Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Online Pass Required: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 5 - 12 hours
Estimated Difficulty: 6/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: High Voltage, Bodyguard, Where are you?
Glitched Trophies: N/A


It is December 2034 in the Midwestern town of Silver City. Lana is becoming infected with a disease that is turning other humans into mutants. Lana holds the key to her survival in an 8 year old autistic girl named Amy. Together they will fight mutants and try to escape Silver City alive .... with the help of some ... peculiar powers Amy posseses.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Amy - Amy is the 8 year old autistic girl that will be with you during the entire game. She isn't there just for fun. She is very important to the game and your survival.
  • If Lana holds Amy's hand Amy can heal her and will stop Lana's infection from getting worse.
  • By pressing on the D-pad, Amy will turn on her light if she is holding Lana's hand.
  • Amy is also able to find things such as weapons and syringes.
  • She is also very useful in tasks that require two people or for crawling in spaces in which Lana can't fit in order to open doors.
  • When holding Amy's hand if a mutant is nearby Amy's heart will start beating thus causing the controller to vibrate. The more rapid the heartbeat and rougher the vibration the closer you are getting to a/some mutant(s).
  • Amy also posseses special powers that you will be able to use in the game.
  • Also, Amy is able to get her energy drained so stay by her at all times. It is better if Lana gets hit by a mutant since she can use a syringe or Amy for healing.

Also, while running with Amy you need to press and hold to hold her and as well as press and hold :l1 and tap to run.

Syringes - They are located at various spots during the game and can prove very useful. If you get hit or need to fight the infection and can't get to Amy quick enough press on the D-pad then press to use it.

Infection - By not holding Amy's hand (starting on Chapter 2) Lana will slowly get more and more infected. The more you become infected the more the screen will wobble and start to become blurry. To stop the infection use a syringe or hold Amy's hand.

Health - Like most games your HUD will become red the more you get hurt. In this game your health will not regenerate. You must use a syringe or hold Amy's hand to heal.

Hiding - At some points in the game you will be able to hide under tables, desks, lockers etc. You will also have the choice of hiding just Amy or the both of you. Hiding will make the mutants or soldier unable to see or find you.

Checkpoints & Saves - Checkpoints are few and far between in this game. Play strategically. The game will not save the game each time you reach a checkpoint, it will only put you back there if you die. This brings me to the next point. The game only saves at the end of every chapter. So if you are thinking "Hey I just reached a checkpoint in Chapter 2. I think I'll save and come back to it later." You CAN NOT do that. If you quit mid game at a checkpoint when you go back to play it will restart you at the beginning of the chapter.

Combat - You will find many woods sticks or metal rods in the game to use against the mutants. Most mutants only take a few hits to take down. Use + to swing and + to dodge. Dodging isn't too good in this game so I suggest double tapping so you can get a double dodge that will ensure that you dodge the mutants attack.


  1. Normal Playthrough: During this playthrough you will basically be learning the game for your Hard playthrough. You will get the three missable trophies, chapter trophies and the ones for beating the game on Easy and Hard. Just make sure to try and memorize the hard/tricky parts of the game and where weapons and syringes are located.
  2. Hard Playthrough: This playthrough will definatley be difficult at some points. Make sure to watch the videos in the guide so you know what's ahead of you and how to hand certain portions easily. Since you already played through the game the only part you should find diffult is fighting the mutants.


All Aboard
Finish chapter 01

This is story related and can not be missed.

