Players: 1 Player (2-8 players online)
Online Trophies: Yes 6, ( Sharing Is Caring, Committed to the Cause, Personal Bag of Tricks, Master of the Caribbean , Lab Technician, All Rounder)
Online Pass Required: No You do not need an online pass as they have been abolished, but you will have to be registered with Uplay in order to get the online trophies.
Cheats Disable trophies?: Currently unknown but they have in the previous titles so I would stay clear of the cheats.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 50-55 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes 1 ( Vault Raider )
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: Look below
NOTE: Committed to the Cause have glitched for some people as they would skip level 55 and prestige immediately. This would result in the trophy not popping up and this has occurred to a lot of people. Please be careful with this one, more details soon.

SPOILER WARNING: This trophy guide does contain some minor spoilers, especially in the 100% Synchronization section. If you do not wish to be spoiled then do not read ahead there. However I do not try to spoil any cutscene or ending events in the trophy guide so you will have no problem there.

What in Davy Jones’ locker did ye just bark at me, ye scurvy bilgerat? I’ll have ye know I be the meanest cutthroat on the seven seas, and I’ve led numerous raids on fishing villages, and raped over 300 wenches. I be trained in hit-and-run pillaging and be the deadliest with a pistol of all the captains on the high seas. Ye be nothing to me but another source o’ swag. I’ll have yer guts for garters and keel haul ye like never been done before, hear me true. You think ye can hide behind your newfangled computing device? Think twice on that, scallywag. As we parley I be contacting my secret network o’ pirates across the sea and yer port is being tracked right now so ye better prepare for the typhoon, weevil. The kind o’ monsoon that’ll wipe ye off the map. You’re sharkbait, fool. I can sail anywhere, in any waters, and can kill ye in o’er seven hundred ways, and that be just with me hook and fist. Not only do I be top o’ the line with a cutlass, but I have an entire pirate fleet at my beck and call and I’ll damned sure use it all to wipe yer arse off o’ the world, ye dog. If only ye had had the foresight to know what devilish wrath your jibe was about to incur, ye might have belayed the comment. But ye couldn’t, ye didn’t, and now ye’ll pay the ultimate toll, you buffoon. I’ll shit fury all over ye and ye’ll drown in the depths o’ it. You’re fish food now.

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[top]Tips & Strategies

Video Credit to miracleofsound

General Tips and Advice
  • All trophies are in the XMB Order
  • This is the next title in the Assassin's Creed universe. There are many new features such as the double wielding of the same weapons and using them both simultaneously in combat. The prime example is Edward's double swords which he gets from the beginning of the game. Later on you also get hold of dual pistols and more.
  • Stealth and using your weapons in the best way is always a more re-assured way of doing things. You can attract a lot of unwanted attention if you just rush in and not decide a tactic before hand. A lot of the time you will be outnumbered so it is best to keep a stealthy approach until it is necessary to blow your cover.
  • Bushes and haystacks from the previous games are back and have the same purpose. Climbing mechanics are far more improved and the boat mechanics are much smoother in this game.
  • Do not underestimate the upgrades. They can help you especially the Jackdaw upgrades as they will make some of the missions really easy to complete. You will also need them to get 100% Synchronization in some missions. Edwards upgrades can help you in fights especially more pistols and health as well as ability to store more ammo.
  • When you visit new locations try and loot every chest as they will help you earn more money, also in order to upgrade your space for recruits you should try and plunder more ships for cloth in order to be able to get more men aboard your ship. Plundering will help you a lot as it will enable you to get resources needed for the Jackdaw upgrades.
  • Try and use stalking zones as much as possible, they can be perfect when your mission is to infiltrate a for but you need to take out all of the men in order to do so. This way you can do it with ease as you're being silent.
  • Do side activities, and other things as most of them lead to a reward that can help you get through the game
  • In Multiplayer try to get the most bonuses per kill, not the most kills. Sometimes it's worth taking more time but getting more points for that kill in order to earn more exp.
  • If you are going against big ships and you don't have the power or the upgrades to destroy them you can always let go off the wheel and swim up to them as Edward. Then go inside, take out all the people on board and then swim back to the Jackdaw, hit the ship with one broadside and you will immediately win the boarding sequence without the need to fight anymore. This is good against huge Man O'Wars or Frigates.


Step 1: Single Player
I suggest playing through the story and getting any side objectives you can but not forcing your way through them yet. This way you can learn the missions for later so that you do not have issues, and you can redo them with upgraded Jackdaw from later as well as with more skill and money. Don't worry much about other stuff yet, as long as you do this now you should have no problems.
Trophies in this step:
Heroes Aren't Born
Good While it Lasted
A Pirate's Life's for Me
No Apologies

Death of a Salesman
Mixing Up The Medicines
The Hammer Falls
A New Hope
My Elusive Fortune
Been Down So Long...
Just Like Starting Over

Saw That One Coming...
Routine Hacking
Getting Weird Around Here
Bunker Buddies
It's All Good

Step 2: 100% All the missions
Now go back and redo all the missions that you didn't get 100% synchronization in. You might want to upgrade your boat beforehand and concentrate on getting all the objectives done to 100%. This shouldn't take long as you will have the necessary money to stock up before every mission and the knowledge of what is where.
Trophies in This Step:
By The Book

Step 3: Clean up Singleplayer
Now it's time to get all the side singleplayer trophies that you didn't previously get. This means doing all the forts, destroying the legendary ships, all the naval contracts, all the side little trophies, upgrading your hideout and obviously your Jackdaw. This will take the longest amount of time, lots of plundering and exploring. Try to 100% many locations to earn more money as well as plunder most boats you see that have any value.
Trophies in This Step:
Silence, Fool!
Vault Rider
Killer Killer
Help a Brother Out
Sea Legs

King of the Castle
Employee of the Month
Business and Pleasure
Redingote Up!
Thug Life

Devil of the Caribbean

Seven Deadly Seas
Cannon Fodder
Ghost in the Machine
Roped In
Sharing is Caring
All Aboard!
Siren Song
Wild West Indies!

