Players: 1
Online Trophies: No Multiplayer
Online Pass Required: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Find all Pieces
Missable Trophies: None, due to chapter (memory) select

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Pay attention to obstacles. No need to get hit and knocked off of the platform to your death.
  • Be aware of your character's height. It will help you judge how low your platforms must be to fit through certain puzzles.
  • After placing 3 blocks, the next one you place will cause an old one to disappear.
  • Be ready to drop a new block to save yourself from a fall.
  • Take your time and plan out your route to the gates.


Remember the great (as always) gameplay of Assassin's Creed Revelations, along with a decent story and characters? Wouldn't additional story content make for a great DLC pack? Yes? Too bad, as the normal gameplay is shunted aside in lieu of the rather annoying first-person platforming Desmond sequences, this time through the eyes of Subject 16: Clay Kaczmarek. Your goal in these sequences is to place floating blocks to maneuver across the endless chasms without falling to your death while new story details are revealed in the background. There are various data fragments to be found in each of the memory sequences that when assembled will unlock the true ending of the DLC. The pack can be finished very quickly, with only minimal backtracking to make it through particular sections without failing and of course seeing the true ending.

Step 1 - Complete the "story"
By simply surviving through all of the twists (and there is a big one) of the DLC, you'll earn a majority of the trophies with minimal work. Expect to earn:
  • Save Yourself
  • Part of the Creed
  • Jump they Say
  • Enter the Animus
  • Meet your Maker
  • The Loop
Step 2 - Cleanup
At this point, you should only have to find a few of the remaining Animus Decipher Fragments and complete certain sections without dying. After this is done, go back to Memory 5 to see the true ending for the final trophy. Expect to earn:
  • Impress Warren Vidic
  • Cross Styx without Dying
  • Find all Pieces
  • Breaking the Loop


Part of the Creed
Take the induction leap of faith

Story Related

While platforming through Memory 2, you'll eventually come to Clay's memory of his induction into the Assassin Order. All you have to do is jump from the ledge when prompted to earn this.

Jump they Say
Reach the Animus memo

Story Related

In Memory 3, you will be unable to place blocks until you reach a gate after some moving blocks. After the gate will be a jump pad up to the next area with an envelope floating ahead of you. Grab it for the trophy.

Enter the Animus
Enter the Animus simulation

Story Related

In Chapter 4, you will eventually reach a large room with a hole in the center. Drop in to "enter" the Animus. This marks the beginning point for another trophy related to not dying during the following sequence. See Impress Warren Vidic for more details.

Meet your Maker
Finish memory 5

Story Related

This is a very short memory and doesn't even contain any Animus Decipher Fragments. Simply completing this short memory will give you a shiny new trophy.

The Loop
Experience the loop

Story Related

The Loop occurs after the events of Memory 7. Upon crossing the Styx (for more information, see Cross Styx without Dying ), you will be greeted with a cutscene and as the name implies, you will loop back to Memory 1 again. To break this loop, you'll need to find all 20 Animus Decipher Fragments hidden throughout the 7 Memories.

Find all Pieces
Find all of the decipher fragments

Throughout the 7 memories, there are 20 Animus Decipher Fragments to find in various annoying locations. If you manage to collect all 20 of them, you will unlock a new exit during Memory 5 that acts as the true ending point to the DLC. The fragments emit a noise as you get close to them, so pay attention to any sound changes as you play. The 20 fragments are split across 6 of the 7 memories.

Memory Fragments
One 1
Two 4
Three 3
Four 4
Six 4
Seven 4
For those who prefer a visual aid.

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Breaking the Loop
Break the loop, escape the cycle

Upon completing Memory 7, you may be shocked to see yourself return to Memory 1. As the Animus has begun to degrade Clay's sense of self, he is forced to re-live memories until he can find a way to escape the cycle. The key to doing so is the 20 Animus Decipher Fragments located within the memories. Once you have found all 20, a message will appear instructing you to "find the backdoor." To do so, return to Memory 5 to see a bridge form next to the previous exit. Walk across it and enter the new gate to see a short email being sent via the Animus to Clay's father. Once the message is sent, the trophy will unlock.

Save Yourself
Land on a block after falling more than 25 meters

This is technically unmissable. There will be plenty of points during the story where you will fall. Some puzzles will actually require you to drop down to a lower level to advance. For this, work your way up to a rather tall location and fall off the edge. Right before you hit the bottom/endless void, deploy a block to catch yourself. If the fall was more than 25m, the trophy is yours.

Impress Warren Vidic
Complete the Animus testing sequence without failing

This is easily the most difficult trophy in The Lost Archive, simply due to the length of the Animus testing sequence. The start point for this trophy begins when you drop through the hole in the floor of the original Animus room in Memory 4. Here you will go through a gauntlet consisting of moving lasers, deadly floors, and gravity fields that move your blocks in a set direction. If you die at any point after entering the Animus, you'll need to restart the memory. On their own, the individual sections of the test sequence shouldn't cause too much frustration, but combining them all in one run can prove problematic if you rush. the most challenging section is naturally at the end, featuring a huge drop filled with rotating death floors. The goal in this section is to navigate the spinning sections and drop through unscathed. If you manage to complete this entire sequence without biting the big one, this difficult trophy will be yours.

This is the basic idea for how to survive, though it may be hard to replicate.

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Cross Styx without Dying
Make it across the river Styx without failing

In Memory 7, you'll come to the River Styx and must cross it without dying. The start point for this is the statue in front of the docked boat beside the "river," but getting there will take a while, as you must work your way down to it through a bunch of lasers and gravity fields. During the climb down, you can die without penalty. Once you make it to the dock, begin your careful jumps to each gravity field one at a time. Skipping any will likely result in your death, and a subsequent restart of the memory. Take your time through this section and avoid Fragments if you haven't collected them yet, only worrying about your jumps. Once you make it to the moving platform at the end, it's smooth sailing to the opposite bank. Once you reach "land" again, the trophy will pop.

There is a shortcut to the statue if you want to avoid the lasers.

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Thanks as always to ERICVOLTAGE for the banners.
Fragment guide and Styx walkthrough by DisturbedCreations02
Animus test sequence guide by Zackske

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