Players: 1
Online Play: Nope
Online Trophies: None At All
Cheat Codes: Yes (UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE, TRIANGLE - Remove Shield) and (L1, R1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, R1, SQUARE - Remove walking "twist" animation)
Cheats Affect Trophies: -------
Trophy Difficulty: 9/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Suggested Playthroughs: 3 (1 for normal mode, 1 for from difficulty and 1 for spelunker mode)
Time to Platinum: 60-70 hours

[top]Tips and Strategies

All trophies from "Bested Eelagon!" to "Bested Onyx!" are written by ammos (however descriptions about the boss are written by me) and he has kindly allowed me to use them in the new guide. So thankyou ammos and if you have the desire to rep me for this guide please rep him too as some of this guide is his

Should I buy?

Lets start this off with 2 simple questions:
1 - Do you like the creativity of Little Big Planet?
2 - Do you love RPGs?
If you answered yes to both then this game is most definitely for you! Its a perfect combination of humor, ingenuity and difficulty. The humor is scattered throughout the game with odd little parts here and there like the sword that's actually a "rare fish"! The ingenuity comes from the fact you can create your not just facial appearance I mean actually create it! You could be a shark one moment, a football the next and my personal favorite a fridge!! the difficulty of this game is similar to that of Demon's Souls which is what you'd expect from a game that is made by the same people (Atlus and From Software). Now onto the trophies, there are certain trophies that will require more than a little bit of effort such as killing all of the bosses without taking any damage and completing the whole game without dying once.....Now that will have even the most hardcore of gamers quaking in their boots! Those trophies would be easy if the game was easy but i'll tell you right now it's not. This is not a platinum you'll get just by playing the game you've really got to try and get this platinum, so good luck and most importantly enjoy the game for all its quaint little touches that make this not just a good game but one of THE great games of the 21st century


Congratulations! Thank you for playing this far!

I'd love to say "Simply collect all other trophies on the game and this'll be yours!" but then simply is not a word you'll see many times on this game. So Keep slogging away at this game and you might get the trophy in the end.

Before we go any further into this guide you should take a look at the map shown below, it has all life, magic, small blocks and fairies on thus it is VERY useful. The key is listed below the map:

Can't see the image? Look HERE!!!

Alternative map:

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Sliced and Diced!
Defeated a foe with a sword

Could it be? an easy trophy on this game? Well yes actually! Simply find yourself an enemy (which will most likely be an evil bunny) and hit it with your sword using and that's it!

Defeated a foe with a bow

The bow becomes available to you after you've completed your first temple and you can buy it at any shop although the place you'll most likely get it from Raejack village. The shop is next to the blacksmith just walk in and buy yourself a bow. Now the hard part, actually killing an enemy with it. The worst bit about the bow is that it dips in the air so you'll need to judge the distance correctly to kill the enemy. You'll probably want to go against the rabbit again to get this as it only takes 1 hit.

Defeated a foe with a bomb

You'll get the bombs in the second temple you visit in the most south western room, all you have to do is whack a bomb down and watch as any monster steps on it and BOOM! this trophy is all yours!
NOTE - The bombs go off after a set period of time and also have a decent blast radius so keep these things in mind when plating the bombs.

Getting the Hang of It?
Played the game for five hours.

Considering the time taken just to complete one runthrough of this game, 5 hours is nothing so you'll get this trophy quite easily

Guarded an attack

Wow what an easy block an attack run up to an enemy holding or just wait for them to come and attack you. 1 less trophy to deal with!

A Formidable Foe has Fallen!
Defeated a Guardian

In the first 10 minutes of play time you'll be sent on a quest to reclaim the Ancient Sword from a wood east of the castle. When you get close 2 enemies will pop up and they'll look like the image for the trophy, just kill it and this trophy is yours.

