NOT GRIND

Best Stroker
Win 100 points with ground strokes

This trophy will be earned through natural play. DO NOT GRIND THIS. A grouns stroke is when the ball has been hit after it bounces. Simply do this 100 times to unlock this.

Volley Master
Win 100 points with volleys

This trophy will be earned through natural play. DO NOT GRIND THIS. A volley is when you hit the ball in mid-air before it bounces. Repeat 100 times to unlock this. Once you get the trophy for one particular type of shot, try switching to the others to gain the trophies faster.

Pro-Tennis Fan
Play using all the real tennis players

To get this trophy, you need to play as all the tennis players in the game, EXCEPT Duke + King. Just play Exhibition Matches until you use every character.

Full Swing!
Hit 50 MAX power shots

See Big Hitter for more details.

Win 10 games as the receiving player

Being the receiving player means you are not serving that game. The other player will serve, and you must beat him in this game 10 times to get this trophy.

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