Players: 1
Online Trophies: 0
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40 hours +
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 may be partial 3rd to clear some things up or to get some of the ending trophies
Collectible Trophies: not really any except the intel but you buy that so there isn't anything that you have to find
Missable Trophies: ending trophies, and almost every trophy for the plot
Glitched Trophies: One with the Shadows seems like everyone has had to do something different to get this trophy

[top]Tips & Strategies

In Alpha Protocol you will assume control of the character Michael Thorton who has signed up for a black ops program to do undercover work for the US government under the program Alpha Protocol. But of course everything doesn't go right and after the first mission you will have to go dark and be thrown into a sequence of events that includes both governmental and Corporate conspiracy. This game is mostly all about stealth as getting your self in large gun fights is only going to cause you more stress but in most missions at some point the story will trigger an alarm during that mission. Kill the guys in your area and try to figure out where the alarm is so you can turn it off as quickly as possible. The battle, gun fighting and targeting for this game are my only real complaint of this game. The system tried to work like Uncharted but failed miserably. But if you can stick to stealth then the story of this game is EPIC and makes it well worth playing. The game is centered around your interactions with the different characters within the game and how much they like or dislike you will drastically change how the story plays out for you and what is available to you throughout the story. You will will have 3 main conversation stances and occasionally a 4th will pop up. Those stances are
  • Suave - This stance is when you are going to see your inner man whore come out with the ladies as you try to charm them. Also, when dealing with others it is also where you are going to see your inner smart ass come out
  • Aggressive - This stance is when you are going to see your inner A-hole come out and basically all you want to do is shoot and kill everything
  • Professional - This stance is much more business like where you are going to deal with the characters in a much more civilized nature.
  • Veteran - This is the stance that will come up when you have a different option or action available. You will mostly see it come up when you have the chance to execute a certain character within the game. Also, if you are playing with the Veteran background you will have some other options available to you for dialogue especially with Parker.

Each character in the game will either like, dislike or be neutral to one of these stances as you are having dialogue with them. This is going to effect your reputation score with them which is on a scale from -10 to +10. Depending on where they are in the scale is going to change the options available to you throughout the game and how the character interacts with you. Look down at the Thorton Inc trophy to see which stance the different characters prefer and do the opposite if you are trying to piss them off. The scale looks like this.
  • -10 Hatred
  • -9 to -6 Animosity
  • -5 to -2 Dislike
  • -1 to 1 Neutral
  • 2 to 5 Liked
  • 5 to 9 Trusted
  • 10 Friendship

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


Playthrough 1 - EASY Playthrough

You will want to start this playthrough on easy and you will want to start it on RECRUIT so that you can play on vet. for your second playthrough. Also, you will be going for SMG multiplier trophy and the Shotgun critical hit trophy. In this playthrough you will get the main trophies for beating the game and beating the different missions in Saudi Arabia, Moskow, Rome, and Taipai. Also, you will get the trophies for the different minigames like lock picking, hacking and the electronic panels and alarms. You should also get the "Building a Deadlier Moustrap" during the training in the beginning of the game. Also, go for Technophile while you are playing. Listed below are the rest of the trophies that you should be going for. Basically with this play through you should be trying to piss everyone off and killing everyone who you have a chance to execute. During this playthrough you will want to build up your stealth, SMG and shotgun trees so you can get used to the stealth features for hard mode and the SMG so you can get the multiplier trophy as well as the shotgun so you can get the 100 critical hits
  • Desert Spear
  • Keeping the Peace
  • Never Trust a Sociopath
  • Hard Choices
  • Youth Trumps Experience
  • One less Gangster
  • Price for Lying
  • Judge, Jury and Executioner
  • No time for Love
  • Anti social
  • Crime Buster

Playthrough 2 - Hard Difficulty and choose the Veteran option(This option will only be open if played your first playthrough on recruit)
For this playthrough Stealth is going to be your best friend and the 2 gun types you will want to use are going to be the pistol class and the Assult Rifle. On veteran you start with a certain amount of AP points and then you will have to build up your skill trees from scratch. You start with AP points so build up your stealth as much as you can first and apply this strategy throughout the rest of the game. Then work on your toughness tree to increase your health as well as your pistol tree because a certain pistol ability will make the bosses in the game much easier. If you max out all of these trees save your points even as you gain more until more options in these trees become available so that you don't waste any points and can continue to upgrade these 3 skill sets as much as you can. Also, another way to make this hard playthrough easier is by making everyone like you. So your objective in this playthrough is to make every character your best friend because this will make missions easier and will also make more Intel available to you. Here are the trophies you should be going for on this playthrough.
  • Social Butterfly
  • Ready for Anything
  • One with the Shadows
  • Rome-ance
  • Office Romance
  • Exclusive Interview
  • Savage Love
  • Ladies Man
  • Stay of Execution
  • Secret Service
  • A Plot Uncovered
  • Friends before Strangers
  • Respected Enemies
  • A price on Mercy
  • Russian Alliance
  • Ask Questions First, Shoot Later
  • Thorton Inc.
  • Rising Star
  • No Compromise, No Mercy
  • Hardcore


Earn All Trophies

Basic Training
Complete the Training Mission.

