Players: 1-2 players offline splitscreen or online co-op
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: Online pass is not required for the platinum unless you are gonna play online with a friend
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: NA
Estimated Time to Platinum: 25-35 hours depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 2+ playthroughs (Chapter select)
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None (you can replay all missions through chapter select)
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Easy Money and Fast Ranks

  • If you have the overkillers DLC you can play over killer contracts to earn as much as $19,000 in as little as 3 minutes and you will gain faster ranks in the process.
  • this method can be used on 3 different mission locations that you must first complete in the campaign to unlock.
  • This will allow you to hit rank 25 faster than playing through the campaign as it will likely take 2-3 playthroughs to hit rank 25 by only playing campaign so i would suggest going this route as you will also get money needed for Deep Pockets

Insane Playthrough Tips

  • First thing to remember, cover is your best friend in this game use it often because more like than not it will make a certain area more easy than just running and gunning your way to your death.
  • To go along with the first tip be prepared to change cover often as most cover can be destroyed you will need to be prepared to move on the fly if you enemy destroys (and usually they will) your cover leaving you out in the open.
  • I can say first hand that insanity difficulty is possible to do with the AI and in my case he helped me tremendously. On that note be sure to use your partners over killer mode if your in a tough area.
  • I only used three or four guns but i always kept a high aggro assault rifle and a low aggro smg on me unless other wise stated in the specified mission below.
  • Other than what i have already listed above try to remember where enemies appear during your easy or medium difficulty playthrough and what areas you had a hard time with and everything should be just fine.
Good luck out there ladies!


Mister Ninja's Guide to Platinum

1. Just start a game up on easy or medium and get the combat specific trophies along the way. These trophies would include: Fashion Police, Cover Hopper, And stay down, Melee all day!, Money Shot, Demolition Derby, Backstabbing Bastard, Environmentalist, party pooper, David VS. Goliath, and Combo Master.

2. Saving all your money from your first initial playthrough i would suggest buying one assault rifle you feel comfortable with, one low aggro SMG, one shotgun, and one sniper rifle that you will use for your insanity playthrough and completely go through the game on insanity.

3. You can grind in overkiller's contracts to get enough money to buy everything in the game and hit rank 25 for Blood, Sweat, and Guns.

4. Once that is finished you should only have a few miscellaneous trophies left for a well deserved !


Platinum Trophy
Earn all Army of TWO™ The Devil's Cartel Trophies

Just like all other this will be acquired once you have collected every other trophy in the game.

Let's do this
Complete New Blood

* Story related and cannot be missed *

This mission is mostly cutscenes and training showing you fundamental gameplay. Once you reach Salem and Rios the mission will end rewarding you with this trophy.

Now what?
Complete Cause and Effect

* Story related and cannot be missed *

This will be your first mission for T.W.O. and here you will learn a lot about using over killer mode and breaching doors. Once the helicopter arrives and you get Rios to the helicopter the mission will end awarding you with this trophy.

Insane Tips

  • Take your time going through these earlier areas there are a lot of enemies that can overwhelm you quite easily.
  • Always keep an eye out for enemies flanking your position as they will do this quite often and can cause you to restart a checkpoint.
  • When it comes to choices in this mission i took the low path while bravo took the upper path.
  • When choosing to go after the girl or protecting Rios I went after the girl. I always made Bravo do a little of the work since this takes a lot of heat off of you.

Complete Rally Point

* Story related and cannot be missed *

This will be your first mission with bravo. You will mostly be fighting through weak Cartel enemies to reach the town square. Once at the square simply hold it until your ride comes to extract you in style.

Insane Tips

  • Once the mission starts you will be out in the open so quickly get rid of the enemies directly in front of you and behind you with an automatic weapon before you take too much damage or get downed.
  • After the first batch of enemies on the ground there will be enemies coming from the roofs on your left so I would advise getting behind the car to your right to safely dispatch them.
  • Once you reach chapter 9 I would suggest switching to a shotgun to dispatch the enemies since the alleyways are very tight quarters. Just take your time and you should be fine.
  • The most difficult part of this mission (to me anyway) is holding the square. I did it with my partner and he literally revived me like six times and I passed it no sweat. I would just suggest taking cover in the center and keeping an eye on where they spawn from and switch cover when possible because they will flank you often.

