x 1 x 5 x 13 x 12
Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: Yes and no, all co-op trophies can also be done with a local co-op partner.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 12-15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: Praemonitus Praemunitus, Super-Sleuth
Missable Trophies: Vital Statistics, Praemonitus Praemunitus, Super-Sleuth
Glitched Trophies: Lazy is reported to be glitched, but in a positive way: Both players may be awarded this trophy, not only the 'lazy' one.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All trophies are in XMB order.
  • In SP you can rotate the screen with and - make sure to take advantage of this feature.
  • Secrets and logs stack across multiple playthroughs.
  • If you need a partner for the co-op trophies check out The Official Alien Breed 2: Assault boosting thread.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

  • Lazy is reported to be glitched, but in a positive way: Both players may be awarded this trophy, not only the 'lazy' one.
  • There is another pretty helpful glitch might help you with Survivor - see the trophy description for details.


Here is what I consider to be the best and most enjoyable way to :plat: The Completionist:

First Step: Beat the game on Recruit
Just enjoy the game and memorize the levels for your speedrun on Elite. Try to get the collectible trophies out of the way. The collectibles stack across multiple playthroughs though, so don't rip your hair out if you should miss a log or a secret. Also make sure to get Vital Statistic and Material World so you won't have to bother about those on your speed run.

Second Step: Speed run on Elite
Rush through the game on Elite to get The Best of the Best and Speed Freak. You will have enough time to clean up minor SP trophies you might have missed.

Third Step: Survivor Mode and Co-op Trophies
There is one trophy for Survivor mode - Survivor Get this out of the way, then get those co-op trophies. You can get those via local co-op or online via PSN. Check out the official Alien Breed 2 Boosting thread if you need an online partner. You will have to get Co-op Campaigner, Indestructible, Rapid Deployment and Hoovering up in this step.


The Completionist
Each and every trophy has been awarded. Congratulations!

You are reading this text on this site - that means you know what to do to get this.

The Best of the Best
Complete all single player levels 1-5 on elite difficulty.

Beat the game on Elite and you will be awarded this trophy. You could also go for another gold while doing this. See Speed Freak below.

Old Soldier
Complete all single player levels 1-5.

Just complete the game on any difficulty setting to be awarded this trophy. Difficulty trophies stack in Alien Breed 2, so you can get this together with The Best of the Best if you want to. I wouldn't recommend it though, see the roadmap for details.

Co-op Campaigner
Complete any multiplayer level.

Just finish any multiplayer level to unlock this trophy. You can do this with a local coop partner or over the PSN. FYI: I encountered a weird glitch which prevented my from finishing the first coop mission. I ended up at the mission select screen when I was near the end of the mission while both my coop partner and myself were still in combat and had full health. If this should happen to you don't bother retrying as it will most likely happen again. Simply go for another mission.

War of Attrition
Kill 1000 aliens in single player.

Good news everyone: You can get this trophy over several playthroughs. However, if you kill every alien you encounter on your recruit run you will unlock this trophy in chapter 4 or 5 at the latest.

Vital Statistics
Finish ‘Primed’ single player level with 300000 or more overall score.

This trophy is missable!
You 'simply' have to do what the trophy description says: Get at least 300,000 points in 'Primed' (which is level 4) and you will be awared this trophy. You should go for this on your recruit playthrough. Here are some tips on how to obtain a high score:

  • try not to take too much damage; a hardened armour helps with that, buy one from an Intex Terminal if you don't have one
  • Explore the whole level, collect everything - but don't dwadle!
  • Execute every motherf#%§ing last one of the aliens in this level

You should easily hit the 300,000 points mark if you follow this advice.

Finish multiplayer ‘Cargo’ level without taking any damage.