You will start the game by waking up in the training facility and you just need to make it through a few guys and go through weapons training, Gadget training and the obstacle course and then you will speak to westridge and he will give you your first assignment in the middle east. This trophy will pop after you talk with Westridge.

Alpha Protocol
Complete Operation Desert Spear.

You will get this trophy after you complete your mission in the middle east. There are a variety of missions you must complete before you are able to do the mission with Nasir. Once you have completed that mission you will do the final mission where you are trying to catch up with the missiles and Saheed. At the end of this mission you will fight one of Shaheed's lieutenants and then a tank. After you destroy the tank you will be put into a conversation with Saheed who was in the tank. You will have the choice to let him go or you can kill him.

*NOTE whether you let him die or let him go DOES AFFECT the rest of the story line and a few other trophies like the ending trophies and Thorton INC. So look at those trophies and the road map. After you make your choice this trophy will pop.

Operation Blood Fued
Complete Operation Blood Feud.

You will get this trophy after you complete the moscow mission. Depending on how your dialogue goes with Brayko at the end of your fight him will decide when you get this trophy. For sake of other trophies always extract as much information from Brayko as you can before you decide if you are going to let him go or kill him. By getting more information you will open up another mission "Prevent Surkov's escape" This mission is essential to other trophies in the game. If you got the new mission then the trophy will pop after you beat "Prevent Surkov's escape" otherwise if you just kill Brakyo it will pop after the mission where you fight him "Assualt Brayko's Mansion".

*NOTE: Once again if you are going for plat then you must get the Surkov mission otherwise other trophies will be affected and you will need another playthrough.

Operation Deus Vult
Complete Operation Deus Vult.

You will get this trophy after you complete the Rome missions. The final mission will be "Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art." Once again you will have the opportunity to let him go free or fight to the death based on how much he likes or dislikes you. This will have major consequences on some of the other trophies in the game so look at those.

Operation True Heirs
Complete Operation True Heirs.

You will get this trophy at the score screen at the end of the missions in Taipai. The last mission will be "Stop Omen Dang at the memorial Rally"

Full Circle
Complete Alpha Protocol.

After you beat the mission in the Middle East, Rome and Taipi you will get a chance to go back to where you came from. At the end you will fight either Westridge or Leland as the final boss. Once you have defeated them you should see the ending credits with this shiny trophy popping up. Also, based on the way you played the game throughout and your relationship with the characters you should also be getting one of the following trophies Rising Star, Crime Buster, No Compromise, No Mercy, Thorton Inc.

Rising Star
Join Halbech and stop Alpha Protocol.

For this trophy you will need to have built a high rep with Leland throughout the game. To do this basically all you have to do is use for Professional responses every time and you will have enough rep for Leland to offer you a job before the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol mission". You will fight Westridge at the end and after you beat him you will have a chance to either work with Leland or betray him. Go ahead and pick to go with him and you will get this trophy. If you choose to betray him then you will want to have had a high rep with every character in the game so you can get Thorton Inc. That will be described below.

Crime Buster
Reconcile with Alpha Protocol and stop Halbech.

For this ending trophy you need to go through the game without killing ANY American agents. You can still go up behind them and take them down or you can use traquilizer darts on them but you CAN'T use lethal force in killing any of them. There are American agents in the following levels "Intercept Surkov at US Embassey", "Intercept NSA Intelligence" and "Bug CIA Listening post." Also, if you allowed Shaeed to live then don't go along with him when he asks you to betray your country. Once again take the deal to join Leland and Westridge will be your final boss. Kill him and then kill or arrest Leland.

No Compromise, No Mercy
Put an end to Halbech and Alpha Protocol

For this ending you will want to reject Leland's offer for employment. If you don't want to be boring then I would give him your answer by punching him in the face. Also, you must have spared Saheed life at the end of the middle eastern mission. Then before you take the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" Mission take the mission "Contact Sheikh Ali Shaheed." In this mission agree to betray your country with professional responses. Then go ahead and kill Westridge and execute or arrest him and then depending on how you played the game and interacted with the characters you may have a scence with Leland as well. Also, kill or arrest him and then this trophy will pop.

