Players: 6
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: Yes
Trophy Difficulty: 2/10
Approximate Time To 100%: 1-2 Hours

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All the trophies unlock at the end of the game. A trophy will not pop up at any point during the hockey match so you will need to finish your games in order to get the trophies.
  • Don't be afraid to pass the puck. If you see that the lane is clogged and there is little chance to score, reset and try to get yourself a better shot. You will be less frustrated and have more fun.
  • Want to get back the puck a little faster? After you score a goal, the puck will always respawn at the back of the opponents' net. So right after you score, move your player to the back of the net and check (or hit) the player(s) going for the puck by pressing . Pass the puck back out to one of your teammates and you got yourself a quick possession.
  • If you have trouble scoring, try changing the game speed from "Medium" to "Slow". This will make the game feel less arcade-like and more like an authentic hockey game.
  • Play a game to 20 goals. This will give you a lot of opportunities to score with powerups. You may also want to write these powerups down and check them off as you play to avoid confusion. With a 20 score limit and a lot of powerups spawning, you will also get the chance of getting some or all of the powerup trophies.


Let's Play
Play and complete an online game.

In the Main Menu, go to: Online > Quick Ranked Versus Match. This will quickly put you in an Online match. Finish the game - you do not have to win to earn the trophy.

Team Player
Play and complete a quick ranked game with 3 users on your side

Play and finish a ranked online game with 3 controllers. Guitar Hero and Rock Band instruments work if you do not have 3 regular controllers. If you still do not have 3 controllers, you can try playing with your friends online.

Jack of All Trades
Score with 5 different powerups in one game.

To get this trophy, you must score in the game using these powerups:
  • Super Shot
  • Super Speed
  • Big Player
  • Double Score
  • Small Goalie

Brick Wall
Win a game without being scored on.

If you can't get this on your own, I suggest playing a match to 5. You can also change the game speed from Medium to Slow so the game feels less arcade-like. Play Smart!

Race to Victory
Win a game to at least 15 goals.

You can get this when going for Score Big. Play a match to 15 and win. If you would like to save time but be more risky, you can go for both trophies when going for Jack of All Trades.

Score Big
Score at least 10 goals in one game.

You can get this when going for Race to Victory. Simply score 10 goals.

Big Player
Score two goals with a Big Player powerup in one game.

The "Big Player" powerup is a blue dumbbell that makes your player much larger than the other players on the ice. Score twice with the player holding this powerup to get the trophy.

Super Speed
Score two goals with a Super Speed powerup in one game.

The "Super Speed" powerup is a rocketship that makes your player much faster than the other players on the ice. Score twice with the player holding this powerup to get the trophy.

Super Shot
Score two goals with the Super Shot powerup in one game.

The "Super Shot" powerup is a flaming hockey puck that makes your player's shots go much faster. Score twice with the player holding this powerup to get the trophy.

Ice Man
Score two goals while an opponent is frozen in one game.

The "Freeze" powerup is a snowflake that freezes one of your opponents temporarily so he is unable to move. Score twice while "Freeze" is in play to get the trophy.

Double Up
Score two goals using the Double Score powerup in one game.

The "Double Goal" powerup is a +2 that gives you 2 goals at the price of 1. Score twice with the player holding this powerup to get the trophy.

Over and Out
Hit a player over the boards.

Hit your player over the boards so he falls out of the ice rink. To knock him over the boards, you must hit him when he on the left or right sides of the ice. You can hit or check the opposing players using . Using a player labeled as "Strong" can get the job done but an "All-Around" player works too. I suggest you play your matches normally as you will find many opportunities to get this trophy.

Score a goal using a trick move.

You can try scoring using a trick shot by pressing . When you don't have any powerups, try to get this trophy. Your chances of getting it will be greater on a breakaway when its only you against the goalie rather than trying to score a trick shot in traffic.

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