Players: 1-2 (2+ online)
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies:2
Cheat Codes: No
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 3
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Playthroughs: 1
Missable Trophies: 2 (250 km/h and Championship)
Time to Platinum/100%: 20 Hours

[top]Road Map

Step 1: Beat Career Mode (Estimated Time: 3-7 Hours)

This step is simple- just complete all the career races, and it shouldn't take more than a few hours. There are two missable trophies you want to look out for along the way- Championship and 250 km/h speed limit. Check the guide for the specific details on obtaining them. You'll get most of the game's trophies by playing through the campaign normally, don't worry about missing anything except for the aforementioned two trophies.

Trophies that should be obtained in this step:

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Step 2: Mop-up + Buy All Cars/Devices (Estimated Time: 15 hours)

Here's where you can get any single-player trophies you missed during career mode. This includes hitting the monorail, driving 1000 km, hitting 1000 objects, etc. The most time-consuming trophies by far are Reach maximum level with all adrenalin devices and Buy All Cars. You'll need about $18,000,000 total to buy everything, so prepare for a lot of tedious racing.

Trophies that should be obtained in this step:

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Step 3: Online + Splitscreen (Estimated Time: 1 hour)

If you boost the online trophies, they only take around half an hour per person. There are 2 online trophies, and to obtain them both you have to win 15 races, 5 per game mode. The splitscreen trophy only takes a minute or two if you have both controllers. After that...

Trophies that should be obtained in this step:

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Roadmap credit to Manny


Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies from Anarchy Rush Hour.

- Once you get your last trophy (besides this one obviously) this one will unlock.

Buy a car
Buy a new car.

- Once you are in the garage you will asked to buy a car. Simply buy any car that you have enough money for. This car will count towards your purchase all cars but will NOT count towards your purchase 10 cars.

Buy a device
Buy an adrenaline device.

- This is another trophy you will recieve shortly after starting. You will have to buy an adrenaline device from the garage. Stage 1 devices aren't expenisve but you may have to do a side mission to have enough depending on how much your car cost. You will know when you are able to purchase a device when it pops after a race that you are eligable and have enough money to purchase that item.

Use all adrenaline devices
Use each adrenalin device at least once

- There have been a lot of people having trouble getting this trophy after they used all of the devices. You will have to wait until you have them all level 4 and than do a stunt run. Once you are in the stunt run simply boost your car and than ram it forward. than do a front brake flip (the car must do at least one full flip so you must be going at least 100 km/h. After that get near an opposing car and use left on the D-pad and ground shock another car. After that yank up on the sixaxis controller to make the car jump in the air. While the car is in the air hold and make the car flip at least once. Once you do all that your car should be pretty beat up. Heal it to back to full and you should get the trophy.

Finish a multiplayer race
Finish a multiplayer race in any position.

- This one must be obtained by finishing a race in the online multiplayer mode. You do not have to win the race simply compete in it and complete the race and you will get the trophy so just go online and join in on any race and complete it or you can simply get it while trying to go for your online wins for the Win 5 times in each multiplayer mode trophy.

Win 5 times in each multiplayer mode
Win 5 times in each multiplayer mode.

- For this trophy you will need to go online and win 5 times in a Cicuit race, a Best Lap Time race, and a Deathmatch race. These trophies can be boosted but don't necessarily need to be unless you can not find anyone to boost with.

Click Here for the official boosting thread.

Paint your car
Paint your car.

- In the garage, go to the tuning shop option and select paint job. Move the slider however you want and then save the changes. Painting your car does not cost you anything. Once your car is painted and the changes have been saved you will get your trophy.

Fit accessories
Fit accessories to your car.

- Just like painting your car, go into your garage and select the tuning shop and select accessories. Choose any of the accessories and put any 1 on your car that you feel like. Once it is on your car you will get your trophy. Once you have unlocked your trophy you can remove the accesories. Accessories will cost you nothing to place on your car.

Reach maximum level with all adrenalin devices
Reach maximum level with all adrenalin devices.

- I recommend getting this as one before buying all cars since it is cheaper and will help you get all the cars faster. All you have to do is throughout story mode focus on buying these and not on buying cars. As you receive proper amounts of money buy the devices as they become available. Buy all 5 stages of all devices and the trophy is yours. If you do not have this trophy by the time you finish the game than don't worry. Keep doing side missions until you have earned enough money.

1000 traffic cars
Hit 1000 traffic cars.

- You will get this trophy without a doubt before finishing up story. If you do not recieve this trophy through normal gameplay than side races on the Kremlevskaya Naberzhnaya map usually have a ton of traffic and you could simply keep driving into cars repeatedly until the trophy pops up. You have to hit the other cars with your car and not with your static boom otherwise the hit won't count. You will need to see an adrenaline point flash on the screen called "hitting traffic".

Perform a barrel roll
Perform a Barrel roll in the Air.