Step 4: Multiplayer
Finish off by doing the multiplayer trophies. These are all easily possible on the way to getting level 55, but watch out for the glitch! Also make sure to use every ability, ranged weapon and play every mode at least once. This will take some time but shouldn't be too difficult!
Trophies in This Step:
Committed to the Cause
All Rounder
Personal Bag of Tricks
Lab Technician
Master of the Caribbean
Step 5: Enjoy a new shiny AC4:BF
Trophies in This Step:
Prizes, Plunder and Adventure!


Prizes, Plunder, and Adventure!
Win every trophy.

Earn Every Trophy in the Game to get your beautiful Platinum !

Heroes Aren't Born
Complete memory sequence 1.

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed

You will earn this trophy after you complete all the memories in Sequence 1 of the game. You will have to do this as soon as you start the game.

Sequence 1:
  • Edward Kenway

Good While It Lasted
Complete memory sequence 2.

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed
You will earn this trophy after you complete all the memories in Sequence 2 of the game. These can be done at whatever the time but I suggest doing them quickly in order to obtain your own ship.

Sequence 2:
  • Lively Havana
  • ...and the Sugar?
  • Master Walpole, I Presume?
  • A Man They Call Sage
  • Claiming What's Due
  • The Treasure Fleet

A Pirate's Life For Me
Complete memory sequence 3.

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed
You will earn this trophy after you complete all the memories in Sequence 3 of the game. In this sequence you will get the hang of all your Pirate needs as you now recruit your crew and more.

Sequence 3:
  • This Tyro Captain
  • Now Hiring
  • Prizes and Plunder
  • Raise The Black Flag
  • Sugarcane and it's Yields
  • Proper Defenses
  • A Single Madman

No Apologies
Complete memory sequence 4.

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed
This trophy will unlock after you have completed the following four memories in Sequence 4.

Sequence 4:
  • This Old Cove
  • Nothing is True...
  • The Sage's Buried Secret
  • Overrun and Outnumbered

Death Of A Salesman
Complete memory sequence 5.

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed
This trophy will unlock after you have completed the following three memories in Sequence 5.

Sequence 5:
  • The Forts
  • Traveling Salesman
  • Unmanned

Mixing Up The Medicines
Complete memory sequence 6.

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed
This trophy will unlock after you have completed the following three memories in Sequence 6.

Sequence 6:
  • Diving for Medicines
  • Devil's Advocate
  • The Siege of Charles-Towne

The Hammer Falls
Complete memory sequence 7.

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed
This trophy will unlock after you have completed the following four memories in Sequence 7.

Sequence 7:
  • We Demand a Parlay
  • The Gunpowder Plot
  • Commodore Eighty-Sixed
  • The Fireship

Complete memory sequence 8.

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed
This trophy will unlock after you have completed the following three memories in Sequence 8.

Sequence 8:
  • Do Not Go Gently...
  • Vainglorious Bastards
  • Marooned

A New Hope
Complete memory sequence 9.

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed
This trophy will unlock after you have completed the following two memories in Sequence 9.

Sequence 9:
  • Imagine My Surprise
  • Trust Is Earned

My Elusive Fortune
Complete memory sequence 10.

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed
This trophy will unlock after you have completed the following three memories in Sequence 10.

Sequence 10:
  • Black Bart's Gambit
  • Murder and Mayhem
  • The Observatory

Been Down So Long...
Complete memory sequence 11.

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed
This trophy will unlock after you have completed the following three memories in Sequence 11.

Sequence 11:
  • To Suffer Without Dying
  • Delirium
  • ...Everything is Permitted

Just Like Starting Over
Complete memory sequence 12.

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed
This trophy will unlock after you have completed the following four memories in Sequence 12.

Sequence 12:
  • A Governor No Longer
  • Royal Misfortune
  • Tainted Blood
  • Ever a Splinter

Saw That One Coming...
Complete memory sequence 13.

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed
This trophy will unlock after you have completed the final memory in Sequence 13.

Sequence 13:
  • The End...
  • How Grand, Master Kenway!

Routine Hacking
Complete present day mission 2.

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed

This mission will happen between Sequence 3 and Sequence 4. You will be called back from your Animus to see your "boss" in the Present day, then you will be taught how to do your first hacking and meet two special characters that you might remember! No spoilers, have fun!

Getting Weird Around Here
Complete present day mission 3.

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed

This Present Day mission occurs between Sequence 6 and Sequence 7. You will find out more truth and be taught new ways to hack as well as meet your fellow friends again. Very simple mission just do what you're told, and make sure to hack the few computers on the way!

Bunker Buddies
Complete present day mission 4

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed

This mission happens between Sequence 10 and Sequence 11 of the story. You will have to do more hacking and more Abstergo stuff! All fairly simple so no spoilers here!

It's All Good
Complete present day mission 5.

Story Related and Cannot Be Missed
This mission will happen between Sequence 12 and Sequence 13 of the game.

By The Book
Complete 100% of all main mission constraints.

In order to get this trophy you will have to get 100% Synchronization on all Main Story Missions of the game. There are 13 Sequences which all contain multiple memories that you will have to get 100% Synchronization. In order to do so you will have to complete the mission as well as all it's optional objectives in that mission in order to get 100%. You can check all your progress by going to your menu and going over to progress tracker which has a list of all the main story memories.

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Wake up in a haystack.

Where's all t' rum gone?

For this trophy you will need to get Edward Kenway drunk until he passes out and wakes up in a haystack outside. The way to do it is to go to any pub or bar and just buy rum until you pass out. In order to pass out you will need to drink 5 shots/glasses of rum which cost 5R each. The earliest place to do it that I found is in Havana, where you get to in Sequence 2. There is a bar that you can go to (actually you go there and have a fight in the first memory of the sequence) where there will be a Bottle of Rum near the bartender. Go near it and press in order to drink some rum (paying 5R for it in the process). Do this 5 times (you will need 25R) and you should pass out and end up on a roof nearby in a haystack. Very easy trophy. It can be done in any bar or pub that you find in the game but this is the earliest one you find.

