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By Pie and Slugge



Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:

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The Completionist
Each and every trophy has been awarded. Congratulations!

Earn all 26 other trophies and the platinum will unlock.

Campaign Veteran
Complete all single player levels 1-5.

This is not at all challenging if you play on Rookie difficulty. The game will give you tons of spare credits so you can buy all available ammo and health packs, meaning you're in little danger of ever running out. Just play through all 5 levels and this trophy will be yours.

Team Veteran
Complete "Hydroponics" in Co-op Assault.

Beat the third map, Hydroponics, on Co-op Assault. You can die as long as you and your partner don't die at the same time, so if they are down, do everything you can to survive. For more details and help on Co-op Assault see Hard to Kill

Fighting Light
Finish any single player level without using an item.

Start a new Single Player Story Mode game on Rookie, and play through the first level without using an item - in other words, keep your finger well away from the L2 button. This is less difficult as it sounds, as you will probably not need to heal yourself unless you are being very careless. Nevertheless, keep saving regularly so that if you do get badly hurt, you can reload.

Alternatively, you can save this for the final level, Interface, as you need to not use any health packs for Ain't Got Time to Bleed!

Against the Odds
Complete all single player levels 1-5 on elite difficulty.

This is extremely difficult later on, although it might not seem too bad on the first level. Make sure to always completely drain the shops of ammo and health packs so that you never run out, and master the use of Stun Grenades, as they are true lifesavers. Keep saving and take breaks when you get frustrated, and eventually you will get this trophy.

Ain't Got Time to Bleed!
Finish 'Interface' single player level without using health packs

Play on Rookie when attempting this. Stay away from the enemies, and try not to get hit. Keep saving at regular intervals and if you get too low on health then reload, as you can't heal.

Hard to Kill
Finish a multiplayer level with no player losing a life.

This trophy is the second hardest in the game next to Against the Odds because not running out of ammo, health packs and credits is extremely difficult, and you have to rely on a good partner to also not die. Progress slowly and keep track of your HUD at all times, when you see a red dot run back to where you've already cleared the area and slaughter the aliens here, instead of standing where you found the aliens, as more aliens might appear behind you. Stun grenades are absolutely crucial when doing this trophy, save them for when you are assaulted by many aliens at once or when you have no ammunition left. Try to get a conversation going with your partner about who needs to get ammunition and health packs the most and do not be greedy. There are a total of 3 Hardened Armors throughout the map "Hydroponics", one is bought of the second store and the last 2 are laying around the map, be careful to not use these to early as they serve as a health pack as well, so use it when your health is low. Make sure to allocate a decent amount of time, as this takes about an hour and there are no checkpoints or save points, if you die you have to start all over again.

An alternative (and much easier) strategy for this can be found here, this has been tested and it works.

Knowledge is Power
Collect all logs through out the game

The logs are not difficult to find because when you walk close by them a label will appear above it, alerting you to its presence. Just make sure to be thorough in exploring all of the map in each level and you should find these easily.

Break Out the Arsenal
Fire every weapon and use every item in single player.

This will most likely come naturally as you don't need to buy any item or weapon, you will eventually find them all. The only one that is slightly confusing is the turret, you will need to find what looks like a hole in the floor and hold L2 next to that whilst the turret is selected. You can only place turrets in these places. In the first level, right at the end, there is a turret already in place and holes for two more. Use these, then forget about this trophy and it will pop before you have completed the game. If not, just use all remaining items and weapons at the end of the game.

Killing Spree
Within 30 seconds kill 20 aliens in single player.

A good place to do this is right at the start of level 2 of the Single Player Story Mode, as there are a lot of small aliens that are very easy to kill. Just make sure to kill lots of aliens very quickly, and this should unlock. Meleeing works particularly well here.

No Stone Unturned
Find all 'secret' collectibles.

Each level contains one secret item, some of which are pretty hard to find, especially as you won't at first know what you're looking for. Look for a transparent item with blue lining. Be thorough in exploring the levels and you should find them all.

Elite Force
Without the player taking damage kill 50 aliens in single player.

This trophy is easiest if you attempt it right at the start of the Single Player campaign, where it's generally easier. Stick to using the Assault Rifle as this means you can stay a safe distance away from the enemies, as the enemies can only damage you from up close. Just keep blasting your enemies from afar and this should unlock without too much trouble.

