Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! Trophy Guide

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[top]Read before buying!

  • This game does freeze in-between levels. Usually when loading and saving at the same time
  • This game looks like a children's game, but you need some skill to actually complete higher levels
  • Multiplayer looks fun, but because of each characters abilities, its hard to stay together
  • During multiplayer, the screen zooms out when apart, making it harder for everyone to see
  • No team work. Some flying characters don't help others over gaps
  • The treasure you collect isn't shared. That means each players greed hurts the team dynamic
  • Treasure you collect is taken away when reentering the dungeon. No way to save up for upgrades
  • The dungeon has no map and no way to show you have been there before. In the levels, you end up wandering aimlessly, retracing your steps in some cases.
  • DLC is for characters you can unlock by just playing the game. The only DLC that is actually new content is the peppermint butler.
  • This game costs about $40.
  • More than half the trophies on this list are easy to obtain.
  • Since it has some bad reviews, the price of this game has gone down. Got it for $14
  • A fun multiplayer game. Multiplayer actually helps you get through the levels
  • This is a retro dungeon crawler
  • All the characters are voiced by the actual voice actors from the show.
  • There is a patch that can help with the freezing, but it will still freeze, just less often

[top]About this game

"Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!" is a (retro dungeon crawler) video game directed by Tomm Hulett and developed by WayForward Technologies with the help of Pendleton Ward under license from Cartoon Network Interactive. This is the second game based on the animated television series "Adventure Time" after 2012's "Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!". This game was first announced on May 14, 2013. The game includes voice acting from major characters and has four-player cooperative multiplayer.

Negative Criticism:
  • Boring dungeons- The enemies are generic, and in most of the higher levels your surrounded by monsters. The stages are also huge, with lots of different obstacles. Because of the size, you end up having to retrace your steps, and wanting to get back to the surface, before you freeze or die, losing half of your treasures.
  • Boring story- Cut scenes are only after boss levels, and unless you have seen most of the episodes, you don't know who these characters are or their personal relationships with each other. If you have seen the show, there is none of the generally rad, silly, absurd, and creative plots like in the show, since the cut scenes are short.
  • Lack of presentation- Although it is a retro game, the cut scenes are pixelated, but the game's background and gameplay is clear and detailed.
  • Lack of content- No show related side missions (with the different seasons, you would think they would use some of that history to make more quests). There is also DLC, which just unlocks characters, something you can do for free because its story related.
  • Lack of progress- No experience from enemies, and you lose all your treasure when you reenter the dungeon.
  • Frustrating moments: Being surrounded and dying is one thing, but when the game freezes while loading the next stage, thats irritating. You also have to worry about gaining enough treasure to upgrade something, or your trip was a waste of time.
This title on the PSN store is $39.99. I was lucky to find a disk copy used for $14.99.
There is an update that will help your game from freezing and your data from being erased. This update helps, but it won't stop the freezing, which is frustrating since it doesn't save your treasures.


Players: 1-4 players offline
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 80 hours (Seems like more because its so tedious)
Minimum Playthroughs: 70 times into the dungeon*
Collectible Trophies: Crystals Have Power , What Was Missing , Fruit Salad Days , All the Little People , BMO Lost , The Ultimate Party Dip
Missable Trophies: What Was Missing (Buy Jake's sword from Choose Goose's shop. You can only get it there, and after a while hard to find.)

*Each time you reenter the dungeon, your left with no treasure. Because you can't save, to upgrade some stats you have to stay in the dungeon for a while. Upgrading your character in the least amount of trips is the priority. A player keeps the amount of treasure they recently got, so if you got treasure, you can switch characters to upgrade them. Each player has a separate amount of treasure, so if your playing with more people, either designate one of you to be the carrier of it all, or stay down there so everyone has enough to do something useful.

In addition to upgrading, you need to leave the dungeon to turn in your completed quests.

[top]Tips & Strategies

This is tips that I thought was helpful for when I played. If you have any problems, I will take your requests here (Personal message me) and I will add more tips or info that best fixes your problems.

  • Use Marceline or Ice King over the other characters. These characters fly, which means they fly over most of the different terrain.
  • Marceline's special attacks damage all monsters on the screen, and can be recharged easily by absorbing red projectiles.
  • Ice King can shoot ice as his normal attack, which keeps you clear of any melee attack
  • Always try to have a sub-weapon. Melee weapons are better, because they have an unlimited use, and are usually stronger than your normal attack.
  • Keys are found everywhere. Have a few on hand to go through gates, but also remember sometimes there is a way on the other side that doesn't require a key
  • Later, when you get Lemongrab, you can open gates without a key.
  • As a flying character, you can usually fly over holes and water, saving you lots of time
  • Later levels the stairs will either be locked or barred. Locked means it uses a key. Barred means you need to flip a switch
  • In these later levels, the switches can either drop food, enemies, or unlock something (if it unlocks, you will hear a sound)
  • There are a few instances where there will be a unique sound. Listen if something unlocks, a monster is approaching, etc.
  • Upgraded units are stronger
  • In multiplayer, all characters can be revived. So this will help you get through levels if your stuck.
  • If you die from Death, you will get a heart sweeter token, making the level easy enemies and you can't be cursed. It is still gonna be difficult to find the stairs.
  • Save your tokens! Use them only if your really stuck
  • Tokens that are useful: Sack Lunch, Lollipops, Bag of Keeping, Mind Games, Zeldron's Armor, Hero Kerchief, and lastly Nightosphere Amulet
Strategy: Two different reasons to go into the dungeon

Objective 1: Survive and save
When you first enter the dungeon, your objective is to get through to the stairs as quickly as possible, to get to the check points (any level ending in 0 or 5). The game can freeze any time the next level is loading, so the sooner you hit a check point the better. Go through the level hugging the right wall. Avoid the monsters if you can, and don't worry about picking up anything but health (if you don't need to heal, leave it on the ground, and come back if you need it). You need to survive and get farther down. Green chest are also something you avoid, as they become more likely to have a trap. On levels ending with a 0, you will face some kind of boss fight or special level. If you should fail this level, it will ask if you would like to retry. You have the opportunity to retry it at the cost of half your current treasure. Be aware of what choice you select, since the default is on no.