The game will start with a decent length cutscene. The train Amy and Lana are riding in will crash and Amy will flee thus making you have to look for her. Immediately when Lana gets up go to the right and just keep following the hallway until you come into a room with a dead train attendant on the ground. You will need to pick up the weapon on the floor next to him in order to be able to exit the train. Now go back the way you came and go past the area where you got up after the train wreck. It will lead to the exit of the train. You will encounter your first fight with a mutant to the right of the train exit. Press and hold to pull out your weapon and press for a quick and easy kill. There will be a cart in your way that you must move. Go through the now open space and you will notice a mutant to your right. It will be another easy one hit kill. You will also see a door to a room that has yellow tape on it and you are unable to enter. You will be coming back to this spot in a few minutes to open the door. You will see a vending machine in front of you now. Make a right at the machine and follow the on screen instructions to silently take out the mutant with a two hit kill. There will me a chain linked fence to your left. You will not be able to open it do to an electric malfunction. Do not get too close to it or else it will shock you. Instead follow the fence until it ends. You will see a stack of crates and behind them will be another survivor named Marcello. He will take you back to the locked, tape covered door you passed earlier. Marcello will give you a DNA scanner that you will have to use on four bodies in order to get the correct DNA to open the door. When you get close to a body you need a red whell will spin on the bottom of the screen. The body you need is located back on the train where you found your weapon in the beginning. Once you found the body go back to the locked door and enter the DNA. You will now be able to go in and shut off the power. In order to do that you must enter a four symbol code. Each space has to have a different symbol. You will have five tries to get it right. It may take a few tries but you should get it rather quickly. Once the power is turned off go back to the door on the chain linked fence and open it. Go to the right, pull the cart blocking your path and continue through the opening. On the left will be a bathroom in which Amy is hiding. After finding Amy go back the way you came and there will be a hallway to the right. Once there you will see room directly in front of you with a little crawl space in the wall. Have Amy go though it and open the door to allow you and Marcello in. Lana will now put on a device that shows her health and infection level. Now there will be a door to the left of the one you came in. Go out that one and there will be another locked do with a device to the left of it. Have Amy hack it in order to open the door. Marcello will continue on and will find that the way he wanted to take is blocked. You will need to leave Amy with him and cross over the left near the fire. After crossing a mutant will be waiting there for you. After defeating the mutant you will see a large room in front of you. Turn left and after walking for a few feet turn left again and you will see Marcello and Amy waiting on the other side of the gate. Open the gate and take Amy back towards the room you passed. You will have to go to the other side of the room and have Amy go through a hole. Command Amy to push the button and a gate will open. Go back to the hole and have Amy come back through. Now you need to go to the gate that opened which will trigger a short cut scene. Go to the end of the hall and press the button to open the gate in front of you. That will also let the mutants out of their cages. Marcello will start running. Take Amy's hand and run, but not to fast. You want to stay behind Marcello so you can see where to go. Eventually you will come to a point where he stops running and there will be a button on the right to close the door. After closing the gate behind you, you will notice a door to your left and right. Marcello will open the one on the right. In the room will be an lift to the left and ladder to the right. Put Amy on the lift then climb the ladder. You will have to press a button to activate Amy's elevator. Once it gets to the top have Amy press her button to open a door downstairs. Now press your button again to send amy back down the lift. After going through the doorway you just opened Marcello will go talk to a few soldiers and you and Amy will have to hide under a desk. The game will go into a comic book type cut scene and the chapter will end.

Chapter 1 Video

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Loud And Clear
Finish chapter 02

This is story related and can not be missed.