Complete Alpha Protocol on Hard difficulty setting.

For this trophy you are going to want this to be your second play through. The attributes that you should focus on for you AP points are Stealth, Pistol and Toughness. This mode makes the game harder so you are going to want to play the levels in as much stealth as you can as that will be the easiest way to survive. Then the two guns that you should be using are the AR and the pistol with the assault rifle being your main weapon as it is the easiest gun to take down enemies with a headshot and then your pistol with the bosses because of an ability you will learn with the pistol that will make taking down as bosses or enemies with armor pretty easy.

The other thing to watch out for is that the mini games for hacking, lock picking and turning off alarms will become much harder especially later in the game. The lock picking will now have 5 tumblers with less time which will leave little room for error. Alarms will now have 10-12 numbers in a much more complex pattern where it will drive your eyes nuts just trying to find the next number. The Hacking mini game will give you codes that are half as big and thus harder to find. My advice for this would be to carry as many EMP charges as you possibly can so that you don't have to worry about dealing with the difficulty. The EMP charge automatically beats it or unlocks what you are trying to do for you.

I said up above you will want to focus your points on 3 areas.

Stealth: This will be an important one to upgrade and you should always upgrade this section first. The most important thing being that about 4 upgrades in it will turn on arrows above all enemies heads so that you can always see where they are, what direction they are facing and can better understand there patterns even if you are not in the same room. Also, you will unlock an ability that will allow you to go basically invisible that will make it much easier to sneak up on enemies. The further you upgrade the more time you can be invisible with the last one being 30 seconds. Also, you will unlock an ability where if an enemy does see you it will give you a few seconds before they are alerted. As you can see this is the most important upgrades in the game, especially on hard difficulty.

Pistol: The upgrades for this gun are important because you will unlock an ability that will make every boss in the game much easier. The pistol upgrade will allow you to slow down time and get in multiple headshots on the boss in slow motion. The beautiful thing about this is that you can line it up while you are still in cover and out of range of being hit. As you progress this ability you will get more and more shots to a maximum of 6. This ability will allow you easily cut through there armor and take down some of there health. Then once again you can hide and wait for it to recharge.

Toughness: This upgrade just increases the amount of health you can have and also the amount of body armor that you will have so it will make it so that you won't die as easily.

Evolution of an Action Hero
Complete Alpha Protocol using the Recruit background.

Instead of using a specific pre determined class like "solider" you can go down to the bottom and choose "Recruit" this will basically give you a blank slate to work off of. You are going to want to do this on your easy playthrough so that you can pick veteran when you do your hardcore playthrough to give you a leg up. On your easy playthrough you are still going to want to focus on stealth and you will also want to build up your SMG because upgrading it will help you to get your max multiplayer trophy.

Desert Spear
Assassinate Sheikh Shaheed.

You will have the opportunity to obtain this trophy in 2 places. 1.) At the end of the mission "Intercept Shaheed and recover missiles" where after you defeat his lieutenant and the tank you will get put into a conversation with him. Choose the execute option and you will toss him off the bridge and this trophy will pop shortly after. 2.) You will also have the opportunity to do this during the "contact" Sheikh Ali Shaheed" mission where if you go to meet him you can execute him during this mission. I would recommend as far as the rest of the game goes to execute him during the first mission which you will need to do for the "Judge, Jury and Executioner" trophy.

Stay of Execution
Allow Shaheed to Live.

In the "Intercept Shaheed and recover misslies" mission after you kill his leutinent and tank you will be put into a conversation with Shaheed. Choose all Profesional responses and allow him to live. This trophy will pop shorty after. This trophy should go along with your play to try and get the trophy "Ask questions first, Shoot Later"

Secret Service
Prevent the assassination of President Ronald Sung.

You will recieve this trophy at the end of "Intercept Omen Dang at the Memorial Rally". To get this trophy you need to choose to save the assassination data at the end of the mission "Intercept Assassination plans". Also, just to be safe go to meet with Mr. Sung and choose all profesional responses to try and warn him about the immediate threat on his life.

Keeping the Peace
Prevent a riot from killing hundreds in Taipei.

You will receive this trophy at the end of the mission "stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally". To get this trophy all you need to do is decide to save the riot data after the mission "Intercept Assassin plans." Also, it may help or it may not but when you go to talk to Sung use suave or aggressive responses so that he won't take the threat seriously.

A Plot Uncovered
Discover the identity of Sung's assassin.

Depending on your reputation with different characters you can earn this trophy in different places.

