Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%:5-9 hours, depending on if you watch cutscenes, and general skill level
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectibles Trophies: Nope.
Missable Trophies: Nada.
Glitched Trophies: Not that I know of, but share if there is one!

[top]Tips & Strategies

-Tip #1: Listen to these tips.
or =Attack (hold to continuously attack)
or =Throw Knife/52 Pick-up five-in-one/better attack
/=Cycle through weapons

Here's a set of 30 videos by GiulerPowerGamer from YouTube on beating the levels, for use if you get stuck:

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1. Complete American McGee's Alice: Play through American McGee's Alice once. All the trophies are for just completing the game, nothing more, and you can beat it on any difficulty.


Madness Begins
In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Village of the Doomed.

The Village of the Doomed is the first chapter of the game.
Start by following the Rabbit. It's an easy road for a distance. After the Rabbit shrinks, a Card Guard will appear. Attack it with . When it's dead, head through the doorway. Jump up onto the ledge to your left, and walk to the guy up on the walkway. Head left, and at the turn, jump straight across to the Cat's ledge and entrance to the Mines. Drop into the river, and go to the right, and talk to the old elf-thing. After the talk, head straight ahead and into the elevator. Defeat the Card Guard in front of you. Keep going to equip "52 Pickup". Head through the large, wood door on the right side, and through the one after that. Defeat the Card Guards in the room, and head forward to pick up the gem. Go up the stairs, and through the portal. There's a guard right in front of the exit. Use the "52 Pickup" weapon on the projectile-throwing guards, get through the river, and leap to the platform on the left, and take out the guard there. Head through the portal in the small hut, where you'll be taken to the next level. At the beginning of the cutscene, you'll hear a *ping* and the trophy should pop.

In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Fortress of Doors.

"Fortress of Doors" is the second chapter of the game. Simply beat it to unlock the trophy.

This chapter introduces flying enemies with unblockable scream attacks. Use "52 Pickup" to deal with them.

Not too far into the level, after the red stuff makes you super powerful, you will see three doors closing, each with a different chime sounding. Head down the staircase on the left to reach a lower level with three levers. The Cat will say, "The proper order of things is often a mystery to me. You too?" Pull the levers in this order: right, left, center, and the doors will open.

Croquet Mallet-This weapon is not too far from the skool's entrance. After the small entry hall after jumping in the skool's window, when you reach the main hall, head up the center staircase, and to the left, Jump onto the small ledge made by the clock, then to the ledge housing the staff.

Another puzzle in the chapter is where three doors "shuffle" themselves like cards, then one lands on each three ledges. There are multiple solutions to it, but the simplest is the middle door twice.

There are four purple books you need to collect in order to progress in the library.
BOOK #1: From the secret opened entrance, go straight, right at the turn, then in the alcove on the left.
BOOK #2: Up the elevator in the center back, then dead left.
BOOK #3: Run up the toppled bookcase right of the elevator, then go right.
BOOK #4: Go up the elevator near book 3, and its right in front of you.

Use the books to get across to the large book, and push the book off the shelf.

Diabolical Dice-This weapon can be found after Alice reads the large book in the library, and appears in front of a large staircase. Take the door left of the stairs on the ground. Head down some stairs, and you'll see an orange glowing object on an adjacent ledge. Jump to it and you'll unlock the weapon.

After the Dice, go through the door right of the stairs this time, then go through either door to enter the gymnasium. On the gym's left side is a small alcove where a lever is found. Pull the lever, then use the now-available bleachers to climb up to the rafters. Navigate yourself across to the old elf. (For now I will dub the old elf Papa Elf to make things easier.), and he will give you one ingredient for the potion.

After the gym, head back to the staircase, and climb up a bit. Enter the first door on the right, and go through the main door in the center to see Papa Elf again. After grabbing the Jumbo-Grow, exit the room, and enter the door on your left. You should be attacked by two Red Guards. Head through the main door. There is another Croquet Mallet in the room, if you missed it before. Head into the next room to unlock the final ingredient. Head back to Papa Elf. Grab the star he gives you and grab the potion too, then enter the portal.
Head back to the second floor of the library, up the left toppled bookcase. Head left when up to see the Observatory door. Go on through. Head up the main looking platform in the room. Alice will jump into a portal, shrink, and let's not forget earn you a trophy.

