Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 120~150+
Platinum Difficulty: 8 (Cosmosphere's mostly)
Minimum Playthroughs: Phase 1: 1x, Phase 2: 2x, Phase 3: 3x, Phase 4: 4 times
Collectible Trophies: Yes, Our Valued Customer The Master of Unlocking
Missable Trophies: Many, most of them, noteworthy: Saki's Groom
Glitched Trophies: None


Ar Tonelico Qoga, Knell of Ar Ciel, is the last part of the Ar Tonelico serie. You play as Aoto who heroicly without much thought decided to play for hero and rescue Saki. A Revytail who has been followed and chased by the Clustania Army.

This Guide has a lot of spoilers, be warned when you read down below!

[top]Tips & Strategies

The game itself is not that hard. Mostly based around conversations. Combat still plays a role but stays the same mostly throughout the entire game. Get used to the 'skip' option during conversations when you start replaying parts you have done already. It will speed up the game a lot (and saves boredom//annoyances).

Trophies earned inside the Cosmosphere/Binary Field can be earned later in the Extra menu after beating the game for the first time (getting any of the endings) should you have missed them. However most of them are not really missable when doing them and being on their endings.


There are 8 endings in total, and there is a trophy for each of them. 3 of them will end the game early, 1 will be right be for the end and the last 4 are at the ending.

When you get to any of the 8 endings you can make a Clear Save. By loading this save you can start back from certain points. You will however only retain your gold and experience levels when doing so. You will loose any item gained since that points. The points are as follow;
  • Beginning of the game
  • Start of Phase 2
  • Right before the battle with Myu, Right after you decided the third hart point!

Basically by making smart saves you have to do the following at least.
  • Phase 1: You will go trough this one once.
  • Phase 2: You will have to go through this twice, the first time you will have to allocate the heart points to either Saki or Finnel, and the second run to the other girl you didn't choose the first time.
  • Phase 3: You will have to go through this thrice. The first 2 times will be to give each girl her third heart point. The last time will be to give the heart point to the opposite girl for a 2:1 ratio. You must however use a save from before you teleport up to Myu, otherwise you cannot redo the third heart point without restarting from the beginning of phase 2!
  • Phase 4: You will have to go through this 4 times. The first 2 times will be for the the 2 ending with Either Saki and Finnel. The next one will bemost likely for Tyria, which you need the 2:1 ratio for. And again depending on where you save before taking the confession from Tyria you will need to replay that part for the last girl. Cocona, which is basically the default ending if you do you not have any big heart with any of the other 3 girls.

Phase 1:
You have to try to do everything as perfect as possible. The most important mistakes you can make that will cause a replay of this phase are missed events in the Cosmosphere. It is very easy to mess things up, especially in Saki's Cosmosphere. For Finnel keep in mind that Phase 2~5 will be fake the first time you do them. They take almost no DP thankfully. The more you do in this phase, the less you have to do later when you have to go through phase 2 twice.
Treasure chests you miss can be gotten later, but try to get all of them, less chasing back later. Al though it seems impossible to get back to the prison area, you can go back to collect any missed chests. It is however recommended to try to get them all anyway.

Phase 2 + 3, Bad Ending (1/8)::
Now you have to make a choice, either go for Saki first or Finnel. In phase 2 I recommend to get all of the treasure chests to not miss anything for the Master of Unlocking trophy. Give both heart points in phase 2 to either Saki or Finnel. When going for the girl you have chosen also get that Cosmosphere perfectly done. Especially Saki is EXTREMELY easy to mess up without noticing it..
In phase 3 you try to get all of the treasure chests and get as fas as possible in the Cosmosphere.

Explenation Heart Points and Confessions for the Endings:

Toggle Spoiler

When you get to the top of Tower Block A (for the rinkernator) there will be a teleport and a save point. This save point is very important later on, remember it, it is the very last save point before you make the choice of the last heart point and the battle with Myu.

Explenation Myu Battle + Endings:

Toggle Spoiler

For the sake of this guide, lose first!. Just survive the 6 minutes. Then move on with the story. Soon enough you will get to the point where you have to make a choice, either stop the song saki is singing or let her finish.

Explenation Song + Endings:

Toggle Spoiler

So for the purpose of this guide, wait it out, finish the story and get the bad ending SAVE THE CLEAR DATA!