- This can be done one of several ways. One way is to go really fast and hit into the face of another car and hope it sends you flying into a barrel roll and all you will have to do to get the trophy is to complete the roll and land on all 4 tires. Another way to get the trophy is to go into a stunt race and go really fast heading towards a ramp and hit the ramp on the very edge using either your right tires if you are on the left side of the ramp or the left tires if you are on the right side of the ramp. Again, if the car gets sent into a barrel roll simply land on the tires and the trophy will be yours. The final way is a sure fire way and involves no sort of luck. What you want to do is wait until you have the Stage 4 device for letting you make your car jump off flat ground and the stage 4 device for letting you control the car in the air. Once you have those make your car jump in the air off of flat ground and simply use and the :ls: to make the car flip into a barrel roll. Land the barrel roll and the trophy is yours.

Win a race under police pursuit
Win a race under police pursuit without getting arrested.

- You can tell you are under pursuit if you have a little circle with a cop car on it flashing on your screen. Just finish a race without them pulling you over and you'll get this. You will get this trophy without even trying for it.

Perform all Style moves.

- This is easier than it looks, just perform everything on this list. These do not all need to be done in one race just at some point during the game. This is another one of those trophies that you really don't have to try to get

Style Move List:

Best lap
Hitting traffic
Top speed
Clean landing
Police turn
Hitting opponent
Hitting police
Evading traffic
Knocking objects
Two-wheel driving

Crash your own car.

- For this trophy you will have to wait until your car is smoking white smoke from under the hood and simply boost fast and crash directly into a wall and your car should explode. Once the car has exploded you will get the trophy. If the car does not explode than simply keep crashing into walls until the car does explode.

Destroy your opponent
Destroy your opponent's car.

- This one is best done in a deathmatch since you have to destroy your opponents cars in order to win. If you have no devices to make it easier for you simply drive as fast as you can into another car repeatedly until their car blows up. I recommend however trying to at least have the impulse ground shock device.

1000 kilometers
Drive a total of 1000 kilometers.

- This trophy will not be recieved through normal gameplay unless you do a LOT of side missions during the game. Simply keep doing doing long side missions until this trophy pops up. You will get this while grinding money for the Buy all cars trophy. If you still haven't recieved it by the time you have unlocked all cars don't worry, just keep doing races and it will unlock.

Finish at least one race at each location
Finish at least one race at each location in the game.

- To get this you must finish a race on every single map in the game.
You can do these all through Quick Race, just do the maps listed here.
(Don't bother with multiples such as Ostankino 2 or whatnot).

Normal races:
Liberty island

Stadium DM
Kutuzovskii DM
Rochnoi HM
Kremi DM
Ostankino DM
Carrier DM
Louvre DM

10 cars
Buy 10 cars.

- For this one I recommend waiting until you have bought all 5 levels of each device. I also think it best to save up enough money to buy the Del Mar which is the best car in the game. Once you have that car and all devices you can buy any 8 other cars you want to unlock this trophy. Do side mission to make enough money to buy the cars.

250 km/h speed limit
Reach the 250 hm/h speed limit in a Top speed race.

- This trophy can be a pain to get. What you need to do is wait until your second available Top Speed race and set the difficulty to hard right before the race by pressing start and going to the options. Once it is on hard start the race. Keep going until the speed at the bottom hits 250 km/h. The computer sucks in these events so this may take a few tries. If it says both opponents have dropped out quickly press start and restart the race as many times as needed until you get the trophy. BE CAREFUL BECAUSE ONCE YOU DO ALL THE STORY RELATED TOP SPEED RACES THEY GO AWAY AND YOU CAN'T GET THIS TROPHY WITHOUT REPLAYING THE GAME.

1000 objects
Hit 1000 objects (not traffic).

- This is one of the most irritating trophies in the game. Not all objects count towards this trophy. Only the ones that have the adrenaline pop-up that says "object hit" count toward the trophy. An easy way to get this trophy however is once you beat the game do a side mission in the map "Tropics". These are sprint races so what you wanna do is drive until you come accross these big stone barriers that are used to signal turns. Hit as many as you can and turn around and hit more. Keep hitting that same set of them until you get the trophy. This will take some time but this is undoubtably the fastest and easiest way to get this trophy.

Monorail train
Crash into a monorail train.

- This one is kind of a pain to get. You have to have your Front Brakes device leveled up to about the 4th stage and have a 3rd or 4th stage boost. Find a monorail train (they are the ones that are high up on the single track. They aren't the ones with the track on the ground, those are cable cars. What you have to do is once you find one boost heading towards the monorail and use your front brakes device to send you flying at the train. If you hit it than a piece of the train will fall to the ground. Once that piece is on the ground all you have to do is get a little bit of speed and crash right into the train piece and you should see an adrenaline point come on the screen for hitting traffic.

Visit garage for the first time.

- This will probably be the first trophy you get in the game, once you start a new game, just head over to the red blip and press to enter the garage.

Circuit race
Win a Circuit race (either in singleplayer, multiplayer or splitscreen).

- To get this trophy you simply select any circuit race and win the race. After you have completed the race you will get the trophy. It is pretty self-explanetory.

Win a Sprint.

- You can get this from the race called sprint from "The Forsage" early in the game. Just win the race. If you might lose the race when the end is near simply restart the race.

Win a Deathmatch (either in singleplayer multiplayer or splitscreen).

