Players: 1
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes: In game cheats can be unlocked
Cheats Affect Trophies: No
Trophy Difficulty: 3/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 4
Suggested Playthroughs:5
Time to Platinum/100%: 1 - 3 hours


Performed a roll in Arcade Mode.

This is very easy and you will most likely get it by accident. All you have to to is pull the to left and right and you should do a nice roll. It's good to evade missiles. Make sure you are in Arcade mode.

Climax Mode
Activated Climax Mode in Arcade Mode.

Another easy trophy. Just press when your colored bar is full. Make sure you are in Arcade mode
Climax mode slows everything down and widens your aim and locks on all enemies in the range of the aim and when the bar is empty it fires missiles at all enemies you locked on.

50 Combo
Got a combo of 50 in Arcade mode.

You just have to get 50 combo in Arcade mode. It isn't that hard and you can do this pretty much at any stage. you can go to ex options and make the combos last twice as longer.

Stealth bomber
Cleared Stage 5 in Arcade mode.

You just have to finish stage 5. This should be easy.

Across enemy lines
Cleared Stage 10 in Arcade mode.

Finish stage 10 and this trophy is yours.

Super Tomcat
Cleared Arcade mode with the F-14D.

You have to finish all 13 stages of the game in Arcade mode with the F-14D (Middle plane).

Super Hornet
Cleared Arcade mode with the F/A-18E.

You have to finish all 13 stages of the game in Arcade mode with the F/A-18E(left plane)

Strike Eagle
Cleared Arcade mode with the F-15E.

You have to finish all 13 stages of the game in arcade mode with the F-15E(Right Plane)

Emergency Order
Cleared an Emergency Order in Arcade mode

You sometimes get these red orders(target) like in stage 3 when you see a plane and on top it says "Prototype" if you take it down fast you will get this trophy. Or if you shoot down the stealth bomber you will also earn this trophy.

Rank In
Uploaded a score to rankings.

Very easy trophy and self-explaineble.

Triple A
Got a AAA ranking in Arcade mode (for Shot down, Combo, or Play Time)

You have to get AAA for Shot down or Combo or Playtime. The better you do the better the score.

All Clear
Cleared Arcade mode with ending A.

A tip from Carbon_Lancer how to get this trophy.
A ENDING which can only come if you play levels 14 and 15 and you'll have to shoot down those missles at level 15. To even get those secret levels you'll either have to accumilate 20 emergency orders or do all 4 or 5 emergency orders in 1 arcade playthrough, the first 1 is the ship on level 5 I believe the next would be 10 helicopters, the next order is the Stealth Bomber, and than you'll have to not be seen on 1 level and finally a plane on the tunnel levels, I got the 20 orders thru multiple playthroughs...than I set EX mode and played again and you MUST shoot the last 6 missles on the final level or you will only get a B rating

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