Bested Eelagon!
Defeated Eelagon without taking damage

The Eelagon (usually seen in the snake games) is a very easy boss and you start by killing off the piece of its body nearest to the tail. You'll know which piece to attack because it'll flash white. If you hit any other part of its body it'll release pink balls in all direction which you can dodge. Once it gets down to its head it'll move very fast which will make defeating it without losing any health a challenge. Now ammos's tips for destroying it....
  1. Move out of the way from the boss and it's projectiles.
  2. When the body flashes, use your sword to specifically attack that part.
  3. Reduce it up to the head. It will not flash any more. You must continue to hit it until it diminishes to a pile of blocks.

Bested Queen Bee!
Defeated Queen Bee without taking damage

The hardest part of this fight is if you lose some life and your sword gets too small this means you have to get closer to the queen and so can suffer more damage. So this is going to be quite easy to kill it without being hit because you'll be trying to get it Anyway lets hear from ammos.....
  1. Continue to hit the Queen Bee from a far distance.
  2. Move left and right when ever she shoots. Guard with . Bombs stun the boss.

  3. When the bee drones drop down to attack, hit them immediately. Continue to damage the Queen Bee until defeated.

Bested Giga Golem!
Defeated Giga Golem without taking damage

Giga Golem, not a hard boss to defeat because it's soooooo sloooooooow. This means most of time you can run behind it and hit it from the back, however when its only got its head left it gets far more unpredictable and so harder to keep your precious life intact. ammos?
  1. Move away from it when it begins charging. Dispose of it's legs by hitting it repetitively from a safe distance.
  2. Once it breaks apart, discard each individual arms. This is where to be more cautious. It is very hard to distinguish where the Giga Golem is actually going to fire the laser.
  3. After taking out the arms, it will be jumping in and out, trying to crush you. If you reach it's blast radius, guard with . Keep slashing at it until it is slewed.

Bested Kraken!
Defeated Kraken without taking damage

A simple simple boss fight if YOU TAKE YOUR TIME!!! There's no point rushing into this because you'll just die or find it increasingly difficult to complete so just upgrade your sword to have pierce so you can slash through the wood blocks and just keep swinging your blade around and dodging stuff and this'll be yours easily I wonder what ammos has to say?
  1. Stay at the spot where you begin. When ever the head pops up, immediately reach out and attack.
  2. If it is too far, clear out the tentacles before making your attack. If the Kraken begins to fire it's projectiles, guard with . Continue and defeat it.

Bested Dragon!
Defeated Dragon without taking damage

The dragon has the most health of any boss and thus it takes longer to kill which means you need to survive for longer without getting hit. You may also want to get the fire shield, this can be obtained by searching through that big red blob near to the fire temple you then take this to Jim's Shack and there's a man (back right) who'll turn the ruby into a shiny new shield Its useful because it can block fire.
  1. Hit it from a far distance. Continue to dodge the fire balls that the Dragon shoots. Do not move to the side of the Dragon, it will towards you.

  2. If you do not get damaged, it's health will drop incredibly fast. The boss will now begin shooting three fire balls at once on faster intervals. It will also begin flying above, and increasingly faster.
  3. The shock waves have to be blocked by . Defend yourself and make the hit. After giving it a bunch of slashes, it will decimate into a pile of blocks in your victory.

Bested Dark Knight!
Defeated Dark Knight without taking damage

Well then, if you do it the way shown in the video below then you'll find this really easy.[/COLOR]
  1. You can only hit it from the behind, like all Knights are.
  2. Attack it from the front to stun it. Do the same to the back of the boss.

  3. Continue and make sure you do not get hit. The Dark Knight attacks without warning. The relatively easy attacks will relieve the boss into a pile of dots.

Bested Fuelle!
Defeated Fuelle without taking damage

Fuelle will appear and create clones immediately. At soon as this battle starts use the newly acquired magic power and then avoid the projectiles and keep spinning. You'll know when you hit the real one because he'll flash when you do.
  1. Keep a steady distance while fighting. Slash and turn and hit all replicas. One of them will flash, signifying that you hit it.
  2. Continue to do so. The boss will begin spawning more and more clones. They will keep shooting, but that's it. Defeat the boss.