Phase 3, Normal Ending 1 (2/8)::

After you got the trophy for bad ending, load up the clear save and go back to the Battle of Fate. This time however win the fight (it is not a problem if you loose, you just have to do a tad more next time you load the clear save). Go on with the same story as before till you get to the save point right before the choice. Make sure you save before making the choice! Now again just let it sit out (or if you loose, you may as well stop the song, up to you really, but only if you lost! (not recommended)). Again finish the story and save the clear data. 2 out of 8 endings done.

Phase 3 + 4, True Ending 1 (3/8)::

If you lost the battle against Myu then load up the clear save, win the battle, and get on to the choice, otherwise load up the save before the choice. Either way, at the choice, choose to interrupt the song. And continue on to phase 4. Then continue the story. Finish the Cosmosphere fully for the girl you choose. You also might want to finish up all of the treasure chests (there is 1 in XP Shell right after the point of no return! This will be the very last for the trophy) And skip the other one. Do not enter phase 7, if you do, avoid the confession! And finish the story, ending 3 out of 8 done. Save the clear data at the very (long) end

Phase 2 + 3, Normal Ending 2 (4/8)::
Start from the start of phase 2 when you load the clear save. Now pick the other girl for your heart points. SAVE BEFORE CHOOSING THE LAST HEART POINT! Or you will have to redo everything from the start of phase 2, or wherever your last save was. This save file will be important after this. Defeat Myu and make a new save before the choice, choose to let Saki complete the song. Then complete the story for the second normal ending. 4/8 Endings done. Can you make a clear save for the heck of it, not important though.

Phase 3 + 4, True Ending 2 (5/8)::
Load up the save from before the choice, this time choose to stop the song. Go into phase 4 and finish the story. Be sure to finish the Cosmospere though for the associated trophy. Make a clear save to save the progress, be sure not to overwrite any important saves. 5/8 Done.

Phase 3 + 4, Normal Ending 3 (6/8)::
Now load up the save from right before the final heart point. You have to give this one to other girl for a 2 to 1 ratio. Neither Saki nor Finnel may have 3 heart points. This will set the basis for the last phase with the last 3 endings. Now defeat Myu and stop the song. Don't worry this will be the last time unless you messed up somewhere.

Get into phase 4. Now you will get Tyria and about halfway in you should be able to start dive into her. Get the trophy for Binary Field (her equivalent of the Cosmosphere). For max effeciency do this as late as possible. The save file you will make before going into her Binary Field level 3 will be important. Now finish her Binary Field lvl 3 and the trophy and confession. With being locked to her endings make a new save file right before making the Glasterian Plate. Here you will have to make a decision. To either save Tyria or save the world. Be selfish and choose to save Tyria. Ending 6/8 earned. 2 more to go.

Phase 4, True Ending 3 (7/8)::
Load up the save from right before the choice about Tyria or the World. Now choose to save the world. Finish the story. 7/8 done.

Phase 4, True Ending 4 (8/8)::
Load up the save from before you went into Tyria's Binary Field level 3. Do NOT take any confession, stay out of Cosmosphere level 7 and finish the story. As well finish up any trophies you have left at this point before finishing the story (8/8 endings done!). When you do finish you should get the last Ending and the platinum. Congratulations.


Finale of Ar Ciel
All trophies unlocked.

As Simple as it sounds, just collect every other trophy of the game.

Synthesis Newbie
Performed 10 new synthesis sessions.

Slightly misleading. Basically you do not have make 10 new Synthesis Items. Items you have not done before will have a question mark infront and at the end of the name (e.g. `?Potion?`). So doing those is simple. After that you can remake the item with a different girl. There are 3 girls so per item there are 3 synthesis sessions. You should get this very easy.

The Mixer
Performed 30 new synthesis sessions.

This requires at least 10 recipes, basically very easy. Remember that (as said above) you can make each recipe 3x, one for each girl to have it count for this trophy.

The Alchemist
Performed 60 new synthesis sessions.

60 may seem a lot, but really isn't, there are like 80~90 recipes to be found. Each can be made by each girl, giving you more then enough for this trophy. It is easily doable by just making every item once to make sure you are not getting any double.

Phase 1 Beater
Beat phase 1.

Story related trophy. Just get into Phase 2. Easy enough.

Phase 2 Beater
Beat phase 2.

Story related trophy. Just get into Phase 3. Easy enough.