Objective 2: Collect and upgrade
Whenever you want to take a break from progressing or you keep dying, you can go back to any check point level (any level ending in 1 or 6) and start collecting everything. Kill any enemy spawn piles, then kill the enemies. This will keep them from swarming around and damaging you. The enemies could also drop items. Stay in the dungeon as long as you can handle before going insane, and make sure you have enough for an upgrade before you come out to the surface. If your short of the upgrade cost, all that work was wasted. The higher the levels, the more likely you will find treasure worth 5 or 2 rather than treasure worth 1. You are also looking to collect each special item, sub-weapon, tokens, and helpers.

Optional: Make a tank character
Having a "tank" really is just a character with a high defense and health that it can take some damage and still survive. There are many options of characters, but i will just list my recommendation and your free to do with this info what you will. Use Cinnamon bun, with a Zeldron's Armor and thump token to add life. His special attacks heal health, and his defense is already the highest.


Step 1: Tutorial
This part is unavoidable when you start your game. It pretty much gives you basics as to how to move, attack, and the different character's special abilities. Just show Princess Bubblegum you understand her instructions, and then the real game starts.

Step 2: Speed through the dungeon
In this step you have three goals: accept quests, grab everything, and rush to the stairs.

Before you enter the dungeon, accept any quest offered. DO NOT take the reward unless you know what it will be. There are rewards like treasure or a free upgrade, but at the wrong time you will lose that treasure when reentering or use the upgrade for something cheap. Some rewards are a free training upgrade in thumps, imagination, focus, or rowdiness. If you accept them too early, that free upgrade will be wasted on a cheap upgrade (first upgrade of focus is 100, second upgrade is 400) rather than a more expensive one. I suggest you upgrade who you will be playing as most of the time (Marceline), and upgrade everything except the last of each upgrade. Another good choice is Ice King, although his special attacks don't help decrease enemy numbers.

Also, pick up all food, specialty items, helpers, etc along the way. Don't risk dying for them, but if you died it will save that you collected them. You can always go back to collect these, but some items also will help you survive, and once you pick something up, you don't have to worry about collecting it again.

The strategy of getting through this dungeon will be that you're going to run past and avoid all enemies, and try to find the stairs. Because you can always be teleported back to certain levels, you're trying to get to the end as fast as you can and get to the check points (any level ending in 5). If you think you're able to get through these levels with some treasure, go around collecting some, but you can always upgrade and come back for a better chance of surviving. With the right sub-weapon and upgrades, the levels get easier. Remember that if you die, you will lost half the treasures and any unsaved progress in levels will be loss.

It will ask if you want to try again on a boss level, and any tokens or items you picked up will count (as far as collecting food, special items, or little helpers.)

Step 3: Stop and upgrade time!
At around level 40, the treasures you find will be worth 2 instead of the usual 1. This is where you want to stop and upgrade your character. If you need to, start back at level 1 and just collect treasures to have enough to upgrade your main character. It will be easier to upgrade on higher levels, but for now take a break and get all upgrades except the last one. Like mentioned above, you can get a free upgrade which will save you lots of money. When you think you upgraded enough, go do some quests. Most of the first few are easy and quick, and since your now more powerful, it will be even shorter. Hopefully you can get some free upgrades.

When you can, continue deeper into the dungeon. If you ever exit the dungeon with enough treasure, switch to another character to upgrade them. The treasure stays with the player, so that is the best way to upgrade those characters you don't like or are too weak to get their own.
You always want to use up all your treasure before you go back in, so it doesn't go to waste.

Step 4: Finish the main dungeon

You unlock the Nightosphere at level 70, but your goal for this step is to finish the main dungeon, which has 100 levels. The hard part is surviving long enough to get to the stairs, because on higher levels the monsters swarm and surround you. Once you get to a boss level, that part is easier than being surrounded. If your stuck on a level, backtrack a bit and upgrade your characters. 700 treasure will be difficult, but if your cautious you can do it.

Step 5 : Finish the Nightosphere

This is the last of the trophies and is the same difficulty or harder than the hundredth level. Your objective is to get 50 levels in one sitting. The monsters are similar to the ones you faced already, and are just different colors, not really different in any other way. Make sure you have maxed out characters, and obviously playing in multiplayer helps since you can revive players. Consider either killing everything or to just run till you find the stairs. In this dungeon you will find some tokens and weapons not available in the previous dungeon.

Step 6: Clean up

You beat the dungeons! Now you have access to all the levels (any level that is a multiple of 5). Look through your trophy list and work on those that you didn't complete yet. Probably will have to go back in and grind enough treasure to upgrade your other characters. If there is anything else you need, PM Crealkllr


Jaaaames Baxter!
Earn all trophies in the game.

The platinum trophy, achieved by completing all trophies on this game list.

Adventure Time Lore:
James Baxter (born May 1967) is a British character animator. He was first known for his work on several Walt Disney Animation Studios films.
After, Baxter moved over to DreamWorks Animation. Early in 2005, Baxter left DreamWorks and set out on his own as an independent animator. He became the head of his own studio, James Baxter Animation, in Pasadena, California. As of the summer of 2008, James Baxter Animation has closed and Baxter has returned once again to DreamWorks Animation as a supervising animator.

