Players: 1

Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Yes
Estimated Time to 100%: 4-5 hours if you already have 100% sync on the regular game.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None

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[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All Trophies are listed in XMB order
  • Once you download the DLC, head to your main single player game for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, and the DLC missions will be available as a marker on your map that says Restored Sequence. Head to the marker and into the highlighted area to play each mission.
  • The DLC can be played at any time, but it will be much easier to 100% Sync the missions on your first try if you wait until you have played through enough of the game to get the Arrow Storm ability and the Crossbow.
  • The DLC will also add the Helmschmied Drachen Armor into your inventory. Which is a very powerful armor that is better looking than the Romulus Armor
  • The DLC will also add 4 new MP characters and new game modes, but mercifully there are no online trophies.
  • All of the non story mission trophies can be earned while you are roaming around the streets of Rome in the Free Roam as long as you have the abilities updated.


Strong Arm
Throw a Long Weapon, Heavy Weapon, and Smoke Bomb more than 10m at a guard

This trophy can actually be very daunting, but not overly difficult. The difficult part of this trophy is looking for a Heavy Weapon, BUT if you purchase one of the Heavy Axes, you can throw them at the guards. So the first thing you will do is head into your Armory inside your hideout and grab a Bearded Axe. Next check your supply of Smoke Bombs. If you are empty, head to the Weapons man and grab some from the Ammunition. Now find a random bunch of guards posted anywhere. I recommend you go with the guards that aren't moving, go stand next to them, then press and go to your map and zoom in and place a custom marker where you are standing. The reason for the custom marker is so we can get a proper distance meter. Exit out of the subscreen and then press the to lock on a guard. Now back up and watch the meter on the bottom right of the screen as the numbers count up. Once you are past ten turn and face the guard. Now change to your Smoke Bombs, and press the to throw the Smoke Bomb at them. Now change to your Bearded Axe and make sure the path is clear, if it is, hold down the to charge your throw and when you have a solid white line release the to throw the weapon. Now the guards will attack, so do some cleanup on the stragglers and you will have two weapons out of the way.

Now Roam over to the bridge that leads to the Castle Sant' Angelo and on the way look for some Spearman. If you find one take advantage, if not there are a few on the Bridge. Once you find a Spearman, change to your Fists and pick a fight. Wait for him to attack and press the and the to Disarm him and take his weapon. Now press the to drop it and take out another weapon, so you don't waste the Spear, and kill the rest of the guards that jumped into the fight. Once it's over, pick up your spear again by pressing the and follow the steps for the Heavy Weapon above to get your Spear Kill. Once you have all 3 kills from more than 10 meters away the trophy will unlock.

High Roller
Win 10,000 florins playing Hazard

Hazard is a new mini-game that has been added to ACB for the DLC pack. In the beginning of the game, Leonardo will send you to find Salai at the Thieves' Guild. When you find him, he is busy gambling with some very unfriendly Thieves that will plague you for the rest of the DLC. This is your Hazard playing spot. At any point after this mission, you can return to the Thieves' Guild and try your luck on Hazard. Now for all those who are wondering, Hazard is Craps, without the table and without some of the fancy betting wagers. If you have played Craps before this will be very easy for you. If you haven't, I will provide a Hazard tutorial below for you to learn the ropes of the game. For this trophy you must win 10,000 Florins playing. Now I'm Not sure if this is a cumulative amount, or if the total must all be in one pot. I can tell you that it has to be winnings, and not pot size so you must subtract your wager from the pot total to find out your winnings. This being said the initial bet has a max of 7500 and will pay 2:1 if you win on the first roll. Because of this you cant earn this trophy on the initial roll because you will only win 7500 Florins on a pot of 15,000. After the first roll, the odds turn to 2.5:1 and you can bet again on every roll after that. You don't need to up your bet at all from this point to clear 10,000 Florins in winnings BUT you can if you feel lucky. Once you clear 10,000 Florins in winnings you will get the trophy.