1.) The easiest being that if you have a high enough rep with Scarlet lake then go and meet with her in the "contact Scarlet Lake" mission before the "infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission. Then she will appear in the interrogation room during the "infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission. Go and save her and she will admit to you that she was the assassin.

2.) The other spot is if you don't go to see her in the contact Scarlet Lake mission then she will not appear in the interrogation room. If you fight Leland at the end then spare his life and you will get shot in the back. Then you will be shot in the back and you will find out that the assassin was scarlet Lake.

3.) If you spared Omen Dang in the final mission in Taipai then during the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission while you are trying to contact parker. If you choose to download the information from Dang to the PDA then it will show you footage of Scarlet with a sniper rifle at the Sung Rally. You can also obtain the trophy here.

Never Trust a Sociopath
Alienate 'secret agent' Steven Heck.

So you will meet Heck in Taipai and he is crazy. Do all other missions before you go to see him and you will get an automatic -2 because you have been doing missions on his turf without coming to see him first. When you do go to see him you will want to choose all professional responses as that will make him even more mad at you. Also, keep his emails and don't respond to them but keep them for later. Also, during the "Grand Hotel" mission don't delete the data that he asks you to take care of because that will give you an automatic -2 once again. He should be close to -10 by now. Then use professional responses on his emails later on which will make him more mad.

This trophy won't pop until the end of the "Stop Omen Dang at the Memorial Rally." He will tell you how much he doesn't like you and that he gave your name to the cops. Then the trophy should pop at the end right as you hear the newscasters call out your name.

Hard Choices
Stop the plot to destroy the Roman History Museum.

In the mission "Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art" you will be given a choice to go east or west. Choose the option to go east and disarm the bomb in the museum. You will have to let Madison die but you will be awarded this trophy at the end of the mission after you go east.

Friends Before Strangers
Save Madison Saint-James from certain death.

In the mission "Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art" you will have a choice to go east or west. Choose to go West to save Madison. The museum will blow up but you will save Madison at the end of this mission and thus receive the trophy.

Respected Enemies
Gain Marburg's respect and best him in combat.

No matter if you go east or west in the final Museum level in Rome you will have a chance to fight Marbug. Now your reputation with him at the time is going to mean everything for this trophy and the next trophy. For this trophy you will want to get a reputation as high as you can with Marbug.

First way to do this is just to simply choose Professional choices every time you are talking with him. This should bring your rep up with him close to +10.

The other way to up your rep with Marburg is based on some of the choices you have made within the game up to this point.
1.) If you have negative Rep with SIE up to the point when you meet him in the cafe then it will net you a +1 rep with Marburg
2.) If you don't alert or kill any agents in the "bug the CIA listening post" mission or "Intercept NSA Intelligence" and if you allowed Al-Bara to live then it will net you a +2 with Marburg.

When you fight Marburg you will need to have your rep with him up to at least +6

Youth Trumps Experience
Provoke Marburg into a fatal duel.

No matter if you go east or west in the final mission in Rome at the Museum you will have to fight Marburg. The only way you will be able to provoke him to a fatal duel is if you have a negative rep with him of at least -6. There are some different ways to achieve it.

1.) positive Rep with SIE will give you -1 with Marburg
2.) Kill or alert guards in the "Bug the CIA listening post" and "Intercept NSA Intelligence" missions along with killing Al-Bara to give you a -2 with Marbug
3.) Also, choose suave responses with Marburg to maximize the amount of negative rep with him.

Once you get Marburg's health low enough, if you have low enough rep with him then he will challenge you to a fight to the finish. Defeat him and this trophy will pop after you kill him.

One Less Gangster
Eliminate Konstantin Brayko.

At the end of mission "Assault on Brayko's mansion" you will fight Brayko. For this trophy all you need to do is Eliminate Brayko to get this trophy. *NOTE: Before you kill Brayko extract information from him so that you will get the final mission with Surkov. You will get this trophy regardless but it will effect some other trophies and could cause additional playthroughs. So make him reveal that Surkov was lying to him first, then kill him and this trophy is yours.

A Price On Mercy
Spare Konstantin Brayko.

This trophy is similar to the trophy above. At the end of the "Assault on Brayko Mansion" you will have to fight Brayko. After you defeat him make sure to extract enough information from him so you can get the final mission with Surkov. Let him live after getting the information and this trophy will pop shortly after.

Russian Alliance
Forge a Partnership with Sergei Surkov.


In your meetings with Surkov you will want to always choose Professional Responses. In the mission "Prevent Surkov's escape" you will meet up with Surkov and through professional responses he will ask to create a partnership with you. Take the partnership and this trophy is yours. He has to like you for this to happen so like I said always use professional responses when dealing with him.

Price For Lying
Kill Surkov for lying to you.


