All Zombies Must Die provides a fun filled downloadable game, where you can create weapons, shoot zombies and mutants across several maps. Jack is having a bad day and the town’s overrun by zombies. He’s being hassled by his ex-girlfriend; he suspects he may be a character in a video game and, worse still, he may not even be the main character. To get through the day and reach sanctuary, he’ll have to make amends with his ex and join forces with a mad scientist and an alien and probably kill a few hundred thousand zombies on the way.

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Players: 1 - 4 (Not online)
Online Trophies: None.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A.
Estimated Time to 100%: 6 - 10 hrs.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: The collector .
Missable Trophies: None.
Glitched Trophies: None reported.

[top]Tips & Strategies


Leveling up - Killing zombies, completing quests and searching items will gain you experience. When you have enough, you will give your character points to spend on upgrading a stat. Upgrading your character can only be done in the character room of the base which is the restroom.

Spending points - In the restroom , you can spend character points acquired by leveling up. Each time you level up, you will get more points to spend here. Spending enough points on any given stat will upgrade that stat, each character favors different stats.

Preferred weapon - Use the character screen to change your preferred weapon. When equipped, preferred weapon grant bonuses to your character stats. Changing your preferred weapon costs credits.

Crafting table
- You can create or modify by combining items. Crafting a weapon costs credits and uses up items. In the game, you will find recipes that tell you which items are needed to make a specific weapon and where to find them. However it is also important to experiment to see what you can make. Failed attempted at crafting only waste credits.

Loot drops - Loot drops appear all over the town. Meet the conditions laid out in the top right of the screen to make a zombie drop the item. Use the items gained to upgrade and craft new weapons.

Weapon receipes - Have a look at the recipe in the inventory of your survival guide. It will tell you which items are needed to make that particular weapon. Receipes are also a good indication of how to make similar weapons.

Killing zombies - I would suggest that you keep moving around as it's not a good idea to remain in one spot as the zombies will quickly surround you, where you will have no room to more or escape.

Further Information - If you would like any further information on the game, such as the new upcoming DLC, visit the official home page - AZMD Home Page

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

I have noticed that the game has froze on me a few times whilst it has been saving or loading, where I've had to switch the PS3 off and restart it.


Step 1: Complete the game trying to also get a few of the trophies out the way - Touch base A Legion of zombies Back with the X Big brain Brian Fists of fury Kill a zombie Master craftman Thought this was a zombie game Watch this

Step 2: Complete all remaining quests - Getting to know each other .

Step 3: Clean up any missed trophies - The collector Cant touch this


Kill a zombie
Kill a zombie

This trophy is very easy and you will get this near enough straight away at the beginning of the game. When you start the game, just kill the first zombie you see appearing out of the ground and the trophy is yours. You will only be equipped with your fists so press the button to perform a punch which you may need to press 2-3 times to fully kill the zombie.

A Legion of Zombies
Kill 500 zombies in one level

I suggest getting this trophy out of the way straight away on the first level before leaving exiting through the gate. At first you will only be equipped with your fists, so just keep punching every zombie you see by pressing the button. If you go to the far right gate, you can pick up a challenge where you will have to find a gun. This can be done using your compass by pressing and follow the gun sign to locate it. Once you pick up your gun you can use it instead to kill the zombies. You can press to switch between your fists and the gun as you might run out of ammo.

Zombies will keep respawning, no matter what so just keep killing the zombie as they appear. Whilst killing the zombies you will notice items jumping out such as hamburgers and turkeys which you will need to pick up to boost your health.

You can pause the game, go to the menu and select the stats option. You can view how many zombies you have killed so far within the stats option. Just keep killing the zombies until you reach 500 killed zombies and the trophy will pop.

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Fists of Fury
Kill a mutant with your fists

One of your quests will be to get out of town via the bridge but you need to kill the mutant to get past. When you get to the bridge area you will automatically go to a short video clip where a zombie walks into the large spill of green liquid and turn into a mutant.

The mutant will have a small red health bar just above his head. When he charges at you or you see him about to do a floor fist punch just move out of the way. Press to switch to your fists and punch him a few times straight after he charges at you or after a floor fist punch and move out of the way. Just keep repeating this until he dies and the trophy will be yours.

Note: If you missed doing this at this quest, you will have other opportunities to do this later on in the game.

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Can’t touch this
Complete a Base quest without taking any damage

The whole game contains only three base quests. The first quest base will be the easiest one to attempt this trophy on which you will get after completing most of the quests with your first character. You will see a large logo in the middle of your screen saying "ALL ZOMBIES MUST DIE" and the first base quest requires you to kill 60 zombies. You need to kill all 60 without taking any damage to get this trophy.

You need patience and some skill as this is the hardest trophy to get on this game. If you have a smart bomb by now I suggest you use it near a large crowd of zombies by pressing . Try and kill a few zombies then ran away and kill a few more and don’t get trapped in a corner or your guaranteed to get hit. You need to be careful when you have killed most of them as the last 10 remaining zombies will power up and will be harder to kill. Kill all 60 without taking any damage and the trophy is yours.

You can try this on the other two bases further along in the game where you will have better equipped weapons such as a chainsaw, cricket and guns but the zombies will be harder to kill.

If you keep dying, then the game allows you to switch to a lower difficulty for that quest by pressing when prompted. It only effects your xp points when lowering your difficulty.

Note: A base allows you to customise your character and as your progress in the game it will allow you to craft weapons, switch characters and equip with different weapons.

Toggle Spoiler

Watch this!
Use your first Smart Bomb

There are two ways in which you can obtain a smart bomb. Firstly you may find a smart bomb in a searchable items but this is quite rare. The other option is to kill multiple zombies very quickly in a row where you will power up and complete a AZMD combo.

