Players: 1 SP, 2-3 co-op, 2-16 competitive
Online Trophies: 12
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheat codes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 50+ Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 3* (1 Campaign playthrough, 1 Free Mission Playthrough for A Ranking, and 1 for Online Co-op)
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Here is a list of tips and tricks outlined in order of plane type to help you get the best performance out of each plane type to do the best you can in each mission and in every boss fight:
  • 1st thing before we go into plane detail is we talk about the MG, it's a stronger weapon than it ever was in previous Ace Combat installments, and now with the added skills that upgrade it's capabilities its definitely the best weapon to use on Ace difficulty when ammo is scarce since the MG has infinite ammo, while it is infinite it can also over heat and you have to wait until it cools down before you can use it again. The 2 skills that I must recommend to use for the MG is Enhanced MG & MG cool down and that applies to all types of planes, as for the Attack Helicopters I must also recommend the Wide Angle & Zoom skill to be able to obtain and zoom in on targets from greater and safer distances while retaining the same deadly accuracy of the MG. As for the MG scatter i found pretty useful for fighters and Multiroles because when you chase a plane in DFM, it is dancing all over the place and hard to hit with a standard MG, also most planes have a thin body line and then 1 or 2 round small engines that are the weakness but they are still considered a small target to hit. But for Attack Helicopters you deal with small stationary targets that you want to come at from a good long distance with the wide angle and zoom skill to avoid a tank's cannon or a SAM being fired at you or any kind of flying hazard for that matter, so a more accurate MG is better to use, so don't use MG scatter for Attack Helicopter missions.
  • Fighters:
    • Fighters are the most agile planes and they can make some unbelievably tight turns, they are the best to use for those missions involving lots of dog fights and fast paced combat in comparison to Multiroles.
    • While each fighter comes equipped with 6 flares to use, do not use them unless they are the last line of defense or you will find yourself have run out of them long before the mission ends, while the enemy planes have an unlimited amount of flares to use.
    • Always use the fighters best ability and that is hitting the deceleration and making a tight turn and you'll find any missiles and incoming fire rendered useless. Also use to get the jump on enemies.
    • Fighters are 1 of the only 2 plane types able to use counter maneuvers and with observation I noticed that countering gets you the easiest kills over having to chase the enemy back and forth through the map. As soon as you see your plane making the turn hold and you plane will start shredding the other long before it can start to dodge.

  • Multiroles:
    • They are the combination of fighters and attackers fused together to make the deadliest flying machines known to man as nimble and fast as fighters and as strong as attackers. They have ground striking capabilities and able to use both DFM, ASM & counter maneuvers.
    • While some mission for Multiroles will need you to fly low and attack ground forces, make sure you don't get too close or try to use the MG from a close range, that will only get hammered with missiles in the face, instead make a fast run and drop bombs or 4AGM and immediately turn away and make another run.
    • While Multirole missions will involve Combating both ground forces and air forces, you will have to choose your SP weapon based on which of the two type of forces is harder to take care of with just the regular missiles. But I would recommend to always use the F-15E Strike Eagle equipped with 4AGM in every Multirole mission.

  • Attackers:
    • Attackers are not fast, agile nor can they perform DFM or counter maneuvers so you will have to always rely on hitting the throttle as hard as you can and keep holding to either the left or the right to keep away from the assault circle of the plane behind you until an escort fighter comes to the rescue.
    • Make sure not to fly too close the vessels or they will get you with the SAMs because they are long ranged and travel pretty far and can chase you across the whole map until they disappear.
    • I recommend using the A-10 equipped with 4AGM because it is tough, durable and the weaponry is strong enough to take out all enemies in a quick ASM run.

  • Attack Helicopters:
    • I recommend using the Apache for both missions over the Hind because simply the Hind is so slow at both moving in all 4 directions and turning both left and right, and you need a Heli that's fast enough to get out of the way of enemy fire.
    • Keep your fingers ready at all times on the + to dodge incoming missiles with a barrel roll, but make sure you see the flashing green arrow in your reticule, because if you depend on the alert sounds you could be hitting the buttons too soon and find yourself launching your SP weapon at nothing and then get hit by the missile.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

The game is empty of all sorts of glitches and there are no known cheats, exploits or dupes that can be used to more easily achieve this platinum. Sad but true, but hey!! at least you'll get to fully experience how to fully plat this game like a true Ace of the skies Razgriz is watching you!


Step 1: Play the Entire Campaign on Elite - Yeah Red and I are asking you to step into the fire early but this will reduce time spent on the campaign and will also make earning points in Free Mission come easier. With Elite finished on the Campaign you unlock Ace difficulty. With Ace Difficulty unlocked for Free Mission you earn more points and are able to use better planes. If playing the campaign on an easier difficulty than Elite then please refer to Warwolf 1 immedietely and read carefully to avoid possibly wasting your time.

Step 2: Play the Co-op Missions - The reason why we stress doing the Co-op missions second is because the campaign is still fresh in your minds and will help you prepare for Free Mission. You and your partner(s) must achieve A ranks in order to earn special skill sets that will make a tremendous difference in Free Mission and also during your online play.

Step 3: Do the Online Trophies - Pretty much do all of the online so you can unlock more Skills that will help you with free mission.

