Players: 1
Online Trophies: 2
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No online pass
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No known cheats
Estimated Time to 100%: 7-10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 366 or more clubs
Collectible Trophies: 0
Difficulty Trophies: 0
Missable Trophies: 0
Glitched Trophies: 0

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • To keep track of your progress you can go to the "Wake-up Club Record" at any time from the main screen. It is the third icon down on the right that looks like a clipboard with a sheep on it. In this area you can check on your successful wake-ups in a row, average time to wake up, how many times you got first place, and how many times you cheered on others.
  • To make the grind a lot faster you can set up to five alarms at once. If you set them a minute apart you can do one club per minute.
  • Every time you press on a sleeping club members name it counts as a cheer. Use slackers to your advantage by pressing their name as many times as you can until they wake up to get Cheer Leader faster.
  • Keep your finger ready to press your avatar in the middle of the screen as soon as it pops up to get first place 30 times and also wake up in 2 seconds or less.


1. First Wake-up Club

During your first successful wake-up club you will unlock Let the Games Begin and Wake as one. Be sure to send a friend request to someone to also get In Circles.

2. Particular trophies to focus on during the grind

While you are in a wake-up club be sure to check out 11 different members profiles to unlock Circle of Friendship. Another trophy to focus on right away is waking up in 2 seconds or less for Quick Draw. Keep focusing on waking up within 2-3 seconds to ensure you get first place 30 times for Best of the Best. Press sleeping people's avatars as much as possible to cheer them on to wake up and get Cheer Leader.

3. The Grind

Set up to 5 alarms at once at one minute apart to maximize your time. While you are waiting for an alarm to go off you can set another one up so they keep going off every minute. During this grind you will eventually unlock Morning Master, Get This Party Started, Early Bird, Best Pals, and Team Player.

4. 100%

Enjoy your new PS Vita 100%!


Get This Party Started
The first time all members in the Wake-up Club have successfully woken up

For this trophy all of the players in your wake-up club have to be humans and they all have to wake up successfully. You will know when this has happened when you get to the Congratulations screen and it says "Perfect!" Shortly after this the trophy will pop.

This trophy requires a little luck, but you can increase your luck by setting your alarm ahead of time for a time that would be more popular. For example: I set my alarm half an hour ahead of time for 2:30 pm and was able to get this trophy right away. Setting the alarm ahead of time gives the game enough time to pair you with other people that have their alarm set for the same time. Also, setting the alarm on the hour or half hour will increase your chances of pairing up with other people because it's a common time. If you're having any problems getting this trophy, don't worry as you will most likely get it while grinding out the other trophies.

Morning Master
The Wake-up Club has successfully woken up 30 times in a row

To get this trophy your club needs to wake up with you successfully 30 times in a row. Every once in a while you will come across someone that won't wake up no matter how many times you cheer them on. If this happens you will have to back out and your count will be reset. You should be able to get this pretty easily while working on the long grind for the other trophies.

Early Bird (The Ring Leader)
Successfully wake up a total of 200 times

See Awesome Members for more information.

Best Pals (Awesome Members)
Wake-up Club succeeded 365 times

To unlock this trophy your club needs to successfully wake up 365 times. You can do this legitimately by setting one alarm each day and get the trophy in a year or you can grind the trophy and get it in a few hours. To maximize your time you can set multiple alarms at once. You're allowed to set up to 5 alarms at one time. Set each one for a minute apart so that you are doing one club per minute. You can change the time for them while you're waiting for the next alarm to go off. Once you have successfully woken up with your group 365 times this trophy will be yours.

Cheer Leader (Master Yodel)
Cheered on other members over 2000 times

While in your wake-up club you can tap on the avatars with "zzz..." around them to cheer them on and hopefully wake them up. Each time you press on a sleeping players avatar it counts as 1 cheer. You can press on the AIs avatars twice before they wake up and as many times as you want on the humans avatars until they decide to wake up. If someone in your group doesn't wake up right away you can use this to your advantage and keep cheering them to get this trophy faster. After you have done this 2000 times the trophy will unlock.

You can check on your progress from the Main screen by pressing on the clipboard with a sheep on it and scrolling down to "Community Record." Under this section it will show you how many times you have cheered on others. This trophy should unlock sometime within your grind for the other trophies.

Team Player
Joined the Wake-up Club more than 365 times

For this trophy you need to join your wake up club 366 times. Follow the steps for Awesome Member to maximize your time and you could have this in about 6 hours or so.

Best of the Best
Took first place in the Wake-up Club 30 times

For this trophy you need to be the first to wake up 30 times. You will know when you get first place when you get to the "Congratulations!" screen. At the bottom there is a ticker that shows what place everyone came in. You can also keep track of how many first places you got by pressing the clipboard with a sheep on it in the Main screen. Scroll down to Community Record and it will show how many times you got first place.

The best strategy for this trophy is to make sure you're ready when the alarm goes off. Keep your finger near the middle of the screen and press your avatar as soon as it pops up. If you press it in 2-3 seconds you will most likely get first place. You may have issues getting this trophy if your internet connection is slow, but keep trying and you should unlock it during the grind for the other trophies.

Let the Games Begin
Wake up using Wake-up Club Alarm

To get this trophy all you need to do is set your alarm using the Wake-up Club Alarm Type and press your PSN avatar when you see it pop up on the screen. The trophy will unlock after everyone in your club has woken up and you get to the "Congratulations!" screen.

How to set your alarm:

1. Press the bell on the top right of the screen
2. Press Add New Alarm
3. Select Wake-up Club Alarm
4. Press Time and set the alarm for whatever time you want it to go off
5. Press Save
6. Press the back button to return to the main screen

Wake as one (Union Square)
Your Wake-up Club has succeeded

This trophy will unlock after your club has successfully woken up and you get to the "Congratulations!" screen. Every once in a while there will be a slacker who doesn't wake up. You can tap on their name to cheer them on, but if they don't wake up after a few minutes then just back out and try again.

Quick Draw
Fastest wake up time is better than 3 seconds

In order to unlock this trophy you need to wake up in 2 seconds or less. The best way to do this is to set your alarm a minute ahead of time and wait for it to go off. Keep your finger ready at the middle of the screen and touch your avatar as soon as you see it pop up. It may take a few tries, but you should be able to get it pretty easily, especially during the grind for some of the trophies.

In Circles
Made a friend request via the Wake-up Club

You can make a friend request when your alarm goes off and you meet up with your club (as long as there are other humans). You can tell which people are humans and which are AI by the way the avatars look. Press and hold one of the avatars until their name pops up. Underneath their name it will say "Friend Request." Press it, then press "Send Friend Request," add a note (such as Wake-up Club trophy), and press Send. Exit out of the screen and when you get to the "Congratulations!" screen your trophy will pop.

Circle of Friendship (Counting Sheep)
Checked out 11 other members' profiles

You can look at other club members profiles while in the wake-up screen by pressing and holding their avatar. Do this for 11 different players at any time while you are playing and this trophy will be yours.

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