- You will get this after winning your first Deathmatch. Simply take out all of your opponents by ramming into them, driving into them, or ground shocking them. Once you get the proper amount of "Frags" (Opponents defeated) and you win the race the trophy will unlock.

Top speed
Win a Top speed race.

- Top Speed races are really easy to win. Do not worry about any of the other racers. Simply concentrate on keeping your speed higher than the minimum speed displayed accross the bottom of the screen. As long as your speed is higher than the minimum speed than you will have no problem winning the race. The opposing racers will drop out of the race one at a time as the race goes on.

Win a Knockout race.

- To get this trophy all you have to do is win a knockout race. To win a knockout race just stay in front of all other cars the best you can. A knockout race is nothing more than a circuit race only whoever is in last place each lap is eliminated from the race. To win this event make sure you aren't in last in any of the laps so you don't get eliminated.

Win a Stunts race.

- This one can be a pain in the butt. Wait to do any of the Stunt races until you have bought at least the front brake device. Drift as much as possible to give you adrenaline for boost and for the front brakes device. Use that as often as possible to get points for flipping. Another good way to get points is by doing police turns to turn around. Make sure you are either ahead in points when the timer runs out or reach the amount of needed points for the round and you will win. After you win the trophy will be yours.

999 km/h
Boost to 999 km/h

- Alright, this one is a little tricky. The easiest way to get this trophy is to start an online game with a friend. In the settings use the map "Ostankino1", Car Settings "Supercars" and Devices to Level 5. Once you start the race, back up till you get to the border. Do a few stunts first to fill your boost up to maximum level, then use boost and keep tapping all the way down the path and you should get it just before crashing. This may take a few tries but eventually you'll get it.
*Note- This method can also be done in a quick race.

Win a Checkpoints race.

- The earliest you can get this is the race called "The test" given to you by "The jokers". All you have to do is drive through all of the checkpoints in the race before your opponents do which doesn't take much effort at all.

Splitscreen race
Finish a race in splitscreen mode.

- You must have 2 controllers for this. Select Multiplayer Game on the main menu, and then select splitscreen game. Just finish any race in that mode and you will get the trophy.

Win a side race
Win a side race.

- To get this trophy you will have to be in your career mode. Press start and go to Races and click any of the races that have a yellos marker next to it. Most side races require you to place a bet before the race. Simply choose a side mission that has a race that you are best at and win the event. After the event has finished, if you have won, you will get the trophy.

Buy all cars
Buy all possible cars.

- Once you complete the game, keep doing side races until you have enough money to afford every single car. This one will take awhile. I recommend buying the most expensive car first and than using that car to grind the rest of the needed money.

Escape the pursuit
Escape pursuit, don't let them arrest you!

- You'll get this through natural story progression. You will have a mission after a deathmatch that you must get back to the garage without be arrest. Just don't stop and get to the garage as fast as possible.

Hijack a car
Hijack a cool car, avoiding the police.

- You'll get this through natural story progression. You get this one after you complete the mission for hijacking a car.

Win a Spinning race
Win a Spinning competition.

- You'll get this through natural story progression. You will be presented with a race called the spinning race. Simply win the race and you will recieve the trophy after.

Professional drag
Win a Drag race against racers from "The Forsage" club.

You'll get this through natural story progression. Just press to change gears and you'll win, but I recommend having a faster car than the one you start out with.

Win the Professionals' Triple race.

- This one is missable, you have to lose the race: "Team race" with the description St. Petersburg vs. Moscow in it. After that you'll unlock Competition Finals, win all three events in the race and you'll unlock the trophy.

Transport the car.
Get the car to the garage in time.

You'll get this by doing the Transport the car mission from Cha Cha. This one is also story related and straight forward.

Rocket jump
Jump from the rocket monument.

You'll get this through natural story progression. Collect every checkpoint in the race. I used Golfstream 4x Targa and boosted up the statue. The better boost device you have, the easier this is to do.

Tip from "The Jokers"
Get a tip about Gaika from "The Jokers".

- Once you complete every race available from "The Jokers", you'll get a text about Gaika, just open it and you'll get your trophy. Joker races are marked with a green symbol in the list of races.

Tip from "The Furious"
Get a top about Gaika from "The Furious".

- Once you complete every race available from "The Furious", you'll get a text about Gaika, just open it and you'll get your trophy. Furious races are marked with a red symbol in the list of Races.

Tip from "The Forsage"
Get a top about Gaika from "The Forsage"

- Once you complete every race available from "The Forsage", you'll get a text about Gaika, just open it and you'll get your trophy. Forsage races are marked with a blue symbol on the list of Races

Find Gaika
Find Gaika.

- You'll get this through natural story progression. This is the final mission, just drive in the red ring and press . Watch the cutscene and the trophy will pop up.

Win the last race against Arcady.

- Once you complete the game, the Arcady missions will open up. Complete all of them and you will get the trophy. Most of the Tropics races are very short sprint races.

Improved boost
Finish the race with a new boosting device.

- You'll get this through natural story progression. You just have to go somewhere with the improved boosting device and then rush back to the garage before it explodes.

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