Hazard (Craps) Game Tips and Strategy
  • Craps is a dice game that is one of the best ways to win money both at a casino and on the game if you have a good die thrower. The House has little or control over the dice so its very easy to rake in the cash.
  • On your initial roll if you roll a 7 or 11 you and everyone else who has bet will win at 2:1 odds. If you roll a 2, 3 or 12 on your initial roll you will crap out and everyone loses. If you roll any other number, that will be the hot number, so for this tutorial lets say you roll a 6.
  • You will now have the chance to bet again after every single roll up to a max of 7500 Florins with a payout of 2.5:1.
  • Now the Hot number is 6, at this point if you roll a 7, you crap out and everyone loses. You can continue to roll the dice as long as you don't roll a 7 until you hit the hot number.
  • That's it for the Hazard rules, real craps has many more ways to win and bets to make but those don't apply to this tutorial as the game is a very basic game of schoolyard craps. Have Fun Winning

il Principe
Receive 100% synch in ACB and full synch in all missions of the Da Vinci Disappearance.

This is the big boy of the group in my opinion and should have been a juicy . Now depending on how you approach this trophy, will determine the difficulty. If you choose to try and replay the levels for 100% sync as you are playing the game, it will be a pain in the ass. I recommend waiting until you are completely done with the game and powered up with good armor and weaponry, then replay what you might have missed. I was at 67% when I started on the main game and it took me about 4 evenings of casual playing after work to get 100% so it doesn't take too long. I'm going to break this trophy into two sections, one for the main game and one for the DLC with the 100% sync requirements. I'm not going to list out every single memory and strategy, but I will give general pointers in each area and help on the more difficult ones. If you need specific help on a memory for 100% Sync, please ask in the discussion and I will do my best to help you. Once you gain 100% Sync in the game and the DLC you will unlock the trophy. You can replay any memory by pressing the and going to your DNA menu. You will also notice your Sync percentage in the upper right in this menu. Then select the set of Sequences you would like and press the to enter them and then select the specific memory you need to replay.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 100% Sync Requirements
  • Complete all Main Sequence Memories to 100% Sync
    • The Apple of Eden: This will probably be the only mission that gives you troubles. You can't lose any squares of health, there is an entire horde of guards after you, you can't use Arrow Storm, you can't pick any other weapon other than the Apple and if you use the Apple you will lose health. So all you can do is run. Run as fast as you can out the door, weaving to avoid guards, then immediately head to the left and jump off the railing and run down the road. The Guards should get stuck and give you time to become anonymous again, but if any see you they will all attack again. I recommend heading for the roof, then run diagonally to the left. The quicker you can get to the river, the better. DON'T GO NEAR THE BRIDGE! Get to the river and swim across to the other side and you will be safe.

      Quote Originally Posted by LFBlackLabel View Post
      I found a better way to get 100% in "The Apple Of Eden" in Sequence 8. Instead of weaving, or going to roofs, or anything else, just jump when the guards get next to you. It was very easy to get 100% following these basic steps:

      1 - Always sprint. Never stop sprinting, NEVER.
      2 - When you go through a group of guards, just quickly tap circle 2 times to roll on the ground. Even if the guards are waiting blocking your path, you'll pass through them unscatted.
      3 - When you are running and see one of those fast guards coming up to you (and eventually, he's going to hit you) just quickly tap 2 times again, but this time the X button to jump. You'll see that the guard will stop and you can gain advantage again.

      If you do it like that you just need to run to the river and it'll be very easy to get 100%.

  • Complete all War Machines Memories to 100% Sync
    • Hell on Wheels: This mission seriously sucks ass and is the most fun of the War Machines at the same time. The irritating part is in the tank at the very end. You must finish this section, without losing any health. Sounds easy, and it is until the final battle against two tanks and a bunch of Rifle toting guards with no hiding places. If you get hit you will have to restart the entire memory, and not just the Tank section. Once you have got sick of trying to beat it normally and replaying the section do this. After you destroy the door to the base, drive in a small ways to get the first tank after you, then back up through the door way into the Desynchronization Zone. You can still shoot the Tank, but it can't shoot you because you are out of the map, and as long as you don't back up too far you won't Desynch. Once the first one is destroyed move back into the map and get the attention of the second one, then back up into the Desynch area again to take it out for and easy 100% Sync.