At the very beginning walk towards the dead man right in front of you to pick up a yellow card. Someone will get attacked behind the doors to the right, remember this location as you will need to go back to it later. Now go back and enter the door you passed on the left. Work your way around the red puddles. Once you make it past that spot a window will be right in front of you will a symbol to its right. Once you find Amy you will have her draw it. Make a right and you will see Amy's glowing lamp on the floor. Go to the locker against the wall and take her out. The mutant that attacked the man will bust through the door and come after you and Amy. Make sure you both get into the locker. The mutant will come to investigate and then leave. Now go back to where it attacked the man and broke down the door. Open the door and follow the hall. You will come across a weapon. Go back the way you came. Remember that symbol I mentioned earlier? Now will be the time to have Amy draw it. After she has finished go to the left and you will see a big glass window. Press to bring up Amy's ability wheel and use to select the Bubble. Make sure you shoot it right in front of the glass. Now pull out your weapon and break the glass. There will be a mutant waiting for you that is a three hit kill. There will be a crawl space in the wall to send Amy through. Once she is in run back to where she copied the symbol and you should see her in the window. Have her pick up the blue card then go back to get her. The pass will allow you to unlock the door directly across from you. When you enter crouch right away. There will be a mutant patrolling. You will have to follow its path while you hide behind the boxes with Amy. After you follow it to the other side it will make a right allowing you to enter the door directly in front of you. Once you enter have Amy hack the device on the right to open the other door. Walk straight until you reach the window, in which case you will need to crouch in order to advance without being spotted by the soldier. Turn the corner and you will see a box on the left. Activate it to set off the alarm. The soldier will come out and you and Amy will have to enter the blown out all on the left. Immediately get into the locker with Amy. Once the soldier passes run back and enter the room he was in. There will be a yellow DNA scanner you have to activate. Now it's time to find another body! The gate that was closed before is now open. The soldier should be waiting at the intersection of two hallways. He will make a right which will allow you to go straight. There will be mines that have red circles around them. Move slowly while crouched to get by them. Then enter the door straight ahead. Have Amy hack the device. The door will open and there will be another glass window to break. Go along the left side and go through the mine. Before you come to the second set of mines there will be a ramp that leads up to the fire. The body you need to scan will be on the right. Now go back the way you came, and I mean all the way to where you hacked the door open. You will need to re-hack the other door. After passing through the mines a mutant will run towards you but the soldier will gun it down. The soldier will go back to his previous area. Now you need to make the left into the hall he came from and then make a left at the end of the hall. There will be another crawl space to put Amy in. Once you push here through go back the way you came, but instead of turning go into the door ahead of you and climb the ladder on your left. Exit the door to the left once you reach the top and follow the walkway. After crossing the ledge make a left and enter the door at the end. Have Amy get on the lift and call her up. Once she is up you have to get on the lift and have her push the button. Once you are down there climb the crates and pick up the orange card to the right and syringe on the left. Now get back on, have Amy call you up then send her down. Go meet her back at the hole you put her in. Now you are able to go back to the room where the soldier was and where you grabbed the DNA scanner. The soldier will be in the hall but not facing you. Make sure to crouch when you enter the room. Now you can enter the other door. There will be a jammer on the desk near the lift. Look to the left and there will be two rows of desks. The desk in the second row will have the green pass on top of it. Grab it and go to the dead guy that's in the cage. Move the cage t reveal a hole to put Amy through. Go up the life and at the top cross over the ledge. Then enter the door on the right and go down the ladder. Go back to where you had to go through the three mines but instead of going straight like you did to find the body, go left and into the room. Call Amy over and if you need it have her go grab you the weapon on the desk. Now go back the way you came and go to where the soldier killed the mutant and you put Amy through the hole. Go past that and make the right. You will have to fight another mutant. After defeating it go across the glass and enter the door on the right. You will have to do another of those code sequences like you did in Chapter 1. This time if you get it wrong the machine will beep and you have to hide under the desk near the fence. The soldier will come and check it out and leave right after. It may take a few tries. After beating it the chapter is over.

Chapter 2 Video

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Blasted Metro
Finish chapter 3

This is story related and can not be missed.

Exit the elevator and make a left. You will see a stack of boxes on your left. Go around them and have Amy copy the symbol two times so she will have the Shockwave ability. Go back to the elevator and make a left, then another quick left. You and Amy must climb on top of a box, then a metal rack and finally to the floor above. Make sure you hold her hand when doing so that way you can pick her up. Using the same controls that you did in Chapter 2 to use her power, have her use her Shockwave to destroy the wooden beams that have a staircase blocked off. Next, have you her on the lift and push the button to have her go up and command her to stand at the spot it has highlighted. Now go down the staircase and up the ladder, cross the ledge then descend down the other ladder. You will see a lift on the other side. That is where you are heading. But first, after you get down the ladder and climb down move the blue crate out of the way. Crouch and go through the mines and work your way around until you get to the lift. May sure to pick up the few syringes and the weapon along the way. Once on the lift have Amy call it up. On the walkway pick up the green card and two syringes. Now you need to go back to Amy the way you came (except moving the blue crate made a shortcut). On your way back you will get ambushed by a few mutants. Use Amy's Shockwave to push the mutants into the mines. They will die after a few times. Instead of going back up the stairs right away go to the left and there will be a little security/defense station you can turn off. Go back up the stairs and get Amy. Now go all the way back towards the lift you went up and into the doorway by there. Enter the door and you will come to what appears to be a storage room. This part is a little tricky. Three are two lifts and two buttons. You have to hit the button that is on the opposite side of the room of the lift you need to use. Have Amy get on the lift to the right and you go press the button on the left. Once Amy is on the walkway have her go to the highlighted spot and use her Shockwave two times to destroy the boards. Then have Amy come down so she can have you go up. Go through the doorway she opened up, cross the ledge and go down the ladder. Notice there is a symbol at the bottom of the ladder for Amy to copy. Have her do so if she is running low on Shockwave. Exit the room and push the button on the left to open the gate. Grab Amy and use her Shockwave to open up the little doorway that contains a button. Push the button. Now go around to the back of the room and climb the stacks of boxes with Amy until you get on the walkway. Use Shockwave to blast off the wooden boards that are behind the box opposite you. Climb back down, leaving Amy there and go climb the ladder. Once at the top climb the box and walk onto the sideways running lift. Have Amy press her button and walk onto the other as it passes you. It will take you to the right and allow you to move the crates blocking the walkway. After you do that grab Amy and have her destroy the boards at the bottom of the staircase. Go down and follow the hall until it ends, make the left, crouch and go down the staircase. Hide behind the boxes so the soldier doesn't see you. When he starts moving go and hide behind the boxes to the right. When he moves again go around the beam to the right and enter the train on your left.

