Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-4 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Difficulty Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • All trophies are in XMB order
  • Episode 2 sets you in the Northern part of the Boston for the DLC. You only have access to a limited area and the entire map is already unlocked for you.
  • There is no money in the DLC, so you will not need to worry about purchasing anything.
  • The entire city is overrun with Bluecoats, and if they see you, you will go into alert status.
  • The Wolf Cloak and Wolf Pack are a still featured in the DLC which will allow you to cloak at will, and to call a pack of cloaked wolves from the spirit wolf to take down highlighted enemies.
  • While you are cloaked, your health gauge will rapidly drain so you can't stay cloaked forever.
  • Guard Dogs can see through your cloak and will give away your position of they smell you.
  • Once you have finished the DLC you can free roam to complete your remaining trophies.
  • You can also call your wold pack by pressing the . this takes the place of calling Assassin Recruits to help you.
  • You will know have access to the Eagle Powers which include Eagle Flight. Use this whenever you see a marker to quickly fly from point to point.
  • You can also use the Eagle Flight Assassination to target enemies that have a targeting reticule over their heads to quickly assassinate them. This works well on people shooting at you.

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Frequent Flyer
Use Eagle Flight to travel 1 km

After you receive the Eagle Flight ability you can work on this trophy. Whenever a target appears on the reticule, simply press the to use Eagle Flight to reach the location. You can also target enemies by holding down the to use the Eagle Flight Assassination attacks as well. This is a cumulative trophy and you don't need to perform this in one continuous flight, so simply play the game and you will have no problem earning this just from normal use in the game before the DLC ends.

The New Tea Party
Reach 100% synchronization in Boston

This is the only semi difficult trophy in the DLC, and if you have achieved in the main game, you will find that this is a piece of cake. You simply need to complete the requirements listed below and you will receive 100% Sync for the DLC.
  • Complete all Main Sequence Memories to 100% Sync
  • Complete all Citizen Missions
  • Complete all Lucid Memories

  • Memory #1 - Prison Break
    • Optional Objectives:
      • Kill 3 guards while remaining undetected: This one isn't too tough as long as you know where you are going. From the entrance to the room, activate your wolf cloak, then follow the right wall and jump down to the floor to find a hay cart and hop inside. Now whistle to call one of the guards over and take him out when he gets close. Press the to reactivate the wolf cloak which kicks you out of the hay and take out the guard left behind. Now quickly head back to the right side wall and head down the small passage to find another hay cart and jump inside. Whistle at the guards again to call over another guard and take him out for a quick 3 guards.

  • Memory #2 - Sky World Journey
    • Optional Objectives:
      • Save all the eggs: Much easier than it looks. When the Bobcats appear, simply stand in there way and wait for them to leap at you. Use the QTE attacks to take them down. Even if there are two of them as long as you do it this way they will only attack one at a time. If you mess up on a sequence, simply restart as the other bobcat will most likely have grabbed an egg.
      • Chain 3 Eagle Flights twice: To chain an Eagle Flight you simply need to press the to activate Eagle Flight to another location before you fully land from the flight you are currently performing. There are two good spots for this during this segment of the Flight Tutorial. The first is right when you receive the tutorial for the Eagle Flight Chain. The second is near the end, you will be flying down and you will see three wooden posts sticking up in a row.
      • Avoid all obstacles: This one is a pain in the ass, especially at the end of the flight. Remember to try and follow your Eagle Guide as much as possible for the safe passage through the rocks. Most importantly try and watch ahead so you can start your turn early to the direction you need. If you wait till the last minute you will most likely crash.

  • Memory #3 - Dive Bomb
    • Optional Objectives:
      • Kill all guards while remaining undetected.: This challenge and the next challenge go hand in hand as I recommend using Eagle Assassinations for all of these guards. First thing you need to do is get up in the rafters using Eagle Flight. Now I recommend taking out the guard that wanders off alone towards where you started the area. Simply wait and he will wander there. Now head back to the rafters, and wait. Keep an eye on the two guards circling below you and wait for them to be split up and take one out while hes alone. Now head back to the rafters and watch the remaining guards that are circling. When they split apart and are away from each other take the rest out and then take out the guard by the door to exit last.
      • Perform 3 Eagle Assassinations in the warehouse.: See the previous challenge, and remember to hold the while targeting a guard to perform the Eagle Assassination.
      • Use Eagle Assassination to kill Franklin. : Simply chase down Franklin, and when you get close enough to target him, hold down the to perform the Eagle Assassination to take him down.

  • Memory #4 - Consequences
    • Optional Objectives:
      • None: Simply Complete the Mission

  • Memory #5 - Return to Sender
    • Optional Objectives:
      • Capture 2 of the opponents pieces: You will need to do this quickly as the game is on a timer and only takes place while your eavesdropping. You won't need to play the entire game, so simply set up the CPU to jump one of your pieces so he lands in a position to be jumped on your turn.
      • Kill both sentinels within the time limit: The time limit doesn't start until you kill the first Sentinel. I recommend taking out the Sentinel in the boat first. Now quickly jump out of the back of the window towards the water and use your Eagle Flight on the posts in front of you before you land, then chain another Eagle Flight to reach the next Sentinel's location and take him down.

  • Memory #6 - Man of Mettle
    • Optional Objectives:
      • Steal the horse undetected: Approach the fort from the left side and use Eagle Flight to reach the Fort's outer wall. Before you land, use your Eagle Flight again to reach the rooftop of the buildings inside where you will be safe from prying eyes. Now look to the back of the fort and you can see a Hay Cart near the opposite wall. Use your Eagle Flight to target the Hay and you can land in the Hay. Recharge your health and activate the Eagle Vision to locate the Horse which is back by the buildings you just left. Now activate your Wolf Cloak and go steal the horse. You only need to reach him undetected, you don't have to escape undetected.

