Players: 1
Online Trophies: 1, Philanthropist
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 5-7 hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None.
Missable Trophies: 1, The Old Fashioned Way
Glitched Trophies: None.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Just play through the game without building a Dragon Gate or the Grand Dragon Gate. Once you purify the land to 100% and get The Old Fashioned Way , THEN build the Dragon Gate and the Grand Dragon Gate. Otherwise you will have to start all over.

When you use the seeds to plant radiant trees, try and go after the upgradeable items laying around in the Gloom, or areas with the most Akimi. The biggest item needed being the Pick Axe located west of your starting location. Akimi are pretty scarce when you first start playing, and even after expanding your village so use them to your advantage and do some of the work yourself if it comes down to it.

There are only 2 Wise Fish in this game, if you don't find the 2nd one, but need a Wise Fish for a building. Destroy the building(School) to recover the Fish for a new building by hitting a few times

If you need to reset one of your Akimi, pick them up and hit

Lastly, the world you are in is huge. You don't have to clutter it up by putting buildings right next to each other. It'll make it hard to walk around.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

No Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits that I know of.


Step 1: Start playing the game, and pay attention to the tutorial. The tutorial teaches you almost everything you need to know about what to do and how to play.

Step 2: Just go through the list of buildings 1 at a time, completing them all except the Dragon Gate and Grand Dragon Gate. This isn't a race, you can take your time in this game and there are plenty of resources all over the world. Besides, if you have friends playing, you can share your excess resources too.

Step 3: After receiving Johnny Appleseed and planting Bright Trees for The Old Fashioned Way , it's time to wrap up the game. Build a Dragon Gate and upgrade it to the Grand Dragon Gate to give you Full Set and Grand Dragon Gate at the same time to give you 100% for Akimi Village.


Good Samaritan
Purify the first set of Akimi

Right after sawing off the 2 bamboo in the tutorial and building the Scaffolding for your village gate, you'll place the Scaffolding next to your village gate and the trophy will unlock. This is during the tutorial.

Plant your first radiant tree

After you build the Paper Mill I believe, you will receive your first seed to plant a Radiant Tree. Every 10 Culture Points you acquire from one of each kind of building will give you a seed to plant a radiant tree. This is still kind of in the Tutorial Stages still.

Department of Forestry
Plant 5 radiant trees in one game

This will come after planting the 5th seed which will happen when you receive 50 or more Culture points. I'm not 100% sure when you get this, but I'm guessing around the time you build the Temple or shortly after.

Land Reclamation Project
Remove 1 ton of Debris

After receiving the Pick Axe from the west side of your small world, start clearing Debris from the world, you can use your Akimi to help.

Akimi Liberator
Rescue 40 Akimi in one game

There are 70 Akimi total in the game, so this will come naturally.

Send 300 resources

There are 2 different ways you can do this. Either have a friend on your PSN friends list that owns this game and has played it for atleast 5-10mins or create a account on your ps3 and add it to your friends list after you have played the game for 5-10mins.

There will be totems at the very top of the world(there are a ton of them), if you have a PSN friend with this game they should have their own totem. You will need to build a Post Office, then create a Postal Crate. Once the postal crate is created, drop 300+ resources of any type of material you want into it. When you are finished loading it up, pick up the crate and drop it onto one of your friend's totem. The trophy should pop up if there was 300 or more resources in the crate.

Refine 500 Resources

This will come with natural progression of the game. Refining is when you gather material like Straw and deliver it to the Brickyard to make Bricks. You need to do this to create most of the building in the game.

The name says it all

This will come with natural progression of the game, I got it about 1 hour and 20minutes of starting my game. All you do is walk around for the trophy, and you do a lot of walking in this game.

One Man Moving Crew
Keep carrying things around

I believe this counts for resources gathered, parts of buildings you need to pick up and place down, and so forth. When you hit around 500 things you've picked up and carried, the trophy will pop. I'm pretty sure you will get this through natural progress, I got it around 2 hours of gameplay.

Full Set
Have every building and component in one game

This and Grand Dragon Gate will be the last trophy you earn as you must build every building in the game and have them fully upgraded. DO NOT build the Dragons Gate and Grand Dragons Gate until you receive The Old Fashioned Way .

Johnny Appleseed
Plant 10 Radiant Trees in one game

When you are going for Full Set and The Old Fashioned Way , You will reach 100+ Culture points and net the 10th seed to plant. You will unlock this trophy. But remember, do not build the Dragon Gate.

Grand Dragon Gate
Build the Grand Dragon Gate

This and Full Set will be the last trophies you earn. Once you unlock The Old Fashioned Way , then go ahead and build the Dragon Gate and the Grand Dragon Gate for the last trophies.

The Old Fashioned Way
Purify the entire island before building the Dragon Gate or Grand Dragon Gate

Just as the description says, purify the whole island without building the Dragon Gate or the Grand Dragon Gate. Planting the 10 radiant trees will purify about 90% or so of the Gloom. Now what your going to have to do is head over to the Gardener and purchase Bright trees, Mature Bright trees, and Sylvan Wonders. These trees will purify the land wherever you plant them, but if you move them, the gloom will return so you will need to purchase a lot of them to finish up the rest of the island. Cover up every dark spot you can find. The last percent took me awhile to earn due to all the smaller dark areas you could barely see.

To check what percentage your at, press and the very bottom where the grass is, it'll tell you how much gloom remains.

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