Players: Single Player Only
Online Trophies: None
Offline Trophies: All
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: Honestly it depends on your skill level, so I would say somewhere between 20-30 hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 and then you can go back and replay for the medals.
Collectible Trophies: Wardrobe Complete Collect All Medals
Difficulty Trophies: Collect All Medals
Missable Trophies: None, you can replay every level
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

I would definitely suggest using the D-pad instead of the analog stick as the analog seems to sometimes make your spaceman jump up two platforms or run to the side when you want him to jump.

You move slower when you are firing, so with faster enemies I would suggest getting away from them and then shoot.

Go for one medal at a time. Going for multiple ones can often cause mass chaos, including you losing.

If you do happen to get hit you cannot be hurt for about a second. Use this to get out of a sticky situation.

If you are going for a high score, do not be afraid to run after crystals. Go after one multiplier at a time and then wait for a bunch more crystals to pop up on screen. They are the key to a high score as they boost your multiplier.

Learn the movements that the alien-zombies move in. Some go slow some go fast some shoot some can only be attacked from behind etc. Just make sure that you learn your enemies.


1. Adventure Levels
Start out with simply completing all of the Adventure Levels. It will get you a good feel for the game and unlock at least over 100 medals along the way. You will also get Cleansed by doing this. You should also get 3 Million Total Score.

2. Unlock The Rest of The Levels
You will need a total of 180 medals to unlock every level. I would suggest doing the UFO medals as they are fairly simple. After you complete this step your skills in the game should be growing. You will get Universe Explorer after this step. After getting 180 medals you will most likely have 30 Million Total Score as well.

3. Collect The Rest of The Medals
This will be the longest and hardest part of your journey to 100%. There are 284 medals total and many of them can be a huge pain. After unlocking all of the levels, this should take around 10-15 hours to complete. See All The Medals for more detail.


Basic Training
Complete the introduction training level.

This is the very first level. It is just a tutorial showing you the controls. Complete it and the trophy is yours.

My First Spacesuit
Unlock one of the extra Spacesuits.

See Wardrobe Complete

Galaxy Explorer
Unlock 20 levels.

Pretty simple trophy. Levels are unlocked in Alien Zombie Megadeath by collecting medals in other levels. Once you have gotten the number of medals required for that level, it will open up for you to play. The first 20 levels are more on the easy side so this should take you no longer than 20 to 30 minutes. Depending on your skill level.

3 Million Total Score
Get a combined total score of 3 million on all levels.

This is pretty easy. By the time you have completed all of the Adventure Levels, you should have this. If not, go do some survival levels as those are the easiest to rack up points.

Unlock the UFO upgrade.

The first time you encounter UFO's will be in level 13. They fly vertically on the left and right sides of the screen. Keep an eye on the little indicators to see where the UFOs are. To unlock the UFO upgrade you must destroy 12 of the UFO's in level 13. After this other levels will now include UFOs as well.

Universe Explorer
Unlock all the levels.

It is important that you have UFO to make this a lot simpler. There are 71 levels in all and to unlock all of them you will need 180 medals. You most likely will eventually get stuck around levels 40-50 and have to go back and get some medals in the earlier levels.(Unless of course you are a twin-stick shooter GOD)

The UFO medals are always easy to get so I would say to try to get those out of the way for some quick and easy medals.

2 Million Individual Score
Score 2 million on any single level.

You will get this eventually if you are going for the All The Medals trophy. Many medals require you to get over 2-million so like I said, you will get this on you road to 100%. If you just want this trophy though, go to a survival level as those are the easiest to rack up points on.

Wardrobe Complete
Unlock all of the extra Spacesuits.

There are nine spacesuits in total. To unlock a spacesuit you must complete a certain requirement (medal) in a specific level.
Here is a list of the spacesuits and what you must do to unlock them

Green Camouflage: Level 5 Fire Fight; Complete the level Fiend: Level 9-alpha Survival; Kill 250 Fiends
Red: Level 9-alpha Survival; Kill 15 Buffaloes
Baby: Level 10-alpha Survival Space Baby; Rescue 5 Space Babies
UFO: Level 13 UFO; Shoot 12 UFOs ( UFO)
Blue Camouflage: Level 15 Boss Attack; Complete the Level
Demon: Level 15-alpha Survival Boss Attack; Kill 3 Demons
Lumper: Level 19-alpha Survival; Kill 200 Lumpers
Black: Level 30 Decoy; Complete the Level

30 Million Total Score
Get a combined total score of 30 million on all levels.

This can be tough, but like I have said before, if you are going for All Medals Won than you will get this along the way as many levels require you to get well over 2 million points for a medal. If you really do want to get this right away though than go do some survival levels(the red ones)and get really high multipliers.

Complete all the adventure levels. The blue ones!

In total there are 40 Adventure Levels. The Adventure Levels are the blue ones on your map. You will need 100 medals to unlock all of them. You must beat every one to unlock this trophy. Most of the Adventure Levels are not nearly as hard as the extra ones(red)but, some may still give you a little bit of trouble. To know that you have completed it, a "Good Job!" or "Excellent" will pop up onto the screen.

All the Medals
Easy! Collect all the medals.

This will be the hardest trophy in the game. Like it says, you must acquire all medals. There are 284 medals in the game with each level having 4 medals for you to obtain. The medals will vary from things like racking up a high score, collection enough crystals, shooting enough UFOs, killing a certain number of enemies etc. Most levels will take a lot of practice and endurance to get all of the medals. Look at my Tips and Strategies section at the top of the page. They should help you out. Once you get this trophy, you will most likely never play a twin-stick shooter again. Good luck!

P.S. No deaths is a great way to get a lot more points.

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