  • Complete all Secret Locations Memories to 100% Sync
  • Complete all Templar Missions to 100% Sync
  • Complete all Courtesan Missions to 100% Sync
  • Complete all Thieves' Missions to 100% Sync
  • Complete all Assassination Contracts to 100% Sync
  • Complete all Rome Upgrades to 100% Sync
  • Not Needed for 100% Sync
    • Completing Courtesan Guild Challenges to 100%
    • Completing Thieves' Guild Challenges to 100%
    • Completing Assassin Guild Challenges to 100%
    • Completing Christina Memories to 100%
    • Completing all Treasure, Borgia Flags, Feathers, and Glyphs to 100%

The Da Vinci Disappearance DLC 100% Sync Requirements
  • Complete all Restored Memories to 100% Sync
  • Not Needed for 100% Sync
    • Completing Templar Lair Missions

Kill 10 guards with a single arrow storm

This one can be fairly irritating, for the simple fact that you need to get 10 guards all together at the same time. First, you are going to need enough Assassin Recruits to have unlocked the Arrow Storm ability, which is 3 red Assassin Meters and I believe unlocks when you have 6 or more Assassins in your Guild. Now I found a good strategy for this is to grab a horse and ram a bunch of guards to piss them off on the countryside. Now ride away from them using the and surprisingly they can all keep up with the horse but can't hit you like they could when they are on foot. Ride around and find more guards and they will chase you too, since the other guards are after you. Once you have a nice large group of 10, hop off your horse and run around till all the ones chasing you have caught up, then hold down the for an Arrow Storm to take them all out. As long as there were 10 the trophy will unlock.

Quote Originally Posted by Savior000
I was able to get the trophy from the Hermetecists during the first mission once they attack you outside of the Thieves Guild. It took two tries: the first time I only got nine.
Quote Originally Posted by LucoLoss View Post
The best way how to get an Airstrike trophy is while playing Sequence 6 - Gatekeeper, when the mission starts, there are about 20 enemies.

Complete the Da Vinci Disappearance.

This is a story based trophy

This is the only story based trophy for the DLC that you will get simply for completing the mission. Once you have Completed all the missions for the Da Vinci DLC, regardless of Sync % this trophy will unlock.

Clowning Around
Beat up the 5 thirsty harlequins.

Ahhh the irritating Harlequin. I don't remember ever seeing these jokesters during the regular game until after adding this DLC. The only thing I remember about them is them irritating my during my online play. There are 5 of these jacktards roaming around the city of Rome and they are called "thirsty" because you will always find them near the water. They will be doing handstands and when they see you, they will attack you so it is very easy to tell them apart from the other weirdos doing random handstands. For this trophy you need to find them and beat them up. Before you encounter one, make sure you have your Fists selected from the weapon wheel so you don't kill them, then be careful you don't knock them off any edges or in the water or they will die and it will not count. I prefer to use a Counter on them with the + to take them out in one hit. Some of the Harlequins will come out in the day and others only at night, so if you don't see him in the area, just come back at a different time of day. If you happen to kill one, just come back to the area later and he will respawn. Here are the locations of the 5 Harlequins:

  1. We will start from the River at the top of the map and move our way down towards the bottom of the map. The first one is near the top of the map. There will be a Doctor at the top of the map by the River. To the left of that and down a little on the waters edge on some stairs is the first Harlequin.
  2. For the second one, head to the Bridge that leads to Castle Sant' Angelo, then jump off into the water on the right side and swim to the right and you will find him almost to the curve in the river, on some stairs. This one is easier if you take a water approach so you don't accidentally knock him into the water.
  3. For the third one head through the Tunnel to the Rosa in Fiore. Then head to the left of the building and down the alley which will lead to some stairs leading down to the water where he is hiding.
  4. The fourth Harlequin is located under the large Bridge that is directly South from Ezio's Hideout on the left side of the bridge. This fiesty Harlequin ONLY comes out at night.
  5. The Final nuisance is located near the Barracks. Take the tunnel to the barracks, then head out and you can see the lake below in the deep canyon. Head to the right and take your first left to head around the edge of the deep lake. Head down this road and you will see a house on the left side with a tree in the back yard. This must be at night, there will be two people under the tree watching the stars and the Harlequin will be sitting in the grass.