In May 2013, Baxter was a guest animator for an episode of Adventure Time entitled James Baxter The Horse. The episode's story focused on the lead characters trying to emulate a horse who can cheer everyone up by neighing his name (James Baxter) and balancing on a beach ball. Both the horse's animation (which is visually distinct from the other characters) and voice were provided by Baxter. The episode's title card features a drawing of the horse drawing a horse on a beach ball, while sitting at an animation table.

Thank You
Complete a Quest for the Princess.

When your not in the dungeons, you will be walking around on the surface (above ground). To enter the dungeon, you need to talk to Princess Bubblegum. If your not currently on a quest for her, she will mention a job she needs done "since your in the area".

Just complete the first (of thirty) missions: Obtain 10 treasures.

This is fairly simple, since you can get that amount within the first 3 levels. You can die in the dungeon, and still complete this quest when you talk to her next time.

Mystery Dungeon
Return from the Dungeon alive.

Each 5 levels completed, you get asked to return to the main hub (the surface). If you decide to return to the surface, you get this trophy. When asked, the default answer will be on no, so I personally missed the chance each time.

If you keep missing the chance to return, you can equip the token "lollipops" and it will ask you each time you leave a level.

Hot Deals in the Ice Kingdom
Buy something from the shop.

On level 10, you will face the first boss battle: Demon cat

After you beat this boss, you will unlock another character (Lumpy Space Princess) and Choose Goose, a duck who sells things in a stall on the surface (right side of the Candy Castle Grounds). After you return back to above ground, Princess Bubblegum will tell you he is open for business and give you a quest: buy something from him. Just buy anything, no matter how cheap, and you get this trophy when you leave his stall

Outsmart the Demon Cat.

First boss battle
He can be found on the 10th floor

As the first boss, he is really easy to dodge. I played as Marceline, since she can absorb red projectiles, although any character would still be fine. I also did this solo, but I am sure more players means a faster fight. As this boss walks towards you, he will shoot red projectiles behind him. As soon as he gets close to you, he will stop for a few seconds. At that time you should get to his side (any character) or run to his back (if Marceline to absorb red stuff). There is also health items around the map, which you shouldn't be afraid to use.

His 3 attacks:
Tongue lick- effects directly in front of him. If your past his neck on either side, you won't be hit
Tail projectiles- shoots red stuff from his back. Marceline isn't effected by it if your pressing her block button. Doesn't effect you unless your behind him
Eye laser- This is rare and alternates with his Tongue attack. He stands still, shoots a laser beam straight out, and then goes either left or right. Again, if your on his side (right up against his neck) he cannot hit you.

He moves very slow and his attacks are dodge-able (and predictable). You can literally hit him, move before he can lick you, and attack again, making him turn around each time. You can also use your special attack as Marceline over and over again, if you can absorb enough. It may seem like it is taking a while, because there is no gauge of how much health he still has, but keep at it.

There is another way if your playing with 2 or more players. Since the boss is so slow, you can have one character get his attention, while someone as Marceline behind him absorbing the red projectiles. If his attention ever goes to Marceline, just switch and keep player one away from his backside until you get his attention.

After this battle, you unlock Lumpy, space princess as a playable character, and Choose Goose, the store keeper on the surface.

Outrun the stampeding prisoners.

Second boss stage:
Can be found on the 20th floor

This stage isn't really a battle, its more like a timed race. There is a mob of enemies coming in from the left side of the screen, and your job is to run to the right till your safe. I recommend that you avoid the treasures and just go for switches to open gates. You will need to press buttons to lower electric gates, avoid flames on the ground, and and just keep heading right.

I played this as Marceline, because she can float over obstacles on the ground. Other characters might be faster.

If you ever get hit, just keep flying right. You will be invulnerable temporarily.

After this fight, you get Tree Trunks as someone to give you quests. She is a green elephant, who has a older woman voice

My Two Favorite People
Put Ice King in his place.

Third boss stage
Found on the 30th stage

To prepare: On stage 29, have a sub weapon (either a goblin whip, cursed sword, or an axe)
This is a boss fight against Ice King, Ice Fiona, and Ice Cake.
If you don't know, Fionna and Cake are the Rule 63 versions of Finn and Jake (Rule 63 is that for each character, there is a bizarro version of that same character, opposite gender). In this fight, Ice King will fly around shooting projectiles. While he does that, Fionna will slowly walk around, and Cake will rush forward at you.

Ice King Projectile- Ice King will send a spike of ice flying towards you. Easy to dodge
Ice Cake Fists- Cake can shape-shift, so it uses its hands to punch at you
Ice Cake Spin- Cake does a spin, which hits a arms reach, all directions. Just stay out of arms reach, regardless of which side your hitting
Ice Fiona Kick- Fiona is slow, but can kick you if your close. Just don't attack her unless she is busy
Ice Fiona Heal- A circle with a heart in the center will appear, as she heals her friend. She cannot attack back

First, you wanna attack Cake with your sub weapon. Cake (he or she) has very little health, so after 3 swings they will be dizzy. Make sure to swing early, because like Jake, it has a long reach. Once Cake is dizzy, Fionna will move to their side and heal it. Thats when you go in and hit them both. When Cake is back up, go back to hitting and running out of its reach. If you need health, you can attack the Ice King and he might drop a ice cream cone, which heals.

What I did (playing as Marceline) is the second time Fionna went to heal, I used my special attack. It killed both Cake and Fionna, and made Ice King fall down in defeat. After this battle you unlock the Ice King as a playable character.

Reign of Gunters
Assist Gunter with a feisty feline.

Fourth boss stage
Found on the 40th stage

This is a fight against a crowd of penguins and a psychic cat. The whole stage is icy ground, meaning you will slide if your character can't fly.