Step 4: Free Mission - This will be the hardest part of the game. Not only do you have to play on the ace difficulty but you need to be quick, have a perfect run, and use DFM constantly. Redcell has outlined as best he can tips and tricks to help you with that.

Step 5: 50 hours online - Host a deathmatch and just sit back and make sure it's playing or start a co-op mission with a buddy and sit there for 50 hours.


Sierra Hotel
Obtained all Trophies.

Bail Out
Ejected from a damaged aircraft.

Story related and cannot be missed!

Strap it in boys your first mission is a tutorial but not a simple one. Your immediately thrown into the fray and at certain points the game will pause and describe to you DFM (Dog Fight Mode) Counter Maneuvers, and how to fight in general. For the most part this mission is scripted for your enjoyment and to give you a general sense of how future battles will take place.

Specifically, this level is simple. Take out the normal fighters and when its time to take out TGT Lead, get in close and use your DFM. Engage the enemy at close range with and keep pressuring each TGT with machine guns until your missile is fully charged. If the enemy attempts a hard turn to the left or right let go of the throttle and his the break with to follow the TGT and when the enemy levels out nail him with a charged missile.

After the last target is destroyed immediately prepare to hit twice. Once to notice Shark Mouth hitting you with a missile and again for Bishop to bail out. The mission will shortly end after this event.

Guns Guns Guns
Destroyed 5 hostile vehicles from the air as the door gunner.

You play as the door gunner in the 2nd mission of the game and the task here is to eliminate all hostiles in sight which are primarily rebels on foot and trucks and SUVs. Fire with the button and zoom in with the button for an easier target acquirement, keep an eye out on rebels on roof tops they are always attacking you with either machine guns or worse RPGs. Also feel free to go crazy with that gun without having to worry about it over heating.

Fire Hazard
Removed enemy presence from the oil field and the base.

Story related and cannot be missed!

Warwolf Squadron will immediately engage enemy elements leading an attack on the oil field and on the base. Get off the ground immediately and head towards the first wave will attack your location and engage you head on. Fly past the initial wave and focus on the TGT and use DFM mode often. After the first wave is downed head towards the next grouping attacking Lion squadron. Once again taking down the TGT will reduce the green targets. The third wave will appear over the oil field and going into DFM against any TGT_Lead will pit you and the enemy in a fight around oil explosions and is a good place to earn the Limbo trophy. The enemy will begin to retreat once both TGT_Lead are down. Follow the cowards and Red Moon 1 will be forced to eject from his aircraft due to enemy attack. Protect Red Moon 1 while he is attempting to land, do not worry about his squad mates. The mission will end shortly after Red Moon 1 lands.

Life Saver
Rescued Major Illich from enemy captivity.

Story related and cannot be missed!

Flying a helicopter in Assault Horizon is a nice added bonus and is not overly difficult. A few things to remember though are the new control scheme and also STAY ON THE MOVE!!! Soldiers on the ground will open fire on your tail if you stay still, also most enemies come with shoulder rocket SAMs so be on the look out. If you hear the word "Missile!" then press (+) to do a barrel roll. Throughout the mission you will be protecting Delta Squads that are attempting to move towards the large hotel in the middle of the town. Whenever a Delta squad asks for support fire rockets into the grouping of each enemy and prepare to move to the next squad. Eventually, you will assault the hotel and the enemy fortifications. Take down each enemy but beware of the tank. One shot and your downed, strafe behind him and unleash hell on his position. A HIND helicopter will appear shortly after and the best method to take down a mind is to keep strafing around to the side and achieve a higher altitude than the HIND. HIND's are big and slow, remember that. Follow the enemy convoy to the bridge to end the level.

Fearsome Guardian
Protected your allies using the gunship, and led a successful attack on the base.

Story related and cannot be missed!

This is not your standard Call of Duty AC-130 mission. Spooky will come under constant fire and also the enemy is everywhere. You can not simply use the 120mm and the 40mm. You will need to zoom in with the 25mm in order to accurately find the enemies with the shoulder rocket SAMs. The first part of the mission is basic cover fire for a squad of troops moving toward the mountainside of the ruins. Use the 40mm and 25mm weapons to clear a path forward. Next the AC-130 will be over an airfield, take down the planes on the runway and change to 25mm and take down all troops or the enemy will tear your plane to shreds with the SAMs. Keep focus on the enemy vehicles throughout the mission and you will be fine.

Attempted an emergency landing in a damaged aircraft.

Story related and cannot be missed!

This is right after your initial fight with Markov and Guts says the following, "Get off the frequency asshole!" Just keep the diamond in the cross and the plane will land itself. When the plane crashes on the air-strip do not worry.

Total Annihilation
Disintegrated enemy bombers in mid-air, keeping damage to the city to a minimum.

Story related and cannot be missed!

Mid-way through the Dubai mission you will see the first two TU-95 coming towards the downtown area. Simple use your special weapons on the initial fly-by to damage the bombers heavily. Maneuver behind each of the bombers and use DFM to quickly eliminate each of the bombers. There are 6 total.The next wave will have 3 total. Take out the lead one so you will buy yourself a few extra seconds for the next two. Once the fifth TU-95 is down fly to the opposite end of Dubai to prepare for the 6th one. Consider it a TGT_Lead, and continue to switch between your special weapons and also regular missiles to maximize damage.