Out of the Woods
In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Wonderland Woods.

"Wonderland Woods" is the game's fourth chapter. Beating it will unlock this trophy.
I'm going to put the Duchess boss battle in here, so you won't be left in the dust.
Before the battle starts, grab the Jack-in-the-Box weapon from one of the braziers.

The Duchess is hungry. You won't like her when she's hungry. The trick in this boss battle is to make her chase you around one of the stumps in the room, dropping Jack-in-the-Boxes as you go. Make sure to grab Meta-Essence off the shelves if you need it. Keep luring her around, toss a few knives, and the Duchess will go down.

Alright, here's the level:
From the start, head to the lake, then climb up the vine on the other side with . Swing over to where the ant's shooting you, only make sure to kill him first. Jump onto the blue mushroom past the waterfall, then grab the vine. Swing over to Rabbit.
Jump over to the platform attached to the tree, and jump to the vine. Swing down to the ant, and defeat him, along with the other enemies. Head along. You'll face a flower-monster after a bit. Dispatch it, and continue left. Drop down the edge to a small ledge.
Swing through the two vines to the platform ahead, or bounce there with the blue mushrooms, and go through the cave. After bouncing to the red spray, jump to a path below on the left. Head down the path, going left at the fork, bouncing on the mushrooms you arrive at. The jump over the gap to the giant, evil mushroom to get a Jack-in-the-Box, if you didn't already get it. Go back to where you were originally after that, and go down the path. Jump to the vine and swing to the platform, then to the next vine, climbing up, and swinging to the next platform. Go to the stream, then hop along the rocks to the higher ground. Continue on to the next area.
Head up the "stairs" in front of you, following onto the left, dropping into the hole. Jump down to the steam vents, floating to the mushroom, bouncing up to the ledge. Go across the winding path, picking up the Croquet Mallet if you haven't got it yet. Go across another winding path, and into a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, drop down to the steam vents, and to the vines. On the second vine, climb up to the platform over the two ledges, and swing across. Go receive the item pointed out by the Cat, then proceed through the tunnel, climbing up it. From your presumed exit, head left to a path with an evil flower on it. Kill it, then move on and deny any claims you saw it happen. Jump to the vine, then drop to the tree's base, killing the flower there. Proceed down the path into the large hole.
At this point, you just need to keep running from the massive bomb rolling behind you. Keep moving. Don't stop for anything! Not even to look at this! Go! Eventually the ground will cave in, dropping you into the next area.
Head through the path on your left, until you reach the edge. Jump onto the rocks like stairs on the right, and then drop to the next lower one.
That shining object you see there is indeed your new weapon. The Ice Scepter is going to be your new best friend for a long time.
Head down the winding path on the left, jumping a gap or two, then turn left, jumping to the rock stairs. Climb them, then jump to the ones across the gap, climbing those, then jumping to the ones across the frozen waterfall. If you look you'll see a cave. Take a leap of faith in that direction as far as you can.
Yippee, another running-away segment. You know what to do. When you reach the steam vents, use them to get to the higher platform to get to the Caterpillar. After your little chat, head into the portal nearby.

The Fungus Forest is a simple area, the Ice Scepter ensures that. Keep moving around the giant mushrooms, freezing enemies, refueling with Meta-Essence, all that fun.When you reach what seems to be a dead end, head into the water on the left to go on.
Climb the nearby rocks to receive another Diabolical Dice, upgrading the weapon.
Continue your stroll onto the left path and enter the tree through the window. Head forward for a boss fight.

This fight isn't too much to get worked up over. Every now and then the Centipede will slam his under-section down. You'll need to use the Ice Scepter on his under-section. Sure you can use other weapons, but the Ice Scepter works the best. Make sure to get his little scorpion minions too, as they'll latch on and quickly drain health. On a ledge on the outside of the arena is a bug you can drink from. Doing so will give Alice a temporary speed and jump boost. Keep at the Centipede and he'll eventually fall. Nibble on the giant toadstool and your trophy will ping soon after.

