Those crazy Apes are back for the first time on the PS3. This isn't like other Ape Escape games though, this is a rail-shooter using the Move controller. The game is loaded with whacky humour and senseless mayhem and is topped off by some beautifully animated cut scenes that tell the story of the Ape invasion led by the time-traveling monkey Specter and the poor unfortunate neighbour who is roped into cleaning up the mess.

Be warned though even though this game is rated E for Everyone it is quite tough to get the 100% so don't expect these trophies to be a piece of banana cake.


Players: 1
Online Trophies: 0
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: NA
Estimated Time to 100%: 7-10 hours (depending heavily on skill)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes-You need to find the secret monkeys
Missable Trophies: 0-You can use level select.
Glitched Trophies: No
Special Equipment Required: One Motion Controller and PSeye

[top]Tips & Strategies

Going for the gold medals is going to take a lot of patience because this game does not give you second chances. To earn a gold medal you have to capture every monkey without getting hit once. The reason for this is if you get hit, whether it be by a monkey charging at you, a flying projectile, a robot exploding etc., your combo goes down to 0 and your points stop doubling.

Some tips to prevent you from getting hit.

-Always take care of the bad guys first then worry about getting bananas or smashing stuff for points. Once the screen is clear of enemies then proceed and hit whatever else you can.

-If the enemy is airborne use the slingshot, if it is on the ground use your fan (this way they only take one hit as opposed to 3 or 4)

-If there is a large crowd of monkeys use your vacuum and suck them up. If you see extra batteries pick them up, they might not be worth points but they are WAY more useful than bananas.

-Learn how to time the capture of charging monkeys. A monkey will begin to glow pink when it is about to charge. The first couple of times you will get hit but you will eventually be able to time it so you can capture them. If you are having trouble use your slingshot and knock them down as they charge you (this will also take some practice).

-Take out projectile flinging monkeys first. If you hit them with your slingshot they will stop throwing stuff at you and then you don't have to worry about taking hits while capturing other monkeys. Also if you are being charged at by a bunch of monkeys hit a few of them with your slingshot so you only have to worry about 1 or 2.


Step 1 - Go to the Goodies section and take care of the easy trophies there World Ape Explorer and Mumbler .

Step 2 - Play through the game and just get used to the levels. Do not try to go for gold medals on your first play through, it will just leave you frustrated. This will net you almost all the trophies with just the gold medal ones left.

Step 3 - Replay all the levels and attempt to get the gold medals. This game might be rated E10 but let me assure you it is ridiculously tough to get the gold medals. This is old school trial & error and just playing a level until you master it. I will be posting tips as I earn my gold medals but simply you need to learn what gives you the most points and what areas of the screen you need to concentrate on and what you can ignore.


Catch Master
Reached 100% completion.

This trophy is what makes this 100% so difficult. For this you need to get a gold medal in all 15 levels. To earn a gold you need to make the points requirements that is listed at the start of the level. These are some tips on how to get enough points for a gold.

Points are earned many ways but the main one is catching monkeys and the more monkeys you catch in a row the higher your combo becomes. The points continue to double as you increase your combo so to earn the ridiculously large amount of points needed for a gold, you have to capture every monkey without breaking the combo. See Tips and Strategies for more help with capturing monkeys.

You also get bonus points for the amount of bananas in your health bar at the end of the level. You can only have 50 bananas in your health bar so if you already have max health you cannot get a higher bonus; however the value of bananas is multiplied by 100 if you have a max health bar. This means that if you do not have max health a single banana is worth 1 point, but if you have max health it is now worth 100 points.

Throughout the level you will see monkeys that are not part of the Capture the Monkey event. If you keep hitting them you will get 100 points, 50 points 25 points etc. Of course some of these monkeys also trigger hidden events so it is in your best interest to hit them.

Finally if you have a free moment just hit things with your slingshot or fan. You might uncover a hidden event that is worth points or you may uncover hidden bananas. So if there are no enemies to worry about just go nuts hitting things.

Gold Collector
Earned at least 10 gold medals.

See Catch Master

Specter's Prize
Beat the game once.