Video Guide

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Silence, Fool!
Kill a guard ringing a bell.

For this trophy you will need to alert a guard and then kill him when he is ringing or about to grab the bell to sound the alarm. The trophy is fairly simple and shouldn't give you much of an issue as many Red Coat driven places have bells, especially the plantations. In Sequence 3, memory 5 you will be roaming through a plantation and one of the two objectives is to sabotage enemy bells. Simply before you sabotage them alert a guard and kill him for the trophy. This is probably the easiest way to do it as there is usually a guard right by the bell, who you can kill. The bells can also be located in an area near any warehouse. Just look for a warehouse on your map and go near one to find at least one bell and enemies that can send the alarm

Video Guide

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Complete every activity in a single location.

This trophy unlocks when you have performed all the activities in a single location. When you enter a new location on the right side there will be a list of activities you can do in that area. These include collectibles, chests, grabbing maps, taverns, Malai statues, etc, and will give you a number of each one. Just complete all of the activities on that list, so that the island marker will turn yellow instead of it's original grey/light blue color. To speed up this trophy choose a small island with a few things to do, so that you can get this trophy easily and not have to worry about it.

Video Guide

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Vault Raider
Unlock the secret door in Tulum.

In order to unlock the secret Door in Tulum you firstly will have to collect 16 Mayan Stelae which are scattered across the map. You will find one as part of the story mission, in Tulum but there are another 15 you will need to collect. They can be found by finding a Mayan ruin and standing on top, then matching the little puzzle with the surrounding. You should have no problem with this as they are all on the map, but here is the list of locations anyway.

Mayan Stelae Locations
  • Great Inagua x 1 (part of the story)
  • Tulum x 1
  • Isla Providencia x 2
  • Misteriosa x 2
  • Pinos Isle x 2
  • Cat Island x 1
  • Matanzas x 1
  • New Bone x 1
  • Tortuga x 1
  • Santanillas x 2
  • Long Bay x 1
  • Cape Bonavista x 1
Video Guide

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Killer Killer
Harpoon a killer whale.

For this trophy you need to successfully hunt a Killer Whale. These are found on your minimap as you travel with a whale like icon. You need to hover over to check if it actually is a Killer Whale. I recommend having upgraded your harpoons as they will be necessary. Once that is done just swim over to the location on the map and hold circle, which will start the event. Your objective is to throw the harpoon at the Killer Whale as it drags the boat. Try and aim a bit above it to make sure it hits. After you have successfully hunted the animal, the trophy is yours.

Video Guide

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Help A Brother Out
Complete a Templar Hunt sequence.

Templar Hunts are side activities that can be done in order to locate a certain Templar and then kill him. In order to get this trophy you will have to complete a Templar hunt, which can be found by going to a Assassin's Creed like icon on the map. There are a few Templar hunts you can complete and doing them all will give you the access to the keys that can open the weird cage in your hideout and unlock you the armor that is hidden there. A Templar hunt sequence consists of about 4 missions which involve you doing certain things for a person in order to locate the Templar. There are four Templar hunt sequences altogether but you are only required to complete one of them for the trophy.

Templar Hunts

Rhona Dinsmore
  • Bureau Under Attack
  • A Thief in The Market
  • Arms Race
  • Flints End
Opia Apito
  • The Taino Assassin
  • Templar Ships
  • Right-Hand Man
  • The Trail of Lucia Marquez
  • The Maroon Assassin
  • Recruiting Maroons
  • Under Attack
  • The Commander's Ruse
Vance Travers
  • Oh Brother...
  • The Other Brother
  • Uptowns Sorrow
  • Queen of Pirates, King of Fools

Sea Legs
Complete all naval contracts.

There are 15 different Naval Contracts. In order to do them you will have to go to the "Skull" icon on your map, but you will have to make sure it says Naval Contracts and nothing else, as the icon is shared with another type of activity as well! They will unlock in forts, once they are taken over and so that means you will have to take over all forts before you can do the Naval Contracts. The naval contracts all require you to use your Jackdaw and most of them are fairly easy, and can be done without a need for upgrades but in order to maximize your chances make sure to get your Jackdaw upgraded. It's an easy way to make money and you can do most of them without effort. There are four different types of Naval Contracts; One of them is to sink the enemy ship in which you will have to head to a designated area, locate the ship, destroy it and the contract will be imminently completed. The next is to steal goods from a certain ships and then getting them to the contract giver. This can be done instantly if you're already stocked up on the goods. The third mission type is where you will have to destroy a number of hunter ships, which will attack you once you get a high enough wanted level. Lastly there are also my most hated, escort naval missions where you will have to escort a ship and defeat all enemies who try to attack it in order to protect it. These are all fairly easy if you have a good Jackdaw so it shouldn't be much of a problem.
NOTE: The Naval Contract inside Fort Serranilla will only show up once all other Naval Contracts are completed.

King Of The Castle
Capture all forts.

There are 10 forts that you will have to take over in order to get this trophy. Forts are marked on your map as the Red Locations, which can be taken over by destroying all the forts defenses with the Jackdaw, and then sneaking on and killing the fort captain. For some of the forts I suggest upgrading the Jackdaw, especially it's defense as the Mortar shots can destroy the ship before you get the chance to get within range of the fort. You take over one fort as the part of the story, but the rest are fair game to do whenever you wish. By destroying some of the forts you will enable yourself to battle the Legendary Ships.

Fort Locations
  • Eleutera
  • Dry Tortuga
  • Punta Guarico
  • Navassa
  • Cabo de Cruz
  • Casillo de Jagua
  • Conttoyor
  • Chinchorro
  • Serranilla
  • Charlotte

Employee Of The Month
Complete 25 Abstergo challenges.