Gunter touch- Touching any of these penguins will damage you slightly. They are easy to avoid, and fly backward when hit
Kitten psychic waves- The psychic kitten floats around and shoots a ball of waves, similar to what pigs shoot

From the start of this fight, don't go towards the kitten, as it will damage you. You want to hit the penguins, which will slide backward. The strength of your attack doesn't matter, since anything will send the penguin sliding backwards. The only way to hit the kitten is to have a penguin slide into it, so hit as many as you want, as long as you can still dodge them accurately. Once the kitten is hit, it will play with it like a yarn ball. After the kitten gets hit 3 times, it will be fall asleep and you win. If you need health, Gunther was originally making bacon pancakes.

Adventure time lore:
The Ice King uses Gunter as his personal servant, whereas the other penguins work for the Ice King essentially as slaves and guards. The name Gunter is sometimes applied to all penguins in the kingdom. Because of this, it is difficult to ascertain the sex and gender of Gunter, if there is a single Gunter. Despite Ice King referring to all penguins as "Gunter," one of the penguins have a major trait. Bad Gunther is the vandal penguin who likes to smash bottles. If the penguin in an episode is breaking bottles or being alone with the kitten, it probably means the penguin is the unique one.

The kitten is Gunther's love child, which hatched from an egg Bad Gunther laid. As one of Gunther's child, Gunther gives a lot of parental affection to Kitten. The Kitten only interacts with that penguin.

Rescue the Hyoomans.

Fifth boss level
This can be found on level 50

This boss level is broken down into two parts: Sneaking innocents out, and then fending off the gloops. After talking to Susan Strong, you can walk into the maze. You don't have to worry about being attacked, as long as you don't tickle anything. When you walk close to "someone", you will hear either a grunt or a hyoon voice. The grunt is the gloop (enemy), while if its a hyoon you will either hear a girl gasp, or a guy say "what?". If you tickle a gloop, you will have to fight it and any others nearby (they illuminate, and illuminate others that see it). If you tickle a hyoon, they will follow you, but will spark a fifth with any gloop that see or hear them. If your lucky, you get mostly girls, because boys are harder to find.
Don't spend time trying to kill the gloops, because their numbers will replenish. After you get 3 hyoons to safety, the gloops will swarm and attack you. At this point run into the maze and keep them filing in the same entrance (if they go left and right, they will flank you).

Gloop punch- A melee attack, which takes out a full thump. Out of arms reach, you won't be hit
Gloop projectile- A ball of goo thrown at you. Can be dodged, and you know when they are throwing it when they stand around from a distance away.

Stay behind a corner and attack them. Some will die before they get close enough to attack. The others that stand still will throw gloop at you, but the corner should block that. If your in doubt, retreat to another corner, since you can't take a chance and die. In cases where the gloop in front or dying, but still taking space, retreat, since you don't want them running around and being out of your reach.

If you can't survive, use the "" token, which lets you take less damage per hit. Also, having a sub-weapon is best, since that does more damage.

Note that there is a "Wham-bulance" in the upper right corner. If you activate it, the gloop will swarm. I am not sure how this helps, but I spent the longest time using it. It will illuminate that right corner, and you can take on a bunch of gloop. Any hyoons that you see during this time will run away, so because the gloop can re-spawn, I don't see how it helps.

His Hero
Weather Goliad and Stormo's psychic assault.

Sixth boss level
This can be found on level 60

This stage isn't really a "battle", but more of a survival stage. These two monsters (Goliad and Stormo) are fighting, and you need to avoid and survive their attacks.

Shockwaves- As these two are close, around them will be a circle that increases in size. Easy to avoid, as there will be openings.
Rock falls- After the shockwaves, some rocks will fall. Just dodge the shadows
Shocking jump rope- As they jump back, 2 or 3 lines will be connecting them. Either stay in the middle or go to a corner, but just avoid the lines.

Once the stage starts, there will be a timer at the top of the screen for about 120 seconds. Just avoid taking damage and when the timer ends, you passed this level!

First they will stay close together and send out shockwaves. There will be openings to get past them. Also look out for falling rocks, which happen after shockwaves. Every few seconds, they will jump back and make two or three white lines. Either rush to the center, or to a corner to avoid damage. During this part, dynamite stick and Lub Glub enemies will drop down (random how many). You don't have kill them, but if your Marceline, you can absorb the dynamite blasts and use your special to kill the Lub Glubs if they get in your way. Sometimes a Lub Glub will even wonder over to the other side of the stage, leaving you alone.

Free the Earl of Lemongrab.

Seventh boss level
This can be found on level 70

This boss fight is actually pretty easy. You will be dropped next to two lemongrabs, one with a pink bubblegum arm.


Lemongrab samurai strike- The lemongrab that can move around will walk after you, hitting you with his sword when he can reach
Lemon minion bump- You will take damage when you run into these little lemon minions

This fight is simple because you just have to survive. The field will have lots of little lemon minions walking around, which you can attack and they will disappear. The one lemongrab that has a sword will walk after you, while the other one will just stand in the middle. Attack the sword Lemongrab till he is dizzy, then just avoid the minions. Stay near the bottom of the screen, because after a few seconds, the fan will turn on and suck in all the enemies. Both Lemongrab will avoid being sucked in by holding onto a pole or sticking the sword into the ground. Once the fan gets clogged with all the little minions, you have some time to attack the bubblegum arm. After about 3 times of this same pattern, the arm will fall off and you win the stage.

Power Animal
Free Flame Princess.

This is the eighth boss fight
Found on level 80

The flame princess is trapped inside a generator in the center.

Generator spin- The center generator will spin, until damaged enough to start repairs.

The generator in the center of the room will spin, damaging you if your near it. Around the edge are lights that turn on. Damaging those lights will stop the generator, which lets you get down there and attack it. While it is repairing itself, attack it

Once the repairs are done, it will start to spin again. Lub Glubs might appear around the edge, giving you health if you defeat them. Hug wolves will also appear around the center. Continue the pattern till the generator is destroyed.