Steel Hunter
Eliminated enemy threat from the Suez Canal.

Story related and cannot be missed!

Welcome back to the Black Hawk gunner position in the Suez Canal. Your mission is to cover the insertion of 3 teams onto 3 separate tankers while they investigate the whereabouts of trinity. During each insertion look for enemy infantry near the cargo containers and any high positions on the ship. Target any infantry that has a SAM and move towards providing cover for the insertion teams. There will be 2 separate encounters with enemy HINDs but if you maintain heavy fire and shoot down their missiles each HIND will be a breeze. At the half-way point of the mission you will be tasked with taking down small fishing boats that are firing SAM rockets. You should eliminate the SAM rocket first then the boat itself.

Defender of World Heritage
Prevented enemy from using Trinity to destroy Derbent.

Story related and cannot be missed!

After the ground forces have retaken the city by destroying the fortress, Markov shows up with a surprise on his PAK-FA. A Trinity cruise missile. Once the missile is launched you have 20 seconds to take it down. To best set up for this, once you destroy the fortress turn back towards the forest mainland that way you are in the best position to get behind the missile and initiate DFM. Keep firing missiles at Trinity and maintain a constant stream of MG fire to take it down. It will move side to side but if you make minor adjustments you will remain on top of the missile.

Hot Pit
Successfully took off to protect allies amid heavy hostile fire.

Story related and cannot be missed!

Once you have successfully stopped the attack/bombing of the allied air base it will be your turn to land your aircraft for refueling. When you approach the ASM sequence for landing you are immediately engaged by 2 enemies with missiles ready to go right in front of you. Prepare to drop flares as soon as the Missile Alert starts sounding. Increase your speed for a hot landing and refueling. Once you are refueled quickly take off and get behind any enemy plane targeting Sova 1. Sova 1 must be saved in order to earn a trophy. If you can not save Sova 1 he will crash and this will be your last warning about the Sova crew. You must protect Sova 2 and Sova 3 from enemy fighters while Sova 4 must be protected from ground forces making a final push towards the runway.

One Million Tons of Scrap Metal
Sank the enemy fleet and saved the Russian Prime Minister.

Story related and cannot be missed!

Time to take the Warthog out for a spin and save the Russian Prime Minister. The initial bombing run is basic but use your missiles to save on your special weapons for later. The entire mission is pretty straight-forward but the only thing that will kill you are the enemy pilots. Yes you are in a slower aircraft but I suggest taking them down before initiating ASM. The trophy will pop once the final cruiser has been taken down.

Nick of Time
Destroyed the ICBMs.

Story related and cannot be missed!

The first part of the mission has Spooky dropping bombs on targets using unguided bombs. The second section is the one that needs to be focused on, take down each TGT and you will then switch to the fighter jet. Protect Spooky and eventually an ICBM will launch. Now the ICBM's exhaust will destroy your armor but if you keep moving away from it and keep firing missiles and special weapons the ICBM will be destroyed in a few seconds.

Destroyed the air defense system, opening the way for allied pilots.

Story related and cannot be missed!

Now the battle for Moscow gets better. Shooter 1 volunteers to take down the radar trucks along side the SAMs. The kicker to this is that each radar truck is accompanied by a column of tanks and AA guns. Use rockets and focus on each target one at a time. I recommend taking down the SAMs and AA first quickly and then the radar truck. There are 5 total sets and the last 2 are a doozy because the HINDs will catch up to you and you are on the clock if you want to earn a trophy. Use the special weapons and the rockets quickly to eliminate the groups and then take down the HINDs.

Protected Moscow from destruction, freeing it from enemy control.

Story related and cannot be missed!

Once again time to take down some assholes and bombers. It's pretty much a repeat of the Dubai mission. Use your special weapons and you should not have any problems. Initially there will be some cruise missile but if you go into DFM and fire a charged missile it will take 1-2 shots. There are 4 groups of them so be quick. Next 5 Russian bombers with fighter escorts will appear and are ready to finish the job. After the 5 are down there will be one more. Be quick.

Friendly Fire
Alleviated the attack on Miami and helped Guts bail out.

Story related and cannot be missed!

The attack on Miami is no longer a dream, reality has set in and its time to defend 'merica from its foreign enemies. Do not worry the dream sequence is pretty much the same here except this time around Guts takes the shot and needs to be covered while he is landing in the ocean. Keep going into DFM and chain those kills to quickly end the mission and await the fate of Guts.

Category 5
Pursued the enemy and shot down Major Illich.

Story related and cannot be missed!

In case you haven't noticed you are in a dogfight and its heading towards a Category 5 Hurricane. Yes the entire mission takes place on the outside and eventually the eye of a hurricane. Major Illich is in a PAK fighter, an experimental flyer with an added disappears off your radar and targeting systems. On top of that the clouds are dark and a perfect place for him to pop in and out off. Keep on going into DFM and he'll go down.

Protected Washington D.C. from the threat of Trinity, and returned alive.

Story related and cannot be missed!

The fight with Markov is scripted when he is heading towards the White House. Keep going into DFM and eventually he will hit the Washington Monument, this is the time to prepare for the final fight. Markov will slow down allowing you to nail him with a few missiles. He will crash to the ground BUT that cruise missile with Trinity is still moving. You will enter slo-mo DFM. Use your missiles and MG to destroy the cruise missile. Time is very short so each shot counts.