Saki Normal Ending
Saw Saki's normal ending.

One of the 8 Endings of the game.

For this ending you must give at least 2 heart points to Saki and let her finish her song at the end of phase 3. Defeating Myu is not relevant. Be sure to finish watching the credits and the extra scenes at the end. Choice there is not relevant. There is a hidden third option though.

Finnel Normal Ending
Saw Finnel's normal ending.

One of the 8 Endings of the game.

You must have given at least 2 heart points to Finnel and choose to let Saki finish her song at the end of Phase 3. Be sure to watch the credits and the extra scenes at the end. Choice there is not relevant, there is a hidden third option though.

Tyria Normal Ending
Saw Tyria's normal ending.

One of the 8 Endings of the game.

For this you must have a 2:1 heart point ratio between Sski and Finnel, Finished Tyria's Binary Field level 3 (the good ending) and chosen to save Tyria and not the world right before the end of Phase 4.

Saki True Ending
Saw Saki's happy ending.

One of the 8 Endings of the game.

For this you must have either a Confession or given 3 Heart Points to Saki. Beaten Myu and interrupted her song. And of course finished the entire story. Trophy will pop up when the art picture shows.

Finnel True Ending
Saw Finnel's happy ending.

One of the 8 Endings of the game.

For this you must have either a Confession or given 3 Heart Points to Finnel. Beaten Myu and interrupted Saki's song. And of course finished the entire story. Trophy will pop up when the art picture shows.

Tyria True Ending
Saw Tyria's happy ending.

One of the 8 Endings of the game.

For this you must not have given 3 Heart Points to either Saki or Finnel, have not accepted any confession from either Saki or Finnel in their Cosmosphere level 7. Must have finished Tyria's Binary Field level 3 with the good ending. And on top of that must have chosen to save the world right before the end of the game.

Cocona Ending
Saw Cocona's ending.

One of the 8 Endings of the game.

For this you must not have given 3 Heart Points to either Saki or Finnel, have not accepted any confession from either Saki, Tyria or Finnel in their Cosmosphere level 7 and Binary Field level 3.

Coconna is the default girl should not have any confession with any of the 3 Revytails.

Bad Ending
Faced Saki's and Finnel's demise.

Pretty easy to get, also one of the 8 Endings.

For this must have lost to Myu (ran out of time) and chosen to interrupt Saki's song. This will get you on the Bad Ending regardless of the Heart Points.

Saki's Friend
Unlocked 30% of Saki's CS.

Pretty easy. Saki's Cosmosphere is actually one of the hardest to get 100% on. For 30% you just need to finish and get most (if not all) events in her Cosmosphere, you should get it early on in level 4.

Saki's Boyfriend?
Unlocked 60% of Saki's CS.

Pretty Easy, you should be able to get this relatively easy even if you missed a few events in her Cosmosphere, should unlock about halfway through lvl 7. You should get this when you are on her True End route since otherwise you will most likely not get in her level 6/7 Cosmosphere.

Saki's Groom
Unlocked 100% of Saki's CS.

Hardest trophy of the game, very easily missed without noticing/knowing it!

For this you have to get every single event in her Cosmosphere in one playthrough, it is commonly believed this trophy is bugged, but as far as I am able to tell it isn't, you must get everything in 1 play through or it won't unlock. Having 100% in the Extra's menu won't trigger this trophy!.

Having said all that. This trophy is really hard, quite a few of hidden events (with no star in front of them), yet others having 3 (or at the very least 1) white stars with a pretty heavy DP cost attached. And a few choices that will screw up your progress if you choose the wrong one. Below are the biggest ones you will miss. That you need to watch out for.

You really want to visit everything that cost more then 1 DP. Whether there are stars white or not. The reaon for this is that *may* be relevant for this trophy. Al though they appear not to be, none is really 100% sure.
  • Level 1: For once just pretend you are a pervert (incase you aren't) or at the very least a closet pervert. Do take a peek at her when you can after she went stripping (she can't see you at all).
  • Level 3: During this event you will be asked (near the end) whether you will stop the strip tease show or not. Now in case you are a pervert (or a closet pervert) pretend that you are not and stop the show.
  • Level 7: You MUST get into level 7 as soon as possible or you will miss out on an event that rewards you with a Hyuma. This must be done during phase 3. No exception. It will be gone in Phase 4. There are 3 talk topics needed and there are only 3 available. One is from finishing Cosmosphere level 6. Another can be found in Akane's bed room. The last one is from making the Tranquilizing Pipe (?Injector? Is the recipe, actual name varies depending on girl and choice). This one is found from a chest where you first found Tyria. Since you are teleported back to town when you get there you have to travel all the way back to Lymph Vessel, where Tyria (the holograph) was found. There will be 2 chests there, one will have this recipe.
  • Level 9: A lot of hidden events here. So keep an eye out for them, I am not sure they are needed, but do take them in any case.