In the mission you get from talking to Brakyo "Prevent Surkov's escape" decline his offer to make a partnership with him. He will sick his bodyguard Chapionchik on you. Kill him and then make your way the rest of the way through the level and you will go outside and Surkov will be running towards the helicopter. You will shoot him in the knee to slow him down and then you will want to go ahead and execute him to get this trophy.

Ask Questions First, Shoot Later
Refrain from killing in cold blood.

You will want to do this trophy along with Thorton Inc. Basically for this trophy any time that you have the chance to excecute someone you will want to let them go and not excecute them. Here is a list of people throughout the game you will want to let go.

1.) Nasir - I would suggest just letting him go, will net you a nice amount of cash
2.) Shaheed - Choose to let him go and it will allow you to meet up with him later
3.) Sis - After you fight her on Lazo's yacht, let her go and don't kill her
4.) Brayko - Choose to let him go after you defeat him and once again you will net yourself a nice amount of cash
5.) Albatross - Choose him for the final mission in Moscow "Assault on Brakyo's Mansion" and save him from being tied up.
5.) Surkov - In "prevent Surkov's escape" take his partnership and let me go
6.) NSA Gelato guy - Let him live by telling him you are there to upgrade the computers from a virus.
7.) Al-Bara - Don't kill him with the sniper rifle
8.) Sung - Choose the Assassination Data you can save him
9.) Omen Dang - Spare his life after defeating him at the end of the Memorial Rally mission.
10.) Mina - Save her in the "infiltrate Alpha Protocol mission
12.) Scarlet - don't go to see her before the final mission "Assault on Alpha Protocol" so she will show up later and then tell mina or steven to wait at the end from killing her
13.) Westridge - spare his life at the end
14.) Leland - Spare his life or arrest him as well but don't kill him

Judge, Jury, and Executioner
Let your gun do the talking.

Look at the list up above for "Ask questions first, shoot later" instead of sparing the lives of those different characters instead choose to execute them.

Thorton, Inc.
Turn all of your enemies into allies in one single career.

This trophy is a pain and basically this trophy will go with the trophy "Ask questions first, Shoot later" because you need to make ALL characters throughout the game your friend. There will be a few characters that you have to kill but try to make friends with them before you get to that point in the game. Then at the end of the game when Leland offers you a job, take it. Then at the end you will have 1 more chance to betray him. Betray him now where you will go into a long speech about how you have made all these friends and you don't need him anymore. You can kill him after you pick betray and then as you sail off you will get this trophy. Below you will see a list of all the characters and what there dialogue preferences are to ensure that you maximize your rep with them.

Mina - Professional responses (once you get some rep with her and she is frisky you can use Suave choices as well) Also, you must save Mina from the obstacle course at the end of the game in the final mission.

Darcy - Suave choices with him throughout the game. You will get to kill this D-Bag at the end of the game but you will want to maximize your rep with him before your showdown

Parker - Professional and Veteran choices if available. Also, do his little side quest but make sure you are not spotted to maximize your rep with him. At the end of the game you will have to kill this dork but don't worry about it.

Westridge - Aggressive and spare his life at the end.

Leland - Professional choices all game and that will give you high enough rep for him to offer you a job. Accept his job offer and then you will have to betray him at the end. By that time it doesn't really matter.

Nasri - Aggressive choices and then spare his life and let him go.

Shaheed - Professional and then choose to spare his life. Then before the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission make sure to go and visit him and agree to betray your country.

Sis - Professional Responses and spare her life after you fight her on Lazlo's yacht.

Albatross - Professional Responses, don't give Sis back her chain when you meet Albatross because he will be pissed she gave it to you. Also, choose him as your handler for the "Assault on Brayko's Mansion" mission and then save him from the guest house. Also, you will bug G22 servers in Taipai and after the mission he will ask you to shut it down. Do so.

Gregori - Suave and reroute the missiles to him.

SIE - Aggressive and agree to her terms to stay out of each others way in the mission where you first meet her in Moscow. Use her as your handler in the final mission "infiltrate Alpha Protocol"

Brayko - Professional and agree to his terms to let him go and also make sure you get the information from him to open the last mission with Surkov

Surkov - Professional and when you meet him at molotek agree to his terms to create a partnership.

Scarlet - Professional with a little Suave mixed in. Send her the emails of Halbech coverups, then make sure to see her before the final mission "infiltrate Alpha Protocol" to give her the Halbech data. Then make sure you save her from the interrogation room as you are leaving the medical bay in the final mission.