Warwolf 1
Cleared all missions.

Story related and cannot be missed!
**Can be done on any difficulty as well.**

**Attention all Aces!!!**

If this trophy was earned on a lower difficulty than Elite. Free Mission mode will unlock. Which you need to for the trophy Ace of Aces. But Ace difficulty will not be unlocked and you will have to play the campaign again through Elite. I can confirm that to unlock Ace you have to beat Elite through Campaign mode, should anyone try beating each mission individually in Free Mission mode on Elite difficulty and Ace will NOT unlock! You need Ace difficulty because Ace of Aces is earned more easily with it.

*refer to Roadmap for more info if needed
**Credit to my wing man Bodigard for finding out about that "glitch" the hard way!

Critical Hit
Took down a hostile fighter with a charged homing missile.

You can earn this in the very 1st mission, when the game pauses and the tutorial instructions on the screen till you to hit the button to switch to your secondary missiles do so and the game will resume, fire the 4 missiles at the target and once at least one is destroyed you will get this trophy.

Successive Kill
Took down 3 hostiles in a row with an assault chain.

Also can be earned in the 1st mission, this one is a bit tricky and you have to continue to take down every plane using DFM, when your are in DFM and succeed in taking down the enemy plane, if there's another one in front of you with DFM range then it will automatically be engaged and you can continue your assault chain on the 2nd plane. once you take down that plane and manage to move on to the 3rd with another automatic DFM and successfully take down the target. Then you will get this trophy. if you finished the mission or came across the part where you could get this trophy but couldn't get it, simply hit and hit "restart from checkpoint" and try again.

Hard Strike
Wiped out hostile ground forces with ASM.

This trophy is earned after your 1st bomb run in the 1st fighter anti-ground/anti-air mission called Pipeline, right after the door gunner mission in Suez Canal, it cannot be missed because of the main mission objectives is to eliminate ground forces using ASM, so in order to win the mission you have to do this correctly. Simply follow the instructions on the screen as they will fly you through ASM and how to use it in order to wipe out ground hostiles thus earning you this trophy.

Eagle Eye
Successfully focused on 3 targets.

This trophy is pretty much the Helicopter version of the trophy Successive kills you need to find 3 targets that are close to each other, preferably cargo trucks. During the first helicopter mission with Shooter 1, Major Illich will be surrounded by enemies who are forcing him towards 3 trucks. Take down the ground troops around Illich. Then hold to zoom in and lock the machine gun on the 1st truck and hold to fire, after it is destroyed continue to hold both buttons and the targeting reticule will automatically find and lock on the next truck and then the next truck. After all 3 are destroyed you should get this trophy.

Stay On Target
Obtained and destroyed 10 enemies in a helicopter.

Pretty simple, to obtain a target hold the button when the targeting reticule is close to a target and it will immediately snap to it and lock on the machine gun on that target. Then hold the button to fire you machine gun at it until it's destroyed. Rinse and repeat 9 more times correctly and you will earn this trophy in a couple of minutes from starting the Apache Longbow mission.

Diverse Strikes
Defeated hostiles with all 3 of the gunship's weapons.

During the gunship mission you will have no control over the plane, it will continue to circle around ground forces that you are supporting. You will be in control f the weapons systems and your sole objective is to eliminate hostiles as fast as possible and keeping the allied forces advancing. The targets will be illuminated in bright white against a blue-ish background of the terrain, they will not be indicated on a radar, map or by any circle or square around them like with the other mission so you have to pay close attention and zoom in when necessary. And anywhere you see white, fire your guns.
The gunship packs the following weapons:
  • a fully automatic 20mm Gatling gun perfect for foot soldiers and trucks and SUVs and it incorporates the maximum zoom distance for high accuracy to avoid friendly fire and to quickly destroy all missiles coming at you, I can confirm that it will not overheat so have fun with it
  • A single fire 40mm Autocannon that can be fired repeatedly by hitting it is great for Trucks and SUVs and for faster destruction than the 20mm but less accurate and could damage allied forces so be careful and only use it when allied forces are no where near the blast zone.
  • And last but not least a 120mm Mortar that is the mother of all destruction!!! minimum zoom, a huge blast zone, single fire and takes time to reload. use it wisely and only when there is a huge chunk of enemies gathered together for maximum damage. There will be times when you really need it but it's still reloading so only depend on when necessary and do not use it near allied forces to avoid collateral damage.

Gun Master
Took out a large number of hostiles as the door gunner.

As the door gunner you will need to take out anything that moves in front of you, soldiers on foot, trucks and SUVs. you will get this trophy around the end of the mission of you are doing it correctly. Don't let enemies just pass you by or you decrease your chances of getting this trophy. Also the door gun doesn't overheat so lay waste to everything and don't forget to zoom in with if necessary. And from the 100 on the image of the trophy I presume that is the required amount of hostiles eliminated in order to obtain this trophy.

Shot Master
Took down 5 hostiles with a direct shot.