From bad to worse
Complete Outside Contact

* Story related and cannot be missed *

For this mission you have been ambushed by Cartel, you driver has been killed and you receive a new contact. Not a bad way to start a new mission, eh? Just follow your contacts directions as she leads you to safety. Once you meet up with her at the end of the mission this trophy will unlock.

Insane Tips

  • In the ambush in the beginning of the mission just try to stay in the gas station as long as humanly possible since the enemies in the beginning will spawn directly in front of you.
  • If you are having issues in chapter 13 "Observe and Detect" use your overkill after pushing the truck up and get rid of the MMG as fast as you can.
  • During Chapter 15 "Stronghold Assault" you will face against your first brutes so they will be much more difficult than your average enemies since they are wielding shotguns. Just shoot them with an assault rifle or shotgun from cover and you should be fine.
  • Lastly, during the truck bit at the end of the mission I always chose to drive and I got through it just fine so if this particular chapter is giving you issues just choose to drive and allow your AI partner to do all the work.

Massacre in Paradise
Complete Last Resort

* Story related and cannot be missed *

This mission you will be going a Mexican resort to find your best buds P.I. and Castle. When things take a strange turn for the worst Fiona informs you two that she was right the entire time. Once the cutscene ends your trophy will unlock.

Insane Tips

  • If you would prefer you could just snipe all the enemies in the starting area but that is really up to you. I used a low aggro SMG (SD3 I believe) and just killed all the enemies from cover.

  • Once inside the hotel try to stay close to the pillars so you don't get shot from all sides and pop enemies as their heads come out of cover and you should be fine.
  • The next chapter isn't anything you haven't dealt with before just stay in cover and take out the enemies while they reload or pop out of cover.

Forgive our sins
Complete Salvation

* Story related and cannot be missed*

For this mission you will be followed by Fiona looking for your target Cordova at a church that Fiona tells you is used by the cartel as a warehouse for their munitions. Once you get inside the church however things escalate far beyond you or your partners control. Once the mission complete screen appears your trophy will unlock.

Insane Tips

  • While going through the graveyard I would suggest using an assault rifle or an smg so you can take multiple hostiles at once. ( I used the BR-19 Assault Rifle and the SD3 SMG)
  • During Chapter 21. "Rest for the Wicked" you will have to flank an MMG to gain access to the basement of the church. Your best bet is to use your overkill quickly get behind the MMG and kill everyone else afterwards since it can kill you and your partner while your downed if your not behind cover. Enemies will also flank you faster than usual in this area.
  • The only other difficult spot that I found during this mission was getting rid of the armored truck during the chase scene. hopefully you have built up overkill from inside the church. You will want to get rid of all other trucks and vehicles in front of the armored one and go into overkill mode and attack the HOOD of the car. Once that is done all you need to is use the action button to complete the scene and you should be good.

Behind enemies lines
Complete Enemy Territory

* Story related and cannot be missed *

During this mission you will be tracking down Cordova while trying to save Bradley from Cartel thugs. Once you, your partner and Cordova are chased by an armored truck a cutscene will ensue followed by this trophy.

Insane Tips

  • I would highly suggest taking a sniper into this mission as it will make your life much easier. (AMR-50 or M1, it's up to your preference I personally used the AMR-50.)
  • While chasing Cordova thugs will be chasing him at the same time so try not to rush through as you will get ridiculously overwhelmed. Just take it slow and use your sniper to take out any Cartel thugs with shields.
  • While looking for Cordova you will have to open shack doors to find his location. I would suggest ordering your partner to open the doors since a couple of them have a Cartel thug hidden inside. ( press up on the D-Pad)
  • On your way to Bradley there will be an area with a sniper perch in it. This is where you pull out your sniper and show him how it's done. You will probably also want to use your sniper on the enemies that come down the hill since they have the advantage of higher ground.