Chapter 3 Video

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Emergency Exit
Finish chapter 04

This is story related and can not be missed.

Right at the start run straight ahead and push the button which will open the train doors. Go out of the train and head under the arch directly ahead. There will be a ledge to cross. After crossing run up the stairs and make the first right, follow the hall until the end and make another right. Immediately make the left and follow the hall until it's end and make the left. You will come to the train again. Go to the second train car and enter it. Hit the button at the end on the right. Now go back the way you came, basically back to when you crossed the ledge and ran up the stairs. On the way back go into the room that has the big doors and blown out wall. There is a symbol on the side of a locker for Amy to draw. After copying the symbol go to where I said. Run down the stairs on the other side. Pass through the mine and kill the mutant. Follow down the hall until you see a puddle of water with electricity and a dead soldier. The green card you need is right next to him. After grabbing it you can push the button on your right to open the gate. Go up the stairs, make the right and make the next left. You will see a dead soldier and a room will be directly across from him. Go into it and use the green card to open the door. When you go through the door there will be a blown out wall that Amy will enter and on the second left there will be a ledge for you to cross. After crossing and entering the door there will be a light gray brick wall in front of you. Take control of Amy and use her Shockwave to demolish it. Tale Amy and go through the wall she opened and follow the hall until you reach the door. To the right there will be a crawl space for her. She will have to un-jam the door for you. Grab the crowbar that is near you and use it to fend off against the mutants. They will come in waves of two, alternating from the left and right. No matter what they will be one hit kills. Once the door is opened run and go up the stairs.

Chapter 4 Video

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Finish chapter 05

This is story related and can not be missed.

The first half of this mission is a maze for the most part. You will be moving items, sneaking by etc. A written walkthrough may be too confusing to follow. Refer to the first video in the spoiler and the first few minutes of the second video for tips and the walkthrough.

Once you get to the back ally with the door on the right go straight and make the right. You will find an orange card and weapon. Now you can go back to the door and enter. Go straight and turn into the doorway on the right. Have Amy draw the symbol. Now go back towards the door and make the left and go through the big door. Go to the end of the wall and have Amy use Shockwave to blow the boards off the door. A soldier will come so you need to enter the door that was on the left side of the hall and hide in the locker with Amy. Now go to the door Amy opened and have her stay on the lift while you go down the ladder and push the button to bring her down. Go down the hall and make the left. Follow the staircase on the left all the way to the bottom. Use Amy's light for this part because it can get dark. When you get to the bottom make a right until you come across a tunnel on the right side. Go through it and go to the gate in front of you and send Amy under it. Now go open the gate to the left and go through. Go down the pathway until you come to a gate on the right that Amy can open. Have her open it and enter. There is a door on the left. Go to it and grab the DNA scanner. Exit the area Amy opened for you and go back to the pathway. Now a fair amount of mutants will come for you, all being one hit kills. Follow it down and instead of going through the doorway on the left open the gate in front of you. Proceed until you come to a bridge. Cross it and go to the body on the ground and scan it. This is the body you need. Now go back to the door with the DNA scanner. Put the DNA and go through the door.

Chapter 5 Video

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High Voltage
Push an enemy onto an electrical device

At the beginning of Chapter 3 you will come to an area where Lana will be ambushed by a few mutants.There will be a bunch of mines that project red circles. Moving too fast into the will cause you or the mutant to be shocked. During this segement, by pressing you can controll amy. Then move to select Amy's Shockwave power. Once you have selected the power, and released Amy will shoot a Shockwave that you can controll with When you are able to control Amy, aim and shoot the Shickwave and direct it until it hits a mutant. Based on the mutants position, aim the Shockwave at it so you can hit it into the mine. You will know if you hit one into it if you hear a zap.