There are 100 Abstergo challenges that can be completed in the Singe Player portion of the game. These can be found by going into the Menu and going down to Abstergo Challenges. A lot of them are really easy ones that you should be able to achieve throughout the story and they are all rated by difficulty. The challenges are also divided by section, as there are Assassin, Pirate, Explorer, Fighter, Hunter, Golden Boy and Simulation challenges. These challenges will also enable you to unlock cheats but I do not suggest you to use them as they potentially disable trophies. There will be a yellow triangular symbol next to the challenges to tell you how difficult a challenge is, so for this trophy you need to complete 25 of the challenges. I suggest picking the 25 easiest ones from each section. Below are the number of challenges per section. The challenges can be done from any set, you do not have to complete one set to do the other, etc. As long as they all add up to 25 you should get the trophy.

  • Assassin - 15 Challenges: 5 Easy, 6 Medium, 4 Hard
  • Pirate - 20 Challenges: 8 Easy, 7 Medium, 5 Hard
  • Explorer - 16 Challenges: 6 Easy, 5 Medium, 5 Hard
  • Fighter - 12 Challenges: 5 Easy, 4 Medium, 3 Hard
  • Hunter - 15 Challenges: 5 Easy, 5 Medium, 5 Hard
  • Golden Boy - 15 Challenges: 5 Easy, 6 Medium, 4 Hard
  • Simulation - 7 Challenges: 2 Easy, 3 Medium, 2 Hard

Business And Pleasure
Earn 50,000 Reales.

This trophy will be accumulated as you play the game. In Order to earn Reales which is the currency in the game, you will can do any of the in game activities such as stealing, plundering, opening chests, doing contracts, assassination missions, and more. This trophy should pop as you play through the game and earn lots of money which will be needed to upgrade the Jackdaw and such. Don't worry about this trophy but if you want to quickly get it out of the way just go along the map opening chests and doing all the missions, or plunder. You should get this from the normal course of the game.

Swim a total of 1 nmi.

For this trophy you will have to swim a total of 1 nautical miles as Edward Kenway. This trophy can be easily done by just jumping in the sea and swimming as far as possible. This is a cumulative trophy so it will add up from all of your swimming (though I found not to be doing much). Underwater swimming does count toward the trophy, so you might get it when doing shipwrecks. You shouldn't get it through normal play, unless you swim instead of taking the Jackdaw everywhere.

Redingote Up!
Craft the Hunter outfit.

The Hunter Outfit is a special outfit that Edward can craft if he has the necessary items. The items that he requires to get are Red Howler Monkey Skin and White Jaguar pelt. You might think you will need to hunt those but actually these can be purchased from any General Store in the game for 11000R. the Red Howler Monkey Skin will cost 5000R and the White Jaguar Pelt will cost 6000R respectively. Once you have both go to the main menu and craft the Hunter Outfit. This will be expensive so try and do it in a later part of the game when you are not required to spend as much money.

Video Guide

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Thug Life
Plunder 30 ships.

This is a really easy trophy. In order to do this you have to plunder 30 ships, and you will probably plunder that amount by the end of the main story. In order to plunder a ship you will have to drop it's health down to minimum then board it using . Once you have boarded the ship you will need to kill the necessary amount of enemies in order for it to be successfully plundered. It doesn't matter what size the ship for this is as long as you do it this way. If you destroy the ship and pick up the loot from the water it wont count.

Devil Of The Caribbean
Defeat all 4 legendary ships.

There are four Legendary ships that you will need to defeat in order to get this trophy. They all are very tough to fight with and you cannot board them, you will have to destroy them with your cannons and sink them down. In order to spawn each of the ships you will need to destroy the nearby fort. Once that is done you will be able to look on your map and find the ships. I recommend you have elite upgrades on your cannons and at least an elite upgrade on your hull. Without upgrades you will be torn to shreds by the sheer power of these Legendary ships. The catch is that there are actually 5 Legendary ships, as in one location you will find two of them instead of 1. Defeating all five of the ships will not only grand you the trophy but also a brand new move where you can use your ship to perform a charge attack.

Legendary Ships Strategy

HMS Prince
This Legendary Ship will unlock if you take over the fort in the Navassa zone. This fort is located in the South-East area of the map, and is quite a hassle to destroy but with a good movement strategy and avoiding its main attacks you should have no problem. Once you take over the fort the HMS Prince should appear somewhere on your map. This ship is very deadly as not only does it have powerful broadside cannons, it abuses it's mortars a lot. It will be able to hit you from almost anywhere, but the best strategy is to get right behind HMS Prince. This way he cannot target you with his mortars nor can he hit you with his broadside cannons, and he has no fire barrels so he is very weak from here. Use Chain shots and mortars in order to destroy it as it will be unable to hit you. Make sure to follow him and his movements as he will try and set himself up with his broadside cannons or to get you within mortar range. Once it hits the final quarter of it's health it will use the rear cannons on you. However he doesn't do it often and so if you have conserved enough health, and have the elite hull (which you should!) then it should give you no problems!

La Dama Negra
This ship will unlock when you take over the Seranilla Fort, and oh boy is he a tough one. This Legendary Ship has not only got super powerful cannons and heavy shots, and is found in the South-West regions of the map. The armor on it's side is impenetrable and the ship has a special effect where the mortars it shoots out don't show up on your screen. That's right, there is no signal on where the mortars will drop, no area shading. In Order to defeat this ship you will have to attack it from behind, and the problem is, it's not like the previous Legendary Ship where you will be almost harmless, here the mortars will still be able to get you, so you will need to be as close to the enemy ship as possible. Use chain-shots in a mix with mortars for most effective damage as well as occasional heavy shots when possible. A retreat to distance and a successful return for another round is also recommended as the enemy ship will try and get it's cannons on you and when that happens, well wont help you I'll say that! Just keep attacking the rear and dodging the mortars for success.