Drugs are for losers
Complete Narco Hell

* Story related and cannot be missed *

During this mission your target has been killed by Elliot Salem and only thing you want is Salem's head on a pike. As you struggle to survive you find that T.W.O. hasn't left you all alone and Rios gives you a mission update to bring Salem in. After the catching up to Salem and killing his minion the mission complete screen will appear followed shortly by this trophy.

Insane Tips

  • During the beginning of the mission all you will have is a pistol so try to avoid contact as long as possible. Once you do get discovered it is imperative that you stay in cover at all time because it will not take much to get you downed since you have no armor whatsoever.
  • Once you rendezvous with Chuy and Baker you have to make your way to the roof for extraction. When there is a step jump have your partner go over the wall that way you can provide cover. Makes the area quite a bit easier and once again he does most of the work.
  • After breaking the door on the roof and clearing the enemies so the helicopter can land choose to go in the chopper to provide air support and have your partner clear out the enemy hostiles with RPG's.
  • During Chapter 37. "Mad Science" I would suggest taking an LMG with you as it will make the area go by so much smoother. ( I used a MG-40) Just take your time with each room and make good use of the explosive environments as they can help you clear out the enemies much faster.
  • During the final chapter you finally catch up to Salem but he leaves his Machete wielding hombre to deal with you. I must say this was a rather ridiculously annoying boss fight so i would suggest sticking to cover as much as possible and hitting him with your LMG fast and hard and pray your AI partner makes up for the rest. Every so often Cartel thugs will drop into the room so try to take them out before they have a chance to take you down. Make special use of the explosive environment as this can be used to your advantage and will speed up this boss fight significantly.

War comes home
Complete Assault

* Story related and cannot be missed *

During this mission you will be going to an old mining town that the Cartel are using to bunker down. As you progress further and further into the quarry it changes from a target assassination to a rescue mission. Once your chopper arrives and you clear the quarry of all hostiles the mission complete screen will appear followed by this trophy.

Insane Tips

  • Starting off this mission i would go to the far right and simply run. Ignore all enemies and sprint up to the towers you need to destroy to proceed into the town. As soon as you can see the towers hit double overkill and destroy both towers and you should get in without a problem.

  • During the helicopter fight i would suggest taking cover under the balcony behind a pillar and when the helicopter quits moving hit overkiller mode to take it out. It will take two uses of overkiller mode but a new set of enemies will spawn to refill your meter so just use it again to take out the helicopter.
  • The only other difficult portion of this mission is when the helicopter arrives and you have to choose to stay on the ground or use the MG on the helicopter. I would definitely say it is much easier if you stay on the ground and use the GL to clear enemies. Just be sure to take your time and use your overkiller mode to make this section go by much smoother. Once you reach the top and kill all enemies the mission is complete.

Revenge is a bitch
Complete Confrontation

* Story related and cannot be missed *

During this mission you will have to save Rios, save Fiona, capture Bautista AND capture Salem so no pressure. As you go further and further into the Cartel Compound the stakes gets higher and higher as you and your partner fight for survival and prove that all of it has been for nothing. Once the mission complete screen appears after the amazing cutscene your trophy will pop.

Insane Tips

  • To start of with this mission has the hardest areas to get through but just remember it is possible and just try to find new ways to flank your enemies and give it to 'em where it hurts.
  • I would suggest using the AMR-50 or the M1 as a secondary and remember to put explosive ammo on whichever one you use. It will definitely prove to be your best friend. (Especially if the M1 has the rifle scope equipped.)
  • Don't rush the areas try to force the enemies to come to use and just take them out as quickly and as safely as possible.
  • Using an LMG or an Assault rifle as your primary weapon is a good bet especially in the beginning where large ammo clips can help for lengthy firefights.
  • The hardest part for me was during Chapter 48. "Salem on Trial" where Salem fires a GL at you and you are separated from your partner when the cutscene ends. From where you start pull out your sniper and snipe the guys across from you and follow the path and go downstairs. From here just stay in cover and kill baddies as usual.
  • I have heard some people had a hard time with the final boss fight. I would definitely suggest doing this alone with the AI because in some cases the AI can help you get the upper hand. try to stay at the top of the map when Salem sends bad guys to fight you that way he can't interfere and just use your partner to deal with bad guys close to you while your snipe all the heavy enemies and enemies above you.
  • During the second phase when Salem is in the truck just remember to use cover transition to get out of his way so he doesn't ram you. While he is stuck just pop into double overkill and lay waste to the truck and you should be good. At this point just have bravo distract the MG so you can place the C4 and you'll be good to go!

