The Lost Archive continues the Assassin's Creed story while it goes behind the scenes and takes a look into the story and memories of the mysterious Subject 16 who has been mentioned various times throughout the series. You first meet him in the main game while Desmond awakens on the Animus Island and he reveals himself multiple times throughout the story. Through this DLC you come across much history and many twists of Clay Kaczmarek "Subject 16" relating to key characters in the main game story. The gameplay itself follows the same pattern as the new "Desmond Sequences" found in the main game. It is a first person puzzle style mode with various traps and ways to pass the sequences and as well fail. The DLC costs $9.99 in the NA PSN Store and was released February 28th, 2012. Here is a look at the official release trailer from Ubisoft:


Players: 1

Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-5 Hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 + Clean-Up
Collectible Trophies: Find all Pieces
Missable Trophies: None [Memory Select]
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[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All trophies in this guide are listed in XMB order
  • Always watch where the obstacles are and remember the paths that make the best way to the next platform.
  • Always be ready to look down and quickly place a block to catch yourself before you fall to death.
  • Do not be afraid to place as many blocks as possible, always use whatever you need to try and get out of a bad situation, though be warned once you place 3 blocks, they will start to be replaced with new blocks and disappear.
  • There is a great shortcut that makes Cross Styx without dying super short, make sure to use it when going for the trophy and playing Memory Seven.


  1. Play through the 7 DNA Memories. - The memories are easy to go through and won't be very troubling. Collect as many decipher fragments as you can along the way to save replaying too many levels.
    This step will earn the following trophies: Part of the Creed Jump they say Enter the Animus Meet your maker Save yourself The Loop
  2. Collect the remaining animus decipher fragments. - You could have easily gotten all during step 1, but if not go back and collect the ones that you missed. You can check your progress by pausing and going to DNA than looking at the synchronization for each memory.
    This step will earn the following trophies: Find all Pieces
  3. Clean up the no death trophies and escape the cycle. - Finally this last step is to go back and if you didn't do it the first time around, you have to replay Memory 4 to impress the Warren. After that go back to Memory 7 and cross the gates to hell. Finally to escape the cycle, go back to Memory 5 and go through "The Back Door". Congratulations on getting through this DLC
    This step will earn the following trophies: Impress Warren Vidic Cross Styx without Dying Breaking the Loop


Part of the Creed
Take the induction leap of faith

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed

During Memory Two you will hear talk of assassins. Eventually you will come to a big room with symbols of the Creed. First off go up high to the back of the room to find a decipher fragment then go back down and give your hand to faith. This trophy will pop up while the next memory loads.

Jump they Say
Reach the Animus memo

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed

During Memory Three you will come to a large room with a gate in the middle after a sequence of moving blocks, where your own blocks are disabled. Eventually you will get to the gate and unlock the jump pad. Use it to get up to the next objective and you will see an envelope. This trophy will pop after you get the envelope.

Enter the Animus
Enter the Animus simulation

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed

Shortly into Memory Four you will come to a set of doors and a big room that some may recognize to be from Assassin's Creed II. In the center is a big hole that is noted as the Animus. You will even hear a doctor talk about the training. Also, this is the section where you have to try and Impress Warren Vidic. If you need help, refer there. This trophy will pop shortly after falling down the hole and beginning the testing.

Meet your Maker
Finish memory 5

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed

Obviously this is for finishing Memory Five. This is probably the shortest memory and is not difficult by any means. This trophy will pop after walking through the tall pillars to the next memory.

The Loop
Experience the loop

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed

You will earn this after you beat Memory Seven. This is also the level where you have to Cross Styx without dying. This trophy will pop after you go through the cut scenes and voices before the game restarts you as if for a second playthrough. After this, use Memory Select in your DNA to go back and finish anything you may have missed.

Find all Pieces
Find all of the decipher fragments

My words don't do much to describe the locations. All fragments are out of reach in a way and you will know one is nearby if you hear a shimmering sound (For lack of better words). Look around where you think one may be hidden, chances are it is there.. Most fragments are not too hard to find, some can be trickier. These fragments are also required for Breaking the Loop.

There are a total of 20 fragments broken down as below:
  • Memory One - 1
  • Memory Two - 4
  • Memory Three - 3
  • Memory Four - 4
  • Memory Five - 0
  • Memory Six - 4
  • Memory Seven - 4

Video provided by DistrubedCreations02

Breaking the Loop
Break the loop, escape the cycle

Once you beat the game and experience the loop, it will throw you back into Memory One as if for a second playthrough. To earn this trophy you must collect all decipher fragments and then you will receive a message that says "FIND THE BACKDOOR!". When this appears you will have to return to Memory Five and this time there will be a new ending. You will see the fragments rotating around a second exit right across form the original. Just go through the level as normal, but at the end go left across the fragments. Go through the back door, break the cycle and roll the credits.

Save Yourself
Land on a block after falling more than 25 meters

This trophy is not story-related, but is impossible to miss.

Due to their being many, many points in this DLC where you have to go through ascending and descending columns and areas. You will have to save yourself many, many times, especially with the jump pads. Just look down and place a block below you before you hit the ground and die, this will likely be your first trophy.

Impress Warren Vidic
Complete the Animus testing sequence without failing

No doubt about it, this is the toughest trophy in this DLC and might cause you to go a little crazy. You of course enter the animus shortly into Memory Four. After that, any deaths will prevent you from earning this trophy. Prior to entering the Animus you may fail as much as you like. Honestly, no video can help you here, it is just really memorizing the paths and the obstacles along the trail. Though, if you really feel you need the extra help, there are tons of videos floating around the internet you can use. This will take practice and likely a lot of tries. Understand the physics of the shapes and level, you should be fine after a while. At any time if you fail after entering the animus and before starting memory five, you will have to pause and restart memory to earn this trophy. Use my tips & strategies as they do really help and whenever you come to yellow lasers, place a few blocks over their starting point to run across safely. Also always look up when you are in a column that is pushing you up into red lasers and watch your blocks. This trophy will pop after falling down the last area with shifting blocks and going through the pillar gates to memory five with an increasing high pitch noise.

Cross Styx without Dying
Make it across the river Styx without failing

This is referring to the very first part of the level where you come across Death directing you across the boundary from Earth to the Underworld. Yes, this is a reference to Hell and the river "Styx". There is an easy shortcut, that is not too hard to learn, but makes the level a lot shorter and easier, so you can skip the beginning laser part and just go onto the river. You CAN die before meeting with Death and it will not affect the trophy. Since you will be using jump pads between small columns of particle fields that enable you to place blocks, take your time and always be ready, looking down as you will obviously need to catch yourself. Just keep it slow and NEVER try to skip a column, that just does not work. Also, do not bother with the decipher fragment to the right if you haven't gotten it yet. Don't go for it at the same time unless you are confident of your jumps.

Here is a video demonstrating the shortcut and a successful Styx crossing:

Video provided by ObsidianDraconis

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