Toggle Spoiler

Complete a level without the monsters draining Amy's energy

For this trophy Amy can not be hit by a mutant during a chapter. This will be easiest done in Chapter 1. Amy will only be present in the second half of the chapter and will not be with Lana for the one mutant that she has in the second half of the chapter. The only part that may mess you up is when you have to press a button to open a gate. It will open up the gates to cells that mutants are in. Marcello will tell you to run. Press and hold to call Amy and hold he hand. Then press and hold and repeatedly tap to sprint. You will run into a button at one point. Press the button to close the door. No more mutants will come for the rest of the chapter.

Where Are You?
Avoid being seen by the enemy by concealing yourself in a hideout

First and formost, you will not get this trophy if it is a story based hiding sequence, or in other words if you have to hide to progress in the story. It only works if you do it at a non story specific circumstance.

During Chapter 2 you will come to a point where you have a security office to your left. There will be a soldier in there that you have to let see you. What will you do is press to crouch and sneak past the first window and turn the corner. Then you will stand up in front of that window. Once the soldier notices you and begins to come after you, you will need to run and go into the room on the left that has a blown out hole as an entrance. In there will be a locker you can hide in. Make sure both you and Amy get inside. the soldier will come looking but won't find you. Stay in the locker until the soldier leaves.

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Find Me
Find Amy

This is story related and can not be missed.

The first half of Chapter 1 focuses on Lana searching for Amy. Once you are able to open the gate enter and go to the right. Follow until the end and there will be a bathroom entrance on the left. Amy will be hiding in there. See All Aboard for a written and video walkthrough of the level.

Survivor (Easy)
Finish the game in easy mode

You will ge this after beating the game on Easy or a higher difficulty. I would recommend starting off on Easy but some may prefer going to Normal to get it over with quicker. If you start off here use it to learn weapon and sryinge locations for the later playthroughs. It won't be too difficult, but there will most likely be some spots you will have to learn. You will get this trophy at the end of Chapter 6. See Survivor (Hard) for tips.

Survivor (Normal)
Finish the game in normal mode

Most people will start off on this difficulty. It will also give you a better sense of what Hard may be like. Mutants will be more difficult and will take Lana's health faster. If you played on Easy first it will give you more of an advantage. You will get this at the end of Chapter 6. See Survivor (Hard) for more details.

Survivor (Hard)
Finish the game in hard mode

Hard mode will definatley be a challenge and I highly recommend playing the game on a lower difficulty first. You could even play a level, then quit and replay it on Hard that way your memory is still fresh. Here are some tips and general knowledge for Hard mode:
  • Lana can be killed with just two hits from a mutant on this difficulty. Make sure to use the dodging ability to your advantage.
  • Always be on the look out for syringes and weapons. It's always a good idea to have a few handy. Multiple syringes will definatley be a bonus seeing as you may not always be able to get to Amy.
  • Use Amy to your advantage. Use her for her powers such as her healing ability as well as fighting off the infection. Her little light is also good to use here. Hold her hand as much as you can so you can make quick escapes and feel her heartbeat.
  • Use the videos and walkthroughs I included in the chapter specific trophies for help on areas. They may help you pass a situation easier or just pass it completely.
  • Try to be stealthy. It is easier to just sneak up on a mutant rather then go in weapon a blazin'. If you would feel more comfortable just sneaking past them you can do that to. Also make good use of the ability to hide under desks and lockers.

That's pretty much all you will need to know. Just watch out for mutants and the poor dodging. They can and will be the death of you. Also, seeing as there are very few checkpoints in each chapter and it won't save your game until you beat the chapter you will need to be careful with your plans and movements. You will get this at the end of Chapter 6.

Chapter 6

This is the final mission of the game and it is a boss fight. Take a right once you exit the hall you start in and to the right you will notice two mines. Cross over to the other side of the mines and the boss will then come after you. They key is to stand right behind a mine and when the boss goes to hit you he will get shocked and fall to his knees. When he goes down you will hit him with your weapon. Keeping going back and forth between the mines until he is dead. It will take around eight hits, give you take depending on the difficulty you selected. After you defeat the boss it will go to a cut scene and the game will end.

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