You need to engage the enemy in DFM and take him down with missiles. It is not as easy as it sounds, they will keep trying to evade you by accelerating and evading left and right and every time you fire a missile they will discharge flares to redirect them. II suggest doing this with non-target planes because they are easy to take down and rarely use flares. Do that 5 times successfully and you will earn this trophy.

Pursuit Master
Successfully pursued 3 enemies with counter maneuvers.

While you are engaged with an enemy plane in DFM the enemy has a chance to counter maneuver your DFM and fly right over your head and land on your tail. If this should happen while in DFM look for the red blinking arrow, if you see the red blinking arrow immediately press (+). Time will slow down and use your machine gun to destroy the cockpit. You have now counter maneuvered the enemy's maneuver. In Inferno you are given the tutorial, during the final battle in D.C. against Markov he will constantly maneuver over you, counter maneuver his moves to not only best him in a dog fight but also to earn the trophy.

Switch Master
Successfully switched from defense to offense 10 times with counter maneuvers.

When the enemy engages you in DFM 2 Arrows will appear in the middle of the screen, they indicate distance between you and the pursuing enemy and so the objective is to slow down to make them get closer to each other until they intersect. When that happens a flashing green arrow will appear in the middle of the reticule pointing downward left. As soon as you see it hit both the & buttons to make a counter maneuver that will position you behind your pursuer and automatically engaging DFM with them. The enemy AI does not use DFM all the time so the best way to attempt this is by playing at higher difficulties.

Here is a list of levels where the enemy AI is aggressive enough to DFM you a lot during each level and of course they get more aggressive as the difficulty increases.
  • Nightmare - You will get DFMed at least twice as part of the tutorial for the counter maneuver.
  • Blue on Blue - Big Bear Squadron is very aggressive and will try to DFM you at any chance possible.
  • Power Play - At the last part of the mission where you have to take out the bombers coming in, there will be several escort fighters that will DFM you in order to protect the bombers.
  • Aftermath - During the boss fight which will DFM you constantly.
  • Hurricane - Another boss fight with lots of DFM involved.
  • Akula - Last boss fight with again a lot of DFM going on.

You should be able to get the trophy by the time you finish the mission in Dubai unless you attempt to escape instead of countering, But over all this is an easy trophy in the early stages of the game. Attempting it later on around the middle or during the boss fights will be a bit of a pain but still achievable none the less.

Checking In
Flew through the big hotel's gates.

The hotel in question here is located in Dubai, not sure of the mission name i will edit it in when find out. As soon as the mission starts the sea shore will be to your left. Make a 180 and head back the way your coming from and keep looking at the sea that is to your left now. a few seconds later you will start seeing lots of small islands branching off the shore into the sea that form the shape of a palm tree, turn right and head towards the very last island far out in the sea and there will be a building with a hollow center just wide enough for you to fly through, do that and 5 seconds later you will get this trophy.

here's an image to see what you are looking for:

Toggle Spoiler

Flew beneath a falling chimney.

the Chimney in question is a smoke chimney in a massive oil field in the level Inferno. there will be loads of TGT and a TGT_LEAD. When you engage the TGT_LEAD in DFM he will descend real low and starts to maneuver between buildings and chimneys keep firing your gun at him and explosions will erupt sending a few chimneys crashing down, go in afterburner and swoop in from below a falling chimney and you will get this trophy a few seconds later.

Speed Demon
Destroyed all radar missile defense systems in a short period of time.

This is in the second Attack Helicopter mission called Motherland. After AWACS instructs you of flying below building levels to stay undetected by enemy radar and SAM a quick convo will take place between D-ray and Magic regarding the locations of the radar and missile locations on the map. As soon as the 1st location appears on your radar, head towards it and don't hold back on your weapons, fire your rockets and 4AGM (if equipped) at the grouped TGT to quickly dispatch that site and immediately move on to the next. When a Hind appears make it your 1st priority and dispatch it quick using Rockets and AAM (if equipped) use to ascend above the hind so it can't attack you with it's armaments and fire at it's rotor which is the weak spot of the Helis. The 5th and last site will include a lot of ground forces protecting it but most of them are not the actual TGT that needs to be taken out in order to earn the trophy, so don't make them a priority. Also in Kremlin there will be a big field in the middle of a square building with a lot of forces grouped there, if you look hard enough you will be able to spot another Hind that has not taken off yet, make sure to destroy it before it does take off or you will have a big mess to take care of and possibly hinder you from earning this trophy.

**This trophy is NOT obtainable in the co-op version of the level**

Machine Gun Faithful
Destroyed an enemy aircraft using only the standard machine gun while piloting an aircraft.

You absolutely cannot use any other weapon beside the MG in order to get this trophy. I suggest attempting it on the 1st level right after the tutorial for DFM. Engage the TGT_LEAD in DFM as per instructions on the screen and take him out using missiles which is the only thing you can use at that point of the tutorial because it is scripted. The next TGT_LEAD that appears will be your chance to get this trophy. Engage him in DFM and again the instructions will tell you to use to fire the MG at him. Take him out with that and you will earn this trophy.

Smooth Flight
Managed to get Sova 1 to land safely.