HMS Fearless & Royal Sovereign
This isn't a fight with one ship, but instead it's two rather weaker ships. These "twins" will most likely be the toughest challenge as there is two of them and there is no way you can attack both at the same time as well as avoid them both. My biggest advice is to stay away from them as they will attempt to get you between the both of them and unleash their super powerful cannons. Your best bet is keep a huge distance and just mortar the two, especially that once you have destroyed one of the ships, the other will seek revenge and try to ram your boat to destruction. Avoid that at ALL costs, especially that they can easily damage your ship. Your best bet is to damage both of the ships to a really low health, and then finish both off quickly so that you do not have to fight one or the other while they're enraged. Fire barrels would also be effective especially when one of the ships chases you, as they will ignore them and try to plow straight through them.

El Impoluto
For this ship to appear you will need to take over the Dry Tortuga fort in the North-West area of the map. This ship will try to ram you instead of battle you with cannons, and when that happens, it will do devastating damage however much you have your boat upgraded. You also want to stay away from it's side as the cannons it fires will shred through your defenses easily. When the legendary ship charges at you, your best bet is to dodge it by turning away from it. Your best bet is to (have a guess) stay behind him and constantly unleash attacks. The ship will try to turn on you to unleash cannons but you will have to keep there as you will not be able to be rammed by the enemy ship. Just continue to fire chain-shots and mortars as well as ramming it whenever possible.

Fully upgrade the Jackdaw.

For this trophy you will have to purchase all Jackdaw upgrades. There are a ton of them and most of them will be pretty cheap but some of them might require a special resource, a high amount of money or a Elite plan. To get the Elite plans you will have to go find them in game and retrieve the plans before you can upgrade your boat. The resources to upgrade can be found from plundering or purchasing them from the shops. This is the most costly trophy in the single player story and should take you the most time to do.

Jackdaw Upgrades
Weapons and Armour
  • Hull Armour
    • Standard Hull - No Cost
    • Intermediate Hull - 1000R
    • Reinforced Hull - 4000R + 100 Metal + 200 Wood
    • Advanced Hull - 15000R + 200 Metal + 500 Wood
    • Elite Hull - 30000R + 400 Metal + 750 Wood + Elite Plan

  • Broadside Cannons
    • Standard Set of Cannons - No Cost
    • Small Set of Cannons - 70 Wood
    • Intermediate Set of Cannons - 2000R + 150 Metal
    • Reinforced Set of Cannons - 4000R + 300 Metal
    • Advanced Set of Cannons - 8000R + 350 Metal
    • Ultimate Set of Cannons - 12000R + 500 Metal
    • Elite Set of Cannons - 20000R + 650 Metal + Elite Plan

  • Chase Cannons
    • Standard Set of Bow Chasers - No Cost
    • Reinforced Bow Chasers - 3000R + 60 Wood + 100 Metal

  • Ram Strength
    • Standard Ram - 500R + 25 Wood
    • Reinforced Ram - 2000R + 75 Wood
    • Advanced Ram - 5000R + 150 Metal + 250 Wood
    • Elite Ram - 30000R + 200 Metal + 600 Wood + Elite Plan

  • Round Shot Strength
    • Standard Round Shot - No Cost
    • Intermediate Round Shot - 900R
    • Reinforced Round Shot - 4000R
    • Advanced Round Shot - 12000R
    • Elite Round Shot - 35000R + Elite Plan

  • Chain Shot Strength
    • Standard Chain Shot - No Cost
    • Reinforced Chain Shot - 2500R
    • Advanced Chain Shot - 6000R

  • Mortar
    • Standard Mortars - 800R
    • Reinforced Mortars - 3500R + 200 Metal
    • Advanced Mortars - 8000R + 300 Metal
    • Elite Mortars - 25000R + 650 Metal + Elite Plan

  • Swivel Strength
    • Standard Swivel Guns - No Cost
    • Reinforced Swivel Guns - 700R + 25 Metal
    • Advanced Swivel Guns - 5000R + 200 Metal
    • Elite Swivel Guns - 15000R + 400 Metal + Elite Plan

  • Heavy Shot
    • Standard Heavy Shot - 900R
    • Advanced Heavy Shot - 6000R
    • Elite Heavy Shot - 25000R + Elite Plan

  • Fire Barrel Strength
    • Standard Fire Barrel - No Cost
    • Advanced Fire Barrel - 3000R
    • Elite Fire Barrel - 8000R

  • Diving Bell
    • Standard Diving Bell - No Cost; Unlocks in Story

Total: 297800R + 4875 Metal + 2530 Wood + Elite Plans
  • Heavy Shot Storage
    • Standard Heavy Shot Storage - No Cost; Unlock alongside Heavy Shot purchase
    • Reinforced Heavy Shot Storage - 500R
    • Advanced Heavy Shot Storage - 1500R
    • Elite Heavy Shot Storage - 4000R + Elite Plan

  • Mortar Storage
    • Standard Mortar Storage - No Cost; Unlocks alongside Mortar upgrade
    • Reinforced Mortar Storage - 800R
    • Advanced Mortar Storage - 2000R
    • Elite Mortar Storage - 5000R + Elite Plan

  • Fire Barrel Storage
    • Standard Fire Barrel Storage - No Cost
    • Reinforced Fire Barrel Storage - 500R
    • Advanced Fire Barrel Storage - 1500R
    • Elite Fire Barrel Storage - 4000R + Elite Plan

  • Crew's Storage
    • Standard Crew's Quarters - No Cost
    • Reinforced Crew's Quarters - 800R + 50 Cloth
    • Advanced Crew's Quarters - 3500R + 350 Cloth

  • Cargo Storage
    • Standard Cargo Storage - No Cost
    • Reinforced Cargo Storage - 2000R
    • Advanced Cargo Storage - 6000R

Total: 32100R + 400 Cloth + Elite Plans
  • Rowboat Armour
    • Standard Rowboat Armour - No Cost
    • Reinforced Rowboat Armour - 600R + 50 Wood
    • Advanced Rowboat Armour - 1800R + 200 Wood

  • Harpoon Strength
    • Standard Harpoon - No Cost
    • Advanced Harpoon - 1000R
    • Elite Harpoon - 4000R + Elite Plan

  • Harpoon Storage
    • Standard Harpoon Storage - No Cost
    • Reinforced Harpoon Storage - 500R
    • Advanced Harpoon Storage - 1500R

