Players: 1
Online Trophies: Yes (Optional)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Trophy Difficulty 3/10
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Playthroughs: 2
Collectibles Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Switch Weapons You have only 3 primary weapons in this game, and they all have their weaknesses and strengths. Here is a list-
  1. Minigun- Very fast, and requires no reload, but is weak in damage and has no stopping power.
  2. Flamethrower- Powerful and has a constant stream of fire. Unfortunately, can overheat and has limited range.
  3. Flak Cannon- A heavy hitter with great accuracy, but has a very long reload.

Look Out For Kamikazes The Kamikazes are the soldiers that are completely red, you can't miss them. They run straight at you and will deal massive damage if they touch you. Make killing them a top priority.

Stay In Your Vehicle If you stay in the vehicle, you gain a lot of health. If it is destroyed, you don't die, you just have to fend on your own with a regular gun until it respawns.

Finish The Zone Remember, trophies will unlock at the end of a zone.


  1. Complete the game on any difficulty, preferably easy, and do your best to obtain as many of the combat related trophies as you can. (Don't worry, they aren't too hard )
  2. Complete the game once more, taking out all of the underground bases without dying, for Lair Slayer. Don't worry, you can die above ground, but if you die in one of the four bunkers, you will have to restart the entire game.
  3. Backtrack through level select and obtain whatever trophies you missed.


Defeat the giant spider.

You will find the giant spider in the middle of Zone 1, right after a checkpoint. It will move side to side and attack you, but it will only do significant damage if you stand in front of it. I recommend a healthy dose of flamethrower to the face of the spider. Also, take down the smaller spiders with the flamethrower as well, they are a bother. You can also run them over.

Keep your accuracy higher than 70%.

This trophy is difficult. You have to finish an entire zone while having 7/10 bullets hit a target. This rules out the minigun. Now, I recommend using the Flak Cannon on Zone 1, and hitting only enemies blocking your way. Avoid hitting small arms enemies, and instead run them over with the car. Don't go in the underground areas, instead, stay above ground the whole time. This becomes easier if you have a flak cannon upgrade, but you should be fine regardless. Since you will only be hitting large enemies, this is a great time to earn the Peace Maker trophy.

Finish a zone without losing a life.

This is not as hard as it seems. This is a great time to earn Annihilator, but is not necessarily guaranteed. Stay in your vehicle, and you should be fine. Eliminate as many enemies as you can, because dead men don't shoot (usually ) . Also, be careful with the nukes. They will usually take you out of the car, which is a problem. Grenades are fine. Try and stay at the top of the screen to increase scrolling speed. This is, as you may expect, easy on Zone 1.

Lair Slayer
Complete all underground zones without using a continue.

This is the hardest trophy in the game. Some basic tips are-
  • Watch for explosives
  • Check your "6"
  • Use kamikazes to your advantage
  • Play on easy!

There are 4 underground sequences in the game, they are found on blue launch pad looking platforms, in which you will transported to an underground base like thing. There are light infantry, and the tunnels are claustrophobic. You can use grenades, but under no circumstance should you use a nuke. This trophy requires you to take them all down, in one playthrough, with out being killed underground (being killed above ground is perfectly fine). This trophy will not unlock after the end of the fourth lair, but rather after the end of Zone 4. A second playthrough is recommended for this trophy.

Kill more than 85% of enemies in a zone

This is easy. This is almost a given when you have upgraded guns. Provided you play on easy, your best bet is the flamethrower . Simply take your time, and kill everything you see. Ground units are easy, also, feel free to unleash the nukes on hordes of enemies. Switch to the Flak Cannon for bigger units and armor. Shoot explosive barrels with anything and it should start a large chain reaction. Detonate kamikazes near other enemies with the minigun to save time.

Small Arms Expert
Finish a zone without using grenades or nukes.

This is the easiest trophy in the game. Nukes and grenades are extremely over rated and your primary weapons are much better. Just play through any zone, and be sure not to hit or (Accidental pressing happens, people!) I did this on Zone 3, so difficulty is not really an issue.

Twin Medal
Finish a zone in Co-op mode.

This is more difficult than it should be. I tried it. Hardly anyone plays this online. Good luck finding a booster. Actually, when I tried, I found NO ONE ONLINE! This is best done with an online buddy. Offline, you will share lives with your partner, so using 2 controllers is difficult. Here is the boosting thread-


Speed Freak
Finish a zone in less than 15 minutes.

This is not that hard. It is also very possible you will gain the Peace Maker trophy in the process. This can be done on any zone, really does not matter what one you are on. Stay toward the top of the screen to speed up the scrolling, and do not go into the underground zones, they eat up a lot of time. Don't take down all enemies, just the important ones that are in your way, like the kamikazes. If you follow these rules you should finish in about 10 minutes.

Peace Maker
Finish a zone killing less than 50% of the enemies.

I honestly did this on accident, just cause I suck . Well, my advice is to hurry up. Attack only the enemies that block the road, and it is very possible you will earn this at the same time as Speed Freak. Use any gun you like, because the point here is to not kill people.

Tricked Out
Max out all of the vehicle power-ups.

This is difficult. In order for you to do this, you will need to upgrade each gun twice. This equals six upgrades. This will probably take at least 2 zones. Play through Zone 1 and collect as many as possible, but remember, if you die, you lose all the upgrades. So stay in the car, unless the upgrade is blocked off. If you collect them all in Zone 1, you should get this trophy in Zone 2.

Finish a zone killing 60% of the units on foot.

This trophy sucks. Since your vehicle is your best weapon, you will have to kill 60% of enemies with just a handgun. But, it only has to be 60% of the enemies that you have killed, not total enemies! So, this is easiest on Zone 1. Just use the car to kill the bosses, and take out infantry on foot. Also, if you are under 60%, go into the underground base for more kills.

Assault Hero
Complete the game.

This trophy unlocks after the end of Zone 5 (Area 17). This is timed at 3 minutes. Play as normal until you hit some barriers, then dismount and continue on foot through the next 1/3 of the level. The car will eventually respawn, so get in and continue on at full speed, peppering dangerous enemies with your best weapon, preferably the flamethrower. I personally finished in 2:48, and I'm not that good.

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