And now what?
Complete the Campaign

* Story related and cannot be missed *

For this trophy all you have to do is complete the game on any difficulty. Once you have finished the final mission the trophy should unlock at the mission complete screen. For mission tips see the mission specific trophies above.

Sir, yes sir!
Level up to Rank 5

This trophy is unlocked by simply reaching Rank 5. More than likely you will get this after your first few missions even if you are playing on easy difficulty.

Keep it up!
Level up to Rank 15

All you need to do to get this trophy is just keep playing missions. I received this trophy at the end of my first playthrough. If you didn't or your having trouble ranking up after 15 please refer to Blood, Sweat and Guns.

Blood, Sweat and Guns
Level up to Rank 25

This trophy will probably be obtained after your first playthrough. The FASTEST way to obtain this trophy is to have to have the Overkillers DLC and load up an overkillers mission in mission select and play through it over and over again. Even on the highest difficulty you don't get a lot of money and in about two hours i was max rank with over $300,000. You will need this money to purchase everything so i would definitely go this route to obtain this trophy. The first overkillers mission is on "rally point" and it is good to start out with however once you get to about rank 7 and above you want to start using the mission "Outside Contact" which will net you as low as $14,000 and as high as $20,000 for a mission that can be completed in under five minutes! Once you hit rank 25 this trophy will unlock.

My Baby
Fully customize a weapon with 6 customizable parts or more

For this trophy all you have to do is purchase 6 different customizable parts on ONE GUN. For this trophy I used the BR-19 but you can use any gun you want as long as it has six customizable parts since not all guns do (like the shotguns). As always once you purchase the sixth part this trophy should unlock.

200 targets killed in single Overkill (Triggered by you)

This is a trouble you will be coming back to get in a second playthrough unless you used overkiller mode A LOT in your first playthrough. There are actually two different places you can get this trophy and I have tested and can prove they both work. The first way is to play overkillers mode and just kill 100 enemies simple as that.

The second way to obtain this trophy is to load the chapter 22. "Shadows Walk" and just play through the chapter earning enough to fill up both overkiller gauges for you and bravo. Once you get to the church after the cutscene go around the balcony to get to the MMG. Once you break the room with the MMG you receive a checkpoint. Now all you have to do is order bravo to get on the turret to activate the grenadier to blow up a hole in the wall for you to shoot out. Activate overkiller mode and shoot the enemies that spawn to your left. You can get about 15 enemies kills every time you do this. Just be sure to RESTART CHECKPOINT when your overkiller mode expires that way your checkpoint doesn't get overridden. Once you get your 200th kill this trophy should unlock.

500 targets killed while in cover

This trophy will more than likely be unlocked on a second run through of the game. If you didn't unlock during your first two playthroughs however no need to fret because you will most certainly unlock it during your Insane playthrough since the game is ridiculously hard to progress without using cover. Just hop into cover and kill some bad guys. After your 500th kill in cover this trophy will unlock.

Double Trouble
200 targets killed in double Overkill

For this trophy you and your partner have to use double overkill and kill 200 enemies. This may seem a little daunting but it can be done. There is a farming spot that is perfect for this. Please refer to Over Killer ********for more details.

200 targets killed in single Overkill (Triggered by your partner)

This trophy could be unlocked for some earlier than others simply because it is dependent on when the AI uses their overkill mode. However, you can force the AI to use the overkill mode by pushing down on the D-Pad. I have an excellent farming spot to acquire this trophy. For more details please refer to Over Killer ********for more details.