Total: 9400R + 250 Wood

Grand Total: 339300R + 4875 Metal + 2780 Wood + 400 Cloth + Elite Plans

Elite Plan Locations
  • Elite Hull
    • Location: San Ignacio
    • Coordinates: 379, 770

  • Elite Set of Cannons
    • Location: The Blue Hole
    • Coordinates: 471, 170

  • Elite Ram
    • Location: La Conception Shipwreck
    • Coordinates: 181, 296

  • Elite Round Shot
    • Location: Kabah Ruins
    • Coordinates: 769, 145

  • Elite Mortars
    • Location: Antocha
    • Coordinates: 630, 660

  • Elite Swivel Guns
    • Location: Devil's Eye Cave
    • Coordinates: 487, 357

  • Elite Heavy Shot
    • Requirement: Treasure Map - Ambergis Key (055, 157)
    • Location: Misteriosa
    • Coordinates: 307, 195

  • Elite Fire Barrel
    • Requirement: Treasure Map - Santillas (221,247) - Can be located on a tiny island in the North-Eastern corner.
    • Location: San Juan
    • Coordinates: 479, 487

  • Elite Heavy Shot Storage
    • Requirement: Treasure Map - Cayman Sound (327, 334) - Located on the North-Eastern Beach, near a chest.
    • Location: Petite Cavern
    • Coordinates: 901, 263

  • Elite Mortar Storage
    • Requirement: Treasure Map - Tortuga (882, 370) - Go along the East beach to find the location.
    • Location: Matanzas
    • Coordinates: 333, 650

  • Elite Fire Barrel Storage
    • Requirement: Treasure Map - Kenway Fleet Mission: 3 Missions will unlock treasure maps; Empty Cellar (Eastern British Colonies, Great Reputation II ( Mediterranean Sea) and Scarlatina (Eastern Canada)
    • Location: Isla Providencia - Dig on the beach near the old shipwreck in the water between three palm trees.
    • Coordinates: 502, 044

  • Elite Harpoon
    • Requirement: Treasure Map - Mariguana Island (880, 544) - Look on the rocks, west-of-center.
    • Location: Andreas Island - Dig on a small island with three palm trees on the very Southern edge of the area.
    • Coordinates: 579, 720

Seven Deadly Seas
Explore all underwater shipwrecks.

Underwater Shipwrecks are found in the open sea, where your crew will shout something about a shipwreck nearby being spotted and it will be added to your map as a unshaded bell icon. In order to be able to explore them you will first have to complete Sequence 5 as that will give you the ability to use the Diving Bell. Afterwards you will be able to head over to these locations and hold while being in the light area, which will trigger the Underwater Shipwreck Exploration. Once then you will have to swim through the Shipwreck and loot the chests (which I advise) or you can just swim through the entire thing. After all locations have been successfully explored the trophy should pop.

Shipwreck Locations
  • San Ignacio Wreck
  • Antocha Wreck
  • The Black Trench
  • San Juan
  • The Blue Hole
  • Kabah Ruins
  • Devil’s Eye Caverns
  • Anotto Bay
  • Ambergris Key
  • La Concepcion Wreck

Unlock all taverns.

There are eight different taverns (nine if you include the one that you do in Sequence 2) in the game. You will have to visit and talk to the bartender of the other eight of them in order to get this trophy. The way to complete a tavern is after you talk to the bartender a fight will occur and you will have to beat up 3-5 drunk pirates who think they own the place. Obviously you're Edward Kenway and you will have no problems dealing with them. Just do that in all the taverns for the trophy. You can check which taverns you have done using the progress tracker or by looking at your map, the "light up" tavern icons are the ones you have previously completed.

Tavern Locations
  • Kingston
  • Arroyos
  • Salt Key Bank
  • Crooked Island
  • Grand Cayman
  • Andreas Island
  • Corozal
  • Île Ŕ Vache
Video Guide

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Cannon fodder
Recruit 500 crew members.

Once you are all set up with how your crew works, after Sequence 3 you can recruit more Pirates to join your cause. To do this you can do it in multiple ways, for example picking up survivors from the sea, or freeing pirates from the enemy hands which can be found in most cities marked by an icon with three heads. These can be freed and will usually add 2-4 members to your crew. In order to get this trophy you will need to max out your Crew's storage in the Jackdaw as that will make it much easier to gather 500 crew members. You can't tell how much crew you have exactly but you can see a bar below the ships health that indicates how much you have. Just keep going on land and freeing pirates as well as don't engage in fights with the enemy as during boarding some of your crew men might die. As long as you max out your crew's storage and keep collecting crew along the way you should get this in no time. You can check how many you have under the statistics, then pirate statistics in order to know how many you recruited. IF your crew dies they still count towards this trophy.

Crew's Storage Upgrades
  • Standard Crew's Quarters - No Cost
  • Reinforced Crew's Quarters - 800R + 50 Cloth
  • Advanced Crew's Quarters - 3500R + 350 Cloth

Fully upgrade your hideout.

After Sequence 4 you will own an island at which you will have your own mansion. From this you will be able to find pirates that will upgrade your hideout for a small cost. There are a good few upgrades but some cost quite a lot of money and you can find them on your minimap as the cove upgrade logo. They're only found in the Great Inagua which is your hideout. You will need a total of 91500 Reales in order to fully upgrade your hideout.

Cove Upgrades
  • Harbourmaster - 500R
  • Tavern - 3500R
  • General Store - 1500R
  • Brothel - 15000R (boo!)
  • Campfire - 7000R
  • Manor Facade - 6000R
  • Manor Tower and Gardens - 18000R
  • Manor Guest House - 40000R
Total Cost: 91500R

Visit every location of the game

There are 50 locations in the game, and for this trophy you will have to visit every single one of them. Your map records how many locations you have done as the ones that you can visit are uncovered. Also the Taverns are part of the locations so you have to visit them all too (as you will by doing the Barfly trophy) You will discover the majority of the locations throughout your single player story but some will be left unexplored and undiscovered. You should head to those by looking on your minimap. For taverns to count you will have to perform a fight by interacting with the bartender, for the shipwrecks to count you will have to go down underwater and discover it, for the forts to count you will have to destroy them and take them over.