Bested Onyx!
Defeated Onyx without taking damage

A very simple boss fight concept, just dodge the projectiles and keep hitting away at him and he'll crumble after a while.
  1. Stay under the madman. Switch to bombs and continue to drop them beneath you. It will take fifteen of these explosions to defeat the Dark Lord Onyx.
  2. When he begins to fire a projectile, put up your shield. Dodge his slash.

Found Sue!
You found Sue

Not a hard trophy it's just you have to have certain things before you can access the cave Sue is in. You will need:
1 Green Key,
1 Blue Key,
1 Red Key,
The Anchor Rod,
A Flame Wand (available to collect from the fire temple)

A video to find the anchor rod can be found here below:

NOTE: I did not make the video and all credit goes to the creator. To find the anchor rod start the video at 5:40 and it will give you an easy place to start from.

Found Ai!
You found Ai

Just look at the map at the top of the guide and it'll tell you all you need to get to the cave and you'll need to have one of each color key to collect your next fairy!

It's Magic!
Used a Shader Magic

You obtain your first shader magic from the sage at the end of the first temple. However the first time you'll use this is on your way to the second temple, you'll see a giant white block walk up and press and this trophy is yours

Life is Precious!
Maxed out the LIFE bar

[There are 29 potentially available life upgrades in the game and unfortunately you will need to collect 4 to actually increase the number of “apples” you have. You can afford to miss 1 and still get this trophy.

The first 3 are relatively easily obtained in the Grass, Desert and Flame temples and require a key of each color. You will find the doors to these shards are you dungeon crawl and it should not be an issue to not miss these.

Another 15 life shards are found on the world map (see map).

3 more life shards are given as rewards for minigame completion. 1 for beating all 5 levels of blockout, another for clearing all 5 stages of block defense and a final one for clearing the dash circuit levels in under 25 seconds (first level) and 80 seconds (2nd level). You can look to youtube for videos to give you an idea of how to obtain these but the dash circuit especially is mostly a matter of sheer determination.

The remaining 8 life shards (and perhaps the most annoying ones) are obtained through side quests.
1. The old man in Raejack (north end of the village) will request that you kill 10 slimes, return after doing so and receive a shard

2. After beating the grass temple talk to the guard on the right side of the castle entrance to start a cascade of delivery quests. The final reward is a shard.

3. The obsessed sign man in Wardna’s house rewards you with a shard for finding 5 of his signs (see map for locations)

4. There is a man in Ortego (middle house) that gives you a water jar, this can be filled in Colneria (south end of the village). After returning with the water you will receive a shard.

5. The leftmost house in Ortego houses a man that begs for 100gol. If you give it to him and then stay at an inn he will ask again, repeat this process 3 times and he will reward you with a shard (and none of your money back).

6. There is an old lady near the entrance that will ask you to bring her dancers. The dancers can be found in the northern portion of Raejack outside of a house. Sometimes you need to talk to them twice and go into a house in between. Return to Ortego and talk to the original quest giver for a shard.

7. Eventually thoughout your travels you will encounter a strange stone circle in an area infested with zombies. This is in map square C1. If you walk into the middle you will be able to obtain the mirror of truth. This mirror turns animals into humans. There is a dog south of the town square in Raejack you can use this on who will then reward you with a life shard.

8. Finally, after the flame temple (and after a previous quest for her) there is a girl in Colneria who is standing to the right of the two houses (the previous quest was when she took the spa powder from you) who will offer you a quest to find ingredients. Fine her the 3 ingredients and she’ll reward you with a shard.

Master Magician!
Maxed out the MAGIC bar

There are 8 magic upgrades to be found throughout the game and thankfully, unlike the health upgrades, they are in whole pieces. The first 3 pieces are found on the world map (see map above). More specifically they are found in:

Square A2 in the forest (instead of going the correct way to the temple after your first down, take a 2nd down to end up in the correct place).

Square E3 east side of river

Square G5 you will need bombs to get this one

After those there are also 3 magic upgrades found in temples. They are in the Forest, Aqua and Wind temples and require a red, blue and green key respectively. You will come across these doors before you have the means to get into them.