Let ‘er Rip
100 targets killed using either an MMG or an MGL

A really simple and rather straight forward trophy. All you need to do is get kills while on a MMG or a MGL. You have plenty opportunities to accomplish this throughout the game so if you are needing some kills after your first playthrough just reload a chapter you feel comfortable with. I would strongly suggest The Stronghold Assault chapter since that has the most enemies but you could always reload the end of Cause and Effect if you would rather do that one instead. Once you get your 100th kill this trophy should unlock.

Destroyed 500 objects

Now we're talking! A trophy designed for nothing but utter destruction. All you need to do is whenever you have overkiller mode active just shoot everything in sight potential cover, cars, everything. If you are having a hard time with this one i would suggest going to the Stronghold Assault mission and starting the last chapter and get on the helicopter and use the minigun. Just activate overkiller mode and go to town. Once you have destroyed 500 objects this trophy shall be yours.

Armed to the Teeth
Buy All Guns

For this trophy you will have to purchase every gun in the game EXCEPT DLC WEAPONS. These weapons would include the Double Down Shotgun and the "Day of the Dead" AK. Here is a full list of all weapons, how much they cost and the required rank you will need to be to purchase them. The required amount to purchase all Primary and Side Arm weapons will be $285,000.

Assault Rifles

M4 NA Free/Default
AK-47 NA $5,000
FX-05 Rank 2 $10,000
BR-19 Rank 4 $12,500
M-KAR Rank 7 $13,000
MTAB-19 Rank 10 $13,000
M1 Rank 12 $15,000
FH-80 Rank 16 $17,500
Grand Total $86,000


SAW NA $12,000
RPD Rank 4 $13,000
MG-23 Rank 8 $15,000
MG-40 Rank 19 $18,000
Grand Total $58,000


LE-400 NA Free/Default
Double-D (not required) NA $10,000
ASG Combat Rank 3 $12,500
S-12 Rank 11 $14,000
DAO-X Rank 14 $16,000
Grand Total $42,500


MP-U45 NA $5,000
Ruslan MK3 Rank 3 $8,000
SD3 Rank 7 $9,000
UCAP 9000 Rank 11 $10,000
MK-IX Rank 18 $12,500
Grand Total $44,500

Sniper Rifles

Swat-LR .300 NA $10,000
Longshot R50 Rank 6 $12,500
SVD Rank 10 $15,000
AMR-50 Rank 15 $18,000
Grand Total $54,000

Side Arms

M92 NA Free/Default
TAH-9 NA $5,000
Model 971 Rank 2 $5,000
M1911 Rank 6 $5,000
Falcon .50 Rank 8 $7,500
P226 Rank 12 $7,500
MAG-44 Rank 20 $10,000
Grand Total $40,000

Look at you!
Buy All Outfits

For this trophy you will have to purchase every outfit in the game and this trophy can only be obtained AFTER COMPLETING INSANE DIFFICULTY. Below is a list of all outfits, the rank required to obtain and their price.


Alpha NA Free/Default
Bravo NA Free/Default
Contractor NA $3,000
Skull Candy NA $3,000
Commando NA $3,000
Full Auto NA $3,000
Over Killer NA $3,000
Dia de los Muertos NA $3,000
Chillin' Rank 3 $3,000
Roadie Rank 5 $3,000
Sport Rank 7 $3,000
Extractor Rank 9 $3,000
Heavy Gunner Rank 11 $3,000
Operative Rank 13 $3,000
Spec ops Rank 15 $3,000
Elite Rank 17 $3,000
Biker Rank 19 $3,000
Salem Rank 21 & Beat game once $20,000
Rios Rank 23 & Beat game once $20,000
Executive Rios Rank 24 & Beat game once $25,000
Meat Shield Rank 25 & Beat game once $10,000
Inmate Beat Insane Difficulty $50,000
Grand Total $170,000

Look mom, I made it!
Complete the game on Insane

For this trophy you will have to beat the game on the highest difficulty, insane. To unlock this difficulty you must have already beaten the game on any difficulty once before. Simply go to mission select and play each mission on insane for this trophy to unlock. To change the difficulty when you select your mission press "select" to change your difficulty prior to mission insertion. Here are a few general tips for Insane difficulty. If you need further help I have suggestions for difficult areas under the specific mission trophies at the top of the guide. After the final cutscene this trophy will unlock.

