Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-4 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Difficulty Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • All trophies are in XMB order
  • Episode 1 sets you in the Northern part of the Frontier for the DLC. You only have access to a limited area and the entire map is already unlocked to you.
  • There is no money in the DLC, so you will not need to worry about purchasing anything.
  • The DLC is mainly set during the winter, and it is always snowing. This can make navigation a pain in the ass, especially in the deep snow as you move very slowly through it. Fortunately, you still have your Horse Whistle and you can use him to get around fairly well.
  • The entire area is overrun with Bluecoats, and if they see you, you will go into alert status and they will shoot you off your horse.
  • The villages, for the most part in this area have been abandoned and destroyed and are mostly overrun with wolves looking to feast on you so be wary.
  • The Wolf Cloak and Wolf Pack are a new feature in the DLC which will allow you to cloak at will, and to call a pack of cloaked wolves from the spirit wolf to take down highlighted enemies.
  • While you are cloaked, your health gauge will rapidly drain so you can't stay cloaked forever.
  • Guard Dogs can see through your cloak and will give away your position of they smell you.
  • Once you have finished the DLC you can free roam to complete your remaining trophies.

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Uniquely Familiar
Receive an unexpected gift

This is a story based trophy

At the beginning of Memory Two - Warn the Village, you will watch a cutscene back in your village. During the cutscene Kaniehtí:io will give you your hidden blades. After the cutscene ends and you have control again, the trophy will unlock.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Kill 25 enemies while staying cloaked

After you have completed Memory 3 - Sky World Journey, you will have the ability to use your Wolf Cloak whenever you want by equipping it and pressing the to activate it. For this trophy you simply need to kill 25 Bluecoats while cloaked. While you are cloaked equip the Hidden Blades so that you can perform Low Profile Assassinations and stay cloaked. Using this method, there is no need to spam out this trophy, as you can use this to move through several enemies in one battle while cloaked. A good time to use this is when you are attacking convoys, as there are always a large number of enemies guarding them and you can usually take out almost the entire group with one cloak before your health gets too low. If you have finished everything and still don't have this, simply roam around the towns and use your cloak while taking out the Bluecoats populating the area. As soon as you have taken out 25 of them while remaining cloaked the trophy will unlock.

Reach 100% synchronization in the Frontier

This is the only semi difficult trophy in the DLC, and if you have achieved in the main game, you will find that this is a piece of cake. You simply need to complete the requirements listed below and you will receive 100% Sync for the DLC.
  • Complete all Main Sequence Memories to 100% Sync
  • Complete all Citizen Missions
  • Complete all Lucid Memories

  • Memory #1 - Awaken
    • Optional Objectives:
      • Kill 5 Bluecoats at the church while remaining undetected: This one isn't too hard as long as you get out in front after performing the leap of faith. Get to the Hay Cart first and then take out the five guards in the order listed below. Switch to "Unarmed" to perform silent takedowns.
        1. Take out the guard from the Hay Cart.
        2. From the direction the last guard was standing, head forward to the stalking bushes and take out the guard standing near them.
        3. Now head forward to the next stalking bushes and wait for the walking guard to come over to you to check out the disturbance and take him out.
        4. Now get the stationary guard in the area that's facing the wrong direction.
        5. Now head behind the church and climb up to the roof. Look over the left side to see a lonely Bluecoat standing guard below. Use an Air Takedown to finish him off to complete this.

      • Prevent any Bluecoat reinforcements from reaching Concord: This one is a pain in the ass. You are going to have Bluecoats charging down the road, and some other Bluecoats shooting at you. You can't completely ignore the ones shooting at you as they will eventually Desynchronize you. Take out the ones shooting at you from the roof of the house, then the ones in the field and try to aim your shots so you can hit the ones running down the road AND the ones on the other side of the wall with the same shot. In the groups that are running down the road, try and take them out near where the other guards are shooting at you from the halfwall that way if you miss one, you have a better chance of making up for it before the stragglers that get knocked down but don't die get out of range. The Horses move very fast so make sure you get them as you will only get one chance to hit them.
      • Do not permit any Bluecoat runner to light a fuse: This one isn't too tough as long as you equip your pistol and bow to start out. You will have runners trying to light fuses to blow up houses and you must stop them. They like to alternate from one side of the field to the other, so after you kill one, start heading the other way. They will come one at a time for a while, but then near the end they will come two at a time. This is where you use the pistol. Get in range of one of them, and use the pistol or bow to take them out from a distance then sprint towards the other one to get them both before the fuse is lit. If you are using your pistol, make sure you reload after your melee kill as there are two sets of these double runners.

  • Memory #2 - Warn the Village
    • Optional Objectives:
      • None: Simply Complete the Mission

  • Memory #3 - Sky World Journey
    • Optional Objectives:
      • Don't touch any rocks during slides: There will be 3-4 sliding sequences while chasing the wolves. Simply watch ahead of you and don't slide into the rocks.
      • Kill the elk without alerting it: After you have acquired the Wolf Cloak, simply sneak up behind the Elk and perform a Silent Takedown.