The last 2 magic upgrades can be obtained through side quests. The first comes from the guy in Wardna’s house that is obsessed with signs. Once you view all 10 of his signs (see map) he will reward you with this upgrade. The 2nd comes from a slightly longer quest process that begins with the girl inside Jim’s shack that requests firewood. Obtain the firewood from the man near the beds in Wardna’s house and return to the original quest giver. She will reward you with a spa egg which can be traded to the old man around Raejack’s central square for a cookbook. This cookbook may then be given to a girl in Colneria who is walking around usually near the southern stairs. Finally once you get the fresh fish from her give it to the boy who asked about fish at the Candata Inn.

Rescued the Princess!
The princess was restored to her true form

In order to return the princess to her normal form you must rescue both fairies BEFORE obtaining the light orb (so before returning to the castle after completing all 6 temples).
NOTE: If you visit too late you'll miss out on this opportunity and then this trophy will have been missed.

Have a Nice Night?
Spent the night in Raejack with the princess

This must be done on the playthrough where you restore the princess to her form (see directly above). Simply stay at the inn in Raejack before getting the light orb (as she will leave after you get it).

The Adventure Continues...
Cleared the game without restoring the princess

Either fail to free 1 or both of the fairies and the princess will not be restored, you'll get the trophy after you complete the game.

Quote Originally Posted by xinchungedewudi View Post
For The Adventure Continues... trophy, you dont get the trophy when you recieve the light orb, you obtain the trophy AFTER you beat the game without restoring the princess just thought you might want to correct them.

And Everyone Lived Happily Ever After!
Cleared the game with the princess restored

Rescue both the fairy Sue and the fairy Ai and then complete the game and you will get this trophy. See each individual fairy writeup for how to do so.

Booked a Monster!
Booked a monster in the Bestiary

You can obtain the bestiary by trading the ring you find in the desert temple to a girl in Ortego Village for it then run up to any monster and whack it with the bestiary equipped.
NOTE: The bestiary CAN kill so make sure you haven't damaged the monster previously.

Booked Eelagon!
Booked Eelagon in the Bestiary

You're going to have to smack the snake a fair few times for this to pop up so stock up on health potions and watch out for the big "GET" that appears when you've booked it. If you miss it you could be there for a very long time indeed....
NOTE: You can only register it by hitting it when it only has its head left and it takes 60 hits to book.

Quote Originally Posted by xinchungedewudi View Post
oh right, and just one thing i would like to help people out with the booking bosses trophies. If you dont want to keep on using red potions. there are easier ways to do this. first you would want a tent, which you can buy for 2000 gold or get it from a well with a low percentage(forgot which well). you can land like 10hits with the beastiry and save and quit, and start at the beginning of the temple, go out use the tent to get full hp, and go back to land more hits(maybe 20). and do it again, maybe for 3-5 times and you can get the booking. you can save and quit and start over and the booking still works. at least for me it did.

Booked Queen Bee!
Booked Queen Bee in the Bestiary

Just equip the book and whack it for a while, whilst dodging all of its attacks. You might want to get a ton of health potions for when you attempt this.
NOTE: It only takes 30 hits

Booked Giga Golem!
Booked Giga Golem in the Bestiary

A stupid boss to beat in the first place just try and stay behind it and well you know whats coming. That's right, health potions....
NOTE: It takes 30 hits.

Booked Kraken!
Booked Kraken in the Bestiary

Not really hard the only problem is the time. You can register it by hitting tentacles and the head so don't worry about making your way over to the head every time. This takes a heck of a long time so you'll need to keep an hour spare for this trophy!
NOTE: 70 hits to book.

Booked Dragon!
Booked Dragon in the Bestiary

You'll want to try and stun the dragon before you go in for the hit so using a boomerang would be useful and this is going to take ages so go grab some potions and get cracking!
NOTE: 45 hits to book.

Booked Dark Knight!
Booked Dark Knight in the Bestiary

If you look at the video on how to beat him without taking damage, you'll want to use that method but replace the sword with your bestiary and HEALTH POTIONS!!!!
NOTE: 70 hits to book.