  • Memory #7 - Pieces in Motion
    • Optional Objectives:
      • Use 3 contextual attacks during the barfight: As long as you know what this is, it's easy to complete. A "contextual" attack is using things in the environment during the fight. You can use the tables, and the posts during the fight, if you simply stand by them when you use your counter.
      • Remain undetected during the investigation: This one is a pain. Not only do you have to sneak inside the area, but there are also guard dogs as well. Use your bait to attract the first guard dog towards you right off the bat, then activate your Wolf Cloak and wait for him to get close enough and take him out. Now use the bushes nearby to replenish your health. Once you are done, sneak over to the entrance and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, take out the guard, then uncloak to regain your health. Now slip through the top of the wall and drop to the ground below where you will find some stalking bushes to hide in. Drop some bait and activate your cloak. When the dog nearby gets close enough, take him down to eliminate most of the dogs in the area. Now activate your Wolf Cloak and proceed forward to the road and to the left of the road is another stalking bush. Use your Eagle Vision to find the first clue near the bush. You can examine these while cloaked. After scanning the first one, head down the road and to the left and you can find another stalking bush to recharge your life on the right side. The next clue is in the middle of the road near here. Now you need to head down the left side of the docks, there is one more dog in the next camp so have your bait ready. Once you get to the person to talk to the mission ends.

  • Memory #8 - Aquila Unchained
    • Optional Objectives:
      • Remain undetected while stealing the uniform: As soon as you exit the building activate your cloak and choke out the guard before he gets down the next alley. Now leave him there and just hang out around the corner until all the investigating guards leave. Once they leave, and if they don't take them out while cloaked, pick up the body and carry it back to the base. If you let him get down the alley, there are a bunch of guards around so it's best to do this quickly.
      • Use an animal power to kill a guard menacing Franklin: These last two go hand in hand. I recommend just using your Wolf Cloak. The first guard you take out will complete this.
      • Remain undetected while guarding Franklin: Much like the last challenge, simply use your Wolf Cloak. After each set of enemies you kill, uncloak and recharge some health, then recloak and continue. As long as you use this strategy, you will be fine. Nobody else appeared except the guards confronting Franklin. Just remember to have the Hidden Blade selected and take out both enemies quickly.

  • Memory #9 - Escape to New York
    • Optional Objectives:
      • Save all crew members: The only thing you have to do in this is take out the snipers. The snipers will be marked with a red dot above their heads. Take them out first for each wave of enemies for an easy challenge
      • Kill Putnam using an animal power: Activate your Wolf Cloak, run over, and stab him to death.

100% Synchronization Video Guides

Toggle Spoiler

The Citizen Missions in the DLC are divided into four groups. For each group you must complete the objective a certain amount of times. The objectives in the Citizen Missions are all random spawns that take place on your map. You can work on these both during the main missions, or after the DLC is concluded during Free Roam. I have noticed that in some places, the objective will respawn again at a later date and completing the objective again in the same area will still count towards your totals. Watch the upper left screen for the notification of a Citizen Mission when you are near one, and as you move closer to it an Icon will appear on your map for it.
  1. Attack Convoy: Just like in the main game, you will find convoys driving around the roads in Boston. These convoys, however are carrying prisoners. Attack them and take down the guards, as it is Restricted Area, then open up the convoy cages to release the prisoners. If you take too long to reach the convoy it will escape.
  2. Help the Hungry: Throughout Boston, you will find starving citizens that need help. These can be found all over Boston and are most definitely the easiest to find. You will need a piece of meat to give them so make sure you take the time to skin the wolves that roam the towns so you have a nice supply of meat on you.
  3. Wolf Rescue: I was only able to find one of these in all of Boston. Open up your map, and put a waypoint marker over on the left side of the map in the marshlands, then head over there. In the south side of these marshes, you can find the citizen being attacked by wolves. Once you save him, simply head north to the house at the northern end of the marshes, then turn around and head back and he will have respawned again. If you take too long the citizen being attacked will die.
  4. Rescue Civilian: For this you will need to save a citizen who is being attacked by a group of Bluecoat soldiers. I was only able to find two of these, but we are only going to concentrate on one of them. This one is located right next to the Wolf Rescue Citizen Mission above, and just like that mission, after you completed it head to the house in the north and head back and it will respawn.

The Lucid Memories can be found in 3 locations in this small section of the Frontier that is available to you. These are located at significant locations from the main story of the game and once you find them you will unlock a special video that can be viewed. You DO NOT need to view these videos to complete the objectives, you simply need to unlock them. The first memory will show up on your map, but the second two won't show up unless you are near them.
  1. The first Lucid Memory will show up on your map. This memory is on top of a roof overlooking the main square.
  2. For the second Memory, open up your map and head over to the marshes on the left side. From the south side of the water below the marshes, head to the right and you will find a group of buildings that make an enclosed area with a treasure chest located in them. This is in here as well.
  3. For the final memory, open the map again and look to the north part of the marshes again. Now head to the right to find a group of buildings in the shape of a "T". Now head north from there to the next set of buildings and place your waypoint marker at the northern end of these buildings. This is where the final Lucid Memory is located.

Lucid Memories Video Guide

Toggle Spoiler

Defeat Putnam

This is a Story Based Trophy

One of the easiest assassinations in the entire game, including the main story of the game. You will encounter Putnam at the end of Memory 8 - Escape to New York. You MUST use your Wolf Cloak to reach him otherwise he will kill his prisoner and you will desync. When you gain control after the cutscene, turn on your cloak and just run over and stab the shit out of him to unlock this trophy.


A special thanks go out to the following people for their help with this guide.

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