After you finished Cosmosphere level 9. Dive back inside her for a few more events and to get 100% along with this trophy.

You just got the hardest trophy in this game, congratz!

Finnel's Buddy
Unlocked 30% of Finnel's CS.

Pretty easy. Finnel is a lot easier then Saki. However for this you need to finish her fake Cosmosphere level 2 ~ 5. You should get this trophy during the start of her level 4.

Finnel's Hubby?
Unlocked 60% of Finnel's CS.

You should get this trophy when you are on Finnel's True Ending. And should be during her Cosmosphere level 6/7.

Finnel's True Master
Unlocked 100% of Finnel's CS.

Compared to Saki this one is a walk in the park. Only a few hidden events that shouldn't matter for this trophy. I recommend to keep an eye out for them and to get them all anyway.

The hidden events are pretty much nonexistent, Just make sure to get the Optional first (lower stars and cost more then 1 DP).

After you finish her Cosmosphere level 9 dive back into here and get the last few events. When all is done this trophy should unlock.

Tyria's Fellow
Unlocked 30% of Tyria's CS.

Easy, you must finish her Level 2 Binary Field for the story anyway. Since each ending counts as 20% you should be at 40% when you finish her level 2. And earning this trophy along the way.

For help finishing her Level 2. Please look below at Tyria's Darling.

Tyria's Beau
Unlocked 60% of Tyria's CS.

You should get this only when you are on her Normal and True ending. For more information please take a look below at Tyria's Darling.

Tyria's Darling
Unlocked 100% of Tyria's CS.

Basically it is 20% for each ending. There is only one ending in both her Level 1 and 2. But there are 3 endings in her level 3. For 100% you will need all 3 of them.

To put it somewhat simply, the decisions you take in Level 2 and Level 3 will decide the route you are taking, if you fail to get the proper ending you can start over, and for level 2 you must start over and finish this. You will basically go trough the same story 5 times. Based on previous levels you should know which choices to make to get a different ending.

Level 1: Pretty easy and very straight forward. Do not vist her house, the Hyuma is a false. You will crash and get kicked out when you visit it.

Level 2: Now it gets tricky, you need the following choices:
  • 'Go Home'
  • 'Of Course, we are friends'
  • 'Use the card'
  • 'Stop Somewhere'
  • 'Why don't we go out somewhere?'
  • 'Can you swim?'
  • 'Lets go somewhere'
  • 'Talk a little bit somewhere'

Level 3: There are three endings in this level. You should get the good ending last or you will miss this trophy. You need the good ending for the confession as well.
The choices to take are below. Go take the endings in this order: Bad → Normal → True.
  • 'Visit Tyria'
  • 'Just doing my job'
  • 'Use the card'
  • 'Stop somewhere'
  • 'Decline'
  • 'Why don't we go out somewhere'

The next choice at the swimming pool will the first decider for the ending.
Bad Ending: 'Can you swim?'
Normal Ending: 'Lets go somewhere else'
True Ending: 'Can you swim?'

Afterwards continue as follows:
  • 'Lets go somewhere'
  • 'Go to Saki'

The next choice will decide which ending you get as well, it is also the last choice to make.
Bad Ending: 'Go Home'
Normal Ending: doesn't matter really..
Good Ending: 'Stay longer'

As said, first go with the Bad Ending, Tyria will interrupt before it actually ends and claims she is not happy, you will go back to the swimming pool, this time go forth for the normal ending. After that you have to redo it all for the Good ending.

Once you get the last ending you will get this trophy!

The Aggressive Guy
Gained a victory in 100 battles!

Pretty easy. Just win in 100 battles. Nothing really hard here.

The Bellicose Man
Gained a victory in 200 battles!

Win 200 battles, not that hard and you should get this along the way.

The Fighting Machine
Gained a victory in 300 battles!