In the level Siege shortly after taking off again after refueling, a flight of Russian transport planes call sign Sova will attempt to land with Sova 1 going 1st. The objective is to cover Sova 1 while it lands from incoming enemies. the best way to keep bandits away from Sova 1 is by scaring them with missiles instead of using DFM, because then you will be focusing one plane and the others will attack Sova 1 and destroy it, keep alternating between primary and special missiles so you can always have something to use while the other recharges, I recommend using an F-15E equipped with 4AAM because they can multi-lock on numerous enemies for better scaring off the squadron away. Keep flying in circles around each transport plane while it lands and don't stray too far if you must. Shortly after Sova 1 lands safely, a little scene will play showing so and you will get the trophy.

Bomber Master
Defeated a large number of enemies while flying a bomber.

During the mission Launch Spooky 01 and her crew are tasked in the middle of the mission to drop large amounts of ordinance in 3 separate sections. Here is a quick break down of each to make sure you hit each target, you must destroy all targets in order to earn this trophy. You can reload the checkpoint if you should miss one. Once you complete ASM Entry C and have destroyed everything you will earn the trophy then.

ASM Entry A

Pretty straight forward for this one. Make sure to cover all green and red targets with bombs. You have plenty of bombs so use them or lose them.

ASM Entry B

This section has targets that are more spread out and you need to quickly target each one and move on. If you move the target indicator forward aggressively then you will be able to hit all the targets with enough time to mop up in case you miss any.

ASM Entry C

The 3rd section is where people are having problems with this trophy. When you enter Entry C quickly target all of the spots but pay attention to 3 vehicles that are moving. Do not drop bombs on where they currently are but instead where they are going. Once you drop bombs on the first set of targets immediately move the indicator forward to secure a few extra seconds to hit the next group of targets.

It will take a few tries but once you realize where everything is located then it will be a breeze.

video provided by youtube user SplatzST

Toggle Spoiler

Chain Master
Took down 5 hostiles in a row with an assault chain.

This trophy is 90% luck and 10% skill so let's get that right off the bat now. The best method to earn this trophy is in Free Mission. Use the following load out to increase your chances:
  • Mode: Free Mission
  • Mission: Blue on Blue
  • Plane: F-22
  • Skills: Enhanced Missiles, Enhanced MG, Enhanced DFM, Quick Assault, Quick Turn +

Now we are ready. Once the mission starts Big Bear 1 will leave the airfield, and your first set of enemies will appear to your left. Engage the 2nd one from the left in DFM. Wait until the other two have entered the screen and immediately take down your target with a missile and MG. After #1 is down you will automatically engage the 2nd target. Once again soften him up with MG fire and wait until another plane is nearby. Take down plane #2 when you see another plane and begin to engage plane #3. At this point another squadron will appear to attack do not worry but we need to do things quickly. Once plane #4 enters the picture take him down and engage plane #4. Now at this point, this will happen 99% of the time, someone will engage you from the rear. Do not fret but if this happens allow it to happen, counter maneuver quickly! Countering an attack from the rear will not break the assault chain. At this point we are on plane #4. Plane #4 had us in DFM but we countered it and are not behind him, allow plane #4 to survive for a few seconds and then plane #5 will show up on screen. Destroy plane #4 and engage plane #5 and destroy plane #5 quickly for the trophy.

video provided by youtube user SplatzST

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Nice Kill
Shot down a large number of hostile players in competitive online.

The 50 kills must be human players and you can boost this in Deathmatch with one other person. Play Deathmatch with just you and your partner without computer players and set the kills to win at 30 and Time Limit to 15 minutes. Have the killer use the F-22 and the victim use the MiG Fishbed or Typhoon. The victim should respawn anywhere near the killer. Computer players do not count. If you do not have a boosting partner of course Deathmatch is pretty active but of course Domination is a great place. Any of the maps that use Helicopters is surprisingly easy to pick off human players. Wait until the enemy is taking a control point and get behind or higher than the enemy and take him down. If you are using a map with a plane then wait until they go into ASM mode and engage them while they are focused on the ground targets and snoop in and go for the cheap kill.

Nice Assist
Used DFM support or ASM support to join a flight member.

This Nice trophy is the easier of the three and requires only 1 other HUMAN player. The best way is in Capital Conquest with a partner. Once it is time to take down the enemy HQ have one person go into ASM mode and press to request support. The second player needs to press to activate ASM Support. The second player will now also engage in ASM mode alongside player one.

Nice Save
Saved an ally being targeted by hostile players in DFM in competitive online.

Now this trophy is misleading as a human player has to be the one to make the save and also must be the one needed to be saved. This must be done in either Domination or Capital Conquest as Deathmatch is everyone for themselves. In order to earn this trophy have 1-2 human players. The person needing to be saved should be in the A-10 and the person doing the saving in the F-22. Have a computer or rival human player engage in DFM the A-10 and have the player in the F-22 engage the enemy in DFM and shoot him down.

If you can not find a boosting partner the best way to make this work is to have another human player and follow him closely. Eventually he will want to be in ASM mode in order to win and frequently the computer will see him as an immediate threat and will engage your friend in DFM. Once this happens hustle over there and DFM the enemy and save the day.

Remember you must save a HUMAN player with DFM.

Veteran Pilot
Sortied for 50 hours in competitive online or mission co-op.