After the end of this battle, you will unlock the Flame Princess as a playable character.

Guardians of Sunshine
Overcome the Guardians' punishment.

Ninth boss level
This can be found on level 90

This boss fight is starts out weird. Princess Bubblegum will show up and tell you not to touch her desk. Unfortunately you can't continue until you mess with her desk. Gum-ball guards will show up and fly around the room.


Zigzag laser- They will fire a laser that zigzags in the room
Icy ground- They will throw a icy gum-ball that will make a slippery ice patch on the ground
Raining Gum-balls- They will fire a bunch of gum-balls at you. Damage is on impact

These two gum-ball guards will float around the edge of the room. One will be close by and the other one farther away. Target the closer one and just wreck him. They have their own health bar, so if you defeat one it will make the other easier to fight.

Once they are both down, they will drop a chalkboard, 3 switches, and an ice cream cone to heal you. The chalkboard will shop a math problem, and the switches move the numbers to answer it. If you can't solve the problem (you can pause if you need time) just stay towards the top and hit buttons while dodging to speed it along.

The gum-ball guards will now be on opposite sides, shooting fire. Just side step their attacks while hitting switches. After a while if you can't solve the problems, they will say a "better" math problem arrives, and it will display a easy addition question. Answering this correct will finish the fight.

Clearing this level will unlock Starchy, another quest giver on the surface.

What Have you Done?
Uncover Bubblegum's dark secret.

Last boss level
This can be found on level 100

To prepare for this fight, if your not using a flying character, use the speedy feet and bubble soap tokens, to avoid the sticky ground.


Tentacle swipe- A tentacle on the left and right side will swipe its side of the field. Avoid the first, then rush there to avoid the second
Frisky hands- After forming a wall that traps you to one side, hands will appear and shoot out, damaging you

Phase 1

The large face is the target. The boss will spawn enemy skeleton generators and bubblegum tentacles. Just avoid all projectiles and hit the face. Be wary as the boss will grow two large tentacles that will each sweep one edge of the screen. Look for the tentacle that twitches first and rush to the opposite side, then after it lands run there because the next one will be landing. Now onto phase 2

Phase 2
When the face has had enough, it will trap you on one of the sides of the screen. During this time, just kill off the monsters on your side. Be careful as the tentacles can still shoot through the barrier. During this phase, hands will generate from the walls, and shoot out, damaging you if your touched. Just rush forward and hit the face again. When the hands form near you, rush down screen. this will make the next set of hands generate low, giving you some time to rush up and attack.

Phase 3
Once this phase starts, you will be pushed down screen and a green barrier will form in front of the boss. Focus on the enemies, gathering imagination points to use your special attack. The special attack (doesn't matter which one) will shatter the barrier and expose the heart. At that time go and hug it (you will be prompted to press at the right time). The boss will push you back again and regenerate its barrier. Redo it for 2 more times.

Who Would Win
Upgrade a character's Rowdiness.

Muscle Princess upgrades your rowdy. Rowdy is the strength behind your attack, making your attack and charged attack stronger.

First upgrade: 60 treasures
Second upgrade: 200 treasures
Final upgrade: 500 treasures

Each character has only three rowdy upgrades.

The Meaning of Bravery
Upgrade a character's Thumps.

Mr Cupcake upgrades your thumps. Thumps is located next to your character's image, and looks like hearts. This is how much health your character has. Each upgrade will add an additional heart. Keep an eye on this because when you lose all your health, your ejected from the dungeon.

First upgrade: 30 treasures
Second upgrade: 125 treasures
Final upgrade: 300 treasures

Each character has only three thump upgrades.

Lady & Peebles
Upgrade a character's Focus.

Lady Rainicorn upgrades your focus.

First upgrade: 100 treasures
Second upgrade: 400 treasures

Each character has only two focus upgrades.
Focus is the amount of time it takes to charge your charge attack. Each upgrade will decreases the time it takes to charge

Adventure time lore:

What is Life?
Upgrade a character's Imagination.

Neptyr, a talking robot can be found on the surface on the left side of the candy castle grounds. He upgrades your imagination, which is the bar under your character's thumps. obtaining an upgrade will give you an additional bar, and using two bars will give a different special attack.

First upgrade: 175 treasures
Second upgrade: 700 treasures

Each character has only two imagination upgrades.

Finn the Human
Fully upgrade Finn.

For each character, you will need 2,590 treasures to fully upgrade them. Each character has the same amount of upgrades available.

Stat Starts with Upgrades
Thumps 3 3
Rowdiness 2 3
Focus 1 2
Imagination 1 2
Token slots 3

Jake the Dog
Fully upgrade Jake.

For each character, you will need 2,590 treasures to fully upgrade them. Each character has the same amount of upgrades available.

Stat Starts with Upgrades
Thumps 3 3
Rowdiness 2 3
Focus 1 2
Imagination 1 2
Token slots 2

Daddy's Little Monster
Fully upgrade Marceline.

For each character, you will need 2,590 treasures to fully upgrade them. Each character has the same amount of upgrades available.

Stat Starts with Upgrades
Thumps 2 3
Rowdiness 1 3
Focus 3 2
Imagination 1 2
Token slots 2

The Other Tarts
Fully upgrade Cinnamon Bun.

For each character, you will need 2,590 treasures to fully upgrade them. Each character has the same amount of upgrades available.

Stat Starts with Upgrades
Thumps 4 3
Rowdiness 3 3
Focus 1 2
Imagination 1 2
Token slots 2

Trouble in Lumpy Space
Fully upgrade LSP.

For each character, you will need 2,590 treasures to fully upgrade them. Each character has the same amount of upgrades available.

Stat Starts with Upgrades
Thumps 2 3
Rowdiness 1 3
Focus 2 2
Imagination 2 2
Token slots 2

Loyalty to the King
Fully upgrade Ice King.