Booked Fuelle!
Booked Fuelle in the Bestiary

Again just use the spell you got just before the boss fight and you'll need to hit the right Fuelle to register it so it can take quite a long time so spend all your money on health potions before the fight.
NOTE: 50 hits to book.

Booked Onyx!
Booked Onyx in the Bestiary

Woah 31 trophies in and the first one that's not a bronze! However it's not at all easy you're going to need around 70 hits with the bestiary before it registers so stock up on health potions and get cracking!

Bestiary Complete!
Booked all monsters in the Bestiary.

You're going to have to book every single monster for this trophy to unlock, this includes the bosses. The complete list is below:

Page 1

Killer Rabbit | Killer Bee | Spidel | Goble | Octon

Evil Tree | Cloudon | Big Worm | Dark Worm | Darkspidel

Dark Goble | Centaus | Centathrow | Succubus | Zombie

Page 2

Ghost | Scorpion | Soldier Bones | Bat | Red Slime

Magi | Clay Golem | Dark Scorpion | Blue Slime | Mummy Man

Gray Magi | Death Eye | Ropus | Dark Ropus | Knight

Page 3

Vampire | Black Knight | Cyclop | Crystal Slime | Blue Dragon

Shadow | Princess? | Guardian

Page 4 (Bosses)

Eelagon | Queen Bee | Giga Golem | Kraken

Dragon | Dark Knight | Dark Bishop Fuelle | Dark King Onyx

Obtained the Ancient Sword!
Acquired the Ancient Sword

You start the game and will immediately be sent on a quest to obtain this sword. It'll take you about 20 minutes so just enjoy and then you'll be a sword richer.

Obtained the Holy Sword!
Acquired the Holy Sword

You'll need to have completed the third dungeon and obtained the hook shot and bombs to blast the wall down. Its location is shown on the map at the top of this page. If you cant see it for whatever reason, it's located in square G4 (bottom right up one).

Wow! You Obtained the Hero Sword!
Acquired the Hero Sword

This sword can be located in the bottom left corner of the map in a graveyard (A5). If you go to the bottom right of the graveyard and start pushing all the gravestones up then eventually you'll get one that moves and should open a crypt you can go into and grab the sword! You will need a flame wand to get it.

King Block's Seal of Approval!
Acquired a sword from King Block

King Block becomes available after completion of the third dungeon as you will need the Hook Shot to get across some islands located in map reference E2. You'll need to pay him with X amount of small blocks, the cheapest sword is the gorgon sword and costs 5 small blocks.

All Swords Obtained!
Acquired all the swords

There are 24 swords in the game. In order to get this trophy you must obtain them all, 1 of them is VERY MISSABLE (Moon Sword) so you will want to be weary of this during the playthrough you will be collecting these. I’m going to break down the swords by where / how they can be obtained:

The first category is the gimme weapons, you are given these as you progress:

Sword – You get this at the very beginning of the game

Ancient Sword – You collect this just after the battle with the guardians at the beginning of the game

The second category would be swords obtained from vendors / The block king:

Claymore – Bought from the merchant in square F5 for 1000 Gol

Gorgon Sword – Block King E2 5 Blocks

Luck Sword – Block King E2 8 Blocks

Star Sword – Block King E2 10 Blocks

Mage Sword – Block King E2 12 Blocks

Katana – Block King E2 15 Blocks

Orihalcon – Block King E2 18 Block

Excalibur – Block King E2 20 Blocks

Note: Small blocks carry over between plays, even still you will likely need to farm crystal slimes and blue dragons to obtain enough for all swords.

The third category belongs to mini game awarded swords:

Luck Mallet – You must complete all 5 stages of blockout without losing a ball

Wing Sword – Beat the first dash circuit in under 20 seconds and the second in under 60 seconds, this is a huge pain but the best advice I can give you is to keep trying.

Wyrm Sword – Perfectly clear all 5 stages of block defense (let nothing through).

The fourth category of swords are those found through exploration:

Holy Sword – Inside a cave in map tile G4, you must have the wire rod to obtain this (see video above).