Marburg - Professional

Madison - Suave

Steven Heck - Suave for the most part but when you first go to meet him and he is about to torture some guy your first response should be with aggressive to get an immediate +2. Also, go to see him AS SOON AS YOU GET TO TAIPAI. It won't be the first mission listed but it should be the first mission you complete. Also, make sure to delete his data off the NSB computer in the Grand Hotel.

Hong Shi - Professional

Deng - Professional and spare his life after you fight him

Sung - Professional. Choose to save the assassination data so that you can save his life

Leland - Professional and accept his offer to join Halbech. Then partner with him in the end.

Romance Madison.

You will meet Madison St. James in Rome. Use the Suave choices to woo Madison and get her reputation up with her. Choose her as your handler for the mission "Investigate Marburg's Villa". Then you will tell her to get some sleep. When you get back you will have the option to either check on her or let her sleep. FOR THIS TROPHY CHOOSE THE OPTION Check on her. Then do the following in the conversation for a little afternoon delight .

You will talk with her for awhile then choose

Then you will make your move after you talk about her good dreams and you will seal the deal and the trophy is yours DING!!

Office Romance
Romance Mina.

For Mina you will have all game to get your rep up with her. For Mina you will want to use Professional choices when talking to her and then throw in some Suave choices when the moment is right and she is feeling a little more playful. Just use your own insight to time this and if you get it wrong that probably means you need to go outside and talk to some REAL girls more often . Okay but back to seducing Mina. Through Dialogue choices you should be able to get Mina up to +10 without a problem. Watch out because if you kill any innocent people in levels or American agents you will get a -1 rep from her per each one you kill. This includes guards in the Museum in Rome and the Hotel in Taipai. You can take out these guards as well as the American agents but always do it with a takedown or a tranquilizer round and Mina won't mind. You stick to the information above and you should have a +10 rep with Mina in no time. She will then show up in your hotel room before the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission and his is where you can get it done. Choose the following options to seal the deal.


Then you will see a cutscene where you are crawling into bed with her and everything will go dark. When the scene comes back you will see the perk show at the bottom left of the screen and then your trophy will pop DING!!!

Exclusive Interview
Romance Scarlet.

You will meet the beautiful Scarlet Lake on the plane after you leave Saudi Arabia after the first mission. For the most part you will talk to Scarlet much the same way you talk to Mina only Mina is a little more playful. Meaning use Professional responses for the most part but stick in a few Suave choices when you see an opportunity. Also, if you send her Halbech cover up stories that you get in your email, each one will increase your rep with her by +1. It should be pretty easy to get your score up with her. If you have a rep of at least +5 after you have beaten Moscow, Rome and Taipai then before the final mission of "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" you will have another mission called "contact Scarlet Lake". You will go to her hotel room and do what Thorton does best with the ladies in a hotel room . Here is how you should play the conversation in the hotel.

Stay, turn on the plowing tracks and do what you came there to do
Cutscene will happen then DING!! Trophy

Savage Love
'Romance' SIE.

You will meet the sexy and very Violent SIE in Moscow after she guns down like 10 guys. To get SIE going you are going to want to use only Aggressive responses with her and you should see your reputation with her grow pretty quickly. Also, IMPORTANT YOU MUST CHOOSE HER AS YOUR HANDLER FOR THE FINAL MISSION "INFILTRATE ALPHA PROTOCOL" Then you will find yourself strapped to a table in the medical bay similar to how the game started only this time there is a horny monster in the room ready to take advantage of you. Here is how the responses should go.

Might as well

The last one will be after she has removed her pants and climbed on top of you. Just let her do what she wants and not only will you feel better but you will receive a nice trophy.

Ladies' Man
Romance all the ladies in Alpha Protocol in a single career.

This trophy is for Romancing Madison, Mina, Scarlet and SIE all in the same playthrough. You should receive this trophy just after you receive the trophy for romancing SIE. Look at the trophies above to find tips on how to romance each individual lady.

No Time For Love
Complete the game without being seduced.

This trophy is the opposite of the other trophies for romancing Madison, Mina, Scarlet and SIE. *NOTE: you have to choose SIE as your handler and shut her down while you are in the medical Bay.

Tips for this trophy

Madison - When you come back from the mission and it asks you if you want to let her sleep or wake her up. Let her sleep and you will bypass the chance of the both of you getting dirty.

Mina - You can easily reduce your rep with her by killing guards at the Museum in Rome or the hotel in Taipai or by killing American agents. Each one you will kill will give you -1 so if you still have a rep of +5 or higher with her then kill some of the people mentioned above and then you won't be in your hotel room.

Scarlet - The easiest thing to do is to just not visit her before the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission.

SIE - You must have a decent rep with her because you must use her as your handler in the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission. This will lead you to temptation but you can resist with Professional responses. She will still let you go even without the afternoon delight and then this trophy should pop.