This is the hardest trophy in the game by far and you'll need a good coop partner to do this. The player going for this trophy should carefully advance step by step while the other one leads the way and takes all the damage. Like with Deadly Assassin, you are allowed to take damage to you Hardened Armour, so grab one asap. Take advantage of narrow doorways, the player not going for this trophy can block those completely (even when dead) thus shielding the other player from any harm. Using this trick it is even possible to get Lazy together with this trophy. Only attempt this if you've got a really good coop partner though. There is an incredibly helpful video by todayisforgotten in the spoiler box below showing you what to expect:

Toggle Spoiler

Using the PS3 browser? Here is the link: Alien Breed 2: No Damage on 'Cargo'

Praemonitus Praemunitus
Collect all logs through out the game.

This trophy is missable!
There are 14 logs hidden throughout the 5 levels of Alien Breed 2. You will have three 'default' logs right from the start, so there is a total of 17 logs in the game. The logs are not really well hidden, to the contrary, most of them are sitting right in your way.

Level 1 - 4 logs
  • Larval Burst In the small room opposite the generator.
  • Mauler Look out for this after you started the main generator.
  • Healer Open the three flood control doors, then look out for this log in the large room.
  • Octo-Morph Sitting right in your way to the first boss.

Level 2 - 5 logs
  • Screamer Between two of the sentry guns.
  • Stunner Near the exit of the huge room with the moving platforms.
  • Ranged In a small room near the first Intex Terminal in this level.
  • Boney Shield Shortly after the sanitation chamber you'll pass an idle turret - look out for a little room nearby to find this log.
  • Ens. Vance III, W. C. After filtering the air you are allowed to preceed. You will come to a room with a Power Point in it. The log is in a small adjacent room.

Level 3 - 1 log
  • Webber In the large room near the second Intex Terminal in this level.

Level 4 - 2 logs
  • Capt. Wentworth, D. You will need the Comander's DNA to gain access to a certain room in this level. The log is sitting in this very room.
  • Arachno-Morph In a room adjacent to the fifth Intex Terminal in this level (the one you'll pass after initiating self-destruct).

Level 5 - 2 logs
  • Klein, P. In the room with the Elevator room key card.
  • External defense system (EDS) report In the room with the heavy object for the pressure pad.

Stay alive for 8 minutes on any of the Survivor mode single player levels.

The best map to get this is 'Vanguard'. Use the first 2-3 rounds to stock up on large and small health kits and Hyperblaster ammo. There are two large and two small health packs and a couple of Hyperblaster rifles which will respawn at a regular basis. You should use the Assault Rifle for those first rounds. Once it gets uncomfortable at the end of round three, retreat into a corner so you will only be vulnerable on two sides. I have recorded a video for you on how to pull this off; it's in the spoiler box below:

Toggle Spoiler

Using the PS3 browser? Here is the link: Alien Breed 2 - Survivor Trophy

You could also try to trigger a glitch to obtain this trophy. Sometimes when you hide in a corner during round 3 on 'Vanguard', the aliens will stop attacking or even noticing you until you leave the corner again. I got that glitch to work so I made a video for you showing you when and where to hide. This glitch is quite random though, I can't promise that it will work for you. Just click the spoiler box below to watch the video:

Toggle Spoiler

Using the PS3 browser? Here it the link: Alien Breed 2 Survivor Glitch

Rapid Deployment
Complete ‘Cargo’ multiplayer level in 10 minutes or less.

Nothing more to it. Rush through the level as fast as possible and don't waste any time exploring. There is an incredibly helpful video by todayisforgotten in the spoiler box below:

Toggle Spoiler

Using the PS3 browser? Here is the link: Cargo in under 10 minutes

Find all ‘secret’ collectibles.

This trophy is missable!
There are five 'secret' collectibles hidden in Alien Breed 2. They are little bluish turning thingies waiting to be picked up by you. Don't worry if you missed one or two in your first playthrough, the secrets stack across multiple playthroughs. There are five incredibly helpful videos paulc2007 hidden in the spoiler box below showing you exactly where to look for the secrets.

Deadly Assassin
Without taking damage kill 50 aliens in single player.

Sounds hard? Well, it's a walk in the park actually as you are allowed to take damage to your Hardened Armour. You will possibly get this without even trying after you've equipped your first Hardened Armour (toggle items with or , use with ). As long as you manage to kill 50 aliens before you Hardened Armour is junk you'll be fine. If you want to you could save your game before equipping the armour, just to be safe.