Hero Sword – See description for trophy of same name.

Finally the fifth and final category is the toughest of all, it is the side quest category:

Wood Bat – This should be the first side quest sword you get. After clearing the Forest Temple head to Raejack and talk to the bat maker by the town square. He will send you to find wood, naturally you should head to Wardna’s shack and speak with the lumberjack there. Next head to the forest sage and go 2 screens down from where he stands to find the wood. Return to the bat maker to receive this sword.

Home Run Bat – After completing the aqua temple talk to the man in Jim’s shack who wants to see the wood bat. Then go to Colneria and into the house next to the inn, talking to the little girl will yield the home run bat.

Rare Fish – Talk to the man walking around outside the inn in Colneria after clearing the Aqua temple.

Karasawa – After you clear the wind temple head to Raejack and talk to the inventor Dic (northeast house). Give him 5000 Gol, stay at the inn and return for this sword.

Gungnir – You will need to use the mirror of truth (see health shard section for where) to turn the dog outside fina’s inn human, after that speak to the man next to him to get the dog food. Now head to the volcano path (G1) and give the man in the cave the dog food to obtain this sword.

Beam Saber – Again you will need the mirror of truth. Talk to the man in hotel Nialliv who asks you to break 7 curses, now you will need to convert 7 animals to humans. These people may be found:
Dog at Fina’s Inn
Chicken in Wardna’s house
Cat near center house in Ortego
Chicken in Jim’s shack
Dog at Candata Inn
Cat on small island south of Colneria
Dog in middle of Raejack

Return to the original quest giver to get the Beam Saber

Gladius – Talk to the man that doesn’t do sword upgrades at the Raejack blacksmith. Now after you finish the flame temple go to Fina’s inn. There is a man near the entrance that will give you a rusty sword. Return this rusty sword to the aforementioned man in Raejack to obtain the gladius.

Giga Sword – ENSURE YOU DO THE 2 DANCERS QUEST IN ORTEGO BEFORE GETTING THE LIGHT ORB! Now after getting the orb go to ortego and talk to the man in the northeast corner, he’ll ask for an autograph and if you get it for him he’ll give you the giga sword which is the most upgradable in the game.

Moon Sword – Phew... ok here we go. I would suggest using a full guide to get this sword to be completely honest. There is one that can be found by searching on google written by egheadfool that I used and it helped me tremendously (its the map link so take time to thank him for his great guide while you are there). With that said I will try to lay out the important things to not miss this sword.

My tips:

BEFORE CLEARING THE GRASS TEMPLE speak to the man in Raejack Inn who speaks about an armoured mech game. If you miss this you need to collect swords on another play through

Do every single side quest and speak to everyone as much as humanly possible as you go through the game
Always after every temple and before the first temple speak to everyone in “From Cave” in map A3

You will need to collect every “key item” which usually contains things used in side quests. It has been said that you do not need to complete all mini games / rescue fairies and return the princess to her form to get this but I did absolutely everything when I got it just to make sure so I cannot confirm that.

If you’ve done everything right the number of people in “From Cave” will increase over time and eventually the man will reward you with this sword.

Forged a Sword!
Made your sword stronger at the blacksmith

The first sword you're able to upgrade is the ancient sword, the cheapest upgrade is either length or width which both cost 70G. You'll want to visit the blacksmith in Raejack Village and buy the upgrade and BAM! trophy!

That's a Big Fat Sword!
Maxed out the Giga Sword

I bet you're wondering why this is so hard? The truth of the matter is the cost of doing this. Each upgrade costs 9999G which is the max you can carry so you're going to have to spend a long time farming G and then you'll have THE best weapon on the game.
NOTE: Look above for how to obtain the giga sword.

You're a Survivor!
Survived Spelunker mode for 10 hours

There are two ways of doing this....
1 - Save a game over a previous file (the new game has to be on spelunker mode).
2 - Play spelunker mode for 10 hours.

Either way is fine as they both get the trophy.