There are 15 levels to complete in this game. You don't need to earn any medals, just simply complete the level. At the end of each level you will face "Specter" but it always turns out to be a fake. At the end of each world there is a boss battle that requires a bit of strategy.

1-8 Asian Town - You will face a female King Kong. She will throw projectiles at you, simply switch to the fan and hit them back at her (you must do full swings, not just little flicks to make them hit) Once she is hit she will open her mouth and then you can shoot your slingshot at her tooth. As her health lowers she will also send robots at you, take care of them first and then go back to hitting the projectiles.

2-7 Monkey Station - Finally you are at Specter's true level. The level is just 3 rounds of catching 96 monkeys. Interspersed with the flying monkeys are robots you will need to kill. If the monkeys hit you and steal your bananas catch them quick because you won't have a second chance to get the bananas back. There are 3 bunches of 10 bananas throughout the level so if you are low on life make sure to get them.

Specter has a shield around him that you will need to break in order to catch him, it is not really hard but may take you a few tries. Specter shoots out of the ground with a couple of fake Specters (each round he gets more and more clones) and you will have to shoot the real one to continue. To tell which one is the real one look for the Specter not wearing a blue flashing hat. If you hit any of the fake ones Specter will hit you with a shock wave.

After you hit the real one, he will begin throwing projectiles at you, switch to the fan and like the Female King Kong hit them back at him (if any hit you it will take off a full bar of health) After you have hit him enough times he will fall to the ground and you can begin smacking him with your fan. Rinse and repeat until his shield is broken and then proceed to net him.

Now you just need to watch the very sad ending and the trophy is yours.

Defeated at least 600 enemies.

This will come as you play the game. Simply smash and shoot every robot, plant, possessed artificat etc. you see and it will unlock. if you have not gotten this by the time you beat the game, simply replay some levels until it unlocks.

I See All
Captured all monkeys.

For this you need to capture every single monkey in the game. If you go to your Monkeypedia there are 39 pages of different monkeys to collect. Most of the monkeys will be found just by completing the level, but every level (except the first and the last) have 2 or 3 hidden monkeys that are triggered by completing certain tasks. If you complete one of these tasks a Rainbow Monkey icon will appear on screen you will have to hit the uncovered monkey with your slingshot.

When you select a level it will tell you how many monkeys you have caught so you will know which levels you have to replay.

Not Complete
I will be filling out a list for every level as I find the hidden monkeys, if anyone has found any please post in the comments and credit will be given.

1-8 Asian Town - Keep hitting the monkey at the Take Out counter at the beginning (it has a red sign over the counter and is right before the first Capture the Monkey event). Hit him 3 times and the security gate opens up revealing a hidden monkey.

Banana Love Letter
Got back at least 100 bananas.

This will eventually unlock as you play the game. When a monkey hits you he will steal bananas from you. Quickly, before he eats it, pull out your slingshot and hit him to retrieve your bananas.

Monkeys' Regret
Captured at least 300 monkeys.

You will get this as you go through the game. The score is cumulative so if you replay levels the monkeys you catch again will add on to your total. Check out your total by selecting Goodies, then Data.

Net Master
Pulled off a 40 combo.

The first level this is achievable in is 1-5 The Hot Springs.

Combos are done by catching monkeys in a row without getting hit (if you get hit you go back to 0) Use your vacuum when there are large amounts of monkeys around, and if more than monkey runs at you try to hit one with the slingshot so you can concentrate on the other. If there are any monkeys firing projectiles take them out first because it will just distract you from catching the others.

World Ape Explorer
Viewed the Monkeypedia.

At the main menu select Goodies, and then select Monkeypedia. You donít need to have anything in the Monkeypedia for the trophy to unlock.

Used the "Record" function.

At the main menu select Goodies, and then select Record. Record yourself saying anything and the trophy will unlock. This is what will play when you capture a monkey.

Rags to Riches
Earned your first gold medal.

See Catch Master

Catch Rookie
Captured your first monkey.

You will get this in the first level. Just net the first monkey to run at you and this will unlock.

See I See All for more details.

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