For each character, you will need 2,590 treasures to fully upgrade them. Each character has the same amount of upgrades available.

Stat Starts with Upgrades
Thumps 3 3
Rowdiness 2 3
Focus 1 2
Imagination 1 2
Token slots 2

You Made Me
Fully upgrade Lemongrab.

For each character, you will need 2,590 treasures to fully upgrade them. Each character has the same amount of upgrades available.

Stat Starts with Upgrades
Thumps 3 3
Rowdiness 1 3
Focus 3 2
Imagination 1 2
Token slots 3

Hot to the Touch
Fully upgrade Flame Princess.

For each character, you will need 2,590 treasures to fully upgrade them. Each character has the same amount of upgrades available.

Stat Starts with Upgrades
Thumps 2 3
Rowdiness 3 3
Focus 2 2
Imagination 1 2
Token slots 1

Business Time
Complete all of Princess Bubblegum's Quests.

Princess Bubblegum is standing in front of the dungeon entrance on the Candy Castle grounds. She is the pink princess that walks you through the tutorial and you have to talk to her to enter the dungeons. Her quests are mostly all story related or completed through natural progression. Any sub-weapons unlocked will result in that weapon appearing in the dungeon or shop.

Quest Name Earliest level to complete Quest Requirement Reward
Worth Your While 1 Collect 10 treasures 10 treasures
Worth Your While Pt2 1 Collect 2 sub-weapons Sub-weapon: Cone O' 9 flavors
Worth Your While Pt3 10 Buy something at the shop 2 keys
Stop the Prison Break 20 Clear level 20 Token: Speedy Feet
Locate the Ice King 30 Clear level 30 25 treasures
Protect the Hyoomans 50 Clear level 50 Token: Candy Seeds
Psychic Disturbance 60 Clear level 60 50 treasures
Forget About the Dungeon 70 Clear level 5 of the Nightosphere Token: Lollipops
Foreign Policy 51 Defeat a *Magic Man BMO cartridge: Conversation Parade 2
*The "Magic Man" is a well known character on the show. He wears yellow clothes and taunts your characters. He will either send curses at you, or run up and kick you. Best way to kill him is to use an axe sub-weapon and hit him near a wall. He will fall down, and you can hit him again when he gets up. Killing him will result in usually 10 treasures. On levels 71 and above, he will appear every level. He also can be inside green chests.

Tree Trunks
Complete all of Tree Trunks' Quests.

Tree Trunk is a small green elephant with a southern accent. She can be found on the Candy Castle Grounds on the right side of the screen once you free her on level 10. She will give you easy quests, like defeat Hug Wolves (which are easy to kill and find) or collect items. Unlocking any food items or sub-weapons will result in being able to find them in the dungeon or purchase them in the store.

Toggle Spoiler

*Hug Wolves look like werewolves, but their hands will be the shape of hearts.
** The crystal apple is a special item, found inside chests between the levels of 21 and 39. Picking it up will not remove anything equipped.

Princess of Rad Hats
Complete all of Susan Strong's Quests.

Susan Strong is a large woman with muscles and a cat hat. When talking to her, she doesn't speak good english. She can be found on the Candy Castle Grounds on the right side of the screen once you free her on level 50 (she is in the upper right corner, above Tree Trunks. She will give you easy quests, like kill Lub Glubs (which are easy to kill and find) or collect items. Unlocking any sub-weapons will result in being able to find them in the dungeon or purchase them in the store. Keep an eye on the Rowdiness Coupon, since you don't want to accept it before you upgrade Rowdiness the first 2 times.

Toggle Spoiler

* The marshmallow is a special item, found inside chests between the levels of 41 and 59. Picking it up will not remove anything equipped.

** Lub Glubs are a black cloud with a colored yellow or green duck hat. These enemies can throw a inner tube duck which will explode on contact or if enough time passes.

Dream of Love
Complete all of Mr. Pig's Quests.

Mr Pig is a small pink pig. He can be found on the Candy Castle Grounds on the right side of the screen once you free him on level 60. He will be standing on the left of Tree Trunks. All of his collecting requests can be done as soon as you unlock him. Unlocking any food items or sub-weapons will result in being able to find them in the dungeon or purchase them in the store.

Toggle Spoiler

* Through out your journey so far, you have come across many types of birds. Just go to any early level and kill 50 of those birds. Its probably best to just stand outside a spawning pile and kill them as they come out. Don't destroy the pile till you think you have enough, or go through the dungeon and unlock it naturally.

Grumpy Butt
Complete all of Starchy's Quests.

Tree Trunk is a small green elephant with a southern accent. She can be found on the Candy Castle Grounds on the right side of the screen once you free her on level 10. She will give you easy quests, like defeat Hug Wolves (which are easy to kill and find) or collect items. Unlocking any food items or sub-weapons will result in being able to find them in the dungeon or purchase them in the store.

Toggle Spoiler

* The broom is a special item, which you can find in green chests throughout levels 76- 90.
**Nightosphere generators are only found in the Nightosphere
***Death is a enemy that will spawn if you take too long in a level. He can appear in level 31 or higher. He will look like a skeleton, and has 3 main attacks: A tractor beam that will draw you in, A bone throw which takes out 2 hearts, and a slash if you get too close. Best way to fight him is to use projectiles (Ice King) while he tractor beams you, and run out of reach from his other attacks. Also helps if you have a gap or pool of water between you and him, since he can't go over those.

Memory of a Memory
Use a Special Attack.

Quickest way: Play the first stage as Marceline

Find yourself a pink tentacle and hold R1 to collect its red projectile. Since the tentacle can't move and can only attack with that projectile, you can stand there until your full. Next step is to unleash it by pressing circle, and the trophy will pop.

Other characters: This will be done naturally since everyones special attacks help either attack or heal. I am unsure how slowly the imagination bar fills since I only play as Marceline.