Triple 7's!
Collected 777G

You need to have exactly 777G on your person at one time. The best way to do this is get over 777 then start buying items until you get to 777, if you go under just go and collect more money. If you go over again spend it and so on until you get the magic number!

You made a Friend!
Made a character model

This creativity of this game allows you to create a playable character. This could be anything you can imagine such as:

Toggle Spoiler

Around the World!
Visited all maps

This literally means every map the development team included in the game. You must visit every cave, every house and every boss room of each temple to get this trophy.

Souvenir Photoshoot!
Took a snapshot

Pause the game and there should be a button that says snapshot. Choose which position you'd like to take the photo from and snap away! You can use these pictures and backgrounds or send them to friends to show off your awesome created character......I never did that

Flawless Hero!
Cleared the game without dying

If you aren’t a save spot whore going into this trophy you very well may be one afterwards. The most annoying part of this is that you no longer can continue on from your last progress in dungeons. This becomes especially annoying in the Flame Temple. Aside from that never use the “continue” option and always load your last game and you will get this after your playthrough.

You can use wonderdust (or have it activate I suppose) to save you from death and still meet the conditions for this trophy.

And the World was Saved!
Cleared the game in FROM mode

“From” Difficulty, affectionately labeled after the company, is like normal mode with a strap on. Luckily all upgrades carry over from previous playthroughs (aka sword forging) but you still need to find the swords again. The best idea is to be cautious and have potions on hand for the particularly hairy rooms in some of the temples. To unlock “From” difficulty simply beat the game on normal.

Note: While completing your “From” mode play don’t forget to liberate Spelunker from his prison in A1 (you will need the fire wand) so you can get that trophy and also open up Spelunker mode.

Spelunker Extraordinare!
Cleared Spelunker mode

Finish the game on Spelunker Mode (unlocked from saving Spelunker in “From” mode). This is tough, maybe even really tough because you die in a single hit. Hearts do not matter but learning how to block attacks and most importantly how to use the charge attack to stay alive does. When you charge into a wall in this mode you become immune for a short period of time (you flash) and that can save you in many of the tougher temple battles.

Aside from that I’d say do this last so your swords are already forged to a high degree and good luck.

Obtained the Hero Shield!
Acquired the Hero Shield

The Hero shield will block any projectile that you find in your way and is infinitely useful in a number of different situations. In order to obtain the heroes shield we’ll have to start back at how to obtain the other 5 shields in the game:
1. You begin the game with the simple wooden shield.

2. In Raejack village you will have the option to purchase an Iron Shield for 100Gol, I would recommend doing this as soon as possible as the original shield does not block many projectiles. It can be bought in the shop next to the blacksmith.

3. The 3rd shield is the magic shield. You will find this shield during your travels through the Aqua Temple and it will allow you to block the magic shot by the magi.

4. The Flame shield is found by doing a few things first. Initially you need to talk to the man in the top left corner of Jim’s Shack. You can only do this after you have the magic shield and he will request a Ruby. When you reach the entrance to the fire temple instead of going inside veer to the left side and you will come across a strange rock, this is the Ruby in question. Take this rock back to the man and he will reward you with the fire shield. I would recommend doing this before fighting the Dragon, it makes things easier.

5. The 5th shield is given to you by the inventor Dic in the Northeast house in Raejack Village. He will require 1000Gol to make it and you will have to stay at the inn so some time will pass after you get him to do the job. This one blocks lightning in addition to everything else.

6. Finally the last shield and the one required for this trophy is the Heroes Shield. It can be found in a cave to the left of the dark tower. Before you enter the tower veer off to the left path and you will find a cave. You will need bombs (to get in), a key of each color (there are 3 doors inside) and you will need to save enough magic to kill the knights and magi in one of the final rooms. When you reach the end an explorer will trade you the heroes shield. It can block everything, including the dark lords attacks.

Spelunker's Savior!
Cleared the Spelunker event.

Clear the event means to save Spelunker from his “prison”. He can be found in map square A1. You will need the flame wand to burn away the stump and set him on his way. Spelunker mode will open up once you do this wherein you can achieve yet another trophy for completing it.

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