Material World
Buy every upgrade.

Even if you explore every last corner in every level you won't be able to save enough money to buy every upgrade. But good news everyone: The upgrades stack across multiple savegames! Here is what you'd want to do:
  1. Save as much money as you can on your recruit playthrough - if you really need something you can buy it, but don't waste your money
  2. In the last level (level 5) find an Intex Terminal and save your game
  3. Buy all the upgrades you can afford and save your game to a different slot. Make sure to remember which upgrades you already bought!
  4. Reload your 'money save' again and buy the next couple of upgrades, then save your game again to a different slot.
  5. Repeat until you got all the upgrades across multiple save games and the trophy will unlock.

Ultimate Boom Stick
Purchase the Damage upgrade for the Rocket Launcher.

You will find your first Rocket Launcher in Level 2. The upgrade will be available at any Intex Terminal, costing 10,000 bucks. Buy it and leave the shop and the trophy will unlock. You will automatically get this while going for Material World.

Safety First?
Save the game 5 times in single player story mode.

The games saves your progress automatically at certain points. You can also save your game manually at any Intex Terminal. Just do this 5 times and the trophy will be yours. You could even do this 5 times in a row at the same Intex Terminal if you want to.

Purchase the Health Kit Upgrade.

Simply buy the Medi Stimulant for 6500 credits at any Intex Terminal. The trophy will unlock once you exit the terminal again.

Hoovering up
In a multiplayer game, acquire 80% of all items, ammo, weapons and cash in one level.

To be awarded this trophy one of the two coop players has to acquire 80% of all items, ammo, weapons and cash in one level, so it's perfect to get this together with Lazy. The person going for the Lazy simply mustn't pick up anything except Hardened Armour, the other person is allowed to pick up all the loot. Only one person at a time can obtains this trophy, so you'll have to take turns if you are playing with a PSN coop partner.

In a multiplayer game, reach the end of a level without dying or firing a shot.

It's possible to get this together with Indestructible. The person who is going for Lazy must never fire a single shot. Always stay back and make sure to pick up and equip the three Hardened Armours which can be found throughout this level. As long as you only take damage to the armour you will get Indestructible at the end of the level. If the other player collects 80% or more of the loot in the level, he/she will be awarded Hoovering up. I will try to upload a video showing you how to obtains those three trophies at one time asap.

Hardcore Pawn
Sell any 10 items or ammuntion at an Intex Vendor.

You might easily miss this... especially since it is a hidden trophy. It's easy-peasy once you know what to do though. Simply sell 10 items at Intex Terminals and this trophy will unlock.

Doctor in the House
Heal yourself for 200 hit points using health kits.

This trophy will come naturally. Unless you are the most 1337 imaginable, you'll need a couple of health kits during the game. Once you healed yourself for 200 hit points (which is not too much) this trophy will unlock.

Goodbye Cruel World
Blow yourself up with a Frag Grenade.

Your health has to be really low for this to work. You can walk into fire or get attacked by aliens to get your health bar down until it is red and Conrad is limping slightly. Now just select a Frag Grenade with or and then tap so you won't throw it too far away. Make sure to get hit by the explosion to get this trophy into your cold dead hands.

In single player story mode, melee one of each type of alien.

You don't have to kill them with melee attacks, one hit for each type of alien will suffice. You perform a melee attack with There are 8 different types of aliens, the last one will be introduced in level 3. You will find Larvals, Maulers and Healers in level 1, Screamers, Stunners, Ranged and Bone Shield Aliens will introduce themselves in Level 2, and finally you will meet the Webber in Level 3. NOTE: You do NOT need to melee the bosses

Deal 200 damage to one alien.

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
A non-missable gold trophy . You will get this during the boss fight at the end of level 1.

In single player story mode, purchase 5 Hardened Armor items from the Intex Vendor.