Born to Kill
Kill 25 aliens in single player

This will unlock as you play the game, there is no need to try for it. It will most likely unlock just after you have found the second Index Terminal in the first Single Player level.

Cash is King
Achieve a balance of 30000 credits or more

This at first seems daunting, but actually it's very easy so long as you're playing on Rookie. Just don't buy anything except ammo and the occasional health pack on Rookie, and sell all other items, and you should have this quite soon.

Big Spender
Purchase the Damage upgrade for the Ion Spike.

This is available late on in the game. You should be able to buy it easily with the money you saved up for Big Spender. Make sure not to squander it on things you don't need and this will be easy. If you don't want the upgrade, save just before you buy it so you can get the trophy and then reload.

Break a Few Eggs
In single player Story mode, destroy 50 alien eggs using melee.

There are a lot of alien eggs scattered about Hydroponics, so this shouldn't present a problem. Just run up to them then press the circle button, and you'll melee them for a one hit kill. You should be doing this regardless of the trophy, as it conserves ammo that you don't need to spend on the eggs.

Break the glass in a window (or witness another player doing this).

In the first Single Player level, when you have found the Mess Hall Key-Card, you will need to get into the Mess Hall. The door is malfunctioning, so you have to break the glass to the right of the door to proceed. The game even displays a hint on screen that the glass can be destroyed at this point. Once you've smashed the glass by shooting it, this trophy will unlock.

In single player Story mode, kill one of each type of alien.

This will come naturally to you as you play the game, you will not get this before level 3, as you won't encounter all alien types before then.

Tooling Up
Purchase an upgrade (or witness another player doing this).

The cheapest upgrade you can buy is the Reload Speed upgrade for the Assault Rifle at 3,500, which you will probably have by Intex Terminal 3 or 4. As this is not a very useful upgrade, you should save your game just before you buy it, then reload after you get the trophy, so you get your money back.

Saving the Day
In single player Story mode, save the game using the Intex Terminal.

From the main menu, start a new Single Player Story Mode game on any difficulty. When you gain control of your character, make your way to the triangle symbol on the radar, which is a Door Fuse. When you have picked this, go to the Door Circuit just outside the room you find this in. Now that the door is repaired, go through it and turn right, and keep walking until you get to a small room with an Index Terminal inside it. Walk up to the terminal, and choose Save Progress. Create a save file, and this trophy will unlock. There are no enemies between your starting location and the Index Terminal.

Pure Pawn
In single player Story mode, sell 10000 credits worth of items or ammunition.

At first, this seems really hard as ammo only sells for 20 credits, but things like turrets and hardened armor sell for 1,000+ credits, so as long as you don't find yourself needing the items, this is very easy to get by just selling items. Don't ever sell ammunition, because you need it too much.

Just Browsing?
In single player Story mode, spend 30 minutes or more in the Intex Terminal menus.

Follow the instructions for Saving the Day, but after you have saved, leave the Intex menu up on-screen for 30 minutes, and this trophy will unlock.

Kill 5 aliens with one shot (or witness another player doing this).

See Massacre.

Kill 10 aliens with one shot (or witness another player doing this).

The perfect place to do this is very near the start of level 2 on Single Player Story Mode, so make sure you have a Stun Grenade and a Frag Grenade when you complete level 1. After the Physician has opened the second door, there is a long, fairly wide chamber crawling with a lot of aliens. Throw a stun grenade at a group of them, and it should hit ten. Then, throw your frag grenade into the group so that they should all die. If you don't quite get 10 with either grenades, just let the aliens kill you, and try again.

Stun 5 aliens with one stun grenade (or witness another player doing this).

See Massacre.

Stun 10 aliens with one stun grenade (or witness another player doing this)

See Massacre.

In single player Story mode, take 500 damage without dying.

Start a new Single Player game on Rookie difficulty. Search the surrounding area for health packs. After you have got the Door Fuse, go to the first Index Terminal and buy a health pack there. Now, go to the fire in the big room opposite the door that needed a Door Fuse, and step into the fire until you are in red health. Step out and heal, and repeat. You will need to use approximately 6 small health packs and 1 large health pack until you have sustained enough damage, so you will need to go to the second Index Terminal and purchase more health packs.

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