The New Frontier
Enter the Nightosphere.

The Nightosphere is unlocked after level 70, after the boss battle with Lemon.

Entering this separate dungeon earns you this trophy. Similar to the normal dungeon, you will go around trying to find the stairs. The atmosphere resembles hell, and all the enemies have a slightly different color than normally. These monsters don't do more damage then enemies you find in level 60 and above, but they do move slightly faster, so worry about being surrounded.

Freak City
Receive a Curse.

Curses are pretty easy to come by, and you will naturally receive a bunch as you play. You can get one by:

Picking up a cursed sword
Getting hit with one from the magic man
Opening a green chest that is booby trapped
Get hugged by a Hugging Wolf

The different curses will affect your character image and/ or have something over your characters head:
  • Green character - Poisoned. Some poison bubbles above your head
  • Red character - Rage. Your character will have red skin. Cannot do imagination special attacks
  • Blue character - Frozen. Your character will be frozen in ice, but it is temporary. Break free and its gone
  • Yellow character - Enfeeble. Cannot do anything but move
  • Pink character - Hug curse. Not sure.
  • Spiral above your head- Confusion. Your directions becomes a different direction
  • Disarm. You will drop your current sub-weapon. Once its gone, you can pick it up again.

It Came from the Nightosphere
Survive 15 Floors in one Nightosphere run.

See "The Limit "

Return to the Nightosphere
Survive 25 Floors in one Nightosphere run.

See "The Limit "

The Limit
Survive 50 Floors in one Nightosphere run.

This is real torture. Go into the Nightosphere and survive 50 levels in one run. That means you cannot exit the dungeon till 50 floors are completed. If you lose or if it freezes, you lost it all.
Every 5 levels will be a replay of a random boss battle. These will be harder fights with more life, more enemies, longer rounds, etc. I still believe the boss battles you can replay if you lose.

Another Way
Perform a Perfect Block.

Cannot be done with Marceline (she cannot block)

As any character that can block, press the R1 before a projectile hits you. It will deflect the attack, sending it back at the enemy. This can be done on the first level, with a pink tentacle and its red projectile. If you don't get it right away, as long as you have health you can keep trying.

One Last Job
Grab 50 Treasures on a single Treasure Floor.

While you dive deeper into the dungeon, there will be levels called "timed floors". These will start the level with a timer counting down from 60. There are monster type floors, or treasure type floors. You want a treasure floor for this trophy (which one is random).

On a timed treasure floor, the whole stage will have treasure and the usual obstacles. No monsters anywhere. You have 60 seconds to pick up what you can. Obviously you want to make the higher treasures priority (gold bars is worth 5, blue candy piles are 3, and regular yellow piles are 1). After the 60 seconds expires, you will automatically progress to the next stage. You could cut this short by going into the stairs on the stage, although that would be a waste. Remember that you can still die (fire and other obstacles). Also, there are weapons and green chests on the stage. For the sake of this trophy, avoid them for now.

Vault of Bones
Survive a Monster Floor.

While you dive deeper into the dungeon, there will be levels called "timed floors". These will start the level with a timer counting down from 60. There are monster type floors, or treasure type floors. You want a monster floor for this trophy (which one is random).

On a monster timed floor, the stage will look similar to what your used to, although there will be mostly monsters and very few green chests and items on the ground. Its not confirmed, but I don't think any items generate on this floor (no healing). On this stage, you need to survive and find the stairs to leave the floor. The stairs won't open until the timer runs out. If the timer runs out before you find the stairs, you can still exit. It just means that the earliest you can leave this stage is a minute later.

This isn't really that hard. You can use your special if you need, try not to get surrounded, and because where the stairs usually generated, you can usually fend off the monsters by hiding around a corner. The majority of the enemies don't follow you, and if they do, hopefully you can fly over a hole or water to stop their pursuit.

Crystals Have Power
Collect every Token.

The tokens are organized by alphabet. If your checking to see which one you are missing, I have put the order in the table, 1 being the top left and continues going right. If you use a token, it will used up one in your reserves. When you leave the dungeon, you lose any tokens used. As long as you owned one of each token, it is counted as collected.

Toggle Spoiler

What Was Missing
Collect every Sub-Weapon.

Toggle Spoiler

For the cursed sword, picking it up will give you a curse. I suggest you have another sub-weapon before you pick this up. If you get a curse you don't want, pick up the other weapon and try again. You want to get a frozen curse, because after you break free, you can use the cursed sword without any side effects. The current curse will be replaced with a new one, and the cursed sword is pretty strong.

I Remember You
Upgrade a Sub-Weapon into a stronger one.

During your many missions, given by the different characters, there will be times where the request is to bring a certain weapon, and the reward will be a stronger weapon. Below is a table of the people requesting the weapon, the weapon needed to turn in, and the weapon you will get as the reward. To bring a weapon in, you need to either exit the dungeon with the weapon (alive), buy the weapon from the Choose Goose shop, or have an extra weapon stored in your "weapon chest" (on the right side of the surface). Any of these will unlock the trophy, but the table will have the first available first and so on.

Character that requested item (Earliest level to get quest) Item needed Item rewarded
Tree Trunks (40th level) Cursed Sword Flame Chucks
Susan Strong (50th level) Kitten Gun Catling Gun
Tree Trunks (60th level) Bread Shot Croissant Wave
Mr Pig (60th level) Over Easy Egg Drop
Mr Pig (60th level) Magic wand Cherry Blossom wand
Susan Strong (90th level) Bamboo Pole Shark Sword
Starchy (90th level) Crabs Scorpions
Starchy (90th level) Kitten Gun Caturday Cannon

Fruit Salad Days
Eat every Food item at least once.