Clowning Around video walkthrough by CanFour To view more videos from him click here.

Special Delivery
Double Assassinate from a parachute

By the time you play this DLC, you will probably have access to parachutes. If you DO NOT, you will need to complete all of Leonardo's Side Missions and destroy all of the Secret Weapons he is working on and he will then give you the Parachute ability. If you have the Parachutes, head to a Tailor shop to purchase some. Once you have them, you can jump off of any high surface and then immediately press the to deploy a parachute. Once you have a parachute deployed, you can steer with the left stick and press the to drop and the to assassinate guards below you. This is a very easy trophy once you have down the mechanics of the parachute. Head into the city and find a group of guards standing by some stairs, or anywhere else this is just what I picked out for the tutorial, they will be the ones with a group of 4. Climb one of the buildings near them, and jump off and deploy a chute. Glide towards them and when you get the prompt to assassinate, press the and Ezio will assassinate the two with their backs turned for an easy trophy.

Grand Theft Dressage
Steal 5 horse from their riders, while remaining on horseback.

This trophy is just like it sounds. Head out of the city limits and press the to whistle for your trusty steed. Once you have there are a couple of ways to get this trophy, but the main result is that you must steal 5 horses that have people riding them without touching the ground at all! Now I tried to do this with normal civilians by jumping onto the back of their horse with the , but to be honest, it was very unreliable and I often jumped off my horse in the opposite direction.

The easiest way to get this trophy is with your Hidden Blade. Make sure your Hidden Blade is selected and ride around until you find a guard riding a horse. Once you find one, press the to lock on him, this prevents any assassinating a ground target by mistake problems. Now chase him down with the and when you get close enough press the to perform an assassination. If you happen to do this by a group of guards, I recommend an Arrow Storm to dispatch them so they don't knock you off your horse. Once you are clear repeat this process for 5 more horses to get the easy trophy.

Going Up
Kill a guard with the bag that drops from a lift.

There are several ways to get this trophy but the main goal is to kill any guard with a lift. What I did was go piss off some guards near a lift, then run over to the lift and wait for them to be in front of it. Next, jump on the lift platform and press the to kick the lift lever and fly up in the air to the roof, which also drops a weighted bag to the ground. Check below and see if the bag killed any of the guards when it hits the ground. If it does you will get an easy trophy. If not, wait for the lift to reset, then try again.

There is also another place to get this trophy I found in my playing. When you have to crash the Art Show at the Castle Sant' Angelo on The Ezio Auditore Affair mission. Don't worry about the paintings or killing any other guards yet because you don't want the stationary guards to move around at all. Head to the second set of paintings and stationary guards and there will be a guard by himself standing in front of a lift. If you haven't received the trophy yet and are at this level, jump on the lift and the bag should kill him for the trophy.

Easy Come, Easy Go
Pay 500 florins to an orator, then pickpocket him afterward

For this trophy your first task will be to gain some Notoriety. Notoriety is gained by performing illegal acts in front of guards. What I recommend is finding a nice group of guards, walk up and assassinate one then kill the rest and your Notoriety Gauge will start to fill. The gauge is located in the upper right of the screen and is a red border around the Assassin Logo that is in front of your health squares. You will need to fill your Notoriety Gauge to 50% before you can accomplish this task. Make sure you DO NOT have the Auditore or Borgia Capes equipped or you will not gain Notoriety! To check this press the and go to your Inventory and check your capes.

Once you have gained the necessary notoriety, press the and you will notice several small images have appeared around you on your map. Those are the Posters to reduce your notoriety levels. You want to look for the Red Ones that are Marked as Heralds. The Heralds are the Orators, you will find them preaching to a group of people throughout the town. Once you find one, approach him and you will have the option to Bribe him. Make sure the Bribe amount is 500 Florins. If it is Bribe him then head around behind him and Hold the while you are walking to pick his pocket and get your money back and an easy trophy.

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