Major Locations
  • Cape Bonavista (179, 593)
  • Havana (204, 607)
  • Nassau (633, 784)
  • Kingston (623, 172)
  • Long Bay (525, 253)
  • Great Inagua (845, 468)
  • Tulum (070, 405)
  • Príncipe (992, 422)
  • Isla Providencia (502, 44)
Underwater Shipwrecks
  • San Ignacio Wreck (379, 770)
  • Antocha Wreck (630, 660)
  • The Black Trench (215, 449)
  • San Juan (479, 487)
  • The Blue Hole (471, 170)
  • Kabah Ruins (769, 145)
  • Devil’s Eye Caverns (487, 357)
  • Anotto Bay (621, 277)
  • Ambergris Key (055, 178)
  • La Concepcion Wreck (181, 296)
  • Kingston (623, 172)
  • Île ŕ Vache (843, 140)
  • Arroyos (192, 563)
  • Salt Key Bank (495, 634)
  • Crooked Island (807,541)
  • Grand Cayman (397,242)
  • Andreas Island (579, 720)
  • Corozal (042, 268)
  • Eleutera (726, 784)
  • Dry Tortuga (254, 749)
  • Punta Guarico (776, 399)
  • Navassa (728, 219)
  • Cabo de Cruz (566, 390)
  • Casillo de Jagua (356, 559)
  • Conttoyor (102, 547)
  • Chinchorro (124, 357)
  • Serranilla (347, 140)
  • Charlotte (470, 272)
Secondary Locations
  • Florida (409, 815)
  • Abaco Island (606, 835)
  • Santanillas (217, 250)
  • Cayman Sounds (327, 334)
  • Cumberland Bay (679, 381)
  • Mariguana Island (880, 544)
  • Plantation: Cat Island (742, 695)
  • Plantation: Matanzas (333, 650)
  • Plantation: Tortuga (882, 370)
  • Plantation: New Bone (442, 118)
  • Caves: Juguey (565, 539)
  • Caves: Petite Caverne (901, 263)
  • Ruins: Misteriosa (307, 195)
  • Ruins: Pionos Isle (335, 469)

Ghost In The Machine
Hack 15 computers in Abstergo Entertainment.

After the second Abstergo Present Day mission you will be able to go around and hack into computers. To do this you will have to go up to the huge TV screen and check your black Abstergo Pad if the signal light is on. Then press circle and you will begin hacking the computer. In order to hack it you will have to go round the weird sphere and make the shiny light go through the green light, which will cause the sphere to spin endlessly. These are fairly easy and shouldn't cause you much of a problem as they are explained in the second mission. You might not be able to hack 15 computers after the second mission as it might take time to hack more as more floors and rooms open up. There are 30 computers to hack so you should have no problem doing this.

Roped In
Perform 5 air assassinations from a swinging rope.

The best place for this trophy (and only place I can think of ) is when you board another boat in order to plunder it. There will be ropes on the side of the boat you wish to use. Just go onto the ledge then run at the rope causing Edward to grab it and swing into the enemy ship. Now before you let go of the rope press and assassinate any enemy ship crew below you. You might wanna try aiming it or wait until there are obvious enemies below you in order to attempt it as if you wait to long Edward will drop down or grab the mast. The best place to do this is from the top of one of the masts as you will have longer and easier to fly to the enemies and assassinate them, just use the rope-lift to get on top of Jackdaws mast and then grab the ropes there. You can always jump back onto your boat and try again with the other ropes. Should be fairly easy as it is cumulative.

Sharing Is Caring
Share each type of discovery with friends once.

This trophy will most likely unlock through playing the story. In order to get this trophy you WILL HAVE TO be signed into the PSN for it to work. When playing through the game there are three somewhat rare events that you will need to discover in order to get the trophy. To discover an event you will be prompt to press the arrow on the D-Pad and a message will say that this event has been shared with your friends through the Abstergo network.

  • Royal Convoy - Found anywhere around the sea, mostly in the open areas. I found about 20 of these before sequence 9 of the game.
  • White Whale - These are rare creatures that you will be able to hunt, again I found a good few of those through normal travel, mainly in the South-Eastern and North-Western sea areas of the map.
  • Special Chests - These are chests that will show up Blue on your mini map, I found them through normal exploration on land and these are probably the rarest but still easy to find.
Social Event Sharing Thread

All Aboard!
Board a ship without losing any crew members.

This is a very easy trophy, and can be done during your adventures when plundering ships, or during the Sequence 3 memories. Your goal is to plunder a ship before any of your crew members are lost. The best idea for this would be a smaller ship known as a Schooner which has less people on it. In order to instantly plunder that ship you will need to kill 5 enemies on the enemy ship using a swivel. That way none of your crew members will need to board the ship and therefore none of them will die, netting you this really easy trophy. Of course if you do board you could just take out all of the needed enemies before any of your crew dies.

Siren Song
Rescue pirate hostages by distracting enemies with "dancers."

During your time in places like Nassa you can encounter pirates that are taken hostage. These show up on your minimap as an event picture of 3 heads. In order to get this trophy you will have to purchase some dancers who cost 150R and then use them to distract the guards that are guarding the pirates. You will then have to sneakily free the pirates while the guards are distracted. These events only appear when you have space left on your crew. If you have maxed your crew to 500 members you cannot get any more, and therefore these events wont appear.

Video Guide

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Wild West Indies
Kill 4 enemies in a row using multi-pistols.

For this trophy you will need to kill 4 enemies in a row with the multi-pistols. In order to get this you will firstly need to upgrade your holsters, by purchasing the required items for them from the General Stores. When these are fully upgraded you should purchase the cannon-barrel pistols in order to make sure that you get the trophy (these are one shot kill pistols). Now just find a group of 4 enemies and use to shoot them using your pistols. Pretty much just quickly press and hold, then release 4 times and Edward will quickly shoot each four of the enemies. Once all four are dead the trophy should pop.