Dead Hatter
In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Behind the Looking Glass.

"Behind the Looking Glass" is the sixth chapter of the game. Beat it to unlock this trophy.
This area begins after the Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum boss battle.
On a table in a house you must go through, another dice awaits.
A robot will break through a mirror, revealing the Jacks. OF DOOM!
This fight is pure chaos. More and more just keep coming out! Make a circle around the area, using the Jacks and Ice Scepter to attack. Don't stop moving. Fight until there's nothing left to fight.

Now here goes the level: Head to the door on the right, and across the path of cards. Head down the corridor on the right, and pull the lever. Head back and do the same on the left. Jump onto the gear, and to the new path. Go up the "stairs" and jump across the clocks to a lever you need to pull. Go back on the clocks, but going left this time. Use the reflection to determine which clocks are okay to step on and which ones are gags. Go all the way down the main path, all the way until the last alcove on the right. Go down the hole, and through the door on the left side. Pull the lever in the room. Head out of the room, and up the card stairs on the left. Head right, right again, and the first opening on the left. The Cat will tell you to find Hatter, and fast. Go through the door, down the card path, and through the other door.
Below on the floor right of the clock, another Diabolical Dice awaits.

Head back out and onto the straight-ahead card path, and jump to the next door, then the next. Just keep running forward until you enter the portal.
Defeat the ambushers, then bounce on each chair to collect the essence on them. Careful, the tea is hot. After you finish a portal will open up. You'll land in a new area. Go forward to retrieve part 2 of the Jabberwock Eye Staff, and prepare for a fight.
The Hatter is a big, slow opponent. Keep running around him and firing Jacks and Ice and Knife throws and cards and what have you. Keep circling him, and you'll dodge the majority of his attacks. Keep at him until he falls.

Left of the large clock on the floor, ride the pistons to the watch that can freeze certain time. Walk through the portal for another trophy.

Royal Approach
In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Queen of Heartsland.

"Queen of Heartsland" is the game's eighth chapter. Beat it to unlock the trophy.
This level is a pretty straightforward level, with just some navigation to tweak. Word of advice though, you don't really need to catch the insane kid. You can freeze him with the Pocketwatch, or create a wall of ice on the button, your choice really. Try to remember where and where haven't you been in the maze.
The first battle against the Jabberwock is nothing more than a joke. Keep at him with the Jacks. When he unleashes a minion, kill it. When he unleashes another one, kill it too. Then the Gryphon will heroically swoop in and save the day, and will slash out the Jabberwock's eye, completing your staff, making your new best friend.
After the Jabberwock battle 1, head into the alcove right of the Caterpillar head thing. At the end of it on the left side is a small opening in the wall. Sneak through it and down the small passage to obtain the powerful Blunderbuss
Jabberwock 2: This battle can be frustrating for some, who missed the Blunderbuss. It will really help here. Another weapon that works real good is the Eye Staff. The charge-time is long, but the outcome's worth it. Make sure you keep running though, so you can dodge his fire attacks. Keep blasting him with the Staff and Blunderbuss and the Jabberwock will fall.

Full Recovery
Complete American McGee’s Alice.

This trophy unlocks after beating the game. There are two boss fights before the road ends.
This ugly thing has gone too far. Time to impeach the monarchy. The Jabberwock Eye Staff is particularly useful in this fight. Keep at the Queen with the beam, and throw in a Blunderbuss shot if you want to. There are only two essence spawn points here, so be wise with your essence. Keep at the Queen and you should prevail.

You didn't think it would be that easy, did you? There's still one more obstacle to save Wonderland, and that's the true form of the Red Queen. Beating it can be simple. There's a ring of platforms around it. Make a circle around the Demon Queen using it, and the key attack is the move withonthe Eye Staff, where Alice summons all these rockets down. I think it's . Keep going and Wonderland will be saved. Good job!

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