To earn the plat you must complete every co-op mission and earn several competitive online trophies, with boosting you'll be able to log in 2-4 hours depending on how fast you can knock out those trophies. as for the rest of the time for the trophy, the proper boosting method is as follows:

Game mode: Deathmatch
Map: East African Town (Helis only)
Game Time: 30 minutes
Players: 2 VS 2
COM replacements: Yes
Private Slots: 3

Player 1 Hosts and invites Player 2. Player 2 is on the opposing team. Start the match and the other 2 slots will be occupied by a COM replacement. Now sit back and watch your Heli hover in it's place while the clock run down. Rinse and repeat.

if a single match logs you half an hour then you need theoretically 100 matches give or take on how fast you knock out the other online trophies and whether and you can beat every co-op mission in a short amount of time. but generally every co-op mission will take about 8-15 minutes depending on what type of mission it is Fighter/Heli/Multirole.

This is obviously the most time consuming trophy in the game but once it knocked out, the path to the plat is a breeze, with minor turbulence along the flight. There is no where to check how much time one spent online, I checked and double checked the leaderboards numerous times and looked online everywhere. The only array of hope is the news of a stats site being built and should be up soon. If indeed it does show the time spent online then I will immediately link it here.

Warwolf Squadron
Cleared all levels in mission co-op.

Either create and join a Mission Co-op session and COMPLETE the following maps:

1. Oil Field
2. East African Town
3. Dubai
4. Derbent
5. ICBM Base
6. Central Moscow
7. Moscow
8. Miami

If you earn an A ranking in the co-op mission you are rewarded with a special SKILL which can make your online and Free Mission play that much easier.All of the co-op mission are exactly the same as their Campaign counter-part. Help your partner and pay attention when support is called.

Formation Attack
Joined the same DFM with two others and shot down a hostile (mission co-op).

This trophy must be earned in Mission Co-op and you need yourself and 2 other human players. Select a co-op mission (Oil Field is fine) and take out all but one of the enemy aircraft. Have one person or everyone at once go into DFM against the enemy for the trophy to pop. Also, one player can DFM the enemy and press to "Request Support", the other two players will see a DFM Support message. When you see the DFM Support message press to automatically engage the lone enemy in DFM. Once all 3 human players have engaged in DFM the trophy will pop. Mics are necessary for this to work.

The Collector
Piloted all aircraft in the game.

These are the tools you will be using to take down the enemy. Most are used during the campaign but all of them are unlocked as soon as you complete the campaign. Redcell can confirm you can select a plane in Free Mission, start the mission, and then back out. It will count as a usage. Check which planes you are missing by going to Stats-->Aircraft Usage.

F-22A Raptor
Su-47 Berkut
Su-35 Flanker-E
F-15C Eagle
Su-33 Flanker-D
F-14D Super Tomcat
Su-24MP Fencer
MiG-29A Fulcrum
F-16C Fighting Falcon
MiG-21bis Fishbed

PAK-FA (unlocked after you complete the campaign)
Rafale M
F-35B Lightning II
F-15E Strike Eagle
JAS-39C Gripen
F/A-18F Super Hornet
F-16F Fighting Falcon
Mirage 2000-5

Su-34 Fullback
A-10A Thunderbolt II
F-117A Nighthawk
Su-25TM Frogfoot

AH-64D Apache Longbow
Mi-24 Hind (unlocked after the completing the campaign)
MH-60 Black Hawk

B-1B Lancer
B-2 Spirit

AC-130U Spooky

Welcome to Mission Co-Op
Cleared 1 level in mission co-op.

Start up a session of Mission Co-op and wait for another player or players and COMPLETE the mission to earn this trophy. You are now 1/8ths of the way to completing all of the Co-op Missions.

Aerial Sniper
Used DFM to destroy 10 airborne enemies in competitive online.

The trophy here is pretty basic, you need to take down 10 people/computer players with DFM mode. Computer players will likely be in F-2s, Typhoons, or lesser planes. Human players without fail usually pick the F-22 or PAK

Boosting Method (2 people minimum):
  • Select any playmode
  • Select any map that does not require Helicopters
  • Engage your partner in DFM mode and shoot him down
  • Once you have the trophy allow your partner to earn his 10.

Ground Pounder
Used ASM to destroy 30 ground enemies in competitive online.

This trophy can only be earned in either Domination (when attacking another player's captured spot) or Capital Conquest (when attacking the enemy HQ). If you use the A-10 then you are in the best position for ASM attacks as the A-10 has great defense and packs a hell of a wallop with its special multi-lock on missiles. It will take a few matches to earn the 30 but with a partner and yourself only with computer players it will only take 1-2 maps. Just like in the campaign look for the ASM entry point and hit (+) to initiate ASM mode and start targeting everything on the ground.

Used an attack helicopter and destroyed 10 missiles or bombs in competitive online.

I personally did this without a boosting partner and its easy. Fire up any game mode and wait for some cocky pilot to take a shot at you while you are in a helicopter. Preference is on the Apache because it moves quicker. To tell if a missile is on the way by two methods: 1. a red bar will indicate where the missile is currently at; and 2. once you see the green target over the missile that is what you want to aim your machine gun at. If you have a partner then have him fire one missile at a time at you and take it down with the MG.

World Tour
Played on all maps in competitive online.