Insane Tips

  • Survival is key to using your cover effectively. You should never be out of cover if you are in a firefight, EVER!
  • Always prepare your weapons to the mission you are playing. Remember where difficult enemies where on your previous playthrough and customize your weapons to effectively take out heavier enemies as fast as possible.
  • When it comes to choices during a mission always take the easy way and let your partner do all the work (if your playing with the AI that is) as it will save you time and lots of frustration.

Deep Pockets
Buy all Weapons, Tattoos, Masks and Outfits

To acquire this trophy you must purchase everything in the game. EXCEPT WEAPON ATTACHMENTS. Please refer to Armed To The Teeth for weapons and Look at you! for outfits. Below are a list of tattoos and masks, the rank required to purchase them, and of course their price.


Alpha NA Free/Default
Bravo NA Free/Default
Mayan NA $1,500
Native NA $1,500
Last Rites NA $1,500
Last Rites(2) NA $1,500
Last Rites(3) Rank 3 $1,500
Last Rites(4) Rank 15 $1,500
Fighter Rank 2 $1,500
Death Rank 5 $1,500
Pirate Rank 7 $1,500
Chinese Rank 9 $1,500
Sailor Rank 11 $1,500
Pin-up Rank 13 $1,500
Armageddon Rank 17 $1,500
Zombies Rank 19 $1,500
Japanese Rank 21 $1,500
Goodfellas Tattoo Rank 22 $1,500
Nautical Rank 23 $1,500
Fiona Complete game $1,500
Salem Complete game $1,500
Rios Complete game $1,500
Grand Total $30,000

Signature Masks

Alpha NA Free/Default
Bravo NA Free/Default
Skull Candy NA $2,000
Pink Camo NA $2,000
Paul Booth 1 NA $2,000
Paul Booth 2 NA $2,000
Steve Soto 1 NA $2,000
Steve Soto 2 NA $2,000
Polymer NA $2,000
Over Killer NA $2,000
Battlefield NA $2,000
Hero's Headgear NA $2,000
Prima NA $2,000
Bird NA $2,000
Shark NA $2,000
Training NA $2,000
Red Rank 2 $2,000
Veteran Rank 4 $2,000
Bull's Eye Rank 6 $2,000
Desert Camo Rank 3 $2,000
Forest Camo Rank 5 $2,000
Urban Camo Rank 7 $2,000
Winter Camo Rank 9 $2,000
Desert Digital Rank 11 $2,000
Forest Digital Rank 14 $2,000
Urban Digital Rank 16 $2,000
Winter Digital Rank 18 $2,000
Biker Rank 8 $2,000
Flower Rank 10 $2,000
Zombie Rank 12 $2,000
Goaler Rank 13 $2,000
Mime Rank 15 $2,000
Outlaw Rank 17 $2,000
Modern Camo Rank 19 $2,000
Axe Rank 20 $2,000
Panda Rank 21 $2,000
Luxury Rank 22 $2,000
Ninja Rank 23 $2,000
Hockey Rank 24 $2,000
Smile Rank 25 $2,000
Rios Bronze Complete the game $2,500
Rios Classic Complete the game $2,500
Salem Classic Dark Complete the game $2,500
Salem Classic Complete the game $2,500
Salem Pointy Dark Complete the game $2,500
Salem Pointy Complete the game $2,500
El Diablo Complete the game $7,500
Rios Executive Complete the game $5,000
Creature Complete the game $5,000
Isaac Community unlock $5,000
Carver Community unlock $5,000
Isaac Miner Community unlock $5,000
Evil Skull Complete the game $5,000
ODZ Complete the game $5,000
Viking Complete the game $5,000
Evil Clown Complete the game $5,000
Hannya(blue) Complete the game $5,000
Hannya(red) Complete the game $5,000
Meat Mask Complete the game $10,000
Horse Mask Complete game on Insane Difficulty $10,000
Grand Total $178,500

In order to purchase every item in the game you will need to have at the very least $703,500.