I got the AZMD combo using my chainsaw which you will get later on in the game. Kill as many zombies as you can within a large group to have a chance of doing this combo. When you get the combo, you will see at the bottom of your screen that you have received a smart bomb.

When you are equipped with a smart bomb, it is best to use it near a large group of zombies to maximise the use of the bomb. Press to use your bomb and when you do this for the first time, the trophy will be yours.

Master Craftsman
Fully upgrade a weapon with any status effect

To get this trophy you need to fully upgrade any one weapon to level 2. Just pick one weapon to upgrade by looking at the weapon receipes that you will earn whilst playing the game. You can pick up level 1 and level 2 upgrades for certain items on certain maps. View your map and move to each area, where you will see to the left of your screen the items available to earn. Once example is to pick the shotgun and combine it with a first aid kit on the crafting table at your base. Then with that same shotgun combine it with a set of pills and this weapon will be fully upgraded and the trophy will be yours. You can view you receipes and current modifications via the menu as pictured below:

Note: You must use the same character to upgrade that weapon.

Back with the X
Witness Rachel joining the group

This is story related and can not be missed.

You will return to the base to see Rachel after destroying the bridge. You will then have a new quest to get a mobile phone and a megaphone by going to the relevant areas on your map. Once you have both items, return to the base and combine both items on the crafting table. Rachel will then join your group after speaking to her and the trophy will be yours.

Big Brain Brian
Witness Brain joining the group

This is story related and can not be missed.

Once you have completed the radio station quest, you will be asked by Brian to get a uranium rod and a first science kit at the base. Use your map to find the areas where you will find these items. Once you have both items, return to the base and combine them on the crafting table. Brian will then join your group after speaking to him and the trophy will be yours.

Thought this was a Zombie Game?
Witness Luxo joining the group

This is story related and can not be missed.

Once you have completed the power plant quest, you will be asked by Luxo to get a cattle prod and a spark plug. Use your map to find the areas where you will find these items. Once you have both items, return to the base and combine them on the crafting table. Luxo will then join your group after speaking to him and the trophy will be yours.

Getting to know each other
Complete all character quests

You will need to complete all the character quests for Jack, Rachel, Luxo and Brian which are available inside your base. If you see a question mark sign above any of characters head while you are inside the base talk to them by pressing and accept their quest. This also applies to your current selected character where you will need to press to switch character. If you follow the above method and keep switching characters and keep talking to each other, you will discover all the quests.

Each character will be needed for certain quests due to their weapons and features. Each character has loads of quests each making a total of over 60 quests. All the quests are different and will need different weapons and items to complete them. You will notice that you will be going back and fourth throughout the map and where will also need to complete a small mission to pass through the gates to the next map. You can view and change your current active quests via the menu options.

All the quests are self explanatory and you just need to follow what needs doing. One quest that I did get stuck on was the pyromania quest as I couldn't find the tyres. The tyres are in the power plant just to the left of your base, which you need to make safe first before setting them on fire.

Below is some information about all the characters that you will play throughout the game:

Jack: The Gamer. Like you and me, Jack LOVES games! Every possible waking moment is spent in his comfy chair in front of his setup at home destroying cities, saving civilians and, more importantly, killing stuff (mainly zombies, but anything goes in games). Jack has awoken to a dream he has wished for as long as he can remember… a Zombie Apocalypse. Grabbing his trusty shotgun he leaves the house immediately for some gratuitous fun… Jack is pretty sure that this can’t possibly be reality, but is enjoying it so much he doesn’t care…

Rachel: The Girl. Rachel is a bit high maintenance… ok maybe a LOT… She’s Jack’s Ex and she despises him with a passion fuelled by years spent as Jack’s second favourite pastime. She HATES games almost as much as she despises Jack and just wants this whole thing to end. NOW!

Brian: The Geek. Brian is your average mummy’s boy turned social-outcast genius. This zombie apocalypse is the most interesting research project he’s found yet… since the trying to make a girlfriend project didn’t work out that is. Unlike the others, he has a vested interest in what’s going on, but it’s not always clear why…

Luxo: The Alien. Luxo has spent the last few years living “under the radar” on earth, getting by with minor parts in B-movies playing… you guessed it… Aliens! As you can see, he is a master of the art of disguise. Luxo can’t really speak English, so initially he needs Brian to help translate for him. There is a slight problem in this as (a) Luxo doesn’t entirely trust Brian (he may have had something to do with his spaceship crashing on Earth) and (b) he likes to use profanities, which Brian censors out.

Touch Base
Complete ‘Return to the Military Base’

This is story related and can not be missed.

You will need to retrieve all four items requested from the army trucks across several areas on the map, once you are near the end of completing all your quests. Once you have all four items return to the park where you will have to go to the bottom left gate and you will then need to kill 300 zombies. Once all the zombies are dead, you have completed all game and the trophy will be yours.

Note: You have completed the game but you can carry on completing anything you have missed after viewing the credits.

The Collector
Complete ‘Dev Card Hunt!’

The dev card hunt trophy requires you to find 22 cards from across all the areas. These can be found in searchable items where you see a small magnify glass above the objects such as bins, cars, vending machines and other items. When searching these objects press and hold until the small blue bar above your head goes from full to empty which takes about 2-3 seconds.

You can press and visit the active quest page and select the dev card hunt option. Then go back to your game and the dev card hunt will be your current quest and in the top left hand side it will show you have many you have collected so far. Just search every object and every area using all the characters throughout the game to find all 22 cards.

Locations of cards:
  • Bridge - 3
  • Suburbia - 3
  • Police station - 2
  • Town square - 3
  • Power plant - 3
  • Mall - 2
  • TV station - 3
  • Park - 3

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