Annoying announcement I know but this trophy is not glitched and the idiots on .org are dumb for not reading the description closely. Play ALL maps, yup every game mode and its corresponding maps. Can be down in any order. Here is a breakdown of each mode and the maps:

Capital Conquest

1. Washington D.C.
2. Miami
3. Dubai
4. Paris
5. Moscow


1. Oil Field
2. Paris
3. Miami
4. Central Moscow
5. East Africa


1. Washington D.C.
2. Paris
3. Miami
4. Dubai
5. Oil field
6. Central Moscow
7. East Africa

Boosting Method

Pretty simple with another person, set each game mode to the lowest time, score, HQ level, or death total to knock out each map around 5 minutes. It's better to go again and have someone win that way you are earning 50 kills, ASM, and DFM kills, and the 50 hours.

Ace of Aces
Obtained an A rank for every mission (free mission).

This trophy is without a doubt the HARDEST trophy in the whole set. Free Mission mode is available upon beating the game and it works like an arcade. Choose a mission, choose your arsenal and try to get the highest score you can get which will at the end of the mission will reward you a Rank between A, B, C & D

Every mission has a different scoring criteria, some similar to others but generally all are different because of the nature of the mission objective and the amount/type of enemies in each mission, the scoring scale is different too. For example earning 1820 on one mission will reward you an A while the same score will reward you a B on another mission, so keep that in mind. Also beating a mission on Elite will reward you more points than beating the same mission on Rookie or pilot. So while all the missions can be achieved with an A the higher the difficulty the better are your chances of getting that A. Elite may seem like not enough to get an A on some missions that is why it is a good Idea to unlock ACE difficulty by beating the game on Elite on your 1st playthrough to save a lot of time.

more to come...

  • Nightmare: Fighter
  • Inferno: Fighter/Multirole
  • Red Moon: Attack Helicopter
  • Spooky: Gunship
  • Blue on Blue: Fighter/Multirole
  • Power Play: Fighter/Multirole
  • Lock and Load: Door Gunner
  • Pipeline: Multirole
  • Siege: Multirole
  • Hostile Fleet: Attacker
  • Launch: Bomber (1st sequence)/Fighter/Multirole (2nd sequence)
  • Motherland: Attack Helicopter
  • Aftermath: Fighter/Multirole
  • Home Front: Fighter/Multirole
  • Hurricane: Fighter/Multirole
  • Akula: Fighter/Multirole


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Red Moon:

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Blue on Blue:

Toggle Spoiler

Power Play:

Toggle Spoiler

Lock and Load:

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Hostile Fleet:

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Home Front:

Same as the 1st mission Nightmare.

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

All Rounder
Obtained all MVPs.

There are 4 MVPs that must be earned while playing the specific competitive mode. MVPs are not earned in co-op and you can tell if you have earned an MVP by two methods: 1. after a match look to see if you have any MVP bonus points and then hit to see which ones you have earned; and 2. while in the online menu select-->Stats-->Battle Results and see if there is a one in the following slots: Hero Bonuses, Ace Pilot Bonuses, Ace Striker Bonuses, and Survivor Bonuses.

Here is how you earn each MVP with the proper game mode:
  • Hero- Must be earned in Capital Conquest and you must be the pilot that destroys the enemy's HQ with the last shot.
  • Ace Pilot- Can be earned in Deathmatch and you must have the most air kills.
  • Ace Striker- Must be done in either Capital Conquest (preferred) or Domination.
  • Survivor- Any game mode (preferred Deathmatch).

Boosting Method:

For any of the game modes have the host select the proper mode you wish to boost (Capital Conquest knocks out Hero and Ace Striker in one match and Deathmatch nets one person Ace Pilot and Survivor.)

Each person should earn two MVPs in one match as long as the other player just sits back with a Coke and sees if he can do it quicker.

Capital Conquest:
Select Map: Washington D.C.
Time Limit: 10 minutes
Number of Opponents: 4 vs. 4
Private Slots: 3
Team Selection Settings: Auto
HQ Defense Level: High (since we want to destroy 30 targets in ASM mode this will help towards that)
COM Replacements: On (this will use computer players which are easier to shoot down or avoid)
Skills: On

With this set up you can complete a Capital Conquest map in under 5 minutes with around 20+ ASM kills. Repeat the same set up with a new map (so you can get World Tour out of the way along side these MVPs.

For Deathmatch:
Select Map: Washington D.C. or Paris
Time Limit: 20 minutes
Number of Opponents: 2
Private Slots: 1
COM Replacements: Off
Skills: On
Victory Conditions: Number Shot Down
Enemies Destroyed: 30

Once again let Person 1 shoot down Person 2 for the full 30 and then switch. That way you are on your way to 50 kills and each person earns the Ace Pilot and Survivor MVP awards.

Used Trinity to wipe out the enemy (free mission).

To get this trophy you 1st have to beat the game on any difficulty, then you will unlock the PAK-FA. It is the only plane in the game with the option of using Trinity (also referred to as Experimental Weapon, EW1 for short) as a special weapon, it works like a bomb guided by a cruise missile for long range targeting. Select a mission with a lot of ground forces preferably Pipeline and when the ground forces appear, lock on from a distance and send away the package and immediately turn away and stay clear of the blast zone. Don't forget to use to tilt the camera backwards and enjoy the fireworks if you didn't get the trophy then try again but I did get it on my 1st try.

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