Army Of TWO™
Perform 250 Flank, Surprise and/or Tag Team kills

This may seem like it would take a while but the truth is this one will probably be unlocked at the same time as Aggro-er.All you need to do is earn 250 Flank, Tag-team, or Surprise kills. Seeing as you can get ten or so of each in each fire fight this is a really easy silver to obtain. Once you get 250 this trophy should unlock.

You took the Aggro for 100 Flank kills

This is a rather straight forward and very easy trophy to obtain. Chances are you will get this without even meaning to. For this trophy you quite simply have to have the enemies attention while your partner flanks them and kills. Really easy and like I said you will probably earn this through normal story progression. If you do happen to run into issues with this trophy simply get the attention of the enemies and press right on the D-pad so that your AI partner will go into his attack mode and you should have this after a few missions.

David vs. Goliath
Kill 10 Brutes in Physical Confrontation

You will first fight against brutes during Chapter 15. Stronghold Assault. The are usually taller enemies that carry bigger weapons like Shotguns or LMG's. Simply run up to them and melee them to trigger a button mash sequence. Just mash the to win. Do this nine more times for the trophy to unlock.

Party Pooper
Kill 3 targets with 1 grenade

For this trophy you just have to kill three enemies with one grenade. There are literally dozens of places that you can acquire this trophy. I got it on the Cause and Effect mission after Salem and Rios split from Alpha and Bravo the first time. The next area will have plenty of enemies so just throw a grenade at the truck by the wood wall on the right while the enemies are hiding over there and once you see the Multi Kill X3 at the top of the screen you know you got it.

Kill 3 targets or more using an explosive object in any level

There are dangerous barrels and explosive containers through out this entire game so be sure to use them to your advantage! Just shoot at an explosive container while three or more enemies are standing by it for this trophy to unlock.

Perform 100 Headshots

For this trophy you must kill 100 enemies with headshots. Just pick a weapon you feel comfortable with whether it be an assault rifle or your trusty pistol and go pop some heads. Once you get 100 head shot kills this trophy will unlock.

Blood Sport
Perform 100 melee kills

With having to get fifty back stab kills and ten melee confrontations with brutes you will more than likely get this trophy during your first playthrough. Simply melee 100 enemies and this trophy will unlock.

Backstabbing Bastard
Perform 50 Backstabs

This was actually one of the trophies i had to go back to get after I finished my initial playthrough. While playing through the game if you melee an enemy while behind them you will do a back stab attack which will instant kill them. This is ideal to perform this back stabs quite often as they net you more points. I only needed about ten after my first playthrough so I would suggest going after these whenever possible. Once you get your fiftieth back stab kill this trophy will unlock.

Just a scratch
You didn’t go wounded once in a mission (medium, hard or insane)

If you have a hard time with anything other than easy then do I have some news for you! This trophy is actually quite easy to accomplish. Simply load up the "Last Resort" Level on Medium or higher and take your time. Since there are only two chapters this level is really ideal for this trophy. I went through this mission without getting downed so on hard or medium it should be a walk in the park. Once the mission completed box appears the trophy should unlock.

Combo Master
Perform a x10 Co-op Combo

For some this could be a game breaker trophy. This trophy requires you to get a X10 co-op bonus with your partner. After a lot of game time there are two sure fire ways to obtain this.

The first spot i got this was during the chapter 19. "Among the Dead". During this chapter you will have to put bravo on top of a structure in the middle of the area. Once you do this enemies will start to pour out. Try to shoot at enemies in the same direction of your partner to build up the co-op bonus multiplier. Using double overkill( if you both have it ) can also be immensely helpful. Once you reach a x10 the trophy should unlock.