Hard to Read
Across 90 dialogue choices, you've used each stance at least 25% of the time.

For this trophy you will need to use the Professional choices, Aggressive choices, Suave choices each 23 times over 90 dialogue choices. The Veteran or special choices that use don't count. You should be able to pretty easily get this trophy when you are going for things like anti-social and you don't care what your rep is with the other characters. This trophy may just come as you play the game or you can keep track and just make sure you use each stance 23 times.

Social Butterfly
Gain Liked reputation status of 3 people (who must all Like you at the same time).

This trophy is really easy and can be obtained before you even get out of the training facility. Look above at the Thorton Inc trophy to see how you should talk with each character to get them to like you. You only need to have 3 characters with a rep of +3 or more and this trophy will be yours.

Get 3 people to hate you (who must all hate you at the same time).

For this trophy you will want to use dialogue choices that are unfavorable to the characters you are interacting with. This trophy can also be obtained before you even leave the training facility but if you don't get it then. Have no fear because there is plenty of game left and plenty of characters to make hate you. Look at the Thorton Inc trophy to see what dialogue choices each character likes and choose different choices. Once you get a 3rd character to -3 or lower the trophy will pop.

Ready For Anything
Acquire the vast majority of Intel available in the game.

The intel in the game that this trophy is referring to is the Intel that you can buy from the clearinghouse. I would recommend you buy all of this intel ALWAYS but there are some situations throughout the game that will open up more intel to you. If you arrest or let Nasir go then more intel will be come available. Letting different characters live in general and being friends with them is going to open up more intel to you throughout the game. Also, by partnering with Surkov that will open up more intel for you. Keep buying and this trophy should pop after you buy the majority of the intel in your final mission depending on the order you play it in, that could be Moscow, Rome or Taipai but I got mine in Taipai.

Pistol Mastery
Score 100 Critical Hits with the Pistol.

A Critical Hit with a pistol in this game is when the reticule zooms in all the way so it turns red. You will begin this process by holding down to aim. Hold your reticule steady and you will notice it zoom in. I would recommend head shots as it will then kill them in 1 shot. Do this 100 times and your trophy will pop.

SMG Havoc
Achieve the maximum SMG Critical Hit Multiplier 7 times in your career.

This trophy is for the SMG guns in the game. When you aim with you will see a reticule pop up but you will also see a bar below it with a x1.0 below it. Now as you hit enemies you will start to see that bar fill and when it is full you it will go up to x1.1 and so on to a max of x1.7 which you will need to do 7 times to get this trophy. When you stop shooting you will see the bar start to decrease so if there aren't any other enemies then you will lose the multiplier you had. Also, DON'T RELOAD. that will cause you to lose your multiplier. It will be tough to get to x1.7 till later in the game when you can get extended clips from the clearing house and get the ability bulletstorm. Bosses are a great place to get the multiplier as well as spots with a lot of enemies. Keep shooting and you should receive a perk after you get 3 of these to let you know you are on your way.

Shotgun Crowd Control
Score 100 Critical Hits with the Shotgun.

Use the Shotgun and aim with , wait for the reticule to come around to form a full circle that is red and then you can shoot to score a critical hit. Basically this trophy is best to do on easy because you will have to stand out in the open a little bit to wait for it to go red. Or you can use the shotgun ability Room Sweep so that every shot is a critical hit. either way do this 100 times and the trophy will be yours. You will get the Shotgun Rampage perk at 50 to let you know you are half way done.

Assault Rifle Marksmanship
Score 100 head shots with the Assault Rifle.

Just like the pistol and Shotgun when you aim the Assault rifle with the reticule will zoom in and as it does it will turn red. Only the assault rifle has 4 little arrows in the middle when it turns red and you want those arrows to meet on your enemies head. The head shot has to kill them to count but this gun is very useful in your hard mode run and you will get the perk Assault Rifle Precision when you have killed 50 enemies with head shots.

Black Bel
Defeat 50 enemies with CQC.

CQC means Close Quarters Combat which just basically means any enemies you take down by way of Melee attacks. Also takedowns from behind with also count. I would just focus on takedowns so that you don't raise any alarms and also the takedowns to get this trophy will get you 2/3 of the way to your lurker trophy.

You Evaded (or defeated via Takedown moves) 75 enemies.

For this trophy you have to sneak up behind your enemy and push for it to count towards this trophy. As I said before stealth is your best friend in this game and this is the quietest and quickest way to take out enemies so this move will become your best friend.

One With The Shadows
Complete 3 missions with less than 5 kills and with no enemies alerted to your presence.