Video Guide

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Find a buried treasure.

As you progress through the game you can find secret treasure maps that will lead you to a certain location and will show you the co-ordinates as well as the map of where the treasure is hidden. There are many of these throughout the game but your first treasure map can be found in Sequence 1 when you reach the Merchant. When you have disposed of the red coats, there will be a corpse lying on the floor with a treasure map in. Walk up to it and press in order for Edward to pick it up and look at it. You can always check back on your treasure maps by using the D-Pad and going over to treasure maps. The one you find in Sequence 1 leads you to the co-ordinates 179, 593 which is in located in the Dry Tortuga region. Once you find the treasure go over to it

Alternatively you can try any others, just use your map to see where the co-ordinates are and then go to that area and cross check your treasure map with the location in order to find the treasure. You will have to go to the location where X Marks the Spot on the Treasure Map and then hit to dig and find the treasure for this easy trophy.

In the following video, PowerPyx shows a really easy treasure for you to find, so if you cannot be sure use his video guide.

Video Guide

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Committed To The Cause
Reach level 55 in Multiplayer

Reach Max Multiplayer level. In order to do this you will have to earn enough exp to reach level 55 on the Multiplayer of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. The mode I recommend to play is any of the Wolfpack modes as they seem to generate the fastest exp rate, but any mode will work as the exp needed for level 55 is not too far upscaled and should take about 10-15 hours. The amount of exp needed for level 55 is 526,000, but with the x2 daily bonuses and challenges it shouldn't take too long.

Quote Originally Posted by O0Highway0O
In the multiplayer mode in the section of abstergo store you can spend your in game credits from playing multiplayer to unlock a 3 day pass for an extra 10% xp boost as well as extra ability slots and what not. This is very helpful when playing through Wolfpack alone.
and if all else fails

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Boosting Thread

GLITCH NOTE: If you are level 54 and you are close from level 55, and then complete challenges within your last match that boost you over level 55 into Prestige then you will not get the trophy as it will glitch and cause you to go back to level 1, prestige without the trophy. However if you then go back and get to level 55 again you will reattain the trophy as long as you don't go over to prestige again. This would mean though that you would grind to level 55 twice so try and make sure that when you level from level 54 to 55 you try and not get too many challenges or exp in the game, to avoid going over to level 1, 1st prestige.

THIS Has been supposibly fixed with the latest patch

Personal Bag Of Tricks
Finish a game session with an ability set that you customized in Multiplayer.

In order to get this very easy trophy, you must customize your ability set and then play a game with it. This is fairly easy as you unlock a new ability available for purchase at level 3, and then you can just make a custom ability set (which you will probably do on your way to level 55) and then play any multiplayer mode in order to get this trophy. In order to customize an ability set you have to go to the Multiplayer menu and then Ability sets, and edit the one you already have unlocked. You can purchase new abilities using either Abstergo Credits or pay using the Erudito credits.

Master Of The Caribbean
Complete the Discovery Mode of Wolfpack in Multiplayer.

In order to get this trophy just play a game of Discovery Mode of Wolfpack. It's fairly easy just find the right mode and play it. In Assassin's Creed IV there are now multiple Wolfpack modes, but for this trophy you do not need to be the best, just complete one full Discovery Mode and the trophy is yours. A single Discovery Mode is made up of eight missions that teach you the rules and basics of Wolfpack, and can be done solo.

Lab Technician
Play and complete a game session of Game Lab in the Multiplayer Public playlist.

For this trophy you will have to complete any multiplayer mode that falls under the Game Lab category. This is fairly easy but you will have to make sure it is on Public Multiplayer and not a private one. Just go to multiplayer, select Game Lab and pick any of the modes, then complete the game in order to get this easy trophy.

All Rounder
Play on every game mode, and use every ability and ranged weapon once in Multiplayer.

This is fairly easy, just use all abilities, ranged weapons and play all modes. You can easily get this before level 55. In order to unlock all abilities you will need to reach level 48 and earn enough Abstergo credits from playing online. There are five ranged weapons, fifteen abilities, and eight multiplayer modes for you to play. On a side note, you can get this at level 2 by buying the copycat perk which lets you copy the enemy's ability slot. That way you can use abilities you haven't yet unlocked that other people have unlocked.

Multiplayer Modes
  • Manhunt
  • Artifact Assault
  • Domination
  • Wanted
  • Deathmatch
  • Assassinate
  • Wolfpack Unleashed
  • Wolfpack Discovery
  • Disguise - Level 1 - Free
  • Money Bomb - Level 1 - Free
  • Time Phase - Level 6 - 190 Abstergo Credits
  • Decoy - Level 6 - 190 Abstergo Credits
  • Morph - Level 12 - 390 Abstergo Credits
  • Firecrackers - Level 12 - 390 Abstergo Credits
  • Tripwire Bomb - Level 18 - 390 Abstergo Credits
  • Bodyguard - Level 18 - 390 Abstergo Credits
  • Booby Trap - Level 26 - 590 Abstergo Credits
  • Glimmer - Level 26 - 590 Abstergo Credits
  • Wipe - Level 34 - 790 Abstergo Credits
  • Animus Shield - Level 34 - 790 Abstergo Credits
  • Teleport - Level 42 - 990 Abstergo Credits
  • Poison - Level 42 - 990 Abstergo Credits
  • Smoke Bomb - Level 48 - 990 Abstergo Credits
Total Cost: 7670 Abstergo Credits
Ranged Weapons
  • Disruption - Level 4 - 190 Abstergo Credits
  • Knives - Level 12 - 390 Abstergo Credits
  • Sabotage - Level 28 - 590 Abstergo Credits
  • Pistol - Level 38 - 790 Abstergo Credits
  • Poison Dart - Level 48 - 990 Abstergo Credits
Total Cost: 2950 Abstergo Credits

Altogether: 10620 Abstergo Credits


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