Win 300 battles. It is not as hard as it sounds, you should get this without any effort while going for the platinum.

The Peon
Fled 100 times.

I suggest you wait with this trophy till you are max level. At that point you can simply run from every battle. Keep in mind that when you do run the encounter bar does not deplete in any kind of way. Means you can keep on running from every battle.

Also as far as I know, the number of times you flee is not saved in the master save file.

The Ravager
Encounter Bar depleted 25 times.

Slightly vague initially since the games does not say anything about the encounter bar at all. It is the bar at the bottom right on your screen. It will go from green to red to indicate the chance of getting into a battle. Going in and out of an area will reset the chance to get into a combat. You can make use of this if you want to avoid battles.

Once the bar is depleted you can run around as much as you want in the area without running into any battle (aside those that are meant the happen, the scripted ones such as a boss battles).

Area's at the start generally only need 5 fights to have the encounter bar depleted. While this will increase to 10 and later 15. You should have no problems getting this trophy.

"Nothing, Ma!"
Hit the Panic Button 100 times.

Another vague trophy. I find this more related to an eastern egg then anything else. Either way this trophy is literally 1 min work. When you are in an event in the CosmoSphere or Binary Field you can press to view some kind of weird image, press again to close it, do this roughly 100 times.

Save Obsession Syndrome
Saved 100 times.

Pretty easy, just save 100 times. The saves can be overwritten for this. Just be sure to make 100 saves.

Our Valued Customer
Played this game for 100 hours.

Another easy trophy, will come with time. Just keep the game open for 100 hours. This should come naturally while going for the platinum. Every time you save your play time is also saved in the general save point. So you can have as many playthroughs as you want.

The Master of Unlocking
Dug through all treasure chests.

There are 177 Treasure Chests in total. You need to open them all in 1 playthrough to get the trophy. The very last chest will always be the one in XP Shell beyond the point of no return. If you do not get this trophy at that chest then load a previous save and get the ones you missed. Below is a list of easily missed chests:
  • Prison; Al though you do jump down, you can jump back up by a 2way jump, first into a hole in the upper wall and then on to the ledge of where you jumped up. There are 6 chests up there!
  • Moebious Factory; go back inside where Saki was being held, there is chest there that is otherwise unseen.
  • Lymph Vessel; go back to where you were when you got teleported out, there are 2 chests there, one is needed for Saki's Groom.
  • Garvelt Bridge; After defeating the Myu look-a-like boss go back there to get 2 chests you will otherwise not even see. They hold recipes for rare materials.

Also Note that the chests in the prison can be backtracked to. You have to make a tricky jump. So technically speaking this trophy therefor can not be missed. But to be on the safe side, when you do break out of the prison with Yurisica be sure to take a good look around for all of the chests.

Be sure to explore everything, Once the encounter bar is empty you can run around as much as possible, making searching a lot easier!

Free of the Rat Race
Money hit the maximum value.

Tricky trophy. For this you need to have 9.999.999 gold. And there is no way to get this trough regular grinding. The trick is to make an item 99x and sell it for profit. Then buy the mats again and make another 99 items. Rinse and repeat till you have this humongous amount of money..

The fastest way to do is make Lethal Frills (from ?Shiny Clothes?). For this you need 1 Silver Material and 1 Refracting Cape. You can buy these in Archia and Ciela Gate. Buy 99 of each, then make 99 Lethal Frills, sell and repeat, for this you really want max DP on all 3 girls to get this humongous amount of money in 2~3 hours max or so. (It takes just as much time to make 1 Lethal Frills as 99, since you can make max 99 in 1 crafting session).

Mrs. Reyvinson
Someone's DP hit the maximum.

In order you have maximum you need to have 99.999 DP on at least 1 Revytail. Al though initially this seems hard it is really easy late game. XP Shell offers plenty of DP with an eays way to reset the encounter bar and having a save point for resting right next to it almost. DP Also will carry over to a New Game+.

Super Guru
Every character reached Level 99.

Slightly more annoying to get. You must get everyone to level 99. This includes Tyria. When you get her for the first time you should be around lvl 60 at least. You will get her at lvl 60 as well.

When going for a New Game+ the experience you have earned will carry over.

Return to Innocence
Took off 3 pieces of clothes at once.