This trophy is probably going to be the biggest pain in the ass out of the entire trophy list. Basically there are only a few missions throughout the entire game that don't have an alarm as part of the mission. So the first pain is that there are only about 4 or 5 missions where you can accomplish this task. The other problem is that after reading through the internet and trying for this trophy multiple times it seems like everyone has done something different to get it. I am going to tell you how I got it and it should work or you can try other people's ways but the other ways didn't work for me. The Second part that makes this so tough is that you have to have less than 5 kills. Now a takedown or using tranquilizers in your pistol are not supposed to count as kills so you should be able to take all of the guys out in a mission as long as you don't actually use lethal force to kill them. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE FOR ME. I was only able to take out 5 guys total during the missions, this is how I finally got the trophy to pop.

An enemy is considered "alerted" if the arrow above there head goes red. Now you will only get this arrow if you have upgraded your stealth abilities enough. I have read you can let some turn yellow and I have read that you can't. For me I wasn't able to allow any enemies arrows to turn yellow so keep them blue just to be safe.

Also, you will want to wear armor that is high in noise reduction so you can get closer to enemies without them knowing you are there, you may even have to wear no armor in the beginning levels at it is much less noise than your starting armor. You only need to do this for the 1 mission and then you can put your armor back on for the missions where you will have to fight. I would suggest always using the takedown as if you miss with a traq dart it could alert them or somebody close to them. The only missions where this is even possible is
"Bug Al-Samad Airfield"
"Prevent Surkov's escape" - Have to partner with him otherwise the enemies will be alerted when you fight championchik
"Bug CIA Listening post" - Don't mess with the box downstairs, bc that triggers a guy to come down and check on it and there is no need for the extra
"Investigate Warehouse District data Trail"
I also think you can do it at the hotel in Taipai as long as you don't delete Steven Heck's data. I would go for 1 of the first 4 for best results.


Complete 5 missions wherein 6 different gadgets are used.

This is fairely simple, with really the only thing holding you back is the ability to hold 6 gadgets at 1 time. In the technical aptitude skill tree you can upgrade the number of slots that you can have to carry gadgets or you can make different armor choices to upgrade the number of spots that you have quicker. Basically all you need to use are just various types of grenades and EMP and mines where you can basically just throw all of them out in a row and then use your EMP on the first locked item you come to. Go to the clearinghouse and make sure to buy enough of each item. Use ALL 6 gadgets in 5 missions and the trophy will be yours after you use the last gadget in the 5th mission.

Building a Deadlier Mousetrap
Have 100 placed devices detonate.

For this trophy you need to use various gadgets where the devices need to be PLACED not THROWN. You can use EMP, Remote mines, Shock traps, Flashbangs, Explosive Grenades, Incendiary grenades, and concussion grenades. You will also need 100 different enemies that will never see what they got coming to them To place the device you have to hold down until you see an outline of the device on the nearby wall or floor. When you release it will place the device. Then simply the device just has to get tripped so it goes off but it doesn't have to kill the enemy. If you just want to go ahead and get this trophy over with as soon as possible then you can do it during your gadget training. As your second challenge you will gain access to unlimited number of concussion grenades. Place the max you can on the wall which is 5 and throw another one at it to blow up those 5. Rinse and Repeat 20 more times to get to 100 and the trophy is yours.

Breaking and Entering
Pick 10 locks.

This is a mini game where you will have plenty of opportunity throughout the game to pick locks on safes and doors. When the screen opens there will be the timer at the top and then you will see anywhere between 3-5 tumblers based on the difficulty you are playing on. You will need to apply pressure to to slowly move the tumbler up or down so that the tumblers red section comes in line with the red laser line. Once you get the 1st one you will move to the second and so on. Once you have all tumblers then whatever you were trying to open will unlock. Do this 10 times and the trophy is yours. You should have this on your easy play through in the middle east.

Circuit Breaker
Bypass 20 electronic devices.

Hack 20 electronic door panels or alarms. When you open up the game you will have a time limit and you will see a maze of numbers usually 5-12 depending on your difficulty. Just hit the buttons at the bottom of each number in order and you will bypass whatever you are working on. You will get this trophy pretty early on. I also recommend doing this on easy as when you get into hard play through you will have 12 numbers to find and it can get very confusing.

Data Theft
Hack 10 computers.

You will see 2 different data streams at the top that you can control with and . You need to move those data streams so that they are on top of there identical data streams in hacking area as those data streams that you must match it too will be stationary while the other numbers and letters around them change. Use and to lock the data streams in place over there counter parts. Once again you should get this trophy during your easy playthrough as that is when the matching streams are the longest and easiest to find.

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