  • Memory #4 - One-Man Wolf Pack
    • Optional Objectives:
      • Kill 2 Bluecoats with a single arrow: In the beginning of the area, as you are following the two Bluecoats up the hill to the camp, wait for them to get to the narrow part of the path and they will get single file. Use your Bow to take them both out with one shot.
      • Kill the runner by calling the Wolf Pack: As soon as the runner takes off, press the to call your Wolf Pack after him for the easy challenge.

  • Memory #5 - Path of Revenge
    • Optional Objectives:
      • Use no staking bushes during the eavesdrop: This one is a huge pain in the ass, as you have to make sure you don't run out of health while using the Wolf Cloak. Use the Stalking Bushes to get near the targets, then activate the Wolf Cloak and get inside the circle. Stay ahead of them as they walk until you get to the hay Cart on the left. Jump in here to refill your health, and as soon as they start moving again, reactivate your Wolf Cloak and you will automatically jump out of the Cart. Now head over to the well, and hop inside to turn off your cloak and recharge your health. Stay here till the eavesdrop ends.

  • Memory #6 - Justice Served
    • Optional Objectives:
      • Free the bear without killing or alerting the guards: This one is very easy, head to the right of the fort and you will find a bear cage. Activate your Wolf Cloak, and sneak over to the front of the cage and hold the to open the gate. Once the gate is open, get out of the red circle on your mini map before the timer expires.
      • Stay undetected in the fort: Use your Wolf Cloak and get inside the front gate. Use the Stalker Bushes and the Wolf Cloak to move up to the upper area where you will find Benedict Arnold. Silently take him down to finish this mission

100% Synchronization Video Guides

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The Citizen Missions in the DLC are divided into three groups. For each group you must complete the objective five times. The objectives in the Citizen Missions are all random spawns that take place on your map. You can work on these both during the main missions, or after the DLC is concluded during Free Roam. I have noticed that in some places, the objective will respawn again at a later date and completing the objective again in the same area will still count towards your totals. Watch the upper left screen for the notification of a Citizen Mission when you are near one, and as you move closer to it an Icon will appear on your map for it.
  1. Attack Convoy: Just like in the main game, you will find convoys driving around the snowy roads in this Frontier. These convoys, however are carrying prisoners. Attack them and take down the guards, as it is Restricted Area, then open up the convoy cages to release the prisoners. If you take too long to reach the convoy it will escape.
  2. Help the Hungry: Throughout the Frontier, you will find starving citizens that need help. Most of these can be found in the small towns, but some are hidden in caves or off by themselves. You will need a piece of meat to give them so make sure you take the time to skin the wolves that roam the towns so you have a nice supply of meat on you.
  3. Wolf Rescue: Occasionally you will find a Citizen being attacked by a pack of wolves. Take out the wolves to save the citizen to complete this set of missions. These can be a bit tougher to find, but I found just roaming around on the roads near the towns is an easy way to find some. If you take too long the citizen being attacked will die.

The Lucid Memories can be found in 3 locations in this small section of the Frontier that is available to you. These are located at significant locations from the main story of the game and once you find them you will unlock a special video that can be viewed. You DO NOT need to view these videos to complete the objectives, you simply need to unlock them. The first memory will show up on your map, but the second two won't show up unless you are near them.
  1. The first Lucid Memory will show up on your map. Find this memory in the table inside the burned out building in the small town south of your village.
  2. For the second Memory, locate your village on the north of the map, then go to the right to find the river. Now looking at the map and following the river to the right, the river will split and do a small loop, then reconnect and continue right. Where the river reconnects, place a marker on the northern shore. This is where you will find the second memory, on the riverbank.
  3. For the final memory, head over to Valley Forge. I recommend just running past all the Bluecoats, but you can sneak in if you want. Head up the hill and into the middle of the camp and you can find the final memory on a table inside a tent. You will most likely need to clear out any pursuing Bluecoats before you grab it.

Lucid Memories Video Guide

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West Point Payback
Defeat Benedict Arnold

This is a story based trophy

You will encounter the traitorous Benedict Arnold in Memory 6 - Justice Served. After you have followed your target to the fort, you will need to infiltrate the fort and locate Benedict, who is located in the very back of the fort. Use your Eagle Vision to get him highlighted in gold to mark him as the target. If you can sneak your way in using your Wolf Cloak, you can wait for a clear shot in the bushes next to him and sneak out with your cloak on for a quick assassination and not even have to fight him. Either way, once you have taken out the target, a small cutscene will follow. If you haven't played the Benedict Arnold DLC this cutscene might not make as much sense. You will be awarded the trophy and the DLC will end


A special thanks go out to the following people for their help with this guide.

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