Annoying trophy. Basically you have to purge the Revytail from full clothes to almost full naked in a single purge. For this you have to build up the percentage to roughly 60.000% with any purging. This will take roughly 5 minutes and should be doable during the Myu or Akane boss battles.

Purge Carnival
Heroines Purged 3 times, and Vanguards stripped.

Easy trophy, especially for a gold one. During most boss battles in Phase 4 you can use the ultimate special attacks from your Vanguard and strip the Revytail 3 times. You can this very easily during the fights against Akane and her pet, Myu and most other bosses. You will probably get this without trying.

Saki Romantic Scene 1
Unlocked the event.

This trophy comes up after you have given the first heart point to Saki.

Toggle Spoiler

Good Mood With Finnel 1
Unlocked the event.

Near the beginning of Phase 2 you can give the first Heart Point to either Saki or Finner. When given to Finnel you will get a scene later with her when you have her back in your party. During this scene you will get this trophy.

Saki Romantic Scene 2
Unlocked the event.

After you have given all 3 Heart Points to Saki you will get a scene later with Saki. During this scene you will unlock this trophy. Recommended to get this when you are on her ending routes.

Good Mood With Finnel 2
Unlocked the event.

After you have given all 3 Heart Points to Finnel you will get a scene later with Finnel. During this scene you will unlock this trophy. Recommended to get this when you are on her ending routes.

Uninstalling With Soma
Unlocked the event.

Story related event. You will get this automatically a little bit after you gained the 4th Vanguard. Will be during phase 3.

Lovey Dovey With Tyria
Unlocked the event.

For this trophy you must accept the confession from Tyria. After you have finished her Binary Field with preferably all 3 endings you need to rest at an inn. During the night she will confess to you. After you accept the confession and get the art picture related to that this trophy will popup.

Sarapatra's Wedding
Unlocked the event.

Another story related event. During Phase 1 you will go back to you hometown at some point with Sarapatra. She will however insist that she is engaged with you. Yes, you! You will get this trophy when the art picture comes up during the wedding crash.

Hot Springs Encounter
Unlocked the event.

Story related trophy. You will get this trophy during Phase 3.

Reunion With Pupils
Unlocked the event.

Story related trophy, you will get this during Phase 2.

Saki Will Do It!
Unlocked the event.

This trophy is a tad tricky. There are 2 ways to this trophy, both during the story and the Cosmosphere replay in the Extra's menu.

The first chance you have, which you must skip if you are on Saki's Groom/Endings route, is during Level 3. In stead to help her out and stop the show let her handle it. It will trigger this trophy. This option costs no DP. Choosing this during this level will lock you out of Saki's Groom.

The second chance is during Level 4, the second time you get home she will ask again if you her, dinner or a bath, choose her and pay 8000 DP.

Unlocked the event.

A trophy that will unlock at the end of Saki's Level 4 Cosmosphere.

Lost Heart
Unlocked the event.

A trophy that will unlock near the end in Saki's Level 6 Cosmosphere.

A Daughter Is Born!?
Unlocked the event.

A trophy that will unlock at the end of Saki's Level 8 Cosmosphere. This event basically means that you accept her confession and locks you in her endings should not have given 3 Heart Points to Saki already.

Big Sis Sakia
Unlocked the event.

Saki's Level 9 Cosmosphere trophy. You will get this about halfway in.

Yurisica's Approach
Unlocked the event.

Earned at an optional event in Finnels Level 3 Cosmosphere, the real one and not the fake one. It is at Happening Square.

Chain And Finnel
Unlocked the event.

Earned in Finnels Level 5 Cosmosphere, again during the real level 5 and not the fake one.

Soma VS Soma
Unlocked the event.

Earned in Finnels Level 7 Cosmosphere.

Unlocked the event.

Earned in Finnels Level 8 Cosmosphere. This will be earned after you accept her confession in this level.

Sing Out The Genesis!
Unlocked the event.

Earned in Finnels Level 9 Cosmosphere.

The Truth
Unlocked the event.

This trophy can be earned at the end of Tyria's Level 3 Binary Field. For this however you must have a normal or true ending of the level.

Unlocked the event.

There are 2 places where you can earn this event. During Tyria;s Level 2 and 3 Binary Field you can go for a swim with Tyria. When doing so and you gettting cramp you will get this trophy.

Tyria's Fears
Unlocked the event.

Earned during Tyria's Level 3 Binary Field. Can only be earned when you are on the normal and true ending of the level.

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