The second way to acquire this trophy is to load up the overkillers mission "Rally Point". When you start the mission you will be in the parking lot. Clear out all enemies in the parking lot and head out to the street. This is where you will want it to start. As you are going up the street your partner will be shooting in the same direction as you making this trophy increasingly easier to obtain. Just take your time going up the street and make sure no enemies get behind you. As soon as you hit a x10 Co-op bonus this trophy will unlock.

Art is not a crime
Create your own Custom Mask

To create your own custom mask go to Armory Customize Operative Custom Masks. From here you can create a mask to your own liking. Once you finish it this trophy will unlock.

Apply the maximum number of layers on a customized mask

Under custom masks there is an option for you to make your very own special mask. Simply start making a mask and use 12 different layers and once you save it the trophy will unlock. If you wish you can also delete the mask or use it while your play the choice is really up to you.

Demolition Derby
Destroy 50 cars

This trophy sounds a little time consuming but I promise you it really isn't. However there are two ways you could go about this. The first way would be to shoot cars while in overkill mode during the campaign. The second is far more easier. If you have the overkiller DLC load up an overkiller contract and shoot all the cars you see as your going through the level this will net you about 20 vehicles every time you play this level ( I used the Rally Point Chapter). Just destroy 50 vehicles and this trophy will unlock.

Money Shot
Headshot a target while blind firing

This one can be quite difficult. I got this trophy on the Enemy Territory level while on the rooftops. I used and assault rifle but to be honest you could get this with any weapon. Just use a weapon you feel comfortable with and fire in short bursts and this trophy too shall be yours.

Melee all day!
Perform a melee kill while you're in Overkill

I actually unlocked this trophy in the first mission by accident. When in over killer mode run up to an enemy and melee them to earn this easy trophy.

And stay down
Perform 10 melee kills on wounded targets

I would suggest working on this early on in the game because your starting weapons are rather weak making this trophy really easy to earn early on. Simply shoot an enemy in the legs with the M4 so that they are down on the ground and start to crawl. Just run up to them and melee them to finish them off. Do this nine more times for this trophy to unlock.

Cover Hopper
Perform 10 cover to cover transition in a row

This is a really easy trophy that can be done quite early in the game. First, you will need to find two pieces of cover that are next to one another. Next all you have to do is go into cover and move to the edge and press the button to quickly run to the other one. Repeat this nine more times and this easy trophy will unlock.

Fashion Police
Perform 50 Hat Shots

This trophy i actually got totally by accident. To get this all you have to do is shot off the enemies hat. This is actually really easy to do since they bounce around like rabbits but if you are having issues getting this trophy just aim for their head and aim a little higher and you'll miss their head completely and their hat should fall off. Once you've shot off fifty hats the trophy will unlock.

Players simultaneously killed 2 unaware targets

There are actually two different ways you can go about this trophy depending on whether or not you have a friend to help you.
  • You can actually earn this trophy during a breach with the AI. So if you can't find a friend to play online with or in splitscreen this is definitely a route you can take to earn this trophy.
  • Either with a friend or by yourself load up a splitscreen game for the cause and effect mission and set both bravo and alpha to get headshots on both guards down the hill and since they wont move you can get both bravo and alpha to get simultaneous headshots on your unsuspecting targets netting you yet another trophy.

First Blood
Make your first kill as a rookie (in Cause and Effect mission)

After the cutscene where Rios and Salem butcher the two guards you will be able to control Alpha and Bravo once more. Simply kill the two guards ahead of you to earn you a quick and well deserved trophy.

TWO heads
Complete a mission (excluding New Blood) with a human partner

For this trophy all you need to do is simply play through an entire mission with a human partner in either splitscreen or online co op. Now, if you can't find a partner there is no need to fret because you can still get this trophy. Simply load up the last resort mission in co op and since there are only two chapters this mission will be really quick. Doing it this way requires you have to do all the work but if your as hardcore as Alpha or Bravo (let's just face it you are ) then you can do get through this mission without a partner.

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