Create and save a custom map.

Simple, just go to the main menu and select edit map. Create a few towns or islands and just save it.

Bombs Away
Destroy a neutral or enemy town's defense with a bomb.

Basically you can get this while going for the Cherry Picker Trophy, but it's hard to do the two trophies in one match. So, just set the game to level 2 and you should get it in about 2 or 3 matches. Just destroy ships to receive the curses, if you get a different one, use it and find another curse.
(NOTE: You can only use one bomb per game)

Flushed Away
Use a whirlpool curse to teleport an enemy who is attacking your town.

You might have to get lucky on this one just let the enemy attack your town and use the whirlpool curse. this is sort of the same case with Boom Boom but you have to use the curse on the enemy.

Cherry Picker
Capture a neutral town after the enemy has destroyed its defenses.

Play level six on easy. You're going to need two teams for this trophy. I think it's a little easy if you play a level that's big and and with two teams only. But you might have less of a chance to get the trophy. You need to let the enemy attack the other enemies town. Don't let the guys capture the town just plan before they get there.

Boom Boom
Sink two enemy ships with a single bomb.

This one is pretty tough. Capture a town and let the enemy attack your town but make sure the two boats are close to your town. Plant the bomb between the ships; sometimes the enemy likes to run away so your going to have to give it a few tries.

On the Account
Beat all medium challenges.

This trophy is fairly easy, just start on easy. Just play the game on medium

Beat all hard challenges

This is by far the hardest trophy in the game compared to King's Pardon. Just play the game on easy through medium and then finally hard. For the final level, upgrade armor and cannons and south to the first town you see. (Tip: Stay alive here, time is key) If you die, start over. Destroy and capture the town. Next, go to the town south. Hopefully the enemy hasn't captured this town yet, if they have, you've lost. (Tip: If you upgrade your town to level three most of the time the enemy won't bother the town.) Upgrade the town to the north first, if the enemy is already here, make sure that they destroy your town first. When they leave just recapture your town and upgrade it. Try to capture the Green Team's town closest to his pirate lair and be sure to upgrade to level three and keep an eye on the other towns. Make sure to get any crates or curses that stand in your way, and heal yourself vigorously.

King's Pardon
Beat every challenge in the game

See On the Account and Freebooter.

Sea Legs
Win 5 Public Online Games

Ask a friend to help you get the trophies and take turns getting the trophy. you can use multiple controlers if you have any. but the trophy says win five public games and i know you can play with a friend who can have 1 controller and you have another but not sure if you can play with 2 controllers and a friend u cant play by yourself period

Old Salt
Win 50 Public Online Games

See the Sea Legs trophy.

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