A Hardened Armour will cost you 2,000 credits at an Intex Terminal, so you'll need 10,000 credits to buy 5 of them. Unfortuately, Hardened Armours are often sold out at the Terminals and maybe you won't be able to find five Terminals which offer Hardened Armours throughout the five levels. However, there is a way around this problem: You are allowed to sell your Hardened Armour to the Intex Terminal and buy it back again. Buy the item for the fifth time and the trophy will pop once you leave the Terminal.
Note: You can do this in one 'sitting' at a terminal, however, the trophy won't unlock until you've left the terminal again. So don't buy and sell for the sixth or seventh time with growing confusion but just leave the shop.

Sentry Duty
In single player, use a sentry gun to kill 20 aliens.

This is probably one of the first trophies you will get. You will find your first sentry gun in the very first level, it's in the room where you have to open/replace the vents. Pick up the sentry gun, choose it with and plug it into the socket in the middle of the room with . The sentry gun will automatically open fire at every alien which comes close to it. Just let it do its work. Be careful, don't get into its line of fire! Once you have replaced the broken vent and started the machine a countdown of one minute will start. During this time, lots of aliens will spawn. Only shoot those who really get too close and let your friend Mr. Sentry take care of the rest. Your trophy should pop before the countdown ends.

Deadly Combo
Kill a stunned alien with a Frag Grenade.

The best way to get this is on the Larval Aliens (the little crawling aliens). Make sure you have a Stun Grenade and a Frag Grenade with you. Equip a Stun Grenade with or , then throw it at a bunch of Larvals with . The longer you hold before releasing it again, the farther Conrad will throw the grenade. Once at least one Larval is stunned (you will notice a purple halo around it) quickly switch to your Frag Grenades with or and, like before, throw it with . If you manage to kill at least one Larval while it is still stunned, this trophy will unlock.

Kill a sentry gun with one rocket.

You will find your first Rocket Launcher in the second Chapter. It will be right on your path right after the little cut scene with the exploding sentry gun. There are three sentry guns in the adjacent area. Equip your brand new Rocket Launcher (toggle weapons with or ) and 'kill' a sentry gun with it to be awarded this trophy. Of course this works with any enemy sentry gun throughout the game.

Complete a single player level with Waypoint Display turned off.

I recommend going for this on your second playthrough. Before you start the first mission on Elite, go to Help and Options Settings and turn of the waypoints. You will still see you mission objective on the map, only the waypoints in between are missing. Since you already played this level on Recruit, you shouldn't have any issues. Once you have finished the first level the trophy will unlock and you can turn your waypoints back on.

Speed Freak
Complete Story Mode on elite difficulty with a total time played of 4 hours or less.

If you followed the road map you will go for this trophy on your second playthrough. You should know the layout of the levels and the various objectives from your playthrough on rookie. You shouldn't have issues beating this game in under 4 hours if you don't waste time:

  • Don't waste your time exploring the levels, only pick up items which are on your way
  • Only kill aliens if you absolutely have to, more often than not you can just run past them
  • Apropos running: is your best friend, press and hold it and Conrad will run

Here are some reference times so you will know if you are still in the timeframe:
  • Level 1: 0:45
  • Level 2: 1:30
  • Level 3: 2:15
  • Level 4: 3:00
  • Level 5: 3:45

Defeat Octo-Morph.

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
This is the first boss battle in the game and it is pretty straightforward. Octo-Morph has two attacks, which are both easily discernible.
When it moves its head back Octo is about to spit a clump of blue snot at you. Snot can seriously damage your health, so make sure to run for it whenever you see Octo moving its head back. From time to time Octi will also throw some exploding barrels at you. You can easily tell when it is about to do this and you should have enough time to run out of harms way. Just keep evading its attacks while shooting Octo-n00b and this trophy will eventually be yours.

Incy Wincy
Defeat Arachno-Morph.

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
This is the boss battle at the end of level 4. You'll be on a train, shooting aliens and the bosses arms. After a set amount of damage the train will split open and you'll be able to shoot the boss directly. Repeat this three times and the boss will be history.



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