Here is a list of the different food items needed for this trophy. Some are rare or require you to unlock first. You will find them all through natural progression if you pick up as you progress. If you are unsure any you don't recognize. You can also pick up BMO, who will drop food randomly, hit some switches in the ancient ruins (chance of food), or use a imagination special (some drop food or turn enemies into food)

Apple- Looks like a red apple
Orange- Looks like a orange ball
Hot dog- A brown bun with a red hotdog
Pear- A yellow pear
Pizza- Looks like a slice of red pizza
Pretzel- A brown pretzel shape
Strawberry- Red strawberry, different shape than a apple
Melon- A light greenish yellow melon
Fries- Yellow fries in a small tray
Cherry- a green stem with two red cherries
Can good- A opened can with the lid still attached
Chicken drumstick- A brown chicken drumstick

Pie- Only found after you finish Tree Trunk's quest (Crystal apple)
Ice cream cone- Grab on the 30th floor (Dropped when attacking Ice King)
Bacon Pancake- Grab on the 40th floor (Gunther was making bacon pancakes)

All the Little People
Locate every Familiar.

For All the little people, you need to look out for these 8 helpers, and pick up each of them at least once. These helpers are only found through green chests, and picking up one will remove the current one you have equipped.

Stanley- This helper looks like a watermelon, rolling around you like a shield. He will absorb damage from both projectiles and attacks. Since he is rolling around you, if something hits you when he isn't in-between, you will take damage

Shelby- This helper looks like a pink worm. When you move next to a green chest, this helper will go inside and come back out. If she smiles, the contents aren't dangerous. If she faints, the chest has a trap. The animation for her checking takes a second, so it is possible to open the chest before she comes back out. Since other helpers are also found in green chest, you may lose her to another helper. Also, you can leave her behind by walking away without watching the animation. If you want her back, just run back up to her and she will rejoin you.

Loraine- This helper looks like a white chicken. It also turns the screen black and white. This "helper" has a negative effect (it will steal the next item you find). Item as in food, special items, sub-weapons, and tokens.

Poot- This helper looks like a gas cloud. It will follow you around and take out a full heart. I believe it kills you slowly, like a fourth at a time, until a full heart is gone.

Clown- This helper is a scary floating clown head. Although this sounds unhelpful, it actually shoots projectiles at enemies, making it one of the most helpful.

BMO- This helper looks like a tiny blue gameboy circling around you. BMO, a well known adventure time character, walks around you and drops food randomly. After a certain amount of time passes, she will disappear. This helper can only be found on levels 60 or higher.

Manticore- This helper looks like a small flying lion with wings (also known as a manticore). This flying helper will remove the next curse you receive.

Flambo- This is a fire dog, which has the head of a flame. This helper will negate all flame damage you would have received. With him, you can walk on lava and take fire attacks.

BMO Lost
Find all of BMO's Game Cartridges.

There are 4 BMO cartridges that need to be collected. These are small mini games that, when collected, you play.

Conversation Parade 2- A reward from a Princess Bubblegum quest. The game is a conversation between a male and female, who seem to be coworkers at brunch. The male will say something, and you get to choose what the female says. Depending on your choice, there will be a different response. The conversation topics loops after a while.

Adventure Master Duo- Found randomly in the Nightosphere from any green chest. This game is a primitive fighting game, in which you play as Abraham Lincoin fighting yourself. You can either punch, kick or throw a fireball. The goal is to defeat the opponent before your defeated. There is no way to block or dodge, so just go aggressive defense. to throw a fireball, go diagonal down and forward and press punch. Each time you defeat the opponent, your awarded a point

Heat Signature- Your in charge of a submarine, and debris and oxygen tanks float in from either side of the screen. You need to collect Oxygen so the meter at the bottom of the screen filled, while avoiding debris. You gain a point for each oxygen tank you collect, and if you hit too much debris or run out of oxygen, then the game ends.

Super Best Bros.- You play as either Finn or Jake, standing on a bridge. Apples and knives will fall from the sky. Collect apples, which give you 100 points, and avoid knives, which will instantly kill you. Get as many points as possible without dying.

The Ultimate Party Dip
Pick up every Item pickup at least once.

For Ultimate party dip, you need to look out for these 8 special items, and pick up each of them at least once. Unlike healing items, these items have a specialized effect depending on the item. After you get this trophy, both healing items and these special items have an instant use when you pick them up, so if you don't need that item at the moment, you should consider leaving it on the ground.

Ammo- This item looks like a small glass gum ball machine. When picked up, it will replenish your sub weapon's ammo, if it takes ammo.

Cyclops Tear- This small blue bottle with a blue plus sign. When picked up, it will cure any curse you currently have. Curses are gained by most monsters, the magic man can hit you with all curses, or if you picked up a cursed sword.

Demon's Heart- This item looks like a red human heart. When you pick this up, you will temporarily have a stronger attack.

Fairy- This is a floating green Fairy, and looks like a monster or follower (but it isn't). When you pick this up, you gain some "inspiration". Helpful with more than one imagination bar.

Honey Energy Drink- This item resembles a yellow soft drink. When you pick this up, bees will float around you for a second, and it will make you move faster. If your already a fast mover, it will make you faster (there is a token to move faster)

Lamb Relic- This looks like a small llama doll. When you pick this up, your character will be alternating colors and you will be invincible (as if you picked up a star in a Mario game).

Molasses- A brown jar, which looks like peanut butter. This will make you invisible and enemies won't notice you as much (can still get hit and still can run into enemies and their attacks).

Stop Watch- Looks like a red stop watch. This will freeze the movement of most enemies. This won't stop a attacking projectile coming at you, and some stronger enemies aren't effected by this in the later stages.


This is a quick checklist I made that you can print out. Please mark the ones you have collected, and I hope this helps. This is the first version, and i hope to revise this often until I am satisfied with the way it looks.

List here

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